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Criminal Minds Fans: What's on your mind? Here is a thread to share your thoughts about Criminal Minds or the weather. It belongs to you!


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Shannon said...

Happy Sunday to you! Keep on making a great series, the only one on TV that makes you think, use your mind and tap into parts of your brain that usually aren't used when watching the mindless shows on today.

Thank you for keeping me using my brain :D

tkwasny32 said...

I won't lie; after hearing about the upcoming departure of our favorite Prentiss, I have been thinking about how the storyline is going to play out. I'm just very sad. The BAU is a family and every Wednesday, they're a part of my family. When JJ left, I was sad. And when Prentiss leaves, I'll be just as sad.

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the opportunity to vent. I am sooooo incredibly tired of CBS/Ed/Whomever thinking that our cast are expendable. Here we are yet again, AJ gone, PB just about gone and now one or other or both of TG/SM gone?! Are you freaking kidding me? Well I'm sorry, but one more character leaves and CM is done for me. I will never watch CM without my favourite character, who just happens to be Hotch, your lead in case you'd forgotten pbtb.

S7 better include HOTCH, Prentiss, Rossi, Reid, Morgan and Garcia. If not, count me out.

Anonymous said...

Please tighten up the writing. I am not finding the episodes to be very cohesive.

And please talk Paget Brewster into staying. Thanks!

Cindy said...

Can I just cut and paste all of the recent comments in the other thread here because I think they were excellent and worthy of a second posting...

Hmm, I think I may just do that so don't be surprised if you see my name with a push of quotes from other people :) I think that would ok as nothing in our comments is copyrighted, LOL.

Happy Sunday Shannon, happy Sunday everyone :)

Cindy said...

Thanks Criminal Minds fan! I'll shall return... :)

Cindy said...

From the first page of comments from the "Sense Memory" thread; loved this comment from Evelyn. Evelyn, I hope you comment on her more often!

"Yes, Seaver has only been in 3 episodes so far and they have been incredibly bad and do nothing to take away from the fact her type of character, with that background, does not belong on the team.

I suspect that no amount of time is going to change that specific comment from people regardless if Bernero or anybody at the network is reading this. Hasn't stopped it elsewhere, not going to stop here. Personally, I suspect they are not reading these comments, but for me that doesn't matter because even if they were I don't think anything would change as a result. I hope I am wrong about that, but I don't think I am. Anyway, just because I think that should not stop people who honestly feel that their voice will cause a change.

I say what I say because I want to regardless of what anybody wants to paint that as, hateful, vengeful, whatever. If I say it every week, every three weeks, every other month, makes no difference to me. If I feel the need to say it, I will say it. I know where I am coming from and it is a point of observation about what I feel will work and won't work given how the show has run, not hate. But that is not something I can or care to convince anybody of because again I know where I am coming from and that is all that matters to me and all that should matter to everybody here who comments."

Cindy said...

Mixing it up, and quoting something from the last page from Wanda. Wanda, I agree about no relationships between team mates on the show and getting AJ back is on my dream list to :)

"Um, not a fan of any type of relationships between the BAU team members. I think the show has worked well without that type of focus and to add that on now, in my opinion, would be a huge mistake. The BAU has always worked well because of that family element to it. The structure would just be off in my opinion if now they start sleeping with one another. Without a Trace did that and it was nasty, not to mention, a distraction. Shows become all soap operaish when you start developing relationships between characters.

I do hope that somehow, someway, CBS sees the light (I know, I am fooling myself, but let me go with this). I hope that they realize that this show is an ensemble show, that each character wasn't "just there," but rather played an important role that made everything click. In an ideal world where CBS wasn't full of morons, I would love to see Hotch, Reid, Morgan, Garcia, Prentiss, Rossi, and JJ back on the screen for season 7. Seaver should not return for season 7, 8, 9, or however many seasons are left for this show. I suspect that if stuff with TG, SM and PB are not worked out, season 7 may be the show's last. But even if things are worked out with TG and SM, which I hope they are, and PB decides not to come back (which I hope she will decide to come back even though I know that CBS jerked her so bad that the best thing to do would probably be to leave, but I want her to stay), Seaver should not come back. She adds nothing to the show and will just further the downward spiral the show is on. The character is just not a good one which is not the actresses fault, it is just the way that it is.

Another thing to add to the "dream list" besides AJ coming back, would be to get Andrew Wilder back. Yes, I know that is probably a dream, but let me dream."

Anonymous said...

Well, if Hotch leaves that is it for me and other than that you need to bring JJ back, the series needs the emotional balance and warmth provided by her character, who is the only one who can be subjective as she is not a profiler. OF all the characters, why remove the one we absolutley need? !!!!

Mary said...

What's on my mind? I have a lot of things on my mind CM related. The fact that the writing has been so hit and miss (mind you more miss than hit) lately. The fact that we're losing Paget very soon. The news that Thomas and Shemar are in danger of not coming back. And most of all the fact that right now the fans seem to concentrate only on the cadet and don't really seem worried by that possibility. Take it seriously guys because CM without Prentiss, Hotch, JJ and Morgan is not CM anymore.

Cindy said...

sdwally, next to LaShawna, you are my favorite commenter here. Your comments are always so well thought out and written. I too want Paget to stay and you make a great argument for her to do just that. Oh, I hope Paget doesn't leave!

"gubegirl said...

"And Paget, if you are reading this: WE LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU TO STAY! So do it for US even if they don't deserve you, WE DO!"

My sentiments exactly! This has never been about CBS, but about the fans who love Paget and love CM; and took the time and effort to write, sign petitions, call and email on her behalf. As I've said before, there are very few owner/bosses who work to make their employees happy. It just doesn't happen. They only care about the bottom-line, with a few providing more fringe benefits than other. But most people go thru life doing their 9 to 5 because it pays the bills, not because we expect the bosses to treat us the way we want to be treated. Most of them don't. CBS is no different. But guess what, we can't quit or move on so readily because jobs are hard to find, and they pay the bills.

Most people stay at a job for the intangibles: the benefits, the relationships, the environment, the security, etc. We can't afford to leave because the boss hurt our feelings or disrespected us, which happens almost daily for some.

I hope Paget gives more weight to the intangibles: the fans who love her, the wonderful cast and crew, and the fact that CM is a hit show with a winning history. New shows don't have a high success rate; and most pilots don't get off the ground. Although I wish Paget much success, I hope she decides that success is with CM and the fans, cast and crew who love her."

Cindy said...

Caroline, this comment was really strong and I am guessing reflects what a lot of people are feeling right now.

"Just when I thought CBS couldn't get any stupider.... If they think that this show will survive even a few episodes into the next season without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, they are smoking something more powerful than what any medical clearance can allow them to buy in California.

What is their obession with tinkering with this show? Didn't they do enough when they let go of many of the show's strongest writers at the end of season 4? Guess not, because then they went ahead and fired AJ Cook. But wait, I guess even those two things weren't enough because then they had to mess with Paget Brewster so badly that she wants to run as far away from them as possible. To further compound their stupidity, they add the most ridiculous new character to the show possible. A freaking cadet whose father is some serial killing psycho gets to join the BAU and start profiling even though she has no credibility whatsoever to do so based on how the show has run for all of these seasons, yeah, not even a 5 year old would believe that storyline.

CBS needs to get the hell out of messing with this show. CBS needs to also start treating the actors on this show with the respect that they have earned all of these years busting their humps to make this a successful show. I know that Paget is probably beyond done with CBS, but I sincerely hope that she will come back season 7, as well as Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore. What I emphatically do not want to see season 7 is the Ashley Seaver character. This is not a personal dig against the actress, it is the character of Ashley Seaver that makes no sense and is insulting to the majority of the Criminal Minds viewers.

CBS do what has to be done to keep this show afloat!"

Brittany said...

No Hotch, no CM. That little 'test' you did with '25 to Life' was dreadful! We need our leader, our Unit Chief. I like all the characters but I watch for Hotch. I won't continue without him.

Anonymous said...

I'm so torn. I am hearing mixed things about Brewster's status for next season. Some sources are saying its a done deal, others are saying its a possibility she may return.
Emily: I don't want Emily to die, not only because she is my favorite character on TV, but because the BAU is a family. At least JJ is alive in CM Land and we can just assume she and the BAU get together for lunch and stuff lol. It might make for a good episode, but Emily dying would totally screw up the team. Reid and Garcia especially I think, and it would change the whole dynamic of the show. I guess I dunno if shes actually gonna die or not, but there were some pictures posted on twitter this week that have me nervous.

Reid: LOVED him in the last episode and his ramblings. It's been all too long. That conversation at the end was just so freaking cute and was like Season One Reid all over again. But WTF one episode he was having headaches that were preventing him from doing his job and then it's just forgotten? Am I supposed to assume he's all healed from whatever it was that he had?

Seaver: First off, i LOVE Rachel Nichols and genuinely feel bad for the people blaming HER for the course the show has taken. But REALLY? She's a CADET! Not even officially a special agent yet, let alone a special agent of supervisory status! People bust their asses for years for a profiling job, and she's just part of the team before graduating from the academy? Don't even get me started on the fact that in some pictures I can't tell if its Seaver or JJ!

Thomas and Shemar: I hope that they can figure something out, but it sounds like the whole cast is treated like crap by cBS. Does the network not realize that THIS SHOW is one of the top rated each week on television??

I don't even think a profiler could figure out wtf is going on in the minds of the people responsible for this show's changes.

Cindy said...

LaShawna, you know I had to quote you, right :) I appreciate that you broke this down to those who may otherwise want to cast this on CBS. There are plenty of other things to cast blame on CBS for :/

"While I agree that CBS has done some incredibly dumb things with regards to this show, like firing AJ and reducing Paget, I truly believe the blame for Ashley is laid squarely at Ed's feet. This character was his concotion from the beginning as he wanted to do a Clarice Starling-type character with a serial killer father. He's the one who wrote her first episode and set up her ridiculous back story. And I believe he wanted this character as a series regular from the get go. Hate on CBS all you want (and I'll join right in with you), but I truly don't believe that Ashley was a character forced upon the show by the network executives, but rather eagerly sought after by Ed. And I hope they realize how ill suited Ashley is to the team and she does not return for season seven."

Cindy said...

This is a two-parter from Helena. Helena, this comment really made me think. Like you, I won't be watching the spin-off but I believe that may come into play when TG and SM go into contract talks.

"Throughout the years, I think it has been more than established that network executives are driven more by ratings and advertisement dollars than by characters and storylines. If a character and/or storyline is bringing in the revenue, they will jump on that. According to that logic, then, one would think that TG and SM will have no problem sailing into season 7 with nice contracts in their pockets. The problem is that unlike stand alone shows where the expectation to perform is limited solely to that show, CM has been used to further a "franchise" model that has become par for the course when dealing with crime dramas at most major networks (most definitely CBS). Now CBS has this "shiny" new CM spin-off that they have poured multiple resources into and come hell or high water, it must succeed for them. Unfortuantely, from what I've seen, there isn't much enthusiasm in the world of TV critics (and certainly among fandom) for this spin-off. Ironically, most of what I've seen asks the same question "Why was CM made into a spin-of?" This is a question that I too have asked myself as I believe CM is unique, basically a stand alone show among the many crime dramas streaming past our screens.

If the spin-off were to flop, then not only would that be a significant loss to the network, but then that would mean that CM may perhaps not be spin-off "worthy" for the network in the future, and a crime drama that is not spin-off "worthy" is less than desirable for most networks nowadays. Connecting this back to TG and SM, if they come to the table and request a pay raise that I believe they are personally long overdue for, they all are, and the spin-off hasn't performed the way the network had expected, what do you think the chances are of them getting anywhere near what they may ask for salary wise. In my opinion, from the networks perspective, if the spin-off has not delivered then it may be a case where nothing further can be extracted from CM. Certainly, the prospect of fashioning another spin-of from CM if CMSB fails is doubtful at best (who is going to want to invest in that venture), so, then what is left. What is left is a crime drama that the network may have to accept cannot be used to further their "franchise" empire, and networks don't do well in accepting things.

Do they pay out what TG and SM (and from what the article states MGG as well) want being that the long term projection may be that nothing may be able to be spun from CM? I'd say that is suspect at best. Because while CM is successful, I believe that in order for it to be considered a viable long-term investment for the network the ability for it to be cloned must exist."

Anonymous said...

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Such simple advice that someone obviously didn't take and now they've dug themselves into quite the hole.

Cindy said...

Helena's comment part 2


I think it was a mistake for CBS to spin-off CM. CM, I believe, is a stand alone crime drama like "The Closer," no spin-off necessary. Also, there is nothing particularly appealing about the spin-off that would drive me to watch it. Yet, CBS moved forward with their plan to, as Paget so wonderfully said "cannibalize" the original to create a spin-off nobody thought was a good idea.

Where does that leave CM now? I don't know. This show has taken so many blows writing wise, loss of actors, and now the addition of a new character that it is obvious is not making any headway because of the way it was written (certainly not making any headway for me). AJ's firing and Paget's possible departure from the show I am sure is writing a lot of things on the wall for the actors that are left on the show. Now is definitely the time for them to hit CBS in the pockets, but perhaps they may have also hit the point to where if they don't get what they are asking for they are going to walk. Because for many years, they have not been given pay raises, let alone any recognition or respect from the network for all of the hard work they pour into producing episodes of CM for them. I'm sure none of them wants to leave, but I am sure none of them wants to continue being used by the network and being stripped of writers and critical cast mates like AJ Cook and Paget Brewster.

We will all have to wait and see what happens, but I for one am not taking it as a given that these contract talks will be smooth sailing for TG and SM, especially considering that we are talking about CBS."

Cindy said...

Brianna, thanks for taking the time to quote those comments from the other forums. I too have been kind of looking at these tweets with a critical eye, and like you, they have been having the opposite effect on me too. This is also a two-parter

"So funny that Tom just posted that comment because I just read two comments on another forum from people who spoke on the influx of CM Tweets. The first one is from someone with the screen name "blue133,"

"Personally, I am becoming a bit weary of all of the tweets from various sources at Criminal Minds. In the beginning of this Criminal Minds "Tweet-Fest," I said to myself, "Oh, how nice, some pictures from the set." But soon thereafter, a wave of pictures were being sent from the set, some from the actors, most from make-up artists. Then entered the tweets from the new actress who tweeted how she was being "hated on" by some Criminal Minds fans, followed by tweets from her make-up artist asking people to stop hating on the new actress and to not blame her for what happened to AJ Cook and Paget Brewster, and on and on and on. It was perplexing to me that such an inordinate amount of time and attention was being placed on what appeared to me to be a campaign to garner sympathy for the new actress from the new actress herself and her make-up artist. Not to mention the infamous Twitter "RAD" commentary from the new actress regarding Paget's final episode the day it was suggested that Paget was leaving the show. I was not, and am still not, interested in Twitter pity parties or slips of the tongue.

In my opinion, Twitter is a great marketing tool for actors and shows. What better way to potentially reach hundreds, if not thousands, of fans with "late breaking news" and Kumbaya- type pictures of all of the actors on the set. I'm not implying that there isn't a great deal of love among cast mates and crew. I'm sure that the cast and crew have a great deal of respect andlove for one another. My point is that I believe that this sudden stream of tweets not only coincides with February sweeps, but also, in my opinion, is sort of a PR tool for a show that has suffered a lot of set backs in recent months. As such, I think that people should digest all of the tweeted images and news with a grain of salt.

Will Paget Brewster decide to return for season 7 of Criminal Minds? Will the Seaver character still be bopping about the BAU in season 7? What about the fates of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore? I think these questions and concerns are better left addressed in an arena where more than 140 characters are allowed to answer each question and concern.

Just my opinion..."

The second one is from someone with the screen name "tellygirl,"

"Blue133, I've started feeling the same way about the recent "Tweet-Fest". The fact that Rachel Nichols comes across as a lovely person shouldn't change the fact that her character, Ashley Seaver should not be in the BAU. Personally, I wouldn't even want someone without qualifications and experience to cut my hair no matter how nice they are, so how am I supposed to find it acceptable for an inexperienced cadet to make such an easy transition to an elite team where any errors could mean the difference between life and death? The recent Tweets and hugathon pictures have done nothing to change my mind, in fact they are having the opposite effect, I feel that they are trying to use Rachel's likeability to distract the fans from the fact that the character is ill conceived but I'm sure the writers will do everything they can to convince us that we're wrong, and I wouldn't be surprised if Seaver ends up saving Emily in episode 18."

Cindy said...

Part two, Brianna


Those two comments struck me because I too have been wondering what is going on with all of these tweets. I'm not saying they can't tweet, or that it isn't nice to see pictures from the set, it is just the timing and the volume are a bit much. Plus, to tellgirl's point, I do believe that in some way they are trying to use Twitter as a way for people to accept the Seaver character on CM. No doubt, Rachel is a lovely person, but that has nothing to do with the disaster that is the character she is playing on CM. Also, unfortunately for CM, Twitter probably only captures a small fraction of the people that watch CM and those people, probably like me, are not going to be swayed by tweets but rather what is shown on screen and sadly this character is just a fail from the get go. A cadet sailing into the BAU is never going to work no matter how many times this character pops up on the screen. This is not the fault of the actress, the character is just not a good one, and in my opinion should not return for season 7.

Like tellygirl, these tweets are having the opposite effect on me."

Cindy said...

