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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "The Big Wheel" written by Simon Mirren and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

**Beware! Spoilers will be in the comments. **


morticia_addams said...

i can't wait to see the ep. i just saw the preview and it is so scary....i am so curius now...ok and i admit scared ;-)

aka morticia addams


Sofie said...

I can't wait for tonight episode! It's the same feeling each week, the wait his unbearable... ;o)

Walburga Benker said...

can´t wait to see it. I´m so excited.

Laura_G said...

I am so excited about seeing this episode! It has been such a thrill to see the promos. It was so great meeting Simon and everyone else in February and the suspense is killing me! Simon writes some great ones!

Anonymous said...

Canada gets it two hours earlier again this week! :P It's on in less then 10 minutes! Previews for it have looked really great.

gubegirl said...

Looks very scary and I can hardly wait to be scared to death in front of my large screen with sev handsome men and great ladies, too, larger than life facing me - I love them! only 5 more epis left and I will miss CM so much - do not want to think about it!

(I will speak for many when I say that I hope we get a big dose of MGG tonite, too...that sweet face on my TV makes me melt...)

Anonymous said...

Awesome eppy! It was really good.

The opening scene made you realize how creepy the unsub was. I think he was also slight OCD with the way he laid out his clothes in the morning. The way that he would open/close, open/close before actually opening the door ( any door for that matter ) was an interesting fact.

LOVE the fact that Garcia got out of the office and went with them. Loved what she said about getting a "go" bag. :P

Morgan with the kid was so sweet. He was great with them.

When they showed the unsub as a little boy, to me the kid that played him reminded me of the kid that played young Reid. Also the kid that played the murdered kid last week, also reminded me of the kid that played young Reid. ( maybe its the hair and glasses? ) Anyone else notice this or is just me?

jane said...

Loved the episode. Garcia was great. I love it when she travels with the team.

A Criminal Minds fan said...

I really liked this episode. Great writing, way to go Simon Mirren! The case was interesting with a killer that wanted to be stopped. Alex O'Loughlin was pretty good and convincing. Poor Vincent to have witness his monther being murdered, from then on he kept repeating that crime. I like the attention to details. like Vincent turning doors knob twice, not walking on lines in the pavement etc.

The kid that played Stanley was also very good. Strange relation with his monther's killer.

Favorite scenes, the ending with Vincent and Stanley on the Ferris Wheel, so sad. Hotch, Reid and Prentiss at Vincent place. Hotch sure knows how to kick down doors!
Good work from Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore who both did well in this episode. Love Morgan scene with Stanley, very touching. Hotch expression when he was looking at some of Vincent victims, very telling on how horrible it was.

Only negative, no characters developement in this episode but that is okay, we had many great episodes this season with lots of characters developement.

Great work Simon, Thomas and Shemar and everyone who are working on CM, you all did well with this episode!


Anonymous said...

OMG I'm balling, I hated seeing that kid cry when he asked if Vincent killed his MOM.

Great episode!


DianeDJ said...

This was such an awesome episode! Alex O'Loughlin did a GREAT JOB.

But oh my god! That was depressing as hell! :(

Laura_G said...

Jake Cherry was amazing as was Alex. Great episode Simon. Thank you so much! The fans really needed that. This was my mom's first CM ep and it was too much for She just can't handle it. But I loved it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Debbie said...

How does this show get my heart thudding wildly in my chest and breaking all at the same time?

Oh my gosh, what an incredible episode! Excellent, excellent, excellent. Simon, you are so wonderfully wicked.

The child actor was great! So was Alex. He really creeped me out.

Thanks everyone for another outstanding ep!

Anonymous said...

That last scene with Morgan and the boy was fantastic. Very sad episode. I was expecting really big things from AO because of all the hype but I thought he was no better than any other guest star. We've had much better ones.

Loved Garcia in this episode and really liked Hotch asking her if she minded going with them. That was totally cool

Alex Fan said...

LOVED it! He was super creepy and and yet it was so touching at the end. Anyone that can make me empathize with a serial killer is a great actor!

