Monday, April 06, 2009


Criminal Minds: Please use this thread to post a message to CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler about the firing of the Criminal Minds writers and the recent media reports that CBS is cutting actors from popular television shows.

Let her know that we object to their "changing the winning formula" of Criminal Minds. "Why change a show that works?" "Why lay off writers and actors that make the show great?" "Don't change a winning formula." We won't tolerate any more changes with this show. We will stop watching. Period.

Here's your chance to speak your "Minds"............

I will print off and fax her office daily all the comments left.


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Anonymous said...

Don't fix what ain't broken!

Mira said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

Recently I've learned of the sacking of 5 writers on Criminal Minds and possibly even one or more actors. Devastating news as the show is one of it's kind, the numbers are still growing and it only works as an ensemble.

Cutting in the costs is understandable, but overplaying a winning hand will only result in a big loss. Firing more good writers, and IMHO the best writer, of the show is killing the storylines and ultimately your show.

Criminal Minds is simply the best show on television and by changing the cast and staff so dramatically, you're tempting faith. Although I have complete faith in the remaining cast and staff, it is a lot too handle. Maybe even too much and so unnecessary.

The fans are in disbelief and cannot understand the recent decisions and news. Most of them were usually on the board and blog every second, but now find it hard to even click the link. Just so they don't get any more bad news, whilst still believing in the show.

Although we all love Criminal Minds and everyone involved, we are afraid of the affects and the impact it will have on our beloved show. It is safe to say that Criminal Minds stands to lose a lot and we don't want to lose the best show on television. Please reconsider your recent actions!

A worried Criminal Minds fanatic,

Lanna said...

Dear Nina Tassler

I've been watching Criminal Minds for quite a while now and I can honestly say that it's the best TV show I've ever seen. I'm not one to throw around with words nor get excited easily but this show is a wonder of its own. And all this is made possible by the wonderful team working hard on it each and every episode. The writers are some of the most talented in the business, great hard working people who write incredible stories for us to enjoy every week. So the news of sacking 5 writers has left me deeply dissapointed. And the fact that the most amazing writer on the show was among them even more so.

But now the news that one or more actors might be leaving as well is just too much to take honestly. The cast is just fabulous and the synergy between them is perfect. I generally have something to mutter about things, but this cast is just perfect as it is. Please don't break this great team for the sake of budget cuts. You might save some money each week and find yourself without a show in a few months. We love Criminal minds as it is. Too many changes may and will backfire. We've come to love this show, watch it every week and we'd be deeply dissapointed if it were to change dramatically. The writers that you chose to let go are some of the most talented people out there. I actually can't understand your decisions. But I do hope that I don't see any more goodbye letters, from the cast or the crew. For me it's not a question of tolerating the changes, but I will stop watching if certain actors leave and the show loses its quality. I feel that it's already heading in a direction we don't want it to go. And we as fans should know when things are right and when they are wrong, because we're the ones giving the show high ratings every week. Please reconsider the cast changes, even if it might be too late to get you to reconsider the writers being let off.

The ratings tell the story of a great successfull show, with an amazing storyline and wonderful characters. Just think really well and hard if that's worth risking for a few budget cuts. Because I really think you are ruining the show and nothing good can come from this, neither for you nor for us.

Criminal minds fanatic

Unknown said...

They didn't say any of the actors have been cut from the show. And further more, the media reports are that supporting actors will be cut if the stars of shows demand their yearly pay raise. Also, it's noted that only CBS produced shows are in danger. CM is jointly produced with ABC so there is a chance that those particular reports don't apply to the show. Let's not panic yet people and just show support to our show, actors, writers and all crew that help make the show what it is.

Jasmine said...

When i read that 5 of the best writers were fired i was just shocked and i can't imagine the show even without one of the actors gone.
Why we love Criminal Minds is because everyone do their job at it's best. There are so many other criminal shows out there but this show is in a way another level. Every single cast add something special to the show and they already look like a family to me. Watching them every week gives us a great feeling. The show is dark but the people in it makes it awesome.I have to add it's a pretty informing show as well.
The writers are the base of any show they are the ones who can make it successful or bring it down. And in case of CM i think they were doing a brilliant job. There was not a single episode we could guess the ending.
I am shocked but i hope i won't see the best show on TV go down because of the change of the cast or writers. They are one amazing crew that shouldn't be changed !!!
I hope our thoughts are important enough to the people who are deciding over things right now. All the fans are so devastated right now i can't imagine the show without any of it's cast right now.
We will continue supporting the best show on TV.

Elizabeth said...

I am really saddened that some fantastic writers have left the show.

Criminal Minds is a cut above most other drama produced at the moment - it is intelligent writing for intelligent fans and I really hope that is going to stay that way.

The team of actors on the show at the moment are very talented and fit very well together. I will be very disappointed if we don't see them all in Season 5.

Anonymous said...

Three CSI shows one Criminal Minds.

Need I say more ???

Anonymous said...

Wait: actors, too? Seriously, learning about the "loss" of 5 excellent writers was already a punch to the midriff, but losing one or more actors could ruin the show that I love. During the last season(s) all the characters were built up for the viewers, background infos were given, they improved image and now you wanna cut some? This could be the end of the show. It's always different when an actor decides for himself to leave a show to start s/th new, but getting fired because of costs and by this destroying a working and successful unit - you can't expect appreciation.
This said, I hope those responsible will reconsider their decisions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

I'm very sad to learn that five writers has been fired from Criminal Minds.I will be very very sad if we don't see them all in Season 5.
Writers, actors, all the crew... make the show who it is.

You are killing the show in doing this. This crew works perfectly and we can see it on TV, when we watching the show, all over the world.
Don't sacrifice this show. Don't press the trigger. Please, please, don't kill the show! don't kill the minds of this show, the soul of this show! please.

- Johannie aka BlackNight.
A Criminal Minds fan, from France.

BlueCurl said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

"Why mess with perfection?", a quote used by two amazing writers who now will no longer write for Criminal Minds (Dan Dworkin & Jay Beattie) after this season. But such a strong statement. Ofcourse, everybody is effected by the current crisis... But shouldn't you invest in what is doing good? Or make all the perfection in something less. I don't see how that can last long?! You don't discard the things that are most valueable in any company, it will ruin it! Save the future not the moment. Keep Criminal Minds as it is. Its a top show because everybody contributes to it!! Its like taking hydrogen away. Just a few molecules and without it, where would planet earth be?

I'm really in disbelief and I don't understand whats happening in tv-land!!

Yours truly.

Cynthia Tan said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

Hi. I'm a Criminal Minds fan from Malaysia. Although Malaysia have not aired the fourth season of Criminal Minds (soon), I have watched the past three seasons.

Andrew Wilder, Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie, Holly Harold and Deb Fisher are great writers, and sacking 5 TALENTED WRITERS would be totally RIDICULOUS. They are part of what made CM an awesome show. Sacking them... sooner or later, CM will loose its fan base and maybe itself. You would not wanna ruin a show that currently scores high ratings, don't you?

Many fans are disappointed and confused about the action taken. As @Mira said, fans are afraid of the affects and the impact it will have on our beloved show. Many fans think that how can a great show lasts without it's good writers; and among them are one of the few best writers of the show.

5 writers does sound a lot to me. Economy crisis is not getting any better lately, and people need a job to survive in this competitive world and sacking the 5 writers would make things worse for them.

Please reconsider the action you've taken. Please be rational.

I apologize if I've offended anyone...

One of the disappointed Criminal Minds Fanatics

Liska said...

Mrs Tassler,

I don't understand this. Writers are the base of the show, without them, there will be no show. I agree, that the work can be done with fewer people, but why ruin something, that's working? I work in the industry myself (luckily not in USA) and we have the crisis here too, but no one is doing such stupid things like sacking writers (maybe just the really bad ones and those would get sacked anyway)!

Again, I don't get it. Aren't there other ways how to save? I bet there are, but probably it means a lot of thinking to find them. Sacking people is the easiest way and IMO a big sign of bad management.

E.g. - I wouldn't mind Criminal minds shot in digital, it's cheaper and comparable as stock nowadays, and if I can count, it would save at least the same money as sacking people. Think about that. I am a filmmaker, I know how hard is to give up Kodak, but good filmmakers (and those on Criminal minds are damn great!) can make a good story using home video! Because story and craft is what counts, not technology.

Maybe I'm not familiar with the economical situation in US, but I'm familiar with filmmaking and I'm sure, that there are more solutions than the one you chose.

I'm unhappy with the things happening now and if they continue, I'll stop watching Criminal minds.

KellyP said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

I've heard over the past week that Criminal Minds have lost five of their writers. Why is this. Criminal Minds is a awesome show. I don't watch much TV but I do make sure every Wednesday night I am. I have people at work talking about what happen on the show the next day after it comes on. Please let these writers come back and join the Criminal Minds team,the story that they have wrote and the actors who make those story come true is what keeps Criminal Minds alive.

You can't imagine how many Criminal Minds fans there are world wide and if you were able to come talk to us then you would understand why we love Criminal Minds and the people behind it. Like the other comments have said "Why mess with somethings when it's prefect" Now its your turn,put the puzzle back together the way it should be.Take care.


From South Carolina

Christina M. said...

As a recently laid off PA, I can attest that the entertainment industry is not immune to the economic situation now. However, I am shocked that 5 of the writers for Criminal Minds were let go.

Criminal Minds has been consistently thought out and well written even through the departure of its lead star.

The team of writers, actors and crew consistently churn out episodes that are well reviewed by critics, revered by fans, and well-ranked by reporting agencies. It will be a huge loss to no longer see an episode penned by these fine writers.

Debbie said...

Dear Ms. Tassler:

I cannot imagine what is going through the minds of the people who make budgeting and/or staffing decisions for Criminal Minds. It is one of the best programs on television. The ratings were phenominal this season and that's just among Nielson families - right? There are many, many, many more Criminal Minds fans than are reflected in those numbers.

With the loss of 5 exceptional writers this past week, I am fearful for the show's future. Now I hear that actors might be fired as well. That's even more insane. This show has a huge and VERY loyal fan base.

If this is all about money, just think about the money CBS will lose when the fans leave the show in droves. If there are more changes, you can be certain, it will happen.

Surely there are other cost saving measures you can take. Ruining one of your best programs is a poor business decision.


Anonymous said...

The news that these wonderful writers have been given the boot is truly heartbreaking. They have been such an integral part of the show since the beginning. It's difficult to imagine CM continuing on without their unique contributions. Right now, words are failing me to express the impact of this loss adequately.

HardKOrr said...

Nina Tassler,

Criminal Minds averages about 13-14million viewers a week. Add to that the number of people that record it on dvr and you add another 1.5-2 million viewers. Why are you running the risk of disappointing so many fans?

Criminal Minds has gotten stronger every year largely in part to great writing AND the talented cast that you currently have in place. I think if you asked most fans, they would say that this is the strongest line-up that you've had. You've already hurt this show by letting go some of the writers. Please do not make any further changes to a show that is all but perfect the way it is.

This blog and message board are usually the first place I stop every morning. Now I'm afraid to come here because I can't take anymore bad news.

Stop messing with perfection!!

CM Fanatic

unknown author said...

Dear Ms. Tassler,
I am very upset that such a wonderful show is being changed. Letting go writers will change this show. It can't help but do that.

This cast and crew make the show what it is and what we love. The stories have been so good and the actors bring those stories to life.

Why try and mess with something that does not need changing? Read the message boards, ask the fans because we are what keep this show on the air. We record it, replay it and talk about it. Not every show has such a fan base. I watch other crime shows but only record 2 of them. This one and LOCI are the only two I record. It is because of quality.

This is not a show that is broken. Quality actors and quality writers make it work.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Sincerely, Rita
Lancaster, Ohio

Mahële said...

The decision to fire five of the 'Criminal Minds' writers is not only shocking, it's also completely illogical.
Criminal Minds is a show that works, the ratings are high, it is easily and successfully exported in other countries too.
I understand that the economic crisis is not something we can overlook, but they are other ways to deal with it.
If the show looses its fan base, you'll loose a lot more than what you gained by firing 5 writers (and let's not even talk about firing actors along with the writers).
This is a show that makes money, financially it's a success.
Don't make a stupid and rash decision, it may backfire big time.

Criminal Minds is one of your finest product, treat it with the respect it deserves, please.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Tassler,
Why on earth would CBS want to mess with a top ten show? I really don't understand this. CBS sacked five writers and may be cutting actors...Criminal Minds is a top ten show...why would you try to mess up your own ratings?

Why don't you cut somewhere else? How about getting creative somewhere else in your financial issues?

Also, ABC is produces Criminal Minds... both networks are dealing with a top ten show... stop the madness people.

Sarah said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

The ratings show that Criminal Minds is a great television series. Cutting five writers (some of them gave us the most FANTASIC shows, a.k.a Andrew Wilder) and possibly 2 more is a very unfortunate mess for this show.

We understand you need to make budget cuts, but your already outraging the fans of the show with just these 7 people. Think of dmamage that could be done if actors/ cast were cut as well. This show works great as it is and cutting people from it WILL NOT FIX YOUR PROBLEM. It will only make it worse.

