Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Coda" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

**Beware! There will be spoilers in the comments :)

*** Thomas Gibson donated two Coda scripts for our ACS auctions:


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gubegirl said...

I have nothing more to say but I love bring first! Can hardly wait til tomorrow nite!

gubegirl said...

Oops - typo! That would be BEING not bring! Haste makes waste! Looking forward to a Reid-centric epi!

Cindy said...

Me too gubegirl :)

gubegirl said...

Oh, what a dummy I am am! I've been out of Human Resources too long!

POC would stand for "People of Color."

Too many caucasians for Mr. Ausiello? Certainly he can't mean that - we have our wonderful SM plus we have had Jordan and tons of characters that were POC!
Maybe I'm wrong...but this makes more sense!

Cindy said...

gubegirl, huh?

Cindy said...

Oh, I took a look at the last few entries on the "Today I do" thread. LOL, Pat gave an interesting answer to POC, LOL.

I'm with you Pat, :)

Cindy said...

This is an instance where I wish the individual who originally posted would use a name even if it is Jimmy Olsen who MGG will be doing the voice over for :)

MGG is super adorable! Okay, I'll stop my gushing now, lol :)

Looking forward to tomorrow's episode should be interesting.

gubegirl said...

SORRY to those of you just picking up on this new thread and trying to figure out what Cindy and I are talking about: go back to the thread for the last epi: "Today I Do" and read an "Anonymous" post re: a recent column by Michael Ausiello. Michael says he cannot bring himself to "support a show so lacking in casting POC's as well as offing their female cast" and we were wracking our brains to figure out the acronym POC. Thus, my brainstorm thought that he is referring to "persons of color" and if you go back and read the entire article quoted by Anonymous, I think it makes sense.

Ausiello talks about Garcia and a couple other interesting statements so it's worth going back and reading the entire post.

Now, on to another TV author: Matt Roush of TV Guide, reviews CM:SB as "uninspired spin-off of the undistinguished (except in its degree of gruesomeness) long-running hit."

He titles this "Not-So-Great Minds Bleed Alike" meaning that our orig CM was never a fave of his either. He goes on to say that he will be "taking his eyes elsewhere, pronto."

He refers to CBS shows as an "assembly line of crime-fighting clones" and is "trapping a fine actor like Forest Whitaker..."

Oh, well. We may want him to be right about the spin-off but he is OTL about the original unless he only started watching this current season. Many of us will not be writing home about the S6, let alone re-watching some of the epi's but we're holding on anyway, hoping for this train to get back on track.

Anonymous said...

it was copy and paste comment on the last thread gubegirl and everyone else, including the dumb as a brick line referring to Seaver.

aj fan said...

Does anyone know where I can watch vanished the tv movie starring aj cook?

Lysa said...

Thanks gubegirl!

AJ fan, I would love that information as well. Hopefully, somebody will give us a lead to where we can watch the movie.

Crossing my fingers, toes, everything that can be crossed that Coda will be a good episode.

LaShawna said...

I'm looking forward to this episode. First off, it looks like it might be more Reid-centric, which is always a treat for me. Combine that with what looks like Reid's connection to a child (a first I believe), and a story that might touch on Reid's autistic tendencies. As a bonus, this episode was written by Rick Dunkle, and I usually enjoy this episode. I can't wait until I can download it. :)

Amy said...

Hoping for some Jack/Hotch! Been missing our UC lately so I hope we see more of him.

Anonymous said...

I luv crim minds no matter what anyone else says about the spin-off although that one also looks good. I'm still upset bout jj but I'm still watching to see how they're going to progress wit the show.
Also, quit hating on Seaver! U guys r only getting mad cuz she replaced jj so chill!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amy!! Jack is so cute and Hotch is even more hot when they are in a scene together!!!!!!!!!!

Vanessa said...

"Also, quit hating on Seaver! U guys r only getting mad cuz she replaced jj so chill!!!!!!!!!!"

Anonymous, your comment lacks evidence and any semblance of coherent thinking. If this weren't true, you would have some concrete evidence and arguments to back up your assertion, or were the exclamation marks supposed to function as evidence.

I'd suggest that nobody take this incoherent rambling and overuse of exclamation marks as something that warrants a serious glance, for this seems to be the MO for individuals who are incapable of processing the fact that viewers are able to make informed decisions based on something other than, what was it again, ah yes, "mad cuz she replaced jj so chill!!!!!!!!!!"

Let's hope that the Coda episode is not infested with this type of thinking.

Criminal Minds Fan said...


Camilla said...

Is Jack supposed to be in this episode?

Blue Sunflower said...

Jack is listed in the official CBS synopsis for the episode.

Meg said...

I'm really, really looking forward to this episode. I can't wait to see another Reid centric episode and I'm hoping that it might possibly touch on Reid's autistic tendencies. Seeing him bond with the boy will also be fascinating to watch. I'm wondering if we also might get something about his headaches, then again maybe that plotline will be left until after the Emily storyline is completed. I'm also very happy that it's written by Rick Dunkle as I usually enjoy his episodes a lot.

Elisabeth said...

I too can't wait to see this episode.

The promo where Reid plays the piano with the child and Rossi's comment ("you're looking at two of the most fascinating minds I have ever encountered") got me very excited about tonight's episode.

And this episode was written by Rick Dunkle, so this a big plus for me. said...

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Joanne said...

That comment of Rossi's in the Coda promo was awesome. It got me very excited for this week's episode too. I have my fingers crossed that Rick Dunkle is going to give us some good insights into that fascinating mind of Reid's this week.

Ingrid said...

I'm cautiously optimistic about tonight's episode, cautiously because I don't want to get my hopes high. S6 has had many hopes high only to be dashed later moments for me. The episode does seem like it focuses on Reid though and MGG does a good job in acting that role out, so that does give me hope. I'm hoping that the script will match his acting abilities.

I know what I want to see and who I want to see, and what I don't want to see and who I don't want to see. Hopefully, what and who I want to see will outweigh what and who I don't want to see as I am beyond done with the who I don't want to see. Don't think I need to mention names.

P.S. From what people have written, it looks like Jack will be in the episode. Great! Haven't seen Jack in a while now, he is so adorable and the scenes with him and Hotch are wonderful.

Christa said...

Vanessa, thanks for that.

Ingrid, no names needed I copy you loud and clear and agree 100%.

Tonight's episode looks like it has what it takes to be a winner. I think it will be interesting to see how Reid connects with the child. I also didn't know that Jack was going to be in the episode, so that is an extra special treat. Love Jack :)

Hotch fan said...

Joe Mantegna has an autistic child in real life so I think this will be a Rossi/ Reid centric episode. Autism can be a delciate subject so I hope its handles well unlike Seaver totally misguiding the team last week about cutting being about having no control when in fact, cutting is a self destructive way of regaining control, its an emotional release sadly. i am referring to Optika and Robin's posts on the last thread.
Also, Seaver is WAY TOO emotional everytime she looks at a new casefile. SHe looks so emotional in the promo. In reality, Hotch would have taken her off the team and she would transfer to a desk job. Plus, when Jordon Todd was on, they discussed the whole emotional aspect of how you cant let cases get to you and so far, Seaver is letting every case get to her. She looks about ready to snap crackle and pop.

AL said...

My faith is in Rick Dunkle. He is a fabulous writer and relatively consistent in character content. That said - I'll tape it and watch it when it doesn't interfere with something I "know" I will like doing.

Yesenia said...

I'm back, recovered from my meltdown of seeing how awesome Prentiss was in Sense Memory and realizing that the morons at CBS pushed her out.

Hotch Fan, LOL, "Snap, Crackle, and Pop," love it and so true! I caught that convo with Robin and Optika about cutting, it was good. People should check it out on the other thread if they haven't already. I hope this time around they have done their homework and get the facts straight, although, it didn't surprise me that the misinformation came from that character. Yes, I know it is the writers, but kind of ironic that it was that character. Anyway, that character is dead to me and I'm hoping they will snap, crackle and pop her out of there soon.

Hotch Fan, I didn't know that Joe had an autistic child. I thought he had only one child, Gia. I'm thinking that he was probbaly consulted on this episode. Hope so, he could add some good perspective for that story.

I'm counting on Rick Dunkle to knock it out, hopefully he will.

Hotch fan said...

I believe that his daughter Mia has autism.It is on his wikipedia.

And yes, it was interesting how the misinformation about cutting came from Seaver. I really hope that they get the autism facts straight otherwise I will be so offended. i imagine that this would be an episode that Joe in particular would be proud of.

Also, i am going to copy and paste the information on cutting and hopefully people will see it.

Here it is:

Myth: Self-harm is a suicidal act.

* Fact: Although people do die from self-harm, these instances are accidental; in general, self-harmers do not want to die. In fact, self-injury may be a way of coping, of regaining control of pain—in order to go on living.

Myth: People who self-injure are crazy.

* Fact: Those who self-harm are usually dealing with trauma, not mental health problems. There are exceptions, but by and large, you are probably trying to cope with problems in the only way you know how.

Myth: Injuring yourself is a cry for attention.

* Fact: Friends, family, and even healthcare professionals may think that if you hurt yourself, you are seeking attention, but the painful truth is that people who self-harm generally try to hide what they are doing—rather than draw attention to it—because they feel ashamed and afraid.

Thanks to Robin and Optika for the insight.

Here is some more information to clarify.

Whatever the context or reason, self-injury seems to function as a coping mechanism. "Cutters" use self-harm to feel calm, "in control," or just to "feel something." However, self-injury is not a healthy coping mechanism - it is a self-destructive behavior that probably reflects deeper, more complicated mental health or personal problems. (See the end of this article for some quotes and "stories" of people who self-injure).

Some Common Reasons Why People Cut Themselves
These are some of the reasons our readers who "cut" shared with us.

They find it soothing:
To feel pain on the outside instead of the inside
To cope with feelings
To express anger towards themselves
To feel alive and real

Since this thread is new i hope that people see this entry and I hope the writers see this as well.
What will they have Seaver say next?

Yesenia said...

Hotch Fan, your awesome!!!

God, I do not want to know what will come out of that mouth tonight. Praying that it will not be too much tonight and that season 7 it will not be at all.

Thanks again for the reprint. I think it is important for people to see and know about the info on that topic. That is a tough subject, something that a lot of people, myself included, don't know a lot about.

If Joe didn't help directly with tonight's script, I'm thinking he probably offered some insight during the taping. At least, I hope so.

Optika and Robin, you guys are awesome too!!!

CM, knock it out tonight!

Hotch fan said...


