Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Paradise" written by Debra J. Fisher and Erica Messer. "Paradise" - A serial killer who disguises his victims' demise by creating car accidents to mask their earlier deaths is the subject of a BAU manhunt, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Oct. 22 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. William Mapother ("Lost") and Wil Wheaton ("Numb3rs") guest star.


Anonymous said...

Great opening!

hotchnerprentiss said...

I want to move to Canada! This sucks. I hope somebody there will post some spoilers for those of us stuck in the US!

Anonymous said...

Very creepy so far! Loving it!!!!


Anonymous said...

JJ (AJ) looks great! Very pregnant and very beautiful!

I love Reid's hair in this ep!


Anonymous said...

remind me not to stay at any small motels in wooded areas! great ep so far! Deb and Erica ROCK!!! Wil Wheaton is great!


Anonymous said...

Love the ending! Poor Hotch....

What a great ep! Thanks Deb and Erica!!!


Brittany T said...

wow this episode was soooo intense and sooo good! it reminded me soo much of the movie Vacancy!! loved it

Anonymous said...

please someone give a brief recap for those of us who can't wait!

cmwinner said...

Well the last 30 min were great! I missed the first part as I wasn't home, but will be catching it later on one of the out west stations!

Reid's hair looked really great! Wil Wheaton looked as good as ever!

jana said...

Loved it and the ending was terrific. The unsub dying the way he did was totally perfect.

Anonymous said...

another great episode with some great actors in it. Wil Wheaton was excellent. I always liked him in whatever he did especially Stand by me and in paradise he didn't dissapointed me.

I like the actor who played the grieving father, I felt so sorry for him, having to talk to a FBI agent after thinking his daughter and son in law had an accident and then been told that they had been murdered. I loved how TG played that scene. His voice was low and full compassion for the father. You could see that Hotch was a bit uncomfortable but yet he was feeling the father's pain.

Great plane scene with JJ and Reid who think Mozart is better than Beethoven for unborn baby!

The poor couple who got abducted when throught an ordeal. The unsub did abduct couple so he could have the man watch while he would rape the woman. Then he would kill them and set their bodies into their car and watch them been hit by a car. Very sick dude!

The opening scene with the truck was great! Started with that AC/DC song that was the theme song from Mayhem and then the poor driver who hit that car and thought he did kill the couple inside. Very freaky crash and very well done.

Poor Hotch who did meet with the unsub and didn't know it was the guy they were looking for.

The ending was great with the team going to the motel for a raid hoping that they could save the couple which they did. Love the chase scene with Hotch and Morgan running after the unsub who in some poetic justice ended up been hit by a truck!

I have to say that the build up of the tension in the cabin was well done. From the start with the couple been happy and in vacation mood until they slowly realise something was wrong and then too late to get away, they got locked in. We got to see how this affected them, snipping at each other, getting snarky then desperated, then when the unsub got in and tied to husband on the bolted chair and the woman on the bed we saw the husband getting desperated to help his wife while her on the other hand was giving up.

Love the ending with Hotch who couldn't forgive himself for not seeing that the motel employee was the unsub. Rossi told him 'It happen to the best of us, welcome to the club'. Yep Hotch isn't infaillible!

So, great work Deb and Erica, you two did deliver another great CM episode! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

thankyou for some back ground on paradise. i have to waite to watch it tomarrow night. i am 5 hours from canada. wish we could see it both nights

alicia said...

OKAY. This was great. My favorite scenes were the one with JJ/Reid and music for babies. Reid is soooo Reid. Also loved that Hotch wasn't perfect in this episode. I found him not clueing in to who the unsub was to be very refreshing. Nobody can be perfect every time and I liked seeing one get by him. Totally love that we had more AC/DC! They must love CM for using so much of their music and it was a great selection imho. All in all this was a solid, creepy as hell episode and totally awesome!

judyeting said...

It sounds great. I want to move with hotchnerprentiss to Canada. This is sucky that we have to wait another day. Totally pumped for the episode and the chat afterwards.

Mnemosphere said...

Ladies, I love your style. Felt a lot of tension and fear in this one. I loved the country motel thing and the fact that we saw a lot of teamwork around the investigation, good dynamics through the episode.

Loved the last interaction between Hotch and Rossi, pleasant to see the mentor is so good to his unit chief...

Poor Hotch had it rough again... someone is trying to break him for good?
Thanks again for CM, it made my day!

Deirdre said...