LaShawna, you know I had to quote you again, right :)

"I agree whole heartedly that the spinoff was a bad idea. I am curious what the exact premise for this BAU team will be, but not curious enough to actually watch it. From the beginning of the show, the team we see every week was supposed to be it. Now in reality there is a East BAU team and a West BAU team focusing on different regions of the states. But everything I read about the spinoff gives the impression they are some sort of BAU "black ops" team, which is flat out ridiculous. The BAU catches criminals with the power of their brains. I suspend enough disbelief when watching the original to just accept the fact that the TV BAU team goes on raids. I get that it would be dull to watch what the BAU actually does every week. But you can only suspend credulity so much, and I think the spinoff has reached that point."

A different comment from LaShawna:

" LaShawna said...
I also agree with the assessment of the ongoing Criminal Minds Twitter Fest. Now don't get me wrong, I love the pictures and tidbits coming out in these tweets, particularly the ones about Matthew (of course I do! :)) But I do get the sense that the show is trying to get us to accept Ashley by making us like Rachel. Ed did the same thing once, when asked about the viewers' reservations about the character. He essentially said that anyone who doesn't like Ashley are still pissed over JJ's departure. He begged viewers to give RACHEL a chance and told us how huge of a Criminal Minds fan she is. I agree that Rachel seems very likable as a person, but people who like the character of Ashley, usually cannot say why they like the CHARACTER and why she is a good fit for the show. They just point to how cool Rachel is. If you want us to like and accept the character, you have to give good reasons why we should and not use Rachel's likability to shore up a weak character."

Cindy said...

Maribel, I agree and I think you hit at the heart of the matter.

"Anna, the problem is not that the fact that she has only been in 3 episodes thus far, the problem is her character. This is something that has been repeated here over and over. A cadet with no quantifiable skills and experience to be on an elite amd specialized team like the BAU is just not reasonable.

From the very beginning, the show has stressed over and over how elite and specialized this team is and that only the best of the best with years of experience in their respective fields could become members of the team. Of course, the obvious exception is Reid who was allowed in because of his exceptional genius (a 1 in a million type genius). With that background in play, how can viewers now be expected to believe that a cadet, a cadet, can just waltz on in there without even a dash of the qualifications that any of the other team members possess. That is just not possible, believable, and quite frankly, it is insulting.

Also, I must disagree with you regarding screen time. The first episode this character was in was almost exclusively all focused on her, unfortunately, to her detriment because it highlighted how woefully unqualified she is to be a part of the team. The second episode showed that as well, and by the third, the writers took her to a level that was just insane. Her giving part of the profile with the team in the Corazon episode was just ridiculous!

Yes, sometimes new characters have a hard time in winning people over, but the problem with comparing Seaver to Rossi and/or Prentiss is that unlike those characters, Seaver has no justifiable way to be on the team. None at all! If she were half way believable as a character, I would be open to the Seaver character's presence on the show, but this character is not believable at all and that irritates me to no end because I despise that the show is trying to get me to buy something that simply cannot be.

As a viewer I am willing to accept fictional circumstances to a degree, but this goes way beyond that point."

Cindy said...

This is a comment posted on the last page of the 13th step thread. This is probably one of the best comments I have ever read here. It is from Adriana.

"I'm generally a sideline person here, looking at the pictures, show information and items up for bid at the charity auctions. For the first time, I feel compelled to offer my opinion about what is going on with the show and why in all likelihood I will not remain with the show once Paget Brewster departs.

To begin, I believe that Criminal Minds was once one of the best shows on TV. The premise for the show, the writing, the actors, everything just sparked and instantly one knew that this show was like none other. The way the show fused together reality and fiction is something I know led people to learn more about the subject of criminal profiling, causing perhaps a few to pursue that as a career. Shows marked with excellence are the ones that touch and influence people in that way. Today, the show has veered further and further away from the spark that once made it stand apart. Now, it is more about highlighting the unsub and his or her deeds, sprinkling in the team here and there. Before, it was the unsub that was sprinkled here and there with the team being at the forefront of the investigation. In the past, viewers were taken on a psychological journey of sorts, now, everything is pretty much laid out in the beginning and it has become more about the guest star who is playing the unsub that week. This is a big departure from the show and one that I believe undercuts its uniqueness and excellence.

Undoubetdly, all of the network interference into the show has created this atmosphere, but oddly, I believe it is something that the creative powers that be at Criminal Minds have embraced and are in no time letting go. Now, the feelings of hurt and betrayl felt on the part of the viewers towards CBS has found its way to the front doorstep of Criminal Minds. Whereas before it appeared that critiques were taken at face value and approached in a way so as not to sacrifice the integriy of the show, today, if a word is said in opposition to an episode, and lately a character, walls instantly go up and camps are constructed. Above all else, this is what I believe is and has damaged the show.

Never have I witnessed such a reluctance to truthfully look into the mirror and acknowledge what is so obviously glaring straight back in into ones face. This is a creative entity and as such there will be cheers and jeers. The willingness to use both to fix and improve upon ones work is what makes a show endure and what also garners respect from the viewers. There have been legitmate concerns with regard to the show's newest character addition that trace back to what the show was founded on. Yet, these concerns are being muffled by a bizarre bid by Criminal Minds and perhaps CBS to just accept what is being produced with no questions, concerns, or opinions to the contrary. Characters and storylines are being created that fall outside of what is at the crux of this show, yet, there is a bid by Criminal Minds to "shame" anyone that dare bring this reality to the forefront stating that it is just these specific viewers "hateful" and "spiteful" nature mixed in with their lack of loyalty to the show that has brought this issue to light. In other words, we are not to question, critique, raise awareness, or challenge what many feel will and is degrading the show. How will this type of climate benefit the show, the cast, and the crew in the long run? Forgive me, but I don't see how that is useful or productive."

Anonymous said...

I'm really not liking the idea that Prentiss could be gone forever.
As for the Seaver character I have not enjoyed her character but I have not ruled her out either . If the writers cannot come up with something good for her character that contributes to the show, then the character is pointless.
I also do not like how they have gone backwards in the sense that Hotch is the boss not Morgan especially when it comes to negotiating.
Hotch also said in one episode that profinling is not something you just do it is a skilled that needs to be learned. I think that was to Prentiss when she first started , yet Seaver comes in even though she is still a cadet and still acts like a cadet in the questions she asks other team members, you do not put a cadet on a team when the cadet has no experience even being out in the field , it is just not done on a show or in real life.

As for the spin off Suspect Behaviour. I don't care who you are , you do not sacrifice the original for the spin off , they didn't do it for CSI's you don't do it for Criminal Minds. T|he spinoff will never be better than the original , you just don't sacrifice the old for the new. As the saying goes if it's not broken don't break it , I think I did a little twisting in there .

Cindy said...

2nd part of Adriana's comment

"Continued from previous comment:

This new atmosphere of "Don't ask, don't tell, and definitely don't point out," is one that I personally believe will continue to destroy not only the content of the show, but the spirit of the viewers that have faithfully and with much loyalty and love tuned into the show each week.
If we are no longer free to express our concerns about the writing and about a character that many here (myself included) believe and have saliently pointed out why doesn't make sense for the show without being criticized, "shamed," or having our loyalty and love toward the show negated, then I don't believe there is much hope that the show will ever return to what made so many people gravitate towards it in the first place. Personally, this is something that has made me lose a considerable amount of respect for the show."

Cindy said...

This is from an Anonymous writer in a similiar type thread a little while back, prior to the Corazon episode airing.

"Criminal Minds is thisclose to jumping the shark. I'm sitting watching old reruns on ION and they just showed Profiler, Profiled, No Way Out and Revelations and OMG comparing the show then and now...its like its not even the same show. I don't understand how a show that gave us such rich, complex and compelling GUEST characters like Diana Reid and Nathan Harris can turn around give us Seaver as series regular! I adore Rachel Nichols, but I hate Seaver with the power of 1000 suns. And it has nothing to do with JJ/AJ. The character is just bad and beyond ridiculous. There is no way Hotch would have stood for her foolishness. The man put the smackdown on Jordan when she messed up and she was an accomplished, respected agent at the time. Seaver is just all kinds of suck, sorry. It makes no sense that a CADET would get a spot on a BAU team...agents covet those spots for years. Hotch had to be convinced to give Elle and Emily a shot, no way he'd just be all ok dokey with Seaver on his team, especially after losing JJ. At least when they brought on a replacement for Elle they made it someone who was plausible. The writing has been horribly inconsistent and even the characterization has been off. Who on earth was that pretending to be Hotch in that AWFUL spin-off? And we won't even get started on Morgan-when did he turn into a jerk? And he even still there? All they ever have him do is make a geographical profile. Garcia has a bigger part then he does now...and sorry, but Garcia as a media liason is BEYOND a joke. Rossi never gets anything to do unless they are digging up old cases and Prentiss...don't even get me started. Its like they are going away from everything that made the show successful in the first place. Almost all the relationships have been compromised, namely Hotch/Reid and Morgan/Reid. Those interactions have been painfully nonexistent. And Garcia and Morgan are getting over the top. Its like everything is off and I'm watching more out of habit and hope than actual enjoyment. I mean I watch an episode like What Happens at Home and then go back and watch Sex, Birth, Death and man, its like my show has been visited by the suck fairy."

Cindy said...

Another comment from the thread before the Corazon episode from Tiecollector.

"I think the most important things have been said already. Just let me add my two cents, please.
It has always been the "brain" work that made CM so special, so different; mind instead of mindless action, character interaction and development instead of wannabe coolness. Season 6 lacks of that wonderful character interaction, and the development of the characters who have been so aptly portrayed throuought the seasons, seem to be stuck somewhere in CBS Nowhereland. There you have Morgan, a great, compassionate, sometimes too impulsive, but always reliable guy and you decide to turn him into a "hey, I'm ending my boss down some weird guilt-tripping lane" jerk. There you have Reid, a wonderful, unique, smart, tender-hearted, but strong character, and you just decide
There you had a strong female character, a sort of glue, a great presence, and you decided to get rid of her. Now you have a kid cadet either crying her heart out or making clever profiler comments she's obviously reading from one of Rossi's books she's hiding under the table, because having no training at all, she can't know these things by herself. There you have a great female role model, independant, strong, but compassionate, in every way as capable as her male colleagues, an essential asset to the team and a genuine pillar for her unit chef, and you'll probably decide to get rid of her as well.
Last not least, you have one of the most impressive TV characters, one of those personalities people relate to, not because he is all talk and no action, or too much action as it is the case with so many "heoroes" on today's TV shows, but because he was made from a mold they probably destroyed after he was released into the world. And what do you do? You decide to make an episode without him. And when asked, you explain "It just couldn't be helped." How's that? Somehing like "Your goldfish died the other night. It was an unknown goldfish desease. It just couldn't be helped. We'll buy you a new one."? Please, don't...
Ok, let me finish with: I love CM, always have, always will - as sdwally said, as long as TG is there, I will be, too. Please, go back to what has made CM so unique - you have all the ingredients, just stir them wisely.

Thanks for staying with me."

Cindy said...

From same thread, from Patty; this is when the Tassler spin-off comment was released.

"At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to say that I agree with what has been stated thus far by many of the commenters. To start, the writing has definitely taken a dive since CBS fired a handful of the show's original writers (great move CBS). Then, the firing of AJ Cook and the reduction of Paget Brewster's appearance on the show (another killer move CBS). Now, to complete the worst moves ever, the introduction of the Seaver character. Is everyone at CBS out to lunch or what? How in the realm of the universe can anybody who is in their right mind think that any of these changes are doing one bit of good for this show?

Writing is the foundation of any show; if you have bad writing, you will produce bad work. Getting rid of AJ Cook and tinkering with Paget Brewster so much that now she doesn't even want to know about CBS says a lot to what CBS thinks about what each of these characters was bringing to the table, as well as to the contribution of the former writers. It says that they did not think that these strong female characters and the writers were worth anything. So, then when everything starts hitting the fan after they fired the writers, after they fired AJ, they try and get Paget back, which good for her she said bye bye to them although I will miss her character dearly. Now, to finish it all off, the creation of Seaver. Seriously, after JJ and Prentiss you serve up Seaver. Wow!

This character is all shades of off for this show. No, a cadet can't add anything of substance to this type of show unless you dumb down the show. No, I don't want to see Seaver learning the craft, nor do I want to sit through line after line of her asking questions about profiling when that screen time can be used to display what the experienced team members should be doing and that is profiling. You know, profiling, what the show is about! And, no, I definitely don't want to see some magical transformation of Seaver from just out of the academy to now being able to profile despite a pathetically low level of experience and knowledge in the field. As of 25 to life, she was still in the academy and going through remedial training. How in the world is that going to be of any good to the team? How is that not going to be a distraction? They have about what, 42, 44 minutes, to get the case, start profiling and identify the unsub. How much of that time is now going to be used in meaningless banter from Seaver, or some unrealistic transformation to profiler seemingly overnight?

But you know, Seaver is just a symptom of the bigger problem of the writing and the overall direction that this show is heading. Oh, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Nina Tassler said that the spin-off affected the insane decisions that are now happening at CM. This is just pathetic!"

Laura said...

I'm so disappointed in the current season... actually, just about everything post-100/Slave of Duty. Its like the writers gave up. We've seen very little Hotch since mid-Season5 and he is really missed!!! I feel for the Reid fans who want some closure for his headaches but wish them luck; Hotch got stabbed, lost the mother of his child and almost lost Jack yet we've had nothing there either.

Please give us more Hotch and Reid. I hope Paget stays too.

I just want my show back. Is that really too much to ask?

Lori said...

You know, timing is everything and the timing of this story makes me a little suspcicious.

That the Deadline Hollywood story was published the same week that Paget is filming her supposed last episode and that AJ is back for it - gee, isn't that great FREE publicity? Pretty much guarantees that EVERYONE will be watching that episode,huh,

The fandom erupted and speculation exploded. The poor make-up artists on CM have been bombarded on Twitter with questions about Paget and about Thomas and Shemar's contracts.

The fandom has read all kinds of bad things into this sentence in the article:

"The deals for stars Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore are up at the end of this season and I hear the two are nowhere near new pacts."

First off - have negotiations even started? The show hasn't been renewed yet, so maybe they are waiting until that happens before real negotiations start.

I am by no means a hollywood insider. I am just trying to take a step back and look at this logically. The timing and the suggestiveness of the article makes me suspicious.

LaShawna said...

What's on my mind? I am wondering how much more Criminal Minds can take and still be the show we fell in love with. There seems to be so many changes with AJ's firing, Paget's reduction, the introduction of Ashley, inconsistent writing and now the worry about Thomas and Shemar's contract renegotations. I hope CBS realizes that this show works because of the cast we've watched for many seasons, and does what it is necessary to keep it as intact as possible.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite scenes from the whole series is at the end of "About Face." They were all handing out candy to little kids after solving the case. Rossi looked on realizing how the BAU was a family as Chris Daughtry's "Home" played.

Just thinking about that scene makes me wanna cry now lol.

Cindy said...

I LOVE this comment which also comes from the thread before the Corazon episode aired. Rochelle, haven't seen you comment again, but sure would love too, great insights!

"I'm watching L.D.S.K on ION and its a reminder that CBS is systematically destroying everything about the show that made it great in the first place.

There is no Hotch-Reid or Morgan-Reid interaction anymore, Reid is seldom seen, Morgan has been turned into an insensitive jerk and Hotch has out of character more often than not (I don't know who that pod person was in the spin off, but that was NOT Hotch).

Seaver. God, there are no words in the English language to describe how horrific of a concept this character is. On NCIS when Caitlin was killed and they lost a strong female character- they got Ziva, ANOTHER strong female character. When you have an ensemble cast where you play the family angle, every character fills a "role". When you lose someone you aren't just replacing an actor on the cast, you are filling the role left in the family. When we lost Elle on CM, we gained Emily. Elle was the big sister of the team-protective (especially of Reid), outspoken, called people on their crap and too blunt for her own good. Emily came in and evolved into that role. You could take her on her own merit because the concept for the character was strong and they didn't compromise any of the other characters to sell us Prentiss. Same with Rossi- he fills Gideon's "role" without being a Gideon copy. JJ's role on the team was the motherly one, the "normal" one, the one who gave them hope that they could do this job and not take it home with them. They could have the relationship, the family and the job. She was an iron fist in a velvet glove. Seaver can't even BEGIN to fill that role as a character.

Let's completely forget that no way a wet behind the ears cadet would be assigned to the BAU (and don't EVEN try comparing her to Reid, dude has three doctorates, two bachelor degrees, an eidetic memory, reads 20,000 words a minute and was recruited by none other than Jason Gideon. He is the exception of all exceptions. Reid was special, they went through great pains to make sure we knew this from the first episode) Bottom line is Seaver brings nothing to the table they don't already have. Garcia is the tech goddess, Morgan's got bombs and obsessional crimes, Dave has connections, experience and serves as a guide and a watcher, Hotch is the leader and handles the SWAT and tactile situations, Reid is their "expert on everything" plus he does the Geographical profiles, Emily is great with interrogations and victimology. JJ handled the human element-victims families, relations with the LEO's, the press. What does Seaver bring to the table? A tragic backstory and a good time on the obstacle course?! WTF ever. This is CM, they ALL have tragic backstories! Hotch was abused, Morgan saw his father shot dead then he was molested, Garcia's parents were hit by a drunk driver, Reid was abandoned into the care of a mentally ill mother, - Seaver's serial killer daddy isn't impressing anyone! Using Emily to prop her isn't endearing her to me, its just highlighting all the reasons she's a fail as an agent and a character.

They need to scrap that god awful spin off and refocus on CM. Whomever was responsible for episodes like No Way Out,Sex Birth Death, Revelations, Profiler, Profiled, LDSK, Derailed, Lo-Fi...THOSE people they need to get back. They haven't had a really good episode on CM since 100...and the ONLY reason that was as good as it was is because Thomas Gibson gave an Emmy worthy performance.