I feel like some of the stuff that Seaver is getting involved in could have easily and more credibly been incorporated into AJ Cook's JJ or anyone else's storyline.
Aj was actually on a show with Hayden Christensen called Higher Groung. It was cancelled after one season but best teen show ever in my opinion. Anyway, one of the characters Juliette played by Meghan Ory was a cutter. If AJ was still here I bet she would correct the writers in this information. plus, JJ's older sister committed suicide as we learned in the wonderful and tragic ep Risky business written by Jim Clemete I believe. The suicide infor was correct, sometimes they do give away things as a way of saying goodbye. I can totally imagine JJ with a storyline involving cutting. It sounds morbid but for the sake of the show...

Thank you Yesenia!

Really looking forward to Reid's interactions in this ep as well.

Hotch fan said...

I meant to type Higher Ground.
ALso, it would make more sense for JJ to have dealt with cutting becuase she lost her sisterat such a yound age and Seaver didnt find out her father was a sk until she was 18. Plus Seaver has mentioned acouple times how her father was great to her.

Also, check out this video on youtube if anyone is interested. It was also mentioned on the last thread. the video is The Inside/Criminal Minds. a compare and contrast vid of Rachel Nichols characters on both shows. Not very different in acting or personality and demanor. A few adjustments but...see for yourself.

Yesenia said...

Didn't know that about AJ Cook Hotch Fan, that's cool! Man, that was such a stupid move on the part of CBS to get rid of her, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Yeah Hotch Fan, I hear what you are saying regarding that character. Basically, anybody is more credible and makes more sense than that character; that addition was poor and makes no sense for CM. Hopefully, CBS and CM see the light about this before they start up season 7.

I'm going to be positive that they got it right tonight, if not, I'm sure people here will comment about it because it seems that some here have experience with autism.

Oh, here's to hoping that our man Hotch gets some love this episode too :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for it!!! Though I just saw CTV's outline for the night and got upset. They aren't airing CM, they are airing CM:SB, at the exact same time as CM on CBS!!! Not fair!!! Though as a Reid fan of course I am wathching CM first and then CM:SB after, but I was afraid this would happen and it is! :(

Posted by cmwinner

cmwinner said...

Hotch Fan - I can't seem to find that video

Meg - I also hope that they go back to Reid's headaches. Something that big, one one eppisode, isn't enough. I would like to see it more. Though I don't want it to be dragged out like the drug storyline was.

Posted by cmwinner.

Anonymous said...

its "The inside/Criminal Minds" on youtube. just scroll until you see it. you might have to add ashley seaver and rebecca locke into the search

Carol M. said...

cmwinner, if you go to You Tube and in the search field put the names of the two characters in the search field you will find it. Hope that helps!

Looking forward to tonight!! Please let it be a good episode tonight!! Plus, looking forward to some more information about Prentiss in tonight's episode.

Paget, please don't go!

sf81387 said...

This episode looks like it will be really good. I always enjoy the ones that involve children. I hope they don't cut the main story short so they can cram 10 minutes of that Prentiss nonsense in again. Just give her a minute or two to show us her freaked out face and that'll be sufficient. Will be glad when that story is done.

Anonymous said...

I think that between AJ Cook and Paget Brewster, they can tackle any role written for any other actress. They can make the likes of Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Meryl Streep, Claire Danes, and anyone basically, cry because those two CM ladies are such amazing actresses. Kirsten Vangness is also pretty great.

Disappointedly Confused said...

Just to reitterate what the others have said. I'm looking forward to the episode but won't get to watch it until next Monday (aarrgghh!!) as I'm off work and won't be seeing my "source" until then. Ooooh, the pain.

I did wonder if the autism angle might be a red herring as it's been hinted at in the past how Reid may be somewhere on the spectrum. Are we supposed to think Reid's secret is that he's autistic? I still reckon it's the stress of the job manifesting itself physically and whatever happens to Prentiss will tip Reid over the edge.

One thing I did notice on the very fast and somewhat grainy promo on youtube was that the young boy appeared to hold his pen in the same manner as Reid holds his. There's two extremely brief scenes which I paused, but I obviously need to see the episode.

The reason I picked up on this is because I hold my pen in the same way Reid does (I'm assuming it's something MGG does to make the character more quirky?) although my "excuse" is dyslexia, rather than autism! If I have noticed correctly, it's a nice continuity touch from the writer/director/actors (I also assume the boy copied as we're a rare breed).

Or I could just be a genius?? No, didn't think so!

Enjoy the episode whilst I'm enduring the rubbish we get in the UK! You jammy...

Elisabeth said...

I might be wrong, but from the promo it seems Reid is able to play the piano (which makes me very happy).
So, I'm wondering if Reid will mention Ethan in this episode.
He was Reid's childhood friend in Vegas and they both joined the FBI (Ethan dropped after his first day at the Academy).
We saw that Ethan played piano and was a Jazz musician in New Orleans in the episode 'Jones' (and he told Reid that his music made him happy).

So, I would be happy if there was a "Ethan reference", but I'm probably asking for too much.

coadygirl said...

I have very high hopes for this episode and know that Rick Dunkle will do us proud. As the night progresses let's try to focus on this episode and not start name calling. The general nastiness of last week is not the standard of this site and was a huge turn off. I'm not prone to preachiness but I just needed to say this. <3 my good Dr!

Diedra said...

coadygirl, thanks! Yes, let's stick to the episode. If people feel the need to critique something, okay, but there are ways to do that without getting nasty.

Please bear in mind that people are sharing opinions here, as such, they may be different or similiar to how you feel. At the end of the day, it is an opinion. No need to take that opinion personally and somehow feel offended if someone does not agree with what you say or feel.

Anonymous said...

I love love love the intro scenes with the piano soundtrack. Establishing Sammy, the glimpses of the team's personal lives (and Jack!!), and the subtle but powerful portrayal of the crime. Perfect.

Pari said...

So the episode started out with a bang, it brought to mind the earlier seasons when Gideon was still on the team! I'm loving the Secret Agent man vibe I'm getting from Prentiss, 'that' should have been the spinoff!

Milly said...

Hmm, opening still makes me sick.. Anyway, it is becoming clearer that they are going to use Rossi to say that Seaver should join the team despite her total lack of experience, and having not pulled up the ranks.

On another note, we saw that Reid had a migraine book, so that is an indication that the headache thing is still in the air.

Elisabeth said...

I'm loving this intro too, perfect, just perfect !!

Pari said...

She did not ask if the autistic child could be the unsub...she DID NOT!!! *Sighs* I'm gonna try very hard to ignore her for the rest of this episode.

Anonymous said...

I liked the opening sequence with Paget and the two agents. Cool how they all threw out their cell phones.

Milly said...

Yeah, the intro was nice.. Jack :)

Milly said...

Pari, I'm afraid that she did, ugh.

Anonymous said...

Reid loves 'Doctor Who', my life is complete !

Milly said...

LOL, Anonymous.. kind of cool right :)

dannie said...

Rossi telling Reid that autistic children sometimes are sensitive to being touched. Looks like Joe was able to educate them on how to do the episode correctly.

Martha said...

"There's quite a few things they don't teach us at the Academy" Seaver

"Experience makes up for that"

Hmm, that is why she shouldn't be there.. ugh

Emma said...

Dannie, that is cool that they got that detail down. I am sure Joe helped with that.

Anonymous said...

There's even a reference to Death Note from Reid (about "L").

Thank you Rick Dunkle ! You know how to write Reid just perfectly !

Pari said...

I know...right Martha? Like they have time to answer stupid and usually obvious questions...I mean they only have to find the kid's parents, one of which had been shot.

But I am seriously trying to ignore her.

Anonymous said...

Quite obviously Joe Mantegna was a valuable and accurate info on autism for the episode. The crime itself is a bit lame with the mom going to the bank to go get the randsom money. Surely she knew she should have told the bank teller. I would like them to go back to the Prentiss story.

Martha said...

Yeah, me too Pari it proves more difficult each episode.

Tamara said...

Yes, hotchnerprentiss, the crime is a bit lame.

Elisabeth said...

I'm loving this episode so far !

Pari said...

Ok I feel for this unsub...poor guy

Anonymous said...

Sammy is used to a set routine. His mom must know that so why did she say she had to get back to him. She should have known he would have walked to school.

Now they want to take him back to the house to play the piano because they think his playing the piano will give them a clue.

So the unsub wants to get his own children back and he takes them hostage to get money. I don't get it. Kills the husband because he wants to prove he is a good parent one minute and the next minute says he is going to get his sons and run past the state line. Kinda confusing.

Not really digging it so far.

Tamara said...

Hotchnerprentiss, I agree with you. I mean, I love Reid, but this crime seems disjointed. I don't know.

Priscilla said...

Sorry, but Seaver has no charisma with the team. This stopping to explain stuff to her is getting tedious.

Martha said...

Sorry Pari, we are goning to have to fight over Reid, :)

Elisabeth said...

I find this case very interesting and different so far.
I personally love it (and the Reid moments).
Wonder where they'll take the Prentiss storyline...

Tamara said...

Elisabeth, I agree that it is different, I'm just having issue tracking with it.

Do love the Reid and Rossi moments, they are nice.

alexander said...

Rossi saying the a father finding out his child has autism and isn't going to have an easy life was enough to almost make me cry.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear God. This scene with Reid and Sammy playing the Piano is simply wonderful !
I want more of that.

Pari said...

Oh yeah they lost me...but still a good 'Reid' episode.

Elisabeth said...

I think this episode is wonderful so far. I know, it's just my opinion, but I can't help it.
It has been a long time since I have been this happy with an episode from any TV show.

Tamara said...

No, that is cool Elisabeth. I just am a little lost with the crime.

I do like that Rossi has been able to be out there more, Joe is such as great actor! Reid, goes without saying that he is great.

Prentiss, drama going on there, love it.

Seaver, no comment, ugh.

Kristen said...


Camilla said...

It's not under the music info on the blog? It is very pretty Kristen.

Anonymous said...

This episode so far AMAZINGNESS

Camilla said...

That is the women from Glee, right?

Milly said...

Yup, for sure they are going to use Rossi to get Seaver in there.. for sure..

Shelby said...

Reid's cuteness with Sammy is TMTH!!! *Totally Fan Girling and Crying* Jack and Hotch cuteness too!!

Milly said...

Love Prentiss!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see that Morgan still has his own office.

Anonymous said...

The ending scene was great. Watching the team doing their own personal thing and then the scene with Prentiss and Ian and him knowing what each one of them were doing. The Prentiss scenes were great bookmarks to a blah case.

Kaylah said...

I love how they intro'd the episode and closed it out - it is nice to see how the team unwinds after the cases and it is also nice to see that despite Morgan's "playa" status that PG still comes first and can bring a smile to his face after a case like that :)

Jasmine said...

