Saturday, October 06, 2007


Criminal Minds: How well do you know the characters on Criminal Minds? The BAU is working a case in Chicago. It is Halloween night and they need to blend in with the trick or treaters on the streets. What costume would each Criminal Minds character wear?


Anonymous said...

Lets have Reid dress as a pumpkin. He would be so cute.

Anonymous said...

Prentiss: Keystone cop
Garcia: Her favorite gaming character
JJ: Cheerleader
Hotch: An FBI agent. lol
Morgan: Basketball player
Reid: A computer

Anonymous said...

I like Allie's ideas for Prentiss and Garcia. I could also totally see those two doing Laurel and Hardy. Or Garcia taking charge and dressing them all as anime characters.

I would love to see them get totally away from their normal selves. Dress Hotch as a hobo. Reid as a zombie, complete with fake hatchet in his skull. Garcia in full French courtesan gear, with a huge skirt and corsetted cleavage and powered hair three feet high. I'd put Morgan in a big spider costume -- 'cause who doesn't wish he had more arms to hug you with? JJ as a vampire, because it would be such a different look for her. Prentiss as something like Little Bo Peep -- wholesome and innocent.

And Joe would show up in his street clothes. If anybody asked, he'd say, "I'm the quiet normal guy next door. I'm the one you REALLY should be afraid of."

Anonymous said...

I think that they could all dress up as super wonder woman, batgirl, catwoman(the girls) (men) spider man(reid)batman(hotch) one of the xmen(morgan)the riddeler(gideon)the penguin(rossi) etc etc

Anonymous said...

Love the ideas you guys have about them dressing in theme. Garcia would be the perfect one to pick the costumes. I wonder who would be able to convince Hotch to wear it! lol.

Anonymous said...

Wizard of Oz

Reid- the scarecrow (no corn fields please)
Hotch-Tin Man
Morgan- Cowardly Lion (he finds the courage- so don't fret)
Garcia-the Wizardess

Anonymous said...

This is fun!

Reid - a doctor in scrubs with a stethescope around his neck and spouting off medical facts

Hotch - a cowboy - that way he can carry his guns

Morgan - a football player - so he can tackle the unsub

Rossi - a hunter with a shotgun

Garcia - a fairy princess, with a wand that is really a tazer

Emily - Elvira, mistress of the dark (with her black hair and pale skin, it's a perfect match)to seduce the unsub

JJ - Little Red Riding Hood and in her basket, a gun, tazer, and other goodies

Anonymous said...


J.J.: Camilla Chicken

Morgan: Rizzo

Reid: Great Gonzo

Hotchner: Fozzie Bear

Garcia: Kermit the Frog

Prentiss: Ms. Piggy

Anonymous said...

Okay cool. I can do this. I'll do the Peanuts group.

Morgan would be Charlie Brown.
Reid would be Pigpen.
Hotchner would be Linus.
Prentiss would be Lucy.
J.J. would be Peppermint Patty.
Garcia would be Woodstock. Kirsten loves feathers so she would like it if Garcia was Woodstock.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Spencer Reid aka Elmo, J.J. aka Zoe, Aaron Hotchner aka Bert, Derek Morgan aka Big Bird, Penelope Garcia aka Cookie Monster and Emily Prentiss aka Ernie.

I love sesame street. I'm a little kid trapped in a grownup body.

Anonymous said...

I want to see JJ as a Southern Belle. Morgan would be a great gladiator. Prentiss reminds me of Wonder Woman and Garcia would be perfect as Snow White. I think they would have to hold a gun to Hotch's head to get him into a costume but if they got him to do it then an Indian.

Anonymous said...

Garcia - Pebbles Flintstone

Prentiss - Betty Rubble

JJ - Wilma Flintstone

Hotchner - Barney Rubble

Reid - Great Gonzo

Morgan - Bamm Bamm Rubble

Rossi - don't know him but how about Fred Flintstone

Anonymous said...

Morgan, Blue M & M

Prentiss, Red M & M

Garcia, Green M & M (they're the best)

J.J., Purple M & M

Reid, Yelloe M & M

Hotchner, An M & M package

Anonymous said...

Hmm...can't think of everyone, but I think Garcia would be Washu from Tenchi Muyo (an Anime). She's a mad genius like she could make her hair pink!

I do know I'm going as Garcia for this halloween! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hotch said that he was in theater plays in college so I don't think he would have any problem dressing up and going undercover.

Lets dress him up as a Oscar Meyer Hotdog. lol. I saw someone dressed as that one year.

