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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Sense Memory" written by Randy Huggins and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

**Beware! There will be spoilers in the comments :)


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Vane said...

I can't wait for this episode... I hope it's a good one xD

Yolanda said...

I saw the promo for this episode online and it looks very similiar to an episode done by CSI:NY, plus, a book and movie called "Perfume." We'll see how this all shakes out tonight... I must admit with the way the writing has gone lately, my enthusiasm and confidence for a good production are waning. Yet, I will honestly give this episode a fair shake.

I'm hoping that more time will be spent on the Prentiss arc. I am anxious to see that whole storyline start, and of course, to see AJ back for that 1 episode although it will be sad because it will mark the end of Prentiss and the end of my viewership. Am glad that Seaver will not be in this episode, but know that the character will be back next week and beyond, until when, only the gods at CBS/CM know. All I know is that the show will be further cut down once Prentiss is no longer there and the Seaver character is on the scene trying to implausibly fill her role being that that character has no credibility at all to be part of the BAU team. Doesn't matter how many times she appears on the scene, that will always remain true because it would take years of experience, or exceptional qualities like Reid, to truly qualify for a spot on the team. If you must, feel free to say that I hate Nichols although I have never once mentioned her name, just Seaver's, remember Seaver the character, not Nichols the real person. Good grief..

Oh, and why is there an old interview with KV on the blog talking about the spin-off. To my recollection, this interview was done a way back. Doesn't matter, no way I am watching the spin-off next week or ever.

Inez said...


I have never watched CSI:NY so don't know about the episode you are referring to, but yes, there is a book and movie called Perfume about a serial killer. Hopefully, the writer has put an original spin on the book and movie, something better, in my opinion, than last week's "Natural Born Killers" remake attempt. Let's see, hope tonight's episode will be good.

Ditto with regard to everything else you said in your post.

sf81387 said...

Oh, and why is there an old interview with KV on the blog talking about the spin-off. To my recollection, this interview was done a way back. Doesn't matter, no way I am watching the spin-off next week or ever.

I've seen the interview online and it is dated February 9th, which is today.

Second, the writer talks about how Garcia comes across different in the spin-off so she's obviously seen some of the spin-off so how old could the article be?

Third, just because you aren't interested in the spin-off doesn't mean others aren't interested and would like to read the article that was posted and that is why the owner of this site graciously posted it.

Fourth, I read it. It was a nice read, but she's wrong about Garcia being the only character we've seen having sex.....well, not that we've seen any of them actually having sex, but you know what I mean.

Finally...I'm looking forward to tonight. It's the first time I've been able to watch a new episode during it's normally scheduled air time since way before Christmas. : )

gubegirl said...

Pls, Lord, let this episode be one that we love, that we are proud of...that takes us back to the "ol' days"... and, guys, try REALLY hard to look past can do it, concentrate on the rest of our beloved team:)

Kristin said...

Good I am not the only who thought of the Cabbie Killer episode arc from a few seasons ago on CSI: NY. Had that same vibe. Hope they continue to improve the show. The last few episodes have a been a let down. CSI:NY, in fact, has moved into my number 1 favorite show in recent weeks. That show is rocking. Still a fan of CM though.

Tammy said...


I can see where Yolanda made that mistake because KV says a lot of the same things that she did about the spin-off in this article in other articles. Plus, sometimes people get advance clips, episodes before they air so that they can conduct interviews. Don't know how far in advance they had episodes in the can, but I will venture to say way before this article was published so that the writer could have background from which to ask KV questions about her role on the spin-off.

Regardless, Yolanda has every right to comment on something posted here on the blog, including stating that she does not care to watch the spin-off. You want to watch it, great; I'm not. But I am sure others will, and others won't. Bottom line, it is her opinion, just her opinion that she is sharing with others and that is no big deal. If people want to agree, cool, if not cool.

On another note, I hope that the episode will be good. The promo is a lot like the CSI:NY episode menioned here. Haven't read the Perfume book or seen the movie based on the book, but heard they were both excellent.

Kristin, I too have been let down by the episodes thus far this season, but will view this one with fresh eyes and fingers crossed.

Gubegirl, Seaver is not in this episode so no need to look past her this week at least :)

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to this episode. Really liked the previous one two. I am dying to know what Emily's secrets are but I dont want her to leave and I really hope that she isnt killed off. I missAJ/JJ so much. Thats why I even started watching the show. Seaver and Reid better not happen. It would be a big mistake. They tend to pair him up with slutty blondes, save for JJ, which was implied but never came to surface. I would have loved JJ and Spence to get together. I am still hoping they will come to their senses, get rid of Rachel terrible actress and extremely annoying Nichols and bring back AJ and Paget permanmetly. Thankfully Seaver anit in this episode. SHe is so useless. I hope the producers read this and realize that.

Nadine said...

Tammy, agreed. In no way did I take what Yolanda said as a "don't read the article" comment. If anything, her comment led me to read the article. I'm not watching the spin-off but it is not because of what Yolanda wrote, it is because I have no interest in watching it and that is something I decided a long time ago and later reinforced when I learned that the spin-off was indeed the cause of all of CM's woes. I'm sure KV will do great in it, but I'm not watching it. Whoever wants to watch I don't begrudge them that right.

Anonymous, Ed has claimed that there isn't going to be a relationship developed between Seaver and Reid, but nowadays I take everything that coms out of CBS and CM with a grain of salt. Anyway, that is what he said, so let's see if he sticks to that. Even though, I highly suspect that once Prentiss leaves the show I will probably stop watching or not watch as much. I don't like the line-up we will be stuck with once Prentiss leaves.

It would be interesting to know if anybody at CBS/ABC/CM has read the over 900 comments spread throughout the different threads here. They all typically focus on two major issues (writing and Seaver) so it will be interesting to see if, again, they actually read these comments but more importantly do something about what has been written here.

sf81387 said...

Regardless, Yolanda has every right to comment on something posted here on the blog, including stating that she does not care to watch the spin-off. You want to watch it, great; I'm not. But I am sure others will, and others won't. Bottom line, it is her opinion, just her opinion that she is sharing with others and that is no big deal. If people want to agree, cool, if not cool.

Yes she does and so do I, and I did. : )

For the record, I have no intention of watching the spin-off. Not because I'm pouting and mad at CBS or anything, but simply because I don't watch spin-offs or at least I never have in the past so I can't imagine why I'd start now. I don't normally do movie sequels either unless it's something like the Harry Potter franchise where it's done for story telling purposes.

Anonymous said...

I dont care what happens, I will never like Rachel Nichols on this show. I never liked her in Alias or the Inside. Both those shows got cancelled too and she is suck a crappass actor. I love AJ and Paget and they will never be replaced by Rachel. Aj Cook and Paget Brewster all the way.
Ijust saw the twitter pic of both of them with smoeone in between. AJ is so classy, you can tell she's just obliging the person who asked. Aj is so strikingly beautiful, its all her huge baby blue eyes! Love them. Rachel should take the time she gets on CM, learn how to act, then quit and go back to her high pro but bad movies she does. I find her on the screen so aggravating!It does not make any senese for her to be on the team. There is nothing exceptional about her. Hate her. Yes I am a Seaver Hater but she does not fit in with the show!
please be rid of annoying Ashley Seaver! SHe may be a fan of the show before and really like being on set, who wouldnt, but she sucks on the show and does not belong on it. Really Rach, do everyone a favour and LEAVE!!!!

sf81387 said...

I wouldn't like a Reid/Seaver hook-up simply because I don't ever want CM to go down that path and turn my favorite crime procedural into a soap opera. I do think that MGG and RN would make a pretty cute couple though. : )

Tammy said...

Yes, you do have a right to comment st8137, just like Yolanda did. It is your opinion, just as it is Yolanda's. People have said in other threads whether they are going to watch the spin-off or not, but I haven't seen where anyone is like "Just cause you don't want to watch it doesn't mean others may not want to." Maybe I am wrong about that, and if I am sorry, but that is what put me off about that because Yolanda never said that, she just said she wasn't watching the spin-off. She in no way said that just because she isn't watching it others shouldn't. It is a personal decision whether one wants to watch the spin-off or not.

And for the record, I am not skipping the spin-off because I am "pouting and mad" at CBS but because the episode the "Fight" did nothing to inspire me to watch it. But if people want to skip it because they are angry at CBS, more power to them.

Annie said...

My viewership with CM is tentative as is with Paget leaving and Seaver staying behind as a pseudo-profiler. The moment they go down any sort of relationship between any cast mates soryline is when I will switch off for good.

Hoping it will be agood episode tonight and not another let down. Can't take too many much more of those.

Anonymous said...

AJ Cook and MGG are obviously the most loved cast members. The show just doesnt feel the same without AJ or JJ. They tried the show without her when she was on mat leave and they still needed a liason, btw, Meta Golding did a much better job on the show than Rachel Nichols.

They really should read the posts because every single posti/thread/discussion I have even scrolled though, only 1 percent out of 100 seem to like Seaver.

SHe's ok as a guest star or even a recurring character, but she simply doesnt belong on the show.
Of course the cast and everyone will be nice to her, it wasnt really her fault that people lost their jobs, but its her fault ratings are going down and she just doesnt cut it on CM. Really, she's so annoying and she acts the same on every show she's on. I didnt like her on ALias and even the the premise and the actual concieved character of Rebecca Locke was interesting on The Inside, Rachel Nichols does not inspire at all. She is just a hot hollywood blonde, nothing special. SHe is certainly more replaceable than any of the orignal CM cast members. I liked Elle and Gideon, but I dont really miss them. I dont really care about Rossi though I like him. Aj is the whole reason that I started watching the show and its depressing to watch it now that she's not on and she and EMily, who I loved off the bat, have been replaced by a second rate actress! Emily and JJ are two of the strongest female characters on tv, when given the oppurtunity. ANd they deserves Emmys and Golden Globes for their tragically underrated acting skills. SO much range, unlike Rachel Nichols. I would rather the show have an all male cast than have RN on it. I would rather the show be cancelled than have RN on it.
AJ and Paget better come back on next season. Emily better not be killed off. They must leave an opening for her to be able to come back like they did with JJ. No one but the unifrmed idiot s at CBS wanted to see AJ and Paget go. I keep on watching because I love Hotch, Reid and Morgon. Props to Shemar Moore for speaking his mind. He seems like sucha great guy and a great ator to boot. You can tell that he misses AJ and Paget.
Sorry Rachel, get your own show or get a movie career, but you are yucking up the best show on tv so please leave!

bookwurm32191 said...

I just want to say quickly that I just read the press release for "Coda," and I really hope that they do it justice. Autism is a very big thing for me; I know people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and I have lots of friends with ASD. I was also diagnosed with a high functioning form of ASD known as Asperger's Syndrome, so it's very personal and very close to my heart.

That being said, I am really looking forward to tonight's episode; I think CSI:NY did a parallel storyline a few years ago, but I want to see CM's take. Also, I'd dying to see where this Prentiss storyline arch will go. :D

Anonymous said...

Every thing I have seen about Seaver is negative as is everything I've heard. Everyone I knows wathes CM and hates Seaver. SHe should not be on the BAU and she should not be assisting on profiling. She's is so annoying and so autocratic, very Mary Sue-ish and she does not fit in with the gang. She's not an outsider at all. Her father may have been a serial killer, but all evidence suggests that Ashley still grew up to be a well adjusted and avearge girl. SHe seems to have found out about her father in her late teens, when the impact of that knowledge would be highly traumatic wut she can still get past it and deal with it in a healthy way.Rachel is not good enough to be on the show and I really dont like her or her charceter and I do not like this situcation at all. Seriously, bring back AJ and Paget permamnetly.Reid and Seaver better not get together. I was rooting for Reid and JJ because they have such a special bond, but not Reid and Seaver. Their little flirtation is so awkward an innapproriate. i hate Ahley Seaver/ Rachel Nichols. I really do.

Gabby said...

Wow, this is gearing up to be yet another fiesty thread. The common denominator once again being the writing and the Seaver character.

In terms of this episode, I have heard here and in another place that it is a lot like a CSI:NY episode. I have never seen an episode of CSI:NY so I can't comment on that, but am curious to see what others who have seen the CSI:NY episode think about CM's take after the episode airs. Off the bat, what I am on the fence about is this whole focusing on the unsub thing in teh promo. I hope the whole episode doesn't focus on the unsub like the past several episodes have. I think it is more interesting and better when we get to discover who the unsub is through the eyes of the team, not over a half of the episode dedicated to the unsub.

I am really, really, really hoping that more light will be shed on the Prentiss story. Come on guys, it is her last season on the show! AJ coming back will be great, but bittersweet as we will all have to say bye to her again, and this time Paget too. I hate that the idiots at CBS who fired her and pushed out Paget will most likely cash in on that episode.

I am also another one who is curious to know if anyone over at the CBS and CM factory are taking note at what is being said here and at CBS' website. Hint, basically the same thing being said here about season 6 writing and the Seaver character.

E. Rousset said...

I'm looking forward to this episode.

I like the scientific aspect we saw in the promo and I hope we'll see more of that in the episode.
Maybe Reid will get to use his scientific background, that would be wonderful.

I'm interested to see how the Prentiss arc will play out too.
It could be an interesting story.

I also wonder if we'll hear anything concerning Reid's medical issues (even if it's just a single comment, or Reid wincing and putting on his sunglasses). I hope it's not stress related and I hope this storyline will turn out to be an interesting one.

gubegirl said...

Thank you Tammy; I needed a little boost to make me look forward to tonite a little more:)

"Coda" sounds very cool and since it has been hinted that Reid has Asperger's, it is totally within his realm of knowledge to work with the autism issue and that tickles me. Poor guy hasn't gotten to do much more than the geo-profiling and the whole Corazon epi was too weird to truly appreciate his amazing skills.
Bring on Reid!

On another note, altho' I agree Morgan has played a larger role recently than before and is still his reckless self, I do not feel he is posed to take over Hotch's job, no way, no how. I doubt he would want it anymore than he did before. Morgan's exposure this season I think might just be due to the writers, with no real purpose intended. Just MHO.

I can't wait to see tonite's show -it sounds like a cool storyline, even if it does channel another story/show abit, it sounds exciting.

I'm also still of the mind to NOT watch the spin-off just to make a statement (nothing against KV.) I say that as I fill out our Nielson ratings booklet this week: apparently, these things still count! Seems so 80's...

Finally, I wish these "anonymous" posters who use such strong, negative verbiage and talk about "hate" when the rest of us are just offering our opinions would own up.

But I guess they want to stay "anonymous." Anyone else out there thinking this is kinda c-s?

No offense, just another observation. But if you have something to say, I say OWN it.

Clarissa said...

E. Rousset, I think that is a good observation about how this can be an opportunity to bring Reid a little more into play being that this episode seems to have a science background. Let's hope that is exactly where the writers are going with it as well.

Coda also seems like another opportunity to bring back some of Reid's skills. Hoping that happens too because it truly is an asset and I think shows without a doubt why he was given an exception to be on the team, unlike Seaver who only has a psycho killing dad and good time on the obstacle course. I think had the writers been using Reid more effectively like they did before it would become more than obvious why Reid should have absolutely been given an exception to be on the team, not Seaver who has nothing exceptional like Reid that merits an exception to be on the team. Should any of TPTB be reading this, yup, that is a sticking point with respect to the Seaver character that is not going away, so get used to this type of feedback for however long that character is on the show, or at least for me, however long I can watch the show once the Prentiss character leaves and Seaver is what is left. Still don't get why they couldn't have written a more credible character, but I digress.