Ok, this preintess storyline is getting really stupid. Did the guy seriously just get up and walk away?! The CIA should've trampled his ass! Its like like a bad james bond movie! *sigh*

Anyways....i really enjoyed tonight's episode. Always like reid episodes. The little boy was fantastic!

The ending was sad tho, when they showed everyone with someone and poor reid is all alone. Seriously, poor guy needs somebody!

Loren said...

Okay, I love Emily and all but I'm getting sick of this storyline. Sorry Emily fans, but on a team show like this, I can't handle too much of one storyline about one person even if the person may be exiting. Just tired of every episode beginning and ending with her and this storyline.

And yes, I was looking forward to a good Reid episode and I would hardly call it that. I was really hoping a little more info on his rather intense storyline, but nothing. There were a few good moments with him, but there were cute moments with Garcia and Seaver too (the latter anoyed me.)

And holy crap if I didn't like Seaver before, her little rudeness to Reid in the beginning: cutting him off with that nasty "I'm sorry... for asking"... oooh that did it. Do they REALLY think they're gonna make fans like her by making her rude to the others? Ugh, that just did it for me.

Other than those issues, it was an interesting storyline. Wish they hadn't killed the father/husband and as much as I hate it, they made the audience somewhat sympathize with the unsub which is always slightly different. And there were some good moments with the characters and I did like seeing Hotch with Jack and Reid with his keyboard... nice tidbits.

So, sorry for being negative and I know Emily fans won't like this but I'm sorry. I love Emily, I really do but I just tire of this storyline. I want it over and done with.

Oh and Rossi may have had a son!! Or may still have a son... I don't really know. Either way, I'm feeling his secret creeping in!

Karina said...

Okay, is it me, or did Hotch seem not to be on the scene much in this episode? Maybe it is just me, but that is the impression that I get.

Loved Rossi in this episode, Joe truly is a good idea. Always love MGG. Prentiss, that's my girl. Seaver, the same problem persists, her lack of experience doesn't make sense for the team. Yes, it was cute that she was playing a video game with Rossi, but that is not what gets you on a specialized team. I think that Rossi is now going to be her way in instead f truly earning a spot and that bothers me because none of the other women came in that way. they were strong and experienced in their own right. It just seems like their is always some "pity" angle with this character that I don't like.

As for the case, hmm, I didn't really track with it as well, but did like that they tackled the subject of autisim well.

Karina said...

Loren, I have to agree with you and the rudeness to Reid by Seaver, but also, her vibe is just all off with the team.

Anonymous said...

It was a pretty good episode. The Emily scenes were fantastic. I thought the guest star kid actor was fantastic.

Joe was terrific in the episode. His comments about autistic children were so sincere and informative.

I give the episode a strong B

Karina said...

It seems like they are going to amp up her storyline though next week Loren.

Elisabeth said...

Yes, I'm not a fan of the Emily storyline either, but I'll wait to see how it'll play out.

I still loved that episode, if only for the Reid scenes.
They were wonderful.

Reid seemed to be reading a book about headaches in the beginning (or so it seems). I was happy about that because it means they didn't drop the storyline. They'll probably talk more about it once the Prentiss/Doyle arc is done.

I loved all the nerdy references in this episode ("Doctor Who" and "Death Note" being my favorite !!!).

Anonymous said...

This is easily my favorite episode of the season. Hands down. I really wasn't into the unsub's story so much, but everything else was so awesome that I just don't care. Sammy was perfect, and Reid with Sammy equally so. Rossi's moments with the aunt were lovely, and it felt like every team member contributed to the case. Seeing the team at the beginning and end was a brief but poignant glimpse into their lives.

One think that irked me - Seaver's been taking lessons from Morgan & Co. on being rude to Reid (although his "Bill and Ted" rip-off line was stellar). It's odd, though - Reid was easily personable with Sammy, which makes me wonder if he just doesn't care what the team thinks of him anymore. I have a hard time reconciling that.

And Emily. Oh, Emily. I'm gonna miss you... said...

Great Episode. I loved the opening with the small scene of each of the profilers. I loved the ending with the same thing. It was great to see young Jack. The crime was interesting to me in that it did not deal with rape or sadistic murdering rampages. It was about a normal man who snapped because of circumstances in his life. More tragic than anything else, it is more common than people might think. Especially in todays economy.
I enjoyed the show immensely and hope others will too.

Hotch fan said...

Ok great ep except for the seaverisms. Loved the piano intro and all of Emily's scenes, especially with the cell phones then the coffee. So cool. Loved Hotch and Jack scenes as well. Very Reid and Rossi centric. And they added a bit of continuity with Reid's migraines, by the book he was carrying. Great episode overall. As for Seaver, sorry but I have too...
i dont like her and Rossi's relationship. Its tacky. If it werent the supposedly elite BAU team and if he was just a regualr agent, it would be fine but she seems to be slowing everything down. If they are doing this for new audience members...please stop bc they can watch the reruns on ion and a&e and get the dvds so its not necessary. Also, agian with delivering a profile! And why does she feel as if she belongs on the team. It took until the third season for Prentiss to feel as if she was a part of the team and it wasnt until Rossi's unfinished business in Damged was settled did he start feeling like he was in a team. So why does she get to all of a sudden just belong. Why is she telling Reid off? SHe has no right too. SHe's too new to do that. I wanted to reach into the screen and pull her out. And why is she even going to crime scenes with no gun but she's gotta wear kevlar? Thaats what Hogan's alley is for or whatever it is in quantico. And she asked if the autistic kid is the unsub? Are the writers actually trying to get us to detest her even more. Fuel to the fire, gas to the flames is what she is in every episode. Thank god I love Prentiss, Hotch, Reid and Morgon otherwise. Thank god JJ is coming back soon, even if it is going to be bittersweet. ian Doyle is creepy and on a major revenge road. Yikes for Emily.

Overall, great episode, autism was handled better than the issue of cutting.
Please writers be reading this!
So pumped for the next couple of episodes.

Yesenia said...

Okay, I am going to have more to say later, but um, Seaver's rudeness to Reid on the plane.. WTH.. don't think so!! Oh, and I see they are still trying to have her profile. She was probably reading one of Rossi's books to get that profiling thing down, you know, the thing that you don't have to have any experience for. And since Prentiss is probably kicking the bucket (I hope not), so now they are having Rossi be her way in. This character does not have a leg to stand on.

Oh, and could the unsub have been an autistic child.. this chick needs to run a few more laps on the obstacle course and get off the team.

Jasmine said...

Yeah i agree about the seaver and reid convo. i thought it was totally out of character when seaver was rude to reid. When she first came on she seemed interested in what he had to say. I blame the writer's inconsist writing. Which pisses me off, cause i was hoping that she could be one team member that actually listens to his ranting! Damn writers!

BAU1919 said...

did I see a little homage to Mia Mantegna tonight? :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the name of the song the kid was playing??? Please.

tkwasny32 said...

I know we all know the Emily story lines are due to the fact she's leaving. I kind of like the episodes leading up to it instead of having just a bunch of episodes and then 'BAM!' she's gone. I think it's a tribute to the fans that are against letting her go (or any character). I'm sure JJ's story line would have gone on longer if they could have had more time/episodes with her.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble. I really liked this episode; it was different. An unsub to sympathize with was different; but the idea behind Sammy was great! About how he was able to identify the unsub in his own way.

I am an Emily fan and since we all heard she was leaving, I've been worried/wondering how it's going to play out. Again, I like how they're having a few episodes leading up to her last one instead of just one 'goodbye' without good any explanation. It reallyw ill be hard to see her last episode and say, "Goodbye" to Prentiss.

CM fan said...

Rick Dunkel sure knows how to write a CM episode! All those new writers should watch this episode over and over to get it! The team felt just right. Everyone shined without over shadowing anyone else. We did learn about the unsub from the team profiling him and doing the investigation just like CM should be about! We had outside work moments with all the characters, missed those so much! Oh and Morgan was back at being Hotch second in command! Loved that Derek was still helping Hotch with some of his paperwork so Hotch could go home early to take care of Jack. We had Morgan and Garcia's moment just like I love them! Reid was great with the kid, as was Rossi with the aunt. Hotch didn't do a dissapearing act and I was glad he was back at being the Unit Chief.

The Emily storyline is getting scary! I like the storyline so far and I don't think it will end well for either Emily or Doyle!

This episode was so good that I actually wasn't irritated by seaver at all. She felt more like a rookie agent tonight than last week. I like that Morgan was teaching her at the parking lot. Loved her scene with her playing a video game with Rossi!

Favorite scenes were the ones with Hotch and Jack! I missed Hotch this season but this episode had lots of good Hotch moments. This Hotch fan is a happy Hotch and CM fan tonight :)

Thanks for giving us a great episode tonight Rick!

CM fan

Yesenia said...

Nah Jasmine, they need to get rid of that character, Seriously, she has no experience, no skils, slows stuff down with her stupid questions which of course she is asking because she doesn't have a clue about profiling, now they got Ross trying to act like her "daddy," she has no vibe with the team, really, she has got to go!!

Yesenia said...

Sorry, I am irked and making a lot of typing errors.

CM fan, I feel you, but the team doesn't need a rookie agent, they need someone who is skilled. I don't want to have to see someone constantly breaking stuff down to her like Morgan and Prentiss. Get someone in there that can get it going like when they put on Rossi and Prentiss.

Annie said...

Ok, my cable went off and I missed the entire episode.
I won't be able to watch it for a day or two.
I want to avoid spoilers, so I'm just going to ask, in a nut shell, how was this episode?

Anonymous said...

Cutest episode in a while. Great job to the writers. Starting to warm up to Seaver, who is actually acting more like she's apart of the team. While everyone hates her, they just have to warm up to her. I'm sure everyone hated Rossi at first when he was there instead of Gideon. All with time.

Hotch fan said...

you go yesmenia, sorry if i misspelled your name.

Forgot to mention that ROssi's secret was hinted at. SOmething to do with autism. Very proud for him but please stop daddying Seaver.

Has anyone ever noticed how sometimes the characters storylines mirror thier real life counterparts lives in some way. Its been so vaguely for the departures of Elle, Gideon and JJ.

Seaver makes me miss Elle. Never disliked Elle but her chemistry was slightly off with the rest of the team but she still managed to fit and all. Seaver does NOT BELONG!

Ward said...

Sorry, Anonymous, it is not a point of warming up. It is a point of knowing that someone doesn't belong there but yet they are trying to make us believe that they should be there.

She could be the nicest rookie in the world, but the point is she is a rookie.

Hotch fan said...

ok Yesenia, sorry about that. I like you am also making typing errors.
And I really dont see how anyone is warming up to Seaver. She has no chemistry with the team! She's pretty but...thats it. Nothing else going one. I hope Bernero leaves, takes Seaver with him and someone more credible takes over. is it too much too hope that Ian Doyle will kill Seaver?
I know he wont since she's back in the 19th episode. I cant block her out like some people. I have been taught to be a very analytic and critical thinker. I am kind of anal retentive, I admit but I am fine with it.

