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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Masterpiece"--Agent Rossi and the team must profile a self-confessed serial killer who turns himself in, but sends them on a massive manhunt to find his latest victims before it is too late. Jason Alexander ("Seinfeld"), Ali Landry ("Eve") and Nicholas Brendon ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") guest star. Written by Edward Allen Bernero. This sounds like another great episode of Criminal Minds.

*** Beware! Spoilers are in the comments section***

*** This is the original spoiler thread for the episode. Feel free to addd new comments after rewatching the episode this evening. ******


HardKOrr said...

Had the great fortune of seeing this episode at the CM Paley Event last night. One word...FANTASTIC!!

Jason Alexander is amazing!! Unlike anything you've seen him in before. Creepy, chilling, and calculating. Really plays with the heads of our friends at the BAU.

The episode starts with Rossi and Reid speaking to a group of college students that they hope to recruit into the FBI. Rossi is cool and dymanic and Reid is well, Reid. After the class, they are approached by a Professor Rothschild. He claims to have killed 7 women and that another 5 people will die if the BAU can't save them. But he doesn't identify either the victims he's already killed or the 5 currently in peril.

The team uses a reverse profile to first find his original 7 victims and then to find the 5 people the team needs to save.

Great Rossi episode. I love the way he uses Prentiss to get under Rothschilds' skin. Turns out the professor has very personal reasons to be taunting Rossi.

This is also the first episode where we get to see Agent Todd filling in for JJ. She does not handle it well and she gives attitude when people try to help. I for one miss JJ, but I'm a AJ/JJ fan!!!

And Kevin is back!! Lots of humorous moments in this episode. Reid even tries to tell a joke...LOL!!

lizzymmcf said...

excellent! Jason alexander did an amazing job as did joe mantegna! I was very impressed. Very tense episode! Another winner!

Ztivokreb said...

Holy creepy unsub, Batman!
Jason Alexander was completely awesome as the Psycho of the Week, I couldn't believe how he just waltzed up to Rossi and Reid and anounced himself.

Rossi was awesome showcased here, his experience shining through...not to mention teasing Reid.

Anonymous said...

Lots of funny bits in this one. I had a hard time with Alexander. Kept reminding me of George on Seinfeld.

Joe was fantastic. I loved having another Rossi-centric episode!

Anonymous said...

So glad there that the kid didn't die. Liked the episode. Reid being funny is always a treat. I thought Jason Alexander did a great job. I am not clear on how the team knew it was a trap.

jackie said...

o.k. i just finished watching
this episode, and may i say that
this was one rocking episode.
Jason Alexander was amazing as
the unsub. I found myself holding
my breath at the end fearing that
the worst had happened. I really
thought the team was in danger
as Rossi led us to believe that
they were. That is how you keep
the audiences attention. I am
still in awe at how this episode
played out from beginning to end.
This truly is the best and most
awesome show on tv today. I am
still going wow. It was
suspenseful, riveting, and kept me glued to my tv the entire episode. kudos to Criminal Minds and the
entire cast for yet another truly amazing episode. Also thank you
to Edward Allen Bernero for
writing this most awesome and
amazing episode for us. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Extra Y chromosome. Obviously not a good thing. Great episode. I am starting to like Lynch more. Not there yet but he is getting less annoying. Rossi was the man of the hour. Great profiling in this one. The reason I love the show. I am going to miss JJ till she comes back.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, this was another great CM episode...I LOVED IT!

The plot kept my heart racing right up to the resolution of the case. Jason Alexander did a great job...but then so did everyone (as usual!). This was some brilliant story telling - bravo Ed!

I loved the interaction of the team. I especially loved the Reid and Rossi moments. SO, we finally find out what that third Ph.D. is in! I would have never guessed that...hummm, wonder if this will come to play in some future episode???? But, speaking of those degrees...originally wasn't one of Reid's degrees in physics...or am I getting confused?

This is shaping up to be another totally amazing season!

Thank you to Ed, the cast, the crew...anyone and everyone who touched this episode in any way.

This is why we are CM FANATICS!

Anonymous said...