I loved this episode. There was a great build up of tension, some humourous moments(Hotch saying about giving Garcia a drug test), some good profiling moments and some great team moments (like on the plane talking about JJ's baby). Basically everything I want in a CM episode. My one complaint would be with the end, I just felt it was a bit over the top to have him run over!!

cmwinner said...

Got to see the first half later. It was great! I was cracking up laughing at the comment Hotch made about Garcia after the phone call! "Someone needs to check her for drugs."

I also like how Garcia stated she was looking at things, and had to take a break to look at baby pandas before going back at it.

Can't wait to see it again tonight. Though I could stand NOT seeing Wil Wheaton as the bad boy! Though he was the best looking unsub!

Glampire30 said...

Looks like it is going to be another good one... Congrats to all that worked on a great episode.

Anonymous said...

William Mapother answers some questions about the episode on his blog,, and has some of his photos from the episode there too. Him & Robyn Lively all bloody, tied up and smiling happily.

Anonymous said...

Damn that was good! Garcia looks absolutely beautiful!!!!


Elizabeth said...

Good episode - the tension was built up very well and the couple's behaviour seemed very realistic.

Hotch's angst and guilt were well done and it makes a change for them to get it wrong - nice touch of realism.

gina said...

The best words to describe this episode are scary and creepy. It was scary and Wil Wheaton was creepy. I love 'what's going to happen next' episodes. This was one of those. I liked the family touches too. Rossi trying to reassure Hotch and JJ and Reid and the baby. Very realistic and I won't be staying in any quaint out of the way motel anytime soon. And if I see Wil Wheaton coming towards me with a baseball ball, I am running. Looking forward to watching it again tonight.

wren said...

The epi reminded me of the really good old fashioned horror movies. Suspense and horror. I thought all the guest stars were great. What was the girl's name? She was particularly good. Wheaton seems to have broken his good guy mold and perfected playing bad boys. I thought they were all great.

Hotch getting something wrong! His not clueing in to the who the unsub was! Wow. Our guy is so off his game. Nice to see Hotch not being perfect for a change. It seems to me that he is heading for a meltdown and who could blame him.

Rossi has grown on me like mold on a wall. I really like the character now. He is human now and very supportive. Totally love that.

Sorry you didn't get to watch it yesterday. I hope everyone enjoys it tonight. Can't wait to see what everyone thinks of it. I loved it.

totallyanonymou said...

'Rock 'n Roll Train' in the opener! Thanks Deb & Erica! Love me some AC/DC and it set the tone for the episode! Perfect pick!

Hotch saying, "remind me to have her drug tested" was hilarious and this was not a funny episode. It was definately an edge of your seat episode. Very violent. Not in a bad way but they wanted us to see him as a bad ass and it worked for me. I love the word creepy that everyone is using. I think he was very creepy. I would say Mr. Wheaton has grown as an actor since the last time I saw him. Of course it has been years but it was great to see him on the show.

The episode was great. Tons of creepy as already stated. The bruising to the woman's inner thigh was a visual I won't forget soon. Another Floyd! Beware anybody you meet named Floyd. *g*

The team dialogue this season is really sharp. Nicely crafted and totally flows naturally. Reid can remember what music he liked in the womb. Our guy Reid is adorable and that scene was sweet and well written. I feel like the characters are becoming much more three dimensional this season and I like that. I liked JJ wanting to protect her baby from hearing about death and violence. I like what the writers are doing with them this season. I certainly do.

Anonymous said...

William Mapother wasn't the bad guy like he is in 'Lost' and Wil Wheaton wasn't the good guy. I think it is interesting how they flipped it. They turned the teen idol into a psycho and the usually weird guy into a decent dude. Great casting and interesting choices.

Laura said...

OMG! This was such a great episode! I watched it with a friend and we were both glued to the screen! All she could say when it was over was "Damn!" She loved it! And I ALWAYS love Deb and Erica eps!!!! You girls ROCK!!!!!!

Liska said...

I loved this episode! The characters are so real - it's almost scary. It's terrifying how bad people can be and thank you for teaching us not to stop on isolated motels with no gsm signal:-D

Liska said...

Even if it looks like paradise.

Anonymous said...

Have I lost my mind or was this episode short several minutes? Was there extra commercials or promos or something?

Shadow said...

Great episode!