Can I second, third, fourth, fifth the plea that the Prentiss story get up and moving! Sadly, it is her last season on the show and I want to see that character at its best!

Gubegirl, good to see you back! Thought you may have had a major breakdown :(

Anonymous said...

The only reason I am anonymous is becuase its the only choice that I have to be able to submit my comments. My two friends and I dont have twitter or google accounts or our own urls or whatever. So sorry.

I realize that i am probably more passionate than the average person about this whole thing about the best tv actresses being forced out of the best tv show. I am more of an AJ/JJ fan while my friend adores Paget/Emily ever since Huff.
Anyway, my opinion is that I love AJ and I really look up to her and her character. She was such an integral part of the team and I find it highly aggravating that she's not on the show and that Paget is leaving.
I dont really hate Rachel Nichols but she doe not fit in with the rest of the show. SHe's not a good actress and I have seen her in other stuff. SHe was fine as a guest star recurring character but its hard to enjoy the show with her on it. SO too bad I offended you. I am not asking anyone to agree with me, I just point out my observations and I have strong opinions about this. Sorry chick. Besides its not like I'm the only one. I have read way worse posts than what I've typed. Rachel sucks. This is my opinion and i am hoping that AJ and Paget are able to come back next season and that Rachel leaves. Btw, her character is extremely annoying and pointless and unrealistic to be on the team.

ele said...

We get a new episode tonight, I just hope that it is better written than most of the ones we have had on season 6...I will watch and continue watching this season in hope that things get better (writing). I am still upset about AJ and now Paget but understand that it is not Nichols fault at all. About her character being useless that is not her fault either, but that of the poor job the writers have done lately! I wishing for a good epi!

Cindy said...

If TPTB are truly reading these comments then I pray that they read the comment I just read on "The Thirteenth Step" area by Adriana. It is probably one of the most poignant comments I have ever read here! Also, there was a comment by sdwally that I think was on the Corazon thread that is really good (starts off by talking about the ratings). Then there is one by Rochelle in the area where it asked that we share our thoughts. There are many, many more, but those are the ones that have stayed with me.

I am crossing my fingers and dotting my "I's" that this episode will be good. I don't have a point of reference with the CSI:NY episode people have mentioned here and I haven't seen the movie or read the book some have pointed to, so it will all be new to me. I just really hope it is a good episode tonight.

Oh, and please kick off the Prentiss story tonight. I want to see as much of Prentiss as possible before she leaves the show.

Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't even know there's a new episode this week.

Should I watch Perfume before I watch this? From the promos, it seems like I should.

Cindy said...

Anonymous, I don't think that Gubegirl was talking about you, but rather some other Anonymous posters in other areas on the blog that have called people who have an issue with the Seaver character because she is not qualified to be on the team as haters of RN when most everyone here has never said anything negative about RN, just about the character she plays, Seaver.

Anonymous said...

this is another anonymous. I am a huge Paget fan and cant wait to see what her backstory is. SHe seems to have become the most mysterious of all the characters. i also love AJ and cant wait to see her on Pagets final ep. So sad. They wanted Paget to stay cuz they must have realized what a huge mistake they made in firing her and AJ Cook, but Paget had the pilot out option still. I fell bad for her, she probably didnt want to stay without AJ on the show.I wouldnt either. They were treated so unfairly.
The whole Melissa Leo thing is right on and she guested on CM on the second season as well. Leo is an awesome actress and she's a beautiful woman.
I will really miss Paget. I am not going to watch the spinoff either. It looks boring and a tal cash cow. I hope it gets cancelled. CM should not be a franchise.
I dont hate RN but she really doesnt fit in with the rest of the cast and she is a horrifically bad actress. She cant do justice to the show and its going to be tricky to enjoy the show once Paget is gone as well. I really hope they dont kill her off though.
Anyway, i dont hate RN either but she's not good enough to be on the show and her character sucks. SHe seems like such a writers pet and she's really just eye candy. I saw her on the inside and I thought that the charceter Rebecca Locke was really cool but could have been so much better if a more credible actress could have played her.
I dont care what anyone says, I want RN off the show. SOrry but she sucks. More face time with Paget. Paget rocks!

Anonymous said...

I was kind of looking forward to Rachel Nichols arc on CM because sh's an ok actress and at the time, she wasnt a regular. Her first episode was ok but then it all went downhill. Her character is so horribly written. I really wanted to see and learn more about the academy but instead we all get stuck with crappy writing. She doesnt really look good with the rest of the cast and the show seems so hollow without JJ now. I really miss JJ and now that Emily is leaving, I dont think I'll be watching anymore. RN really dissapointed me as did her charceter. RN should have her own show or go back to being in movies only. SHe kind of killed CM for me.
The best eps of the season so far are "JJ", " Safe Haven" "Reflections of Desire" 9 which would have been a great opp for JJ to get glammed up instead of Garcia, no offence) and " The Thirteenth Step". all the others have been either mediocre, or with th AShley Seaver character, really bad to stomache watching. They should have hired a different actress for the role at least, someone who isnt bland and boring and dissapointing.
I cant wait for Emily's life tounfold. I hope she isnt killed off!

Anonymous said...

Seaver hate probably aint going down. Anyway,
The show has lost its family feel. It doesnt have the same vibe anymore. But I guess we'll have to see once eps 18 and 19 air. I am excited but dreading it at the same time. Emily's story line seems to be amping up by the looks of the promo for tonights episode. I am dying to know about her past. And sorry, but I cant help it, I am damn glad that RN/ Seaver is not going to ruin this episode tonight!
Will miss JJ and Emily so much!

Peggy said...

Anonymous, LOL.. I have a feeling you had better get use to the Seaver critiques for however long that character is on the show.

I think it is because people just can't reconcile the fact that the show is where it is at presently writing wise, and yes, the Seaver charcater is a big part of that. The fact that the show has already lost (CBS fired) AJ and now Paget is set to leave, well, that leaves only Seaver. Admitedly, I am one of those people who just can't understand how anyone thought this was a suitable character to add to the show. Yes, this character has only been in 3 episodes, but that is not the point. The point is the nature of that character, being that she is not qualified to be on the team, that is the true point, and that is something that whether the character has been on 3 or 100 episodes is not going to change.

Also, I think this ties back to the general frustration some people are feeling with the show right now. Losing strong writers, losing cast, it is all a bit much and some feel like nothing they are saying matters, although they are part of the people that watch the show, buy the DVD's, etc. I think in the end, the Seaver character is just another slap in their face (if you will) because it is like the present writers, CBS, and whoever else at the network, think we are not going to notice how off that character is for the show on top of the decreasing writing quality and loss of cast members which of course has nothing to do with Rachel Nichols, and of course she should not be blamed for that. This is just the state of where things are and it is bad.

I don't know, at least that is what I think may be going on.

Peggy said...

I was responding to another Anonymous comment, but don't see it now, so my comment was not intended towards any Anonymous who has written thus far.

Anonymous said...

Another anonymous
I like Rachel Nichols. Also like the Seaver character and i am sure she will grow when time passes. i really don't see why anyone could build an opinion on her in such a hatefull manner in such a short time she has been on the show. its weird

And apparantly the cast and crew like her also
Here is a pic of AJ and Rachel together with another woman

Anonymous said...

I saw that other short anonymous comment which is no longer there as well. A lot of anonymouses today including myself, but that how the internet is. A name doesnt matter too much online. Anyway, Rachel is not to blame if you look at it in terms of bad writing and poor characterization but she is a bad actress. SHe doesnt stand out aside from being deeply hated at the present moment. ANd Seaver does not fit in with the cast a long term member. Elle didnt really fit in much either but it wasnt too noticeable. Anyway, Elle was sill interesting and Lola Glaudini quit the show and was replaced by the wonderful and great Paget Brewster who plays the amaizng Emily! And AJ/JJ is an origninal cast member who should not have been shafted and then replaced by RN, who sucks no matter how you look at it. Every charcter has been established as likeable within their first few episodes and I do not see that happening with Seaver. SHe is off the bat terrible. As is the writing nowadays. Though I think that for Paget's sake, that is about to change for the better. At least until her final episode.

Anonymous said...

another anonymous, dont take pics as proof. Rachel may be a likeable person but someone asked to see a pic of both of RN and AJ together to compare how similar or different they look. Its one pic only and Im sure AJ was obliging fans. BTW, Aj wouldnt be outright mean to anyone, even her second rate replacement and that was a makeup artist in the middle. Aj looked happy in a sad way. I miss her. AJ is awesome. I dont care for Rachel. SHe's crap.

Cindy said...

Previous Anonymous.. the Anonymous that just posted, yes, I think that is the type of Anonymous Gubegirl was referring to. If not, it is the type that I am referring to who doesn't read the, I would say hundreds of posts by now stating specifically why people don't agree with the Seaver character including the one above them that Peggy just wrote. Especially, where Peggy says that the point is not how many episodes that character has been on it is the nature of the character itself.

But alas, these types of comments, and oh now, pictures will continue.

Oh boy....

LaShawna said...

The reason many people have had such a strong negative reaction to Ashley is because her character and background violate the rules of the BAU this show set forth from the beginning. Even with their numerous years of experience Elle had to compete to get a spot on the team, and she wasn't sure if she was good enough. Hotch flat out told Emily that profiling isn't just something people try out as a whim, but rather must have years of proper training for. Ashley Seaver has none of those qualifications or reason to be on this team. If her appearance was just one episode, it would have been OK (though still strange to enlist an unqualified cadet when the team probably has nearly 75 years of profiling experience among them.) However the people who don't like Ashley can't see any logical reason she should be part of this team, because she hasn't earned a spot on it and she doesn't have the cred to back up her placement over way more experienced, qualified agents.

As for Rachel Nichols herself, she seems like a lovely woman and yes, the cast and crew seem to adore her. But that has NOTHING do to with the fact that we don't like her character. Most of us can separate Rachel the woman from Ashley the character, and don't feel we have any obligation to like an unrealistic character just because the woman who plays her is nice.

Anonymous said...

AJ is a classy and poised woman and a versatile actress with amazing depth and talent and no one can compare to her greatness, least of all Rachel Nichols who is just your average Hollywood blonde who shoves her cleavage in everything Ive seen, CM being the exception. AJ and Paget belong on the show, not RN. Rn is lucky to even have a guest star. Its not Rns fault but she isnt right for the show and the whole sitch blows like hell.

LaShawna said...

As for the episode itself, I too hope there isn't too much focus on the unsub. I was rewatching season one recently and was reminded that for the most part we didn't see the unsub until the very end and we got to learn the identity right along with the team. I miss those cases, and I hope there is a return to the focus on the profiling. Unsub focused shows CAN be interesting every now and then if they give us a glimpse of the psychology driving the unsub. But more often it just seems to be a way to glorify what the unsub does. There are numerous crime dramas out there that focus on specific criminal acts. I like this show, because it delves more into the psychology of the unsub.

I also hope that Reid gets to use his science knowledge during this episode. He does have a PhD in Chemistry so he should be able to contribute a lot to this case. :)

Anonymous said...

La Shawna I agree with you however I still dont like Rachel Nichols and still think she should be booted off the show. get into movies. No one is going to blame her cuz it aint really her fault but she is killing the show. sorry but she really is.

Martha said...

I was going to write something, but honestly, LaShawna, you said it all.

The fact that Rachel Nichols is a nice person and the cast and crew like her has nothing to do with the character she plays on the show. Flat out, that character is not a fit for the show. However you twist it, turn it, shake it, it is just the plain truth and that is what people are having an issue with. Because as LaShawna pointed out, the show itself made a point of highlighting through Elle and Emily that getting a spot on the team is no easy task, and even when on the team, you got to show and prove what you came in with (experience/knowledge, or in Reid's case genius) to remain on the team. So why now has that all changed for a cadet? That is weak and something that most people are not going to just sit by and accept.

Anonymous said...

Martha said it right. I jsut happen to also dislike Rachel Nichols but if she werent such a terrible fit for the show and if she were a deent actress, maybe I'd like her. CBS is completely screwing over a great show and a great cast and I think that the writers are subconsciously feeling it too. THe writers miss AJ and will miss Paget and however nice Rachel may be, no one can replace them. Rachel needs to find another project fast and she probably does have that lame GI Joe sequel to do. Hopefull one of hermmovies will come calling, and with scheduling conflicts she'll quit the show and do everyone a favour and finally leave.AJ and Paget need to come back.

Angie C said...

I just want to say that even though i do not know this Rachel Nicoles or whatever, i don't want to see her on the show because it will mess up the flow of things. CBS is very much like the Unites States government in that if it isn't broke play with it till it is. Saying all that, i personally am going to continue to watch CM because we still have good people on there such as Shemar, Matt, Tom, Joe, and Kirsten. I don't know for sure if i will watch the spin-off or not, but if i do it might be a few eps to support KV. I think just because you are mad at CBS for what they are doing to Paget and A.J. that you shouldn't take it out on the rest of the cast. They are just trying to make a living by doing this show. If everyone will keep sending letters to CBS and continue to watch the show then maybe, just maybe we will see some change. But from what i have seen in the past, because people got upset at a few bad changes to a good tv show, and they didn't do anything but complain and wind up stop watching, the show dwindled down to nothing and got canceled. I don't want to see that happen with CM.

I am looking forward to tonight's ep and i will always support my CM family.

Anonymous said...

another anonymous. You all say you hate Seaver because she is a cadet. But from the next episode she comes back, she had been gone to take her exams and graduate to full fletched agent. Will you like her then wen she is an agent?

Martha said...

Anonymous said...

"another anonymous. You all say you hate Seaver because she is a cadet. But from the next episode she comes back, she had been gone to take her exams and graduate to full fletched agent. Will you like her then wen she is an agent?"

She will be a junior agent Anonymous.. that is not even close to the level of experience years wise that she would need to be on the team, again, with the exception of Reid who was placed on the team because of his brilliance.

So, if she gets into some type of Time Machine, coming back with 7 or 10 years of experience, then yes, I'll welcome her aboard as someone who fits and qualifies to be on the team.

Martha said...

All of the other agents had at least that amount of years (7 to 10) behind them, once again, with the exception of Reid who is brilliant and that is why he was exempted.

Vanessa said...

I'm really starting to wonder if some people like the Anonymous writer who just indicated that Seaver would be fit for the team once she graduated from the FBI Academy have ever seen the show.

It is a basic thing to know that one doesn't come out of the Academy straight into a specilaized and elite unit like the BAU.

Tia said...

The only person who has ever been able to come out straight from the Academy to the BAU is Reid, and this is why:

1. IQ 187
2. Two bachelor degrees
3. Three doctorates
4. An eidetic memory
5. Reads 20,000 words a minute

Seaver is nowhere near that, seriously.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oops! I was the one who answered, "Nope" and I was saying that in response to the person who asked if I would like Seaver once she passed her exams and became an agent.

sf81387 said...