"Kevin, she's busy now" My favorite line from the episode. All in all a solid episode. I actually thought JA did a great job. JM was simply great. Poor Reid is such a nerd. Can't tell a decent joke which I guess is what makes us all laugh.

I think the whole team already misses JJ!

Anonymous said...

I have to say this is up there as one of my favorite episodes, even though the unsub was known throughout!

Jason Alexander did a great job with the character. Creepy and smart. Joe's scenes at the end with him were intense and felt very real. Great job guys!

The camera work and editing in the beginning segment and the tossing of the photos in the air impressed me. It was visually very appealing.

The puzzle story was sufficiently complex that us lay folks could not guess at the solution. Of course Reid did....And now we know what degrees Dr. Reid has earned. They did come in handy.

I really liked Reid's comment about none of his fans being normal.

Thanks Ed Bernero and the cast and crew for a great episode.

Anonymous said...

so, thast was basically amazing, and i think i have a new season favorite. poor reid cant tell a decent joke in the beginning, which makes him all the more adorable. :) and hotch was gorgeous, as always. and how about rossi taking names and kickin some good old fashioned unsub ass? dont mess with that guy. haha. and does anyone know what it really means if you have an extra y chromosone?

Anonymous said...

i have 2 and a half hours to waite for this one.really looking for ward to it,

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, I liked it. I'm not a Rossi fan, and I'm always wary when Ed Bernero writes an episode with a name guest star. But, I did like this one. Didn't love it, won't obsess over it for days and days like some of my favorites, but for the hour, I was entertained and interested.

Two things good about the role for Jason Alexander. 1. It wasn't played in any way comedic. Certain descriptions of his character made me fear that. 2. This episode didn't forget that there's a main cast on the show who are the reason I watch. And, even though Jason Alexander was off at the start (and not in a serial killer off way, but in an acting way) he really didn't take long to get into the role. He was very good. Maybe the best acting was his reaction to Prentiss. What else was creepy was that he was engaging.

So, Hotch's insomnia hasn't magically disappeared. Good. I like that he's been allowed some cheer after his rough year last season, but I'm also glad you aren't dropping his issues completely. Now, find some way to bring them to a fitting conclusion -maybe a nice Hotch episode with backstory?

Yay! Kevin is back. (Think we can convince Nicholas Brendon to grow his hair a little longer, though?)

Nice of Prentiss to check up on Jordan. Nice of Jordan to accept it and to apologize to Morgan. I was worried that I was being manipulated to not like her when she got all snippy at the start. Hopefully I'm not. I don't see any reason why she should be purposely unlikable, since she's only temporary and JJ will be back.

I felt it was all good up until the reveal of why he killed all the women and why he wanted to kill the team. I would have preferred if he was just an evil person who hated humanity. Not because Rossi got his brother arrested. Contrived. And, the scream of rage was not very good. But, one of the highlights of a good episode? Him attacking Rossi -even if he had to get slammed himself. And, how did Rossi know the thing was a trap anyway?

So, all in all, pretty good.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful episode! Jason Alexander blew me away, and I always love when Agent Reid gets a chance to show just how smart he really is!

A response to an earlier post:

The extra Y chromosome does not necessarily cause any mental or physical problems but can cause increased stature (not the case with this unsub)and sometimes learning problems. The hypothesis Rossi mentions stated that XYY individuals were aggressive by nature--not accurate.

Anonymous said...

What a well done ep! Just when I thought this show couldn't get any better, it does! I'm never doubting again. CM delivers!

Laura_G said...

Wow Ed! You never cease to amaze me. I never knew Jason Alexander could be such a sick, twisted person and play it so well! I loved the tension between Agent Todd and Morgan at the beginning. And, when does Hotch sleep?

Kudos to husband said it was "really, really good" and he never says that!

Congrats on another great episode. I'm so glad it's Wednesday. You made my day!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am more credulous than others or maybe it's a fact that I hated Seinfeld and seldom watched it, but I thought Jason Alexander was believable. I loved the double trickery with Garcia saying she couldn't reach the team and convincing the unsub that he had won. I loved the whole macho "I WON" thing.

Reid was pathetic when telling his joke, but he keeps trying and that is just a great character bit.