If they don't get it together soon, I'm gonna stick to reruns and memories. I can't stand to see my show go down in flames like this."

Sarah said...

I was pretty happy watching other shows without wondering what is going on behind what we see on TV. But then I get attached to CM and it's exhausting, really.

I know it's not all about the fans, but it would be perfect. Paget wouldn't leave and AJ would be back. I like Nichols, but I think her character should be more exploited.

Anyway, it's sad, I know that things have to evolve, but we're people sitting every wednesday in front of the TV and giving to the cast and all de CM family fourty minutes of our lives, sharing something. Seeing week after week the same people, being part of the characters, knowing how the speak, their expressions, etc, and then, we search things about the cast, we read their twitter account, and watch videos, photos, other shows where they've been....

And then some of them are leaving and you're feeling that the show will never be the same again, that you'd lost something.

That's what I think.

Wow, much better now :)

MKT said...

To those who think that the article on TG/PB/SM is publicity, I can only say 'maybe' BUT negotiations HAVE started, as we know from recent CMF chats. We know that CBS is intent on wrecking this show, so I for one would not put it past them to be giving Thomas & Shemar as much grief as they've given Paget. They rely on the fans to be complacent. I can't do anything as one voice other than express my concern and to continue to say that if our ORIGINAL cast do not return next season, especially Hotch, my fave, then I will find another station to call 'home'.

Diedra said...

Not only that MKT, I remember an article where Shemar said that contracts were up at the end of season 6 and that there was a lot of politics going on behnd the scenes. I have no doubt that stuff has been brewing behind the scenes for some time now. I personally would not doubt that CBS will try and screw Thomas and/or Shemar. I would not doubt it at all.

Steph said...

To summarize, and I will try to use small words so the idiots at CBS are sure to understand:

-KEEP THOMAS GIBSON. He is your lead. We love him. He deserves a raise. I WILL NOT WATCH WITHOUT HIM, regardless of how much I enjoy the other characters.

-KEEP PAGET BREWSTER. A fabulous female character who brings so much to the team. You messed up big time with AJ, do NOT repeat your mistake!

-no offence to RN, but Seaver needs to go.

This show needed nothing other than to be left alone! Give us our cast back and bugger off!

Season 7: Hotch, Prentiss, Morgan, Reid, Rossi, Garcia.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the polls, there is an almost-universal agreement (96%) that if Thomas Gibson is gone, so will the audience for Criminal Minds Season 7. However, for Shemar Moore, there's a portion of the fans who will continue to watch Criminal Minds without him for season 7, 34% yes to 66% no. Makes you wonder how that will bode for Shemar. He may not be my top favorite, but I wouldn't want him to leave.

On another point, so Matthew Gray Gubler has another year left on his contract. Whew! I was getting worried, although I hope that his asking for a raise doesn't give him trouble.

Ruthie said...

Motivations aside, Deadline is usually pretty much on point with what they report. And after all that has been done to this show and the cast by CBS, to believe that it will be smooth sailing for TG and SM come contract time and that MGG's raise request won't be looked at with a leering network eye, sorry, but I think that is wishful thinking.

Stephanie said...

what is on my my mind? Let me see, the news about Thomas and Shemar not having contracts for S7!

CBS/Ed don't get it do they? They let go of Aj and then Paget and now two more cast members? Come on, is CBS/Ed are out to kill CM?
With everything that has happen with AJ and Paget made me not want to watch the spin off but now we may lose Thomas too? Then It will be CM I will not watch!

Get this CBS/Ed, No Hotch/Thomas, No CM.

Stephanie from NY ( yes I do not hide under an anonymous post)

Dianne said...

Exactly, Ruthie, which is why we need to tell CBS what we think. Maybe it will help, may it won't, but at least it helps to keep the network somewhat accountable to the customers, who are us, the fans! I think CBS & Ed both forget that.

So CBS & Ed, this is for you! None of our cast are expendable, despite what you think. Thomas Gibson has proven himself over and over again and yet you dare to air an episode without even a milisecond of screentime. Well, it sucked. Fans said so, ratings said so. We need more of him, not less.

You need to improve your continuity. Hotch is totally fine with being stabbed 9x? Really? Wow. And Reid's suddenly okay with no headache. huh. Hope he tells us what pill he took; I could use some of those for this time of year when it seems that one or more of our actors are in danger of not being around next year.

Love our cast, need our cast.

Anna said...

I like seaver and i think people should really give her a chance to grow. I got no doubt in my mind she will become an asset to the show

I hate to see Nichols being forced out because some fans don't like her character and they haven't even given her a fair try

Anonymous said...

No Hotch, no TG, no me! I watch CM because of Hotch/TG. He is a fantastic actor who has created a complex, edgy, intense and very attractive Unit Chief. Without Hotch there is no CM. Joe Mantegna is the so called lead actor because they mistakenly thought they needed a headline actor after M Patinkin left suddently. In fact, I believe that they did not need to replace MP, and that given time TG and the team would have held their ratings. The few episodes before Joe joined were excellent. Don't get me wrong I really like Rossi, and JM is a great actor, but Thomas Gibson is the heart of CM, and holds the full team together. I hated the episode he wasn't in - I was bored and didn't watch after 30 minutes. It wasn't like CM at all! I like Morgan too - but I would continue to watch if he wasn't in it. No way would I watch if Hotch is gone! Roll on Season 7. Keep our great cast!!

Lisa said...

Hey CBS, you have money to pay for Sheen who is making YOU lose money with his drunken/drug stunts. You have lots of money to pay Mark Harmon from NCIS but you have no money to pay Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore and Paget Brewster even if CM is one of your highest rated show? you must think we, the fans are stupid!

I will tell you this CBS, after AJ was fired from CM, I stopped watching any shows on CBS except CM. If Thomas leaves then I am gone! And don't think I will not do it, once I read comments here that Hotch was NOT in the episode '25 to life' I changed channel and watched another show on ABC and guess what? I did like it! This can become appointment tv next season if Thomas is out of CM! and before you say I don't matter, yes I am a Nielsen family so my viewing habit counts!


Betsy said...

Fans are not forcing the Seaver character out, the way the character was introduced and written is what is dooming that character. Anyway, there is no word about how long the Seaver character is staying on the show. Personally, I hope not to see that character in season 7. But I can tell you this much, if either Thomas or Shemar get screwed in contract meetings, plus Paget doesn't return to the show, dim the lights and close up shop because CM will be dead.

Martha said...

I DON'T CARE about the Seaver character. I don't want that character on there now, and I definitely don't want to see that character in season 7. What is important now are the Hotch, Morgan and Prentiss characters. Those are the ones that I care about, the ones that I want to see back for season 7. MGG/Reid deserves the money that he is asking for, they all do.

CBS stop screwing around with this show and its cast!

Anonymous said...

I saw an interview on youtube not long before the news broke of AJ/Paget last summer.

Anyways, I believe the interview was calledthe Kevin Pollack chat show and he talked with Paget Brewster for a while.

The interview was intersting because Paget was saying how none of the cast has gotten raises even after the shows success. And while other tv shows get fancy pants wrap parties each season, CM is 'eating hotdogs' (her words) and whatnot.

They are treated like 2nd class citizens compared to less successful TV shows. makes no sense.

Unknown said...

First of all, I'd like to say that I don't believe we'll lose Thomas and Shemar. I know we're talking about 'CBS evil' but I think their contracts will be renewed, it's just a matter of time and negotiation. I just cannot believe they will be out.

But I won't be waiting to hear bad news about Thomas and Shemar because I'll stop watch as soon as Paget leaves anyway. I just can't bring myself to watch a show without my favorite character in it and I'm already so tired of this constant CBS crap!

For Season 7 they should cut Seaver. No offense to Rachel Nichols, who is totally a sweetheart, but Ashley Seaver is not a profiler, so she can't be there.

This show works with Thomas, Paget, Shemar, Matthew, Joe and Kirsten...and in my best dream I want AJ back!

As Paget goes, so goes my nation!

Vicky said...

btw CBS/Ed if did a test with '25 to Life' to see if a Hotchless episode would fly, notice they NEVER advertised it as one where Hotch would not be there, they even advertised it as an episode with Hotch AND Jack, that was so misleading! Had I known we would have no Hotch I would have watched something else!

Get this CBS, we want TG back, we don't want seaver ( sorry Rachel, you are a nice person and a good actress but the character suck). We want Paget back and Shemar too.
But the deal breaker for me is TG/Hotch, as other have said, No Hotch, no CM!


Tom said...

You all say no offense to Nichols when wanting Seaver out. You do know if Seaver gets cut from season 7. She will lose her job. So it will all be taken out on Rachel. So how is that no offense to her and how can you love her if you want her out of a job?

Besides what is so bad about having her there. She is just a part of the team like the rest. We need this female character we only got few in the first place on this show

Elisabeth said...

I cannot agree more concerning the team.
I would love to see Hotch, Reid, Rossi, Morgan, Prentiss, JJ and Garcia in the seventh season.

Like others have pointed out this team is an elite unit.
Seaver being part of the BAU team is not something I can buy since she's just going to finish her training at the Academy.

I'm not sure time will change my feelings on that matter, because the writers can't change Seaver's background and how she was introduced on the team.

On a side note :
"Reid who was allowed in because of his exceptional genius (a 1 in a million type genius)".

Reid's genius is actually way rarer than that.
I know that IQ can't accurately measure intelligence but there is still a very telling fact :

if you look at an IQ rarity chart you'll realize that only one person out of 40 millions have an IQ as high or slightly higher than Reid's (187).

Add to that Reid's other special traits and abilities...yes Reid is really unique. He's more like a one in a billion genius.

Amanda said...

If I had to chose between one of our regulars and the new character, then I chose our regulars, hands down. Yes, that means a job but it means a job anyway: Paget's, Thomas' and/or Shemar's. And these 3 actors have given their heart and soul, so they are my first priority.

"No Hotch, no CM."

A CM Fan said...

To Tom,

We want female character but not ANY female characters! We want one that make sense. A cadet in the BAU even if she graduate makes no sense. You have to be a SEASONED agent to be in the BAU. This is not about Rachel it is about Seaver not belonging.

Oh and I have to say, no Thomas Gibson and no Shemar Moore, then no CM!

A CM fan from Detroit

Lysa said...

Liking someone as an individual is one thing, thinking that the presence of their character on the show is bad is quite another.

The show has a female character, she's called Prentiss. That's who we are trying to preserve because her character makes sense in the show, because her character is strong and viable, just like JJ's character was and the show can't afford to lose another strong female character.

The Seaver character needs to go! I am sure Rachel Nichols will find another job where her character is suited to the role in the show or movie that she lands; Seaver in CM is not that role.

Lysa said...

Oh, and let me also add no Thomas, no Shemar, no CM for me!

Paget please, please, please come back for season 7. We love you and need your presence on the show!

Cindy said...

Wow Elisabeth, that is pretty cool! They need to start writing him more like that again.

Rachel said...

Lovin' the new mantra, thanks!

"No Hotch, no CM!"

This is what's on my mind. My favorite Hotch-man seems to be a target yet again. I don't get it. Charlie Sheen is a royal pain in the *** to be slightly polite. Thomas Gibson does nothing but lead a great family life and promote his show. CBS claims they're poor when it comes to CM. Take from Sheen then. Give it to those who are truly deserving, like our great actors on CM. TG, PB, MGG, SM, JM, KV and yes, I still count AJC. You want to keep your viewers, then you need to start listening. Each original character is loved and wanted. So give them their raises and leave the show alone.

I like it so much I'm gonna say it again: "No Hotch, no CM."

Anonymous said...


What if Prentiss stays and Seaver also. I really don't want people to wreck this dynamic when it hasn't even started yet. She has been in 3 episodes. People need to give her more time. every new person needs to have time to fit in. it is natural for all human beings nobody fits in right away

ksawtgpb_cm24 said...

what I think it is that I'm really sad about Paget living ... :( I really going to miss her ...

Lysa said...

Anonymous, all I can tell you is to read the literally hundreds of comments posted throughout this blog as to why Seaver should not be on the team. Don't want to read them here, then go to virtually any forum where CM is discussed and you will see the reasons why people believe her character is not a fit, and will never be a fit for the show.

There are even some on this very page that Cindy quoted from other people so you don't have to go very far.

Anonymous said...

I too must join those who were displeased with CBS/whoever decision to let AJ Cook go. Business is business and I understand that, but to dismiss her as if she wasn't a vital part of the show - well, it angered this fan.

Now with the possibility of loosing Paget, the trust I had in the show to deliver a quality episode week after week is gone.

Then there is the threat of loosing Gipson & Moore?

After AJ's treatment I stopped watching ABC & CBS. Criminal Minds is the only show I watch. My silent protest to the decision.

Come on, leave our show alone.

If you really want to ump up the ratings, bring AJ back. Put her in Strauss' position. Give the fans hints into the deep, dark past of their characters and how they ended up at the BAU. Just leave our team alone!

Anonymous said...

I just want to add that AJ Cook is one CLASSY woman to be willing to come back for Paget's last episode.

That alone shows the great respect she has towards her castmates, the show's characters, and the fans.


LichenCraig said...

First, thanks for keeping this blog up and running - takes time and work, and is much appreciated. I am new. . . .basically it's nice to see people feel the same way I do, I don't feel so crazy when Seaver comes on the screen and I go make a sandwich (unless Reid is with her LOL). Here's hoping Paget will come back in the fall. At least we know CBS is scrambling to make it happen. As for Shemar and Thomas, I think people are getting all in a knot over nothing. These contracts often take some time and haggling when they come due. It doesn't mean the actors don't want to come back, or that they aren't wanted back (although fan paranoia is understandable after the last few illogical months!). It just means that their agents and lawyers are hammering out the details in deals that are best for their clients. CBS knows that while they have bills to pay, they also have a show that consistently has super ratings (and thus makes ad money galore for them) and they know they need to give the regulars a reason to stay, and appropriate compensation increases. I think we shouldn't worry about any other cast member leaving until we have something concrete to worry about.

That all being said, I was overjoyed with Sense Memory - finally, some of the quality writing we have loved in the past! Some - gasp - character development! Actual suspense! Good grief, whomever was driving that boat needs to keep doing it. I darned near stood up and cheered in my living room at the end.

blr1962 said...

I have just been beside myself since reading the article from Deadline Hollywood... I admit my thoughts have kind of gone along the lines of somethng Lori said:

"You know, timing is everything and the timing of this story makes me a little suspcicious."

Part of me hopes that is what this is about, building interest in Paget's last (sob) episode... And Mr. Gibson indicated in chat that he plans to be there for Season 7 (if contract negotiations allow) but...

The other part of me, however, has a knot in my stomach bigger than Texas thinking it may be more than that. ( What happened to our ladies last summer scarred me. No joke.) I love this show. It is just incredible to me and and I have loved it for 6 seasons now. But, understanding we all have our faves, for me, it cannot work without Hotch and my wonderful Mr. Gibson. (And seriously, we need Mr. Moore too. We need our entire team back, if anyone wants to know my opinion...)

I just am so concerned, frustrated, irritated, angry... that this network seemingly has such disrespect for this cast and crew and, yes, all of the CM fandom... I just am out of civil words here at the thought of what might happen so I will stop. For now...

Anonymous said...

I think Ed Bernero has no interest in Criminal Minds, I just read an interview with him on the spin-off, and was the only beauty of Whitaker and the new program. There is interest from production to maintain Criminal Minds, will eliminate Prentist and most likely will go tamibén Thomas and Shemar, or perhaps two, for now the new baby is Ed Whitaker and his renegade program.

Mona said...

This been a difficult season. We lost AJ, we had lousy writing, Ed decided that a cadet would be a great idea, evidently that isn't the case. We may lose Paget, CBS took away from CM to give to the spin off. If that wasn't enough, we may lose Thomas and Shemar?!?

To those who are saying, wait before panicking, this is business, negotiations. I say yes wait and have TG and SM leave because we would not react sooner. I prefer to vote on the poll, posts comments now while negotiations are STILL going then trying to get TG and SM back after CBS has cut them as we tried to do with AJ and Paget. What happen to AJ and Paget should open people eyes, act now, don't wait until it is too late!

'No Hotch, no CM!'

Anonymous said...

Ah. if only CBS had kept their grubby slimy little hands on what was essentialy a almost perfect cast.

Now don't get me wrong,Gideon was ok but there was always a sense of elitism oozing from him that was unsettling and left a bad taste in ones mouth. I feel Joe Mantegna brings humanity and humour to his character of Rossi.

I liked Elle but she didn't have the mental toughness of Prentiss.

Here's what i would love to see in Season seven.

JJ: Just bring her back.Correct that mistake, nuff said.

Prentiss: She doesn't leave the show and give this great beauty and her character some kick ass story lines.

Hotch: Stay of course. Give some indication he is still trying to cope with what happened to him.

Rossi: Give the man something to do, A little backstory, let him interact more with the other profilers aside from Hotch.

Garcia: She's great, just don't make it the Garcia show.

Morgan:Show mpore of the great brotherly relatinship he had with Reid.And pay him what he wants to stay.

Reid: If he's gone,so am I. Use him more.He's an incredible character. Show some continuity with his story lines.

This whole situation caused by greedy network people is just plain stupid.

Oh I almost forgot.

Seaver: If the new grad Seaver must stay. then she should be working with Agent Anderson or something. Let her character evolve,grow,interact with the team occasionally. She shouldn't automatically be joining a super elite team like the BAU.