Jobs are the most important thing in the time of a recession. If not for the fans of the show (and might I remind you, that if we didn't watch the show, you would not be making money from it)the people employed by you should not have to worry about their job. This recession may not last that long so surely you can tough it out. So what if the parent company doesn't get a big fat bonus in their pocket?

Criminal minds is a unique show, with a very loyal audience. And the fan base is still growing. Maybe you should be concentrating on the great shows you have, before starting new ones.

Although some damage has already been done, I hope you will not make other mistakes like that.

A Criminal Mind Fanatic,

sel said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

As a fan of Criminal Minds from Singapore, I as the rest am still shocked to find out that 5 of the writers for this Awesome show was given the cut. Yes, in face of the financial crisis,you have seek to find ways to cut off the budget but by giving the writers and maybe some of the actors the boot is not one of them. I cannot imagine watching the show if further drastic changes occur as I think it would affect the show negatively. The cast and crew are what makes the show worthwhile and entertaining to watch.

Yours Sincerely,

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tassler,

The media reports circulating in Entertainment Today and other magazines that are claiming CBS is planning on freezing actors' salaries and reducing actors from their shows is distressing. More than distressing after hearing that we've only just now lost five writers due to budget cuts.

Criminal Minds is one of the best shows on tv and an asset for both CBS and ABC.

Please think about the effect anymore changes will have on your ratings.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Tassler,

Criminal Minds has become huge thanks mainly to the awesome stories written by the awesome writers the show is lucky enough to have. If Criminal Minds is watched by millions of faithful people all around the world, it's because it has fantastic writers who write excellent episodes week after week and are also devoted to their fans. This is a big family, and it cannot be broken. It is thanks to the writers that the show has been able to move on after Mandy Patinkin left, and even to keep growing bigger. It would be unfair to put such a great show in danger again.

Letting go talented people such as Andrew Wilder, Debra J. Fisher, Holly Harold, Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie would be a mistake. There has to be a better way for budget cuts.

Thanks in advance for taking this petition into account.


Anonymous said...

I watch CM because of the great writing and the top notch actors. The writing staff just took a giant hit! Any hit to the actors would be horrible.

Ms. Tassler, This is just bad business.

Perhaps Mr. Moonves' salary and/or bonuses could be reduced to raise some funds.

Leave this show alone!

Anonymous said...

The economy is bad, true, but is this really an attempt by management to break the unions? The writers didn't get that much of a concession because of the strike last year to merit such a massive overhaul of a top prime time show.

What about quality stories for each episode, how is that going to happen with such a large reduction in writing staff??

I am disgusted.


Jenn said...


I'm a huge fan of several CBS prime time show (CM being my favorite), and Criminal Minds is consistently in the top 15 tv shows each week.

I understand that everybody has to make cuts... television shows are not exceptions to the rule, but I do want to remind you that one of the beauties of TV is that it helps you escape your present reality for a little while. With CM, we know crime exists, but we know the cast and crew are working tirelessly to make their production look as effortless as possible with a conclusion (hopefully!) at the end. It's the drama that sustains us, and keeps us coming back each week.

Ed, the cast, and the crew, do an impeccable job each week, and I can't help but get excited at the preview of each new episode! I think a lot of people saw the finale of E.R. this past week, and I say that CM definitely has the potential to last 15 years, as long as CBS agrees to weather the economic storm with caution.

Please be considerate in what you actors/writers/other staff you cut. TV shows are like bangs... you can cut, but be careful not to cut too much because you can't put it back!

And thanks for taking the time to read and listen to our comments!

A VERY dedicated Criminal Minds Fan!
Jennifer Calhoun

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to get over the shock of losing Andrew Wilder from the writing staff and now this. I was worried about the actors when all those stories started showing up in my google alerts two weeks ago and I didn't even think we'd also lose writers. Talk about being shocked! How about being outraged. Criminal Minds has always been treated like the red haired stepchild and now we have to wait to see if we are one of the shows that loses a writer. Ausiello has been reporting weekly on the shows that are planning to can one or more of their actors. I am not comfortable waiting around to see CM's name hit his list. Not happy in Florida!

celeste said...

Ms. Tassler:

While CM is unique because it involves the finances of two different networks, it is also a show that performs very well for both of them.

The financial outlook and reality in the entertainment business is not healthy right now and we can understand that some cuts need to be made but they should be made in places that do not totally change your product.

You are taking a winning formula and changing it. When Coke did that years ago it failed. And CBS/ABC isn't Coke.

We know that our five writers are gone and that it is too late to save them but there is no way the viewers of Criminal Minds will stand for losing one of their actors.

I would remind you that there are lots of other shows that I can watch and many other networks I can give my business too.

Lucía said...

Dear Nina Tassler,
Although these months have been full of rumors, now it's confirmed that CBS is firing a lot of writers. Five of them belong to the Criminal Minds crew.
I'm from Argentina and even if Criminal Minds has been cancelled here at the end of season 3, I still watch it. It's a bit more difficult, of course. But why do I watch the show? Because it's original, it's not a common crime shows... and obviously, the reason of that difference is the scripts.
And who makes the scripts? The writers. Even if I know that the ones who will be there now are good, it's not the same. Why? Because they already have a connection with the characters, they know how to make them react, how to make them feel,how to make the show the way it is: the best one on CBS. What is going to happen now to all of that? It's a storyline, it's a construction, it's not easy to make it -and you made it, so why destroy it?
Firing five writers will save your money. But I don't think the show will survive. Please, reconsider this decision.

Yours sincerely,
Criminal Minds Fan

Anonymous said...

Group: Don't forget that it is not just Matt Ausiello that is reporting on the actors being cut. Start yourselves a google alert for these key words: CBS actor layoff 2009

Nina Tassler,

There is no reality show you could produce that could take the place of Criminal Minds. There is no actor on our show that is expendable. What has happened to the writing staff of Criminal Minds is disgusting. Please go no further cutting the budget of this top ten show.


Robin Sturgess said...

Nina T-

I hung in there with the show when Lola Glaudini left. Stuck with it when Mandy Patinkin left. Hung tight during the WGA strike. 5 Writers now gone! Not feeling the love right now. Touch one of the actors and you can consider me DONE with CM. The show is already going to be completely different because the writing is going to be different. Any actor leaving would just make this even worse.

--Mad in Maine

izzy said...

This isn't budget cuts. This is just bad business. Cut the budgets of shows that aren't making you money. You have tons of those shows on the air now.

Anonymous said...

Cheaper parts make a cheaper product. I'll just stop watching. Fire any of our actors and I am done. I don't care if your competition has the worst show ever made on against Criminal Minds because I will watch it just to help make them money.

Andrew Wilder, Debra Fisher, Jay Beatie, Dan D. and Holly H. gone. You must be out of your mind or maybe you just want the show to fail.

Anonymous said...

Quality programs mean nothing to CBS. Maybe they can replace CM with Kid Nation 2.

Alita said...

Getting rid of writers and actors will kill Criminal Minds! Find some other way to cut costs.

MySentimentExactLee said...

Dear Ms. Tassler,

I firmly believe that in this economy television is one of the least expensive entertainment alternatives. The American people, and even those in surrounding countries, look forward to losing themselves in their favorite show each week.

By cutting 5 of Criminal Minds BEST writers you are sending a message that quality is not a priority at CBS.

Criminal Minds is a priority for me and so I ask that you re evaluate your budget and your plan to tear down the show that myself and hundreds of thousands of other viewers love.

Keep in mind, we hold the key to your advertisements. If we do not purchase the products advertised during our favorite shows you would lose a lot in the end.

My point, keep us happy and we'll keep you happy.

Lee Allport

Anonymous said...

Dear Nina Tassler,
I am really confused why sacking any writers or actors (!) from the show... if this occurs the effects may be detrimental. The show works perfectly... even though I am in England and am not that far into season 4 I have seen the new episodes go from dtrength to strength, they are more gripping and affect the viewers so much more. If the writers go the show will change, it won't be the same. This on its own can be damaging but to even think about sacking the actors too! They have relationships that everyone loves, taking one out will break that! It will lose its appeal.
Cutting costs is understandable in its own right but why change things that will have a wider ripple effect?
As I was alaways told don't fix what ain't broke and the show is far from broke! It's perfect as it is!
Hoping this doesn't become true!

Keisha J. - St. Louis, MO said...

Ms. Tassler,

CBS press releases go out of their way weekly to report on their great success the week before in the ratings. Criminal Minds is always on that list. Not all of your shows ever make that list. How about cutting the budgets of your losing shows before cutting the budget of a show that makes both you and ABC money.

This show has a larger viewership than Jericho did. If you think they sent you lots of peanuts just think of the quantity of items we could send. We're serious.

Unknown said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

I perhaps understand your line of thinking when it comes to making things better for the show, but I'd like to inform you that Criminal Minds IS better because of its great writers and actors!!! The 5 writers that have been cut have contributed so much to the great show, and they are a big reason why the show is so fantastic and retains its high ratings every week!! I think it is a big mistake to let these writes go, and if you tamper with the actors of this show I can guarantee that you will lose many viewers and the show would never be the same!

The show if successful the way that it is, and I believe if its not broken don't fix it. Criminal Minds sets itself apart from every other show on television right now and is truly unique....and why is it like that....because of the very talented cast and crew that make this show unlike anything we have seen on television.

Please, from the bottom of my heart do not tamper with anymore or anyone else on this show. It will be the death of it. Trust me it is not because of fear of change, its because we as the fans know what works and what doesn't, and we know that the cast and crew of this show is what makes it so special. So please, let a good thing remain a good thing and let the Criminal minds cast and crew continue doing the wonderful job they have always done.

A dedicated fan and supporter,


Anonymous said...

Criminal Minds," CBS, 14.4 million

Why anger 14.4 million viewers in this manner?

And please lets not forget, Ms. Tassler, that this is only your Nielsen numbers. Criminal Minds is a cash cow for the networks all over the world.


Anonymous said...

Criminal Minds already has a winning formula. Don't try to fix something that isn't broken. Each of the actors on CM is an integral part of the show. We need them all.

I'm very disheartened by the firing of 5 writers already. Please don't let anyone else go.

Megan said...

Ms Tassler,

I thought we learned during the writers' strike that the WRITERS are the base of the show. Without them, well, there is no show! So what would possess anyone to cut not one, not two, but FIVE fantastic writers from an even more fantastic show?!

I think we all understand the tough times that have been fallen on, but messing with perfection is NOT the answer.

The writing on the show has always been wonderful. Dramatic, but not over the top. Humorous, but still in good taste. No cheesy one-liners trying to masquerade as dramatic comebacks. The quotes at the beginning and end of the show have always been a favorite of mine. I can only hope that with the loss of five phenomenal writers the writing doesn't start a slow, sad spiral downward.

And now there is talk of cutting actors as well?!

I have watched Criminal Minds since day one, and one of the things that drew me in and kept me there was the team aspect. No one character is more important than the other -- it's all about the team. The actors work beautifully together and play off of each other perfectly.

CM is different than its other crime show counterparts in that it treats profiling as a real science. It is one of the few shows that focuses not on the physical evidence, but rather the psychological and sociological aspects. I could go on and on about what puts this show a step above the rest, but I will leave it at that.

The show has done incredibly well throughout its four seasons and has consistently placed in the top ten in terms of weekly ratings. In fact, the ratings for March 25, a day on which both CM and LOST aired new episodes, Criminal brought in nearly double the viewers ABC's acclaimed LOST did.

As a loyal viewer, I can see Criminal Minds going nowhere but up. Do you really want to risk that by cutting writers and actors like they're an overgrown shrub? I should hope not. Don't ruin a good thing.

Pittsburgh, PA

Elizabeth Bear said...

Dear Ms. Tassler,

Just writing to let you know that I've been a big fan of Criminal Minds since its first season, and I've done a lot of work promoting this show on widely read blogs and in other fora because of its excellence.

I'm deeply disappointed in your decision to sack five of the show's writers, and even more disturbed by rumors of additional cuts.

Criminal Minds has consistently outperformed expectations, and it's done that not because of gore or sensationalism, but by being one of the best-written, best-acted, and most thoughtful shows on television. Your decision is going to cost you viewers, and I urge you to reconsider.

--Elizabeth Bear

Anonymous said...

The economic situation is serious, and I know the entertainment industry is affected like others in the United States. However, I do hope that before any more writers, actors, and other crew from Criminal Minds are "laid off", "downsized", are "displaced" much discussion and thought will occurr. My spouse was "displaced" by one of the major banks (which is receiving government bailout money). This bank is currently either hiring some of these folks back as employees or contractors from outside the bank. They know they eliminated too many employees. Can CBS afford to make a mistake like this ? Once the writers, actors, crew are released and gone plus the fans leaving, do you think you can recreate the "magic" of Criminal Minds. Please make a good sensible business decision.

Unknown said...

I am not sure why writers are being cut? Can you show the viewership the data to support the crisis. Now actors, what will the show become with out the characters that you develop. I think you really need to listen to your audience before make changes that you won't be able to undo.

Cherith said...