Most of us can separate Rachel the woman from Ashley the character, and don't feel we have any obligation to like an unrealistic character just because the woman who plays her is nice.

Because a team of really good-looking FBI agents with mad skillz and backgrounds that defy any kind of logic who fly around on their own private jet to save the world is completely realistic. ; )

But hey, I love it. Reality would be so boring to watch. Not sure how I feel about Seaver yet though. Haven't seen enough of her. Right now she's little more than background noise to me. Keep her or blow her up. I don't care at this point. Perhaps by the end of the season I'll have a better feel for whether I'd like to see her stay or go.

Yesenia said...

Angie C. I feel what you are saying about the cast. They are amazing and very talented and I wish them all of the best, I truly do. None of them, including the crew, deserve the punch in the gut they got from CBS. But at least for me, there comes a point where I just can't tolerate nonsense like continued bad writing and off the chart characters like Seaver.

I'm hoping that the writing will improve and there is a chance of that happening since there are about 10 or 11 episodes left in the season. But honestly, if they keep trying to run game like having Seaver up there profiling like she has the cred to do so, for real, I'm just going to change the channel.

Unfortunately for CBS and Criminal Minds, I have been watching this show for a very long time, including nightly on ion, I have the DVD's of previous seasons, and I watch all of the marathons on ion and A&E. To expect like I am going to act like this character is nothing short of just crazy is not going to happen for me. Others may be able to do it, but I can't, just thinking about the fact that they are trying to pull this gets me heated.

Mary Lynn said...

"Because a team of really good-looking FBI agents with mad skillz and backgrounds that defy any kind of logic who fly around on their own private jet to save the world is completely realistic. ; )"

I get what you are saying that the team itself is a work of fiction as no FBI team would realistically look like this, but it is a work of fiction that has been established with certain parameters around it, and now they are trying to smash those parameters just to insert this cadet, soon to be junior agent Seaver character in there. If they are going to do that, then why don't they just enlist high school students and college students to fly around in the private jet to "save the world."

My point is that even in a work of fiction there has to come a point where things cannot and should not cross a line to keep in line with what has been established.

Anonymous said...

So if she had come is as a full fletched agent you would all approve of her. Is that what you are saying. Then why was there so much hate for rossi then when he got in the cast there were even some saying joe mantegna was a bad actor. I mean who are they kidding.
Also Rachel is a young actress but she is quite good in all her roles she plays. And i just think people have to get used to her then they will like her more it was the same with Rossi

Mary Lynn said...

Anyway, about tonight's episode, I'm hoping that it will be good and that as others have mentioned here it will highlight some of Reid's scientific background. I think that would be interesting.

Couldn't tell much from the promo what the unsub was doing with the women, but I wish as in earlier seasons, that there would be more of a lead to finding out about the unsub and what makes him/her tick, rather than upfront.

Sue said...

I am hoping for a good episode tonight, please.

Looks like it could be good and interesting episode. Really hope so!

Anonymous said...

Hoping tonight will kick off the Prentiss arc. I really want to see that get going.

sf81387 said...

I get what you are saying that the team itself is a work of fiction as no FBI team would realistically look like this, but it is a work of fiction that has been established with certain parameters around it, and now they are trying to smash those parameters just to insert this cadet, soon to be junior agent Seaver character in there. If they are going to do that, then why don't they just enlist high school students and college students to fly around in the private jet to "save the world."

Continuity has never been this show's strong suit so I'd be hard pressed to make it an issue for me now. Things change and parameters change. Meh, whatever. As long as the change isn't too drastic I can usually roll with it. As I said, I have no feelings about the character one way or another. I don't even notice her. Perhaps if she becomes annoying enough to notice I can jump on the Seaver hate bandwagon with rest of you, but until then she's pretty much a non-issue for me. Now if Hotch starts showing up to work in blue jeans and a t-shirt with a 3-day growth on his face I might take issue with that...........hmm..or maybe not. That might actually be kind of hot. ; )

I hope that tonight's episode makes some of you happier than you have been. : )

Samantha said...

The problem is that change (Cadet Seaver being added) is drastic for many people, and will become more so once Prentiss leaves because it will not be so easy to ignore Seaver then like it is now. But that is just my opinion. And yes, continuity hasn't historically been a strong suit with this show in some cases, but there is no reason why that should continue instead of decrease.

And for the love of Mary, it is not a Seaver hate bandwagon, witch hunt, or whatever new thing is going to be said or invented. It is just that the character doesn't fit, that is all, at least for me and it seems like a lot of other people here and elsewher. I've never said that I hate the character or I hate the actress, I just point out why this character within what has always been established on the show doesn't and won't work; that is all. I think the majority of the people here have done the same. Since when did pointing out something about a character that you think is wrong for this or any other show a hateful thing? People critique characters, shows, books, movies, etc. both personally and professionally all of the time. Why is this any different? I thought that was part of interacting on this blog, the fcat that we all share our thoughts. Thoughts that sometimes may look the same, sometimes not.

At any rate, I hope tonight's episode will be a good one and I too hope that the Prentiss arc will kick off tonight.

gubegirl said...

Hey, I meant to ask, who else on the team have we ever known to have sex? I mean, overt-like, as KV mentions Garcia has, i.e., coming out of the shower "post-coitus", etc?

I think in the first season, Elle took a vacation to an island resort run by Morgan's friend (Morgan also went) and they showed her flirting with a frisbee-thrower on the beach and later, dancing and telling Morgan to get lost AS IF SHE WERE GOING TO HOOK-UP and maybe he did like-wise find someone, but I do not remember any other inference. Nor did they show anything more. Not even with Hotch and Haley, other than the time they were smooching on the couch after finding his play-prop while cleaning the garage.

Anyone? Just curious. I surely would hate to miss something, especially something as juicy as that...:)

More fun than continuing the Seaver saga, esp when we needn't worry about seeing her tonite...

Mixed Emotions said...

Seriously, there's no Seaver tonight? That may have just made my day. :)

I'm still mad that Hotch didn't really "punish" her. He practically ignored/gave the death stare to Emily when she arrived, and screamed at Jordan (who IMHO was way more to my liking than Seaver). Yet, what does he say to Seaver after she breaks the rules? Basically nothing; just something about being disappointed. Well guess what, I was quite disappointed in the character as well.

On a more positive note, let's hope Prentiss' "swan song" gets kicked into gear tonight because its Paget's last season and we definitely need more of her talent in both drama and comedy.

Cindy said...

Gubegirl, I don't think so. I was going to say JJ and Will, but there was nothing overt like the shower thing with Garcia and Kevin.. Good question, I will have to think about that... :)

Anybody know what happened to Kevin?

sf81387 said...

Since when did pointing out something about a character that you think is wrong for this or any other show a hateful thing?

When it became something that is pointed out ad nauseam week after week after week. The topic has dominated the blog and she hasn't even been in the episodes. The topic is dominating this blog and she's not scheduled to appear. I get it. You're convinced Ed Bernero is going to read these comments so you keep repeating yourselves, but it really has gone from sounding like constructive criticism to hatefulness.


Lisa J. said...

That's a good question.. what did happen to Kevin? I can't even remember when he last appeared on the show, but they seem like they were getting a long fine in the relationship the last time I saw him on with Garcia.

Fedra said...

I think Kevin was last on in the episode where they attended Hotch's wife's funeral. That is the last episode I remember him in.

Anonymous said...

Previous anonymous
I dont think Seaver would qualify for the BAU even once she's a full fledged agent. I am curious to see her interaction with AJ/JJ in the 18th ep. Rachel Nichols seems like the type of actress that can seem to somehwat blend in with most cast bc she's blonde but to be blunt, most people feel that the character is not a good fit for the show. Whether you like Rachel Nichols or not, which I dont though I dont technically blame the actress for the crap character and writing, Seaver is a badly played and badly written person.
Get her off the show! She doesnt belong. She's had 3 eps to show what her potential can be and she hasnt shown a lick of anything that makes me want to root for her.Nada.
Just saw some funeral pics on a few CM twitters. Please dont let it be Emily!

Really cant wait until tonights ep though.

Elisabeth said...

Kevin made a ten second appearance in 'Compromising Position' when he helped Garcia.

I'm excited about tonight episode and hope Reid will put his Phd in Chemistry to good use.

Evelyn said...

Yes, Seaver has only been in 3 episodes so far and they have been incredibly bad and do nothing to take away from the fact her type of character, with that background, does not belong on the team.

I suspect that no amount of time is going to change that specific comment from people regardless if Bernero or anybody at the network is reading this. Hasn't stopped it elsewhere, not going to stop here. Personally, I suspect they are not reading these comments, but for me that doesn't matter because even if they were I don't think anything would change as a result. I hope I am wrong about that, but I don't think I am. Anyway, just because I think that should not stop people who honestly feel that their voice will cause a change.

I say what I say because I want to regardless of what anybody wants to paint that as, hateful, vengeful, whatever. If I say it every week, every three weeks, every other month, makes no difference to me. If I feel the need to say it, I will say it. I know where I am coming from and it is a point of observation about what I feel will work and won't work given how the show has run, not hate. But that is not something I can or care to convince anybody of because again I know where I am coming from and that is all that matters to me and all that should matter to everybody here who comments.

Fedra said...

Elisabeth, wow, I just saw that episode the other night and I don't remember Kevin being in it. I am going to have to check it out again :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Evelyn.
I am not sure if my voice or if anyone's voice is being heard but on the chance that it is, then I will continue to try to get JJ and Emily back on the show. CM is turning into a pseudo- soap opera and it still has a chance. All these producers have to do is fade out Seaver and transfer her character to something else, hell even the spinoff of CM would be better than her being on the original. She could be their liason. And they must bring back Paget and AJ permamnetly.
I bet once Paget's last episode airs and we see how the CM vets and newbie suckie Seaver are altogether, message board hell will break loose. Bernero has to take the viewers into consideration. Hte point is to make tv for us, not to... whatever. Seriously Ed, dont ruin a good thing. Fix it!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I'm looking forward to this episode. I'm definitely looking forward to Prentiss' arc. It's the beginning of the end, but it looks like MGG is going to make it end with the whole family, so I'm loooking forward to that. It'll be a good end for Prentiss and JJ, hopefully they'll be back, but until then....

Thanks goodness for Seaverlessness
Hoping the next episodes will be like they once were.

Lysa said...

I'm going to miss Paget, ahe is fierce!!!!!

Lysa said...

Meant she.. don't know what "ahe" is, LOL

Anonymous said...

What's up with Morgan? Why is he so serious?

Lysa said...

Now they have Morgan doing press conferences.. just bring back JJ....

Raven said... spoiler but I am loving this episode!!! Half way over and I am still craving more!! YEA!

Raine said...

OMG...I loved episode this season! and....they listened to us! Thank you CM!!! Did I say I loved it!

Jaime said...

That moment with Reid and Emily on the phone at the end was possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen!

I'm kind of annoyed with them for their inconsistency with his headaches though. I hope they have an explanation eventually...

Overall, great episode!

Anonymous said...

I thought Emily lived in a brownstone?

Anonymous said...

Wow what an ep! Emily is the coolest female profiler ever! Idont want her to go! And I want JJ back. They obviously need her! Its all over the writing how pintless it is having Seaver in the show. Thank GOd she wasnt in todays ep. I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning! Oh Emily! paget rocks! She is so beautiful! And AJ. This just adds to my hate of Seaver and Rachel Nichols. Get rid of her asap!

a REAL Chriminal Minds FAN! said...

Best epsiode of the season! Randy Huggins did his homework on this one! Loved everything about it! Good balance between the characters, Reid was his awesome self, hotch was back at being Hotch, Unit Chief, Morgan was back at being morgan and I like him that way, Rossi did contribute, the unsub didn,t take up the whole episode and Prentiss, oh Emily, that guy after her is creepy/scary! Love the Emily storyline!

Oh I love that Emily did get a cat instead of the Sniper guy from that spin off. The cat IS a better choice!

Oh gotta say, awesome car chase! very edge of your seat scene!

Criminal Minds, my fav show was back in form this week!

Anonymous said...

Emily Prentiss, I love you.

Seriously, why does it take Paget leaving to give her an intense awesome storyline?

Hanging on the edge of my seat to see how this Em storyline plays out

Ingrid said...

This episode shows that if they hadn't messed with Paget by basically pushing her out, how it could have worked with just Hotch, Reid, Morgan, Garcia, Prentiss, and Rossi. No Seaver needed! Plus, it also showed how essential JJ's role was on the show Tassler!!! Morgan doing press conferences, not so much.

Overall, I liked this episode. Looking forward to more reveal on the Prentiss story, but God, dreading that screen time is going to be given to the Seaver character next week, meaning more Seaverisms :( Hopefully, it won't be that much screen time.

TheEldersTKD said...

That was a great episode! Good team interaction and how about the foot fetish part with Hotch looking at the cut up foot...that was hysterical. We were cracking up here in my house about that. The Prentiss storyline is leaving me craving for more, just wish she wasn't leaving the show.

Anonymous said...

I hate Nina Tassler! AJ is so essential to the showand it is paninfully obvious in every episode.
I am so not looking to Seaverisms either next week. That is when she becomes a regular. I cried hard when JJ left and I can tell that I am going to be sobbing on a box of tissues when Emily's time is up! I am so angry and heartbroken over this whole ordeal!
I hate Rachel Nichols. I understand it aint her fault but her being there and pretending everything will go fine now that she's a regular on the show makes me want to knock her teeth in. Yes anger. Cant help it.
Bring AJ back and Keep Paget for the love of Criminal Minds! Just do it! Dont make anymore mistakes!

Amy said...

Geez, we have a Seaverless episode that rocked and yet people can't help but continue to put seaver into the limelight. Enough already!

I for one, thought this was the best episode of the season. My Hotch was back to his leadership, smart-thinking self. Reid was back to his genius self, and there was good team balance overall. Loved some focus on Emily; PB did great! Still holding out for her return despite the odds...

Congratulations to the writer for a good ol' fashioned CM episode that was just what the Doctor ordered! Please write some more!

And sooooooooooo happy to see Hotch participating AND looking so Hotchly good! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Htch too. Sorry for giving Seaver more focus than she deserves! Emily rocks! This episode rocked the shit! Loved it! Finally some great writing is back. ANd yeah, what happened to Reids headaches?
I loved the phone call scene with Reid and Emily. It was an awesomely played scene. Shows how truly badass Emily is!

Gabrielle said...

Criminal Minds was back tonight. We had Hotch leading, Reid out in the feild and doing his genius thing, and we saw Rossi. Please the whole Prentiss storyline is kicking off and it looks like Doyle had a connection with Emily and that he was looking to get her back from those agents. Looking forward to finding out what was going on.
This was criminal minds, and I liked that you saw a peak of the family bond with Morgan and Reid checking on Prentiss. Now we just need JJ back and the family will be rolling again. I have to say the lack of Seaver made this episode better. Fans need time to mourn the loss of two of the BAU ladies, and enjoy the time that they have left.
Here's to criminal minds done the way it should be!!

Gloria said...

Oh Amy, it is going to get set off with Seaver next week when she returns so brace yourself girl.. brace yourself...