Hotch looks like he has a poker up his ummmm, spine these days. I want to see him relax sometime soon.

New replacement for JJ has a lot of adjusting to do if she is going to become part of the team.

LOVED the small cameo by Glaser although he has not aged well at all, but he still has cop attitude left over from the old old TV show.


Nita said...

This was incredible, honest and truly! Wonderful writing and acting.....Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I am going to like Jordan. I really liked the episode even though there was very little Hotch. Alexander was a great unsub. Reid's remark about fans does make me wonder if that was a negative cookie from the Gube. It was pretty pointed. Rothschild was a really interesting ubsub.

Anonymous said...

this was such an intense episode,
I liked that Jason Alexander played the unsub creepily quiet until the end. that the team worked together from start to finish. great stuff showing Rossi dealing with the fallout of his fame -- and Joe M really played the emotional conflict so well. Plus some great comic moments for Reid, with his joke, and Hotch with Garcias boyfriend.and I always love to see Reids mind at work .
I literally could not believe it when I looked at the clock and saw there were only 10 minutes to go . I was joking with one of the other CMFers that I would need to get my thesaurus to find some new words for how wonderful this season has been !

Anonymous said...

So the crazy wanted to hurt Rossi's family to make up for his own. I guess since Rossi has no children he decided to attack his work family. It was obvious that this psycho had done a ton of research on Rossi but Rossi hasn't been back with the FBI that long. I am wondering if psycho assumed that Rossi had become close with his co-workers or if he was attacking the FBI in general since that has always been the constant in Rossi's life. I guess I am just rambling. I really enjoyed the episode. I thought the performances were great and there was some really great camera work in this one. The spin shot was classic season one and I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Other than Kevin Lynch being back I liked it very much. I just dislike that character so much. I thought Jason Alexander did very well.

Anonymous said...

Excellent episode, Ed.

George Kostanza who? Excellent job by Jason Alexander. I was hooked with this villain from the beginning, and villain feels far more right than unsub with this one. I could practically taste the evil.

An amazing number of one-liners for the show, which I love. Reid trying to tell a joke was so funny because the joke was so bad. And he just didn't get it. He had an excellent showing, and I'm thrilled that the Ph.D.s have finally been identified in canon (we've had interviews, etc., but last week was the first in an episode, now we have all three) and I've always said, he had three Ph.D.s at 24, he sure as ** didn't stop, there had to be more studying of something.

I love Rothschild going to leave and Emily is just standing there waiting. Way to creep out the creepy guy.

You got me at the end with the mislead of the team going to the house, but I was sitting there saying to myself, "No, the numbers will be wrong if he kills the team, because he's already killed the boy."

Altogether excellent episode, all the characters were spot on.

Thomas got an excellent range, I think he interacted with each member in a different mode tonight, Agent Todd, Prentiss, Kevin, Penelope, Rossi, Reid and Morgan, and each interaction was flawless.

I think the developments between Morgan and Agent Todd are going to be a lot of fun to watch and I can hardly wait.

Oh, and the case was excellent too ;)


Anonymous said...

Great episode. Saw it last night but was happy to watch it again tonight.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am speechless! WHAT AN EPISODE! Way to go Ed!

Jason Alexander totally shed his George Constanza persona and was absolutely the creepiest UNSUB.

This was such an interesting episode, the cinematograhpy was fantastic. There were so many great shot and the one of Reid while he is figuring out the formula was wonderful.

I loved the fact that they fooled this guy into thinking that he had killed the team (fooled me, too, by the way). These people are SO SMART!!

The lengths this guy went for revenge or vengience was amazing.

This episode will go onto my all time favorite list!

Anonymous said...

Loved the twists and turns. Not sure what I think of the new gal but since JJ picked her I will give her a chance. I usually don't like knowing who the unsub is in the beginning but in this one it worked and Jason A. was perfect.

Anonymous said...

Loved it!!

unknown author said...

Ok, I wanted Todd and Morgan to just get a room ! They are definitely going to be an item.

Glad to see the interaction between Rossi and Reid. I like that Rossi is becoming a friend to Reid and mentor.