If you've got a top rated show, how can you really justify cutting writers that have helped push the show to where it is? These writers are the ones making the stories compelling and giving the actors the story to tell. Firing them means ultimately cutting your own show, one that gets you viewers and money. Please reconsider what effect losing the writers that are helping make the show what it is, will do to your viewers, to the show, and ultimately, to you.

cdawg said...

Nina Tassler--

I wanted to leave my support for the amazing writers and crew and cast of 'Criminal Minds" and say how sad I am to see some have been let go. Criminal Minds has always been the one show that delivered for me as a viewer, and I hate to see that this amazing mix that does so well is being taken apart.

I hope you can see what a great show you have there, that delivers ratings in this crazy time, and let them do what they do SO well.

Colleen Harris

Anonymous said...

As a fan 0f criminal minds from the first show.I am appalled at the firing of the great writers and,
actor of the show. every week I watch
for the ratings to come out. every week CRIMINAL MINDS rank in the top ten or is 8th or nine. I always thought that this placement would prevent this kind treatment.This show has fans not only in the US but all over the world. I watch very little TV other then news. I love criminal minds and I hope you will rethink your decision and consider not only the fan but the good of your of your own network and perhaps your own job. MEG \michigan

Unknown said...

Dear Ms. Tassler,

At the heart of every successful scripted show is the writers. Without story, without true character arc, without subtext, without excellent plotting, any show becomes trivial and indistinguishable. Criminal Minds has some of the best (Andrew Wilder) writers in the business, which is what made CM a top ratings show. It is criminal that you are slicing at the heart of such an extraordinary show.

CSTS Vancouver said...

I started watching Criminal Minds at the start of S3 and have been catching up via A&E. It is one of my favourite shows and that is because of the ensemble cast and great writing. Getting rid of five of your writers and possibly some of the actors will change the entire dynamic of the show into something unrecognizable.

Please do not tamper any further with your winning formula.

jazz said...

And then of course there are those pesky ones on the other sites as well.

Nina, I am not going to wait around unheard while you add one of our actors to this list!

lorriegirl said...

Ms. Tassler,

I don't watch much television. Criminal Minds is one of only a couple of shows that I watch live on the day it airs. The reasons I enjoy it are two simple things: interesting stories/cases, and an ensemble cast that genuinely seems to work well together to portray a close-knit team.

I fear both aspects of what I love about CM are in jeopardy now that reductions to the writing staff have been made. Reductions to the acting cast would be devastating: I'm, not sure the show would survive both. If you jeopardize the things that make the show great (good stories and a high-functioning set of actors), I think you'll lose a lot of viewers.

Finally, CM is not Buffy - There isn't a *huge* on-line community for it. Although it's a popular show, I think most people are like I was a few months ago: watching every week, but not really active in the on-line fan sites. You're not likely to get a swarm of letters from fans, but that doesn't mean that we won't notice a drop in quality. I fear that instead of sending a letter, most fans will simply stop watching if this happens, and it will be much harder to regain them as a viewer than it would have been to keep them in the first place.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Please save out actors/actresses on Criminal Minds. It will be devastating to loose any of them, and the show won't be the same.

Loosing the writers is devastating enough, please don't let us loose anyone else!

Nova Scotia, Canada

Ysabet said...

Dear Ms. Tassler,

Like many others responding to the decision to let so many Criminal Minds writers go, I'm very saddened by the news. Criminal Minds is a phenomenal show, and it owes its success to both its amazing cast and its incredibly talented writers. Removing five writers from the team can only be a horrible blow.

Criminal Minds is one of the smartest and most emotionally genuine shows I've ever watched, and is the show I recommend most often. Please reevaluate the wisdom of cutting so many of the people directly responsible for its success. (And please, if there's any truth to the rumors of cast members being let go from various shows, remember that CM has a fantastic ensemble cast. It's survived enough cast shake-ups already.)



Lola said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

One of the things that has kept me watching this show is the writing of the cases and especially the writing of the characters. That's why I was very shocked to read that some of the best writers are leaving the show. I love all the actors of the show but the writers are the ones who create them.
Now I'm very worried.

Helen said...

Nina Tassler,

I have recently learned, through the Criminal Minds Fanatic websites, that five writers have been fired from Criminal Minds, and an actor may well be "let go" as well. My first thought, when I learned that Andrew Wilder was to be let go, was devestation - Criminal Minds is one of my favuorite shows, and Andrew Wilder my favourite writer. Then I learned that Deb Fisher was leaving. I was shocked and dismayed, but we could get through that. Two writers is a lot of talent out the window, but we have a GREAT show! A GREAT cast, a GREAT crew, and GREAT writers. Two, as horrible as it is for fans of the show, was manageable. I'm sure you can see where this is going: losing FIVE WRITERS IS NOT MANAGEABLE! Losing a STAR (because they are all STARS) would not be manageable!

Most people who watch Criminal Minds have a favourite character - I know I do - but at the end of the day those who watch every episode see it as an ensemble drama. This cast WORKS together. They are a TEAM, they are a FAMILY on the show, and that is what works! Lose one member of this family, and that goes out the window. You think it's the serial killers that give the show its feel for the repeat watchers? Wrong. It's the team, and the way they work together to catch the serial killers.

The economic downturn has hit Hollywood too, that's understandable. It's understandable that you need to do something about it. But Criminal Minds is watched by many who adore it. It's not a shaky show, it's well written, well acted, a solid night on Wednesdays for the dedicated fans like us and to others who happen to find it when they're flipping through the channels. You need to consider that, and consider how much you're going to hurt this fantastic show by cutting five writers and possibly a lead actor! Because right now it doesn't seem much like you're thinking about that. In the long run, doesn't it seem like this is the worst possible way to go? Why not pick your best shows and stop producing new pilots that are untested and may not even get off the ground? Why not make a pay cut higher up? Compared to the writers of this show, how much are the administrators at CBS being paid? Probably a lot more!

On a last note, please, please please go through all these messages that have been written here. We're not just fans of Criminal Minds. We're fans of CSI, some of us (not sure why) are fans of CSI: Miami; Without a Trace; Cold Case. We are the ones who watch your shows, and in the end, the TV business is about making something people want to watch. Without a show we're willing to watch, there is no advertising or cash. I know you know this, you must, but right now it doesn't seem like you do. So please, listen to what we're telling you.

Thank you,


tammy d. said...


Those aren't the only stories being posted on the web about actors being cut. I have seen ones on Variety and several other sites.

Just a FYI!

Anonymous said...

Nina T.

I also have been following with interest the articles being posted by Mike Ausiello and it is obvious that his information is being provided by the networks. Also, I saw and was distressed by the recent article on CNN about CBS cutbacks.

Five writers! There is no logic behind such a drastic decision. Cutting the budget for CM is lame. There has to have been other ways to save a buck.

Ausiello saying Actors Being Fired and they don't even no it yet is sickening.

Your stock is down, your not making enough money and the economy is bad. I get it in principle but screwing up something that works so well for you just is illogical.

If you want to screw up this show so bad why not cancel it and get it over with because you are going to lose major viewship if these types of cuts continue.

Mel in Oakland said...

I agree that you Don't Fix What Ain't Broken!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nina Tassler:

I am shocked and appalled at
the recent firings of the
excellent writers and possibly
the actors of Criminal Minds.

I understand that in a horrible
economy, cutting costs is part
of the bottom line. However,
Criminal Minds is a winner for
your network.

It is rare that a show consistantly, without fail generates absorbing scripts and
multi-layered characters.

On Criminal minds, there hasn't been a boring or
'filler' episode yet. The detailed writing, coupled with the
talent and chemistry of the cast
is somting many other shows should
learn from, in my opinion.

The show is a shining example of
what can happen when great talents merge.

It is also a winning, profitable combination for CBS.

Criminal Minds is the kind of exellent, detailed oriented show
that used to exist on televison
but hardly does anymore.

Viewers are starved for that kind of TV viewing.

The old adage "If it ain't broke,
don't fix it." absolutely applies

If you are considering the bottom line, I would absoltely consider the amount of viewers you would be alienating from your network if you corrupt such a wonderful show.

Lemidget said...

Don't cut out the wonderful writers that make this show so great. They come up with the stories that keep us coming back for more each week. If they aren't there then the show will suffer. We watch for strong plot lines that are brought to life by amazing actors. Cutting staff means cutting quality and that means losing fans. Please don't fire anyone else from this awesome show.

Anonymous said...

Nina Tassler,

Sounds like one of ours for sure!

This is not cool.

tfm said...

When executives make bad decisions, fans get angry. They boycott. Don't make a stupid mistake in which it is possible that the benefits will be drastically outweighed by the costs. People watch this show for a reason - by changing such a fundamental base, you chance the risk of losing plenty of viewers.

I'm sure others have said it much more coherently, and with much better backing evidence, but I can't just stand idly by while the show I love is beaten to death with baseball bats.

Pat said...

Criminal Minds is definately my favorite show on tv - by far. Without the great writers there are no fascinating stories for the excellant actors. It's hard to understand why you would want to mess with a show with such high ratings. You can go the way of NBC with all its realty show and be last in ratings every week.

CM is the one show I make sure to watch every week. I also DVR it and watch it again and have all the DVDs. The entire cast is needed as it is such a family feeling to the show.

Please make no more cuts and reconsider the writers.

Paula Rickards (Orlando, FL) said...

Nina, Imagine how shocked we all were to read goodbye letters from five of the show's writers. We've now lost two more of the original writers. Ed is going to be working on Washington Field next season. Who's left that knows the heart and soul of the show? Hardly anyone. As a long time viewer I can tell you that I am deeply upset by these budget cuts. I just don't think the show can continue to provide us with the level of writing that we have come to expect.

The leaked stories to the entertainment rags hasn't helped to alleve my worries. First writers and now potentially cast members. Sounds like you are nailing up the coffin for the show.

Anonymous said...

This is a bunch of bs. You are making a BIG mistake! You can come up with other ways to cut the budget. You are going to lose viewers. DO NOT cut out the actors.I love the actors.

Laura said...

I think this is the worst idea I have heard from a network in a long, long time. Cost cutting is necessary from time to time, but gutting a show of all that makes it good loses viewers. Without viewers, the show will fail, and then you end up with one less show topping the ratings and another network ends up with one more.

If you do this, we will stop watching. We will follow things the writers and actors we love do after this project, but the show will no longer be what it once was. It will no longer be Criminal Minds. It will be something you have made up, and we will hate it.

And we will all be angry. With you, with CBS, with all who had a part in all of this. Angry viewers boycott networks.

Criminal Minds is an amazing show. It is what makes me turn on my television Wednesday nights. Nothing else. I love Criminal Minds as it is right now.

Just thought you should think about that.

Marley said...

I know that the economy isn't great, because it's affecting everyone including school's etc. But cutting off something that works your cutting off people who work really hard and do such an amazing job. Your killing your show, and to be honest, you cut some of your best writers. I mean there all great, but Andrew was seriously one of the best writers on the show I know people who got hooked on Criminal Minds because of his episodes. Fans are gonna boycott and your just ruining a show that was just fine.

Anonymous said...

This is a bunch of bs. You are making a BIG mistake! You can come up with other ways to cut the budget. You are going to lose viewers. DO NOT cut out the actors.I love the actors.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Ms Tassler,

I am dumbfounded by the decision to get rid of so many talents writers from CM. CM makes your company money. While the economy is bad and yes your stock prices are dropping, CM is at the same time making you money.

And I agree about Moonves. I checked Deadline Hollywood too and here is what I found! Maybe Moonves could cut his salary and thus save the network from screwing over the show.

Altogether, Crystal says that the CBS Inc chief exec "looks to be sitting more than 200% above the competitive pay level based on my study of 542 CEOs.

Thatcompensation doesn't seem appropriate if you consider that CBS's performance has been on a steady decline since he became CEO on January 1, 2006."

Here is the link if anyone wants to read the full article. He gets regular raises and our writers get screwed!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

I can't believe that you are cutting down such an amazing writing team. Criminal Minds has proven to be a top twenty show for quite a while, most of time within the top 10 shows.

The writing team is a well oiled machine, that works best as it is. Why the need to break that up? Haven't the fans proven already that we like this show the way it is?

There are so few shows that appeal to those with intellect of any kind now, and it's a sad fact. Instead of increasing the reality shows and those programs appealing to the lazy and lower IQ's, keep the ones that actually make you money and also keep your fanbase.

Don't underestimate your viewers. We enjoy the shows that make us thing, that make us scramble for clues after the season finale cliffhangers. The writers are a big part of what keep us watching.

It's very worrying that on top of all this, you are considering getting rid of an actor or two. Are you trying to completely kill the show?

I don't understand any of the decisions CBS has made in the last year when it comes to money.

Criminal Minds Fan

Kirsten said...

Dear Ms. Tassler,

It has been a few days since the news hit of 5 of our beloved writers being fired from the best show on television and I am still exceptionally p’d off and devastated. I understand the pressure that the economy is placing on all industries and the need for sensible business decisions. However, canning your best writer (Andrew Wilder) and hiding behind a veil of ‘budget cuts’ does not fall into the category of good sense. You seem happy to pay ludicrous amounts of money to an actor in another show (with dropping ratings) while watching all of this happen to one of your best performers.
Wake up!