Anonymous said...

That kid! I hope his career shoots off after this, because he was great!
Alex was wonderful (as if there was ever any doubt) as the UnSub. The OCD thing had me watching for all his habits. I can totally see how watching his mother get killed would screw up his head, but didn't anyone think that Vincent sitting with his dead mother for 24 hours was setting off alarm bells? maybe the kid should have been watched?

It was great to see the whole team getting screen time, especially having Garcia out in the field.

Way to go, Simon!

Ann said...

I've been excited for this episode for weeks! I was so fortunate to be able to watch them shoot parts of this epi. Simon, it was a true blessing to get to listen to you talk about this episode & it didn't disappoint one bit.

Wonderful team interaction tonight!! Garcia got to be in the field & bounce her own ideas off the group. I loved her quip & look on her face when she realized she was helping profile. It was also nice to see Morgan do his thing tonight.

Alex was wonderful as Vincent, & the boy was amazing as well. I was so riveted during the ferris wheel scene I had to remind myself to breathe.

Excellent job, everyone!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Simon Mirren is one sick ticket, and I love him for it!

This was such a great episode. Garcia got to go to Buffalo with the team and we had a nice scene with Prentiss, JJ, and Garcia, It is alwasy a good episode when Garcia goes with the team!

Alex O'Laughlin did a really great job as the unsub, He was creepy and ordinary and odd all at once! There was some very interesting camaera work and sound effects highlighting the unsub's OCD.

The little boy was wonderful and he did a wonderful job playing a blind child. He was so great on the ferris wheel,and i felt so bad for him, losing his mother to the unsub and then losing the unsub, who had befriended him after he killed the boy's mother. He lost everything.

Morgan had some nice scenes with the little boy as well, and it was nice that he got them--Morgan has kind of been absent this season, so it was nice to see him spotlighted a little bit tonight.

Hotch got to break down a door tonight. YAY HOTCH!!!!!

This is the episode we got to see a portion being filmed when we were in LA. It was exciting to see now the scenes we saw being filmed fit into the story.


monica said...

Good strong episode. Terrific guest stars. Our cast was spot on tonight. Garcia out in the field was soooo great. Now some Morgan/Garcia banter would be really appreciated. I agree that the kid was great. Good night for the show. Well done.

Kirsten said...

Wow, great work Simon! A really good case-based episode! Alex O. was very convincing, as was the boy that played Stanley.

My favourites tonight were Hotch, Garcia and Morgan. I love the way TG can go from tough guy booting down a door to subtle sentimental, watching his face as he sat in the 'film room'. SM's scenes with Stanley were also very good. As for Garcia... SO great to have her along and KV's one-liners are classic. I also thought it was a great cookie for us to have Hotch ask her permission to come along. Great management, Unit Chief!


MySentimentExactLee said...

"Eh". That is all I have to say about this episode. It did not hold my attention. I like Alex but otherwise it did not do anything for me.


sherlockette said...

Very good episode. Thanks Simon Mirren and Rob Hardy.

While we knew through most of the show who the unsub was, it was still interesting to learn about him. I was glad to see the unsub’s perspective didn’t dominate the show, even though he had a lot of screen time. I felt there was an equal balance between the unsub and the profilers. Too much time on the unsub takes away the suspense of the show.

The regular cast was great as usual and the guest cast was impressive. Kudos to Jake Cherry. All the scenes with him in them were very emotional.

I hope everyone appreciates how much time it takes to film just 30 seconds of the show. I certainly do now. Thanks for a great job everyone.

simone said...

1. The bread thing was so gross.

2. The OCD had me watching every move he made so I wouldn't miss anything.

3. Alex did a good job but the kid was great.

4. I really felt bad when he died. I kept reminding myself that he was an unsub but he was such a sad character.

Very good ep!

Anonymous said...

Totally worried about Hotch. How dark was it having him watching those tapes and then the quote they gave him was so very dark.

Anonymous said...

