Thursday, October 11, 2007


Criminal Minds: We would like to generate some conversation on the Criminal Minds Fanatic Message Board's episodes and quotes threads. Not that we mind talking, but we sure would like to hear from you. We are going to offer a rather large prize for your significant participation-your choice of an autographed script from the episode “No Way Out II: The Evilution of Frank” or a set of Season 2 Region 1 DVDs.

To be eligible for the prize you need to make ONE significant post in EACH of the 5 topics that are marked as gold nuggets. We are not going to tell you which topics they are- you have to pan for the gold! The topics will be labeled “GOLD NUGGET” on the first post…so not too much searching is involved.

Significant posts are those with at least 35 words. That is only about 2 sentences, so we know you can do it! Posts must to be related to the topic.

Posts must be made between noon (eastern time) on Thursday October 11th and noon (eastern time)on Tuesday, October 23rd.

All posters that meet the criteria will be entered into a drawing so no registration is required.

We need only one post per gold nugget topic from each person, for a total of five. You may post as many times in a single topic as you wish. HOWEVER you will only be entered once in the drawing, regardless of how many posts you make in a topic during the two weeks of the contest.

A minimum of ten members must be included in the contest to award the prize, so encourage your fellow members to post!!!

Don’t forget to post your regular Wednesday night post on the blog- and we will see you beginning Thursday the 11th. -Sherlockette