Criminal Minds has a world-wide, extremely loyal fan base. Do NOT take this for granted. A lot of what makes CM so popular is the obvious chemistry of actors, writers and crew. You have tampered with the writers and word is that actors may follow. I can tell you that if that should happen and we should lose an actor, this viewer’s patience will come to end and I will stop watching CM (taking friends with me) and will do my utmost to boycott your station. And please don’t try to cite “creative differences” or trash actors in the media; the fans are far too intelligent to believe that rhetoric and stunt.

There is a great deal of crap on TV; CM has been a wonderful exception to this but its quality WILL suffer if you continue to unravel its core elements. Leave it alone, leave the actors alone! Bring back AW! Go find your money somewhere else, like an Executive’s pocket... or look to that actor being paid $14million...

I truly hope that you are listening to the many fans posting and you just leave CM alone!

Still-dazed and extremely angry,

RMF said...

Dear Ms. Tassler,

Five writers cut from Criminal Minds, and now talk of trimming the cast?

Criminal Minds is the show that stood up to the American Idol juggernaut and stayed in the Top Ten. Tinker all you like with failing shows. They could use it. Break a successful show, and it's gone, taking its audience of 14 million with it.

Don't assume that because the show managed to survive the departures of Lola Glaudini and Mandy Patinkin that more cast changes will be so much water under the bridge. Those changes happened when the show had an intact slate of intelligent, professional writers who could cope with the upheaval and turn it into gold. We're in the fourth season now, and the audience is that much more bonded to the familiar characters, who, despite the plot-driven nature of the show, are an integral part of its creative success.

An actor I greatly respect -- not connected with the show -- once said in an interview that you can be the most talented performer out there, but it's very hard to create a successful performance if the writing just isn't there. It's no accident that the actors stood by the writers during the recent strike. Criminal Minds stands out in the glut of crime shows on television because it has always had writers who were able not only to design a compelling mystery, but raise the game by exploring the psychological and social factors that make our most feared criminals who they are. It's a series that deserves the chance to keep on doing that, undisturbed.

This show attracts an intelligent audience by design. If the quality drops, we'll know. If the chemistry falters, we'll feel it. We don't owe you our eyeballs on the screen, you have to earn that. I'm not one to continue watching a show that's diminished in quality. It's more painful to witness the wreck of a good show than to drop it altogether. Don't let this crisis be the one that ends CBS' reign over the top shows on television.



Anonymous said...

Dear Nina Tassler,
Criminal Minds is a consistant ratings winner. The higher ratings is due to the current staff which includes the writers, directors, producers, actors. Fans will tolerate a shorter season as opposed to personnel cuts which might affect the quality of this show. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

why cut anything leave this great show alone

Jenavira said...

Ms. Tassler,

I don't watch a lot of TV. I find myself all too often disappointed with the quality of the thought and writing that goes into television, and I consider my time too valuable to be taken up with less than excellent entertainment.

That said, I discovered Criminal Minds just this year, and I fell in love. This show has been consistently intelligent, thoughtful, and demanding since its first season. The writers successfully navigated the loss of two major actors in the first two years, and they have gotten better and better.

I understand that times are hard and cuts have to be made, but it saddens me to see that the first place these cuts become visible is with the writing staff. The lack of good writers is what has made so much television unpalatable to me and many others, and it saddens me to see that the good writing that has characterized Criminal Minds appears to be an accident rather than an intentional strategy.

I'm not ready to give up on my show just yet, but I am disappointed.


sarah said...

I have to agree with the don't fix was isn't broken. I enjoy it so much that I even watch it in rerun.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nina,

I love Criminal minds so so much, cant wait for the newist episode to come out to see what happens. I love the storylines and also the personal lines with each of the actors.

Why would you want to sack 5 brilliant writers who come up with such an amazing storylines and so many twists and turns in each episode and in all the seasons.

Criminal Minds is just getting better and better with each episode and with each season that goes by, why would you want to change it

Criminal minds is in the top 10 shows of what people whatch on tv.

So many things just click on criminal minds if you change even a slightest thing, the show will detoriate so fast you will then have to cancel it

If you get rid of any of the brillient actors like Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore etc, you will reget it because they will many many petitions to bring them back and also people will stop watching the show.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Tassler,

I freely admit that I don't watch network TV on a regular basis because I simply don't find it a worthy claim on my time. Criminal Minds is the one exception to this - it has substance and manages to engage my interest, week after week. I've grown to love the show and its brilliant cast, but that love comes from being able to expect high quality episodes.

With the firing of 5 talented writers who made the show what it is today, it would not be hasty for me to assume that CBS stands in danger of ruining Criminal Minds. I very much hope that the quality of the show doesn't drop, but it is hard to see what purpose all this serves. I would rather have less episodes or less expensive guest stars per season than to have my favourite show mutate into another banal crime procedural.

I understand that the current economy forces us all to be more sparing with funds. However, I urge you to reconsider: some things are worth the money you spend.


Holly Xu (Montreal, CA)

Joy Hamilton said...

When you have such a successful series, why would you want to cut it off at the knees by getting rid of the writers? Of course, the actors are all wonderful but they would not have such interesting stories to portray without the talented writers. I think that in the time of budget crunches, etc. you would also realize that people stay home and watch TV more often, too.

Anonymous said...

I have now educated myself. I've read the articles on Nikki Finke's site, Ausiello's site and the random ones on the other entertainment sites (some seem credible and others are iffy). What is certain is that the show did lose five writers. Two of these writers had been with the show since it premiered. That is enough to upset me.

CBS firing actors! That is enough to make me stop watching CBS.

Kaitlin said...

Criminal Minds is one of TV's most exciting shows.
I've been watching it since the beginning and I can say, truthfully, it is the best show on TV right now.
Cutting and actor or actress would result in bad ratings. I am CRAZY about this show and I would be temtped to stop watching it if one of our beloved actors got cut.
And cutting writers, it may be too late to change your mind, but why? Without good writers, a show is simply confused actors. We must keep our beloved criminal minds afloat!
Should this show be cancelled, I would cry. I kid you not, tears would fall.
Please keep this show alive!

A very very anxious number one fan,

Sofie said...

Please don't try to fix things that aren't broken. Please.

Vali said...

Ms. Tassler,
Like many others I have been saddened and shocked by the news of the firing of five exceptional writers of Criminal Minds. This show has been one of the best and most accurate TV crime dramas ever produced. Having worked in this field for over 20 years and taught forensic psychology and criminology at one of the nation's leading criminal justice/criminology programs I can attest to the high quality of the show. Writers and actors alike have made Criminal Minds a huge success. Most other crime shows on national TV lack authenticity and accuracy. Most are a joke.
Please reconsider the "re-structuring" plans for Criminal Minds.
If CBS must save money why not cut expenses to the various CSI shows. Frankly, they are getting old and are very inaccurate. The CSI shows are a poor portrayal of the life and work of a CSI and considered a joke by law enforcement officials. Or cut Flashpoint, another poorly written, acted, and researched show.

Criminal Minds represents good police work, accurate profiles of exceptional offenders, empathy for victims of such crimes, answers to epidemiology, and good values & integrity. Please don't cut that out of prime-time TV!

Vali, CMF

VDOVault said...

If you want to know where the real budgetary problems for CBS are coming from it's not from the salaries of the writers of Criminal Minds or even its cast members

Have a look at this

If you want to give shareholders some value you executives need to give up some of your ridiculously overpaid fat cat salaries.

Cate said...

Nina Tassler,
I cannot believe your decision to do away with 5 fine writers from this terrific show. It is one of the most well-written shows out there, and you are helping to slice away what makes it great. People want more to watch than crappy reality shows, and that's all you seem to want to put out there. I don't support your decision in this, and if you keep doing this to the shows on CBS I watch, you will no longer have a viewer.


Geekette said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

I've been watching Criminal Minds since it premiered. I have watched go up against larger shows with bigger audiences and more advertising. I have proudly watched it make its own place, beat Lost for the time slot, and grow a strong fan base.

The writers, the actors, and crew all play a large part in the success this show has had. By taking away people that are integral to this success, you are dooming the show to failure. Without talented writers, the actors have nothing to perform. Without the talented actors, you have no audience.

I have watched this show survive losing two of the original cast members, only to gain two other actors. Two actors that, in my opinion, fit better with the show and make it stronger.

I have purchased each DVD set that has been released for this show. When I can't watch an episode right away, I make sure that it is taped. Criminal Minds is a show that I love.

I'm upset that five wonderful writers lost their jobs. You are lucky that they each posted statements to this site talking about how glad they were to work there and how they did not want any ill will spread.

I know that you face tough decisions, but getting rid of more writers or actors isn't the way to get results. You will only lose viewers. Most of us are not only loyal to the show, we are loyal to the actors and writers as well. We are going to want to watch people that we enjoy.

Keep the cast you have. If you can regain any of the writers you lost, that would be a bonus. Find another way to cut your losses, even if you want to appeal to the fans to spend more money. Most of us will do what we can to save our shows.

We hung in through the Strike. We are a stubborn bunch. Please do us the honor of knowing how important your viewers are to the show. We don't want to be dissatisfied. We'd much rather watch the show we love on a station that we love.

Thank you,
JoAnn Swett

Laura_G said...

Dear Ms. Tassler,

I cannot believe that CBS is getting rid of five writers (including two of the original and best writers)on Criminal Minds and is considering cutting cast as well. This is a sure way to ruin the show. You have had, to this point, a very loyal audience with little advertising for the show. If you need to make budget cuts, quit advertising some of your less successful shows or quit making them altogether. But, please, do not mess with the winning combination that Criminal Minds has going for it.

This show is the main reason I watch the CBS network. Without the quality of the writing and the cast that works so well as a team, I can easily quit watching.

What will it feel like if you don't have a job because you have gotten rid of the best of the best? These wonderful writers and actors are one of the reasons your network is successful, but somewhere along the line, someone has overlooked that fact.


Laura Goodman

thomas leiker said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

We never gave up on our writers during the strike and we support the actors during their current contract negotiations. We are a loyal and very vocal fandom.

If you think that we will stand idly by while you destroy this show then you are wrong.

We want our writers back and our cast left alone. Cut your budget somewhere else.

"Don't fix what ain't broken!"

Kimmie said...

Ms Tassler,

I had hoped, upon hearing the news that 5 writers had been cut from Criminal Minds - two of them veteran writers with a number of good episodes to their names - that it was a bad and poorly-timed April Fools joke. Surely the network would know that cutting the writers that wrote the episodes that made this show so popular in the first place will only lose them money and viewers in the long run! Imagine my disappointment upon hearing that it was real. Each notice of another writer's leave has been like a nail in the coffin of this show. The writers are one of the most important assets a show has to offer, and messing with the formula that continues to make this show a hit is an enormous mistake. Why make such cuts on one of your more popular shows, when there are certainly less essential shows on which to cut back? You're shooting yourself in the foot.

No more cuts on Criminal Minds. There's a wide fanbase - on this site and especially outside of it - that is upset enough as it is.

Paige Morgan said...

Dear Ms. Tassler,

Criminal Minds is the only show on network television that I watch regularly; the only show that doesn't fall into the trap of being predictable. This is amazing, for a crime procedural. The only reason that it's been so successful, I think, is that you have multiple writers contributing diverse storylines for the actors (who are also marvelous) to work with.

Please reconsider this decision.

Audrey McKay said...

Dear Nina Tassler/CBS,

I was saddened to hear that 5 of the most amazing writers working today were recently let go, actually I was in shock but I digress. The loss of the writers was devastating but I'm hearing rumors that some actors may follow and that would be catastrophic.

I am writing because I really don't want to see any more changes re: CM. I don't watch a lot of TV but I've been following this show from the beginning simply because it is amazing. I've never seen writers, actors and what must be a wonderful crew come together and produce a show that comes across so seamlessly. Don't get me wrong, there are a couple of other shows that I watch but they don't come close to this one.

I'm hoping that there will be some way to bring the writers back but if not, I will continue to watch and hope the quality is as good as it has been. I won't be able to say the same if one of the actors leave.

I would have to stop watching if the quality of writing deteriorates or one of the cast is let go. Please don't mess with perfection.

A concerned fan.

Caitlin said...

I will have absolutely no need to watch the show if the writers AND the actors are gone. The actors are the face of the show and portray the characters that we all love. Without them no one will watch this! Don't make a horrible mistake!

Anonymous said...

Nina Tassler!

"If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage."

Anonymous said...

Nina Tassler,

I guess you could replace the show with one of your cheap to make reality shows. Here is an idea for one: The entertainment exec who loses their job because they make stupid decisions. Every episode could show the fired exec. trying to find a job. I hear McDonalds is hiring. Leave CM alone.

Ann said...

Ms Tassler:

It was a mistake to let 5 amazing CM writers go. Do you REALLY want to compound that by letting an actor go? CM has a very loyal fan base...don't think that we won't top watching & purchasing products advertised on CBS. Is that REALLY what you want in this economy? You'd rather save a buck NOW rather than ensure you keep a good thing going for years to come? That doesn't make sense to me at all.