I liked this episode, except for the too much focus on the unsub which is something they have been doing for quite sometime now. Back in the day, there used to be more of a lead into the unsub. But, this episode is certainly better than what has been produced so far this season. And I want more Prentiss, please!!!!

Sorry Amy, but I too have to say that I loved that Seaver wasn't in this and more than anything it showed how her role is just a filler as she can't possibly hang with the team on their level, although I am sure they are going to write her that way when she returns next week, ugh... Oh, also, yes, each week, we see hoe JJ's role on the show was not just some cosmetic luxury, but actually something that was needed.

Anonymous said...

Mourning aint gonna help if Seaver is still here later on. They need to go back to the way things were with JJ, Emily, Hotch, Reid, Morgon, Rossi and Garcia.
Hopefully we wont have to endure Seaverisms past this season. I will be hoping for JJ and Emily's return! Hoping against hope maybe and I will continue to write and hopefullym we can all support the return of JJ and Emily! Emily and JJ rock like the true badasses they are! Love them!

Elle said...


Ditto everything "a REAL Chriminal Minds FAN!" said!

TPTB, all of the new CM writers need to take a note from Randy Huggins' work! Randy had the characters and everything connected with them consistent with all of the previous seasons...and Randy even connected the Prentiss storyline with the unsub storyline of "Sense Memory"!

Amazing ep! (Though I wish there would be a consistency with - or at least a nod to - Reid's headaches, etc. from "Corazon")

Perhaps re: that (?), there was one interesting thing I did take note of in this ep: Reid was drinking tea instead of coffee...

Anonymous said...

This episode was great. Stuff with Prentiss was very tense and scary. The scene with Reid was adorable. I will miss this character.

There was a lot of attention to detail and continuity which I appreciate.

Kind of missed the Lady Gaga Joke since someone was talking to me.

Joanna said...

Amy said...

"Geez, we have a Seaverless episode that rocked and yet people can't help but continue to put seaver into the limelight. Enough already!"

Amy, I think people are just happy that she wasn't in this epsiode, but also frustrated because this episode shows how good the show can really be without her non-credible character. Nothing was faked or forced. No double takes or WTH moments when they heard or saw that character doing something that they just know is not possible for her character to do on the show. In contrast, the team did what the team did best tonight, naturally. CBS/CM/Bernero, take note, credible characters do best!

People soak this episode up because next week......

Also, really, really wanting more than just 2 or 3 minutes on the Prentiss story. I'm thinking it will increase as time goes on though. I am going to miss Paget terribly.

Gaby said...

The more Paget/Emily screen time the better...its sad that it has taken this long for the ptb to realize that.

Overall good team interaction, great focus on team strenths...interested to know the true nature of Prentiss's past...CIA undercover? Interpol intermediate? Looks to be off to a good start, hope that her last ep of the season is not her last CM ep ever.

Good to see the team noticing that Em is off, Hotch with glances, Morgan asking her straight out....keep the continuity please :)



I need to watch this at least 10 more times.


I love you Emily.

Anonymous said...

Emily and JJ are badass and rock like no one's business. Seaver will never come close. Rachel Nichols is too terrible of an actress, and the character she plays? Makes me want to tear my own eyes out! Really loved the suspense involving Emily. Love Htoch too. I really wonder where Emily went to after she realized she is being stalked. SHe is so badass! Bernero/CBS, you need to keep Paget and bring back AJ permanently until the shows end!

Betsy said...

No Joanna, don't remind me about who is coming back next week. I am so not looking forward to the break in the flow that we got in this episode tonight when that character returns next week :(

But I am going to take your advice and soak up this episode... Ugh, CBS!!! Why did you have to mess with something that was so good!!

Gloria said...

Oh dang, just noticed that I wrote hoe instead of how.. Love the JJ character and would never put the first in front of her name.. need spell check in here :)

Pattie said...

I really enjoyed this episode. It's a toss=up between this and JJ as the best episode of season 6 It seemed like the old CM.

Really liked the family feel again. Everyone seemed to be their old selves. Really enjoyed the end with Emily and Reid. It was great to see Reid going out with the team at the end instead of staying behind. There also was more profiing and research going on.

Would be nice if this "old way" coun continue.

Raven said...

Anonymous - you can put a name in - just select Name/Url and type in any name and it will show up. That way we can tell which post belongs to you.

I didnt want to say much until after it airs on the west coast but I am so excited on how great this episode was. The writer(s) was spot on -- combined enough air time on the unsub and enough with the cast. And omg the Prentiss/Morgan moment and especially the Prentiss/Reid moment was the best! It was just spot on tonight! Each cast member had just the right mix. The storyline was griping and it was just a win all around! I know Anon has been tooting post after post how great Paget is and hating on Seaver/Nichols to an obsession but honestly I really have to agree, there is no way that the Seaver character could ever be as strong or as good as the Prentiss character and Paget is just so outstanding. The only thorn of the whole night was knowing that we might lose Paget. Boy did she bring it tonight. And seeing her at her best and CM at it old self was just unbelievable tonight! If they could just keep the cast tonight and the writer(s) who did tonight there is no doubt in my mind that it has years left.
To me it was really that good! Thank you so much for listening to your fans CM and giving us an episode thathad everything we asked for!

Camilla said...

I'm happy, sad, and mad.

First, I am happy because this was a good episode and in what seems like forever, the team was on point. Profiling, on point, Hotch- good to see him taking the lead again, Rossi, stepping up a bit like he used to. Prentiss, that character just rocks!!! Love her!!! What strength, she is just fierce!!! Please more than a few minutes on Prentiss- got to love on that character while she is still on the show! Morgan was not taking over the scene, but was nonetheless strong and in charge. Finally, we see Garcia in her element, the tech guru at her best.

I am sad because, wow, I just can't believe how CBS truly screwed with this cast. They literally took a machete to it an cut it up into pieces with Bernero giving the final blow with the Seaver character. Also, like many pointed out, week after week, we see how JJ wasn't just there to be there. Her role on the team was crucial and vital to free up the team to do what they need to do insofar as profiling and wrapping up the investigation.

I'm mad because what we will most likely get moving forward is something that does not gel like it did tonight. What we will get is something faked and forced and that makes me mad because as tonight demonstrated there is no need for that. The pros were the pros tonight and that is how it should be for CM. It is just so frustrating.. ah...

My only things with the episode is the Garcia still breaking down the cases to the team, but since JJ is never coming back thanks to CBS, I guess that is something that is to be moving forward, but it is not good. Morgan, yeah, he does seem a little more serious nowadays. Tonight Garcia was totally light with him, but his response to her was kind of distant. Also, in his reaction to when Reid corrected his figure on the plane. And the Morgan doing press conferences thing.. um, dang man, hellooooo who said JJ wasn't necessary, but I won't stay on that because there is no use. The only other thing is the too much focus on the unsub thing that people brought up, but all in all, a good episode.

Now to brace myself for next week....

Ele said...

Tonight I am happy, this was a ver good episode. My favorite show is back, this felt right. Hotch was a present leader, great how they showed concern for Emily, the unsub did not take center stage and great interaction between the team! Loved it!!!! Congrats to the writer of this one!

Anonymous said...

Seriously CBS has made a huge mistake by messing with this show. First AJ and now Paget and especially after tonight it just shows how great this cast is...AS it was/is.

People keep dumping on the Seaver character...well, to be perfectly honest they should b/c the character is soooo incredibly weak and crappy compared to both AJ and Paget. Idk what the writers are thinking...since it is fairly obvious the ladies are gonna be gone, then I would prefer the writers not bring anyone in and have just the guys and Garcia than have them continue to have the Seaver character around and imo ruin the show. I am tired of constantly having to do double takes when I see her b/c tptb have gone and made her 99% look alike for AJ/JJ! If they were gonna do that then they should have just kept AJ. In her they have the blonde casting type they obviously wanted to fil as well a character that is/was actually interesting. I'm sorry Seaver has got to go. You reading this powers that be? Get. Rid. Of. Her.

Absolutely no offense to Rachel Nichols b/c she is a great actress and I lover her...just not in this role. It doesn't fit her.

Tonight's ep was sooo the good ole days. The only thing missing was JJ but other than that it was an ep that this season has been lacking and I will even go as far as to say missing from parts of last season too. The writing has just been inconsistent this season and it is making the show, sadly, hard to watch. And now that Paget is leaving (no doubt her exit signals mine) I don't see, for me, how it is going to get better or easier to watch. Other than the girls being let go the other biggest mistake has been Ed splitting his time. I'm sorry it is beginning to show here and there that he is not around all the time to put his touch or input on things.

Tracy said...

Finally CM got it back together, glad to have the best show on TV back.

No way will I talk about Seaver again, this blog is way too much about her. If TPTB read this blog, they got it, almost no one can accept a cadet in the BAU. Let's move on.

The episode was just the way I like CM;

1- team work
2- family feel
3- not too much unsub
4- Hotch how much I miss the TRUE BAU unit Chief! Glad to have him back!
5- Hey Reid did take part in a raid! yay Reid!
6- Rossi, welcome back, missed you sir!
7- Morgan was not annoying tonight, how about that!
8- The writer, a new one, wrote a...CM episode!
9- Interesting case that reminded me of the book 'Le Parfum'.
10- Great scene at the end with Reid calling Emily and asking her to go see a movie.
11- Hey Reid is still the genius we all love!
12- Hotch was intense, focus. Such a great character!

and Emily. Oh Prentiss what did happen to you way back before the BAU? Interesting storyline for Emily. I hope Paget will stay because she is wonderful as Emily.
I love she had a cat, as someone else said, much better choice than the british dude from the spin off!

on a 10 I give this episode a 9.3!

Welcome Criminal Minds!

Felicia said...

You know when you know a character is good, belongs, and makes sense when their lack of presence is something that is felt. Example number 1- JJ. At the risk of repeating what others have said here, she wasn't just a filler character, she was vital, needed, and integral to the team.

Now, think about this, if Hotch, Reid, Morgan, Rossi, Prentiss or Garcia weren't there and am going to guess that people would immediately say "Hey, where's such and such?" Example 2- the Hotch-less episode. Alright, now Seaver wasn't there tonight. Did I blink? Did I say, "Hey, where's Seaver?" No, quite the opposite, personally her lack of presence on the show did not alter anything on the team. Man, the team brought it tonight and they brought it because they have what it takes to bring it!

I am sick that Paget is leaving and that AJ is never coming back, but please, oh please, replace these ladies (or I guess just one Prentiss as the JJ role seems like it is going to be vacant) with someone that can bring it like it was brought tonight. Not a personal thing against the actress, it's not her fault about the character, I just want a quality character, a quality that comes when you mix characters like Hotch, Rossi, Reid, Morgan, Garcia and Prentiss together. Characters that can bring it!

Anonymous said...

Camilla we shouldn't have to "brace" ourselves for episodes of show....just shows how sad all of this is. And how wrong.

I love this show but I am getting tired of all this. CBS has gone and sacrificed one of its best scripted shows so they could get a spin off of it on the air! And why? no one wants to see it? No one actually wants it...actors of the orginal recipe included! Hell, even CBS's own "pilot pick up critics" gave the show bad reviews and recommended the network not pick it up...seriously?

This is so frustrating b/c as Camilla said I now have to "brace" myself for next week. So sad.

But on the flip side/positive note (and this week there actually was one for me) the ep was great and the writers did a great job as did Paget. She definitely brought her "A" game tonight. The ep was so what the show used to be about; a great mix of profiling, the unsub and the team's interaction with each other. I would love to say I hope it continues but it hasn't happened consistently yet this season so I ain't holding my breath that next week will bring more of the same.

I am definitely counting the weeks til AJ is back as JJ..while I will be happy to see her I will also be sad...definitely gonna be a weird ep.

Liz said...

I wasn't gonna watch this one, but my BF said to give it a chance. SO GLAD I did!
They made the unsub super-creepy without dwelling on him too much, and the scenes at Emily's apartment were scary in a subtle way. What really surprised me was Spencer getting the most quality screen time he's had in north of a year. (Wasn't impressed with Corazon.) Seriously, him on the phone with Emily? Freakin' sweet! I remain cautiously optimistic, but there's hope for this show yet.
Still not touching the spinoff with a 39 and a half foot pole, still not crazy about the unqualified AND boring Seaver, but I'll be back next week.

Cassie said...

You guys, I feel like a total Grinch. I'm a huge fan of the show. It's the only show I consistently make sure that I take time out of my week to watch, and I've seen every episode. I feel all kinds of silly, because I came on here thinking everyone was going to have the same thought as me and my friend about the episode, but it looks like I was wrong. I thought this episode was horribly awful. This is the only episode in the history of the show that I've not been able to get the whole way through without directing some of my attention elsewhere, and, as mentioned in the comments, some of the episodes haven't been as great as they could be lately. Please tell me what I missed with this episode, because I really despised it, and now feel awkward seeing as my friend and I seem to be the only ones. Help?

Tracy said...

Cassie, care to tell us what you didn't like?

Cassie said...

Sure, Tracy. I'll be honest, there wasn't a lot about the episode that I did like. (I feel like a horrible person saying this. I do.) I much enjoyed the beginning parts with Emily, and hope they don't give her the swan song I fear they're going to. After that it all went downhill for me.

I felt like the script was a little lazy and needed tightened in some places as far as some of the lines were concerned. I felt disconnected from the characters with a few minor things. I was a little disappointed that Reid found himself confused a few times. Although incredibly cute, I felt like it was one time too many for one episode, since he had seemed to be doing better more recently. I felt like he digressed a little in this season in general. I felt it inconsistent with him not having his headaches, as well as a few other minor things, but I know the former has been mentioned.

Another thing that has me confused is I was wondering if they had explained the flashbacks the unsub was having every time he connected with a certain scent, and what event it had to do with in his life, or if I was reading way too much into that and he just happened to really love that scent. I am completely willing to admit that it's possible I was a goober and didn't put two and two together on that one, but I've never been left to scratch my head at the end of an episode, or to feel as if there was unnecessary or unexplained information in an episode. Again, this could be totally me. I just felt like the whole episode needed tightened up.

I promise I definitely did not post on here to bash the show or the episode. I am honestly just trying to figure out why I felt this episode so awful and everyone else loved it. Since I'm the minority here, I feel like it is obviously me that missed something.

Katy said...

Cassie, thanks for the breakdown as this is the only episode I have been able to get through this season. Will digest the episode again and hope to take in what you and others have said before I come to a conclusion.

Off the bat, didn't like all the banter from the unsub, but definitely, liked that the team seemed more in sync with regards to highlighting their skill as profilers. The thing with Reid that you mentioned, hmm, kind of see that too, but will take a look at the episode again. Also, liked that I didn't have to scratch my head talking back to the TV because they had the Seaver character doing something that is just off. I don't like to watch episodes and have those kinds of moments, especially considering how far along this series is, knowing that they should know better than to try and sneak things under the rug.

Thanks again for your comments Cassie, thanks to all.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read all the comments yet because I want to watch the episode first, but did anyone else have the latest episode preempted by the Duke/Charlotte game (with CM rescheduled for 1:38 AM!)? I'm wondering what major ass-hat at the local affiliate made that call.

A Viewer in Southwest Virginia

Cassie said...