Emily Rocks!

Tomas said...

Ward, the issue is not only that she is a rookie, although that is a huge one, it is this manipulative way they have etched her on the scene.

First, it was "let's feel sorry for the serial killer's daughter." Second, "the serial killer's daughter got over emotional her first time out and feels bad so wants to complete her remedial training at the BAU." They feel bad for her, so she gets to stay there. Now, it is "Oh, look, how cute Rossi is looking at her like a father, and is even playing video games with her, aww," okay, she has no credentials, but that is just so darn cute.

None of this is based on merit, but rather, some type of emotional something, some pity of sorts.

Hotch fan said...


its more than her being a rookie although that is the only reason that one needs. She has no chemistry with the cast, she asks blatant questions, she doesnt know what she's talking about and she is a major hindrance.Read a few earlier comments about the cutting( still not over it)
Although all in all I agree with you. I just cant get over how she told off Reed on the plane! At least that puts an end to anyone thinking that Seaver and Reid will get together.

Anonymous said...

Tomas said it! you go!

Criminal Minds Fan said...


Vicky said...

Good episode but not enough Hotch in it. I getting tired of how we don't see him take charge, he is the Unit Chief!

I hope TG will be back next season and have more to do than this season because this season is lacking when it comes to Hotch. I want more, not less!


P.S CBS take note, No Hotch, No CM!

DoctaJ said...

loving this Emily storyline, sad that she only gets a story arc because she is leaving

Emily is too badass to replace, that whole last scene was beautiful!

PagetFan said...

Just have to say it kind of made my week that Reid likes Doctor Who.
Loved the Prentiss parts and the bits where they whoed the team at the begining and the end. I am so excited for the next two episodes with Doyle and Prentiss, althought its gonna suck to see her leave.

christyzachman said...

To Loren and Karina,

If you don't like the others being rude to Reid when he talks about things. Then you don't like any of the other members of the team since they have all done that to him throughout the past seasons. To see Seaver do it is par for the course for our sweet genious.

Anonymous said...

I am forced to watch this on a Canadian channel so I am hoping you can help me. In Canada they cut the wonderful line where Rossi acknowleged how fascinating Reid"s mind was amd I am wondering if they did it in the U.S. as well. I was sorry it was missing. Sometmes it seems that Rossi doesn"t really appreciate Reid's genuis and seems dismissive. I hope they left the line in for you. I did enjoy this episode very much but like others I didn"t need Seaver dissing Reid. Matthew and Joe were wonderful.

Kaylah said...

totally off topic maybe but am I the only one that noticed PG's hair in CM is back to blonde and in CM: SB it is still red???

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode. I actually like the Prentiss storyline even it means her leaving. It's something interesting and is giving her character some depth. Reid was amazing with Sammy. I loved how he had a connection with the kid. I also enjoy seeing how Reid's hair changes for each episode - I love that. He looked so cute today. Rossi's scenes with the aunt were also well done - I couldn't help but think about his own autistic daughter. I think the episode dealt with the subject of autism in a very sensitive manner. I really appreciated that. I also loved the little glimpses we got into everyone's lives outside the BAU. Seaver was also not as annoying today, she was acting more like a rookie. I didn't however appreciate her cutting Reid off and being totally rude - Too much too soon. I don't feel like she's known him long enough to treat him that way.

I thought it was crazy how Ian Doyle knew exactly what everyone was doing at that time. That made the Prentiss storyline even more exciting! Loved it!

Anonymous said...

I watched this episode in Canada and noticed that line was taken out. I thought I might have missed it and was going to back and check. I don't why they would take out such an amazing line.

Loren said...

Okay, I thought whether or not Paget is actually leaving was still in the air... Did I miss something?

And taking a step back, I liked the episode more than right after it aired. Yes, I'm still getting fed up with the Ian Doyle storyline but I know why they're doing it and yes, it's nice to not have it BAM, she's gone like JJ did, but on the other hand, they are really spreading it out... Maybe next week will be better because I'd imagine the rest of the team will be more involved and it won't JUST be her and these random people.

And the Seaver comment to Reid was just plain rude. Usually Prentiss and Morgan are at least playful about it, she was just straight up mean. Cutting him off then walking away... not cute or funny at all. Why on earth would they have the least liked character be rude to one of the most liked? Or if not most liked, then at least to the most innocent of the group. Ugh, just really bothers me.

That being said, loved the moments with Reid and Rossi, missed Hotch and somewhat Morgan, Garcia was funny as always and Seaver literally managed to sink even lower in my book. Then there's Emily, of course, who given the circumstances is kinda in a league of her own.

So anyway, yes, is it officially official Paget's out because the last I heard she may still be coming back and her storyline will end in a cliffhanger, not a goodbye...?

Samantha said...

Sorry, hate to beat this horse, but Tomas hit on something that has been bothering me for weeks but I have never been able to say like he did. I am just going to cut and paste what he wrote and add that I don't like "emotional ploys" to try and get me to "warm up" to a character who has no reason to be there. I consider myself an intelligent person, not a genius, but smart enough to know when a fast one is trying to pulled on me and I don't like it!

"Ward, the issue is not only that she is a rookie, although that is a huge one, it is this manipulative way they have etched her on the scene.

First, it was "let's feel sorry for the serial killer's daughter." Second, "the serial killer's daughter got over emotional her first time out and feels bad so wants to complete her remedial training at the BAU." They feel bad for her, so she gets to stay there. Now, it is "Oh, look, how cute Rossi is looking at her like a father, and is even playing video games with her, aww," okay, she has no credentials, but that is just so darn cute.

None of this is based on merit, but rather, some type of emotional something, some pity of sorts."

From day one with this character, it has been one pity ploy after another, the latest one, Rossi playing daddy. A strong character needn't have to pull on the strings of other characters, they are just strong on their own. First Prentiss was used, now Rossi, who next?

On another note, I too felt a little lost with regard to the unsub, but I did like that they touched on the topic that they did tonight. I am sure that Joe was a great help and I am sure that his character was able to shed light on something that he is so closley related to.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a possibility of PAget returning next season. I think after a couple of episodes, she is done for this season.

Silvinha said...

Just one comment:
Emily is a badass!!

"I've got a glock leveled at your crotch. What's stopping me from taking you and the little ones out?"

Karina said...

christyzackman, I was going to answer, but Loren said what I was going to say

"And the Seaver comment to Reid was just plain rude. Usually Prentiss and Morgan are at least playful about it, she was just straight up mean. Cutting him off then walking away... not cute or funny at all."

Thanks for saying that Loren! Everything about this character is just fake and forced as others have said elsewhere.

Loren said...


I couldn't disagree with you more. Seaver is extremely new and therefore really hasn't known Reid long enough to be so rude.

Almost everytime one of the other members teases him, it is just that: teasing. It may still be a little rude, but they've known him for YEARS and have been through a lot with him. They have the liberty to do such things. More to the point, they never ask him something, cut him off, say something rude and then walk away without even a smirk.

From a technical point of view, Seaver is severely disliked by the majority of the viewers and just as they are cozying her up to Rossi to maybe get Rossi fans on her side, the last thing they should do is try to separate her from any of the team members which is exactly what they did this episode.

In fact, I started to see her as bareable in the beginning when I saw that she may be a nice compliment to Reid, being a Reid fan, which is good for the writers. Now, however, I hate her even more.

So, in no way was her rudeness acceptable or smart.

Anonymous said...

To anyone objecting to the notion of a kidnap victim walking into a bank alone and getting money and not saying anything because the rest of the family was still being held, that was ripped right from the headlines. It happened here in Connecticut with a home invasion where the mother was taken to the bank while the rest of the family was tied up at home. She, and her daughters, ended up being murdered. The father escaped.

As for the episode, the sight of Reid playing piano with a little boy is enough to keep me going for a while. I'm easy.

Elana said...

Oh Loren, but now that you said that, Reid will be the next one they try and use to get people to warm up to her.

Samantha said it, if you ae a strong character, you hold your own, you don't need to be linked with someone to make sense and be liked.

This is just crazy.. write in someone who fits and can hold their own, or if Paget returns leave it at Hotch, Garcia, Rossi, Reid, Morgan, and Prentiss.

Wendy said...

Amazing job on this episode! Hats off to Rick Dunkle and the amazing writing he did! Reid did a great job with Sammy. I was kinda upset though at Seavers treatment of Reid in the beginning. I hope it improves. She was way to harsh! So excited to see Ian and Emily finally get together. Ready for the drama that brings!

Steph said...

Karina, you aren't imagining things. Even in a pretty balanced team episode, there wasn't a lot of Hotch. Thank goodness for the couple of Hotch/Jack moments. I really hope we get more Hotch after the Prentiss arc is over, I miss him a lot.

I'm liking the Emily storyline but am so not wanting her to leave! I really hope tptb convince her to stay AND we get TG back to.

Loren said...


I think they kind of started with Reid but then quickly changed to Prentiss and now it's on to Rossi. I remember a lot of people were assuming she'd be a love interest for Reid because of they're scenes together, so I know in the beginning those two were supposed to be close. Which is also why a few people have said they thought Seaver was supposed to be the one person who actually cared what Reid was saying. So, hopefully they won't circle back to using Reid.

Kasey said...

Anonymous,They must have cut that line here too,because I didn't hear it either. I was really looking forward to hearing Rossi saying that. Loved the episode. The opening and closing were perfect. Love how they seem to remember Reid's headaches. I didn't see the book he carried,but I saw him wearing the dark glasses in that scene. I love how Reid loves Dr. Who and hated Seaver cutting him off. I would never cut him off if he was talking to me. Seaver made a big mistake doing that in my opinion.

I love Reid's and Rossi's connection with Sammy. That was such a beautiful scene with Reid and Sammy at the piano. I felt bad for the unsub and I was sad that the father died.

I'm intrigued with Emily's story even though I don't really like Spy stories. Can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

What a great episode! They showed just how important it is to look for ways for people with autism to communicate and express their knowledge rather than assuming that silence meandering someone is les@ able or intelligent. Way to.ho criminal minds!

christyzachman said...

The book that Reid was carrying in the beginning was titled "Migraines". I would definitely say that he is trying to learn more about his headaches and what might be causing them. I love the fact that he continues to educate himself. It shows a great mind at work.

Estele said...