I understand why you feel the need to trim the fat...but why don't you start really taking a look at your shows that are dying a slow death anyway instead of tampering with a show in it's prime which is continually getting better? Seems like common sense, to me.

Alana said...

Ms. Tassler,
What exactly are you trying to achieve with this absurd decision of letting go four of the best writers of this show, which has done nothing but bring out the ratings for your network? This is a show that survives American Idol, Lost and anything, anything else you put up against. The reruns alone beat new episodes from many other shows out there. It’s a constant in the week’s top ten. And may I remind you, after the Writer’s Strike, it was the FIRST show to return with new episodes.
Can’t you show support and prove to us that you appreciate their capability AND our devotion? How are you trying to improve numbers by diminishing quality?

And now there’s talk about actors being let go? You want to cut budgets? Cut it out with the former tv/film stars making an appearance every week. You may think they are worth it, but the numbers don’t vary that much from a regular episode from Criminal Minds. I would watch an episode with no one else but the 7 starts from this show.

Now I’m worry, because it’s clear that you are still not done with your bad, unthought-of decisions. And if there’s more coming, I have to remind you, this is a fandom that stands by their show and we are a very outspoken one for that matter. AND, we don’t watch only Criminal Minds in your Network, but many other shows. Don’t alienate your audience. You need your audience as much as we need your good sense.

cailleuch said...

The show is great the way it is. Changing the writers and cast seems a formula for disaster rather and any improvement.

anne j. said...


Five writers fired, reports that CBS is cutting out actors on their shows, what is next? Support staff? Crew? Craft services? I would suggest cutting some money from your ads for the show but you've never spent one minute actually promoting the show. Here's a thought. Cut money from one of your reality shows. Maybe less rice and beans for the cast of Survivor!

One more cut and I won't watch every again.

Sweet.D's BIGGEST Fan said...

Dear Mrs.Tassler
I have been told through many sources that 5 amazing writers have been let go and maybe a few grat actors.

There is three reasons why I have watched this show since day one.
One reson why is because I want to be a FBI agent and this show has given me a chance to look into the minds of the FBI agents also it lets me know what kind of jobs there are within the FBI.
The second reason why I watch the show is because of the increadable writers.
The last reason why I watch Criminal Minds is because of the acotrs. I have been following some of the actors since day one.
Example: Shemar Moore, I have been a fan of his since 1994 when he first started on Young and the Restless. When I heard that he was coming back to televison but on primetime I was so excited to watch my favourite actor back on tv.
I have grown to love all of the actors, Joe,Thomas,Matt,Shemar,AJ,Paget and Kirsten.

When I heard that CBS had let go of 5 writers I began to cry. They have done a amazing job of making the show what it is today. Without the 5 writers or any of the writers we would not have the kind of show like we have today.

Please,Please,Please don't get rid of any more wirters and please don't get rid of the actors without any of them both actors and writers the show will not be the same.


PoRM said...

Nina Tassler,

To say I've been pissed off would be an understatement. Even 'livid' wouldn't quite cut it.

This is absurd!

First the writers, now there's talk of the actors?
Nuh uh, no way.
I, for one, will NOT stand for it.

You had a winning show on your hands, and you're tearing it apart! I can guarentee you've already lost viewers because of the writers.... They may not even know about it, but next season, if the quality in the writing dips any, the casual viewer will be lost.

You want to cut costs? Cut entire reality shows, and that should MORE than suffice for reuniting our beloved writers in this fantastic show.

Criminal Minds is the BEST show on tv today. You mess with that, and you will end up regreting it in the future.

We are a loyal, devoted, fanbase, and we will NOT have any more changes to our show. Unless, of course, you change your mind and bring our writers back.

A show depends on the fans.

Without us, you have nothing. Don't tick us off.

If I were you, I'd seriously think over your actions.

What are you willing to loose?

Anonymous said...

Dear Nina,
"Criminal Minds" is my favorite show! I recently heard about the firing of 5 writers, but please, please, please do NOT cut any of the actors. The ensemble cast is what makes this show wonderful. I especially like Garcia. She is my favorite. Please reconsider any cuts to this wonderful show you have created.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

To Nina Tasler,

I was shocked and quite frankly angry when I heard that 5 writers (one of them being my very favorite writer for the show) were forced to leave. I thought that network executives had learned the lesson from the writers' strike last year that the network can't make money if there are no writers to create the product that the network sells.

CM is a thinking person's show, and it's the writers who give us something to think about. We CM fans are not the typical ones who only gush over actors' good looks. We also appreciate the very fine quality of the stories and production of the shows. And that quality has improved dramatically over the last 4 years because the writers, actors, and crew know the show and its characters so well by now.

With the forced exit of 5 excellent writers, 2 of whom have been with the series from the beginning, I expect that quality will go down because as good as the remaining writers are, they don't do it alone. And when the quality goes down, we CM fans will notice and leave in droves.

I understand that in this economy, all businesses are affected. However, doesn't it make better business sense to find out what's not making money for you and cut that rather than to cut something that you know is a good money maker?

Please reconsider your decision before it's too late.


Kirds said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

If the news that Criminal Minds is losing five of its top writers wasn't enough, now there is talk that actors may get the boot too. Quite frankly this may ruin the dynamic of the show. Criminal Minds works so well because the cast works so well, and because of the equally talented writers giving us some of the best TV out there!

Change that dynamic and there is a high chance that the show won't flow as well as it used to. I know that I am quite apprehensive for season 5 already because I'm afraid that my show will no longer be the show that I fell in love with.

I'm aware that the finanical crisis has hit everyone, I myself was lucky enough to keep my job when the company I work for part time for went into administration earlier this year. I understand that money must be saved, but surely there are other ways in which this can be done so as not to harm the intergrity and quality of the show further?

Sincerely, Kirds
Criminal Minds Fanatic from the UK

Anonymous said...

This show is amazing, and has grown to huge popularity by what it started out as. If you begin to change it too much, who knows the outcome? The amazing actors/actresses and writers are what really make this show the amazing show that it is. Please do not change something that is in it's element as it is!

babruin said...

Dear Ms. Tassler,
It was very disheartening to hear that 5 Criminal Minds writers were let go. They have contributed immensely to the quality of the show while giving us characters that we are invested in.
It makes no economic sense to cut back on the writing staff. Intriguing storylines that brings in new viewers do not happen by itself. Perhaps you can look elsewhere for budget cuts.
And finally, don't even think of cutting out any of the seven main characters!!! If money is your bottom line, that would be a major mistake!!! We will boycott your advertisers not to mention your loss of legions of viewers.
Please consider wisely of the repercussions before making any more cuts to a quality and popular show like CM.

Lugdivine said...

Nina Tassler,

Criminal Minds is better show ever on air !!! Stop to this !

Firstly the writers, now there's talk of the actors ?

No way.
Sorry but all fans are in love with cast and crew and we don't want to loose everyone.

Please stop this. We just want that the show stay like it is.

Criminal Minds Fanatic from France

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous, don't fix what ain't broken. I only discovered Criminal Minds a year ago and it instantly became my favorite show. I hate that some of the great writers have been fired, but I must tell you if you get rid of any of the cast, you will have lost me as a viewer. I realize that costs must be cut, but I already feel TV has been so cheapened by stupid reality shows, dumb game shows, and celebrity garbage. I watch very few shows now and the ones I do watch have one thing in common. They are all scripted dramas with great acting, writing, directing, and production values. I don't watch cheap reality garbage. Please don't ruin Criminal Minds. I enjoy all of the cast more than anything else on TV. Removing even one character will destroy the show for me. I think you'll see the ratings go down dramatically;I know I won't be watching. Please leave all of the fans of Criminal Minds at least one great show.

Sincerely, a devoted fan from Illinois

Jeanne said...

I watch one show consistently week after week, and only one show--'Criminal Minds'. Firing the writers was an ill-thought, really stupid move. Touching one of the cast would be suicide--the fan base WILL NOT TOLERATE IT!!!!!!
Jeanne in IL

Sandradd said...

I'm from Germany and I love Criminal Minds. My favourite episode is Omnivore. Andrew Wilder has written a very good story.

Thomas Gibson is the best actor.

Now we have lost A. Wilder. If Thomas Gibson will leave the show. I won't watch CM!!!!!!!

Shawn said...

Ideally, one wants more time to compose their thoughts and to be logical and sensible about what they have to say. In this case, such time isn't needed. This show is amazing and unique - a phenomenal blend of character and procedural. That 5 of the writers who are responsible for this have been let go is already unforgivable enough, but to even consider removing one of the actors would be a step too far. There simply is no fat to trim on this cast(there wasn't on the writing staff either). Please don't destroy this show more than you already have. Respect your fanbase and leave the show intact. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The article last week on 'Deadline Hollywood' was very distressing but I never thought it could touch our show until the writers were fired. Now I am worried. Her column is extremely accurate and she has inside info. Now I believe we do have something to be very worried about. We have seven outstanding actors and I won't stand for any of them being fired. And I will never believe 'left for creative differences' again so please Ms. Tassler, don't even try it.

Emma Bull said...

Dear Ms. Tassler:

This recession (I'm still, superstitiously, afraid to use the "D" word) is hitting all of us hard. Industries, companies, and individuals are trying to find new models to survive what may be a long stretch of economic hardship.

The entertainment industry, and particularly television, with its extended commitment to each of its properties, is in a unique position to lead the way in creating more effective long-term solutions to financial stress. Your series Criminal Minds is the ideal property to show the way.

CBS's willingness to invest in the show has produced clear results. Criminal Minds features superb production values, actors with extraordinary skill and valuable diversity, and a staff of writers who are arguably the best in the business today. Those factors in turn have led to high ratings and advertising revenue, as well as giving CBS as a whole greater visibility and cachet among advertisers and the industry.

You have a chance to lead the way in this economic recovery. Show other industries and business leaders that CBS is making quality its priority. We all need to see that making a great product is what will enable us to survive this downturn.

Please, continue to fund top-quality shows. Use Criminal Minds to show the industry how it's done. Re-hire its excellent staff writers, and keep its top-notch cast and crew. Provide the budget that allows the show to hire the outstanding guest stars it's known for.

You've made Criminal Minds a success. Now, let it continue to succeed for you.

Emma Bull

Ghislaine H. B. said...


I live in France where each airing - or re-airing - of Criminal Minds reachs some high audience. For almost 4 years, CBS can rely on a loyal and supportive viewers through the world so, why CBS wants break this situatio in firing 5 writers in one week even though stories were powerful.
Now, it seems the broadcasting would like to fire some actors. Criminal Minds risks to loose what made its success story for the beginning, especially for the 2nd season and the bigger risk would be to stop abruptly because of lack of audience, what would be regrettable!
Anyway, I'm sure there are some others solutions less "painful"...

Criminal minds fanatic
Ghislaine BRAEME

Anonymous said...

Like all things with the recession that is happening globally this seems to be a knee jerk reaction to the problem it was great and fantastic and making money then all of a sudden there is a crisis? Writers and Actors all need to change sometimes in order to grow their talent but to remove writers whose talents are working in your favour does not make sense. I love the show the ensemble cast the crew who work it and the writers who it seems all have a symbiotic relationship please think carefully about what you are doing to a show that works in a world filled with banal tv and reality shows. Thanks for letting me put my opinion.

jules said...

Ms. Tassler,

I'm sure that business decisions this big are not easy to make but sometimes people make mistakes. I think you have made a big mistake in robbing this show of so many of their wonderful writers. If the reports in the press are true and CBS is really trimming their actor base then I would ask you to please consider sparing Criminal Minds. It is my favorite show on television.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tassler,

Reading the letters from the fired writers was heart wrenching. You're breaking apart a show that has made you lots of $$. Where is the wisdom in this?

Angry CM-Fan said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

if you are earnest about this, REALLY NOBODY should EVER watch CBS!!!

This the worst idea for a long, long, long, ... time!


Never change a running team!!! Everybody around the damn whole world knows this... and you?!

carissa said...

Dear Ms Tassler,
I urge you to continue with complete set of writers and cast for Criminal Minds. The ratings for this show have steadily increased each year, most due to the consistency in writing and the character development by the fine actors in the show.

Please don't ruin a good thing. No Network can afford to lose a show that bring in viewers and supports

thank you for your time
a CM fan

tasha said...

Maybe CBS needs a bailout!

I read the links and I am thoroughly convinced that TPTB at CBS have lost touch with fans.

I hope that you understand that the show will lose precious ratings which translates into fewer ad bucks for you if more cuts are planned.

You have a precious few quality shows on the air right now. Criminal Minds is one of them. Why mess with it?

Melany said...

Dear Nina Tassler

At first, i would like to apologize beacause my english isn't very well...

I'm a french fan and i'm terrified to learn that 5 writers on the show are been fired...

This is 5 writer who wrote with a style awesome, i love the scrip who wrote, they make the show, Criminal Minds is the best show ever in tv, the score and his popularity are the evidence!!

If you fired these writers, you'll kill the show!!