Katy, what is going on with this show going downhill somewhat? I, too, am desperately bummed. It is such a well developed show, and it's disappointing to see that the episodes aren't as moving as they used to be, but I still adore the show, the characters and the great cast.

I feel a little better knowing I'm not the only one who didn't care for some of the banter. I wasn't fond of the way some of the lines were written and I wondered if it was just me. I do agree their profiling skills were highlighted more, which was nice to see. I was worried a few times that they were beginning to forget the basis of the show was profiling.

I am with you on the Seaver thing. I am dreading her coming back. I feel like her character doesn't make a lot of sense. I was as sad as everyone else to see JJ go, but I wasn't opposed to a new character since there was no way they were bringing her back. I just don't feel like the Seaver's character makes sense with the team, her storyline is weak, and she wasn't the best way to go. I think I expected more, and maybe that was my own fault.

Thank you for being so kind. I was apprehensive to say anything on here because I was afraid people would think I was bashing the show, but I promise I am not. Since everyone else liked the episode, I just want to piece together what I missed about it before re-watching it, so that maybe I'll understand what didn't sit right with me a little more when I do.

Kelly said...

There were some quirks in the episode, but truly, this has been the best one in the bunch this season. Ok, yes, I am going to beat the horse too, but man, CBS, wow, why did you have to bucther the cast like you did. Felicia, I love that you said "brought it" because that is what they did tonight and could have been doing more effortlessly with JJ on the team. It's frightening to know that soon Paget will be gone. Paget, my God, she just represents Prentiss in a way that makes you stand up and take notice, but you screwed that up to. Prentiss is an awesome character! And now what are we going to have to settle with, a cadet, or whatever the heck she will end up being by the time you finish trying to brain wash people into believing that the character truly belongs on the team.

I was never one to say that I would stop watching when Prentiss leaves, but really, I think it just may happen naturally because not in a million years can the Seaver character come even close to the strength that Prentiss does; strength that comes from experience, skill and pose, something that no doubt her background contributed to.

Bernero, why did you look for "inspiration" in creating a female character for the show from the Silence of the Lambs when you had all the inspiration you needed in Prentiss? She has it all and then some and she fits, she really fits. Seaver, epic fail for CM, this episode just solidified that opinion for me.

Yesenia said...

Ah man, ah man.. Paget, ma, I mean, come on, CBS truly you are a bunch of clowns!!! The Prentiss character as portrayed by Paget Brewster, for real, why would you even want to mess with that!!! I've said that Reid is my favorite character, but really, I think Prentiss is moving in on that spot. She is most definitely a role model of strength and courage for all of us ladies out there and it is unbelievable to me that no one at CBS saw this. But yet you give the thumbs up for the Seaver character. Good God, you are all fools!!

Kelly, yeah, the mold was created with the Prentiss character. Bernero should have tapped into that and shaped something out of that character instead of creating some weak story about some cadet chick whose dad was cuckoo and killed women. Seaver has zero credibility or experience, but she gets a spot on the team, a spot that Prentiss is 5 MILLION times over more qualified and credible to have than the Seaver character, but yet Prentiss had to really prove that she had cred to be on the team, something she always had, something the Seaver character doesn't.

I have to come back later because right now I just can't make sense out of any of this, not one thing makes sense to me, not one single thing.

Anonymous said...

Great episode; made me remember why I love CM. This and Corazon are the only two really good recent episodes. Loved Reid as genius again and enjoyed the interaction among the team. Hoping once the spinoff is launched CM can get back the resources it needs to return to its former glory. Even these relatively good episodes feel a bit sad and tired but I'm keeping the faith.

Anonymous said...

This episode was amazing. The team really seemed like a family and no one seemed to be ignored in this episode. It was so nice to see Reid in his element, with all the facts and the little goofy things that he says. His conversation with Prentiss at the end was the cutest.

As much as I hate to see Prentiss go, I find this storyline intriguing. It's the most we have learned about Prentiss. The story is just so full of suspense. I do hope that they leave an opening so she can return but the storyine is just so interesting and I can't wait to find out more. I feel like she deserves an interesting storyline. If she has to go, I'm glad that there is an well-written storyline to go along with her exit. It was a lot better than JJ's exit. She left just because she got another job and that to me is just boring!

I can't wait to see JJ return in the episode MGG is directing.

It also seems like Reid is fine and is no longer experiencing any headaches. I'm wondering if they just come and go. I'm thinking he's going through a period where he hasn't had any for a while. He also seems more upbeat. I think the headaches will return and they will go back to that storyline after Prentiss's arc is done with. I also noticed that they kept showing the tea he was drinking and he usually drinks coffee. I wonder if that has to do with anything or it may just be me looking into things too much.

Overall, I thought this was the best episode this season.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, our team if finally back, loved everything about this episode, terrrific team interaction and fair screen time for all.........yeah, we are back on track........kudos to the entire cast and crew, this is CM at it's best.........the Celt

PrisonerOfReidsMind said...

I loved this episode.
I don't know if it was just me, but it had an 'old time' CM feeling.
Lots of good team scenes, it felt very equal and not focused on one character, even though Emily had a large part in it, everyone else still had the same amount of lines.
Then interspersed with small unsub scenes...
I don't know what it was, but It was grand

heyya said...

This episode was a LOT and I mean immensely better than the previous one. I loved every bit of Reid, Emily, and Morgan. While the unsub and his storyline didn't do much for me, I found the team moments very enjoyable. Reid was back to his best. I'm so happy! He's started rambling again..he speaks so fast, he doesn't even pause to breathe! And he doesn't know who Lady Gaga is :D! Poor Reid! This episode was all about the team and team interactions for me. I wish there was more of Hotch and Rossi. However, I still feel like something is didn't have the magic that the CM episodes of the previous seasons had. I liked it, but I've seen better.
Also, poor Emily, I'm so scared. I hope she tells someone and gets some help. She's so freaking strong, I totally admire her, if I was in her place I don't know what I'd do :P
The phone conservation was super sweet. She really should have gone with Reid. His "I don't know how to be anyone else" comment made my heart melt <3!

PGunn said...

What a relief! This episode felt more like the CM I enjoy watching. The balance between the team and the Unsub was much better. I agree, the balance between the team members felt equal. This unsub was particularly creepy to me. I was totally grossed out when I saw all the candles he made in the cabinet.

Its unfortunate how much Padget has been underutilized until now. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Blue Sunflower said...

Ugh. Horrible, horrible episode. One of the worst. Only about 10 minutes was watchable, and it was all team stuff (especially Reid). Wish I could have just watched *that* instead of being subjected to the awful unsub scenes - not to mention terrible narration.

Emily's apartment scenes were okay, but no - not digging the flashback backstory. Said somewhere else it reeks of Harlequin Romance novels, not to mention makes no sense. Where did Emily find this time? And worse, how did they let her in as an elite FBI agent if it was bad. It dang well better be an Emily-was-undercover story, but still think a better tale could have been woven to send Paget off. I found it remarkably sad that the only way Paget could seem to get airtime in her own storyline is if she's completely alone in the scene. She was barely in the team stuff.

Blue Sunflower said...

Oh also, found it incredibly unrealistic that Emily - an experienced FBI profiler - would simply pick up the present and bring it into her apartment. What if the box had something deadly?

K said...

Why had Reid drunk tea instead of coffee at the plane scene? Seems odd.

Clonksholic said...

@ Bluesunflower:

True, but maybe it was BECAUSE she was an experienced profiler she had a good hunch about who it was from and that it wouldn't be dangerous?

Meg said...

After being unable to finish watching the horrendous last episode I wasn't so excited for this week's. But I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Sure it was no L.D.S.K or Sex, Birth, Death or Revelations but it was way better than a lot of episodes this season so far. And massively better than the last episode.

The unsub storyline was okay but what I enjoyed was the team moments, the fact that there was somewhat of a family feel to the show back again. I especially enjoyed the Reid moments we got. Loved seeing his chemistry knowledge put to use, loved Morgan's expression after Reid corrected him about the size of L.A. LOL! Poor Reid, he just can't help himself, can he? Loved that he knew nothing about Lady Gaga or Twitter, I would have loved to have seen the scene of Rossi explaining it all to him and I loved that Reid finally was included on the raid at the end. The scenes of the phonecall between him and Emily were gorgeous and made me melt.

Also, Morgan didn't annoy me this week which made me happy as I don't like feeling out of sorts with Morgan, I want to love him like I've always loved him in the past. And Garcia was her best endearing self. Loved her phonecalls with Morgan and Reid.

My only teeny, tiny gripe was that there was still nothing on Reid's headaches but it was made obvious that he was drinking tea rather than coffee so maybe that was a little gift from the continuity fairy regarding that storyline.

I have to admit that I have never really been a huge Emily fan, I mean I've liked her but she's not been a favourite but I have to say that this storyline of hers has me utterly intrigued. And I really, really don't want her to leave. I was watching this episode with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever I thought of Emily's storyline. I don't want Seaver on the team, I want Emily.

Anonymous said...

uhhhhh a good episode. Finally. The absence of Seaver was particularly good by the way !

Helena said...

On some level, I agree with Blue Sunflower about the episode. Most noticeably, the unsub scenes. I found that for me the unsubs narration became increasingly annoying as the episode moved along. It seems like gone are the days when the unsub is given but a fraction of the screen time, not almost the same as the team. I think CM functions better when there is this work up to revealng the unsub, sort of like a jigsaw puzzle that steadily put together throughout the episode.

Concerning Paget's amount of screen time, Blue, I think that may be a byproduct of her contract which I know led to fewer episode appearances, and maybe fewer screen time, leading to fewer scenes she was maybe alloweed to be in with the team. Also, I think her being alone in most of the scenes is also a byproduct of the story that they may be developing for her, something that she is fighting hard to keep from the team which may explain her being alone in most of the scenes in this episode. But you are right, I too hope that this is tied to a story abouut her being undercover as an interpol agent or something similiar. Her picking up the flower box, I think that is just another out of character moment that we have seen in this season so far.

Garcia still presenting the cases to the team and now Morgan giving press conferences, these are both negatives and directly go the what people have said already. These are functions that for some reason CBS thought were not essential and could basically be done by anyone; not true CBS. If anything, these specific scenes showed more than ever how foolish it was of you to get rid of the JJ character from the show. One last negative, for me, the car scene seemed to take up an inordinate amount of time, time I think could have been spent on the Prentiss story, but I'm thinking this may have been a strategy to prolong that story enough to get viewers to come back the following week to see it further unfold. In any regard, chase scenes don't necessarily bother me, but I think less time spent on the chase and more time focusing on the victimology, stressors, team interaction, etc. works best for CM.

With all that said, I'd say that this was a good episode, certainly the best that has been produced this season. Although like one of the Anonymous posters said "Even these relatively good episodes feel a bit sad and tired." And forgive me, but I simply cannot end my comment without pointing out how completely tragic it is that CBS has so compromised this show by all of the "creative" decisions it has foisted onto the show, including giving the greenlight for a new character that defies logic for this show. The belief that somehow eliminating AJ Cook and Paget Brewster would in someway "refreshen" this series is one of the most illogical, and I believe, ultimately regrettably decisions this network has made.

Helena said...


Last night's episode proved that the characters that these women played were not expendable. No, they are key to the functioning of this show on a level where the audience can come and view the show with respect and appreciation. How is a cadet character with absolutely nothing to offer other than a tragic childhood in anyway comparable to the strength of the JJ and/or Prentiss characters? Why was your tragic decision to rid the show of these characters not at least repaired by the addition of a character who is in the same league as these female characters? CBS for your role in firing these talented women and ridding the show of their extraordinary characters, and Ed Bernero for creating such a sub par character replacement for these foolish decisions on the networks part, I believe that there will be consequences for these actions in the future. Only time will tell how drastic these consequences will be, but personally, I believe that my viewership will end when yet another character is outsed by the show, replaced by a character that is simply and obviously not capable to blend in with the type of team and dynamics we witnessed last night. Well, not possible unless some extraordinary efforts are made to masquerade that characters clear deficiencies, and that is not something I am interested in viewing, will fall for, and is something I wholeheartedly believe will severely degrade this show.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode. The writer obviously understands these characters and it showed in this episode. Hotch back on top. I even liked Morgan talking to the press. I was very satisfied last night. First time in a long time.

Anonymous said...

The arc towards getting rid of Prentiss is in full swing now. Very sad but the episode was really good. So much better than the drek from last week. Strong performances all the way around and the writing was sooooo much better. Lets hope that the next new episode is as good!

Renee said...

I did like this episode, but sorry Aimee, have to disagree with you about Morgan giving the press conference. I did not like that part, and believe it was not good and should not be done again. Aimee, I saw your comment before I got ready to post mine and wanted to comment on it, nothing against you, just my opinion.

Is the horse that everyone is beating still alive? If it is, then I am going to get in line because this episode is just a glaring testament to how CBS systematically ruined one of the best shows on TV. Since last night's writing was decent, won't beat the writing drum that has been beat previously. Firing AJ Cook, wow, last night really showed how stupid that was. The JJ's characters presence has ben missed in many ways this season, but just the press conference alone was a reminder of what CBS and maybe some viewers took for granted in the JJ character. Paget Brewster, wholy wow, Yesenia, you said it all. It truly is incredible how CBS believed that the Prentiss character was not essential, and it is doubly sad how underutilized that character has been. Paget Brewster is an awesome actress playing an awesome character, so sad that you threw that all away. Now, after all of these seasons, after last night, you expect people to come back next week and once again swallow the Seaver character. I don't know what plane you guys are operating on at CBS and CM creative but that is not going to happen. Like Helena said, the only way you will be able to continue to try and get away with inserting Seaver is by what Helena said,

"Well, not possible unless some extraordinary efforts are made to masquerade that characters clear deficiencies, and that is not something I am interested in viewing, will fall for, and is something I wholeheartedly believe will severely degrade this show."

I don't think that is something that only Helena will not fall for, but that a lot of people will not fall for.

I know you don't like to admit or acknowledge this, but the majority of CM's fanbase are the people that know this show and we know, that we know, that we know that you can't make what doesn't fit, fit, no matter how many smoke and mirrors you try to use.

Rosie said...

Bravo!! It felt like the first time I was watching the Criminal Minds I fell in love with for the first time this season (and most of last).
I enjoyed the teamwork and family feeling, seeing the brilliant Reid we know and love ramble a little with his useful knowledge. Saw the softer side of Morgan I missed. The suspense with Prentiss was done very well. Loved the ending conversation with Reid & Prentiss. And as an added and very much appreciated bonus....No Seaver!! Hate the thought of her coming back.
On the down side I hate that this was the beginning of the end of Prentiss. And I still miss AJ immensely. Still don't like Garcia in on the briefings. And it does seem a little strange that there has been not even a flicker of Reid's headaches, which on one hand is OK since I didn't like that storyline but also a little strange that they have completely disappeared.

D.J. said...

There are a couple of "givens" here that need to be expressed. The uppermost is that CBS couldn't give a damn about its viewers. Read the comments here? If they read comments ANYWHERE about the changes brought to CM they would have already reversed engines and brought AJ back and signed Paget on for a renewed contract with full episodes.