Just saw The Big Wheel. Alex O'Loughlin did a wonderful job. He made me sympathize with his character. I loved this episode.

Trish said...

good episode. love the case, good guest actor. Great to have Garcia travel with the team. We had some good Morgan and Hotch scenes tonight. Funny to see Hotch as the 'unsub'.

Pam said...

Love the episode even if it did make me said at the end. Poor Vincent. The kid playing the blind kid was excellent. Alex from Moonlight was good too. Will watch that episode again and again.

Good work Simon Mirren, the CM cast and crew!

Vivian said...

What I liked about this episode:
plane scene! Garcia out on a case. Hotch kicking door! Nice touching scene with Morgan.

what I didn't like....let me think....nope I like it all!

Great work CM team!

Anonymous said...

i have 15 tell it comes on i been wanteding to see this one i am alex fan.

Anonymous said...

Jake Cherry is fantastic. Wow can he act. The whole episode was amazing. The ferris wheel scene was great. Hotch asking Garcia if she was good to go was a nice throw back to her meltdown about having to profile in the earlier episode. Nice touch. Very sad ending. I am never surprised when Hotch takes it upon himself to do the hard darkish work. He was the one who washed Elle's blood off of her wall in FK2. He seems to take it upon himself to do what needs to be done without regard to how hard it might be.

Anonymous said...

The episode started out in true creepy fashion. We see the un-sub Vincent preparing for and then engaging in a murder. He wears long johns as he gets up, gets dressed, brushes his teeth, and and eats. He is meticulous in keeping things clean and he opens each door twice in OCD fashion. He also has rituals for certain things like putting on his shoes.

After getting ready he walks down a residential street (avoiding cracks) and stops at a home where a realtor is getting ready to show a house. Vincent walks in the home, tells her his name is not Robert (the man she was expecting), he makes an eery clicking sound with his teeth and then he stabs her, either through the lungs or heart, and watches her as she dies. The clicking sound is repeated through much of the show.

Next we see that he has recorded this event with a hidden camera (in his glasses) which he sends to the police. He writes “help me” with read marker as an appeal to the police to stop him and indicates that his next kill will be on the 29th which is one day after the BAU gets involved. They also determine that that he is a serial killer who kills roughly every 12 months. The victims are usually young and blond.

While the BAU is tracking him down, Vincent has an unexpected guest show up at his home. The woman, Allison, knows him from somewhere, work maybe? She asks him to do some film work, which he refuses to do. He also asks her to leave. While she is there though she stops in front of the TV where a press conference is on with details of the serial killings. She notices how the police drawing looks like Vincent and tells him this. He locks the door and turns around, saying he needs to change glasses.

In the next scene we see that he has killed her and dumped her body. The BAU team preps for another killing as they correctly figure that Allison’s murder was not planned. Meanwhile, Vincent appears to target his next victim and works to avoid the police as they narrow in on the clues. They decide to talk to the blind son of one of earlier victims, who witnessed the killing. Vincent talked to the same boy earlier in the day and promised he would come by later.

Vincent is walking down an alley and he encounters two thugs who interrogate him. Vincent tries to get away without trouble but when one shows him a gun, Vincent stabs him in the stomach. He then turns around to look at the other guy. The look he gives him was nothing less than chilling

Then Vincent is back in his home. One of the thugs shot him and he stuffs rolled up bread balls in his wounds and then wraps Saran Wrap around his waste to cover the wounds. He also stops for a moment to watch a video that frequently plays in his apartment. It is a video he shot when he was a child of his mother being stabbed.

Vincent goes to pick up the blind boy (whose mom Vincent killed) and they drive away. Vincent tells the boy (Stanley) in a round about way that he would never hurt him and Stanley tells Vincent he wishes that the man who killed his mother had killed him too. Vincent is disturbed by this.

The BAU deduces that Vincent may have taken the boy to ride on a Ferris Wheel nearby. Stanley and a very weak Vincent get on The Ferris Wheel and start to ride. Vincent tells Stanley that he must never wish to die and that he is very special because he helped him see that what he was doing was wrong.