And we are many fan in french, and everywhere in the world to say "No please, don't fire them"

We want to keep Criminal Minds like we know it, with perfect script and story..With all the cast, Thomas, AJ, Shemar, Paget, Joe, Matthew, Kirsten, i love this show for these actor, these caracter, these story, these showrunner....

If you do this, fire writers or actor (no please!!) you lose many fans, so many score in tv, you 'll kill Criminal Minds before the season 5...So i say again "please don't do that"!!

Thank you for reading...

A french fanatic worried!!

Many fanatic say no at this link:

Unknown said...

This show is wonderful as is...what is going to happen now??? It's like taking out integral pieces of a puzzle.

Anonymous said...

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!
It's great the way it is and should be left alone.
Why do we always feel the need to change everything??
If one of the main characters gets killed off, you are going to loose all the fans of that character.
Its bad enough that a bunch of the writers are gone, do you really want to destroy everything you have going for the show?
Cast, crew... whats next?? No more criminals??

grace rabinowitz carter said...

Ms. Tassler,

I am not pleased about this current situation. You got rid of some mighty talented writers. Since the press is reporting on cutbacks they must be getting the information directly from CBS. Come out of the dark Ms. Tassler. Explain to us directly why you feel it is necessary to cut the budget of a top producing, top ten, top scripted, tv show.

Why all the un-named reports in the media concerning one of our actors all of a sudden. Why the reports to the old school news organizations about actors having to take salary freezes or other actors will be fired. Is all that related. Come out of the dark and explain to us that you are done gutting the show. Also explain why CBS has done nothing to defend the actor who has been attacked in the media.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you remember the 'Dollars for Sense' campaign put into action by the fans of CSI:Crime Scene Investigation in order to try and keep Jorja Fox on the show.
In fact, I'd bet you probably still have some of those chocolate-covered grasshoppers lying around.

And I'm sure you remember the HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of letters that flooded your office, too.


I wouldn't put put something like that past the Criminal Minds fanbase either.

While a successful show does indeed need writers, actors, directors, producers...

...all of that is NOTHING if it doesn't have the fans to support it.

And if you mess with the show... mess with the fans.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please don't change the show! We love it the way it is!

khalid said...

Ausiello is a great read and he has his finger on the pulse of the latest happenings. His death report is a great example of his great work. I am going to freak out when he adds CM to his list. I check his site daily for updates and I suggest everyone else do the same. He'll obviously know before us when/if one of our cast gets canned.

asher said...

Ms. Tassler,

It all starts with the written word. Five less writers is a big cut. Please remember how poorly the past freelance writers have done in the ratings. And please don't hire scabs.

If you fire one of our actors, I will stop watching the show. I swear I will.

Anonymous said...


so you probably thinking what they want from me...I have budget issues, it's bad and hard times, I have too make those hard decisions....

but you have to understand that we do understand you, there are no sides here, there's only one side, and this side say: we don't want to loose. and you have to take hard decisions but to cut people it's not hard it's the easy choice.

the hard choice and the challenge is to solve and face this hard time without damaging the quality of you got.

there are many shows like c.m that are broadcast and loved in so many places around the world. and although there are many crime shows it's still obtaining it's quality for 4 years now.

i as a viewer know that the reason for c.m success is the fact that each person on this crew is qualified and give it's best for week after week.

if you'll cut off there will be a price to pay and that prise is us the viewers and the fact that you'll damage significally a good show. does it worth to pay this high price?

there are no many shows on t.v worth fighting for, but here we are all in the same situation we all have our problems in this time and we still take the time to fight for c.m cause it worth it.and it may be hard for you now but it the long run you'll see you've made the right choice.

bottom line

we love c.m as it is and we love it A LOT
if you'll cut people off we'll vote with our remote

thanks for reading

jasmine zaghrit said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

Please don't change anything about the show. It is the best. It inspires me and cheers me up whenever I am sad. I got so much from it. Don't take it away. I am sure a lot of fans feel the same way as I do.
And why would you say goodbye to the authors? Look at what they've done so far! CM is a hit. I live in a small town called Békéscsaba,it is in a small country called Hungary...and a lot of people even HERE love the show. It is popular because of the many dedicated people who worked hard together to creat it. Why would you want to ruin it?
Jasmine Zaghrit

Whitney said...

Please do not fire the writers and/or actors on Criminal Minds. I think doing so would be a very bad choice because CBS would lose many viewers due to this change if it were to happen (which it shouldn't!). The writers are doing an excellent job and I anticipate seeing a new episode every week. Also, the actors are part of what makes the show so fantastic! PLease, please do not make this change! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nina Tassler,

In a world full of bad tv shows trying to pass themselves off as something special, CM has proven itself to be well written and worthy of being called special. For four seasons CM has beaten the competition, stood up to Idol and made you buckets of money. It has also won itself a loyal and supportive fan base. Please consider your next moves more carefully than you considered the last FIVE.

With Respect-

Diane AKA Dark Justice Girl said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

Please for the love of God! This about what you are doing! It's suicide! Why don't you or Les Moonves take a damn paycut? Why did you have to fire FIVE wriers?! It's ridiculous! And now you want to cut off actors from their shows?!? What? Am I hearing this correctly?! As they say in Spanish, you have the COJONES! STOP THE MADNESS! Think Nina! THINK! Let the actors STAY! They Make the show! Especially the writers. I am majorly pissed off that you got rid of FIVE writers! Why not JUST ONE!? BUT FIVE? We WANT them back! If you can't, get at least one writer reinstated! While the others were awesome, Andrew Wilder was THE BEST writer they had. HE SHOULD COME BACK! CRIKEY! If you destroy Criminal Minds, I won't watch anymore! I don't want to happen, I have never been invested in a Television show before and THAT should tell you something! We are passionate fans and boy this is JUST the beginning of our complaints!!!!!!.......


Dark Justice Girl

Sylvia said...

Dear Ms Tassler,

Criminal Minds makes my day, i'm watching the show every Thursday on Austrian TV and i constantly watch the dvds too.

We won't accept any more changes on Criminal Minds.
It's been hard enough to lose mandy patinkin.

The show works great because of the perfect cast and the brilliant writers. Any other change will degrade the show and i think you will lose a lot of viewers.

It's been said several times, but
don't fix what ain't broken!

Greets from Austria

Sigrid said...

Dear Ms. Tassler,

I was, like my friends, deeply disturbed by the news that five of Criminal Minds' excellent writers are being laid off. Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie, Holly Harold, Deb Fisher and, not least, Andrew Wilder, are all wonderfully talented writers and I would urge you to reconsider your decision to impair Criminal Minds' ability to again outperform expectations in its fifth season.

Criminal Minds is one of the smartest, most well-written shows out there, and in the long run it will not do you any good to cut its writing staff. I suspect you can already see the outlines of massive fan reaction, and I have no reason to think these reactions will lessen.

Again, I would urge you to reconsider, Ms. Tassler.

Sigrid Rege Gårdsvoll
Trondheim, Norway

Shadow said...

Ms. Tassler,

for years you have invested in your product Criminal Minds. The show is in its fourth season and attracts an average of 14 to 15 million viewers each week in the US alone. Add to this the millions of viewers in the countries around the world you sell the show to. You also earn on DVD sets and books and I never understood why you left out the market opportunity of a fan shop with further merchandise I would have happily spent money on.

In my opinion this show could last as successfully for another 5 years or even more. But now you have decided to cut costs in two areas that are essential to the shows success: the telling of intelligent stories and an approach of ‘team as family’ that worked very well with the fans. You have already laid off five brilliant writers, even more might follow and it’s said there are considerations to reduce the cast, i.e. the team on screen, as well.

Hitting the core of the success of this show endangers its success itself. Ratings might go down very fast and the show might not survive for more than one or two seasons. Soon you would have to replace what is right now a valuable cash cow you could milk for several more years.

How much investment will be necessary to replace a show as successful as Criminal Minds? In how many unsuccessful shows will you have to invest to find the one that can take its place in the ratings? How much money will you have to invest in that next show to build it up? Are the savings you hope to gain with your current actions really that big to outweigh all the other investments you would have to make when CM goes down prematurely because it won’t survive the current blow?

Please reconsider your business logic and maybe you will find some other ways to save money. With the given economic situation nobody denies the necessity to cut costs.

And on a side note: The writers and actors of Criminal Minds have often been brave enough to come to chat with their fans to get a direct feedback for their performance. Would you be willing to come to a chat as well to discuss the logic of your decisions with the fans? I’m not a moderator of this board so I’m not in the position to extend an official invitation to you, but I doubt you would be denied the opportunity to explain yourself if you were willing to do so.


The Commissioner said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

In times of economic distress it is quite logical to try and cut corners. to often, however, these corners cut are precisely the ones which damage the long term profit, as well as quality both long and short term. Making changes to a successful show, one of the precious few intelligent dramas currently on television, is just such a cost-cutting mistake Firing writers and/or cast from Criminal Minds might save a few dollars in the coming fiscal year, but will undoubtedly cost many potential profits in the future. Criminal Minds fans are erudite, educated and fervant. Our displeasure in a drop of quality will be fierce and felt financially. Boycotts are likely to be only the first step, and in this information age, I'm certain that various CBS advertisers will also be informed of our displeasure. You may argue that fewer writers and/or actors will only be different, not worse, similar to Mandy Patinkin's departure. However, only excellent writing and the remaining stellar cast, plus the addition of Joe Mantegna saved the show and eventually made it stronger. A disruption of multiple writers and possibly actors may very well be the first death knell sounding for a currently extraordinary program. Clearly Criminal Minds owes a large portion of its success to the amazing chemistry palpable between cast members and the trust they have in their writers; fans can tell these things. Further, fans have shared with teh writes and actors the attention and effort put into characters' backstories and growth. Criminal Minds is not a typical procedural crime drama, capable of holding viewers despite a revolving cast and incomplete character arcs. Please, Ms Tassler and the CBS Powers-That-Be, don't ruin a winning formula and future success for the sake of short-term savings.

neugeblogger said...

Nooooo, I love it just the way it is!! There's always such an interesting mix of storylines. Please, please don't change a thing!

srangerfan said...

Dear Ms. Tassler,

As a Criminal Minds fan since the first episode premiered back in 2005, and someone who studies business - the decision to get rid of five of the most talented writers out there makes no sense.

Like others have so clearly stated, why mess up a winning formula? Why cut from the show what made the show what it is today?

There are surely other ways to "scale back" to help alleviate the pressure of the economy. Cutting something that continues to bring you ratings every week is not one of them.

Criminal Minds is one of the few shows on television now that is composed of pure quality, and I used to make sure I caught the new episodes the night they premiered.

Now, I'm not even sure if I want to watch the show past this current season without the names of Deb Fisher (who's writing I've been a fan of before CM), Andrew Wilder (who continues to write the most intriguing episodes), Dan Dworkin & Jay Beattie (both of whom have written some of the best character pieces), and Holly Harold (who despite having just joined the show, has written some of the best episodes this season) gracing the space underneath "Written by."

Alexandra P. Sparco

memoh said...

I understand that times are difficult all around. I only hope that these talented writers (and any others who are let go because of budget cuts) will be given some kind of consideration when the recession ends and budgets go back up.

A Criminal Minds fan said...

To Nina Tassler,

It was bad enough that five writers were let go for budget reasons but now I read that actors may be let go too?! Why would you do something like this to one of the top ten shows? I know this economy is tough on everyone but do you really believe that you will save money by getting rid of the actors and writers who are the reasons why we watch CM? Surely you must know that if one of the cast is let go, you will get fewer viewers, fewer viewers mean less money, right?

This show is very good and that comes from the writing, the acting and the work the crew does. Why would you want to mess with something that works perfectly well now? Others have mention it, don’t fix something that isn’t broken. Beside if CBS wants to save money, I suggest CBS stop paying some of its executives millions of dollars, I am sure Mr. Moonves could do without a few million per year.

By cutting five writers and possibly some actors you are sending us a message that I don’t like which is ‘we don’t care about quality, we don’t care about the fans’ if you don’t care about your shows, why should I? Why should I even bother watching? There are so many things I can do beside watching television, reading, listening to music, surfing the web playing video games, I have lots of options but I choose to watch CM because it is good.

Believe me, losing good writers, some who have been with the show since the beginning, Andrew Wilder and Debra Fisher, was bad and made me wonder about what season five would bring and if it could be as good as previous seasons but now that we may lose one of the actors then this makes me reconsider what I will be watching on Wednesday night at 9h00pm next season.

Please, do not cut anyone else, if you do you will lose another viewer.


Walburga Benker said...


Why would you destroy such a popular show? CM does have very good ratings, is unique, an intelligent show for intelligent people. There is so much money in shows that don’t deserve it, why not invest in CM instead? We lost 5 talented writers this week, why did the best had to go? Why ANY of them had to go? CBS wants to save money? Cut the money spend on some of the people at the top of CBS instead. If actors have to go, the show will be damaged beyond repair. The show will not bring money when people will stop watch it. Enough is enough. Do not cut anyone else!


abbey rosen said...

