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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "The Instincts" written by Chris Mundy and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Paget Brewster, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness. Guest starring: Jane Lynch, Melinda Page Hamilton, Sawyer Church, Shashawnee Hall, Reed Diamond, Kari Matchett, Greg Watanabe, Marty Lodge, Justin T. Wren, Brad Heller, Bruce French, and Taylor Nichols.

- While investigating the kidnapping of a young boy in Las Vegas, Dr. Reid begins to have dreams that may help reveal some buried memories from his childhood.

*** Quote and Song info will be posted once Canada has aired Criminal Minds on Tuesday ****


Laura_G said...

I can't wait to see this episode. Chris is such a great writer. You lucky, lucky Canadians!

Anonymous said...

What another great start to what I am SURE will be another amazing episode of CM!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would like to move to Canada as well, Australia has only just seen Minimal Loss and we will be seeing Paradise tomorrow night. Luckily Australia has invested in something we have named Fast Tracked however the episodes aren't really fast tracked as we are still 3 behind! Although I am thankful that CM is still on the TV.

I love CM and am so thankful of this website, I know I spoil it for myself but I just can't wait.

Anonymous said...

WHOA! The episode was awesome! My heart totally went out to Reid, and wait until you see the ending! It will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!! all i could do was gasp! I definetley loved Reid in this one (I just love him in every episode anyways...lol!) and of course....CTV doesn't give previews for next week, so I'll just have to tune into cbs for the preview tomorrow night....

Anonymous said...


You are just going to love it! I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but you are just going to die!

Thank you Chris Mundy!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to spoil it...

The fact I never comment on the blog about the episode, and that I am now, definitely say something about it! (granted it's pretty much a copy/paste from my post on the board, but still)

Chris Mundy is FABULOUS!

I believe my exact reaction at the end was....


Needless to say I LOVED it!!!

the case was interesting....
extremely interesting, actually...
And another female unsub which I LOVE to see....

But my favourite parts....
Were the Reid ones of course!

the slash lover in me couldn't get enough of Reid calling out Morgan's name in his sleep...

and Diana Reid is a firecracker!
I love that woman!
"It helps when they think you're crazy."

the ending... OMG! I was caught off guard, and yet at the same time I KNEW it!! I just knew!

There's so many little details I know I'm forgetting so I'm going to wait for others to comments so that I can just say things like "I agree".... much easier than trying to remember it all myself... lmao....

Hott Damn
That was fantastic!

*flails and dies a happy death*


Anonymous said...

i wish i was living in canada also.live 5 hours from the canada/wash. boarder,i can hardly waite to see tomarrow night show and next weeks also.

Anonymous said...

So what is the big tell?

Anonymous said...

Now we know the bed he was shown in the pics sleeping in was his mom's. Great episode. Totally perfect.

Anonymous said...

Okay question, leaving Reid out of the equation for A MOMENT, was the episode still awesome?? Ya know there was a case, not just Reid.lol.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh!!! Sooooo good!

Loved the case, loved it had a happy ending, my heart really wrenched for how absolutely terrifyingly psychotic that woman was. Poor, poor woman.

Loved the new details on Reid's life; we can never get enough. Want to know more about Reid's childhood, interesting that his mother was on anti-psychotics even before his conception...

Loved the dreams, they were creepy and wonderfully vague, and the crawling baby at the beginning was just enough of a "WTF?!?" for it to be startling on a show when you expect the most grotesque at every opertunity.

Also loved Morgan being there for Reid throughout. Nice that he has a sounding board and didn't have to keep it all in that jam-packed head of his.

As for the final, crowning moment at the end, well, all I can say is that I can't wait until next week!! I'll hold off on giving it away just in case (although, really Americans, it says spoilers in the title! Read at your own risk!).

Soooo goood. I'm glad we got another few Reid-centric episodes. They are my favourites. :D <3

Anonymous said...

spoiler bars are ok. we americans currently in this thread WANT to know.

Anonymous said...

Okay. So.

I'll spoiler it for you if you really really want.

Reid had dreams about this boy Riley who when Reid was a kid was stabbed and sexually assulted. At the end of the episode Reid had the dream again, and he saw a man standing over Riley, and when the man turned around, it was Reid's father.

Anonymous said...

list of reason's to move to canada: 1) shorter wait for criminal minds. 2) obama and mccain arent there. hahah

Anonymous said...


It all start with Reid, Hotch and Prentiss going from room to room, guns drawn searching for something. Reid gets down to a basement and we see small feets coming from behind a dryer. Prentiss look at the body and says it is a boy of six, then they
hear something and baby crawls over the basement floor. At that point Reid wakes up, he is in the plane and felt asleep! He describe his dream and tells JJ's that her baby was in it.Morgan mention that simple dream analyse says that if a baby is in Reid dream
it is actually Reid! Reid says he doesn't believe in dream analyse.

Then everyone suggest that Reid sit that case out and Reid ask 'why aren't we reviewing the case?
Prentiss 'Maybe because someone fell asleep on the jet!' And Reid had to smile to that!

btw the jet configuration has changed, look more spacious.