Suddenly the fact that he started out killing and stabbing 30 times and and regressed into a single stab wound makes sense. When he killed Stanley’s mom and realized she was a mother with a son that was the age Vincent was when he witnessed him mom’s death, he began to feel remorse for what he was doing. He couldn’t stop but he wanted to and that is why he sent the video mesage to the police.

Vincent dies on the Ferris Wheel while holding Stanley hand and asking for forgiveness. Incredible episode.

Anonymous said...

Alex O'Loughlin wasn't what I was expecting either. All my friends were excited that he was going to be on CM and I had very high expectations that he just didn't meet. When he died I was really sad but he was truly a tragic victim/unsub. Very good job by Simon in making us all feel sympathy for this cold blooded murderer.

callie said...

next week's episode looks great. terrific promo. tonight was very good.

Steph Miller said...

Not a particularly scary episode, but enjoyable nevertheless. Some great Hotch, Morgan and Garcia scenes... these 3 are sure why I tune in weekly! Cudos to all the cast and crew.

Kelsey said...

Newbie here! I think I have a new favourite TV show, especially if I get to see more of Hotch & Morgan!
Thanks to the writers and actors for an entertaining hour.

Annje said...

LOVED the episode! So creepy! Loved the actor who played Vincent. Above all, I loved Garcia out in the field, I think she needs to travel with the team more often. I always feel bad when they leave her behind. She's a vital member of that team, BRING her along!!! Hope this isn't the last time she travels with her peeps! :)

laurel said...

The clicking was a masterful touch.

Pack your bags more often Garcia and join the gang.

Anonymous said...

Alex was great! Just wanted to point out that Vincent set up the meeting with the realtor under a false name. He was OCD and planned everything out ahead of time and he made the appointment to be alone with her. It wasn't that he just happened by and saw her.

elle said...

Excellent Excellent Excellent! Simon is positively genius. Loved Morgan with the kid something that we haven't had in a while that I like. The unsub seemed so normal other than the fact that he was a sadistic killer. To me those are the creepiest kind.
BTW the Francis Bacon quote was also used in Unfinished Buisness in one of the letters and also in Ryan's book.

ToonEy said...

One of a whole lot of things I love about CM is the way the show can have the unsubs be truly creepy but still try to find some humanity in them so that the audience can somewhat empathize with them. I really loved this episode. I've said it before else where, but I'll say it again, I love CM even the bad episodes I can not miss at all. Alex O' Loughlin (Sp?) was convincing as an OCD serial killer. I didn't see Mick the vampire from Moonlight at all. Another great guest star.

That being said, I'd like to say that there were somethings missing in this episode. I would've like the team to delve deeper into Vincent's past. We knew that he has OCD. But we don't know if Vincent had OCD as a condition of his seeing his mother murdered (although it is likely) or was it there before the murder as a result of his environmental upbringing. It sounded like to me that his parents didn't have a very good loving relationship and his father wasn't a really great father figure. Like someone before me mentioned...not a lot of character development for the unsub and the team.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the episode - the story, the cast, everything. I LOVED Penelope being out on the case with the team. The only thing that really made me sad was the ongoing tradition of the lack of any Morgan/Garcia flirting at all...:-( I'll never get why they just cut that out like it never has been there...

Sofie said...

The big wheel episode was really great! The writers outdone themeselve again. FOR THE REST OF ARE FAVORITE TEAM, THEY WERE GREAT HAS USUAL. My luck is that here in canada we get to see it twice on two different tv stations at different time 8:00 and 9:00 so it's always a BIG TREAT ;o) It was interesting to see Alex O'Laughlin playing this caractere which he did very well.

Lola said...

I was a bit confused wondering what was the motive killing all this people. He saw his mother being stabbed but still... Anyway, thank you for another CM episode!

sel said...

Stuffing the bread in the body... Ohmygod that was the most disturbing thing. The episode was good. I like that the majority of the team is involved and yay for Garcia!

jackie said...