Good writing and a story that was smart all the way to the end. Love the head game at the end with Rossi and Rothschild. Not sure how they figured out it was a trap, could have developed that a bit more. Just an overall good, good show tonite.

Anonymous said...

This was one of the best scripted and plotted episodes of Criminal Minds so far. Casting Jason Alexander as the unsub was really brilliant! Alexander was wonderful. What a great performance. The case was very complex and very challenging to figure out. There was a great twist at the end. Reid determining where the hostages where being kept was great. Rossi's interaction with the unsub was masterful. Derek and Jordan's give and take while she is with the team is going to be relly interesting. I think he has finally met his match and my money just might be on Jordan. I just loved the twists and turns. I think this was Criminal Minds at its best.

Anonymous said...

This was an Eddie B. episode but I didn't catch any cookies. The closest thing to a cookie, and I am not even sure it was a cookie, was a back handed reference to the US bailout. Garcia alluded to it. I am not sure that counts as a cookie. Did anyone catch any? Truly loved the episode. It was exciting and creepy while staying true to CM style.

Anonymous said...

Loved it. It didn't really feel like a Rossi episode. The case revolved around him but there was great team work and tons of profiling.

Anonymous said...

I thought that I would be distracted by Jason Alexander being an unsub but that only lasted a few moments. He was truly convincing as the psycho nut case of the week. I think he was one of our best guest stars this season. I still can't wrap myself around Kevin. It just doesn't work for me. Sorry!

Sam Stein said...

That was, hands down, the best episode of the season. Seriously, Jason Alexander needs an emmy for that performance. Like, right now.

And did anyone else think that Emily and Agent Todd were acting kinda... flirty? That was sort of the vibe I was getting from the scene where Emily checks up on her. We shall see...

Anonymous said...

Great episode, suspenseful but not so scary as some, with all the players getting equal time except Rossi who led the pack. I love the way he gets so tough with any unsub, not afraid to get right in their face and let them know just what he thinks of them! Reid figuring out the math scene was super - wouldn't you love to be there and watch him up close with that brain of his in high gear ? It was oh-so-Reid - ya gotta love him.

I think Todd is mutually attracted to Morgan but out to pretend she's not and I def don't think Prentiss and she were flirting-just Emily being cordial and offering her assistance. Being more of the recently sensitive Emily.

Hotch was great with every member of the team tonight, letting each one do what they do best, really using all of them to develop a really complicated profile - not like one we've seen before.

I have no prob with Kevin Lynch - obviously Garcia's happy with him and as much fun as she and Morgan have with the sweet tele-talk, I could never see them as more than great friends, so let Garcia be with Kevin!

Jason Alexander was just as good as I thought he'd be - very sinister, truly evil but not nearly so smart as he thought he was, although I was a bit scared for our guys those last few minutes. I did not get how the team knew it was a trap - if anyone else did, pls clue the rest of us in!

Anonymous said...

I may be aging myself, but I was won over at seeing Paul Michael Glaser. After 30 years and a lot of emotional trauma in his life, I'd say he's aged exceptionally well. I didn't notice that he'd directed so I kept trying to figure out how his character was going to fit into the show later on.

The rest of the episode was excellent as well. It was a good use of the characters, the plot was engaging and the new JJ is going to be an interesting addition. Hotch's befuddlement when she entered his office at the beginning was great as was Reid's plaintive (and perhaps MGG's heartfelt) request for a normal fan.

Anonymous said...

Actually there was some music at the top of the show (as the pictures of the woman were being snapped and the camera reveals all the Fibonacci spirals in the guy's office)... some sort of late Romantic era maybe Impressionist piece (I'm guessing). I have no idea what piece it is. Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Anon, I didn't catch any music. Sorry.

Great episode by EB! so our Reid has PhDs in chemistry, mathematics and engineering as well as BAs in psychology and sociology, and he is working on a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Finally we have a canon account of his education. We've been asking for clarification on his degrees. Maybe that was our cookie.

Jason Alexander was wonderful and it was a blast from the past to see Paul Michael Glaser.

Did anyone catch Gina Garcia Sharp as Agent Sharp?????