Anonymous said...

Garica - Gypsy (she can wear outlandish clother with lots of color, and lots of scarves)

Prentiss - Spy

JJ - Priness

Hotch - Cant see him dressing up, but maybe he dusts of his pirate hat, and dresses as a pirate!

Morgan - Football player

Reid - Knight in shiny armour

David (as he will be there by then) - hard to say we we dont know him, but since he wrote books, a librarian

Gideon - a ghost! :p

Shawn said...

Garcia - Cindy Lauper
Hotch - Elvis
Morgan - P. Diddy (Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy)
Prentiss - Cher
Reid - Ozzy Osbourne
JJ - Britney Spears (circa "Hit me baby one more time" (school girl outfit video)). not a Britney of today!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could remember the names of the Little Rascal characters. That is who I would dress the team as. There was one who had a wisp of his hair that pointed straight up in the air. That is the one I would dress Reid as.

Anonymous said...

I think the name you are looking for is Alfalfa.

JJ: Snoopy

Morgan: A football player

Garcia: Garfield

Prentiss: Marilyn Monroe

Reid: A tall carrot

Hotch: Dilbert

Anonymous said...

Reid-Court Jester
Prentiss-Geisha Girl
J.J.-Lady Bug
Elle-Bumble Bee

Anonymous said...

I think the idea of them dressing like a team is precious.

I would dress Reid as a candy bar because he is delicous.

Garcia would make a great jack o'lantern.

Perhaps Prentiss could be a ghost and Morgan a vampire. I think he would have fun as a vampire.

Anonymous said...

ok heres one for the records. How about Horror Movie Icons

Morgan= Candyman
Hotch= Michel Myers(Halloween)dark hair and the fair complexion would be great.
Garcia= Freddy Krugar she could have long nails
Prentiss= Ginger (Gingersnaps)
JJ= Tifany ( Bride of chucky)
Reid = Chucky ( childs play) hes sucha doll anyway.
Rossi= Not sure maybe pinhead( Hellraiser)

Anonymous said...

Dress Hotch as Morgan

Dress Morgan as Reid

Dress Reid as Hotch

Dress Prentiss as Garcia

Dress Garcia as JJ

Dress JJ as Prentiss

That would be so funny!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big Disney fan so here are my thoughts.
Hotchner would be a great Peter Pan and he would look great in the costume. Sorry for the fangirl mo.

Morgan would be Donald Duck and Garcia would be Daisy Duck because that would satisfy the shipper in me and would be so cute.

JJ would be the most perfect Belle ever. She is elegant and beautiful like Belle.

Prentiss is Ariel and I think she would have fun playing the role. Ariel is a fun character.

Darling Reid would be Nemo. I think someone would have to tell the poor soul who Nemo is but he would be a great Nemo.

Anonymous said...

Morgan-Geodude because they are both strong and tough.

Anonymous said...

Lets make a fruit salad with them. Hotchner is a banana because he is tall. Reid is a kiwi because he is different and special. Morgan is a green apple because he is tough and he can be tarty. Garcia is a tangerine because she looks great in orange. Prentiss is the seedless grapes because she is fragile and tough at the same time like grapes. J.J. can be the blueberries because she is sweet and rare and has her own seasons.

Anonymous said...


Morgan is Chandler, Reid is Ross, Hotch is Joey, Garcia is Phoebe, JJ is Rachel and Prentiss is Monica.

Of course Prentiss could play Kathy, Chandler's old girlfriend since she has experience. lol.

Tracy said...

Prentiss: Elvira

I think there is a side of Prentiss that wants to keep everyone guessing.

Garcia: Fantasy Character

Like someone said, probably from one of her on-line games.

JJ: Princess

I think she would be the most predictable

Hotch: Mr. Anderson

All he would have to add would be the dark glasses.

Morgan: Football player

Or some kind of sports player.

Reid: Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde

Something from the past or a past character

Anonymous said...

Reid- Zorro or the Lone Ranger because he gets to wear a mask

Morgan - Shaft because he gets to wear the hat

Hotchner - The Hulk because he knows his inner self is very tough

Prentiss - Cinderella becaue she is waiting for someone to discover she is as beautiful as her brains

JJ - Mia Hamm because she realy IS a soccer player

Garcia - Carmen from the Opera Carmen, fan, black lace mantilla and all


Anonymous said...

jackson: the little rascals are great. the character you are thinking of is Alfalfa with the one sticky up bit of hair! (and cute freckles!!!)