WOW!! Another awesome and great
episode!! Very well written, and
kept me tuned in from the
beginning to the end.
I never left my tv set the entire
time. It was creepy and scary.
Was it just me, or did the
unsub have a camera built into
his glasses? Now it makes me
want to question, that with
every one i come into contact
with that is wearing glasses,
are they secretly filming me
for some perverted, ugly purpose.
Those poor people didn't even
know what hit them. I truly felt
sorry for them.
That poor little boy. I had
no idea that he was blind to
begin with. I was so scared
for him when he took him up into
the ferris wheel at the end.
Nice save by the team.
On a lighter note, it was nice
to see Hotch ask Garcia to be
prepared to come along just in
case he needed her there instead
of back at the BAU.
I loved her comment, when he told
her to have a go bag ready, and
she said "Go bag, i don't have a
Go bag sir".
All in all, i loved this episode,
and i just can't get enough of
this most awesome and fantastic
Keep up the great and awesome
work guys. You Rock!!!!


Well... I love Alex O' loughlin. I was a big fan of Moonlight. Luckily he was there, so just because of that the episode was worth to be seen. JUST because of that.

Amyvil said...

OMG! This episode was amazing! Alex O'Loughlin totally rocked as Vincent! And the little boy was wonderful. I was crying at the end. That's how much it affected me. Great acting, writing, and directing!

Amy V.

Kate said...

Fantastic episode!

Thomas Gibson never ceases to amaze me. He gave yet another stellar performace. He really stood out to me tonight (and I'm usually all over Reid!).

At first it really bothered me that Hotch sent Reid and Prentiss to the carnival while he stayed alone at the house, but when I thought about it, he was just being the quick thinking awesome leader that he is. He was putting himself in the greatest danger by staying if the guy came home. We need more Hotches in this world!

Also....I LOVE it when Garcia goes on the road! Please give us more of this!!! Our team is best when they are all together.

Great episode! CM Rocks!!

Eleonor said...

The epi for me was ok (not superb as Omnivore), the guest star Alex did a nice job but to tell you the truth I did not like that he was in almost every scene, I watch CM because I like the stories and the TEAM. So the epi was different and that is ok but just this once please.
I enjoyed Garcia-Hotch interaction about the go bag. Loved TG's face when watching the unsubs recordings, very good work. Morgan was very touching too.
The rest of the team almost did not get any time I guess you could say they where in the bench...

Meagan said...

Solid episode, Simon and good job as usual to the cast and crew. Nice to see a non-aggressive Morgan for a change, but I thought that Hotch & Garcia stole the show. Like someone else said, I was ticked when Hotch stayed behind at the house and didn't go to the fair grounds, but then figured it out... he took the toughter, more unpleasant task. Its these understated things that I love about his character. Garcia was cute too... "go bag?" Her banter w/ Hotch is great and I'd love to see her 'in the field' even more. Roll on next week!

Caro said...

I enjoyed the eppy The Big Wheel very much. I admit to tuning in because of Alex O'Loughlin. I found his portrayal of the OCD serial killer chilling and as far removed from Mick St John as he could get. He did a fantastic job in keeping with the quality of the show that CM is. I have watched CM in the past & will continue to do so. I felt Alex was an asset to the show and showed a different side of his acting ability. He made you CARE for a serial killer and made you SAD that he died. You can write a great part, like Mirren did, but you have to ACT the part to bring the audience along with you through your tortured journey...and Alex did all that and more. I'm am VERY proud to be a fan of Alex O'Loughlin.

RMF said...

A well crafted episode, very reminiscent of "Normal" in how it spent time showing us a nebbishy, somewhat sympathetic killer. I think "Normal" was better, though, because this kind of episode hinges on the ability of the actor playing the unsub, and although O'Loughlin was good, Mitch Pileggi turned in the superior performance. O'Loughlin had me believing in the pathetic loser, but not the vicious killer who (originally) stabbed his victims multiple times. Despite the things we saw him do, the vibe the character gave off was too nice, perhaps too geared towards the final scenes in which Vincent is to touch the audience by giving the kid credit for turning him around. On the other hand, CM retains its amazing run of good fortune in child actors. The kid who played Stanley was outstanding. He has the same odd old-soul poise as Dakota Fanning.