Anonymous said...

I need to rewatch the episode. I was so into it that I missed Gina. Is she back on the show or just making a visit? Anyone know?

Garcia and Kevin are cute. I like him.

The guests were terrific and the cast brought their A game!

The ending was perfect.

Anonymous said...

That was one great Criminal Minds episode! I enjoyed it very much because it actually was a MINDS game (but I loved the chopper nonetheless - can’t remember we had that before in any other epi).

Rossi was very powerful in this episode. I’ve noticed in some of the previous episodes of this season how strong he’s become and how much he’s grown on me this season but it was in this episode that I realized I don’t miss Gideon anymore which was the case for me during all season 3 (sorry Ed, sorry Joe).

There was a bit too much Dan Brown (whose books I really love) in this episode for my taste, I wish they had stuck with Arthurian legend, but it made for another lovely glimpse into Reid’s mind at work. I loved my Reid in this epi, especially how he’d dressed up for that recruiting event and how everybody went silent when he listed his academic merits. Like some other’s here I, too, was alerted by that comment about not one ‘normal’ fan.

Hotch was a bit underused in my opinion, but again we had a lot of lovely team interaction. I’m happy with the many team moments we’re getting this season.

Thanks, Ed, for another criminally good hour of TV entertainment!

Deirdre said...

I really enjoyed this episode. It was a very strong episode that was very tense throughout and built the tension to a great climax, even thought hey had the unsub from the start. All the team had great moments. It showed different aspects of their job, like Reid and Rossi giving the seminar. I did miss JJ, but it was great the way they used Todd to show the difficulties of the job. I liked her interactions with the various members, from the hostility with Morgan, the confrontation with HOtch(I can't imagine any of the other members talking to him like that!!) to her chat with Prentiss.I even didn't mind Kevin in the episode. All round another wonderful episode to add to this great season!

Anonymous said...

I will admit...I actually was not looking forward to this episode...not a Seinfeld fan.

But...oh my gosh! JA was creepy to the core and I was shocked. Incredible episode, Ed.

I was good with Kevin..."she's busy now." Very cute.

Poor Reid...lack of joke was so painful...but at least he tried.

Yes. Morgan and Todd...get a room...this will be fun.

Emily and Rossi pushing JA...sneaky...and then Rossi with the final push...nicely done.

Good mix of tension and humor...also, the writers, directors, and edit people have really gotten the pacing of the show down to an incredible science. I don't even realize that the hour is nearly up...nicely done and keep it up.

Tom Bryant said...

Thought Jason Alexander was really spooky mainly because he was so like a psychotic, quieter George Constanza. But I thought the ending was a little more contrived than is usual.

Anonymous said...

loved this episode, creepy unsub and nobody died *yaay*

and i also thought that emily and todd were kinda flirty...emily also seemed kinda sad at the end, when she saw morgan and todd walking by and arguing

Anonymous said...

This episode would have made a wonderful two parter. It felt rushed to me. There was lots of story here but only 40 minutes to tell it. The unsub's revenge and setting up of Rossi and the team could have been explored over two episodes. I liked the concept of a family member becoming an unsub and seeking revenge and Jason Alexander did a great job of bringing that unsub to life. I was reading another site and they seemed critical about Alexander's performance. I thought it was stellar.

Also, as much as I will be missing and waiting for JJ to come back, I think Todd is going to be okay. She has a lot to learn and needs to crank it down a notch but she'll serve two purposes. The first purpose is that in the real world JJ would need to be replaced by a temp for her maternity leave, so bringing in Agent Todd is realistic, and the second is the added appreciation the team will have for JJ when she comes back.

Reid and Rossi lecturing took me back to season one and Gideon lecturing while Reid was his student. It was a classic touch of rememberence and I think it was done intentionally. Ed has a way of taking us back to show us how far we have come from the old days. Reid isn't that same old child/man he was in season one and Rossi has more than taken over where Gideon left off. That is how it played out for me. Anyone else agree?

Reid, it is nice to know that he can't do everything perfectly. Now we can add not telling a joke to not being able to use chopsticks.

Unknown said...

THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the best episodes of this season...actually come to think of it, they all have been amazing episodes this season!!:)

Keep themm coming guys:)

Lasell xoxoxo!

Anonymous said...

In regard to Reid's degrees - maybe we thought physics was one of them due to his physics joke with the setting off the film case and hitting Emily (or was it Elle?) 2-3 seasons ago? He probably learned that in chemistry. Rossi mentioned quantum physics also during the lecture and they may do some of that in engineering.

If Reid is working towards yet another BA, that might explain why he has no life, i.e. no dates? He is a perpetual student whenever he's not working. He has a difficult time switching gears and being comfortable in a social setting still, and scared the heck out of all the college kids with his listing of all his college degrees. Poor Reid, he doesn't get what to say when and to whom.

I think that Prentiss is just observant and amused by the interface between Morgan and Todd but if Prentiss is interested in anyone, I think it would be Reid, after her comment if he's "thinking about making any
baby geniuses" a couple of shows back.

I forgot how strong Todd came off at Hotch - that was way more bold than the others talk to him and it is early on for her. Hmmm, we'll have to see on this but she is just temporary and maybe doesn't care.

I never even think about Gideon any more, Rossi has stepped in and taken over in a strong, natural way, aligning himself with all the others learning and knowing their strengths. I like him alot. I'm not sure how fatherly he is to Reid but Reid seems to look up to him, which is a good thing.

Reid also seemed to be back on track, not down about the events of the last 2 weeks with the meeting with his father and coming to grips with more of his childhood memories and that shows he's more mature emotionally, also a healthy sign.

A very good show, very different, which keeps us going and mesmerized. I couldn't believe it during the final commercial when the clock said 9:50! The show flew by and I couldn't figure out how that could wrap it up in such a short time. Whew!

It will be great to see the girls showcased next week, more of Todd and we'll get to see Prentiss taking her under her wing which should prove interesting.

Love everything about this show -
tell Reid he has lots of "normal" fans - we not sickos just fanatics!


As everything has been already said I will write here my first impressions:
Er.......*scratching head*
but how the heck???


No, Reid, you will NEVER have any normal fan.

P.S.Neither will YOU, Mr. Gubler...*wink*!

Anonymous said...

Paola, Frankly I found the line to be a very insulting and shocking one. I was offended and if you look at some of the other CM sites on the web you will notice most feel the way I do about it. I think it was a mean jab at fans which is totally out of character for Ed Bernero and Matthew Gray Gubler.

Besides the insult I did enjoy the episode. It was edge of seat time. The case had me until the very end.

----Monarch from LJ

Anonymous said...

I don't think the line was meant to be an insult to fans. EB has supreme respect and loyalty to CM fans. I think it was really just a fun cookie or even just an ordinary line.

Loved. Loved. Loved Paul Michael Glaser directing this episode and also playing Det. Garrity in one of the early scenes. What a timeless talent that man is. I thought that it was just wonderful to get that small infront of the scene view of him. He did a perfect job of directing the episode.

I had serious doubts too about whether Jason Alexander could bring us the bad but he did a seriously great job. I totally got into the episode.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I loved last night's episode of CM. That was brilliantly done with Jason Alexander as the baddie. I love how he was clad in white, you'd never suspect an evil person wearing a white outfit, a pure color, yet underneath hiding something awful. To be the brother that Rossi took down, wow, didn't see that coming one bit. Also, the remarks about his book, the chapters, the numbers, the Fibonacci sequence, his pendant, his ramblings, beautifully done!

I was really hoping that they'd trick him just like they did to that guy at Gitmo, in Lessons Learned. I think I realized something was going on right when Garcia entered the room to tell Rossi, because I'm thinking, why would she personally deliver a message like that, when they have earphones and cell phones, etc. I was thinking Jordan Todd was going to need some "watching over," I like how Prentiss did it in a subtle, yet not so subtle manner, and then the way Morgan sort of waltzed right thru the door. Interesting to see him put in his place! I think I need more dosings of Todd before I make my decision on whether I like her addition or not.