Betsy said...

Mona, so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

I read that NY Post article where Ed is gushing about FW and the spin off and how great it is, how Whitaker is great. If I was Mantegna, Gibson, Gubler, Moore, Brewster I would feel insulted. It is obvious to me that Ed don't care about CM except for the ratings help it would get from CM.

I will not be watching the spin off. Those 'rebels' FBI agents ( how stupid can that be? since when do the FBI have 'rebels' agents?)

I will watch CM until Thomas Gibson leaves then I will be watching something else.

Debbie 'No Hotch, No CM!'

Victoria said...

Anonymous, who is Agent Anderson?

What this show doesn't need is a filler character and those who are saying well if Seaver stays then she should just be in the background, interacting occassionally with the team, asking questions, etc. While I understand that thinking because this character is a cadet and should absolutely not be on the team, why would they need to keep her if she is really not going to be a substantial character? The show had a substantial character called JJ who the network sought fit to eliminate, and then there is Prentiss who the network decided to push out.

If we are going to have a team then it should be with substantial characters making substantial contributions, not a filler character who is either doing things that the character can in no way do (profile), or doing background stuff. Season 7, Hotch, Garia, Rossi, Reid, Prentiss, and Morgan. Oh, and if anyway possible JJ.

Also, I agree with Mona. Last summer's going's on should have taught us all a lesson in Network scum baggery 101 and thus should cause us not not sleep on CBS.

Gwen said...

I loved Sense Memory this week. I loved the family aspect to it and the great characterisation. Reid, my favourite, was back to his genius, adorkable self. I absolutely adored what they did with Reid in this episode. But the one thing this episode showed me is that CM works perfectly well with just Reid, Hotch, Morgan, Rossi, Prentiss and Garcia. In fact that's all I need to see to make me a very happy CM viewer. Yeah, I'd prefer to see A.J/J.J back on the team but I know CBS aren't going to swallow humble pie and ask her to return. The show just doesn't need the ridiculous and unbelievable Seaver. The notion that the introduction of Seaver would 'creatively refresh' makes my head boggle at the stupidity of it all.

jennifer Monahan said...

Ok i goot jump in now. because damn this hate on Seasver is just getting ridiculous

I just think it's annoying when people say they don't like the character because a rookie agent in the BAU is not "realistic." This whole entire show is so unrealistic it's not even funny, so why be so nit-picky now? Seems like people are just looking for something not to like about her.

Furthermore, she's only been in a total of 3 episodes so far, and the second two she was hardly in at all. These episodes were filmed before the writers knew whether she would be coming back, which is a different situation than with Rossi and Prentiss. Just give them all a chance to find a groove, and stop being so judgmental. If you still don't like her at the end of the season after keeping an open mind, then we can talk about the reasons, but for now I think the hate is mostly push-back from JJ-gate.

Cindy said...

Laura just posted this in the last thread. Got to quote it here. Let's vote yes for both men please!

"Wow, whomever voted saying they would watch the show without Shemar, or Thomas....
Way to give the network even more fuel to mess with this show.
Maybe next season we won't have JJ, Prentiss or Morgan or Hotch.
Hey, Maybe next season, when that spin off FAILS big like it should, one of those incompetent misfits will be taking his place.
Thanks guys. Go watch Two and a Half Men now"

Gloria said...

I don't need to wait until the end of the season to know that the Seaver character is completely useless, unbelievable, and just plain insulting. And yes, your right, this is a work of fiction, but a work of fiction that has been constructed around a certain premise.

Don't care if you want to call me or others who state the same "haters," the truth is the truth no matter how many times the Seaver character appears on the screen which I hope won't be too many more times for the sake of the show.

Anonymous said...

Comically, much of Reid's story also matches me.. even the actual IQ number. His awkwardness in social situations and lack of physique also is much like me. More on topic, I hope TG and SM are back, but also know that change is, however distasteful, an inevitability. I will continue to watch, mainly due to the storylines, but not be as engaged.

Cindy said...

Oops, I meant, let's vote No that we wouldn't watch the show without Thomas or Shemar.

Tom said...

You said it. The seaver hate is ridiculous. when many situations on this show has been out there. It really does look like the people want to find a reason to hate her. They are atually willing to split up the cast because of their insane dislike of Seaver. And i hope the producers don't pay attention of that they should not wreck the story they have planned because of the haters immature behavior towards this character

Betsy said...

LOL, I love how it is the same person carrying a conversation about the supposed "haters." It is fairly obvious that is what is going on. Not really fooling anyone here.

Jack said...

Being a young male college student watching this show, Prentiss is the main reason why I watch this show. Yes Garcia is awesome, and the story's are decent, but to have a beautiful spanish speaking lovely like her really makes the show.

I hope she decides to stay with the show, it wouldn't be the same without her. If any of the characters left, it would be disapointing.

Jack, AZ

Liz said...

CBS is run by idiots. If they don't re-sign TG & SM the series won't last past season seven. Check the poll. 100 was an awsome episode by all the cast, especially TG. In a recent poll he was voted the most underappreciated! Good how true is that especially by CBS/Ed. CBS deserves the Sheen drama they are receiving.

I will be disappointed if all the characters don't return next season. For me no Hotch, no CM!

Emma said...

I loved last week's episode and gave me a glimmer of hope that the show I love is still possible. Why was it so good? Because it was based on the TEAM. Yes, Prentiss had her storyline but she didn't need another character/actor standing on the sideline doing nothing for this to happen. Cudos to the first time writer and may he write many more.

I simply will not watch CM without its Unit Chief, Aaron Hotchner. He is the glue that binds the others together and Thomas brings such subtlety to him that I simply have to tune in each week. Without him, I have to admit, as much as I love Emily (who seems on the way out anyway) and Rossi, I won't continue. And don't even get me started on the spin... never will be on my TV!

No Hotch, no CM. Keep our cast.

Gaby said...

I'm voting 'No, I will not watch without TG or SM'.

The Seaver character, I don't care if she stays or not as I don't care about her. Only characters I care are Hotch, Prentiss, Rossi, Reid, Morgan and Garcia.

The spin off can die for all I care. Those misfits are laughable with their leather jackets, their base being a laundromate. Having an ex-con and an a British sniper when the FBI would never allowed them to even get to the parking garage. Those characters are just like Seaver, unbelieveable. The Spin off is Ed and Mundy idea of what CM should be, CM is Jeff Davis idea of what working as a profiler is and who profilers are. I much prefer Davis version. My intelligence is less insulted by Davis version. I wonder what the real BAU agents think of the laundromate team?

So, this is what is on my mind these days when I think about CM. Not pretty but CM's situation, with all the CBS meddling, Ed saddling CM with Seaver then jumping ship to the spin off and now he is praising Whitaker and the spin off while the mothership is being dismantle pieces by pieces makes me unhappy. Does Ed even care anymore? Probably not considering he is not addressing fans concern. I'm disapointed, he use to post here and talk to fans, explain why they would do things.

If Gibson goes then I will done with CM, ' No Hotch, No CM!!!!'

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom and Jennifer,
Instead of calling posters ridiculous, haters and judgemental why dont you tell us why the Seaver character is a good addition. Why based on the last 6 seasons she could be a plausible addition, why she fits in well with the BAU, why her personality and skill will add to the dynamics of the show. At least those who dislike the Seaver character back up their opinions with things that have been said in past seasons and common sense.

sf81387 said...

"Wow, whomever voted saying they would watch the show without Shemar, or Thomas....
Way to give the network even more fuel to mess with this show.
Maybe next season we won't have JJ, Prentiss or Morgan or Hotch.
Hey, Maybe next season, when that spin off FAILS big like it should, one of those incompetent misfits will be taking his place.
Thanks guys. Go watch Two and a Half Men now"

This is pretty rude. People have a right to vote any way they choose to without being publicly chastised for it. There are people who enjoy Criminal Minds for the "psycho of the week" and aren't all that invested in the characters who catch them. It doesn't make them any less of a fan of the show than those of us who are invested in the characters.

Tom said...


Same person just keep telling yourself that lol.
Maybe it is also the same people that post that they don't like Seaver

Betsy said...

Ok Tom, so your not the same person. Okay, so why don't you do what the last Anonymous poster suggested. Well, you and "Jennifer," that is..

"Hey Tom and Jennifer,
Instead of calling posters ridiculous, haters and judgemental why dont you tell us why the Seaver character is a good addition. Why based on the last 6 seasons she could be a plausible addition, why she fits in well with the BAU, why her personality and skill will add to the dynamics of the show. At least those who dislike the Seaver character back up their opinions with things that have been said in past seasons and common sense."

Laura said...

Wow, whomever voted saying they would watch the show without Shemar, or Thomas....
Way to give the network even more fuel to mess with this show.
Maybe next season we won't have JJ, Prentiss or Morgan or Hotch.
Hey, Maybe next season, when that spin off FAILS big like it should, one of those incompetent misfits will be taking his place.
Thanks guys. Go watch Two and a Half Men now

Cindy said...

Laura, I quoted you before in the thread.

Tom said...


Well all your reasons are the same that she is a cadet and she doesn't fit in. can you come up with new things?

I can't answer for Jennifer. But i say she has only been on 3 episodes how can anyone judge a character from 3 episodes man and she was hardly in the 2 other ones. I think the writers will sone give us clues why she belong on the team. And let us not forget her father was a serial killer she knows the type more then the team right now and i think in the future episodes it will come to the surface.

See there is a reason and its way better saying she is new she doesn't belong she is a cadet ect ect.

Kerri said...

Seaver isn't so much on my mind. Not that I like her, I sure as heck thought her introduction was completely bogus, but frankly I am waaaaaaaaay more concerned about the cast that have given us so many hours of great entertainment and kept me watching week to week.

Thomas, Paget & Shemar... like others have said, we need them all! For me, it was Hotch's character that hooked me to CM and I can't and won't watch without him. But PB & SM are important too! I can't understand why CBS would interfere with a winning formula when change was unnecessary.

no hotch, no cm. S7 needs all of our long-termers back!

Nadine said...

Umm, the cadet part, yeah, that is the REASON. Being a cadet she doesn't

1. Have the experience or training required to be a profiler. For example, Morgan had years of experience as a police officer prior to joining the BAU, as did Elle

2. Along with not having the years of experience or training to be on the team, she hasn't taken the profiling classes that even Hotch said were necessary. Can't remember the name of the episode, the one where Hotch asked JJ if she wanted to take the profiling classes. Now, this is JJ who had been with the team for years, as well as had years at the FBI prior to joining the team as she was a Supervisory Agent

3. Are you kidding me about the having a serial killer as a father being a reason she should be on the the team? Not only is that ridiculous, but remember the "What happens at home," yeah, that perspective turned out to be a big fat ZERO! That perspective offered absolutely NOTHING!

4. Everyone on the team with the exception of Reid who was exempted because of his one in a billion genius (thanks for breaking that down Elisabeth) came in with years of experience, knowledge and skill. Seaver is no genius and she doesn't have the years of experience, knowledge of skill.

Why is it that the female characters of Elle, Jordan Tood, and Emily Prentiss despite having those years of experience and knowledge had to prove themselves over and over?

She is not qualified to be on the team although I am sure the writers are going to stir something in their magical writing pot to try and prove otherwise. But sorry writers her first 3 episodes aren't going away, and the proof is in those episodes.

Brianna said...

I just read on the forum where I posted the comments from the posters blue133 and tellygirl that for the spin-off they changed the Gina character to I think an SSA. In the "Fight" episode, she was a straight out of the Academy character, but they changed her character to something more experienced- they will have her exact title for the spin-off up later on the forum. Although someone said that they saw she is now an SSA. As soon as it goes up, I will post it here.

Unbelievably!!! So, CM gets stuck with the unbelievable character of Ashley Seaver while the spin-off gives the formerly Seaver- like character a make-over. No doubt, Ed or some other CBS person saw all of the hoopla here and changed up that character. At least that is what I am thinking anyway.

Bibi the Hotch and CM fan said...

CM for me is Hotch, Reid, Morgan Prentiss, Rossi and Garcia.

There is no CM without our Unit Chief SSA Aaron Hotchner.

There is no CM with Doctor Reid, our Genius is needed!

There is no CM with Morgan who is guy that do the physical things.

There is no CM without the kick ass agent that Prentiss is.

There is no CM without The BAU founder, book writer Rossi.

There is no CM without Garcia amazing skill as a tech and her flirty way with Morgan.

Anything else is NOT CM, CM without any of those characters is not CM.

As a Hotch fan, I started watching because of him, there will be 'no Hotch, No CM' for me.

Bibi the Hotch and CM fan

Cath said...

Bummed about the way CM is moving. First we lose JJ. Now Emily. I'm barely hanging on but will do so as long as Hotch is still there. Thank you to the writer who did a good episode last week. Lots of team, lots of Emily and Hotch back leading and present. :)

I support the cast in thir negotiations! We can't lose anyone else. no Hotch, no CM for me.

Bibi the Hotch and CM fan said...

(sorry had to repost since I )couldn't delete my first post

M for me is Hotch, Reid, Morgan Prentiss, Rossi and Garcia.

There is no CM without our Unit Chief SSA Aaron Hotchner.

There is no CM without Doctor Reid, our Genius is needed!

There is no CM without Morgan who is guy that do the physical things.

There is no CM without the kick ass agent that Prentiss is.

There is no CM without The BAU founder, book writer Rossi.

There is no CM without Garcia amazing skill as a tech and her flirty way with Morgan.

Anything else is NOT CM, CM without any of those characters is not CM.

As a Hotch fan, I started watching because of him, there will be 'no Hotch, No CM' for me.

Bibi the Hotch and CM fan

Sara said...

CM is my favorite show and Reid is my favorite character. But i love hotch too and miss the reid/hotch friendship. Please give us more of this. no hotch, reid, no cm. :(

Laura said...

Cindy, sorry, didn't see it, just thought I had posted in the last open for comments thread, than I saw this one was open.

sf81387 said
"This is pretty rude. People have a right to vote any way they choose to without being publicly chastised for it. There are people who enjoy Criminal Minds for the "psycho of the week" and aren't all that invested in the characters who catch them. It doesn't make them any less of a fan of the show than those of us who are invested in the characters."

It was meant to be rude, otherwise I wouldn't have mention Two and a Half Men.

Also rude? To think it's ok for this network to continue disrespecting all of the actors in this show and firing them like they don't matter and then shoving down our throats unbelievable characters and think we can't even tell because we are supposed to be that dense.

I'm sorry, but we already lost 4 writers, two actresses and have the producers sharing time and ideas with the spin-off, I think enough is enough.

So I'm not taking any chances and sending them a message that they can do whatever they want with this show and fire people left and right and I'll still give them 45 min of my time each week. No, I enjoy quality and quality is also delivered by quality actors, who deserve better than the way AJ and Paget has been treated.

But if you only watch for cases, so be it. Free will. Also available? Free speech.

And about Seaver, I don't really think there's anything else we have to say to explain why this character is not fit.
It starts with "she is a Cadet" and that's it. There's no need to expand on that.
We have all been watching the same show for the past 6 years, about an elite team of profilers, this isn't the Department of Tryouts for the Traumatized Unqualified Trainees, this is the BAU.
But I have made my peace with the fact that Seaver is going to be there for good. There's nothing we can say or do, they'll keep her, if she is plausible or not.
The only good think here is the fact that we can make the choice to watch or not.
I'm still thinking about that. Haven't decided yet.

Fedra said...

Seaver may not be necessarily there for good Laura. I think we will all find out what the scoop is in regards to her character at the end of this season. That is what I am thinking anyway, unless someone knows something about how long she was signed for.

If CBS has any sense, which is highly doubtful, and if they do it is in short supply, that character will not be back for season 7.

Caridad said...

Brianna, when you find out what the Gina character's experience and title were changed to on the spin-off please don't forget to report about it here. I would LOVE to find out why this team of "rogue" FBI agents is getting someone with more credibility to be on their team than CM.

xPocketCandy said...

Lemme just say...once CBS thinks of taking Matthew Gray Gubler off Criminal Minds. That's the end of me and the whole show.

Laura said...

Oh, I don't know.
I don't think they (the writers) would ever admit how much they messed up when they created that character.

And unlike the spin off, where they could actually change some things before airing the official episodes, they can't just change her now, like they did with the John Simms character.

Rachel is already signed as a regular, I think, Seaver is staying.

And if we are really losing Paget, they'd want to keep Ashely to have a woman "profiler" in the field.

Man, where is Gina Torres when you need her? Why not her Bernero?

Emily said...

how sad that we are not talking about how we love CM and how good it is.

Instead this season been about losing actresses, writing that is subpar to what we had in previous seasons, the showrunner being the showrunner in title only and now more cast changes.

tassler really think CM can go on while she cut, cut and cut? No it can. I'm this close to stop watching, if Gibson isn't back next season then I will be done with CM. And don't think you will lure me into watching the spin off. I have no intention of watching that show.


'No Hotch, No CM!'

Erin said...

"Also rude? To think it's ok for this network to continue disrespecting all of the actors in this show and firing them like they don't matter and then shoving down our throats unbelievable characters and think we can't even tell because we are supposed to be that dense.

I'm sorry, but we already lost 4 writers, two actresses and have the producers sharing time and ideas with the spin-off, I think enough is enough.

So I'm not taking any chances and sending them a message ant with this show and fire people left and right and I'll still give them 45 min of my time each week. No, I enjoy quality and quality is also delivered by quality actors, who deserve better than the way AJ and Paget has been treated."