The opening scene was fabulous and the music fitted in there very well. The whole thing was very creepy and scary. I liked it how the tension between the couple in the cottage was building up and the psychological torture went on for almost 2 days until the actual physical torture started. I didn’t get the purpose of that acoustical weapon though - mere distraction? Great team dynamics and some funny scenes - especially liked it when JJ was appalled by the smell of Chinese left overs and the cop stated the crime scene photos didn’t make her sick :-) The JJ / Reid / Baby scene on the plane was very cute, too. I loved the irony of the unsub being hit by a truck much the same way he was disposing of his victims bringing events full circle. Though I very much appreciated that Hotch was deceived by the unsub at first contact I’m starting to get worried for him, he took his little flaw so seriously. Good that Rossi talked to him in the end.

All in all: Thumbs up for the gruesome twosome!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Really great ep Deb and Erica, from the opening scene (love AC/DC) to the final scene, I just thought it was great! Very intense and creepy! Poor Hotch feeling responsible. The father of one of the victims (sorry, don't remember his name at the moment) was just amazing. You girls are so awesome...I always enjoy and look forward to your eps. Thanks so much!!!


Wil Wheaton said...

Man, I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am to read so many positive comments about my work on this episode. We shot it quite awhile a go, and though I felt very satisfied with the work we did on the set, there's always a bit of doubt and uncertainty that creeps into my mind just before it airs.

I still haven't seen it, but I'm even more excited to see the show tonight than I already was.

I've been working on my production diary for my own blog for the last couple of days. I hope you'll drop by over the next couple of days to read it; I'm doing my very best to share what it's like to work on CM for a week.

Looking forward to chatting with some of you tonight!

Anonymous said...


I thought you were really great. You were totally freaking me out! Excellent job. I had only seen you as Wesley Crusher, so, it was great to see you in a completely different role. Don't you just LOVE Deb and Erica??? Looking forward to chatting with you tonight!


harriedown said...


Never doubt your own ability and NEVER DOUBT THE GRUESOME TWOSOME!

Anonymous said...

12 minutes till CM!

tin said...

oh so creepy! my dream of staying in remote motel when I visit America next year has changed to nice hotel with cell reception dream :cD Wonderful! Loved it

Dark Justice Girl said...


Trisha Lynn said...

I don't watch CM at all, I was just watching for cuz of Wil and I have to say that one of the things that strikes me about this show is how much of a good ensemble cast it has. I remarked to my Tweet-list that it felt like a cop version of "The Twilight Zone" where you're "in" on the twist (a little) and you just watch it unfold.

lizzymmcf said...

excellent episode! Very creepy! The gruesome twosome truly delivered a great one! (But of course, that's to be expected.) Wil did a very creepy unsub! I can't wait to see what's next!

gilandsararule said...

Floyd was pure evil. No soul. Loved the episode.

Keren said...

Awesome episode! I love that the victim's weren't without their own brains and courage, and fought to get free the whole time, and still had the keeping their cool problem throughout. Wil pulled off the villain really well, making it look like all was normal, even while he was torturing.

Didn't see the unsub getting killed by his own plans coming at all...i love that.

D&E rock the CM world, once again.

Lori said...

Thank you to John Gallahger and Wil Wheaton for joining us in the chat. You two were as awesome in the chat as you were in the episode!

This was a creepy episode--a good creepy! From the beginning to the end, it held my attention and as always, wea much too short!

I am glad that our writers put in some fun/funny bits because we need the break from the intenseness of the episodes, and the grusome twosome didn't disappoint with both the intenseness and the fun bits. I especially liked Hotch's deadpan delivery about having Garcia tested for drugs when she called them her fine, furry friends.

Wil Wheaton did a great job playing creepy and has joined a wonderful fraternity of former teen idols guest starring as UNSUBS on CM. He was so smarmy to the man who wanted to rent a hotel room after Hotch talked to him, and he really did a wonderful job when he went to torture the couple. He creeped me out.

I agree with Prentiss and Tinny (above) that a secluded, rustic hotel is off my *list*.

Great job all around. I can't wait to see it again!

jackie said...

Great episode tonight! It was every thing i
imagined it would be and more. I really loved the Hotch scenes where he had to tell the dad
that his daughter and son in law were murdered
and not killed by the truck. It was hard to see him struggle with that and also, how he
blamed himself for not knowing the motel owner
was the unsub. I also loved at the end how
Rossi came to him and told him pretty much
that we can't get things right all of the
time and that were all human. Nice to see
that Rossi understands him and showed him
some much needed support. All in all, it
was an awesome episode from start to finish! Great job to all the cast and crew of the most loved and watched show on tv!