So the case is about young boy who are abducted and killed them one week after the abduction,
their body dumped in a place where they can be found and where the unsub can visit again.
The boy are well cared for no sexual assault.The death are 'mercifull'. The unsub calls the
parents and taunts them by telling them it is their fault.

No welcome to Las Vegas and meet the parent of Micheal the latest victim. The parents are
having marital problems. The parents are interviewed by Hotchner and Jareau. The mother seems defensives but the dad is very helpfull.

Now we are going at medical examiner office with reid and Morgan to learn that the previous
victim was killed by a pillow, smothered and that he was starved but something is weird
since the starvation sign are unusuals.

Cue to Prentiss and rossi who are at the dump site where the local law and enforcement have all been
trampling the scene....We get the analyse of what was found, the body was wrapped, it was taken in
the desert at night and the body was well preserved, Prentiss and Rossi come to the conclusion was
prepared for the funeral. They call hotch to let them know about that piece of information.

Hotch ask the parents if they would be willing to assist to the funeral of the previous victim?
They accept, the mother relunctantly but Hotch tell them that they think the un sub will
be there and will watch not the ceremony but them. The plan is for the BAU to be present
and try to ID the unsub.

At the parents home, Hotch has set the phone so that whenthe unsub call they can try to track him.
He calls, his voice is disguised, he taunts the mother but Garcia is unable to tack the phone,

Morgan and Reid stays at the parents home for the night in case the unsub calls back. Reid falls
asleep on the couch and sees the same scene in his dream but this time no baby, still the foot with the rest of the body hidden behind the dryer. Rossi and Morgan are with him in the basement. Then in his dream Reid feels something on his chest, leeches! That freaks him out and he start screaming in his dream and wakes up Morgan and the parents who are not happy with Reid display. Morgan talks the parent back into their bedroom and talks to Reid about his dream and 'what
the hell is scarring you?' 'This boy going to die and there is nothing I can do.'

At the funeral, the BAU is there looking then the mother feels someone is watching her, Prentiss and Rossi sees a guy who is filming the funeral with his cell phone. They move on him and walk him away quietly. Back at the police station Rossi and Prentiss interview their suspect while Reid and the local detective in chanrge of the case watches. Rossi and Prentiss finds out that the guy isn't their unsub but the man admit to have abused kids.

Morgan shows up at the interview with a file and ask Reid if the name Riley Jenkink mean anything to him? Reid says no except he had an imaginary friend named Riley. Morgan tells reid that Riley was killed in the basement of his own house and was found behind the dryer. Riley had been sexually abused and stabbed.

Back at the parents house Hotch tells the parents the man they interviewed isn't their unsub. So back to wait until the unsub contact the aprents again which he does but doesn't want to talk to the parents but to the FBI. Hotch talks to the unsub who start to tell Hotch that he took good care of the last victim, Ethan, that Ethan parents didn't deserved him. Hotch tells the unsub that once he brings back Micheal to his parents he can tell them about what he think of their care. The unsub tells Hotch that Micheal will never comes back home! The mother goes crazy, takes the phone from Hotch and beg the unsub to bring back her child and not hurt him, that she would do anything!

At the parents home, the team goes over what the unsub said in the calls he made to the parents and Reid notice that it isn't a man but a woman! The way she talks about the victims, how she takes care of them, how she loved them. A man would not do that. The unsub if a man would have bragged about not been caught, been smarted than the FBI. The ask Garcia to run all licenses plate numbers from the funeral to see if any belong to a woman. No luck, none. Reid notice from the transcript of the conversation that it reads as if she was institutionalized. Rossi ask Garcia to look for recently release patient but garcia tells them that there is no central database she can hacked, to protect the patients privacy. She would need to hacked every institution database. Reid as abetter option, talk to the administrator of the institution
where is mother is housed. He says he might know the unsub or had colleagues talked about her.

Reid goess to the institution where is mother is and ask the administrator to look at the
profil and see if he knows or heard of a patient that fitt their profil. While the adminstrator
read the profil, Reid goes to talk to his mom who notice immediately he look thin. Reid tells her that he is working on the murder of two 5 years old boys and Diana Reid tells her son she does like him to work on things that are so sad. She asked him what elswe is going on and he says nothing! She tells him not to lie, mother knows those things!

Back at the parents house, Hotch and JJ have the parents look at a video taken at the funeral, the mother suddently remembers the exact moment she felt someone watching her and iID a woman on the video as the one watching her! Now they know what the unsub look like.