I love Nicholas Brendon, and I love him as Garcia's interest as Kevin Lynch, but his part was just too small. He seemed like he was a fly on the wall, but it's also nice to see them visiting during not so busy times. I loved how the entire team worked together on the case, I was wondering why they never really gave him the other women's names of the ones he killed. I knew they wrote them down, but I guess it was just by making inferences and profiling things, but I thought they'd at least bring up maybe 1 or 2, just to put him on edge. I think what did the trick was Prentiss being at the door like that, definitely put a jump in his step! I love when they use her in such a dominant manner, and it's quite amazing how just being brunette and beautiful can really spin the bad guy.

Anonymous said...

Very good!

MySentimentExactLeePages said...

This was a good episode. I especially liked Jason Alexander looking all kinds of crazy!

And yes, I thought there were many cookies thrown in for us with Reid. Also I felt that The Gube was speaking to us through Spencer when he said, "I never have any normal fans." LOL

Lee :)

Anonymous said...

Haven't posted much but had to say how much we are enjoying CM. Again it's the team interaction that brings us back......among MANY other things.

Anonymous said...

Lovely episode. I was so hoping that we could have chatted with Ed about it. His episodes are always so interesting and this one was no exception. I would love to know what his thought was behind casting Jason Alexander and dressing him the way he did. I thought it was genius.

Anonymous said...

Another terrific ep! I liked that most of the team was highlighted in some way, as well as Rossi and Reid getting to shine. I love "Reid-vision!"

Not too fond of Agent Todd, yet, but JJ's a tough act to follow, and it must be hard to integrate into a tightly knit team such as this one. Taking everything personally doesn't help, though. Hope to see her loosen up soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Rossi totally wins this episode. WINS.

Elizabeth said...

That was intense and extremely disturbing. Fortunately, I had the cat nearby to provide warmth and comfort! Very well written.

Anonymous said...

Every week. This show gets better every week.
Amazing episode, from beginning to end. The super complicated plot (you lost me at numbers) and ulterior motive really held my attention.
I liked that this was a local case, especially because we have Garcia around.
I like Todd and her interaction with Morgan, but miss JJ so much already.
Rossi was so amazing. He had so many good lines, I can’t pick just one.
“Where’s Dr. Reid?” “Busy.”
“Do you know that I was born with an extra Y chromosome?” “So?”
“It’s not a matter of me believing it, it isn’t true.”
“… I’m going to lean in real close and tell you to say hello to your scumbag brother.”
And JA was unrecognizable, great job on his part.
And congratulations on the ratings! This show deserves that and more.

Unknown said...

OMG!!!The lovely genius was awesome as always.And the joke at the beginning?Didn't get it but the reaction of the audience was great.

And finally more from Garcia.YAY!

The new girl???Don't like her,sorry.
Too arrogant.

Great acting by Joe Mantegna.God...I was terrified about the team.

The UnSub was one of the creepiest!
And the scream at the end.Heck!!I was terrified for a moment.

All things considered?Awesome episode.I even forgot to put out my finger of my mouth(I bit my fingernails)because it was so heart-stopping.LOL

Great job.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story and acting! Very, very good episode overall. Enjoyed Rossi having his "own" episode, but the others were highlighted, as well.

Anonymous said...

it was very good and had alot of creep parts in it also, reid was so good so was rossi. ja. play the part very good. i like the wig he was wearing. kevin was ok. glad garcia was there alot more. morgan and todd like to see more interaction between then.

Anonymous said...

It's me again - I forgot to mention the scene where Reid rips the pendant from JA's neck - am I wrong or was that the most aggression we've ever seen from this guy? I think the old Reid would have said "Could I have a look at your pendant?" or "what is that on your chain?" But no, He rips it off him - I loved that! That was a Morgan-style move, don't you agree??!!

I also liked that Hotch respected Rossi so much that he allowed him to continue the interrogation alone, without Reid who was Hotch's choice - that had to be a tough decision given the weird reverse-profiling cirumstances and the time constraints they were under.