The OCD was really well portrayed. In the scene where we're introduced to the unsub, his rituals of opening and closing doors, lining things up, and even putting on slippers are so monotonous that we'd like to scream. The prize for the most ingeniously outrageous scene of the season might go to Vincent's Saran Wrap encounter. And here I thought the most exciting use for white bread was cleaning smoke stains off walls. Still, I wonder how anyone with this kind of neat-freak OCD manages to do anything as messy as stab someone repeatedly.

The Hotch scenes manage to do a lot with a little. There's a nice reference to Garcia's distress at being roped into profiling in an earlier episode, when Hotch asks Garcia to come along but leaves her an out. Loved him bursting through the door, too, and his quiet distress over the horror in Vincent's films. He's not the type of person to become inured to suffering, and I like that.

babruin said...

This was an interesting little character study about an unsub who now turns to the BAU for help. So this is what happens when the 12-step self-help programs like Serial Killers Anonymous stops serving free coffee and donuts at their meetings.
I liked this story about redemption as the killer tries to save another boy from a life of pain and remorse after the murder of his mother. Kudos to Simon and Alex O for creating a sympathetic killer with more tics than a deer in Lyme country.:) I liked the symbolism of the Big Ferris Wheel as Vincent works with the blind boy to rise above his pain and reach for the stars.
That was also the most creative use of bread I've ever seen. Hmmmm, maybe a little judicious use of peanut butter would help keep the plugs in place better than Saran Wrap.
Morgan did his nice warm and fuzzy thing with disenfranchised kids-Yay!
Garcia was funny and it was nice to have her on board on the field.
In all, I like the variety we're getting this season, from wham-bam, rock'em-sock'em Mayhem to this quiet,elegiac story.

Anonymous said...

Very sad episode! I need to see it again but Hotch looking at the other victims was very emotional as well as Morgan with the boy. The little boy who played Stanley was very good. Vincent's OCD was creepy, but trying to save Stanley from taking the wrong life path ... can't describe but very interesting. I'll never look at glasses the same!

Anonymous said...

Alex O'Loughlin delivered a brilliant performance on Criminal Minds "The Big Wheel", it was an amazing episode!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVED Alex in last nights episode The Big Wheel. He was truely AMAZING!!!

gubegirl said...

This is one I will def watch again - like tomorrow! You have all written so many things I missed - I was especially tired last nite - and I want to go back and catch every little detail. 'Course, sometimes that takes more than TWO viewings, CM gets so involved.

Did not know Alex McLoughlin but thought he was AWESOME and I loved all the little OCD expressions - he was so troubled and you could not help but feel empathetic toward him, again prob'ly a PTSD victim acting out.

Morgan was wonderful with that little boy and if he is as good in real life with kids, he needs to find a good woman and start making beautiful babies soon, as to not waste such a skill! Hear that, Shemar?

I loved Garcia getting to go even w/o having a ready "Go" bag. I miss the banter too, but this last season's cases are so involved and so serious - could that be partly the explanation? She is playing more of an active role in the case-solving than ever before. Not much time for goofing and she's more an equal?

Loved it all. The guest stars this season have been nothing short of amazing and more than 90% of the epis have been wonderful.

That's way more than you can say for most shows today. Even the couple that were less than steller, were not a waste of time.

Don't know how we'll make out having lost so many great writers, but hopefully TPTB @ CM know what they're doing and we not lose the quality we have come to be accustomed to!

HardKOrr said...

I really enjoyed this episode. Well done Simon Mirren, Alex O'Loughlin, Jake Cherry, and, of course, our wonderful Team!! I kept wondering why this episode was called The Big Wheel and went, aaahhh, when the ferris wheel came into play.