Another "given" is that the clueless heads of CBS Programming think that all people want to watch is a bunch of hunky men - so they bring back Hawaii 5-0 and The Defenders, which is WAY off the mark from the original show, and take out significant strong female role models like AJ's and Paget's characters. Obviously the "high glass towers" ethic is alive and well on Madison Avenue - or wherever the decisions are made these days.

CBS had destroyed CM through slow, methodical pre-meditated disintegration. They should be investigated as the "Criminals."

But it doesn't really matter because once Emily is eliminated, I'll be gone too. If the writers and producers of CM had any sense they would find a way to have Emily disappear - or go into witness protection - or some vehicle that gave them the option of bringing her back. But I don't think that's going to happen. They fought back with some clever dialog against the "Powers that Be" in JJ's last episode - especially Hotch's "profiling" of the decision makers lust for power and controlling others. Nice hits back at the CBS Programming jerks. What a gift it would be to the fans if they made that strong a statement on behalf of Paget's character, Emily.

Guess the eppy is already "in the can" though - so probably too late for an appeal.

CM7 - The Original Recipe FOREVER!

heyya said...

Maybe Reid was drinking green tea instead of coffee because MGG just returned from Japan before filming this episode and got some with him. I don't know...I'm probably wrong, but it could be the real reason and may have nothing to do with his headache. I was disappointed that there was no continuity from "Corazon." I hope they have not dropped the storyline altogether.

Margaret said...

Deb, couldn't agree with you more! What has happened to CM is not some fly by night occurrence, it is a methodical plan to slowly choke the very lifeblood out of this show. The problem is that the idiots at CBS and most every other network have a flawed belief that female characters are not important and can be changed as easily as one changes a light bulb. It is obvious through this blog, numerous other forums, and various articles printed about what has happened to the women on this show that this is not the case. Yet, the brain trust at CBS march on with their plan to eliminate every vestige of strong female characters on this show and in their place insert a typical weak female character that cannot compete with the strength of the men on the show, let alone that of the women they are eliminating.

Like you, once the Prentiss character is off the show, am I gone too. I am greatly disappointed that yet once again TPTB have taken a wonderful show and mangled it to death. Except, this time they had an accomplice in Ed Bernero in that he played right into, or perhaps along with, the conception that only male viewers are the ones that count, that only male cast are important, and that creating a character with no depth and strength of experience is an acceptable alternative to the stupendous females characters that have helped take this show to the top.

Oh, how I wish that this were some terrible nightmare and that the Seaver character weren't staying on the show for any significant period of time, but rather that the writers wrote some clever way for Prentiss to be off the scene for a little bit only to return later. The ultimate dream of course would be for the JJ character to return, but that is even beyond anything that can be hoped for considering who is at the helm at CBS. As you said, the episode is probably in the can and there will probably be no turning back.

On a final note, I want to commend the writer of last night's episode for giving fans of the show a taste of what we have been missing for so long.

Cassie said...

Blue Sunflower, you have made me feel so much better about my previous comment. I was beginning to think that I was the only one who thought this episode was awful. I was starting to wonder if I was even watching the same episode as everyone else, or if something got mixed up. I wish I understood why I we didn't like it and everyone else did.

Katy said...

Cassie, I logged out last night before reading your comment to me. Glad to see you are back and that I get the opportunity to say your welcome and no problem :)

I don't know what is up with the downward hill the show has been traveling on lately. When I watch earlier episodes of the show, I am startled at how quickly the show went down. I almost don't believe that it is true, but it is. I was glad that they brought some profiling into this episode becasue like you I was also beginning to believe that they had forgotten about the profiling which is at the base of this show. The profiling is what makes it stand apart from all other crime dramas.

The Seaver character is an engima that I don't think many people will ever fully comprehend why will soon be a fixture on the show. I think that you are right in that many people, myself included, set themselves up to believe that the show would deliver a female character that was strong, qualified and able to legitimately be on the team. Also, like you, I was sad about AJ's firing, but was open to seeing what CM would create in terms of a female character convinced that they would deliver someone with as much strength and validity as JJ and Prentiss. Instead, we got the Seaver character and for that I too blame myself for expecting more from the show that had in the past delivered wonderful suitable characters.

I'm still with you with respect to the focus on the unsub and his banter, and like you I didn't fully get the unsubs flashbacks. I will try and revisit the episode again to see if there is something I missed along that line. With the Prentiss arc coming, I'm hoping that things will get kicked into gear. Am also curious to find out in what capacity the JJ character is returning.

gubegirl said...

Well, gee whiz.

I liked it. I think. Maybe because it had some elements to it that are so typically CM, the ol' CM that we know & love, that I was so grateful? I dunno. Here we go:

1.)The scenes with Prentiss were amazing. I felt her tension and apprehension and caught myself holding my breath with her every move. Which, BTW, except for maybe picking up the flower box, were perfect. Our Em is no dummy. Which is why we love her of course. Great job, writers & PB. Love Sergio the cat - perfect! Loved her speaking Russian - sounded so good!

2.)Reid was back to being our lovable genius, rattling off his facts like nobody can. You just cannot keep up with him, he talks so fast and so naturally, like it's all right there, at the top of his head. MGG is truly an incredible actor. You do not notice he is acting - he is so damn good. Love that boy even when he is having a bad hair day, and last nite he certainly was:)

I, too, am lost at whatever happened to his headaches. Weird because they were so bad, they really need to tie that one up at some point. The green tea instead of his usual creamed and sugared up coffee: hmmm...maybe recent trip to Japan, but not because of the h.a.'s. If anything, migraines are vascular and the caffeine would help the headaches. It's not like he was addicted to coffee and in coming off, he suffered these crazy headaches - they were WAY worse than that. Weird.

3.) Morgan: much more our sensitive guy and I liked his TV/conference bit - I thought he did well and it felt natural, just a little diff. than our beloved JJ.

4.)Interactions between the team were wonderful. Frequent and feel-good words and moments just like the ol' days. Loved it, esp at the end with geeky Reid inviting geeky Prentiss to the sci-fi movie. Really good and tied in perfectly to the scene where she is stealthily cking out her apt.

5.) Hotch being his normal, level-headed, leader-self - so good.

6.) Just enuf of Rossi to make us not forget him. Garcia being adorable and not annoying, Just enuf to make us appreciate her.

7.) No S-----...I won't go there.

Think this was one that requires a 2nd viewing. Haven't thought that in awhile!

Yeah, I think there's still hope. At least for me! Go, Prentiss! (just not anytime too soon, girl, we will miss you so very much...)

sdwally said...

First I’d like to say that I really enjoyed this episode. There were a few things that I could point out that bothered me, but they were mostly preferential; there was nothing bad or wrong about those things; just what I would have liked to have seen, rather than something that I viewed as wrong or inconsistent. I really can’t argue with the writer’s choices.

My hat’s off to Randy Higgins who finally gave us an episode that was well-balanced, well-written, tense and action-packed. I’m sure I don’t like the direction things are heading for Prentiss because I know it is setting up her exit. And Higgins’ depiction of a badass, go-it-alone Prentiss is in my opinion, a true reflection of the strength of her character; but I really hope she’ll confide in the team, especially Hotch, who is in a unique position to know what she’s going through because of his Foyet experience. I hope when Prentiss picked up Sergio and left her apartment with her go-bag, she’s going to Hotch to let him know what’s happening; if for no more reason than he’s her boss and the head of the BAU. I’m looking forward to the next episode with excitement and trepidation, which is a demonstration of the quality of the writing for Sense Memory. I wasn’t left angry, unfulfilled and wanting, which has been the effect most episodes have had on me this season.

Higgins did a fine job of showcasing the team and allowing them to bring their own brand and character distinctiveness to each scene; in other words, they all stayed in their lanes, while demonstrating their strengths—Reid displayed his expertise and insight, and need to be exact, like when he corrected Morgan on the square miles of LA; and Garcia with her self-assurance in being able to unearth any fact or clue with the assistance of her handy computer. And we saw enough of the unsub, without him overshadowing the the team.

Thank you for not making Morgan Superman and the end-all and be-all of all things. I could even tolerate the fact that he was partnered with Prentiss again; because he was a compassionate, concerned friend, not the he-man, obnoxious intimidator that some of the writers have tried to make him this season.

Rossi was thoroughly involved in this episode. I believe this was the most I’ve seen of him since remembrance of Things Past. As I said before, I applaud Higgins ability to intermingle the characters making everyone’s contribution seem relevant.

And my favorite of course is Hotch; and he seemed stronger in this episode and more in control. However, I was a little annoyed that as one of the senior profilers, neither he nor Rossi sensed that something was up with Prentiss; although Hotch appeared to give her a look while they were discussing the case at the roundtable.

I’m hoping the next episode reveals that he is not completely clueless to Prentiss’ behavior. If Morgan noticed, and I’m sure Reid’s invitation demonstrated he sensed something was up, then Hotch and Rossi should have had alarm bells going off in their heads.

And I thank the writer for recognizing that every member of the team doesn’t need to present the profile like a group of school kids giving a presentation. It’s not necessary for everyone to have a line, even if it’s a senseless throw-away line. Higgins’s execution of the profile was pleasingly orchestrated and not impractical.

One thing I recognize after I’ve watched a satisfying episode of Criminal Minds (which has been rare this season) versus one that annoys the hell out me; I take the time to savor what I’ve viewed rather than wanting to immediately vent my disgust. I took the time to think about this episode and view it again. It was just as satisfying after the second viewing. It doesn't rate with my all-time favorites, but it was a solid episode and it followed the CM brand.

I hope the writing and directing of this episode is representative of what we should expect for the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

JJ's absence is always noticed and it just feels wrong
I am dreading Seaver coming back in next weeks ep as a regular. Hopefully she doesnt take up too much screen time. SOmeone said something about her being a silence of the lambs inspriation. I never realized that becuase ive only seen the movie once a long time ago. But yeah, Jodie Foster had more cred and is a better actress.
I jsut cant get over Rachel Nichols coming in as such a terrible character and horrible actress to boot. SHe cannot stay on. Bring JJ back! Bring Emily back!

Name HERE said...

to all of the "anonymous" folks.... you can click on the "name/URL" button and just put a name in, you don't have to have a website URL

Missed the episode..... almost sorry I did

Cait said...

I really loved last night's episode. Kind of disappointed that we didn't get to understand why the killer was so weird, but like they said in Scream - it's scarier when there's no motive.

The end scene with Prentiss/Reid was TOO darn cute. If this is Paget's last few episodes (I really hope she comes back, even though CBS doesn't deserve it after the way she & AJ were treated) this last story looks like it's going to be a good one for her last episodes. She's just an awesome character and I hate to think that we're losing her!

Anonymous said...

Finally, we got a show last night that was remeniscent of the old CM. Definitely, the best one this season. Loved the team interactions and the banter, which shows the new writer had done his homework and made a concerted effort to get the characters right and create the family bond of the team. Kudos to Randy Huggins!

I was really glad to see Reid's genius role highlighted again and that he actually got some work in the field to do. There was a good team balance in this episode. All the actors seemed to be equally utilized and the emphasis on the profiing was strong much more consistent with the earlier seasons. Reid's scenes were particularly good, funny and the final scene with Emily on the phone was cute and sweet. Randy Huggins did a good job of illuminating Reid's eccentric, socially inept character, the one that we know and love.

I am intrigued by Emily's story arc, although I too, will hate to see her go. She does have a strong presence and Paget is a very good actress. I hope they keep her final episode open ended so at least, there would be an option to bring her back.

I did think there was a bit too much time spent on the chase scene, but I found the unsub's sense obsession and backstory both interesting and creepy.

All in all, this was a really good episode and I hope it will signal that we will be getting more thoughtfully written, and stronger episodes in the future.

I do not plan on watching the spinoff, mostly because I saw "The Fight" episode where that team was introduced, and I was completely unimpressed. The acting was subpar for the most part and the characters, bland.

sdwally said...

Randy Huggins is the name of the writer who crafted last night's great episode; I mistakenly wrote Higgins.

Cassie said...

Katy, you completely make me feel so much better. I really was thinking maybe I was the only one that felt this way. I still really love the show, but I feel a little disappointed with it. It feels like it's blending in with so many other shows, and what I liked about it was that, although it was procedural drama, it stood out, just like you said. They have written and created smart characters that stand out, and it was the characters that, at least for me, always made the show. When they started toying with that delicate balance is when I think the show started to lack in quality to some extent. There have, however, been some of the best episodes of the show in the last two seasons, as well, but I miss the consistency.

I have to say, all things about Seaver aside, I do feel bad for Rachel Nichols. I have nothing against her, and I really feel like she's getting the brunt end of the harsh feelings about Seaver. It's not her fault that no one has taken to the character. As far as her acting skills, I can understand people criticizing them, because that does have to do directly with her, however, I've not had an issue with her as far as that. I do feel like the character of Seaver felt contrived, as if they ran out of ideas. Dare I say, it felt a bit like a fanfiction idea to me, and I think it jumped the shark a little. I personally feel if they would have brought her in another way and with a different storyline, she may have stood a better chance. She was a great character for one episode, but not full time. Still, I want to like her, I do. I think, with the way they brought her in, they set up her to be seen more as a victim than a profiler. Also, the character seems to see herself as a victim, which doesn't help. I think what killed it for a lot of people is her striking resemblance to JJ. It seemed like they switched out one beautiful, talented, strong blonde, for another whose character was lacking.

I, too, am planning on revisiting the episode. I feel like we're in the minority with not liking it, so I want to see what I'm missing. I do wish there would have been a better back story with the unsub.

Prentiss leaving saddens me, but I think one thing they're doing right with her leaving is allowing MGG to direct the episode. I think it's a smart move to let an actor, and a good friend of Paget's, to handle her leaving. I trust that, although he has no control over the script itself, he will direct it to depict the emotions we expect to feel when her swan song plays. I'm pleased with their decision to do that, and also to have JJ come back. I agree, I'm interested to see what capacity she'll be back in for that episode.

Also, is anyone else wondering if there's something else going on with Reid that they're going to reveal in a later episode when his headaches come back? (Where did they go to anyway? On vacation? To the Bahamas? I'm jealous if they did.) Like everyone is mentioning, him not drinking coffee is odd, and his stomach has seemed to be more squeamish throughout the season, so I wonder if this is leading up to something, or just a part of the writing that isn't going anywhere in the end.

Also, they brought him some new writers this season, yes? Or have I just not been paying enough attention to who is writing the episodes?

Ben said...

I missed Seaver it is great she will become a regular cast member from the next episode can't wait to see what they have in store for her. gonna be great

Otherwise this episode was really good with great profiling

Caroline said...

Congratulations to Criminal Minds for the ratings this week! This is a result of good writing and a good mixture of characters.

Maybe I am wrong, but I can't help but to think that the first episode where Seaver was introduced, but then the other 2 episodes she was in the ratings were ok, but not great. The 2 episodes she wasn't in, ratings were good, this week being particularly good. Now, I expect with the Prentiss arc coming into full swing and AJ coming back for 1 episode, that ratings will be good. After this arc is done and Prentiss leaves, I will be interested to see where the ratings will fall.

Any thoughts?

Loved this week's episode and yes I will beat the poor horse that has been beat so much by saying that most of that enjoyment came from the Seaver character not being there.

Caroline said...