I had to watch it again today to pick up on these tidbits and I bet if I watched it a third time, there would be more!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I was finally able to watch this episode, and it was amazing! I luved how we got to see Rossi be the one handling the unsub like this, and the remark where he told Henry that his dry cleaning was more important than him made me crack up. The only thing that sort of bothered me was his tone when he said that it was a trap. He seemed a little too calm to feel like his entire team was about to be blown up to bits, but that could just be me.

I agree that it was weird to see Jason Alexander acting the way he was, all mellow and demeaning and melodramatic, and I must say he did an excellent job. I couldn't help but laugh as he kept encircling Rossi in the interrogation room when he was a full two heads shorter than Rossi. I don't know--it just seemed like it had the reverse effect of seeming superior.

I really liked how Emily went to befriend Jordan because she definitely knows how it feels like. Did anyone else catch the brief shot where Jordan timidly set a mug of coffee in front of Emily? I thought it was sweet and showed that she was really grateful for her reaching out to help her. I'm eager to find out more about her and can't wait to see her and Emily interact in next week's episode. The promo was hilarious where Emily said something along the lines of "This is God's gift to women" and then Jordan replies "Well then he's sure got a sense of humor." I'm willing to give her a chance.

Other than that, GREAT episode and it was a little freaky because my mom ran a Day Care for the first 17 years of my life (this first year of her not doing it is just so weird) so to see that the woman and the kids she took care of were taken kind of creeped me out.

Anonymous said...

Somebody wrote on another blog, how the actress playing Todd looks like Morgan sister. you the one that played in Profiler, Profiled.

I don't think it make a difference but what do you all think?

I voted "loved it" on this one. It's only the second one I voted "loved it" on this season. JA was really good in this and the special effect where really cool. I was so surprised by the way they ended the episode too. I knew they would not be hurt but I didn't know how they beat that. Joe"david" was really believable.

Unknown said...

OMG this season has just been so amazing. absolutely loved this episode, got to see a little more Garcia. Jason Alexander was just creepy , he did an amazing job. Loved Reid and his joke it was just so Reid. The Tension between Morgan and Todd. Loved the Hotch Scenes, just would like more

Anonymous said...

I liked it. I really liked the end when they were pretending the couldn't get hold of the team. I was thinking nothing can happen to them! They can't all be dead!

I really do need to see it again though. I was trying to load things back on my computer, and getting devastated that CDs my pictures are on, are coming up blank. So I didn't really get to enjoy it.

Walburga Benker said...

Jason Alexander was great and a scary unsub. Rossi did a great job and i like the Rossi / Reid moments. Lots of fun in it.
Wonderful writing and acting.

Thanks ED, cast and crew.

erm...a normal fan ( or not ?) from germany. LOL

Anonymous said...

extremely relieved by the 'out there' Reid joke at the start ... they've been nicing him up a bit lately and i was worried he would lose his Reid-ness (ha - Reid is PRACTICALLY an anagram of weird ...). and i thought the 'no normal fans' line was hilarious!

truly enjoyed the slow unravelling of all the twisted ideas the unsub used to justify his creepy little existence - they say pride comes before a fall - big cheer to Jason Alexander for carrying it off. his assumption was that he could beat the team by attacking Rossi who, in his opinion, wasn't smart enough (compared to geniuses like himself and Reid) and therefore a weak link.

did you catch his barely-disguised racist comments to Morgan about not being about to escape our genes?

and finally, what i like about Todd's initiation into the team is the realisation of what a brilliant job JJ does ... a nice and very subtle tribute. i think she'll go great and next week's episode will be a big help in accepting her more.

my question is does anyone have a brilliant idea why he chose the name 'Rothschild' (clearly not his original name)? it's German for 'Red Sign' and there was a murderer who killed his beautiful prostitute wife for her diamonds ... and maybe a tenuous connection the the de Medici family in 17th century Naples (almost 200 years after Da Vinci).


Anonymous said...

Wow, I have only one word to describe this episode: Masterpiece. I loved it, thank you for it. Mr. Bernero, the show is still better and better, when will it stop? :-D
(I hope and wish it won't)

MGGFan said...

This was a very great episode. The beginning just bringing us in the wrong direction,... Very great script.

sindee said...

Ooooh... wanna see, wanna see, wanna see... ;-)

CU sindee