Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Criminal Minds: Thanks to a generous Criminal Minds benefactor I am in possession of a couple of extra sets of Season Two, Region One, Criminal Minds dvds. There is currently an awesome Criminal Minds contest being hosted by Sherlockette in the Criminal Minds website group. I think we need to also throw a blog contest to celebrate how well the show is doing in the ratings this season. We always knew that our show was top ten material!

Here is the contest: Watch Criminal Minds on Wednesday and email me at displacednewyorker@gmail.com with the first and last line spoken in the episode by Hotchner, Morgan, Reid, Garcia, J.J. and Emily. To make it fair for those of you who have to wait a few days to watch the episode, the contest will run until midnight est on Sunday. Once I have all the entries and have verified that they are accurate I will print out the emails and have my teenager just pick one from the pile and that person is the winner. Please remember that these are region one dvds and there can be no substitutions. Good luck and enjoy this week's episode. It looks great!