Well said! Deadline Hollywood is normally pretty spot on with its news, so it looks like now that CBS has pilfered our females, its time for the boys. Sorry CBS, but there is only so much arrogance an audience will stand for. Take away Hotchner and your show will tank.

Bring back Paget and AJ and for god's sake, give TG & SM their contracts!

Joining the club: no hotch, no cm.

Fedra said...

Yes, she is signed as a regular, but that could only be until the end of this season with the option to pick her back up if they'd like for season 7. Hard to say as I don't think the details of that were ever released. Plus, on other shows where people were signed on as regulars, some were let go after their first season for different reasons.

Guess we will all see come season 7.

Laura said...


Be prepared for next year, when Matthew Gray Gubler dares to ask for a raise after 6 years...

You know CBS will play hard ball and bring in a 10 year-old genius who can read 20.001 words per minute and with an IQ of 188 for an episode or two to show Matthew he can be replaced and the fans won't even notice the difference.
Or you know, a light brown long hair cadet who can't profile but it's one year younger than him.

Laura said...

Fedra, I hope you are right, because I don't think I can lose Paget and put up with this cadet all at once next season too, it's just too much to ask.

I still can't believe that’s what we are going to get after episode 18. No Prentiss and the only woman in the field will be a trainee.

My God, I hope the writing picks up at least.

Last week was a start, though.

Listen to the fans CBS/Bernero!

Brianna said...

Just posted:

Beau Garrett is SSA Gina LaSalle.

So, the former straight out of the Academy girl on the spin-off has now been changed to a credible character, SSA Gina LaSalle.

This makes me so mad!!!!

Brianna said...

No doubt they saw all of the complaints about the Seaver character and instead of doing that on the stupid spin-off, they change the Gina character to someone who has credibility to be a profiler before the show airs.

Meredith said...

Threads like this used to be so fun to come to. Everyone may have had their favorite character, but we did have them ALL and could banter back and forth about well-written scripts. Now we've seen 2 valuable ladies depart against their wishes and 2 of our men in trouble. This is a lesson: come together as CM fans and fight for our show b/c it could be your fave next time... if there even is a next time.

AJ, Paget: I miss you!

Thomas: if your Hotch isn't there for S7 & beyond, nor am I.

Shemar/Joe/Matthew/Kirsten: I hope you are all back next year.

'No Hotch, no CM'
Go Hotch's team!

Caridad said...

Thanks Brianna. So CM gets shortchanged once again while the spin-off enjoys credibility in their female field agent (the men on that spin-off are another story).

gubegirl said...

Oh, my, oh my. Another chance to vent. How I wish that I knew this was a positive thing to be doing and that CBS/Ed Bernero/TPTB cared enuf to be reading/listening to us and that steps would be taken to make a bad situation good again.

I do not want to be hasty and judgmental about whether or not raises will be given, contracts re-negotiated generously and that Paget will be convinced to stay but that is what I am hoping for. I think I can safely say, any CM Fanatic (which is what you should be if you are posting/reading here) wants exactly what I do.

An aside is the RN/Seaver issue: that's an unfortunate one. She could have been written in as a far more experienced agent and we might have accepted it, but out of respect for the team and what the show has had us believe from the very start: this is exclusive, elite group of highly skilled/trained professionals, but they did not introduce Seaver as such. How can they go back and change that now without getting rid of her? We can't suddenly switch gears and go, gee, she seems like a sweet girl, maybe we will get used to her, like we did Paget and JM? Uh-uh.

Sorry, they had the qualifications and Seaver doesn't. There is only one fix for that. Simple, tho' not fun. They've boxed themselves in here. Admit it and take the steps to fix it before more damage occurs.

So, that comes down to three things that need to happen:
1.)open, honest and generous negotiations for those with contracts coming up for renewal, to reward them for their hard work and the show's continued success. This includes letting PB know how much they value her and maybe offering up an apology for ever letting on anything different.

2.) let the Seaver character go, i.e, transfer her out of there to somewhere that her lack of experience fits.

3.) maintain good writing, with those doing that writing being knowledgable about the characters' backstories, quirks, etc. and BE CONSISTENT. We're watching you know, and we do not take this heavy, dark show lightly. You want serious fans, then sit up and LISTEN. (We miss you, Andrew!)

OK. I'm done. I have voted and I have written (many times) and I will not watch the spin-off and I do not know what else to do. But I care very much, so if any of you have any better ideas, let's hear them. Meanwhile, I'll keep watching (with my fingers crossed.)

Renate said...

so CBS, Ed Bernero are fixing that spin off but not CM? Oh but they are! They are cuting TG and SM! they are adding a cadet. They have cut the media liason agent. they are cutting out the only QUALIFIED woman profiler on the team.

All your 'deep' thinking over what the real BAU was about and how it work came down to this?

how dissapointing. After this 'thinking' I'm staying away from that spin off, too afraid of what your 'thinking' will results in.


sf81387 said...

Also rude? To think it's ok for this network to continue disrespecting all of the actors in this show and firing them like they don't matter and then shoving down our throats unbelievable characters and think we can't even tell because we are supposed to be that dense.

I'm sorry, but we already lost 4 writers, two actresses and have the producers sharing time and ideas with the spin-off, I think enough is enough.

So I'm not taking any chances and sending them a message ant with this show and fire people left and right and I'll still give them 45 min of my time each week. No, I enjoy quality and quality is also delivered by quality actors, who deserve better than the way AJ and Paget has been treated."

Where is all this drama coming from? Thomas and Shemar's contracts expire at the end of season 6 and they need to negotiate new ones. So far, that is all that is happening. Where has it been publicly stated that CBS is looking to get rid of these two actors or not wanting to get them resigned?

When it's all said and done, Thomas and Shemar are probably (nothing is ever for sure) going to get new contracts and they're going to get those contracts because they want to come back, because they aren't making ridiculous demands, because they earned them and because the network believes they are vital to the continued success of the show. Sure, there is always the chance that they won't be able to reach an agreement and if that happens it'll suck, but if CBS didn't want them back would they be bothering with negotiating, which we know has been going on with at least TG.

sdwally said...

My two cents about shipping and relationships on CM:

I know there are people who are against romance between the characters and romance of any kind, for fear it will turn CM into a soap opera. However, one of the most unrealistic aspect of this series is there is not romantic/emotional commitments for any of the characters except Garcia, whose character has been allowed to have a sexual relationship with Kevin, and an emotional one with Morgan; and JJ’s fast hookup with Will because of her real off-screen pregnancy. For the other characters, there is no semblance of any relationships of any kind, since Hotch separated from Haley at the beginning of Season 3.

I would love for these characters to evolve into more than just the one-dimensional beings that are displayed on CM and believe the writers can accomplish this without turning the show into a soap opera. CM was more realistic in the beginning as was demonstrated by Hotch’s marriage to Haley and Garcia’s relationship with Kevin. I know there’s an argument against the characters becoming involved, but as is the case in real life, people who work together are most often attracted to each other and come together in personal and committed relationships all the time.

You don’t have to remind me that Ed said the characters would never become involved; because I’ll just say to you that Ed said a lot of things that haven’t turned out to be quite the way he claimed.

I had an enlightening discussion with some blog mates some time ago and where I argued why one I believe a relationship between Hotch and Prentiss would be a good one for both. You don’t have to agree and I don’t want to start a debate about the issue, just sharing the both sides of the discussion which I think still applies:

Quote from: Tiecollector on October 17, 2010, 01:31:35 AM

Well put Rutland! And that's exactly why a relationship with Prentiss would't work - Hotch would never ever even consider betraying his own high moral standards by starting a relationship with a co-worker. No offense, sdwally, concerning fanfiction I'm a H/P shipper myself...
Furthermore, I agree that the trauma Hotch had to experience, and the overwhelming guilt complex resulting from it make it impossible for him to open up to any kind of new relationship at this stage, to allow himself to develop any other kind of feelings than the responsibility and unconditional love he has for Jack.

He's always been a very shielded person (granted, we don't know much about his background story, be we can assume that a personality extremely controlled as his originates for a reason), and he only left his shell once to become "the 4th worst pirate ever", to meet Haley, resulting in a 20year marriage. So when she left, I think it was not only the fact of her leaving but her destroying his beliefs in "home", in himself as being capable of creating a safe haven for himself and his family where he could get some rest far from the horrors of his job, which hit him so hard. And when she was killed, the crack in his protective shileld became a real fracture, turning inside-out his entire being, his core, because he considers it his ultimate failure as a person and as a man not being able to protect his family.

From his early scenes with Haley, his behavior towars his team, the victims, and his love for Jack, we know for sure that Hotch is capable of deep love and affection, and during her last moments Haley told him to teach Jack about love, so Hotch surely needs someone in his life again to love and take care of him, and maybe even bring out his "lighter" side agin. But I can't see this happen short-term. From all we've learned about Hotch and his character development throughout the years, it just would'nt feel right.

Michael said...

There is nothing to fix. The show is still great and i am looking forward to seeing Seaver being intergrated more into the team. And beginning to become close with the them like the rest of team are gonna be sweet how they begin to act like they are her friend.

Really looking forward to season 7 and see all of them together hopefully with prentiss(JJ is sadly gone i think)
So in season 7 we will have reid, rossi, morgan, seaver, prentiss, garcia and hotch

sdwally said...


Quote from: Rutland on October 17, 2010, 05:08:08 AM
Quote from: Tiecollector on October 17, 2010, 01:31:35 AM

He's always been a very shielded person (granted, we don't know much about his background story, be we can assume that a personality extremely controlled as his originates for a reason), and he only left his shell once to become "the 4th worst pirate ever", to meet Haley, resulting in a 20year marriage.

Wow, Tiecollector! How right you are in all of your musings. And sheilded is a good word to describe Hotch's outward behavior. His behavior seems almost obsessionally professional. I heard Simon Mirren I think, describe Hotch with a suit of armour and Bernero I think, reference a character flaw as a chink in it. This all fits perfectly with the Knights of the round table theme. Hotch is like a knight that puts on a "suit" of armour -- or gray flannel in his case -- as he readys for battle and then follows a code of honor -- or chivalry to accomplish his duty. I don't think that I made the connection before. But Hotch's manners which I always assumed came from a strict -- if not harsh -- southern upbringing, have as much to do with the knightly code of chivalry that he follows professionally, as it does with his southern upbringing.

It's that professional behavior that we admire so much, and which we come to expect in all of his dealings, that make shipping with him in the mix seem repugnant -- sorry sdwally -- truth be known I get my Hotch shipping fix from fanfiction But I just can't see it in "real life" that behavior would truly be out of character for him because we know what his character is. As he said to Haley -- "It's who I am." And his professional behavior is as much a part of him as his ubiquitous gray flannel suit of armour.

I'm also trying to follow his time line -- messed up as it is. If he met Haley when he was a Junior in High School at 17 and he is 44 now. It's been 27 years since he's dated and seriously wooed anyone. That's a long time to be out of circulation. And I have no doubt that he has been indeed out of circulation. He was so committed to the job that he put that duty above the relationship with Haley -- that's why she left him. So if he was in love with her and gave her short shrift, how can we believe that he has had enough time to commit to another relationship? I don't think that would be in his character either.

sdwally said...

Sdwally added…

Tiecollector, Rutland--You both so eloquently stated your cases as to why Hotch would never or could never explore a relationship with anyone at this time, much less Prentiss. However, the argument you use as reasons he would never step outside of himself to get involved in a relationship, is the same argument I would use to demonstrate why he could or maybe should. Yes, he may have always been a shielded person whose value was embedded in his quest to guard his own persona as he protected those around him. His inability to maintain the same level of commitment to his marriage as he gave to his job, ultimately led to the demise of his family and home life; but was recognition that this man is not perfect or infallible. You all seem to clothe Hotch in armor that is bound to crack; as no man is perfect; Hotch has found that neither is he. With all of your claims of his valor, professionalism, control and steadfastness, he remains an imperfect man whose gone through more than his share of trauma; who may need more than the next person, to loosen the shield and the armor that he has used as a crutch to keep from experiencing life, while remaining driven to catch criminals. When CM first started, Hotch was a totally different person. They depicted him as loving, funny, and light-hearted but still ambitious. The writers chose to take the character in a direction where he became more stoic, intense and unflappable, almost robotic in his quest to be the ultimate G-man. But being the ultimate G-man cost him his family three years before Foyet doled out the ultimate punishment.

The writers have setup the ultimate scenario to bring Hotch to and through a crossroad where he goes from being controlled, robotic and aloof, to becoming more human, more approachable and less controlled. The Foyet attack, the death of his ex-wife should serve as a catalyst for rediscovery and evolution, not a reinforcement of the same routine. Hotch never grieved, never stopped to reflect, never went through a period self-discovery. Trauma has a way of breaking down defenses, making you vulnerable and opening you up to experiences and realities that tougher exteriors would never have allowed. Hotch is in that place right now. He may discover that reaching out to someone, maybe Prentiss may not be the most Hotch-like, duty-bound, G-man thing to do; but it may be the most emotionally stabilizing experience he’s ever had, certainly one he had withheld from his wife leading to their separation and later divorce.

I have no idea where Ed and/or the writers will take Hotch’s character; but it would be irresponsible of them to show no growth or evolution for the character after all the trauma and the loss. Where is the teachable moment for Hotch and for Jack? To live the one-dimensional life where all is sacrificed and eventually lost; and to not change from that even after your wife implores you to show your child how to love, would make no sense for the character or the story. And you can’t control who you fall in love with as Prentiss said to Jane in No Way Out. Now, I don’t know if Hotch will end up with anyone, much less Prentiss. But he wouldn’t be the first man to fall in love with a subordinate, especially one who has shared many of the same experiences, watched over him while he was in pain, and can commiserate about life’s challenges. The reasons you cite for all the reasons Prentiss is wrong for him; are the same reasons I use to argue why she is right.

Sadie said...

I think the show has enough problems right now in the writing department to tack on the goal of adding on relationships, oh god, and especially a relationship between team mates. I can't even imagine what type of fiasco that would turn into.

Kirsten said...

If you don't like the drama, don't stress over it. But CBS have shown clearly that they are willing to fire actors despite the complete idiocy in doing so. Contract negotiations merely provide a convenient smokescreen for them.

I care enough about my favorites to try to let tptb know that I will fight for them. Maybe they need my efforts, maybe they don't, but I am not going to take chances and regret things later.

So on that note, I really hope that Paget decides to stay, although I totally get it if she doesn't. I also, probably unrealistically, hope JJ returns.

One thing is for certain. Get rid of Thomas Gibson and that will be the nail in the coffin for CM for me. I might enjoy all the characters, but I watch for one.

"No Hotch, no CM."

Cindy said...

sdwally, I generally love all of your comments, but I am going to have to disagree with regard to the relationships between team mates. Yes, workplace romantic relationships happen in the real world, but they typically end bad, if not, they in some way compromise the professional relationship.

I like the fact that this team acts like a family, brothers/sisters, father figures, etc. that, to me is more intense and sustaining then some romantic storyline between team mates.

Renate said...

No relationship on top of all that is going on!


Anonymous said...

reviews for the spinoff:

Happy now CBS/Bernero?
Are you done pushing this?
Can you come back and appreciate the original now?

Dave said...

yick that review is bad but then anyone watching the spin off episode knew that.

So Ed, CBS, why not pay attention to the one show that IS a success and pay everyone on it what they deserve?

If you are not careful CBS, you will end up without both shows next season.

Dave a fan of the original Criminal Minds

Anonymous said...

No Hotch, no CM.

I like it. Hope it catches on. Get a grip, CBS.

Anonymous said...

Where to start?
- Is there anyone at CM who knows what has happened the last few seasons? Do they have no say in the continuity of the show?
- Count me as a "hater" if you must, but Seaver has to go. Bring back Jordan Todd or the lady from P911, bring in any experienced agent who has something to contribute other than sappy tears, Captain Obvious statements and ridiculous participation in presenting profiles as a CADET
- CBS has always been hatchet happy. Don't count Thomas Gibson or Shemar Moore as safe. Loved actors / characters? Yes. But that doesn't matter when you have a drunk wife beater (sheen) to keep on payroll
- Reid fans will have their stress come time for MGG's re-up. He wants to be a director more than he wants to be a profiling genius.

- Can we please get Rick Dunkle, Jim Clemente writing more? Bring back Andrew Wilder and Jay Beatty. Scrap writing / filming a Seaver episode and set up a CM marathon for the writers, cast and crew. I'll bring pizza.

- CBS - don't hang your hats on the spinoff. It reeks as bad as the rest of your decisions lately

- Shemar is the one in danger, in my opinion, because of his rant about CBS, etc. They will "show" him .....

Glynnis said...

Dear Powers that Be,
As goes Hotch, so I go. :) (said the stampede of Hotch fans...)

I just read in a comment that some of the writers were let go after season 4. If that is the case, please get them back! Season 6 is badly written so far. Put the emphasis on the team, not the unsubs. Go back to the green screen gimmicks of getting into the crime scene, etc.

Drop the cadet. The cadet character does not belong in the BAU. She is not qualified.

Thomas Gibson needs to be given leading man status on the show. He is the heart and soul of it. When Hotch is the acknowledged leader of the team, it is solid and compelling. I like Morgan ok, but only as a backup to Hotch.

Prentiss is great. Make nice to the rightly offended actress and keep her.

Get back some good writers, amp up the HOTchness and you will see higher ratings. $$$ That seems to be what you are after. So, go for it by letting CM be its best.

Team JJ and Emily/ Sack Seaver said...