CBS: How many millions of dollars do you and ABC need to make off of one show before you just leave it alone? I agree with the commentor who noted that you can't cut the PR budget for the show because you don't promote it and you never have. The fans found this show, loved it and promoted it.

Please make your cuts on those shows you own that aren't making you any money!

Caryn Cameron said...

No! It's the variety of writers and cast that make this a great show. I don't buy many DVD sets but I do have this one. Please don't turn it into a shadow of itself. Please!

Kate Fitzsimons said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

Obviously, I'm not privy to the financial considerations you have to take into account. What I do know is why I, a viewer, watch Criminal Minds.

If you think that I, and viewers like me, are tuning in to Criminal Minds just for serial killers, shocking moments and greenscreen, you would be wrong. What makes Criminal Minds special, and what makes it such a huge ratings success compared to many other crime dramas is the high quality of writing and acting.

There is no gimmick that keeps viewers returning, that you can keep and thus keep viewers. The *only* thing that makes Criminal Minds different from many, many lesser crime shows is the quality of the product. I know you need to save money, but you could quite possibly be killing a cash cow if you're not careful.

gubegirl said...

Dear Nina,

I was stricken to read about the terminations of not one or two but FIVE writers, inc. Andrew Wilder who is a wonder in himself.

How can this show survive such a blow? I know the actors are superb and that they get along and perform as a team exceptionally well, but OMG, the writers come up with the stories and the lines that these wonderful people use to communicate to us, the CM Fanatics.

Without them, what will happen to this show?

CM is the only show that I WILL NEVER MISS - NOT FOR ANY REASON. EVEN WHEN I AM DVRing it - No other show compels me to watch as does CM.

I have seen every episode, many 2 and 3 times because they are so worthy and buy the DVDs because they are so special and I have converted several friends and relatives to watch by loaning them prev seasons DVDs.

I am sickened at the thought of losing the quality of this amazing show and the very hint of losing any of these fine actors at this time makes me even sicker. I believe it would cripple the show's ability to continue its strong fanbase - and don't you doubt for one minute: we count, too!

I am sure we do not know all the facts that the powers that be know and the whys and wherefores of these drastic cuts, but having worked in Human Resources for years, I can only say I hope much thought and brainstorming has gone into these decisions and that we are not looking at the beginning of the end here.

PLEASE do what's right here for the program to continue to be successful and altho' I've not the time to read all the other entries on this blog, I will sum it up with the first entry:

Don't fix what ain't broken!

Jan and Quentin said...

Please don't alter a formula that works and then wonder why the ratings change. Criminal Minds is fantastic as is, and I'm very much saddened by the loss of several fine writers.

You have a winner with this show. Please don't muck it up.

Cerine said...

‘We often said that all best things must end’

Dear Ms Tassler,
Criminal Minds is such a great show that a network broadcaster is offering us but that great show cannot be as good without the people who makes it what it is. To be great it needs all its members, which I view as one big family. A family in which I and all CM fans must feel like they are part of it.

Considering how many people have already lost their jobs, people that I do consider to be the best writers CM had, I feel like the worse is yet to happen. Why must you break something that work so well?

Please, look at all the great episodes CM gave us in the last four seasons, four great years of good television, don’t you think this should continue?
I hope it will otherwise and that no more cuts are made otherwise for me the quote I made at the start of my post will apply to me next season.

Sincerely, Cerine
Criminal Minds Fanatic (Algeria)

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tassler,

While nobody is irreplaceable I think CM fans are simply tired of going through it. We've had our fair share of losses and I don't think we want to experience it again. The loss of these talented people is very sad and will end up hurting the ability of the show to maintain its unique quality.

I know that we don't know yet which CBS shows you are considering cast firings for but I beg that it not be CM.


Joe Mantegna
Thomas Gibson
Shemar Moore
Matthew Gray Gubler
Kirsten Vangsness
Paget Brewster


You robbed the show of five writers. That should be enough of a savings for you.

Anonymous said...

As a 4 season Criminal Minds fan, I say enough is enough. We have stood strong with our favorite show through 2 major cast changes and a writer's strike. We have spread the love of CM like wildfire.... and we are repaid by losing 5 wonderful writers? and potentially even more losses to come?
I refuse to support CBS in any further cuts in cast / crew of my favorite shows. Count me out if CM loses anymore "family"

ToonEy said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

I understand that you've got some big, hard decisions to consider as times like these are hard on all of us. But I'd like to say that if you cut out any of the actors from this show, it will be like a person missing an essential body part or organ. This show is great the way it is now, as an ensemble cast with all the actors and actresses. Please for your fan's sake do not fire any more writers or actors. And bring back some of those writers that have already been fired.

A dedicated CM fan

Anonymous said...

Dear Nina Tassler,
As you no doubt have noticed, there are many people dismayed about the changes that are taking place on the set of Criminal Minds. Like my colleagues, I am an avid fan of the show, which is not common for me. I don't watch much television and the shows I do like, I am content to wait for the DVD release. I don't need to watch each new episode that comes on. Criminal Minds is the only show that I have followed every week since it's premiere. This is due in large part to the elements that you are trying to change. The writing of the show is unlike anything else on tv. It's funny, it's engaging, it's... real. I think Criminal Minds has the most magical mixture of talent and passion of any tv show on the air. In interviews, the cast always talks about Criminal Minds being an ensemble and I think that's true. The show works because everyone fits so well. You can't possibly know what a new element will do to that fit.

I can understand that you need to cut costs and some cuts might be necessary, but I think tampering with this show would be devastating. This has the potential to be on for many, many years. I would humbly ask that you don't jeopardize that.

I realize that this is a rather long plea, so I thank you for taking the time to read it.

Shannon Lindsey

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with you CBS??? First you fired fives writers, among them the best writer of the serie, Mr. Wilder, and now you want to fired a cast member???

What's the goal here? destroying the show???

Don't touch the actors, you have already done enough damage to the writing staff!

You fire one cast member, I'm outta here!

Sylvia from NJ

allie said...

Ms. Tassler: This was posted by Maddie on the CMF MB. For any fan of the show it is shocking to look at this list and to know that these writers are gone!

Andrew Wilder
1.06 "L.D.S.K."
1.16 "The Tribe"
2.07 "North Mammon"
2.19 "Ashes and Dust"
3.08 "Lucky"
3.16 "Elephant's Memory"
4.03 "Minimal Loss"
4.11 "Normal"
4.18 "Omnivore"

Dan Dworkin & Jay Beattie
3.04 "Children of the Dark" (co-writer)
3.13 "Limelight" (co-writer)
3.19 "Tabula Rasa" (co-writer)
4.02 "The Angel Maker" (co-writer)
4.07 "Memoriam" (co-writer)
4.14 "Cold Comfort" (co-writer)
4.23 "Roadkill" (co-writer)

Holly Harold
4.10 "Brothers in Arms"
4.19 "House on Fire"

Debra J. Fisher
1.08 "Natural Born Killer" (co-writer)
1.15 "Unfinished Business" (co-writer)
1.20 "Charm and Harm" (co-writer)
2.03 "The Perfect Storm" (co-writer)
2.09 "The Last Word" (co-writer)
2.21 "Open Season" (co-writer)
3.03 "Scared to Death" (co-writer)
3.11 "Birthright" (co-writer)
3.18 "The Crossing" (co-writer)
4.04 "Paradise" (co-writer)
4.12 "Soul Mates" (co-writer)
4.21 "A Shade of Gray" (co-writer)

We lost Lola and then Mandy! We don't want to have to make a list of all the actors that have flown the coop. Make your cuts on some other show.

Emzyo said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

I understand in a time of global economic recession that cut backs are ineviteable. Surely though the cutbacks could be made in other areas ie props/sets.

I am an avid criminal minds fan despite the fact I live in the UK. I pre-order box sets and wait patiently for current seasons of the show to be aired over here.

The chemistry between all members of staff on the show is unique to any other show on tv. By chopping and changing this chemistry you risk a chemical reaction that I predict will leave a bad after taste.

For any fan of the show too many changes especially at the same time will result in many loyal and dedicated fans finding new shows to watch.

I may upset a few people by saying this but surely you can hold off on new shows such as washington field to help with budget cutbacks. I dont mean indefinately but at least until the current financial climates change.

To conclude criminal minds will never be the same without the talented writers that keep us glued to our seats. Also cutting cast members that we have grown attached to due to their outstanding acting abilities will only cause further heartache. I ask you and all involved to reconsider your decisions as you will surely lose a lot of fans from across the world!

Yours faithfully
Criminal mind fanatic from Scotland(UK)

Kate said...

Ms. Tassler:
We are the concerned viewers of Criminal Minds. We are representatives of a wide range of demographics. We know that your business is reliant upon your advertisers, and we possess purchasing power in our households. Many of us purchase for more than just ourselves. We shop at Home Depot and WalMart for products from MinWax, Crest, Olay, and Glade. We purchase our cars from Honda, Volkswagen, Ford, and Hyundai. We fly on Southwest Airlines, see movies by Columbia Pictures, and buy insurance from MetLife. We are the demographic that is desired by advertisers because we are loyal….but only within reason. We do not find it ‘reasonable’ to disrupt a proven, consistent team of writers, actors, producers, and crew that consistently makes Criminal Minds a Top 20 show each week. We are angry at the loss of five beloved writers. We will not forgive the loss of even one of our cherished cast. We don’t watch for “big name” (expensive) guest stars, but rather for the intriguing plot and superb storytelling given to us by this winning team. Why CBS feels the need to effectively ruin a consistent winner is beyond all reasonable comprehension.

I’m reminded by an old adage that my father used to say: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Perhaps you should consider this sound advice.

K. Miller
North Carolina

PS. The above mentioned companies buy advertising space during Criminal Minds…see, we pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Please stop trying to damage a top ten show! You "release" five very good writers of a TOP TEN show and now there is talk of losing a cast member? This is a TOP TEN show ... leave it alone! If CBS does anymore damage to the show... I'm out of here and ditching any CBS or ABC show! I will be done with the networks. This is the first show in years that I really watch and I'm not afraid of turning the TV completely off.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Tassler,

I am writing to protest the firing of 5 highly talented writers from the staff of 'Criminal Minds'.

While I understand that the global economic crisis is having effects everywhere, I believe that this decision will have a terrible and destructive impact on a show that is one of the most intelligent, humane, well-written, well-produced and well-performed pieces of drama currently produced in the US.

I hope you will reconsider your decision, and keep the creative team at 'Criminal Minds' intact as it now stands.



Eleonor said...

Mrs, Tassler,
I am just another of the many worried CM fans. I am still in shock about losing 4 very good writers and one superb and amazingly talented one (A.Wilder). Now hearing about possibly loosing one of the actors of a top ten show just drives me crazy, although I am not 100% sure if the show will do as well next year without these talented writers I am very sure that not having all our cast will prove a very bad decision. And like some other fans expressed before do not fix what ain´t broken.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tassler,

Please ask one of your staffers to check the ratings for all the episodes that Allie listed. They all performed well for you. Gave you the ratings that you so need to sell ads. You cost yourself potential ratings by firing these talented writers and you have caused us grief.

I echo everyone else in saying that you should pick another show to pick on next. You've already caused enough damage to CM.

Unknown said...

Criminal Minds is a consistently high quality show that does excellent in the ratings - even without being promoted all over the place like other shows.
In fact, it will even beat out well known dramas that are heavily promoted, like it has done with Lost.

It's a unique, intelligent show unlike any other.
And it is very surprising to me that CBS execs would mess with such a winning formula. It would be bad enough if it was one or two writers, but FIVE? Two of which have been there since the first season and have been an integral part in the success CM has known.

I'm very worried that the high quality CM is known for has been irreparably damaged.

And if members of the cast are let go as well....that irreparable damage will be assured.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tassler, why would you screw with something that's working so well! You're the president of Entertainment shouldn't you at least know that? Criminal Mind's is unique as far as crime solving shows go, there is none like it. Not only in it being a original but in it's writing,acting and the chemistry this group of actors have! Something none of your other show's even come close to and I've watch quite a few of them but stopped not because of the writng or stories but because of the lack of chemistry
If it's cost cutting you need,how about removing the two reality shows this network has carried for way too long!!
Please Keep Criminal Mind's as it is!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Tassler:

I am confused. I heard that CBS is the only network cutting the writing and acting staff on their shows. My confusion lies in the fact that since CBS is the number one network, why is CBS contemplating making cuts to their top-rated shows? Does CBS no longer want to be the top rated network?

Half the writing staff of Criminal Minds was cut in the past two weeks, including Andrew Wilder, who in many of our opinions is the best writer on the show. I am seriously concerned what this large cut will do to the quality of the stories of Criminal Minds.

Now, I hear the threat that cast members may be cut. Please reconsider this kind of drastic move. Criminal Minds has survived the loss of cast members in the past, but there comes a point where people won't stand for more changes, and this is it. I would be incredibly disappointed if a cast member was fired, and would seriously contemplate not watching the show any longer.

I have been a great fan of this show since the very first episode, and stuck with it even though my favorite character left after season two. I have come to admire all the characters, the actors who portray them, and the writers of this wonderful show.