Debbie said...


I will never look at a roadside inn the same way again. How frightening.

This was a great episode. Kept me on pins and needles the entire time. Floyd was so scary. I am so glad that the team got there in time!

One more thing...John and Wil, thank you for the chat tonight. Having the opportunity to talk with you about the episode adds another layer of enjoyment to the CM experience!

pamelap1981 said...

Peeping Tom, charming cabin, and a bat equals a great episode. Poor Hotch will never forgive himself for not realizing that Floyd was the unsub. I think he is heading for a downward spiral. JJ pregnant and unable to handle the smell of the chinese food but able to look at crime scene photos was a nice touch. Really liked the episode. Sorry I missed the chat.

jesse said...

A rapist that rapes married women who he thinks are unhappy with their spouses and then kills them. I will be lodging at well lite Hiltons from now on. A very suspenseful episode and yeah for Wil Wheaton. Great performance.

ImpyChick said...

GREAT episode! It was total eyecandy for me. I couldn't tear myself away. Very intense. The writing was spectacular, stunts were great & the acting was superb. Loved it.

Awesome job everyone!

Anonymous said...

According to Wil Wheaton:

The original plan was for Floyd to get away. The last shot of the show would be Floyd checking in a new couple to a new hotel, in a new city. I guess the network wasn't too keen on that, but the writers told me they thought it would be insanely cool for Hotch to really, really blow it.

Wil could have been another repeat offender like Frank in the NWO series. That would have been pretty cool.


jericholuva said...

The psychological torture inflicted on the couple was chilling and the episode really went out of its way to scare the crap out of us. Even the implied torture was hard. I really like dark episodes so this one worked well for me. Wheaton was a surprise. I didn't realize he could play dark characters.

I like how they added some light moments to break things up and take it down a notch.

Bates Motel!

Phoenix said...

Great episode as usual for the Gruesome Twosome! I thought the story line moved right along but the suspense was perfectly peppered with team buidling (Rossi/Hotch and also on the plane) and some great 'zingers'(getting Garcia drug tested; "You have a list?" "Don't you have a list?"; etc.) I also liked the poetic justice int he end.

I had completely forgotten that Wil Wheaton was supposed to be on tonight until the chat. He did a great job. Sometimes you watch a show with actors you know and you think, "Oh look, that's Actor X playing that part." Then it always feels like the actor and not the new character. Wil did such a great job that I never once thought that.

And so much thanks to Wil and John for coming to the chat tonight. It was great and we really enjoyed the thoughtful answers to our questions.

Great episode. Well done all round!

Anonymous said...

You have to love a woman that loves baby pandas. Garcia is love. We need more of her in our episodes.

patinkinbabe said...

I think Hotch is in a dark place too but I am not sure what people are saying he missed when he spoke to the unsub. Was he supposed to feel some vibe from the guy? I think he just didn't catch it. No biggy. I will rewatch it tomorrow and see if I missed something.

laurel said...

Floyd deserved to become road kill. Maybe our other Floyd can put his pieces into a tasty stew. Good night for CM.

Anonymous said...

this so kept me on the edge of my seat.from the begining to the end.hotch was great.everyone did a great job.glad the unsub died at the end by the truck

Symbolis said...

Well, my post linking to it got eaten, but maybe this one won't?

Wil Wheaton has part one of five of his 'production diary'(spoilerific) for this episode up on his site. You get to find it on your own.

Anonymous said...

"but I am not sure what people are saying he missed when he spoke to the unsub."

That's one of the problems with the episode. Hotch's realization shouldn't have come from just finding out the names didn't match. He should have realized after the fact that he had seen something that managed to pass him by. It all coming down to the unsub giving a fake name was too easy.

I expect more than creepy or even more than a crime drama for this show. I just hope that those episodes that work on a different level than just being exciting or creepy are still being planned. Those deep, meaningful, this is more than a catch the criminal show episodes.

Anonymous said...