Jordan Todd proved in season 4 how vital JJ's job is to the team and how she shouldnt be taken for granted.Well neither shoudl AJ Cook or Paget Brewster. I dont know if I'll be able to watch the show anymore, especially with Seaver onsreen.
Who decided it was a good idea to make that ninny character a regular. As a guest star, her first episdoe was ok. Afet that. WTF? SHe's annoying and she does not fit in with everyone else. The actress does not compare to AJ Cook either.

Btw, Suspect Behavior looks like a complete joke and a cash cow. CM the original was fine as it is. Before whoever started to mess around with it.

Save CM and save it now!

noh8 said...

The Grammy's are on right now ... or so I've been told. I read something about an egg, but I’ll wait till tomorrow to find out what that’s all about. A&E is having a CM marathon, and that's what I'm watching. Damaged just finished, A Higher Power is on now. To say I am a fan is an understatement.

I have loved this show from the first episode. I’ve always been interested in serial killers. Not what they do as much as why they do it. And Criminal Minds has helped me understand the sickness of these plagues on society. In Canada, as I’m sure you’ve heard, we recently convicted a serial killer who progressed from break-ins and lingerie theft to sexual abuse to murder. What was his stressor? How did he keep this a secret from his wife for so long? What caused him to escalate to murder? He was a high powered army colonel and he managed to keep his professional life from his sick and seedy life apart for years. Why? I’m sure the real BAU is looking into this, and this criminal will be studied for years. Perhaps one day CM will write a show that is similar to this case and answer some of my questions.

Another woman was murdered not far from where I live. Local LE ran out of theories on the unsub and they did bring in the real BAU. Funny, though; none of them looked like any of the agents on television. Nor did they solve the case in an hour. But – and I realize this may sound like I need to be profiled – it was one of the most exciting times of my life. Real profilers, practically in my own back yard. Life imitating art? Or art imitating life? Or is it just the sad reality of the world we live in?

But how do I feel about the show's progression? I was relieved when Elle left. I was sad when JJ left, but A. J. is a good Canadian girl, and we Canadians swallow our pride and move on to bigger and better things. I'm delighted that Paget has been offered a role for next year and I really hope it works out. As far as Thomas and Shemar, I'm not worried. The cast of Friends held out for a million dollars an episode, so I'm not worried. But Seaver - boy do I feel sorry for Rachel. A lot of people have difficulty differentiating between the character and the woman. The character is nothing more than an annoying extra. She brings nothing to the show, nothing to the CM family. If CBS wants to save money, send her back to training and use the savings for the beloved and strong character contract negotiations. Whatever you do, keep giving us Wednesday nights to look forward to. And if you start to run out of story lines, I am a professional researcher and would be happy to assist.

Gladys said...

I'm hoping and hoping that Paget agrees to come back for season 7.

Season 7:


I would love to add JJ, but I am sure TPTB are still mulling over the "creatively refreshen" BS line they tried to serve up when they fired AJ Cook. Damn it, just bring her back!!!!

Seaver, I would say to ship her off to the spin-off, but apparently, they upgraded the totally non-credible fresh out of the Academy female Gina LaSalle character that appeared in the Fight episode to SSA Gina LaSalle. Wow, so the rogue team has a more credible female agent than CM. The Seaver character needs to be cut point blank.

CBS, haven't you had enough with messing around with Criminal Minds? Start investing in what works instead of continually stripping what works naked.

Team JJ and Emily/ Sack Seaver said...

I doubt Paget will come back without AJ. Paget comleted the CM family. Elle was cool but I dont miss her, and after Gideon left, the show proved that Htoch can lead the team and steal everyone who has good taste in men- hearts and sould. Love Htoch. SO HOT! The episodes in between Gideon leaving and Rossi coming prove that you don't need Rossi, but he's cool. Everyone else is a sure keeper. Season 5 cast was the best.
And what happened with the writing? Bring back the good writers. More Jim Clemente episodes. More backstory with the characters too. Bring back JJ.

Team JJ and Emily/ Sack Seaver said...

I really hope that the poweres that be are reading this, becuase whether you like Rachel Nichols or not, almost everyone loathes the character and is dreaming of JJ's return. And Paget's.

Why sell out?What is the point of a spinoff anyway? Besides the cash. I do hope that Suspect Behavior is cancelled. I refuse to watch it.

Jodi said...

"Thomas Gibson needs to be given leading man status on the show. He is the heart and soul of it. When Hotch is the acknowledged leader of the team, it is solid and compelling. I like Morgan ok, but only as a backup to Hotch.

Prentiss is great. Make nice to the rightly offended actress and keep her.

Get back some good writers, amp up the HOTchness and you will see higher ratings. $$$ That seems to be what you are after. So, go for it by letting CM be its best."

I couldn't agree more! A show should be playing to its strength, and both Thomas Gibson and Paget Brewster fill that role. Its disgraceful the way that CBS has treated PB, and now threatening TG when they should be giving him a well-deserved pay increase! Have they even WATCHED the show??!!!

*joining mass stampede out the door if TG is not back next year*

sdwally said...

I believe well-written, well-balanced relationships will not hurt CM. As a matter of fact, they may make CM more appealing to a wider audience and critics, if they at least allude to the fact that these guys were more three-dimensional did more than just spend 24/7 at the office chasing unsubs. This doesn't have to always be depicted on screen, but to be nonexistent is unreal. As written now, the guys are basically asexual.

By the way, I've been married for more than 15 years and met my husband in a job environment. I know many couples who've been together much longer than that who met on the job. Often there are more commonalities between people who work together.

I just believe those who say relationships would turn CM into a soap opera are over-dramatizing it. Bad writing will turn CM into a soap-opera, which has already occurred with the Seaver situation, no romantic entanglements there.

However, since some people have commented on relationships between team members and relationships in general, I felt free to add my two cents.

The writers/producers will do what they want to do anyway as was the case with the introduction of Ashley Seavers.

Cindy said...

That's awesome regarding you and your husband sdwally :) Unfortunately, I think you guys are in the minority, at least from what I've seen, and, gulp, experienced myself.

I visually can't imagine any of these characters hooking up with one another, and I really don't want to. Yikes!

P.S. The Grammy's are on, ha, I didn't know that either :)

Nancy said...

Jodi said

"I couldn't agree more! A show should be playing to its strength, and both Thomas Gibson and Paget Brewster fill that role. Its disgraceful the way that CBS has treated PB, and now threatening TG when they should be giving him a well-deserved pay increase! Have they even WATCHED the show??!!!"

Jodi, I couldn't agree with you more. CBS keeps treating these actors as if what they have done, what they do, for the network is not important. They should all be getting a raise!

Oh, and I'm sure CM's success has lined one a many pockets at CBS.

sdwally said...

Glynnis said...

"Dear Powers that Be,
As goes Hotch, so I go. :) (said the stampede of Hotch fans...)

Thomas Gibson needs to be given leading man status on the show. He is the heart and soul of it. When Hotch is the acknowledged leader of the team, it is solid and compelling. I like Morgan ok, but only as a backup to Hotch."

Glynnis--I agree with you wholeheartedly and couldn't have said it any better. CBS and Ed should be treating TG in the same manner that Mark Harmon, Simon Baker, David Caruso, and others are treated. He should have top-billing on CM, which is unbelievable that he doesn't considering his tenure on the show and the role he plays as team leader. CBS/CM have been under-appreciating and devaluing TG for many years. It's time they recognize his contribution and appeal, and give him the credit (Executive producer) and salary he so richly deserves and has earned.

Kris said...

You gotta love CBS and the way they continue to treat CM like donkeys. CM is consistently one of their best performers. Week in and week out they deliver 12+ million viewers yet they get no respect from the network that reaps the benefits of their popularity.

How does CBS reward the show?

First it cuts the heart and soul, the beauty out of the show by cutting AJ Cook and Paget Brewster. JJ was the heart of the BAU and AJ the heart of the cast of CM. Every one of them has said how badly she is missed. If AJ was the heart, Paget is the soul. Everybody loves this woman. She is funny and charming, a good friend to all. How does CM reward these strong and beautiful women? By letting them go. Yes Paget has been asked to stay but the damage was done. She wants to move on and I for one don’t blame her. I wouldn’t trust CBS either, not after they stuck a knife in my back.

Now we are getting word that negotiations with Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore may not be going well; that both sides are not close to coming to an agreement. Does that mean that our actors are being low-balled or does that mean they are asking too much? No one knows for sure but if track records hold true I have my suspicions. The show needs both of these men, they can’t afford another change to this cast. This cast that used to be close, that used to be like a family.

All this on top of a spin-off that nobody wants; the spin-off is the root cause of the AJ/Paget debacle. The spin off caused TPTB to reevaluate the mother show and they felt changes were in order. What because this so-called Red Cell team doesn’t have a media liaison the BAU shouldn’t either? The Red Cell team only has four members so the BAU should have four members too? Talk about lame ass reasoning if you ask me. They could have had JJ be the liaison for both teams like Garcia is going to be their technical analyst. Course if it's as bad as I hear it is, I'm glad they didn't choose to do that. And oh, I loved the article I read this morning. Bernero’s quotes nauseated me.
CBS needs to fix this before they lose CM altogether.

How do they do that?

1) They need to get Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore signed to contracts. Remember Hotch is the leader of this team. Treat him as such. Morgan is his subordinate and not a leader. If you want Morgan leading a team, you should have spun HIM off!! Then I might have actually watched it.

2) Paget’s storyline will most likely be an “Is She or Isn’t She Dead” scenario. We all know it will be left a cliffhanger in case Paget changes her mind and decides to stay/come back. CBS needs to somehow convince her to come back to CM. Throw a truckload of money at her, give her lots of time to pursue other projects, do whatever is necessary. CBS is losing a very important part of this team. Network TV needs to keep strong, intelligent, bad-ass women on the air not get rid of them. Right now most of them are on cable. Which brings me to my next point…

3) Bring AJ Cook back. The team handling her responsibilities seems awkward at best. This is not where Garcia excels and she seems uncomfortable doing it where JJ was a natural. JJ is the face of the BAU; she belongs in front of the cameras. The camera loves her. AJ Cook worked will in this team, performing well with what was given her. I blame CM for not developing her character more during the 5+ years she was on the show. Let her job with the DoD come to an end and bring her back to the BAU where she belongs.

Part 1 of 2

Kris said...

Part 2 of 2

4) Get rid of Seaver. I have nothing against Rachel Nichols but the character does not fit. I don’t need time to adjust, it just doesn’t work. Have her intern if you’d like, that makes sense. Have her work with JJ and learn the ropes but she should not be part of this elite team.

5) Reid needs to go back to spewing off stats and giving us his genius input. We all miss that.

6) Garcia – love her but a little of her goes a long way. I am suffering from Garcia overload right now. CBS is trying to capitalize on her popularity and I get it but there is something to be said about leaving people wanting more. I don’t want more; I need a little less Garcia right now.

I should also say that all this is moot without fixing the writing from this season. Most of the episodes have not been on par with what we are used to and it’s not just the characters that are often out of whack. The stories themselves and the way they are told just don’t have the same excitement and flow as in past seasons, and they seem more about the unsubs and less about the team. You can have the best cast in town (they did and can again if they fix the issues outlined above) but if your writing is off, the show will continue to go downhill.

If we didn’t care so much about CM we wouldn’t take the time to comment here. The show was the best on TV. CBS needs to stop messing with it and bring it back to form or it will not make it passed the next season.

Val said...

CBS and Ed may have 'upgraded' the female character on the spin off from a cadet to a SSA ( how can that be? you need to be an SA fisrt!) but oh boy, if you thought Seaver was an unbelieveable character, look at this "a balding guy (Michael Kelly) who is on probation as the series opens for killing a child molester" This guy is in the FBI???? How can this be??

Okay, next to this, I'll take the cadet!

oh and I am a member of the 'No Hotch, No CM!' and I will join the mass exit if Thomas Gibson is not back for S7!


Brianna said...

LOL, LOL Val :)

They have chaged the LaSalle character's back story so that she is now an SSA instead someone who is straight out of the Academy. At least that is the impression I got from the board, that her story was done over to fit her being an SSA.

Maybe Seaver and the bald guy should be spun off into a series of their own :)

Team JJ and Emily/ Sack Seaver said...

I just read how Ed Bernero said that Rache Nichols is the biggest fan of the show originally, and that apparetnly people are trying to get the viewers to like Rachel so that we will like Seaver.
Firstly, I doubt that Rachel is the biggest fan of the show. I feel that i am the biggest fan of the show but I could be wrong.I know all the episodes names, the order they appear in and I collect all the quotes and blah blah blah.
I started watching Criminal Minds because of AJ Cook and I love the show and all the actors in it pre Seaver.
I have seen Rachel Nichols on ALias, The Inside, Gi Joe, P2, and a few other of her things. She is just anohter mediocre actress who does not hold a candle to AJ Cook or Clarice Starling, the character who Seaver is obviously ripped off of.
Rachel may be great as a person and whatnot, she may be great to the cast and crew and may be doing her best to get along with Paget and AJ during the filming of Paget's last episode, whcih btw, I sense some serious tension form the pics and the fact that Rachel is following both Paget and AJ on twitter but they are not following her back, which to me says that while they may not blame her for what happene to them, and Rachel is not to blame, but they do not want to be friedns with her and AJ clearly only posed in a picture with Rachel becuase of that annoying makeup artist asking them too. I love AJ and Paget and no matter how you put it, Seaver is a "replacement" for both JJ and Emily but a really really crapass one.
Apparently Seaver is supposed to come on as a profiler. Not believable at all! Seaver was fine as a guest star but she does not mesh well with the rest of the team. No chemistry whatsoever.
Rachel Nichols has her moments of good acting, she plays interesting characters to play but is pretty dissapointing in her portrayal, especially of Rebecca Locke on The Inside.
Seaver is a badly wirtten character and should not be assisting in profiles or even be on the team. Rachel Nichols is annoying most of the time as the character, with her whining and her daddy issues. I'm surprised she passed the psych test to even be in the FBI let alone the BAU.
Getting us to like Rachel is very aggravating becasue most fans are hoping for JJ's return and for Emily's. Even if Seaver came in with JJ and Emily still on, she still wouldnt fit and would still be annoying and inappropraite. The backlash is stronger becuase of the AJ and paget getting fired situation, regardless SEASVER DOES NOT FIT and it is pissing off the fans.
SHe may only be in a few scenes in three eps and she's not stealing scenes but she is takeing away form the quality and the integrity of the show.
Sorry Rachel if you are offended but you dont belong on the show no matter what. Your character just cant be accepted into the flow of things and it was evident form 25 to life. Even Morgon seems annoyed with her and EMily cant bring herself to smile at her. How the hell did Hotch even let her on the team.
The team cannot fucntion without JJ and the show lost its family feel and Seaver is making it worse.
Rachel if you truly are a fan, watch yourself in the past three episodes and quit and move on to the movies you make, becuase at least you're tolerable in them.
I will never like Seaver or be able to take her seriously.
Also, Seaver may have had a serial killer for her father, but she was never truly a victim. SHe just had a crappy father who she even said was good to her. The only thing Seaver contributed to the team in her first ep was how her father had a problem with pets, which is technically serial killer 101 so its not very impressive.
I admire Paget and AJ for taking the high orad and I hope that CBS or whoever sucks it up, apologizes immensely and brings them back and gets rid of Seaver.
For Rachel's skae, give Seaver a strong goodbye. Because her entrance was appalingly bad and almost laughable.

Team JJ and Emily/ Sack Seaver said...


You are so right. My opinion of Rachel Nichols is my ownn, I am just more aggravated becuase I may have actually grown to like the actress if she wasnt on CM and if she wasnt a knockoff of AJ/JJ. In the twitter pic, they do look very different next to each other, but who can compare to the lovely AJ. Best EYES Ever! And AJ and Paget are so graceful and lovely and classy becuase neither of them have actually said what they are truly thinking and I see both the actresses and their characters as role models. Love them
I know I must sound like a broken record, but get rid of Seaver.

As dor the spinoff, I cant stand Lasalle's character or anyone else on the team except for that british guy because he is so hot! but I dont care if I ever see him again. The entire premise of Suspect Behavior seems so unrealistic to me and its overpromoted, whereas CM got around through word of mouth and is the best crime show in history in my opinion.

So cancel the spinoff, sack Seaver, just plain get reid of her. I knew off rom the bat that I wouldnt like her, since her first episode, and bring back the season 5 cast.

This is not the end either. Next week is when Seaver becomes a regular so I'm betting that the hate is gonna come on full force, and when Paget's last episode airs... Please bring AJ and Paget back permanently and go away Seaver/ Rachel Nichols!

Pilar said...

Just read the review for the spin-off. This is what you sacrificed the original CM for CBS. JERKS!

John said...

Whoever Micheal is,
There is A LOT to fix in the show. You obviously have the hots for Rachel Nichols and are hopeing that she ends up in her underwear on the show becuase form everything else she's been in, she is the most likey to sex up the show, which CM does not need. Cm also does not need Rachel Nichols in any capacity or Ashley Seaver in any way. That ep What Happens at Home" was ok, couldve been better but she cannot be a regular past the end of season 6.
Hopefully, CBS swallow there pride and gets Paget and AJ back on the show, with raises along with the rest of the cast beofre Seaver arrived on the scene. I just dont like her character and feel nothing but deep irritation for her whenever she appears onscreen. She' such a foolish person.
So seriously Micheal, google the Maxim pics of Rachel Nichols in her trashy spreads because she aint good enought o be on CM and will hopefully leave sooner, rather than later.
I like my classy ladies who are dead sexy like AJ and Paget. i dont like trashy spreads. I keep thinking of my little girl in the future or my future wife. Aj and Paget were smoking hot and I dont care if I ever see them naked or not as long as they come back on the show becuase they can act like nobody's business.

