Friday, April 03, 2009


Criminal Minds: A letter from Andrew Wilder to the fans of Criminal Minds:

April 3rd, 2009

Dear Criminal Minds Fandom,

I am writing to let you know that I was informed last week that I will not be returning for the fifth season of Criminal Minds. I need you all to know that while I will miss you all, I am completely at peace with this reality. My departure is no one's fault. The fact is that Hollywood is not immune to the devastating effects of the current economic downturn. Agonizingly painful decisions had to be made and I believe, whole heartedly, that in my case that decision was made correctly and made with love and respect. Please do not worry about me or my well-being. Someone had to go and it is just a well that it was me and not my dear friends and coworkers who will stay behind to keep the show alive and strong. Most importantly, I wanted to thank all of you, The Criminal Minds Fandom, for allowing me to entertain you. You are the true miracle of this wonderfully gruesome and twistedly touching show that we all care so much about. I don't think any of us who started out on this journey four years ago could ever have imagined that we would be blessed with such a loyal and enthusiastic following. I want to thank Ed Bernero, Simon Mirren, Chris Mundy, Erica Messer, Debra Fisher, Jay Beatie, Dan Dworkin, Holly Harold, Breen Frazier, and Oanh Ly for being the such supportive friends and creative coworkers this past season. I have learned so much from all of you. And of course I will be forever grateful to the diligent crew and brilliant cast who have brought Criminal Minds to life day in and day out for 4 years and counting. Writing can be tough but believe me when I tell you that it's nothing compared to what the CM crew goes through each and every day down on our set. They are truly the heart of the show and I can tell you they are going as strong as ever.

Goodbyes are always sad... and the best ones are short. I say good-bye to you knowing that the show that you and I love is left in the most capable hands possible. I know I'll be watching... and that is the most exciting part of all. Now I get to truly become part of the Criminal Minds Fandom! Thank You, CMF!!! See you around the blog.

Andrew Wilder