I now affectionately call this my Bates' Roach Motel episode. Kudos to Deb and Erica for writing a suspenseful story of misogyny gone wrong(good thing you're women if any critics wants to complain)and to Wil and the other actors for their chilling performances. It was sweet poetic justice that the unsub was killed by a Mac truck, even more so if he wasn't wearing any knickers!!!!!!!
Poor Hotch shouldn't beat himself up for missing who the unsub was. Most motels don't hang signs outside that says "Only psychopaths work here". Hmmmmmmm, is this a portent of things for come for him???
And a huge thank you to John Gallagher (with an assist from his daughter) and Wil for chatting afterwards. Thank you for all the wonderful insights into what it takes to make an action-packed and suspenseful show!!!
Joanne (BABruin)

Anonymous said...

John and Wil,

Thank you both so very much for coming and chatting with us last night. You were both great (and you too, Liz)! The ep was great, the chat was amazing, what more can I say??? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


amelialor said...

Things I liked:
Rossi talking to Hotch. Hotch needs someone to share all the responsibility.
Wil Wheaton crashing my hopes and being the bad guy. Such and innocent face. Such crazy eyes.
Being able to root for William Mapother for once.

Things I loved:
Emily noticing the tiny thing that matters tremendously.
Garcia and her baby panda remark.
We got a lot more JJ than lately.
The continued build up for Hotch. Where is this going?

Also, thank you John Gallagher and Wil Wheaton for coming to chat with us so late and for all the inside info you shared.
Wil, I'm looking forward to read about you experience on set. I'm glad you are so thorough. Too bad Floyd didn't get to get away and come back for a later episode.

sherlockette said...

First, special thanks to John Gallagher and Wil Wheaton for visiting us in the chat! Thanks guys.

The episode was in the original style of CM , which I like. Thanks to the gruesome twosome!
There were a few somewhat creepy moments. I liked the meals being delivered by the unsub and the couple not knowing it and getting ready to chow down. Rule number one: Know where your meals come from (right Andrew?)

The peepholes into the room added an additional creep factor. Rule number two: Check every room of a motel for peepholes.

And of course in the end, the unsub got his due. Rule number three: Look both ways before crossing the street.

Thanks for the life lessons Deb and Erica!

karencurtis62 said...

1. The really BIG man that came into the motel during Hotch's visit is a Chicago Bear football player. Or so my other half said.

2. Robyn Lively from Teen Witch was awesome. It was a treat to see her again. Great actress. It was like a blast from the past.

3. I must be the only person on the planet that had never seen Wil Wheaton in anything. So I had no expectations one way or another going into watching the episode. I thought he was really good.

4. "Remind me to have her drug tested." This goes on the list of top CM lines ever uttered.

5. Smacked by a truck. Interesting ending.

6. Reid/JJ and the music was hysterical. Womb music. Gotta love Reid but JJ was the star of their scenes. It's going to be interesting to see how she balances work and the baby.

Anonymous said...

I loved the whole episode but not the ending. I can see the symmetry of having him feel great pain but I think he got off way too easy for his crimes. I think a Morgan tackle and years in jail would have been better than the few seconds of terror he would have suffered emotional as he met the semi. -Raya

catlova4eva0247 said...

William Mapother & Robin Lively were great as the trapped and tortured couple. Watching their relationship breakdown and them turn on each other was very cool. It actually didn't take long for them to melt but their pressure level was intense. I liked how we didn't see Wil Wheaton's face until the couple actually got to see who had locked them in and was torturing them. It definately added to the intensity of the episode.

The psychological torture that Floyd uses making the husband watch as he beats and rapes the wife is a new twist on twisted. Isn't it interesting that even though he is a raging psycho he still had it all figured out. He had a working plan. Torture, rape, murder and then setup a auto accident to hide his crime. What is it they say about the best laid plans? One quick thinking truck driver later and we know their is a serial creep out there. Well played by all the guests. This episode focused on the guests more than most of our episodes do and that seemed right this time. The BAU are players in someone else's sick crime. And that they don't always get their unsub makes the show much more realistic for me. A+ for the episode.

lettie at msu said...

Dear CM writers,

I check my back seat before getting into my auto now thanks to the show.

I don't eat at any roadside/county fair booths now thanks to you.

I open my garage door before I get in my auto now thanks to you.

I no longer jog alone at the local park now thanks to you.

I think I am more aware of my personal space now thanks to you.

You entertain us but you also show up how to be more careful and safe and while I know that all of these tips are just parts of your stories, it does help us all. I just wanted to say thank you. I feel like I get both entertained and a lesson in potential dangerous situations that I would never have thought of had it not been for you.

Also, I won't be sitting next to in class or dating anyone named Floyd, Frank or having a F started name ever in my life. *chuckle*

izzy said...