I love the ideas you lot have come up with, but here's mine:

the guys - keystone cops
the girls - girl scouts complete with baskets of cookies (to hide weapons!!!)

or maybe the guys should go as girl scouts and the girls should go as keystone cops!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jumping on the bandwagon with the group themed costumes. My profilers would go as the Endless from Gaiman's Sandman series!

Garcia : Delirium (Formerly known as Delight)
Hotch : Destiny
Reid : Dream
Morgan : Destruction
JJ : Desire
Prentiss : Death
Gideon : Despair

Renee said...

Morgan: Prince of darkness
He could charm a woman into anything.

Garcia: Catwoman
She would love the nails and I think she could really do things with a wipe. lol

Prentiss: Zena the warrior princess
That way she still could be armed

JJ: Sleeping beauty
No explanation needed

Reid: Casper the friendly ghost
He would have to get over his fear of the dark.

Hotch: A traveling salesman
So he could keep his suit on, he does look good in a suit. lol

Joe: A serial killer posing as a FBI agent

Anonymous said...

Sticking with themes
Hotch as Andy Griffith or Capt. Kirk
Reid as Barney or Spock
Morgan as Ernest T. Bass or Scottie
J.J. as Thelma Lou or Nurse Chapel
Emily as Helen Crump or Sulu
Garcia as Aunt Bee or Ahura
Gideon as Floyd the barber or Dr. Mccoy

Anonymous said...

I don't think Hotch would do the pirate thing because he only did that the first time to meet Hayley and now she's left him.

Anonymous said...

Good point on HOTCH, Angel.
But maybe that´s exactly why he´d go as a pirate... to remember the good times?
JJ should wear a dirndl.
MORGAN should be a vampire.
PRENTISS would be a perfect Morticia Addams.
GARCIA should dress up as Marie Antoinette.
I´d love to see REID as young Darth Vader...HOT!!! Also as gube-licious pirate...arr!

Anonymous said...

Morgan-as a cowboy in chaps so he can make Garcia one happy camper.
Hotch-as a Brooks Brothers catalog cuz he won't loosen his tie for once!
Reid and JJ- as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so they'll learn to stick together, clear?....crystal clear.
Garcia can wear what she usually wears to work.She's one of a kind!
Prentiss- as Kurt Vonnegut thus fulfilling her geeky fantasy.
Gideon-as Houdini....he knows how to do a disappearing act!

Anonymous said...

nuts ya all I forgot to add Gideon to my leagon Of Horror Icons I think Guideon would make a great Jigsaw off of Saw. He just seems like he would have a dark evil sadistic side like Jigsaw.

Anonymous said...

JJ--Black cat
Morgan--football player
Prentiss--classic Black witch (not because I don't like her character, but because I think she'd be striking in a black dress)
Garcia--punk rocker
Hotch--Having a hard time with this--maybe the Tin-Man from the Wizard of Oz.

Anonymous said...

Reid - Jason (Friday the 13th)
Hotch - Dracula or Captain America
Garcia - Clown
Morgan - Wolverine
JJ - Princess / Renaissance

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Reid - Jason (Friday the 13th)
Hotch - Phantom of the Opera or Captain America
Garcia - Clown
Morgan - Wolverine
JJ - Renaissance

Almost forgot Prentiss

Prentiss - Flapper

Anonymous said...

Hmm...what would they be?

Garcia-her favorite MMORPG character

I would say some other things, but, I don't want to be kicked off the school computers. ^_^;

Anonymous said...

Morgan I can see being a vampire Cause I can so see him flirting with the costume
Hotch I doubt would dress up but if he had to I can see him being a ninja so no one could see who he is
Reid would be a star trek Character probably Spock
Prentiss possible be a maid
JJ would wear some sort of classic costume but I think a nurse costume would fit her
Garcia is tough, she would so love doing this, I'm not sure what she would pick either she would dress very business formal since she usually doesn't dress like that or I can see her going as Rainbow Brite...hehe I can so see her trying to get someone to be Twink.

Anonymous said...

Well, this "challenge" inspired me to write a short (1031 words) fic about the gang....with a few changes to the original setting. You can find it here:

But to give you the short version, Garcia dresses the group as follows:
Morgan - football player
Reid - Albert Einstein
JJ - Legally Blonde
Emily - Kitty
Gideon - Inigo Montoya
Hotch - FBI or Secret Service agent (she wanted him to go as Tom Cruise in Risky Business, but he refused)


Reid: skeleton, he could be quite realistic LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hotch would have to go as Dracula becuase DAMN would he look good in a black 1800s-cut tux and an floor-length crimso-lined black cape.