If I didn't like Seaver before this episode, I will surely never like her now. Her rudeness to Reid aside, which is huge mind you, I'm sick to death of her being treated like she is some sort of prodigy when all she is is a cadet who doesn't have what it takes to be on team for obvious reasons. Yes, but now "Daddy Rossi" is going to step in for little Ashley. And now that they made this blunder with her being rude to Reid, how much does anyone want to bet that she will be tripping over herself to bring him coffee and be extra nice to him. You know, so then the writers can say, "Well, now she is nice to Reid so you can overlook the fact that she was rude to him and can like her, not because she adds anything to the team or actually belongs there, but because Reid now likes her." That is beyond lame and I am not falling for it!

cmwinner said...

I loved the start and ending with the little snippets of their loves.

The eppisode was a great! I loved it!! Reid was so good with that kid! (I guess the Reid Effect is no longer in play?)

The scenes with Prentiss and her former colleges was good. I loved how they did a 3-way on the phone, all while in sight of each other, but never really looking in the direction either was standing(sitting) in. The ending though when she is sitting there talking to him, and he is telling her EXACTLY what each team member is doing. Yikes! I am getting a little impatient with them dragging out her story line though. I wish they would bring it front and center ASAP and everyone in the team finds out what happened and what is going on. Since the CBS channel number I have switches to the "A" channel for a Canadian station, I didn't get the preview for next week fully. All I saw was someone shooting at Morgan and him diving behind is car.

cmwinner said...

OH, I was also laughing when Seaver asked Reid something, he gave his typical answer and she said she as sorry, sorry that she asked! I thought it was to funny.

Sarah said...

Well said Vicky! I watch because of Hotch and he's been so much in the background. :( I hope cbs give him a big fat contract for next season because he deserves it!

With ya! No Hotch, No CM!

Anonymous said...

the Seaver character is just a waste of space and just a rediculous idea in the first place. She needs to be gone, like NOW! Other than the cast changes and now writers changes, the character makes the show very hard to watch. It is sad b/c the writers little ploy to make me feel bad for her is sooo not working and just making hate the character even more.

Elana said...

Loren, even if they do, I am not going to buy it. Not only that, it will further show how desperately hopeless and ill-fitting this character is for the show.

Betty said...

They are not many people laughing cmwinner. I'm checking other forums, and yeah, not funny at all.

Mephisto said...

Wow, that ws a fantastic episode (with the exception of Seaver). Finally!!! Especially loved teh Hotch scenes and hope that we will get a Hotch centric episode soon. Can't wait for next week to find out about Emily now. Good Job !

Gabrielle said...

Now I'm anticipating the next episode, when the team and everyone finally finds out what's going on, Prentiss and Morgan are getting shot at. I hope that we can do something. Seems like the interpool team is already gone.

On a bright note, I loved tonight's episode, the team was perfect, Reid was amazing, Loved Hotch and Jack time, Rossi had more than one line, Morgan and Garcia had some happy time, and Prentiss found some comrades who could help. Though now I am frightened because of Ian. He's gonna target the team. It's also pretty ominious that he plans on killing Emily. How did she ruin him? I can't wait. Plus we get to see JJ back soon. If only the team was coming back and Prentiss was remaining with us.

Natalia said...

Anonymous, yes, the incessant question asking just slows the pace. The BAU is not a training camp!

Debbie said...

I'm with you Mephisto, I want a Hotch centric episode! We didn't have one this year. everyone had one but Hotch.

Tonight was good. Would have been better with More Hotch in it, what was the deal, why did he dissapeared for 15 minutes? I'm tired of this.

The little boy playing Sammy was great! Reid was excellent tonight too.

I like the Emily storyline. But I hope Rossi's secret is not that he had a kid that had autism because he said in the Crossing that he didn't had any children when he was talking with Hotch about his failed marriages.


Elle said...

Thank you Rick Dunkle for an awesome ep!

Didn't get a chance to read anyone's comments yet, so here's just a few things I noted after my first watching of the ep:

I liked the way the team's personal lives blocked the main case at the beginning and the end, including their interplay (although Seaver being rude to Reid was uncalled for and a bit shocking in the sense that she is a cadet and is being rude to her superior - not the federal government way - TRUST ME). The Prentiss storyline also blocking the ep is a good way, I think, to keep it going while not interfering with the regular case (though it looks like it may dominate next week's ep, which should prove interesting).

Also, I LOVED the intermittent tender moments that had me near tears. Two that stand out in my mind right now: (1) When the boy took Reid's hand at the piano (Reid always connecting with kids has always made me wonder if there was something related to that...and after "Corazon", I'm still wondering if at least partially that his 'head is splitting because it's filled with ghosts' because of a wife and child that died)...., and, (2) When Rossi talked about some autistic children being sensitive to being touched...looked like it may have been a bit of a rough scene for him to perform (kudos to Mr. Mantegna)...And now we are left wondering if autism plays a role in Rossi's secret...perhaps he has an autistic child by one of his wives.....

And what a great ending of the ep, too, with the team unwinding after the case was over....And although someone tweeted me that they were sad Reid was alone at the end, I didn't take it as him being alone, but that he decided to buy a keyboard...a new hobby?...or? (& hence MGG's keyboard tweet a while back? ;)

Also, THANK YOU, Rick, for the nod to "Corazon" - Reid walking at the beginning of the ep wearing sunglasses and carrying a book entitled "MIGRAINES".....That's all we need, writers, just a small acknowledgment that the episode existed!!!

(TPTB, can Rick write ALL of the eps, please?!!?)

PS-Also wondered if anyone has any thoughts on the ep title "Coda"... (I took it's meaning in the musical sense)

Yvette said...

Estele count me in! Tomas, you are completely on point! Take not CBS and CM, people are not going to be suckered by your emotional tricks with this character. She doesn't have what it takes to be there, you know that, and the audience knows that, so no amount of her playing video games with Rossi is going to change that.

I really liked that they gave Rossi some room to say more than the type of lines he's been having lately, with the exception of last week's episode. I also like that he was paired with Reid, something we don't get to see that often. The Prentiss storyline, I love Prentiss, but yeah, it seems like it has been dragging on for a bit. However, it looks like next week they are going to kick it into high gear. Hotch, yeah Karina, you were not imagining. I don't know, I feel like this season he has been way in the background and he is the Unit Chief so I don't get that. Loved that Jack was back on the screen! Morgan was on point this episode and I liked that he was having a movie night with Garcia (it was a movie night, right?) Reid was wonderful with the child. It was great to see him interacting with the child that way. Reid has a knack for connecting with people that sometimes doesn't show, but when it does, it is great!

Anonymous said...

More Hotch and more Jack!

Anonymous said...

Awesome episode, IMO! It was so adorable seeing Reid helping Sammy. In the beginning, I like that he had a book about migranes--finally, a little nod to Corazon, and at the end when Reid bought a keyboard--taking piano lessons now?

But the best part? Reid talked about Doctor Who!!!! Finally, I've been dying for Criminal Minds to make a Doctor Who reference for a long time, because I am a huge fan of that show (and I've just been coming off from a high that is Gallifrey One Convention--best weekend of my life!) That made my day! Even as the episode progressed, I still kept thinking about it!

So, Doyle knows about Prentiss's team--now they are in danger too. He better not go after Reid, or I will unleash my inner wolf! Sorry, just still on a high from Reid's Doctor Who speech.

Felicia said...

She doesn't have any credibility and experience to be on the team, she ask asinine questions and makes even more asinine statements and deductions, she is rude, arrogant, and did I mention has zero reason to be on an elite and specialized unit other than some sob story childhood and now a surrogate father, Rossi, which are not reasons at all to be on an elite and specialized unit. Why is this character on the show again?

Other than the stupidity that is that character, the episode was okay. Like others, I like the Reid/Rossi pairing, liked Emily's bad ass ways, and liked seeing Jack. Wish there were more Hotch though. It is getting to the point where I am forgetting he is in an episode. Not good.

alexandra said...

This episode was really good maybe not because of the unsub but because of the way we can see (finally!) the team doing other things than at work. Prentiss storyline is getting interesting and also i dont know i have a feeling they are drawing her a little like the fanfiction writters have write her, meaning: she sees the team as her family and shes going to protect them no matter what and how... (btw, her line: about shooting Ian and the little ones...yes just Prentiss can say that!, amazing)

The way we all have seen her is the way they are writting her I like that I really do, it was time we get to see more of her too bad is because shes leaving

Does we know if Paget will come back? Because of the cliffhanger CBS talked about? would luv to have Prentiss back but i dont blame Paget if she doesnt wanna be again after the way she was treated like AJ and the rest

Felicia said...

Alexandra, I don't think any decision has been made by Paget. She is still pilot shopping and they are going to keep her storyline open for her return, at least that is what has been reported, so there is a chance. Hope she comes back and somebody leaves ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I think the writers and producers are realizing how much the chemistry is lacking with Seaver in the mix. They've tried pairing her with Emily but Emily seems to not really want to train her despite being the one who offered to, which I think has more to do with Paget finding it hard to be firends with her considering AJ was her best friend in real life and JJ being gone, but its just my own dedcution.
I think the writers are overcompensating with Rossi trying to act like a dad to her becuase its just pathetic and they seem to be avoiding putting her in scenes with Hotch because then the reality will really sink in. That Seaver isnt rocking on CM.
Ashley Seaver is someone who would probably get a desk job in real life, but in reel life, she somehow managed to get the pity vote and worm her way onto the team. Please dont come back for season 7.
I really want Hotch time and I cant wait for the next two Emily episodes or for AJ's return. I must admit that I am very curious to see how that's going to be...

Anonymous said...

I luved this episode soo much! It was very touching! I almost cried! I'm a little young,like 13 saturday, and I watch this with my mum and dad and learn alot from it!
The thing tht is bugging me about this episode is the name of that song Sammie was playing! It's gorgeous but I have no clue what the name is! Can someone help me with that! Please!

Anonymous said...

JJ needs to come back and Reid needs to grow his hair back out the hair cut is awful. I love this show. Please don't mess with perfection.
JD Waggoner, Simi Valley

christyzachman said...

I don't believe that Rossi has a child, because of his statements in the past but I wouldn't put it past him to have a sibling or cousin with autism. Which would explain his knowledge and compassion about it. He is intuitive about many things like this. It would be interesting to learn more of his familial past.

Katia said...

If you are trying to recreate the Reid and Gideon relationship with Rossi and Seaver, forget about it.

I was trying to give this character a shot, although, I will admit that I was very stuck on the point that she just doesn't have the credibility to be there. But tonight I went from dislike and unease to just outright never wanting to see that character on my screen again.

I feel this strongly because of what others have pointed out, this emotional pull and tug you are attempting with this character. That type of garbage annoys me to no end, not to mention that it is extrememly insulting. What, did you think because you threw in some scene with her playing a video game with Rossi that people would just instantly forget all of the other episodes she was in, including this one, where she made inane and rude remarks. I shall never forget the one from 25 to life when she said, "Great, we have to look for a liar in D.C." Yes Seaver, you have to do that and much more. Sorry, that the elite and specialzied unit that you absolutely have no right to be on has requested that you perform some function while you are there.