The Gruesome Twosome heightened their creepy episode level with this one. We watched every second of the episode terrified. For the first time ever, my boyfriend sat through an entire episode. That is huge and has never happened before. The story was great. Congrats on a job well done. Seriously awesome and totally creepy. Wheaton was a great choice for the role and did a superior job with it. Kudos x 2 to him!

Catharina said...

What can I say... I mean, I honestly don't know where to start, this episode was just so great. The opening... I really thought something was going to happen to the truck driver but then... What a way to start to look into the case. I loved that this time I didn't know much more than the team did.

Wil's performance was great. I only knew him from StarTrek so hadn't seen him in quite a while. Even though I gotta admit I totally couldn't picture him to be some delusional serial killer but he did so great he really creeped me out!

Anyone else thinking that it was spookily ironic that in the end he was killed by that truck?

All in all, a great episode. A gruesome story, all ranks of emotions especially when we got to see the struggle of the couple to escape and awesome acting. Criminal Minds at its best!


Criminal Minds Fan said...

Tommie Harris who is a defensive tackle for the Chicago Bears is the big man someone above asked about. Since Ed Bernero is a Chicago Bears fan it is a no brainer on why he was in the episode and I thought that it was a great cookie.

aimee said...

JJ being a loving and concerned mom to her unborn child vs. the bad mom that the profilered explained to the police. The mom who protects her unborn from hearing violent conversations vs. the slut, torturing mom that damaged her son and turned him into a woman hater. I usually feel some empathy for the psychopaths that were abused to the point of being broken but I didn't feel that for Floyd. This fruit left me cold. He was evil to the point of losing any sympathy from me.

Anonymous said...

Okay let me say that I’m already freaked out by no-tell motels and last night did not help that fear any. The killer was really haunting this week. I hate how calm he was that he fooled Hotch so completely. Of course Hotch was kicking himself at the end for not seeing the signs. I wonder if that will play a roll later on. I would love to see him break a little. Last year he went through a divorce and didn’t even falter. I think it is only a matter of time before some of his burdens take their toll. I loved the couple (victims) in this episode. I liked how strong they were and I like that even at the end neither really gave up. Garcia once again had the greatest lines of the show. I laughed so hard when she called and said something about furry friends and Hotch responded that he needed to have her take a drug test. Thomas Gibson plays Hotch so well and I love how deadpanned he is. His humor is always surprising because it’s so rare to see. JJ is so cute. I awed when she placed the earphones on her belly so that the baby wouldn’t hear the gory details of the case. That is such a mother thing to do. I can’t wait to see her with her baby. I was half expecting her to say the music was Will’s voice, but instead it was Beethoven.

Anonymous said...

At last!! Now this was a CM ep to get behind! This one was great and had all the ingrediants which make teh show so good. Will Wheaton was ok and hardly looked like Wesley anymore. I thought the victim couple were very good too, their marital discord was very well played in the midst of such terror and fear. I think this one is the best yet this season


Anonymous said...

JM/Rossi......YUMMY, but please let the man go gray! We have watched TG dye his hair (I know they play younger characters than they actually are) for years now. He is not so gray that he can't get away with it, but JM......TOO HOT to worry about gray hair!

LeeChrista said...

What a GREAT chat last night. I was honestly tickled to death to chat with Wil Wheaton. Although he doesn't like "teen idol" I can't help but think of him that way. I kept saying, "OMG Wil Wheaton from Star Trek is terrorizing those poor people." and my husband was saying, "No you mean Wil Wheaton from Stand By Me."

Also a big thank you to John Gallagherk I checked out his IMDB and he is quite the director so it was an honor to have him there.

Deb and Erica, it was a really good episode, please keep them coming!

Lee :)

Anonymous said...

Writers where is it written that only the male characters pain will be spread over many episodes and the women's dropped the next.

I was hoping for something about the beat down on Emily and got nothing, its like it never happened, same with when JJ got bit by the dogs never happened must have been our overactive imagination. At least with Garcia we got one more episode where she was in some sort of pain from being shot, but anything else again its all in our heads. But we'll get Hotch's drawn out storyline. Actually every episode since the explosion has touched on Hotch.
So personally I'm fed up with the complete one sidedness of this show.

At least the show got back to some profiling finally. However, I thought they spend too much time on the victims and the unsubs. Really wish they could find that perfect balance that would keep everyone happy, but that's never going to happen.