Sorry, I meant to write that the ratings for the episode where Seaver was introduced was good, but then thereafter, the ratings were not terrible, but good, average. The 2 episodes she hasn't been in have done well, this one being particulary good. Again, I am expecting that the Prentiss arc and AJ's appearance for the 1 episode will get good ratings for the show. Once the arc is over and both Prentiss and AJ leave, I wonder what the ratings will look like. Any thoughts?

Sorry for any confusion in my previous post. Thanks :)

Ben said...

caroline. They will still be good. People love criminal minds people have come and gone on the show and new faces has come in and that has not affected the ratings and it will be like that again

cmfanchick said...

Seaver sucks and I dont see how anyone likes her. Rachel Nichols is a crappy actress and neither she nor her character have any chemistry with the team. Rn was ok on Alias but she sucks on CM and I dread that she will be a regular next week. She needs to go and AJ needs to be brought back forever ago and Emily needs to stay. SOrry but I have to counter your opinion with mine. They cant fix Seaver's character becaue there is no mystery to her anymore and her character has basically shown what she' "made of" in her lame arc. As a guest, it was interesting enough but not as a regular. SHe wont work at all.
This last ep was great though because Seaver wasnt in it and because Emily is such a kickass smart character. i love her and I do not want her to leave.

cmfanchick said...

It was different with Gideon and Elle. They were both replaced with strong and better characters who were opposite. Rossi is a bit dramatic but he's still cool. Actually, the eps between Gideon leaving and Rossi coming in were very strong and show that they dont need Rossi but they need Htoch, Morgon, Reid, Prentiss, JJ and even Garcia for her comic relief and light hearted ness.Seaver is ruining the show and most agree with this. Whether you like Rachel Nichols or not, Seaver does not fit in with the main cast.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back CM. I've missed you. Still got a while to go to get back to my favourite show, but I will now give you the benefit of the doubt and continue to watch. Better ep, better writing. Welcome back BAU. The team was more a team. Phewww! Not so worried, maybe it was just a production glitch.

Mahële said...

Wonderful episode, I truly loved it.

Everyone was in character and the team interaction was great.

I loved Reid using his knowledge of chemistry, that made me very happy. Glad to see the writers didn’t forget about his PhD in Chemistry.
When he talked to Hotch about his chemistry experiences in school, I guess it probably meant College (CalTech). What he described didn’t sound like something a high school student would do.
Also, the fact that he was clueless about ‘Lady Gaga’ or Twitter was a nice touch and it wasn’t overdone.

The scene between Morgan and Prentiss in the cab was a nice moment. I loved how they let Morgan be concerned for Prentiss and how Prentiss tried to stay strong.

Concerning the files Prentiss checked at the beginning of the episode : the file concerning Prentiss had only one information we could read, “citizenship : Belgium”.
At this stage it's difficult to say what the episode leading to her exit has in store for us.

I love to see Hotch in 'leadership' mode, so I hope to see more of that in the upcoming episodes. But I also hope the Prentiss storyline will involve the whole team,and that Hotch won't be the only one to know about the danger Prentiss is facing.
It's time to show us some family bonding.

About Reid's headaches, I'm nervous about that storyline.
I hope that the writers are not planing to make him go through a major depressive episode after the events leading to Prentiss exit.
I really hope it won’t happen and that we’ll learn something is physically wrong with him (even if it's something serious).
I don't want them to imply that Reid can't deal with the emotional stress of the job anymore. I would much prefer to learn that his first doctor missed something and that he's physically sick.

Michael said...


that is YOUR opinion Rachel is a crappy actress. She is a great actress in my opinion. She was awesome in Alias and in the Inside and i am sure in the future she will be awesome as Seaver as well.
It sucks that AJ is gone but that is how it is we can't sit and whine about it. And Paget chose to leave herself we can't do anything about it just accept the change. And Rachel Nichols will be a great adition to the cast. I can feel it

Cristina said...

That is hard to say Caroline, but my instinct would be to say that the ratings will not be as hot once the Prentiss arc is done. JJ is in the final episode of that arc, right?

I don't see anything compelling about Seaver. Her character is one dimensional and not very interesting and since she will be the remaining female field character I am assuming that this will effect things. Also, as almost everyone has said, she is not qualified or experienced enough to be on the team which I think is going to bog down the flow. If they try to turn her into someone who can hang being that she is not qualified, I think this is something that people are going to see through and get turned off by.

Because of this, I'm thinking they are going to start focusing more on the guest stars, the unsubs. Anyway, those are my thoughts on your question.

I loved this episode and can't wait to see what is in store for Prentiss as the story goes on. I'm really hoping that she is not killed off!

Nadine said...

For the 100 millionth time, Paget's departure was due to her poor treatment at CBS where she was treated like crap and basically pushed out of the door. I will miss her, but I applaud her for not willing to be treated like trash by the network. It will be their loss as it will be our loss.

Fatima said...

I think this episode was a good one! So happy to see a good one :) I'm not going to lie, I was shaking in my boots thinking it was going to be a bad episode, but was pleasantly surprised that this writer was on point with many things about the team and the way the BAU works. The interactions between the team were great; Hotch leading again was awesome and got to give it up to Reid for illustrating his genius skills. Prentiss, she just rocks!! I am really pleased!!

Caroline, to your question, I don't know, I mean, the males are strong, but you have this female there, that well, is weak. The only compelling thing, and it is not really compelling, is to do some story with her wacko dad coming out of prison. But odds are people would probably want to see her expire in that episode, so it might not be a good idea to do that storyline for that character unless that was her swan song from the show. Plus, this whole trainee agent, tragic childhood backstory thing is just a snooze to me. Wish they would have thought of a better and stronger character than this one who could sit at the tble without me doing an "Um, yeah right" because she is just not qualified as a character to be there. Nothing against the actress who seems really nice, but this character blows in my opinion.

Disappointedly Confused said...

Might have to change my name now!!

That was the best CM episode I've seen in ages (thanks to my source - I still don't do waiting for CM). Where do I start?!

First off, this writer needs to pen more episodes if this is what it takes to get back to the quality of old, even if his name (Randy Huggins) has me howling with laughter every time it appears (it's an English thing).

More profiling and less of the (admittedly creepy) unsub combined with quality team interaction and the "Prentiss plot" which had me squirming - I'm well and truly gobsmacked over the return to the standards we used to enjoy pretty much every week. Let's hope it's not a flash in the pan, eh?

Superb acting from Paget Brewster, which also saddened me as there'll be a gaping hole after she leaves. I can't blame her though after CBS's shenanigans. I loved the cat thing too - trust me, she'll get far more intelligent conversation from Sergio than from most English blokes (especially Welsh actors doing a terrible immitation generic SE English accent, mentioning no names...).

The only thing which irked me was the lack of Reid's headaches/eye rubbing - even if just in the background for continuity. I also wondered about the tea rather than coffee drinking; it looked like that minging caffeine-free fruit tea stuff with the string and tag hanging over the side of the mug. Perhaps he's avoiding caffeine for "medical reasons"? He needs a few proper brews, that'll cure whatever's the matter with him!

Yeah, loved it, fabulous...

I'll shut up now. ;-)

Michael said...

It was good. But has anyone seen the moviePerfume: The Story of a murderer lol

Disappointedly Confused said...

p.s. Didn't miss Seaver either, which just shows what a waste of time that character is (sorry to Rachel Nichols, I must reitterate it's the character I dislike and nothing to do with the actress who's been dealt a bum deal).

Anonymous said...

Sorry Michael, But I will continue to satand by my opinion becuase I tried to be open about RN and she is so dissapointing. i think she has something in movies though. High profile crap movies but movies non the less. Seaver is annoying. I think that a lot of the guys who seem to "like" Seaver is only because she's a blonde and she's considered hot. RN is kinda skanky in my opinion because I just don see why women feel the need to pose for mags like maxim and whatever. Its not an example of strong and cool and sexy females. Its an example of trash and insecurity but I digress. Seaver sucks. Change is good but not when its a majorly negative change whcich recently since AJ and Paget being forced out, negative change. Seaver is negative change.
I know I am kind of instigating this but I really miss Paget and AJ and I am going to keep trying to put in my two cents if it makes any difference in AJ and Paget coming back to the show.

Ben said...

So Rachel nichols is skanky because she poses in magazines. i guess you fina all hollywood woman skanky then lol

Michael said...

I agree with Ben here. You must really find all the girls in hollywood skanky then because they all do that even oscar winners like Nicole Kidman

Susan said...

Can we please not take the discussion to the level of women in Hollywood posing for pictures please.. thanks..

Anyway, I thought that the episode last night was good. Randy, you did a great job your first time out to bat writing for CM! It is Randy's first time writing for CM, right? If not, sorry. You were able to capture a lot of the things that make the team click, including the profiling portion of the show. It was a delight to see that all in play last night :)

Caroline, I think that the ratings may not be as strong once the Prentiss arc is over because as others have commented the Seaver character is not strong enough to stand in as a field agent with the rest of the guys. Her story was basically splashed out there all at once, and quite frankly, there is nothing really interesting about it beyond one episode. Including the fact that she is not BAU ready, which I think is important to note.

It is not the actresses fault that this character is off the mark for the show, but it is something that I think needs to be pointed out as it may effect the show moving forward.

Again, liked the episode! Looking forward to more reveal about Prentiss and so ready to see AJ back on CM, even if it is only for one episode.

babruin said...

Wow, an episode that I actually enjoyed in a long while. It's amazing what a few moments of interteam levity can do to make a ho-hum script zing!!!
There is finally some humor.The writers must have listened to all the fans complaining of all the mechanical dourness of past scripts. Alas, Reid gets to be the brunt of all the "clueless about pop culture" jokes. But that's better than having him disappear so bring it on!!!
I was in suspense over how the team would find the unsub before another victim gets a soaking even tho we know who he is. Prentiss's growing paranoia was effectively heightened and now I am really curious who the mystery guy who looks like Tim Roth is.
Funniest lines- oh that was a rhetorical question! what's a Lady Gaga twitter (and funny that it's Rossi who said he'll explain it), and the cute bit about him rhapsodizing over seeing Solaris. OK, who wouldn't had wanted to see it with him???? Reid must have picked up some Russian after his run-in with the Russian mafia in Honor Among Thieves. :) Headaches mysteriously disappeared. Hmmmm.
Also liked that Morgan talked to Prentiss about her distracted behavior. It enhances the family feel to the team when someone actually approaches a hurting member instead of being oblivious to them. So keep up the good work as we bite nails awaiting what happens to Prentiss as her past catches up with her. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

SO I am new to this blog. Iam a huge AJ fan and Huge Paget fan and of their characters. I dont like that they were forced out of the show and I dont like Seaver. The actress, Rachel Nichols, is whatever to me. Very blah and not very interesting to me and she doesnt seem to be a good fit, so I agree with a lot of the other posts. i also agree that she's kinda skanky with that anonymous person but only becuase I have seen her in a lot of other things and she is tame considered to a lot of toher big name slutty actresses but she ...whatever.
I really liked this episdoe and it looks like a lot of these discussions can get pretty heated. I love this show, it got around without any advertising and has awesome actresses and actors and up until JJ left, it was damn near perfectly imperfect crime procedural television.
I cant wait to see how Emily's past unfolds and I hope she doesnt die. I am holding out hope that she and JJ will return and that Seaver will leave. Glad she wasnt in this ep. Nothing personal agains RN but she does suck and neither she or her character seem credible to be on the show to me. I agree with a lot of the other points that these anonymouse people have said.But hey, to each their own.
I really hope that CBS can fix their mistakes and next weeks ep looks so good. I love Htoch and Morgon. Hotch is the man lol!

I hope Alexa Havins guest star on the show if anyone knows who that is.

Does anyone else think that Paget Brewster would have made an awesome Catwoman/Selina Kyle in Chris Nolan's Batman? Just a thought.

janedoe said...

Oh i was that anonymous right above mine forgot to put my name.
Although the net is anonymous no matter what alomost lol

sf81387 said...

Congratulations to Criminal Minds for the ratings this week! This is a result of good writing and a good mixture of characters.

It's probably more a result of not having to go up against American Idol.

Nadine said...


American idol wasn't on? I thought that it was showing at the same time as CM, at least for a little while, I think until March.

Anonymous said...

Nadine, American Idol was on. They won the ratings for their time slot, while Criminal Minds got a bump in their ratings.

gubegirl said...

Damn, sf8137 is right: American Idol was on here in San Diego at 8 but not at 9 when CM airs.

And I just watched the TG interview at the beginning of this blog and heard him repeat the number of viewers: 14 million.

I was so hoping that CM earning those #'s DESPITE the competition.

I re-watched it during lunch and I still liked it. Prentiss was speaking both French and I believe, Russian -equally well!

Good job Randy Huggins, whoever you are, you did your homework: you had our fave players personalities/quirks down and did the best job in a LONG time giving us the quality show we are used to. Keep up the good work - we need all the help we can get!

sf81387 said...

No, American Idol was only on for one hour last night, from 8 to 9 PM. Criminal Minds ran against some show called "Human Target" on Fox and the usual suspects on ABC and NBC. It was the most watched non-Idol program last night, but it usually is, it just didn't lose the typical 2 million viewers to Idol last night. CM has always averaged between 12 and 14 million viewers a season (season 4's was closer to 15 million) and I don't think this season will be any different. : )

Nadine said...

gubegirl, thanks for the information! I guess the bump makes sense then being that viewers who'd normally tune into American Idol maybe just switched over to CM because American Idol wasn't on. Is there a reason why it aired at 8 instead of 9? I thought that American Idol was going head to head with CM at least until March.

Nadine said...

Oh, okay, thanks sf81387. Do you know if Idol now going to running for only one hour?

Evarya said...

What annoys me the most is how everyone claims to hate Rachel. Seaver is a Mary Sue. Her role lacks actual character. But I've never seen her before Criminal Minds, so I don't know whether it's both the actress and the role, or just the role. But enough with her. It's been over established that her character doesn't reach the level of epicness that the other roles have.

Anyways, I just found out from reading that Paget Brewster will be leaving after this season. I'm very disappointed with that news. The producers and directors are slowly killing off Criminal Minds just like CSI. Also, would someone like to clarify when A.J. Cook is making a reappearance? Thanks


Nadine said...


All I know is that she will be in episode 18, but I don't think they've said when exactly it is going to air. I hope they do soon!

Yes, it sucks about Paget! CBS is lowly killing off that show. If they hadn't treated Paget so horribly, there would be a chance that she could stay, but they killed that. I have never watched CSI. Did CBS do something similiar to that show in terms of the characters?

Anonymous- I agree with you! Not liking the Ashley Seaver character is one thing, but to call the actress names is quite another. There is no need for that. I don't like the character of Ashley Seaver and feel that the character should be removed from the show for aforementioned reasons, but that has nothing to do with the character of the actress.

sf81387 said...


I don't know how Idol will run this season. Maybe someone who watches it understands better why some weeks it runs for two hours and other weeks only one hour. I only know that CM has always had to compete with it at some point during their season and they typically lose a couple of million viewers to it. But CM is also one of the most DVR'd programs every week so they're probably not actually losing the 2 million viewers, they're just losing them during the scheduled airing, which is what those initial numbers are based on.