Alex O'Loughlin was good (I'd never seen him before) but the little boy was fantastic. I hate it when I feel sorry for an unsub but I felt really bad for Vincent. Stanley had me close to tears when he wished that Vincent was his dad.

Morgan was awesome with the boy. I think he was absolutely the one that could connect with him since he lost a parent at a young age too. Garcia in the field is always total win - cute the way she was muttering about not having a go-bag.

And I think we all learned a very valuable lesson...if we are ever shot, reach for the bag of Wonder bread. Ew!

Good job CM...can't wait until next week!!!

Belinda said...

I'm a bit late, ust watched the episode from the DVR. Loved it. Good case with a sympathetic killer. Alex O'Loughlin was pretty good.

Funny scene with Garcia and Hotch 'Go bag'.

Great acting by Thomas Gibson when he was watching at all of Vincent victims. You could see the horror on his face.

Seet scene with Morgan and the kid. That kid was a really good actor.

Good writing from Simon Mirren.

Saw next week promo on the blog, can't wait for that episode!


Jasmine* said...

Everyone were so amazing in this episode by the end i had tears in my eyes and it was sooo emotional.
The whole twist that Vincent was a victim himself yet when he hurt the boy's mother he decided to get better but it was impossible.
This was brilliant !! and i loved the quote in the end.

Shadow said...

The performance of the kid was award-worthy, and the episode had its good moments, but all in all this was a lame episode for me, it just didn’t ‘click’ with me, sorry.

Hotch (who today was looking younger/better than the last weeks IMHO) and Morgan were great as was Garcia, though I love Garcia better in her bat cave. I didn’t get the need for Garcia to travel with the team except for the sole purpose of showing her in another environment. It seemed kind of forced to me to take her out into the field. She could have done all she did in the field in her usual surroundings as well.

The scene where the unsub put bread into his seeping wounds almost had me throw up, and the scene in the alley seemed totally random, out of place and superfluous to me. It served the sole purpose to kill Vincent but had absolutely no connection with the case.

The episode was depressingly sad, which is a good thing for CM, but it felt like lots of things were left out (on the editing floor?). It lacked the depths of the character analysis I’m used to. Not as bad as HAT, but still slightly disappointing to me.

Jennifer said...

Although I like the character development episodes better, this one was pretty good for a team one.

I thought the team all had about equal time, which is cool, but certainly Thomas and Shemar were the standouts. I will certainly take any Hotch that i can get!

First time I've ever felt even just a teenie tiny bit sorry for an unsub dying... well done, Alex O and Simon.

As for white bread... um, yeah, glad I don't eat it!

WubbyWubby, Melinda said...

I am a die hard CM fan, and love all the shows with all the actors that is in it.

The Big Wheel was wonderful. Even the killer, the superb Alex O'Loughlin, made you feel for him once you found out he watched a man stab his mother as a young boy. The compassion he showed the boy was great, he is such a great actor. I never knew he was shot until he was back in his apartment and had no idea that he was going to die on the Ferris Wheel until the end, what an ending.

Thank you for such a great show.

Walburga Benker said...

A interesting case. I have to breath deep when i watch the scene with Alex and the boy in the wheel. They are both so amazing. Our Team great as always. This was what we needed.
Thanks so much Simon Mirren.

A great episode.

LouBaby said...

The cast did a lot with very little, since the focus was so much on the unsub. Still liked the episode but not one of the best. Thank you Thomas and Shemar for some great scenes. Overall, nice work Simon.

Anonymous said...

One of the most touching and moving episode I ever seen!Thank you so much to the directors, actors and screenplayer to have done this wonderful episode.

Ambra said...

Sorry I'm so late commenting on this ep but I loved it! Very intense and grabbed me from the first scene! It's great seeing Alex O'Loughlin on tv again and he did a fantastic job as Vincent. This is one of my favorite episodes of the season!

Anonymous said...

Great episode!

I was wondering, does anyone know the song that was playing when Vincent was talking to the little kid in front of his house? It was only instrumental so I can't tell what it was? Please help!