I sincerely hope that this character is some experiment for this season only.

Going to the episode, I liked that Rossi was more prominent in this episode. Reid is my favorite character, but being that Rossi is so senior, he like Hotch should have more of a presence on screen, or at least more of a balance. I loved that the show showcased Reid interacting with someone with special needs. Reid has always been good, or I guess you can say has an affinity, for characters who are challenged in some way like the character in the Conflicted episode. Prentiss, yes, she is one tough cookie that I hope is not disappearing from our screens come season 7.

Anonymous said...

I've said this before, but I'll said it again anyway--Reid talked about Doctor Who! Reid talked about Doctor Who! Reid talked about Doctor Who!

Especially when he disparages Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure as "Bill and Ted's Excellent Rip-off."

You can tell I'm an over-enthusiastic Doctor Who fan, am I? I'm just excited that Criminal Minds finally gave a nod for it. Is it just me, or does CBS have a monopoly of Doctor Who references on network television (CSI and NCIS had a reference, and Craig Ferguson devoted a whole show to Doctor Who)?

Bothered CM Fan said...

First the good parts, Reid with the boy was good. He seems the most likely to have related to Sammy. Good to see Rossi there too. Liked the team parts with Hotch and Jack, and that they showed Reid was reading about his migranes. Thought it was hilarious when Seaver asked if Sammy could be the unsub. Thanks for the laugh, oh wait, she was serious wasn't she? . I don't mind the Prentiss storyline and for those that are tired of it, well you only have two more to suffer through so I'm sure you'll be fine. I did love the last scene with Emily and Doyle. Now for the bad: To the powers that be, please remove that blonde wooden thing from my TV. She was not only rude (and you're new so what gives you the right) but her delivery was awful. She can't act! For those that will tell me to give it time, I could live to be 100 and she still won't be able to act! She can be nice and sweet and whatever adjective you choose to bestow upon her, that's not why I watch Criminal Minds. And since when as the BAU become the training ground for new agents. Didn't Hotch once tell Emily that the BAU wasn't the place for anyone that just wanted to give it a whirl? Seems like they've forgotten that and are just letting Seaver have her whirl. New spin-off idea: Criminal Minds: Training Wheels

Bohemian Chick said...

I liked this episode, mainly for the peeks into the team's personal lives. I want more scenes with Hotch and Jack! Jack is the cutest kid and seeing Hotch with him makes me love Hotch even more. I hoped there would be more scenes with Reid, but the piano scene was great.
I read that CBS has offered Paget a full contract for next year, but she hasn't decided yet if she wants to stay. I'm hoping that means that her storyline will end vaguely, leaving open the possibility for her to come back.
As for Seaver, I don't hate her as many do, I feel indifferent to the character so far. I think her comment to Reid on the plane was supposed to be similar to the way JJ interacted with him. (Watch some old eps & you'll find a scene where Reid is talking about the story of "Pinocchio" and JJ says "coffee?" and gets up and walks away. The new character can't get away with that, though. They need to do things to make her likeable. I agree that it doesn't make sense that a recent academy graduate would magically be on a BAU team. The writers need to explain it, somehow.
I don't like a lot of the changes this year, but I'm loyal and will stick with it unless someone else leaves.

Soledad said...

The problem Bohemian Tech Chick (by the way love your name) is that everything with this character is too soon and they are trying so very hard for the audience to like her, or at the very least not feel indifferent towards her, that you get scenes like the plane scene.

JJ, Prentiss, Rossi, Hotch, Morgan, and Garcia all have a relationship with Reid where that type of action is okay. But mind you, I will just paste something that I just saw:

"even AFTER the other team members became well acquainted with them, their responses to one of his ramblings was either along the lines of speechlessness and/or a wink in each others' direction, politeness, or one or two of the following: some playful smart aleck remark or a tactful changing of the subject. It was that friendship and respect for his feelings that always seemed to come through."

This cannot be with Seaver, no matter how hard they try, no matter how far they try to push her down our throats. But at the core, all of these types of scenes goes back to the fact that she has ZERO credibility to be on the team. Sure, they will try to invent some cock and bull story as to why she should be there, but the fact is she shouldn't. That is the elephant in the room that is never leaving.

TMarz said...

I loved this episode, except almost any scene Seaver is in. Just like in real life, chemistry sometimes isn't there. It doesn't even seem like the chemistry is there between the actress playing Seaver and the rest of the Cast. This doesn't make her a bad actress, it just isn't there. Elle had a simular problem, but there wasn't such a reaction since she was an original and not "replacing" anyone. But when Emily came on, it was a much better fit. Nothing was wrong with the dynamics of this show, so not sure why they changed it?

Charlie said...

The excuses for not liking Seaver gets more and more out there the latest "she has no chemistry with the team"

well duh! she is NEW would you have chemistry with a team you just joined. The answer is NO

The hate on seaver gets more and more ridiculous and i am sck of reading this here the complaining over and over for nothing. It is a given she has no chemistry every new boy in class wouldn't either.

And now because she is rude to Reid. JJ said flat out to him she will not go to a convention with him and then walked. Why was there no hate there. Can you guys tell me that.

Damn this complaining is in one word "Ridiculous"

Victoria said...

Charlie, I have always thought that she had no chemistry with the team, so at least for me, that is not something new. Plus, if you will read, or forget it, let me just quote it for you here with regard to JJ and Reid, or the other team members and Reid,

"even AFTER the other team members became well acquainted with them, their responses to one of his ramblings was either along the lines of speechlessness and/or a wink in each others' direction, politeness, or one or two of the following: some playful smart aleck remark or a tactful changing of the subject. It was that friendship and respect for his feelings that always seemed to come through."

I find it curious why you are getting so angry about this perceived "hate" and dislike for this character? Why does a strong disliking for this character throw you out of sorts? Lastly, the fact that you resort to using terms like "haters" demonstrates a lack of ability on your part to agrue your point logically and coherently. You needn't have to use terms like "haters" if you had an agrument to back up your rant.

liddyloo said...

Hi, im new to posting here, i tend to just lurk and read and internally agree with your comments on you know who. i havent seen her yet (am a uk viewer that doesnt download due to crappy connection) but i am leaning towards dislike in anticipation from reading your comments. my only hope if she really is that bad is that she will turn into some bad ass unsub hell bend on revenge against the team as they stopped daddy! Cheesy yes, but it would explain her existance as a character imo.
*shuffles back to the corner*

Dominique said...

I really was going to try and let this go as the subject of this character has been on the table for quite some time now, but I simply can't stay silent any longer.

I've never written here either but enjoy reading what others have to say about the episodes and characters. Yet, tonight, I feel like I have to make a comment. This is something apart from the plane scene with this new character and Reid which I believe highlighted this characters rudeness and arrogance, something I believe she has always had in various stages. But was got me anxious is the latest "How can we push this character on the show" scheme. This new scheme stars none other than David Rossi. As someone already mentioned, if you are trying to emulate the Reid and Gideon relationship with Rossi and Seaver you can truly forget about that. Well, one would sure hope that is what is going on here and not the other alternative which is too sickening to think of. With the Reid and Gideon relationship, yes, there was a senior and there was a junior, but the junior was extraordinary and garnered a spot on the team because of his exceptional intellect, an intellect that the senior sought out to cultivate. With Seaver and Rossi, what we have is a relationship based on some sort of dramatic interplay between Seaver's father and Rossi, and now, of course, you are trying to paint her, I suppose, as some sort of quick study, or eager individual which wouldn't be at all plausible, but then again, her character is not at all plausible for CM.

What really got me upset besides the plane scene and her truly inane comments and the way her questions bog down the pace of the show, is the fact that CBS and CM have such little regard for their viewers that they think that cheap tricks like using beloved characters to ingratiate completely deficient characters is something that viewers will not detect. I think that is deplorable and upsetting. As pointed out, an acceptable and strong character needn't have to be anchored to any other character but be fully capable of rising by him or herself, of ingratiating him or herself to the audience alone.

In addition, on a personal level, as a woman, I find it regrettable that the female character you decide to write in is not one who has gotten the position by merit, but out of pity.

Victoria said...

May I please add something that was said at the very start of this thread:

"Please bear in mind that people are sharing opinions here, as such, they may be different or similiar to how you feel. At the end of the day, it is an opinion. No need to take that opinion personally and somehow feel offended if someone does not agree with what you say or feel."

Anonymous said...

great writing, i loved the insight into the characters lives before and after a case... and this prentiss story line is incredibly gripping! good job rick dunkle!

Dori said...

Thank you Victoria! This is a space for comments based on people's opinion of the episode, which includes characters. Personalizing and getting so angry over the fact that others are not agreeing with you is ridiculous.

heyya said...

"Coda" was amazing and such a major improvement on "Today I Do", it was brilliant on so many levels. The guest stars were awesome in this episode. I take my hat off to Rick Dunkle. He gave us all those little family team moments which I was pining for since "JJ" so thank you Rick!
Hotch with little Jack was beyond adorable, as was the scene with Morgan when Hotch recognized the drawing was of a dog. I enjoyed the playful banter between the two.
I feel like they all contributed something worthwhile to the case which again was very nice.
The opening and closing scenes were done amazingly. Little Sammy was superb. The scene in which he was reunited with his mother and reached out to her was so touching. It literally tugged at my heartstrings and I teared up.
Reid oh Reid...I don't know what to say. He continues to blow me away. He is not autistic though, which I thought he was so that doubt was cleared up. He was simply fabulous in this episode and his scenes with Sammy were so sweet, especially those piano heart totally melted. I loved that he was back to his genius best, I've missed that side of him this season. I'm definitely going to watch this episode again. Reminded me of the old CM. Only thing missing was JJ. Oh and that Ian Doyle creep..Emily should've just shot him in the crotch, I loved the scene with her and Doyle and how she's so fearless..she's my idol and I love her to bits..don't go Em :'(

Meg said...

Really loved this episode, apart from the Seaver scenes. I didn't think it was possible for the character to sink any lower in my estimation but her rudeness to Reid on the plane and her inane comments proved me wrong.

But that character apart...I absolutely loved this episode. Thank you, Rick Dunkle. All my giddy excitement for this episode was completely justified.

I adored all the Reid scenes, they were amazing. Loved his connection with Sammy, geeked out over the fact that he knows about Dr. Who, flailed over him playing the piano, loved him buying the keyboard and I was extremely pleased to see his sunglasses and book on migraines. At last a callback to Corazon!!