Please, please, please don't do any more damage to this show than has already been done.

Angel said...

Ms. Tassler,
You've heard the old saying "If it isn't broke, don't fix it". This applies to the formula for Criminal Minds. The ratings have been very good and I can't imagine why the writers or ANY of the stars would be let go. I understand that the economy is a mess at the moment but, this show is such a wonderful part of our Wed. evenings. I am asking on behalf of myself and all fans like me, please think hard before changing a thing or taking anyone off of the writing staff or off of the show itself. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

please dont change the actors any of the actors!
i really think you should listen to what everyone is saying because at the end of the day its made for the veiwers, so give the viewers what they want! and they want the cast to stay the same!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Tassler,

As I think you all may have learned during the writer's strike last year, television shows can't exist without writers to create the stories, the dialogue and further the development of the characters. Your decision to eliminate five writers, one of whom (Andrew Wilder) is far and away one of the best writers the show has, is not remotely justifiable, even in this dire economic downturn.

I also hear that the network is considering firing some actors on the show as well. If CBS takes any element away from this successful ensemble cast, CBS will completely lose my respect.

Criminal Minds has been an underdog show that has fought it's way to high ratings because of its writers, its cast, and its fans. Getting rid of the writers and the cast will only accomplish one thing: getting rid of the fans. If that happens, it will be a long time before I will ever watch another CBS show again.

--Diane Masiello
Tampa, FL

Silvinha said...

Ms. Tassler, just keep one thing in mind: you want to cut the costs but if CBS fires anyone from the cast you won't need to worry about expenses anymore because the show will end. Fans will stop watching this outstanding show if we lose anyone else.

I just can't believe this is happening and I hope you can do what is best to everyone: to keep this amazing cast, crew and staff the way it is now.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Tassler,

Im a young fan, and have been so since the show has started. It is my favorite show on tv, and when I cant watch it I make sure to set my DVR to tape it.

I just want to let you know that this show, and only this show, has pushed me to aspire to become a forensics lab tech and to pursue a career in the FBI.

I am saddened to hear about the firing of the 5 writers, and would be overjoyed if the rest of the writers and actors/actresses stayed on the show.

It is a great show, and deserves to have the best working on it. and it has just that. THE BEST!

Please, let us keep it that way!


Anonymous said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

Please do not do it!!!

Criminal Minds is a wonderful series, we can not be without our dear actors.

Do not leave us orphans!

We are almost 7,000 Brazilian fans.

Thanks you!

Migdalia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I don't like this idea. I don't like it at all!

I have only recently started watching criminal minds, and I truly love it - it is brilliant! I think that the team of writers & the actors are what really makes it work :)

Darling Nikki said...

This is one of the best shows on tv right now and it wouldn't be without the amazing cast and crew. The show has creative and suspenseful story lines and the characters have depth. Each character brings something essencial to the team and the chemistry amongst the actors you currently have is unmatched by any show in your competing genre. I am sad to hear the 5 of the writers for the show have been laid off and am worried as to what this might mean for the unique and interesting plot. I for one will stop watching is any of the characters who have been there from season one get let go. I don't think the show could hold up from that kind of change. Considering the show is just now raising to top ratings I don't understand the cuts. I know times are hard but I'd figure this would cost the company more money when they crash a increasingly popular show.

chestnut said...

Ms. Tassler,

CBS announced that it was freezing wage hikes for actors and then promptly gave Fishburne over at CSI more money than God! So since there seems to be exceptions to CBS' rules we respectfully request that some of them be extended to Criminal Minds. Of course if you prefer us to stop watching the show then we can do that too!

ann morgan, detroit said...

Ms. Tassler,

Jericho sent you peanuts. What should we send you to make our point? Maybe calling the offices of CBS non-stop or picketing outside CBS headquarters in NY?

This is no way to save money or how to treat the CM folks that have made you tons of money in ad revenues and dvd sales. Also all those shiney new internet ads you are running. This is just a case of a greedy network making some really bad decisions.

Anonymous said...

Criminal Minds is one the very few shows on television that has shown consistant and intelligent writing that has produced engrossing and entertaining episodes.
The show works so well as an ensemble cast, and every character has their unique talent to add to the perfect balance that IS Criminal Minds.
PLEASE don't mess with success!
Thank you for reading this. I love Criminal Minds--just as it is.

Anonymous said...

I understand the economy being bad right now for everyone, but you have such a great show going. Why ruin it? Criminals Minds is the only show I watch every week no matter what.....and I'm sure all the others, like me, feel the same.

Please, keep the team you have.

Don't fix what isn't broken....


Mickie said...

All I need to say is, don't you think the show has been through enough already??

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tassler..

It is true that we don't know if any of the actors are presently on your chopping block but I watch other CBS shows as well and I would hate losing actors from any of them. I think it is fair to say that most CBS fandoms will unite with the Criminal Minds fandom to rally against cutting lead actors. The articles we've all been reading are quite disturbing. None more than reading about the high and escalating salaries of the CBS executives.

erik said...

Nina T,

The writing on CM was what hooked me to the show to begin with. Add to that a great cast and you had a dynamite show. Smart and different.

Why change what is already working for you and making you money?

elle said...

Criminal Minds is a unique and one of a kind show but is only that way because of the cast and crew behind it. This is particularly true of the writers, five of whom were recently fired. They are very talented people who write intelligent episodes which is a rarity in TV today.

Criminal Minds is one of the network's top rated shows but will not stay that way if writers and actors are fired. As has been said why mess with perfection?

I urge you to rethink your decisions.

Josie said...

Ms. Tassler:

Please use whatever influence you may have to stop the potential loss of a cast member for Criminal Minds. You can't imagine how many viewers CBS will lose if you cut cast members from Criminal Minds. You will certainly lose me.

Tara said...

Criminal Minds is what it is because of these writers. I am rather worried that despite the excellent actors, the show will not be able to survive without them. Please reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Tassler & Mr. Bernero,

I truly hope that you are paying attention to these posts... even you cannot be blind to the common theme running through them: CM is a fantastic show BUT it depends on ALL of its contributors. Maybe it is too late to spare the writers (your first biiiig mistake) but if you dare to consider getting rid of any of our beloved actors, one of whom deserves an Emmy this year (well, last year too, but hey, this show never gets any respect, why start now?! We know though, TG!) you will find fans leaving through the exit doors and NOT returning. I will be one of them. Leave the cast alone!!! You've done enough damage already.

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely disgusted. Five writers fired. An actor trashed in the press for no reason other than the station/show has an excuse when he is canned for "creative differences" or "attitude". What in the world are you thinking? I'm a business manager too, with tough decisions to make, but your decisions to date make no sense whatsoever. Quit tampering with the winning formula and leave all of our actors alone. I will seriously reconsider being so loyal if anyone goes, but if you take TG, you can definitely count me out!

bethany campbell said...

The article I read a few weeks ago said that if principle actors don't agree to not getting a raise this coming season then support cast will be fired but we don't have any support cast to fire. That is what makes me so nervous. If we don't have support cast to get rid of and CBS is the one that issued that press release then who are they going to fire?

Ms. Tassler, we'd love an answer!

Anonymous said...

don't get ride of my wedensday nights!!
this show deserves more than anything to stay on the air !
it's one of the top rated scripted shows out their! like over 14 million people watch this series.don't get rid of their nights either. you should not cut anymore people from this crew! like half the people i know watch this show and love it more and more each week.
there are many other show that aren't even making good ratings. cut them and keep this show, or just stop letting people produce shows period!

every wedensday i wait for this show. even though its twisted, you gotta love the action. the characters are amazing and you should not fix what is not broken! you will waste your time letting them go. a big mistake!

they should just cut costs in like explosives, or whatever else that cost way to much. re-use more sets, go green. i don't know. just do anything to keep this show on the air.


or try to make criminal minds go like out in the open. have more publicity!
more people will watch!

Anonymous said...

I add my voice to Mira's.

She's summed up my concerns quite nicely.

Cutting back in these difficult economic times is understandable, but not at the cost of the product that you produce.

These actions have the potential to damage the show, reduce viewership and as a result, impact your bottom line far more drastically than the salaries of the individuals involved.

I urge you to reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tassler,

As many others, I am upset to hear that five of the Criminal Minds writers were cut. I understand that the budget is tight, but nonetheless am dissappointed that such a fantastic show must suffer.

I believe that Criminal Minds runs as a fully functioning and productive ecosystem would; each small part contributing greatly to the larger whole. To alter or eliminate one part would affect the efficency of the ecosystem in its entirety. Cutting several writers, or any aspect of the show for that matter, may well affect the show's popularity and supress its potential greatness.

I know that, ultimately, I have no contorl over this situation, and one small letter will not persuade the network to re-hire anyone. But I feel the need to emphasize the success the show has had, and pronounce the foolishness of compromising such success. Criminal Minds has inspired me to pursue criminal pyschology as a career; and I implore all those in control to please consider what effects these "cuts" may have.

Thank you for your time.

Nicole F.

Anonymous said...

Nina tassler,
i know you have heard like every excuse in book as to why this show should stay on the air. it's good, amazing, successful, blah, blah, blah! this shows is more than that and you don't understand. every wedensday night over 14 million people sit down to watch this hour of succesful acting, writing, and crew work. my whole family watches this amazing series. it's an addiction. i can't tell you how upset people are going to be if you let anymore people go from this miracle of a show. the most watched, scripted show on cbs every wedensday night. four years running. action, drama,crazy explosions, outrageous cliffhangers equals a show of a lifetime! why waste your time cutting this show, when there are other shows who don't even have any great rating.

cut your actors cut your fans. that's the way it will roll! just saying.
they should try letting other tv series go, and not dump all the cost cutting onto criminal minds. criminal minds dererves it's time in the spotlight! they deserve more publicity, and care from cbs, instead of getting the short hand of the stick.

nina tassler, if you love this show as much as everyone else does, you'll do us all a huge favor by saving our wedensday nights. dont fix what ain't broken.
have a heart, there are many other csi shows out there, cutting one won't do much damage.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tassler,
I cannot claim to be a long time viewer of Criminal Minds. Frankly, I watch little network television.
Of what I do watch, none has been law enforcement related. I see exactly all of that I want to see in my profession.
That said....recently I was introduced to CM by another LE professional. In watching the episodes that have aired since that introduction, I have been impressed with the depth of the quality of the production. In watching past episodes...seeing the development has been impressive.
While no successful production can remain stagnant, and change is uncomfortable even when it is for the betterment of the product....never is a long time, and forever never comes.....please consider carefully the long term effects of fundamental changes to effect a short term benefit.
The economy....yep, its a mess, and cost reductions are perhaps needed.
Please think of it this way...suppose one has a favored tree, or bush. It has become lush, prolific, but so large that its size must be reduced without damaging the long term viability of the plant.
Does one selectively prune limbs and branches, or does one attack the root structure????
Methinks the CM tree is being attacked at its roots......
For what its worth,

Marie said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

Please don't cut anyone else out of the writers/cast/crew out of the Criminal Minds show. It is by far, one of the BEST shows on tv right now. Even the weekly ratings show it!! That should count for something!

I've been watching CM since the very beginning and have enjoyed watching it since then, and still do!

Cut some other shows that aren't doing well in ratings, and give this show the chance that it deserves! Cutting the some of the writing team was a big mistake.

If you cut anymore from Criminal Minds, you are not only cutting a great part of the are cutting the ratings as well!

Keep the ratings up! Bring back the writers this show deserves to have!


Anonymous said...

I consider myself to be a picky viewer. Therefore, i don't watch a good deal of tv. And yet I found this gem of a show called CM that had great writing, great acting and was simply amazing. Now that gem is falling apart... lead writers, now lead actors? It all seems so senseless, surely cuts can be made elsewhere, like in unsuccessful shows... Please leave the gemstone alone, and I have to put in a separate plea for your award-deserving "Hotch"; without him CM is no longer CM.
Please don't make me have to find another show to watch, leave this family alone.

Nobu said...

I watched the last season of this show and then went and bought the others on dvd.

If you cut the writers who have been a part of making this show one of the best cohesive character and crime dramas on tv, it weakens the show. Please bring the writers back and let Criminal Minds keep its magic!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nina Tassler,

Please do not fire one of the actors, we like them all, Thomas, Joe, Matthew, Paget, AJ, Kirsten and Shemar.

If you do it will be the beginning of the end for CM.

Susan from CA

Anonymous said...

We do not need another network acting like NBC. Please rethink your decisions. Taking out one of the most vital components of the TV industry-- the writers and the actors-- is a horrible mistake.

Anonymous said...

-ABC and CBS asked for cuts of 3%- 10% from all scripted series even before the worst of the financial crisis hit last year. It's understood that several established drama series on the Big Three are under pressure to cut budgets by double digits or they will not be returning even though they deliver respectable ratings.

Talent reps report that for all but top-tier thesps, actor salary quotes have become a thing of the past, and there's little wiggle room for negotiation of the rates that studios offer for pilot and series deals. And reps are being warned that the industry tradition of renegotiating thesp salaries after the second or third season is going the way of the VCR and the pay telephone.-

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