Overall it was an ok episode. Though I just could not get into Wil Wheaton as the unsub, maybe because he enjoyed it way to much. The ending was about as cliche as you could get, and personally I wish they had went another route with him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of you, I did not like the ending one bit. It was just too predictable. I also did not enjoy spending so much time on the couple.
What did I like? Well Will Wheaton was good, he had this sinister look... I also liked when Rossi spoke to Hotch at the end. I smiled when Hotch said that Garcia should be drug tested, that was funny.
I am eagerly waiting what is going to happen to Hotch because I think he is slowly going some place dark if he does not get help.

Kris said...

Deb, Erica,

I can't believe how good this episode was! I raced home to watch it. It was fantastic. I could not keep my eyes from the tv. At one point my roommate was talking to me and I didn't even notice. Seriously! I have no idea where your creativity comes from, but I think this is probably your best work yet. My mom comments on this blog every now and then and even she was saying to me "do you know the people who wrote this one?". I said of course, they're great aren't they? She really liked it too.

Keep it up!

crazycatlady said...

Love the episode, will was very creepy made an awesome unsub.
Loved all the great Hotch Moments

SweetThang said...

I liked the opening scene. That skidding tractor trailor scared the mess out of me. That is one of things I fear about driving. I try to stay away from trucks when I'm driving.

I also thought that it was scary in that hotel room to. The unsub bolted all the windows and doors shut and trapped the couple inside. He bolted the furniture to the floor and took the woman's underwear. I said, "What kind of creepy perverted stuff is this?"

I also liked when Hotch said that he should have Garcia drug tested. It shows that he does have a sense of humor even though he still looked like his ususal serious self when he said it.

Tamara said...

This was truly one of the most disturbing episodes of this show yet. But I would expect nothing less! I really enjoyed it, as well as the chat. Thanks, Deb and Erica!

Mnemosphere said...

And thanks to our great ladies for chatting with us, answering our questions!
You rule, and we can't wait to see more of your work!!!
Thank you again!

Ann said...

Thanks for the great chat, ladies! It's always wonderful getting the inside scoop from you!


jackie said...

Thank you Deb and Erica for
spending your evening chatting
with us about your awesome
episode Paradise! I can't waite
to see more of your work! Thanks
again, and hope you'll join us
again real soon for another chat!
Take care, and have a great week!

Anonymous said...

My favorite episdode so far - I'm beginning to really get into it. Can't wait to see what's next!!

Lori said...

Deb and Erica,

Thank you for chatting with us this afternoon. It was great getting your insights into the episode and we always love chatting with you. I hope Brodie is okay, Deb!

Laura said...

Deb and Erica,

Thank you both so very much for coming to chat with us! You had a great ep, one of my faves ever, and you are always so generous with your time that you give to us fans. As I said in the chat, I loved the interaction of the couple (hubby and I are still fighting about that one). I am so looking forward to your next ep! Take care and hope to see you again soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chat! The gruesome twosome ROCKS!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for chatting with us Deb and Erica. You ladies never disappoint!


BABruin said...

Thank you to Deb and Erica for a wonderful chat. Thanks for all the great insights into the creation of a suspenseful episode.

sherlockette said...

Just a note to say Thanks! to Deb Fisher and Erica Messer for dropping by on Sunday to chat about Paradise.

We had a great time as always.

Thanks Ladies!

Julia said...

I wanted to say thank you to Deb and Erica for joining the chat and answer so many questions.
It was a great chat!!!
Thank you very much.


Shadow said...

Thank you to Deb and Erica for coming to chat with us fans and answering all our questions. That was awesome!

Debbie said...

Deb and Erica,

Thank you so much for spending part of your Sunday afternoon with us in the chat. Having you there is always such a special treat for us. I hope you weren't overwhelmed by the "grilling" we gave you! As you could tell, we loved the episode and wanted to know your take on a alot of aspects of it. You girls rock!!

Anonymous said...

i noticed an incredibly well written post on here not too long ago that, without being harsh, noted that some "cm" episodes are unfortunately weak twists on better known feature films -- as this ep was with "vacancy" and another was with "eastern promises". the post also mentioned, so wisely, that all great writers are free to play on tropes, as "cm" writers can do so well, but that the aforementioned episodes felt more like film rip offs than original work.

i would hate to see that it was deleted simply for voicing an unpopular criticism, especially when it was a constructive but of criticism and so excellently written.

where did it go? and why?

tabby said...

Wil did an awesome job!