Loved the Rossi moments, loved Hotch and Jack, loved Morgan and Garcia and I loved Prentiss although personally I'm finding her arc, albeit interesting, dragging on a bit too long now.

But many thanks to Rick Dunkle for such a great episode.

Lin from Ohio said...

I really liked most of this episode. The story was well-told, though obviously a "small" plot to allow the other story lines time to develop. The small touches were magnificent. Doctor Who reference, the socks (love the socks!), the piano-playing scene -- and the follow-up, with Reid carrying his newly-bought keyboard onto the Metro. And Garcia's beautiful hair color. And Jack. And ... and ... and ...

But. Ashley is just stupid, and the same sort of story line that made me stop watching CM years ago.

And -- I have a major problem with the mother shooting the kidnapper at the end. Even after they heard the gunshot, I full expected them to find him cowering unharmed in the corner and her weeping. I understand that he provoked her, but -- I don't buy it. I am not convinced that most people could shoot an unarmed man, even one who absolutely deserved in. In this case, she had every reason to be aware that he was not evil, just stupid and desperate. (As when he hits her and then apologizes.) She knew he hadn't meant for her husband to die. Having cared for an autistic child for many years, I think she would have been even more aware of the nuances of human behavior. More patient, if that's the right word. I just don't buy it, and I don't like it. And don't see the point; it would not have changed the end of the story at all if she hadn't killed him. (Or if he had committed suicide by cop.)


Lin from Ohio said...

And while I'm quibbling anyhow -- I'm not sure your life insurance pays off if you're killed while committing a felony. I'm pretty sure my car insurance won't cover my loss if I crash my car while fleeing from a bank I just robbed.

Glenda said...

Lin from Ohio, I think you hit some of the issues I had with this epsiode. Well, let me start by saying that I did lie the nuances that were sprinkled througout the episode. As you pointed out, the Doctor Who reference (sure evidence Rick Dunkle write the episode, lol), the adorable socks, the piano playing scene was lovely, and yes, the follow-up, with Reid carrying his newly-bought keyboard onto the Metro was a nice way to tie that up. Jack is always adorable, but again, Hotch was not really memorable in this episode apart from those brief scenes with Jack which were very nice.

I guess what I don't understand is why the BAU was even called out to this investigation. Perhaps it was because solely because of this child, maybe they feared that it was a potential serial killer or child predator, not sure. Had the child been kidnapped, that I couls have understood a little better, but again, I don't really understand why the BAU was called into this investigation.

The mother killing the unsub was a little cliche for me in the sense that the unsub was pushing all of her "buttons," playing on her sense of grief and desperation to be back with her son. And no Lin from Ohio, I don't believe a lick of that insurance money will ever reach the unsub's children. Had the mother been in fear for her life and had access to the gun, then, I could understand her killing him, but this way seemed kind of off and predictable.

Overall, I guess what I would say I appreciated about this episode were the nuances with the team and the child. Lin from Ohio, I do have to agree with you on another point, Ashley is just beyond comprehension (I suppose that is a nicer way to say stupid). Tomas really targeted the sum total of what I feel about this character. Indeed, the show has done nothing but manipulatively inserted this character on the show starting with the ridiculous she has some "unique persepctive" angle, then, trying to pair her up with Prentiss, now with Rossi. Like others, I don't respond well to these types of ploys, in fact, they completely backfire with me. I guess all I can say is that I too hope this was just some experiment for this season only. I do not like to be treated as if all can be forgotten and explained away by having some "endearing" scene of this cadet playing a video game with her superior. The fact that someone at her level does not have the experience, nor does she deserve to bypass others with more rank and experience, to get on the team aside from some emotional entanglements which I am sure the show will continue to try and make, is simply insulting and gives the viewer little credit for knowing that she does not have what it takes to be on the team. Also, the inane remarks and questions are tedious and do slow up scenes that before were more skillful and instructive because the people having those interactions were on the same level experience wise.

Raquel said...

Glenda, yes, slowing down the investigation parts for this cadet is getting tiring. "What is this Seaver?," What do you think that is, why?" yes, I get that these scenes are being thrown in there to highlight that she is a rookie and has no experience, but that is just it, that is why she shouldn't be there. It has been said time and again, but I will repeat it here, the BAU is not some training camp where they have the luxury of stopping to train people as well to allow them to rattle of dumb questions and even dumber conclusions.

It is not the characters fault that she is making these off the charts conclusions because really that is all she is capable of doing being that she is where she is at, which is why you don't see people at her level in any specialized unit, let alone one like the BAU. I suppose we can be thankful that they haven't tried to continue making her out to be some sage that the team is marvelled by, but this is equally as bad and useless. I won't even touch the plane scene with Reid as others have said what I would have said.

Don't know why this character made it beyond 1 episode, but I sure hope this silliness doesn't extend into next season. The BAU is just way wonder this type of character, way beyond.

Raquel said...

Oh, and what's up with this disappearing Hotch act? You increase time for the useless and senseless Seaver character but Hotch is virtually no where to be seen.

Laura said...

Seriously, Emily...
Should've shot the guy under the table, ducked and ran out of there and let the so-cal Interpol to clean up.
Seriously, 3 people to handle this guy?

It's so far fetched, it's kind of silly.

sf81387 said...

This episode was so-so. Not bad, but not great. The Prentiss stuff has really become a major distraction and I will be glad to get these final two episodes out of the way. Between the "Previously on Criminal Minds" intro and all the time spent on Emily's super sekret spy story, there's just not enough time spent on the main story and it ends up feeling choppy and like the mystery is just all of the sudden solved.

I had to chuckle when Seaver shut Reid down because I knew the Reid fangirls would be all bent out of shape just like they were earlier this season when Prentiss had her moment of disrespecting Super Spencer. Seriously folks, it's funny. As fun and adorable as the character can be, he'd also be extremely annoying to be cooped up with for very long and I love that the writers toss those moments in occasionally.

Anyway, the episode was okay. It probably could've been a lot better if 41 minutes of story didn't need to be crammed into 30 minutes to make room for the Emily drama.

Don't get me wrong, I like Emily and I wish she wasn't leaving, but this silly arc of hers is really sucking the life out of the last few episodes and what's really sad is it's most likely going to be all for not because we probably won't really know what her demise is until next season.

Raquel said...


I'm not a Reid fangirl as you put it and so are none of the other people I saw commenting on the plane scene between Reid and Seaver, who by they way were represented by a lot of men, so I think it is a bit presumptuous on your part to say that the "fangirls" are the ones that had an issue with it.

Plus, across the board, male and female, people have had an issue with that character since day ne for reasons that have said here and elsewhere repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the episode yet -- I'm in the UK and must search for it somewhere online -- but let me tell you [evil grin] I'm determined to like Seaver. We go for the underdog over here. She's all right. She adds something to the show and I appreciate the fresh element. She certainly works in dialogue terms, getting rid of the need for a team of skilled profilers to keep explaining the baby stuff to each other just so the audience can understand.

Love Rossi and Reid and I'm more than willing to give Ashley a chance to grow and become part of the team. It is a bit windy up here on my high horse but, what the hell, someone has to stand up for her.

UK viewer

Raquel said...

LOL, UK viewer, you are not on a high horse, :) But I will just restate that what for me, and I think I can say for others, got them hooked onto this show, besides the characters, is the expertise that is shown by the profilers. I don't need for them to explain every single thing to me, that is tedious. But yet in still, there are so skilled and experienced that I am able to track with them, unlike what is going on with Ashley which is just plain tedious and unnecessary.

Raine said...

I really liked the old feel to this episode. I think Rick really did his homework and tried to incorporate what the fans have been voicing is missing this season. Loved the cast interactions. Loved the little glimpse into what the characters do outside of work. Loved the more profiling and less violence atmosphere. Loved the equal time (except for Hotch) they gave the characters. Ive always stated that in order to watch the bad you need to contrast that with some good/tender moments. This show was really in balance EXCEPT for the Seaver character. The character takes away from the normal flow. The lines she says are awkward. I would much rather give the air time to the Hotch character. Also, I am in the minority but I would be remiss if I didnt take it one step further and say I dont enjoy the acting. The other actors seem so real when they give their lines, so believable but the actess who portrays Seaver seems like she is acting...between her facial expressions and delivery I never feel she is truly Seaver but an actress trying to portay her. Ive seen many plays in New York and you can tell the difference. Combine that with the ridiculous reasons why she is there and I know the character will always be a thorn to me.

Caridad said...

Yes, Raquel, I'm not a Reid fangirl either, nothing wrong with being that, but I just happen not to be. I like the character of Dr. Spencer Reid, but I am not a fangirl as sf81387 and that is not the reason I took issue with the plane scene, or for that matter, with this character in general. I would also guess that the fangirls who did take issue with the plane scene did not do so, at least the majority of them, solely because they are fangirls.

This character is just god awful all around.

sdwally said...

Rick Dunkle never disappoints. Even though I may take issue with some of the scenes or characterizations; overall, I always enjoy his scripting of an episode. Dunkle usually does a great job of choreographing the characters, the unsubs and the action so that they are relevant to the story; and they drive the narrative.

Dunkle allows the team’s profiling to tell the story by integrating their discussions with the exploits of the unsub, and the pain of the victims. The unsub is not allowed to rob the team of its position in an episode; yet we understand the why and how the unsub became an unsub. In this case, the unsub was a more sympathetic character; a victim of his circumstances.

Reid and Rossi were particularly good playing off one another. The boy playing Sammy was sad yet brilliant with limited ability to communicate; yet his use of music and symbols was extraordinary in leading Reid and Rossi to the clues needed to solve the case. The tune played by Sammy added to the sadness and the overall sense of hopelessness.

I enjoyed the teaming of Morgan and Hotch at the crime scene and in Sammy’s room; and Hotch’s natural affinity as a father to know when a drawing that made no sense to Morgan, looked like a dog to Hotch. The scene near the end when Hotch was driving to the crime scene with Prentiss would have been a good opportunity for dialogue between the two much like the Prentiss/Morgan scenes in earlier episodes. But I realize now that no dialogue between Hotch and Prentiss; or Rossi and Prentiss must be by design. And Hotch’s apparent disappearance for much of the second half of the episode also may have future relevance. Hopefully, he will play a greater role in future episodes. And hopefully there will be a unique and revelatory payoff for the audience because Hotch and Rossi’s supposedly cluelessness to Prentiss’ situation is not easily explained, other than the writer’s decision to have the characters ignorant about the situation. Just an observation, the face of the lady in the SUV and entering the unsub’s house with Hotch looked like a body-double and not Prentiss to me. The camera clearly avoided a direct shot of her; and her face seemed conveniently obscured; and she seemed shorter than Prentiss. And on another side note, Dunkle did a better job of integrating the Seaver character into the storyline than any other writer before.