645 said...

Suspect Behavior sucks! from the reviews to the traielr to it getting Paget and AJ fired. It just isnt right. I think that even though the cast and Ed Bernero said that they are all taking the high road and trying to embrace the change, its all backfiring on them becuase the change is bad. Seaver, WTF? Who brought that Silence of the lambs wannabe profiler in? SHe is annoying. A pet is what she had to offer to the team as a consultant? Thats part of the homicidal triad which the team shoulda figured out if it werent for the bad wirting without Seaver's pseudo profiling interfernce. And I hope I dont sound like a... but I dont feel bad for Seaver. Seaver seems fine. SHe changed her name and ended up in the Fbi so she doesnt seem traumatized by anything other than that her father turned out to be a serial killer. But he still loves her and writes to her and she still loves him so... why should we like her. No offence to the actress but come on...get off the show. And bring abck JJ and Emily.

Brian said...

Team JJ

You need anger management class. wow the hate you carry on is unhealthy hating on a fictious character like that is just not healthy

I read these comment with all this hate is this what the fans of this show is like now. ugh. i really hope the cast is not reading these to see what kind of fans this show has hating on their co star

Anonymous said...

Seaver sucks so bad and she is killing the show just like Rachel Nichols has done with every other show she's been on. Why Rachel why are you doing this to us? Leave now and no further damage will be done to the show. You suck at acting. GO back to modelling in your undies.

Team JJ and Emily/ Sack Seaver said...


I dont actually hate Rachel Nichols. I hate the character and think that bothe Seaver and Rachel are a bad fit for the show.
Like my name says though, I love AJ/JJ and Paget/Emily and the rest of the cast. But hiring Rn to replace them both is a slap in the face, especially to AJ.
AJ if you are reading this, and Paget, I love you bothe and your cast minus Seaver/Rachel and I hope all the best for you botha nd hope that you come back to the show.
But Brian, I have read WAY WORSE than what I have said, and btw, I have actually been fired and replaced for unnecessary reason so... I know how it feels for both Paget and AJ. And this is the internet. Sorry to vent but my thereapists office is closed.
Apolgies to Rachel Ncihols if you're reading this as well but if you are truly a fan of the show then please stop killing the only show that i watch! You wre cool in GI Joe and Star Trek. I really think you belong in movies but not Criminal Minds.

Ok am I clear now.



I do hate Seaver and Rachel Nichols.
Hoep you dont mind but she sucks hard! The actress has an annoying style and I've never seen her do anything good or interesting and she's playing the same type of characters over and over again. No range unlike the real ladies of Criminal Minds. Rachel is an idiot for staying on the show. Seaver is just terrible for the show's karma. Seaver is ajoke and Rachel's acting non ability. But hey, to each his own.
I'll get over it though once Seaver leaves. Okey then...

gubegirl said...

I have to say that I am with sdwally on the shipping issue. It is just not natural for several years to pass for such an intelligent and attractive group of people to be working so closely together to not have some personal relationship at some point.

And I say the most natural one would be Hotch and Prentiss. She knows him well, she understands all the job pressure and is a loving, caring woman who respects and cares for Hotch, and I think he, her, plus she will make a great mom!

I could totally see it happening and this one, I bet would a natural evolution of them coming together and not seem soap-opera-ish - at least not to me.

Derek prob'ly has dates but is not ready to settle down and certainly not with Garcia. They just have a wonderful, fun-loving relationship as close friends and I cannot see it ever becoming romantic despite all the crazy and cute banter. Plus she has least, we think that he is still in the picture:)

Then there's our boy, Reid, who is SO overdue. I don't see him with a member of the team or with some glamourpuss or a helpless female like Lila in "Somebody's Watching", but someone he may or may not meet on the job, who can stimulate him somewhat intellectually but more importantly, accept and LOVE him for who he is. I want to see this because I think he deserves it, is due for it and it could bring great breadth to his geeky character. I think it could be a wonderful thing and I doubt that he would let his job duties slide but I would love to see it. JMHO.

There's my two cents, but I a romanticist at heart. I seriously don't care to have too much mushy
stuff but I like reality and to include a little love, happiness and LIFE could help to bring balance to a show that is very dark and exemplifies so much that is depressing in this world of sickos.

OK, guys. I'm ready. Go ahead, let me have it...

Gina said...

Brian, quit trying to sound all holier than thou. Team JJ is as entitled to her opinion as you are to yours. Don't try to belittle anyone by criticizing what they are passionate about. This is a fansite after all and we are all passionate about our favorite fictional characters as well as the actors that portray them.

Brian said...

Gina. So you actually think its ok of this poster to post tis hate speach:



I do hate Seaver and Rachel Nichols.
Hoep you dont mind but she sucks hard! The actress has an annoying style and I've never seen her do anything good or interesting and she's playing the same type of characters over and over again. No range unlike the real ladies of Criminal Minds. Rachel is an idiot for staying on the show. Seaver is just terrible for the show's karma. Seaver is ajoke and Rachel's acting non ability. But hey, to each his own.
I'll get over it though once Seaver leaves. Okey then...

It actually soundlike this poster is posting the other seaver hater as well

Do you really condone posting like this is this what this blog has come to breeding hate?

Andrea said...

I just watched episode 100 again. Just like the first time, it made me cry because of all the emotion put into it. Criminal Minds is a truly amazing show. I hope CBS can leave it alone, because the cast is great as it is. I will seriously have to consider not watching season 7 if Hotch, Morgan, or Prentiss are gone.

Gina said...

All I can say Brian, I peronally don't have a problem with what is being said. She is saying she doesn't like Seaver and doesn't want Nichols on the show, she isn't saying harm should come to her. If I read something I didn't like or didn't agree with the tone of a blog, I would find another. Perhaps you can join a Rachel Nichols fan club.

MVL said...

The actress who will play Gina LaSalle on the spin-off may owe a debt of gratitude to the Seaver character for highlighting a major defect in the latter's qualifications & ensuring that the spin-off's showrunner & writers moved to correct it in time for the premiere. But then again it is probably only the devoted AND thoughtful fans who would have noticed & questioned the unrectified lack of qualification, and most of us won't be watching the spin-off anyway.

If there is any way to get through to the persons-in-charge in CBS & on CM, please do what you should've done in June 2010: leave the cast & the show alone. And give us more of the writing that got us hooked on the show in the first place. If that must include writing the Seaver character out to restore credibility/sanity further, then so be it.

To the original cast members: hoping mightily to see you all back for the next seasons (yes, you too, Paget, & AJ). Wish you all the best.

Alison said...

I hate that CBS or whoever got rid of AJ and it really pisses me off that now PB is leaving too (Please Stay!!) Yet, you bring on the lame ass Seaver character!!! This has been a f*ed up season of CM!!!

CBS, if you try to get rid of TG & SM you can say "bye bye" to ALL CM fans and to your show! They are a family! Stop tearing them apart!

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Gina said...

Careful Alison, Brian might think you are being hateful. *sarcasm*

I agree with every word you said! Bring back AJ and Paget, keep Thomas and Shemar!!

Peter said...

I can definitely see it from Brians point
Gina why should we who like seavver here even listen to what you have to say of course you are with the seaver haters here because you don't like her either and won't give her a chance even if she only has been in 3 episodes jezz yes 3 ep.

You can't look objective on things so you will of course site with the haters

Anonymous said...

Umm, could we perhaps not go into Rachel Nichols' posing for Maxim...some of us (myself included) may dislike the idea of a CM cast member's having disrobed for the camera, but it was the actress' personal, pre-CM* & non-CM-related choice, so should it be subject to ad hominem pejorative comment on a CMFanatic forum?...just a thought.

AJC & PB have shown us that taking the high road is classy as hell, so if we must criticize, why not keep it about the character Ms. Nichols plays on the show -- whom, for the record, I also consider absolutely unqualified to be in an elite team of profilers.

(*I mention this because I read on Paget's Wikipedia page that she was personally invited by Hefner pre-CM to pose in Playboy, but declined, & I'm not sure if my sentiment -- that such a personal choice shouldn't be fair game on this forum -- would change had she, or Ms. Nichols, gone & done it while already a cast member)


Gina said...

And that is my prerogative Peter.

But when did ones dislike of a character equal being hateful? That was my point to Brian. He wants to chastise someone for having a point of view different from his as being hateful.

It is the character not making sense that I oppose to. I blame the writers for that. She is a cadet and as such should not be in the BAU. She isn't a genius like Reid so tell me how she made it onto this elite team?

I don't really recall seeing either of you on the CM blog before Rachel Nichols joined the team. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. If you are fans of hers that's fine but this is a CM fan site and we have a right to complain about a character not fitting onto this team. Read all the threads since Seaver joined the team....she's pretty universally panned and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Anita said...

My thoughts... well...

I hate what CBS has done to my favourite show. I hate the fact JJ's not here anymore. I hate to think that maybe Prentiss won't be here anymore. And I hate the idea of Hotch and Morgan not being there anymore.

Seriously, what happened? It's like a bad nightmare where everything is torn into tiny little pieces.

CM used to be such a great show. The first 4 seasons where just perfect. I loved all the characters, I loved the connection between them; what they shared, the storylines were amazingly great and I love to rewatch every single episode.

Season 5 disappointed me. And let's not talk about season 6. I thought the secrets thing was going to be awesome and that it was going to lift the show up back to where they left it at the end of the 4th season... but it didn't happen. I'm scared to think of season 7...

With all this mess going on, I'm not even excited on Wednesday anymore. It used to be CM day; I wouldn't miss a single episode, I couldn't wait to discover what was going to happen. Now... well... I still watch CM, only because I want to know what's going to happen to Reid. I can't stand Garcia anymore; I don't like what she has become, I cannot get used to her being what JJ was, sorry... I loved her before, I loved what she shared with Morgan, what happened to those characters?

I don't know what's going to happen next, but I hate CBS. They are the best in ruining everything. Congrats, guys, you are losing a lot of fans.

The good ol days said...

I watched Criminal Minds because I fell in love with the characters. Don't get me wrong, a show about the BAU should be interesting in itself in theory, but honestly I don't believe that's what keeps the millions of viewers each week. Each season, every episode, I have watched this show and have followed the lives of these fictional characters... they have become all too real to me. I feel like I know them. Crazy, but true.

Each minute in every episode was like a penny in the bank. I invested more interest in the character, cases, show, and was rewarded wonderfully.

That was until this season...

AJ left and it was a stab in the heart. Paget leaving is another stab. And the threats of TG and SM is like a stab and twist.

My favorite character (despite loving them all) is Reid. However, if Paget, Thomas, and/or Shemar leave I will not watch anymore. Why? Any investment I have put toward their character and their interactions with other characters is lost. It's like a slap in the face for the loyal fans like me.

Mai said...

Anita said...

"Now... well... I still watch CM, only because I want to know what's going to happen to Reid. "

I'm the same. CM just isn't the must see show it once was for me and nowadays the only thing that keeps me coming back is Reid's storyline. Despite no follow up from Corazon in the last few episodes - continuity, wth???? - I'm presuming that we haven't seen the end of it. I'm certainly hoping that we haven't seen the end of it. But once his storyline is over and we are onto S7 I'm not all that sure I will be still viewing. A.J being sacked, the imminent departure of Prentiss the poor writing and the introduction of Seaver has left my CM love on it's last legs. As I said, only the Reid storyline is keeping me hanging on in there right now. But even my love for Genius Boy might not keep me there if anything happens to the Hotch and Morgan characters. Yeah, I'm a Reid fan but for me CM is not just about Reid. Or Hotch. Or any one character. It's about Reid, Hotch, Morgan, Rossi, Prentiss, Garcia and J.J. Like many fans I fell in love, above all, with the family aspect of the show.

angryCMfan said...

Let me just quote Caridad from the "Sense Memory" thread:

"Caridad said...

What kills me, what really kills me, is that there was nothing wrong with the show!!!! It wasn't until Tassler and company came in with their wrecking ball and stupid new character addition that they show flew to hell. Why couldn't they leave things as they were? It was so good before; strong writing, kick ass cast, what the hell more do they want?????"


Anonymous said...

I live in Australia and we are behind in the season and haven't seen any of the Ashley Seaver character come in yet. I see people come up with "hate" and "spiteful" and "just because of JJ" excuses when it comes to defending this character but all I have ever read is logical, reasonable, detailed, fair, legit reasons why this character shouldn't be in the BAU. The fact that there have been so many logical and legit reasons why this character should be in the show (without actual hate or spite) says something. People coming up with "its just because of jj/aj paget/prentiss" or the fact that "she has only been in the show 3 episodes" is weak. You should not need a lot of episodes to like a character or not.

I hope Paget stays. The writing has been quite off lately. They need to think how each character would approach each case, not give them a case and manipulate each character to whatever the writer is thinking at the time. Its why (along with the profiling of unsubs) that has people loving this show.

Raquel said...

Please, please, please, no romantic storylines between coworkers/team mates!!!! I have seen this attempted on one a many show and trust me it has failed miserably!!! I don't want to start see people who have respected one another as colleagues, friends, and "family" start making out, jumping in and out of bed, and having shower scenes with one another. For the love of God, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

With respect to all of this contract talk, I don't know what is truly going on behind the scenes as I am sure many of the people who have commented here don't either. What I do know is that CBS is an entity where nothing can be taken for granted. In a short period of time, they have shredded a show that used to be marked with excellence to something that is barely recognizable to the show many of us fell in love with. With so many viewing options, it is a rare thing nowadays for people to stay so devoted to a show. But CBS is making it easier and easier for people to walk away from this show with all of the ridiculous decisions it has made and supported related to the show.

Paget, I will support her in whatever she decides to do, but I hope that she will decide to stay for season 7. The void that would be left without the character she plays on the show is almost unbearable to think about. I think it goes without saying that Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore are critical assets to the team as well and should be treated and respected as such. Matthew Gray Gubler is very talented and not only has done a great job portraying the role of Reid, but has also done a fine job of directing. He should absolutely be recognized and compensated for those efforts. Lastly, without taking the conversation to a base level which thankfully the majority have not done here, the Seaver character is not one that works with the show. It is not a matter of how many times the character has, or will, appear on the show. It is the way that the character has been developed, that is, as totally green, a rookie. This is something that can't be walked away from or altered. I was an idea for the show, but an idea that most people are not accepting and will not accept because of the nature of the show. Try as the show writers might, it is a hurdle the viewers will not jump over.

Let's keep season 7 at Hotch, Morgan, Rossi, Reid, Prentiss and Garcia. If there is anyway in heaven and earth that the character of JJ can return, that would be fantastic! Her presence on the show is something that has been greatly needed and missed since her character was written off of the show.

Evan Weinstein said...

I will definity suggest and produce a season with everyone back, Hotchner, Rossi, Reid, Morgan, Prentiss, Garcia and JJ, and 2 back to back episodes with the return of Jason Gideon to assist in a case that his best friend in CIA is found being murdered in a very unusual way. This will send the who ratings sky rocketed.

Connie said...

Laura said...


Be prepared for next year, when Matthew Gray Gubler dares to ask for a raise after 6 years...

You know CBS will play hard ball and bring in a 10 year-old genius who can read 20.001 words per minute and with an IQ of 188 for an episode or two to show Matthew he can be replaced and the fans won't even notice the difference.
Or you know, a light brown long hair cadet who can't profile but it's one year younger than him."

Laura, this is so funny!!! But the sad thing is that I wouldn't put it past CBS to do something like this, not at all. We've already gotten shades of this with the new character and I am sure that if given the opportunity they would try and pull a similiar thing with another character.

Herms said...

I really hope to not see romantic storylines on Criminal Minds, and that for many reasons.

I was never able to appreciate the relationships they tried to introduce or hinted at on the show, (Lila trying to seduce Reid, Morgan with Tamara...).

Those random characters never feel like a good fit because we don't feel connected to them.

Furthermore, I'm quite sure a lot of us would disagree on what kind of person would be a good fit for one of the main characters (for Prentiss, Reid, Hotch, Morgan...).

What if the writers hook up your favorite character with someone you think is not a good fit at all, someone you just cannot see with your favorite character ?

Chances are the "relationship" wouldn't make sense for a good part of the fans because fans have divergent opinions on that matter.
So, it might just end up being a disappointment (and the show could never take the time to make the relationship feel "real", it has other, more important things to deal with in 42 minutes).

I'm perfectly happy to believe that some of the main characters might already have someone in their life. I'm perfectly happy to imagine what that person could be like and to not see her/him.

We see the professional life of the team members, and bits, just bits, of their personal life when it's convenient "plot wise".
That doesn't bother me. This is what this show is about : the team working together to catch criminals and bonding together.

Their connection is something we can feel, something real, something deep and something we can feel connected to.
Any kind of outside romantic relationship would pale in comparison if they tried to show it on screen.

There are also more interesting things to show about them than a romantic relationship with a random character :
I prefer to see Hotch with his son and with the team, I prefer to see Reid displaying his genius and see him interacting with his teammates.

If we all love the 'plane scenes' it's because they allow us to see that connection.

I want to see the interaction and friendship between the team members.
I'm perfectly able to imagine for myself the other aspects of their private life and I don't need to see it.

I liked what they did with Elle in 'Charms and Harm', when Morgan thought she was seeing someone (because Elle was on the phone more than usual when she usually hated the phone).
We never really got the answer but it was a possibility.

That, I can appreciate in a way :
a very slight hint that a main character might have a relationship but we don't see the love interest in question (and don't even get his or her name or learn anything about him/her).
It's the only solution I could appreciate if the writers wanted to make us understand that a main character might be involved in a romantic relationship.

