Thursday, April 09, 2009


Criminal Minds: Kirsten Vangsness has sent us her newest blog post. Criminal Minds goes on hiatus in a few days. I hope Kirsten and all her co-workers have a terrific hiatus. From Kirsten.........

March 5, 2009 I'm sitting at a desk in a police department in Buffalo. In Los Angeles. Really but it’s supposed to be Buffalo and I’ve never been there but it totally looks like it. I've been here since 4:30 in the morning. I am currently bleary eyed at best and have been fighting the urge to combat it with sugar. Sugar is my pal in small amounts and anything larger it's just mean.

Matthew is all about armpits today. I don't know why.

April 3, 2009 It’s a version of soon. I am a moody and fickle bird, I forget that about myself until I am. And I have been moody and fickle and hermit-y and when I’m like that it’s super hard to get me to share. And I like being moody and fickle and hermit-y there’s a special kind of power in it. To just be like- back off--I’m playing in this sandbox ALONE. I enjoy a good cave. I’m denning.

April 9, 2009 I am having a brief window of social-ness and I thought you’d want me to take advantage of it before the season end. We have only one more episode left. This year has flown by FAST. I have a whole SLEW of shiny, gorgeous, ridiculous pens!!!!! I love them each separately and uniquely and well. I try and find the right pen for every scene, usually I use the same one for the whole episode, I think Garcia uses a pen a day and circulates through them depending upon her mood, her outfit and the task at hand. The new ones that are in heavy rotation are the purple stegosaurus, the grey crazy face one with the beads and the puff of hair, the tiger with the moving appendages, the dolphin, the grey and pink with the skull on the top and the purple glittery heart. There might be more I have used and I certainly will use each one. I love them. Thank you. And it was a total pleasure to see Jill and meet the troops and chat everyone up, I remember I was sleepy and super caffeinated and was kind of a spaz and you all were fresh faced and sweet and gave me a bag of loot.

We are filming all this week at the Disney Ranch. That means me too! I’m out of the office! Ed Bernero wrote AND is directing this one and he always has Garcia doing and saying and being uber-rad. And Ed can direct and do all the smart guy stuff and still be all joke-y and fun. Today all seven of us were out there acting it up together, end of season four and we merry seven are still are in the adoration phase. I got Shemar colored make-up all over my cheeks because he couldn’t stop kissing on me. My job is fun. And I’m not in heels! I love heels but I was doing a lot of trudging through dirt today, in the rain SO for this I’m in these crazy comfortable super awesome looking biker boots. And a cape. Really. It’s a short cape. But still, a cape. It’s red. I think I’m the only girl on TV right now who gets to wear a cape.

Joe and I both went to the Genesis Awards and he did a Fat Tony impersonation for me there and the whole dinner was vegan and they fed us chocolate mousse with raspberries for dessert and the wine was all organic so it’s impossible to get a hangover from it. Amazing. Oh! Did you know I did a Fat Tony/Simpson’s reference on our show? A few weeks ago- I said somebody was “too stabby” which is a call back to a thing Fat Tony (played by Joe) on the Simpson’s said. It’s a little thing but I found it to be thrilling and so did Joe.

Oh friends, it’s late and I have a drive back up to the mountains in the morning. I wish you all happy adventures and wishes granted. When inspiration strikes I will write you again, who knows what version of soon, but I will.



p.s. I almost forgot...for your viewing pleasure...the second one I took myself:=