I was riveted by the Prentiss storyline this week, more so than in Today I Do. Prentiss was beautiful and tough; and the scene between her and Doyle was mesmerizing. Dunkle and the director did a much better job of engaging the audience and connecting the action with Prentiss’ behavior. Just knowing she wants to confide in her team is comforting; but I still don’t understand why she’s riskily taking direction from her former Interpol associates whom she hasn’t seen in years. An interesting comment made by Tsia to Prentiss, “…That’s the problem with marrying a member from your own team, when one of you is a target, so is the other, I get it….” I’m not sure why that comment struck me but it did—and not in a negative way.

Another observation was how Prentiss could sit in the open for nearly two hours and have Doyle approach and touch her without Tsia, Clyde or anyone available to back her up. I thought her Interpol friends were watching Doyle. This is proof positive that Prentiss needs to trust her own instincts and confide in her team and not rely on her Interpol cohorts. And lastly, I thought it was ingenious for Dunkle to have Doyle recite the ending quote. It made it that much more ominous and threatening coming out of his mouth just after divulging to Prentiss the whereabouts of her team members and what they were doing.

I applaud Dunkle and crew for a quality episode in the CM tradition.

Laura said...

I'm gonna say it.
I don't mind Seaver anymore.

I guess I made my peace with how this show has changed now that it's a franchise.
Last week's episode I was still depressed about it, but now I've accepted.

5 stages of grief in one season.

Thanks a lot, CBS.

Josie said...

Yes, Laura, if I am understanding you correctly, then I agree.

I highly doubt that once the Prentiss arc is over that I will continue to watch this show. Last night's episode was fine, but I don't like the direction the show is taking insofar as this integrating a completely useless character and what that will mean quality wise for the show in the future if the character remains.

Annie said...

I'm tipping off my hat to Criminal MInds this week and the fact that they allowed Joe that heartbreaking scene with the autistic boy's aunt.
Well done, Criminal Minds.
You made me tear up a little.
And could that be Rossi's secret?

Laura said...

33 min into the episode, I asked myself, where the H is Hotch?
Stop with the disappearing acts, please.
He is not JJ, he does not always have to stay back in the police station.
And now you see why we needed JJ?

Darcy said...

overall good episode with an unsub that didn't take over the episode. I like to get to know the unsub and why he/she does what they do through the team profiling. Makes me enjoy CM a lot more as I watch for the team and Hotch in particular.

Moments I did like;
1- The Hotch and Jack scenes. I love seeing Hotch being a dad, he is so different from Hotch unit chief.

2- Emily telling Doyle she had a glock on him. Emily is a such a great character, very badass!

3- Reid playing the piano with Sammy. great moment, love the music!

4- all the team moments outside the job. Love those characters development. CM is a much better show when we get to know the BAU team.

5- The mother did fight back! I like when victims gives back at the unsubs!

6- I like the scene with Morgan and Hotch when Hotch told Morgan that the drawing was a dog. it was nice to see Hotch and Morgan together without any tension.

Things I didn't like;

1- why did Hotch disappeared, again, in the second part of the episode? This is VERY annoying! Hotch is the unit chief and Gibson the lead actor, he shouldn't be disappearing like that all the time! There better be a good reason for that and not just because the writer needed some time to showcase the rookie cadet.

2- ok nothing else got on my nerves not even the rookie cadet who was tolerable this week.

I'll give a B+ on this one, would have given it a A if only we didn't have 'Hotchner: the case of the disappearing FBI agent' again this week.


Josie said...

Oh, ok, Laura now I think I understand, but please correct me if I am wrong. Your not minding Seaver has to do with the fact that since the show has gone down the franchise path, it doesn't matter that she is there or not since the franchise model is off, and she is off, it is a match.

Yes, I completely agree about Hotch and how more and more we see that JJ's role was essential and made sense unlike Seaver that makes no sense and contributes nothing to the show. The decisions made at CBS never cease to amaze me for how bad they are.

Laura said...

Josie, it was like this, every time Seaver was on my screen, I got mad and actually had to fast forward and it kind of ruined the episodes for me.

I just couldn't take the fact that we lost JJ and now Emily, just so the network could try and "freshen up" the show. And you add that to the fact that the writers actually thought that we paid so little attention, that we wouldn't care if the character just didn't fit with the rest of the team, because apparently we are just here for the eye candy and whistles and blow ups, not for the profiling anymore.

But now I've decided I'm just going to watch for Emily and maybe, maybe stay for Reid and Hotch.
I'm not going to let a half-assed character ruin this show I've been watching for 5 years.

I'm still hoping though, that Paget stays and that the writers actually bother to explain Seaver's presence. And I don't even want her out anymore, I actually fear what new character they might bring if she leaves.

Let her be, in the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy Criminal Minds for what still is and try to remember what it used to be fondly.

Honestly, I think we have stressed out too much, time to hold on to what we like, and tune out what we hate.
At least for now.

I’m glad we will be focusing on Emily from now on.

Alana said...

-Yesterday’s Winners:
American Idol (Fox), Modern Family (ABC), Criminal Minds (CBS)

"In week two news, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior on CBS finished first in the 10 p.m. hour, with a 6.3/11 in the overnights. But compared to it’s week-ago debut (8.2/14 on Feb. 16), that was a loss of a noticeable 23 percent. Plus, CI: Suspect Behavior dipped by 26 percent from the 9:30 p.m. portion of lead-in (and parent series) Criminal Minds (8.5/13). So, this may not be the automatic hit everyone assumed it would be.

Overall, Criminal Minds finished a very respectable second in the 9 p.m. hour behind American Idol, with an 8.3/13."

See? The first week doesn't count.

In its first week, Criminal Minds Original had 19.57 (U.S. Viewers
- in millions), by the second week, dropped to 10.57, but now has between 14.00 to 12.00 (when Idol is on).

Hannah said...

For me its the best episode so far this season. It brought tears to me, twice! Full of emotion and team interactions. Hotch: thats a dog. LOL! Dont want to comment about Seaver character though, waste my time.

I'm excited about what will happen with the rest of the team, considering Doyle targeting them to get revenge on Emily. Hope Seaver wont play too much role in Emily's arc, it ruins the team chemistry. Can't wait for the next episode.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to me that everyone is complaining about Hotch's lack of screen time, and no one has suggested what I think is the most plausible explanation--namely that Thomas Gibson wants more time off? If you look at how he's "written out"--such as not being in any of the outside location shoots in an episode--it's clear that he had the day off when everyone else was working. There has to be a reason for it. Maybe that reason is the man who plays Hotch wants to be able to spend a little more time with his family in Texas, and the writers and producers are accommodating that.

Renatta said...

Thanks for the ratings breakdown Alana! I'm hoping that the CSMB ratings tumble might mean that things can be restored on CM insofar as characters possiblly returning, and one definitely leaving. Also, that possibly, some of the former writers could come back.

Josie said...

Laura, thank you for the reply. I think we are on the same page. Hopefully, something will be done about this come season 7, but like you said, in the meantime, I am watching for Emily Prentiss. Once she leaves, perhaps Reid as I do like his character, and if they ever get around to showing him more, Hotch. However, if this matter is not resolved by season 7, and by matter I mean removal of what you so correctly stated as being a "half-assed character," then like you, I will have to hold on to my fond memories and past season DVD's.

I still think they could write in a decent character to replace Emily should she not return, but will that happen is a whole other matter.

mirbee said...

I really enjoyed this episode. Rossi´s and Reid´s connection to Sammy, the intro and the end, the profiling... Prentiss is such a great character and Paget plays her so well. It would be a pitty to loose her. I liked everyone in this but again, I must say presence of Seaver is waste of screen time. She is totally useless on CM. If she has to be in another season, she needs to be in a backround to be bearable to watch for me. I wouldn´t complain if she turns out to be the unsub at the end of the season :)

Emma said...

It was a great episode. And i am starting to like Seaver more and more.

But what happened to the ratings for Sspect Behavior damn they are down

gubegirl said...

I need to go back and watch again because I had several interruptions, but this epi was WAY better than most this season. The autistic theme was an emotional one that reined me in immed and Rossi and Reid using their personal skills as well as their profiling/psych experience was a great sight to behold. Reid was so sensitive to Sammy, as was Rossi, and I believe we could be hearing/seeing something more along this line.

Where was Hotch? Almost non-existent. I hope that sdwally is right and that somehow the Prentiss storyline ties into this: if he were around and with her more, he would be picking up that she was in danger and be getting involved and we see that they're not ready to go there yet with the team involvement.

I loved the fearlessness that she showed Doyle despite my wonderment that she would go this alone given the prev convos with her former colleagues. Weird. Wish she would have let that shot off, tho', that would have been great - I loved that line about "his little ones."

Seaver was OK with asking questions and even commenting on her observations, but her involved with the presentation of the actual profile doesn't work for me. She is too new and it's not credible. Also, this epi, I agree with whomever commented before me: the acting does not feel natural as the others do and always have.

She did not spoil it for me and I will go back and watch again. I missed the Migraine book and want to see it thru uninterrupted to catch EVERY little detail as CM always has SO-O many of.

Rick did a great job and the intro and the final scenes were endearing and precious to me and are such a reminder of how good this show has been in prev. seasons.

Now I ASK YOU: IS THERE A CHANCE, EVEN THE TINIEST ONE, THAT SOMEONE IS LISTENING TO US? Much of what we have been clamoring for was contained in this epi and I am holding out hope that our words are having some effect on the writers, producers...ultimately CBS? Prentiss staying???


Finally, loved watching Reid on the piano - those long fingers of his are made to play a keyboard, and I loved that he ran out and bought himself one right away - that was so human and shows him breaking out beyond books and work! I love it!

Michael said...

mirbee said :I wouldn´t complain if she turns out to be the unsub at the end of the season :)

That would be really unplausible. If you really hope that. Then why do you complain that the character is unplausible now. What you sugests would be jumping the shark like no other show has ever seen. Hope you are joking bacause if you really are not then you got no right at all to complain about the seaver character.

Sarah said...

Suspect behavior went down by like 3 million viewers. If this trend continues, well.....

CBS and CM, are you done with your "creatively refreshing" project now? Can we get our show back?


Okay, I can understand that AJ and Paget may be a long shot because they may not want to return to the show, but please try. If they do not want to return, then go back to the character creation board, please.

You had a winning formula, a winning team. What the hell were you thinking????

While Seaver did not annoy me as much this week, minus the plane scene and some dumb conclusions, I don't want to have to watch this show cringing each time she appears on the screen at the horror or stupidity of what she may say. Come on, she is just not credible. Period. And to the acting, yes, the acting is not natural, there is no flow like gubegirl mentioned the others always had.

Please CBS and CM, please give us our show back!!!!!!!!!!

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