Unknown said...

What’s on my mind … I do hope that Ed and the TPTB are actually reading what the viewers have to say and taking some notice of the many comments herein, the key as many have reiterated here and on may of the other threads, is that the quality and the basis of this show has been totally lost this season.

Everyone who knows CM as the die hard fans do know the quality of this show and what it truly is, you only have to go back and watch the first 5 seasons (granted some episode exceptions! & the Fight comes to mind!!) & you will know soon enough why the fans are enraged, the whole premise of the show and its elite team is gone, no longer are they that special CM family who graced our TV screens each week & who we have come to love.

No longer do we have our dependable strong unit chief, please bring him back, we miss him. Love the show and the entire cast for the elements that they add to the ensemble cast but Hotch/TG is your man.

This show didn’t need fixing until CBS decided that they would fix something that wasn’t broken & the damage done is clearly visible in season 6, adding the deplorable Seaver character has only made matters worse, so I do hope that CBS and TPTB are doing something to fix this, please, pretty please can Seaver and bring back our CM family, and while you are at it bring back our amazing writers who made this show what it is & won the hearts of the many millions of viewers who come back each week..

IMHO it would seem that some of our new writers don't quite get the connection & the deep rooted family that this team comes from and what they have been through together standing side by side through thick and thin, they now seem to be strangers simply there to do a job and the unsub is now front & centre.

Yes we like the stories and the profiling and the horrible creepy things that people do that keep this unit working but ultimately the reason we all tune in week after week is for the characters & how they work the cases, how they work with each other and how the work they do impacts them, their lives & their interactions. These characters are not interchangeable and more importantly should by no means be overshadowed by the creep of the week. This show is its characters (Seaver excluded here).

Cindy you are spot on when you say the CM audience/fans are smart individuals and you can see this come through in comments all through the blog & forum, this smart, intelligent show with it’s attention to detail is what grabbed my attention from the pilot episode and it’s these wonderful characters who had me coming back week after week.

I’m missing the special moments of Hotch their strong leader, the compassionate, but strong & decisive leadership of his team who he would stick by through thick and thin, and Thomas Gibson has too much talent and far too much to offer to be sidelined as much as he has so far this season.

Then there are all the little moments that bring them together, the interactions & understanding they have and built over their many years of working together doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

I’m not ready to give up on CM yet, and I’m holding out hope that our many voices are being heard and something is actually being done to fix our amazing show and restore it to its glory.

Alison said...

In response to one of Team JJ and Emily/ Sack Seaver's comments - I think it is uncalled for and rude to call their makeup artist stupid!! And I'm pretty sure you weren't in the room when Rachel and AJ took their picture together so how can you say "clearly"?!

Sophia said...

Herms, 1000% agree!!

CBS, CBS, CBS, your total lack of regard for the individuals that work for you never ceases to amaze me. You always cry buckets when it comes to "budget" issues, but yet, you manae to pay the actors on your network's other shows an obscene amount of money per episode. You have slashed and hacked Criminal Minds into tiny little pieces of nothing. That is not a way to sustain and maintain quality on any show. Bottom line, if you want quality, you have to invest in quality. Beginning with investing in quality writers, to maintaining quality actors by giving them the money and respect they have earned in producing a successful show for your network.

There is no reason that season 7 cannot be a successful one, but in order to do that, you have to invest, not take away. As such, please do whatever it is possible to repair the damage that you have caused in your relationship with Paget Brewster. Paget Brewster is a quality actress who has more than shown her value and necessity on the show. Likewise, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, and Matthew Gray Gubler are quality actors that have shown their value and necessity to the show. Give these individuals what is only fair that they receive after all of their dedication to this show.

Although it may not be possible, I want to end with a plea for your network to rehire AJ Cook. AJ Cook should have never been fired. Like her collegaues, AJ Cook is a quality actress who has shown her value and necessity to the show. Her absence from the show is something that is felt anytime someone tunes in to watch an episode she is not in. Regarding the new character, if you have read any of the comments here, it is clear why this new character is not an asset to the show, but rather a hindrance.

Anonymous said...

I used to look forward to Wed nights but now I just wait for the show to start praying the writing won't suck. Fix the writing and leave the actors alone.

Anonymous said...

CM once was a family. We all said that. Ed Bernero used to say that. A family doesn't do this to each other. AJ and Paget were divorced out of the family. Rachel was adopted in. Thomas and Shemar seem to be in the adoption process or in time out. And the fandom is one big raw nerve. I want our family back.

And I want new writers or the old ones back.

Anonymous said...

I won't watch the show if Thomas Gibson isn't on it anymore. We've lost too much already. That would be the nail in the coffin for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day CM fans. Thanks Shannon for giving us fans a venue for sharing our thoughts about this great show. I know you want us all to vote to keep TG & SM. And I was gonna vote - really, I was. Then I stopped. I mean, I cant' imagine the show without Thomas & Shemar. Thomas is brilliant (should have won an Emmy for his performance in 100) and Shemar's passion is electrifying on screen. But, truth be told, if they were gone I'd still tune in just to see MGG (and Kirsten). MGG is the one who pulled me into this show to begin with - he's the reason I watch. Have to say though, i'd definitely miss the sexy banter bwtn Garcia & Morgan. CBS is nuts if they don't see the good thing they have with the chemistry of this incredibly talented cast.

D.J. said...

well said, Cindy:
"CBS needs to get the hell out of messing with this show. CBS needs to also start treating the actors on this show with the respect that they have earned all of these years busting their humps to make this a successful show. I know that Paget is probably beyond done with CBS, but I sincerely hope that she will come back season 7, as well as Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore. What I emphatically do not want to see season 7 is the Ashley Seaver character. This is not a personal dig against the actress, it is the character of Ashley Seaver that makes no sense and is insulting to the majority of the Criminal Minds viewers."

The ONLY pink slip I'd really lilke to see is Nina Tassler. Obviously CBS DOESN'T GET IT - but I'm going to try anyway. This show is about FAMILY. Bring back AJ, make Paget and offer she can't refuse and get the other actors on board with solid contracts and then just stop screwing with the show, the actors and the fans!

(And nothing personal to the actor, but get rid of Seaver character - makes no sense for Hotch to put up with a cadet! Is anyone paying attention to continuity????)

Anonymous said...

Criminal minds is my fav show! Its sooooooo good! i never want it too end! ^ ^ lol
I'm really worried about it though! When JJ left it was horrible! so sad! T-T And now theres rumours that three others might be leaving! NOOOO!
My world would be in chaose!
*sniff* Any way, ROCKS! ^ ^
Keep on of the best shows out there strong!

Denise said...

If even part of the article printed about contracts for Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore is correct, then this is utter insanity.

CBS, for years you have treated Thomas Gibson as if he were some sub par character on Criminal Minds. Many here have asked if any of your network executives have ever watched an episode of Criminal Minds, and I feel secure in stating that by your treatment of Thomas Gibson none of them have. Record this into your little network notepads, Thomas Gibson is an integral part of Criminal Minds, and dare I say, that without his character at the helm, there will be no Criminal Minds.
And as for that little stunt pulled in the "25 to life" episode where Thomas Gibson did not appear because, what was it again, he was gone golfing, may that never happen again. I find it incredible that seasoned writers, producers and directors of this show could not coordinate the shooting of an episode around Thomas Gibson's schedule. Would this have occurred had it been Mark Harmon or David Carusso who had gone golfing. No, I suspect that these shows would have moved heaven and earth to shoot around these actors schedules. Had Mark Harmon or David Carusso been the ones playing Thomas Gibson's role on Criminal Minds, I'm sure that the episode would have been shot on the golf course with the unsub turning out to be some psychotic caddy.

I know much of the focus here has been on Thomas Gibson's role on the show, as it should be, but Shemar Moore is also an integral part of the Criminal Minds team. It would be an absolute mistake to believe that his character can be eliminated to be replaced by whomever your network feels would divert the attention of the viewers away from the fact that he is no longer on the show. You have tried and failed miserably in doing this with the dreadful Ashley Seaver character and I can only imagine that any attempt to surplant Shemar Moore's character would result in a similiar fail.

Finally, your network should try everything in its power to secure the return of Paget Brewster for season 7. To say that you have completely fouled up that relationship is an understatement. But, I feel that there may still be time, or at least I hope there is time, to make amends with Paget Brewster and ge her back for season 7. As for Matthew Gray Gubler, it would also be a mistake to continue devaluing the contribution that this actor has made to the show, both in the portrayl of his character and in the directing of episodes for the show.

CBS, the ball is in your court. Don't drop it again.

Tonia said...

Oh, delicious read everyone!

Lisa said...

Tonia. no matter how bad the show is doesn't even matter. if the ratings is good you can bet your ass the show is here to stay

Do you think the critics likes Jersey Shore. look at the ratings on that dreadful show

I on the other hand also like the addition of Ashley Seaver i think she is gonna be a fascinating character on the original CM

The spin off i do not have much hope for

Anonymous said...

When I found out that AJ Cook was going to be back for an episode of criminal minds I decided to stop by here to see what has been happening on the show. WOW. After reading all the comments here I am happy that I stopped watching the show. The last AJ Cook episode was the end for me as a viewer. I will be watching the upcoming episode with AJ Cook as I watch all the shows and movies that she does. But that will be it for me. I am happy watching reruns of this show seasons 1-5. For those who continue to watch despite your unhappy feelings about what they have done to this show I hope you are able to find a way to accept the absurdity that it has become. It will never be the great show you remember. Bringing characters back, keeping current characters or getting rid of characters you do not care for will not fix the damage already done. That they claim that all this was for creative reasons as they shoved it down the fans throats should tell you that they have run out of the ability to be creative on this show. Or maybe they just got bored with their own creation and that is why they are taking away from this show and are putting everything into a spinoff.

Anonymous said...

The Reviews are coming in--and they're not very glowing. I'm predicting that the pilot episode for the spin-off might get good ratings, mainly out of the curiosity of the viewers, but then it will fizzle out because people will realize that "this is terrible" "what a piece of crap" "What a waste of money."

How will it bode for the original? I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I mean seriously, Star Magazine gave it 2 stars (out of how many IDK, but it seems low), US Magazine gave it 2 1/2 stars, Pittsburgh Post Gazette called it "weaker than the original," Miami Herald calls it "It is uniquely stupid, profoundly stupid, an ecstatic nirvana of stupidity, a stupidity that defies all previous boundaries of time and space."

If that ain't a television sinkhole, I don't what is. But I'm also worried that if the spin-off bombs, CBS might take its failure out on the original CM, essentially punish it (like reduce its budget even further, fire more people--I'm really hoping MGG doesn't get in trouble for daring to ask for a raise--reduce the episode count)--anything could go wrong.

It sounds alarmist, but that's just my feeling.

Team JJ and Emily/ Sack Seaver said...

THANK YOU GINA for your understanding. ANd Brian, sorry if my opinion hurts. I am not suggesting anything other than Rachel Nichols is a crappy actress in my opinion and that her character is a bad character and both need to be written off the show becuase neither of them has chemistry with the team and the character has no qualifications either. She just isnt exceptional, she's just your average pretty girl, thats it.
Btw, I did not post the Seaver Hater and Pround comment though I agree with thier sentiments.

Sarah said...

Denise, I agree with everything you stated!

CBS, indeed, the ball is your court, do not drop it again!

Anonymous said...

Paget would still be classy if she posed for Playboy or Maxim or whatever. Just the style Rachel Posed in was terribly trahsy. YOu can be half dressed and still be a class act and secy.
Rachel still looked good in her Maxim shoot but... I wouldnt want her to meet my mom after that. Just sayying.

vanni said...

I used to love Rachel Nichols.
But after AJ COOk left and RN replaced her and Paget on my favorite show killing it, I no longer like RN. Please get rid of Seaver.

ronda said...

SOme shows work with new characters, some shows dont. EMily and Rossi worked on CM because they were complete opposite in character and because they were completely different looking. Plus, they fit chemistry wise and their are useful and likeable and great actors. Seaver has none of these qualities or the actress who plays her.
I think that people just reaally like Rache as a person and are afraid to tell her she sucks on this show.

connie said...

Ive read the comments and agree with most of them. The show needs to get rid of Seaver and get JJ and Emily back. There is nothing else to it.

Emily said...

I am definitely not ready to give up on seaver yet after only 3 episodes hell no that would be giving up or not even accepting the character. Rossi also was hated at first by many i can truly remember that. And now many like him. I will not give up on Seaver after only 3 episoes. Lets see how she does in the coming weeks. I think she is goona be great on the show

Patricia said...

It seems that the drama with this show will never end. Why is it so difficult for CBS to understand that they are ruining a good show? Is it that they believe that they know better than the people who actually watch the show? No, that can't be because had they know better than the people who actually watch the show they wouldn't have fired excellent writer's, nor would they have fired AJ Cook and pushed out Paget Brewster. Now it appears that there is some tussle with Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore's contracts. Why don't they finish off the show with one fell swoop and just cancel it instead of continuing to make illogical and irrational decisions when it comes to this show?

With regard to the whole Rachel Nichols, Ashley Seaver brew ha ha, it is one thing to like an individual, and no doubt, Rachel Nichols seems like a very likeabe, lovely and funny person. However, that has nothing to do with the character that she plays on Criminal Minds. No matter how likeable, lovely, or funny she may be in real life, the fact is that the Ashley Seaver character is beyond ridiculous and beyond repair. There is really not much further that can be said about that character than has not already been stated here over and over. It is awful that she was tasked to play this unbelievably awful role, and, unfortunately, the only remedy is to eliminate the character from the show.

Nicole said...

People may have hated the Rossi character when he first appeared, but the fact us that whether people hated him or not his character was a fit for the show. David Rossi not only had the credentials to be part of the team, he was one of the original founders of the BAU. Not to mention that his character has authored dozens of books about serial killers, serial killers that he has met and interviewed. No matter what one may feel about his character on the show, what they cannot say is that he does not have the credibility to be on the team. He has the credibility to be on the team and then some.

What does the Seaver character have? One word, nothing. She has no experience and no exceptional intellect like Reid. All she has, or will soon have, is some FBI Academy diploma that she can post up in her cubicle. Had she had any type of credibility to be on the team, that is one thing, but she does not and the writer's can't, although I am sure they will make an attempt, write her as if she does. This is why I cannot accept her role on the show, it is a complete farce.

Gina said...

Let me reiterate, my dislike of the Seaver character has nothing to do with Rachel Nichols as a person. I'm sure she's a lovely person.

It is the Seaver character that sucks. Yes we've had new characters introduced but they at least made sense. Whether you liked Emily and Rossi at first or not, you have to admit their character made sense. Emily is the appropriate age and has the right experience for the job. Rossi used to be with the team and he was a) filling a need when Gideon abruptly left and b) he had unfinished business that made him want to return.

Seaver is a brand new cadet. She is still taking tests at the Academy. There is no way that she would just leapfrog and land in this elite unit. Some people might be able to suspend their disbelief but I cannot.

I don't blame Rachel Nichols for this, I blame the show's producers and writers for not giving us a believable character. I'm sorry but she needs to go back to the Academy and earn her chops onto this team. If we can't have AJ and/or Paget back, bring in a more believable character to take their place. We don't want "young and hot", we want strong and smart something really lacking in the Seaver character.

Anonymous said...

As a fan of Rachel Nichols, I like her character it has got me interested in this show again.I also like JJ and Emily but all this hate talk makes me think you people need a life, if this show is all you got then I and Rachel feel extremely sorry for you.

Mephisto said...

LOL, Anonymus, first of all you obviously care enough to write as well and secondly since when does having an opinion exclude having a life. I like Rachel but I don't like her character and I want JJ back. Fair enough if u have a different opinion.

Claudia said...

LOL, Anonymous. If you hadn't noticed, this is an open comment thread for people to make comments. Also, you are here commenting so what does that say about your life.....

I also think that the Seaver character is not a good fit. It doesn't make sense and there is no way that it could. As I don't know any of Rachel Nichols previous work, I cannot comment on anything she has done prior to Criminal Minds, nor could I, or would I, display this famous "hate" that some people are claiming that those who dislike the character she plays on the show have towards her as an individual.

Sorry, but that is just an extremely foolish thing to say considering the more than adequate reasons people have clearly outlined here for believing that the Seaver character is not good for the show and should not return for season 7.

Beth said...

What is on my mind, a lot but CM wise mostly that article about Thomas Gibson not having a new contract yet. See I watch CM for Hotch who is the most interesting character on the show. I may like the others but the one that I care about is Hotch. If Gibson goes then I will stop watching CM.

I'll use the mantra others have use (it is a damn good one!) 'No Hotch, No CM!'


Anonymous said...

so sorry if it bothered you all don't get your pantys in knot now, it was my 1st comment on this board and some of you act if Seaver has ruined your life and you can't go on. last comment forever I promise I really do have a life to live. bye bye(my name is at the top of my last post)

Teresa said...

Denise, I completely agree with all of your comments. I started watching CM part way through Season1. Yes, Mandy was there,but it was Hotchner that grabbed my attention then and is still the reason I watch now. He isn't the in-your-face of a Rossi or Morgan, but his strength and leadership is palpable. Thomas Gibson brings such skill and energy to the roll and deserves an Emmy for 100, not to have to fight for a raise most sorely deserved.

You can stop this insanity. Give both Gibson and Moore their contracts. You've f'd up so much this season with unnecessary changes. Don't continue to confound your error. In fact, ensure that Paget stays too.

(No Hotch, no CM. Keep our cast.)

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