Garcia would go as a schoolgirl -- the Hot Topic kind, because she's confident and sexy and yet in some ways the softest of the team.

JJ: Legally Blonde. Because, really now. ^^ She has no qualms pulling out the dumb blonde card and then snickering when CotW falls for it.

Morgan would have to go as Will Smith in MIB. Humor, charm, common sense, and balls -- need I say more?

Reid would go in a blue T-shirt and blue pants with "fatal system error. Press any key to continue" printed on the tee in white Courier New -- then congratulate himself on the scariest costume: the Blue Screen of Death.

Prentiss would go in her regular FBI suit but with one addition: a nametag reading "IRS Auditor."

FeistyFeral said...

A few people have mentioned X-Men and I think it would be great (c'mon! Who wouldn't want to see the team in form-fitting spandex??) So here's what I'm thinking:

Charles Xavier-Gideon (quite, wise, etc.)
Cyclops-Hotch (if he ever agreed to dressed up, but 'Cyclops' is the team leader)
Gambit-Reid (same body type and Gambit always has a deck of cards...I could see Reid doing magic tricks at his desk. He'd look so yummy!)
Wolverine-Morgan (need I say more?)
Storm-JJ (controls the media)
Jean Grey-Prentiss (can be deadly)
Shadowcat-Garica (they both have attitude!)

Anonymous said...

I could totally see Prentis going as an IRS Auditor, LoL! But while Morgan played football, that's not all he is; he's not just muscle. So...

Morgan: Will Smith in MiB or Remy LeBeau (Gambit) from X-Men (man's got his flirt on, although very intelligent beyond that), maybe his Chicago bomb squad uniform, a Knight, or Zorro

Garcia: a gypsy or Anya Jenkins from Buffy, 'cause girl's got some big personality even if it doesn't match Anya's, Kiss Fan makeup and all (for the shock factor)

Hotch: Nathan Petrelli from Heroes or the Grim Reaper

Reid: the "creator" of The Lament Configuration from Hellraiser, b/c he'd obviously be a genius in an obscure (but awesome) cult classic

Gideon: I doubt he'd ever wear a costume. Plain-clothes, says he's the normal guy that you *should* be looking out for to freak out parents giving out candy (and kind of warn them)

Rossi: the hunter Bobby Singer from SPN (Supernatural)

Prentiss: Spy, Sniper, an Unsub pretending to be FBI, IRS Auditor

Elle Greenaway: Faith Lehane from Buffy (one tough b****) or Little Red Ridinghood with a machine gun at her side

J.J.: Legally Blonde, 'cause she so likes playing the idiot and laughing when people buy the act, or maybe a cheerleader (for the same reason), Girl Scout

Hayley: Niki Sanders from Heroes, to get that passive-aggressive message across that she's a strong woman but raising a son alone and that puts extreme pressure on a married woman

Strauss: a Homecoming Queen, The Devil Wears Prada (she knows she's a b**** and doesn't care)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I like Hotch as Cyclops.

Reid as Gambit as well (the magic tricks/card tricks).

Morgan: *Pyro* from the X-Men movies, all attitude and badboy charm.

**Wouldn't put him as Wolverine, practically says he's only muscle. Maybe as Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, though, getting off the X-Men theme.

Prentiss: would make a very lovely Rogue, I should think.

Rossi: Magneto, the power of the mind but not afraid to get his hands dirty (non-literally, that is)

J.J.: Kitty/Shadowcat, underestimated as a silly teen but, while generally kind, not so easily taken advantage of

Garcia: Jubilee all the way! She has interesting clothing styles and makes fireworks; enough said

Gideon:... have to think about that one. Senator Robert Kelly, as a commanding male figure, not afriad to play the bad guy when necessary but only to get progress

Elle: Mystique, fire and knowledge of the bad side of men

Ami said...

What Fireness said about Gideon: LOL, true. He would do it better than anyone else. XD
Hotch would be a pirate, because he still loves Hailey. Or, typical of his uncreative self, an FBI agent
Morgan would be anything he could flirt in. Maybe the terminator?
Reid would be a zombie. He'd love to scare Morgan at any given opportunity.
Prentiss . . . hmm. Vampire.
Garcia would definitely be something crazy. I'm thinking Hatsune Miku?
JJ. A very perky someone. Princess or Cheerleader.
And Rossi? Hunter? I guess. Rossi's so boring. The only thing I've ever seen him do is hunt with his dog.