Also, CBS affiliates in different regions run college basketball on Wednesday nights and that dips into their numbers as well. In my region I wasn't able to watch CM until 2:37 AM on Friday morning the two episodes before this one and I know there was a region last night that aired the Duke/North Carolina game instead of CM last night.

sf81387 said...

Episode 18 (AJ guest star, Paget's swan song) airs on March 16th. : )

Nadine said...

Thanks for the information on both things sf81387.

CM.Lover&PB.FTW said...


I just learned the saddest thing about CM...

Joe Mantegna said that episode 18 (last one for Paget)will make 100 (episode from season 5) look like a picnic =S

Then one of the staff posted (also) on Twitter a pic of some of the CM cast. In a funeral. And one of Nichols with blood on her cloths from being near someone being shot...Those pics are from the episode 18, again, the last episode of Paget Brewster on CM.

The 1st impression is that Emily Prentiss WILL DIE... T_T So sad...she's my favorite character/actress on the show...

I just hope that if they kill her, it's all a set up for Doyle and that she can return in a recent future.

Any comments/opinions on this?

Rosie said...

Glad to see the ratings up but unfortunately American Idol goes back to 2 hour episodes next week. So, they will again be opposite each other.

And I did notice Reid drinking tea instead of coffee so maybe that was to help his headaches.

Nadine said...

Rosie, do you know how long American Idol will run against CM? Someone in a different thread here commented here that it was going to run for 2 hours until March.

It will be interesting to see how things shake out once CM is no longer competiting with American Idol and when Prentiss is no longer on the show.

Cassie said...

CM.Lover, where can I find these pictures? I am not in with the cool kids and do not know everyone's Twitters. I can barely use my own. Lame, I know, but I'm oh so curious.

MKT said...

Thank you Randy Huggins!!! This is the episode that I've been waiting for for so long and you delivered.

I have so missed Hotch and not only was he back in leadership mode, but contributing his brain power to the profile which is sometimes forgotten. And how can I not like him in kevlar?! :0) Great job, TG!

I also enjoyed Paget's performance and am intrigued by her storyline, although sick at the thought of losing her... CBS, you suck! Don't think about touching any more of our existing regulars!

This is a great example of how we can have a character-development episode (with Emily) but NOT at the expense of the team or demoting a character. Reid was back to being Reid, Morgan was back to being more sensitive and less annoying, Rossi & Garcia in just the right amounts and adding some humor.

The case was good too and i didn't feel the unsub had too much focus.

Solid episode, hope we get lots more like this.

Patty said...

Great interview with Thomas Gibson! Love Hotch!

Anonymous said...

OMFG! I really wish i can find a thread that doesn't talk about seaver for once!!! Get over it people! She's nothing like JJ! And if there's anyone trying to replace JJ its GARCIA! She's the one doing jj's job!

Faygie said...

"It was good. But has anyone seen the moviePerfume: The Story of a murderer lol"

I was thinking the same thing throughout the whole episode!

Faye said...

Anonymous, I am not quite sure what you mean regarding people saying that Seaver is trying to replace JJ. Sure, I have seen where people have said that there is a resemblance between Seaver and JJ, but I have never seen where someone has said that Seaver is trying to take JJ's job as Media Liasion, at least not here.

If there were stating that, it would be off because Seaver has never presented cases, conducted press conferences, coordinated efforts with LEO's, etc. All she has done is go out with the team and profile, something that she shouldn't be doing given the background of her character, but that has been more than stated and established through various comments on this thread and other threads at this site and I imagine elsewhere.

Regarding this episode, I agree with Cassie and Katy that the dialogue coming from the unsub was a bit tedious, and I too have no idea what the flashbacks were about. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this episode and am glad that this writer was able to bring us one step closer to the characters we love. Seeing them profile again was also great! Great job!

Yolanda said...

I apologize for stating that the KV article was old. Some of the comments made in the article are similiar to an article I read a while back. However, I stand behind everything else I wrote in my earlier post.

I am happy to say that I enjoyed this episode very much. With the exception of once again revealing the unsub very early in the episode, along with the drawn out dialogue from the unsub, I think the writer succeeded in taking some of the elements most people love about each character and melding them together to create some nice dialogue and interaction. It has been a long time since we have seen Hotch take the reigns and Rossi provide insight. Morgan was a little more lighthearted this week, yet, still a pilar of strength. Garcia shined in her tech lair and Reid drew from his genius to help the team come one step closer to the unsub, something we have not had the privilege of seeing in a while. The Prentiss scenes were not only suspenseful, but they highlighted just how strong of a character she is, and of course, what an asset to the team she is. I am anxious to see how her story will conyinue and eventually end.

Mary J said...


I really liked this episode a lot; I’ve watched it again with some friends and they really liked it too. This is the CM I’ve loved for more than 6 years. Randy Huggins did an excellent job. (He also wrote “Devils Night” earlier this year for CM.)

I was most thrilled to have Hotch back in control of things and all the other characters in roles that I’ve come to love too. The scene with Emily and Reid at the end was right on par with my expectations for interactions between these characters. I laughed when they were talking about foot fetishes and Hotch was looking at the foot and when Rossi said he’d explain the Lady GaGa tweet thing, THANK YOU!!

Way to go Thomas, Shemar, Paget, Matt, Joe and Randy thanks for writing a really good episode for my favorite group of actors.

Mary J

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this episode quite a bit! The scenes with Emily were just outstanding and my favorite has to be when Reid invited her out to a movie and being his typical self. I also love how Rossi told Garcia he would explain the Lady Gaga reference!
The downside is that Reid's illness is once again ignored. I just don't get why the writers are doing this. It just doesn't make sense for Reid to be suffering one episode but in the next he's totally fine.

ParaWritten said...

That was my first thought when I saw the cab - it's JUST LIKE the taxi cab killer arc from CSI NY. Thankfully they took it in a different direction with the motive.

What's with all the women leaving? I was hoping they'd change their mind and keep Prentiss but they're obviously not. I hope she at least goes into hiding and they don't kill her.

Maria S. said...

The thing with all of the women leaving is that CBS keeps kicking them off. First AJ gets fired, then they try and slowly get rid of Paget, but after fan uproar, they tried to get Paget back. To her credit, Paget told them to go fly a kite.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Prentiss character and am so upset that it is being eliminated from the show, but there comes a time when you just can no longer put up with being disrespected. CBS disrespected Paget in almost every which way possible and I think that it is time for her to probably start anew somewhere she can feel supported and respected, someplace she can trust.

I liked this episode, I think the writer did a fine job bringing CM closer to what is was that made it good, but watching it left me with a sick feeling because I know that soon Prentiss will be off the show, and really, I don't think I can continue watching the show after that character is no longer there. I love the male cast and Garcia, but the Seaver character is not cutting it for me, and definitely not or the show. It just angers me that they are trying to pull a fast one with that character and I know that it is something that is going to irritate me on a weekly basis to see and will eventually lead me to turning the channel.

On another note, I just read a comment from a fan that I kind of agree with and that is that the Reid headache story is something that will come back after Prentiss leaves. The person likened that storyline to "insurance" for the show in case viewers start to bail from the show once Paget is no longer on it. If they do that or not, at least for me, will probably make no difference because the line-up after the Prentiss character is eliminated, whether that be threw her death or hiding, is not something I believe I will be able to sit through.

kat887 said...

Excellent episode.

CMjunkie said...

I really liked this one, especially after last week's episode was so violent. The "teamwork" seemed to be back in force to catch the unsub, and Emily's storyline had me on the edge of my seat (I especially loved when she talked to the cat, put the vase on the edge of the table and the perfume bottles on the window - very clever!).

I also had to laugh when they showed Reid. I thought to myself, hey, my hair looks just like that in the morning when I get out of bed! LOL

Just my 2 cents on Seaver, she is a cadet and even though she might be graduating, I am shocked Hotch would keep her around since he really didn't want her with them in her first episode. He is very much "by the book" and this just leaves me scratching my head, especially since he has gotten on some of the others for going against protocol. If they are going to get rid of the girls and replace them with someone else, it needs to be someone with several years of experience.

LaShawna said...

I am very pleased that I enjoyed this episode immensely. I thought it was interesting, enjoyable and well-written. It really did feel like an earlier season episode with its emphasis on the team’s work lives, their personal lives, and still having time for an interesting case.

There was a good balance between the team and the unsub. I prefer episodes where the audience doesn’t know who the unsub is right off the bat, but this time the audience got a glimpse into what drove the unsub, what his goal was and what his triggers were. I thought this was a different and interesting case, with smell being the primary trigger for his kills. The thought that the unsub was making female-scented candles from his victims was deliciously creepy, though I am glad there wasn’t any graphic violence shown. I also appreciated the return to old school profiling. This was a good example of earlier seasons’ where the team caught the unsub through a mixture of profiling and Penelope’s technical wizardry. That’s why I loved Emily and Morgan role playing in the cab. They were attempting to determine what it was that could have triggered the unsub and get inside the unsub’s head and how he thought. Their approach was more psychological and not just merely detective work. You could see the different approaches the BAU brought to this case that set them apart from normal law enforcement.

After the episodes where the team seem sidelined, particularly last episode, it was a tremendous breath of fresh air to see so much team interaction. Penelope was entertaining, smart and interesting and she didn’t overdo it with the come-ons to Morgan. I am absolutely delighted with how Reid was used in this episode. He is a genius after all and does have a PhD in Chemistry, and I was glad his genius was highlighted. Too often he seems to be there to just provide a little factoid or something, but this time, his knowledge really did take center stage and was critical to catching the unsub. I also loved his enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge, which is definitely a reminder of earlier seasons’ Reid. He loves his work and when he can make a positive contribution to the case. I wasn’t really bothered by the lack of headaches, because I feel they will be readdressed in the future and we will find out why they are not constant. They could be triggered by stress alone, or it could be an underlying physical problem that could be exacerbated by stress. Clearly he’s going through a better period in this episode. I do think though that Reid drinking tea is an acknowledgement of either headaches or gastrointestinal issues we’ve seen all season long. Coffee may make his headaches worse or be too harsh for his digestive system right now. I also liked all the personal interaction between the characters. It’s nice to see Morgan concerned for Emily’s well being and that he actually asked her about what was going on in her life. Now if he can only display that same amount of sincere concern for Reid when he needs it again. I LOVED the phone scene at the end of the episode. Reid was so adorable with his enthusiasm for Solaris and I liked the nod that these characters do have personal lives outside of the office and do occasionally hang out as friends. I also loved the juxtaposition of Reid waxing enthusiastically over a five hour sci-fi movie while Emily is clearing her house with a gun. I think by the end of the conversation Reid may have an idea that something is up with Emily and I hope he addresses it in future episodes. Reid can be very empathic at times. I keep remembering how he was with Elle after she got shot, so I hope to see Reid show that level of care and kindness for Emily.


LaShawna said...


I liked the start of the Emily arc. The early scenes really did a good job of instilling dread in the audience about what lurked out there for Emily. I am also very pleased to see that Emily took proactive steps to protect herself. She’s a strong woman and is not a damsel in distress. She can take care of herself, witnessed by the makeshift security system she set up. I’m also glad to see Emily have her gun out ready for action. She’s not going to sit back and wait for someone to protect her; she’s going to do it herself. I was glad to see her leave her apartment at end (and she remembered to take Sergio), but I also would like to see her enlist Hotch for help, just because it would be a good turnabout from last season. Emily was there when Hotch needed her most, and I hope that Hotch is there when Emily needs him most. I thought her flashbacks were intriguing. Based on them, I think Emily pretended to be Ian Doyle’s lover or confidant to try and take him down from the inside. Doyle’s phone call at the end indicated he didn’t think Emily was captured. Rather he felt her “capture” was really an extraction by the CIA, MI6 or some other intelligence agency. His look to her as she was pulled into the car seemed to be one of betrayal and anger. That flower was representative of Emily’s betrayal, which is why he sent it to her apartment. It’s to show he still remembers, he still holds a grudge, and he’s coming after her for some payback. He may be pissed that the others had him arrested, but I bet he has a burning hatred for Emily and her lies to him. Of course my theory could be WAY off base, but that was what came to mind watching this episode. I love speculating over stuff like this.

Of course no episode is perfect, and I did have some quibbles. The biggest one was that car chase and resolution. It really did go on too long, and at the end when the unsub was killed because he was probably decapitated after smashing into a large metal beam, I couldn’t help but think “Seriously?” What a lame way to resolve the story. Why does the unsub mainly have to die on this show? What’s wrong with some good old-fashioned arresting and bringing the unsub to justice? I guess it’s just not sexy enough for the viewers. I would have preferred the time spent on the car chase to be devoted to more team interaction. My other quibble was with Morgan, and this is a minor one. I get that the team is spreading out JJ’s duties, and it looked like Morgan pulled press conference duty. All I would say is if Morgan is going to get up in front of the media again, he needs to be dressed more professionally, and not in a long-sleeved T shirt. I do feel that this episode just highlights JJ’s vital role to the team. Clearly she was not useless, if we still have to see cases presented and press conferences conducted. CBS made a gigantic error by underestimating JJ’s importance to the team and I wish the network executives would eat enough humble pie and crawl on their knees to AJ Cook to beg her to come back. But somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen. On another small note, I don’t feel that Ashley’s presence was missed in any way, and was glad the team did not ask about her. I think this episode shows the team as I wish it would remain (though with JJ returning), and really shows how a new character is not needed. Though it will be interesting to see how the team dynamics change when Emily leaves (gah! Don’t go! The team and the show needs you!)

Overall, this was a very good and enjoyable episode. It goes in my top five for favorite episodes this season so far, and I know I’ll watch it again, if only for all the cool Emily and Reid scenes. To me, this episode sets the bar where most viewers hope the show remains for the rest of the season and forgets some of the implausible or un-enjoyable crap from earlier episodes (I’m looking at you 25 to Life mostly, but you’re implicated as well The Thirteenth Step.)

gubegirl said...

Watched the "quickclip" w/ JM narrating toward the beginning of this blog - how hilarius! I kept imagining any local le officers behaving this way, let alone have TG and our guys arrive at the scene to find these moronic idiots - I was cracking up! You must have a look-see if you haven't already.

P.S. Poss good news about PB? I wonder if CM has TWO outcomes for Emily - depending on whether PB accepts their offer to stay.

Cindy said...

Oh gubegirl, I really hope so! I wish there were a way that we could beg her to stay, but on the other hand, I understand where she may just be threw with the CBS antics. I certainly know that she doesn't trust them and I don't blame her one bit for that. Still, I pray that she will come back. Oh, and if they know what is good for them, they had better work something out with Thomas and Shemar!

I would love saeson 7 to be:

Hotch, Prentiss, Reid, Morgan, Garcia, and Rossi.

Even more perfect would be:

Hotch, Prentiss, Reid, Morgan, Garcia, Rossi, and AJ.

A girl can dream, can't she :) And yes, I purposely left out a certain person on the team list for season 7...

Going to watch the clip you mentioned now :)

Cindy said...

I forgot to mention MGG who the article says is asking for more money, and he should definitely get it! I am sure that all of these actors get paid close to nothing relative to the success of that show. It is time that CBS acknowledge and appreciate what they have in this cast instead of treating them like throw away dolls.

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