Back to reid and his mother, Reid ask his mom if her knew a boy named Riley Jenkins. Diana says no, it wasa story she made up, Reid says no he was a boy who was mudered. Diana tells Reid that she think he is mistaken. Reid says 'I've been seeing things' to that a worriede Diana Reid answers 'don't say that!' and she looks around, afraid someone might have heard! Then Reid remembers things from his past, going to a funeral, them moving, her saying to her
husband that Reid was in danger. Reid asked her 'why did you think that?' She says 'I don't know,
I just knew' The administrator comes back and tell Reid that the person he is looking for would have been medicated and that would be important that she takes those meds. Diana tells her son that while she was pregnant with him she did stop her meds and that veryday she was terrified. Reid just go another clue there! Reid calls Hotch and tells him that the kids who wgere starved were got into that state because the unsub was trying to breast feed them. So the unsub, in her delusion, think that those five years old kids are babies and she need to breast feed them!

We see a scene at the house of the unsub where she is taking care of ababy, she puts him in his cribbs
then leave, once the door is close the camera does a 360 decrees and we see the room from the
unsub eyes then as the camera moves around the room everything changes and we see the room for what it is a small bedroom with barely nothing in and Micheal on the bed.

Back to the team, Garcia finds who the unsub is and the team goes to her home. While the team are on their way,the woman is busy pilling up woods in the backwards, doze it with gazoline and set it on fire! the team goes in, search the house then Hotch sees the woman going to the back and she is carring in a child wrap in some blankets. She is stop in front the fire while Hotch, Rossi, Prentiss and Morgan are facing her with guns pointed
at her. Hotch and Morgan tries to talk the woman into giving up while Rossi keep askong Morgan if he does have a shot!As this is happening, Reid gets to the scene, he doesn't know where the team are so he search the home. Meanwhile in the backwards Morgan tells Rossi that yes he does have a shot, just as he is about to shot her Reid Yell in his microphone'I got Micheal, I got Micheal!' The woman let got into the fire the 'child' she had and it turns out to be toys wrapped
in a blanket.

Later, the boy is reunitted with his family. While the the family is been reunitted, Morgan goes
to talk to Reid and tells Reid that what he think he saw as a boy might not have been what he think he did. Hotch shows up as Morgan is talking to Reid and Reid ask Hotch if it is possible to wait until tomorrow to go back home. Hotch ask Morgan if he can find them something to do in Vegas for the night.

Reid goes back to see his mom and ask if he can spend the night with her. So while Reid is asleep, dreaming, the team is out having dinner and enjoying themselves. Reid dream about what he saw in that basement, we see him going down there, guns in hand, he sees someone, a man who is kneeling beside the death boy next to the dryer, the man
turns around and it is William Reid!

That is how the episode ends and this long recap!


Anonymous said...

INCREDIBLE episode. One of my favorites, and you americans are in for a treat tomorrow night.

Reid looks really good this season. I know he was a model before CM, but wow!!!! :)

theHobgoblinsHat said...

Best episode of the season? Well, I liked it best anyway. Great Reid/Morgan moments, good case, Diana Reid was in it, so obviously it pwned. The actor playing Reid's dad is the same guy who played him in revelations, but I completely failed to get who it was during the final reveal (he's had a hair cut and seems taller. Plus my observational skills rank in the minus numbers.)so the big 'OMG' moment was slightly lost on me. But yay, can't wait for next week and more Reid angst!

Unknown said...

Well, it was a great episode, the interactions with the couple were original and great, the tension was extreme, I am a fan of Mrs Reid (she rules!)

I'm not so sure about the 'happy moment' at the end, though it does it's job when contrasting with the last dream. Great Morgan/Reid moments.

Chris is just the man! Always makes us happy!

Deirdre said...

I must say I was one of those people who wasn't looking forward to this episode as it was supposed to be about Reid. That being said I loved the episode. The Reid bits were interesting and relevent to the case. They also didn't completely over shadowed the case. Everyone else played their part. I loved the end scne where the team are out enjoying themselves after having a victory with the case. I liked the subtle hints throughout the episode also of how this case was one the JJ related to, they were subtle and I probably was looking out for them but I thought it was a nice touch. I really liked all the Reid Morgan interactions. I liked the way Morgan was looking out for Reid but not in a over protective way, just a I'm here for you kinda way. All in all a very enjoyable episode.

Anonymous said...


How am I ever going to get through today?!

It sounds like a wonderful episode!

There will be a big smile on my face all day long from the anticipation!

Happy Wednesday! Happy CM Day!

Anonymous said...

Reid and Bob Dylan. That's more perfection than I could ever have expected. Amazing, great, perfect episode. Made my month.

Anonymous said...

This really sounds incredible! I can't wait for tonight.


*jumping into the screen*

crap...it was so lifelike....

Anonymous said...

Oh my god!! I am speechless!

Kirsten said...

Wow, fabulous epi Chris Mundy!!! Even as a Hotch fan, I really enjoyed the Reid storyline... and we were treated to more of Reid's mom, which was fantastic! Love her! It will be interesting to see where the story goes next... might not be as obvious as it seems...

Anonymous said...

So I have to ask what next for Reid, I mean seriously. He's a drug addict, a possible schizophrenia, some social defect syndrome, daddy is a possible sexual deviant and killer, mommy is a schizophrenia, been kidnapped four times, beat up three times-four if you count his sob story childhood, graduated at 12, put mommy in an institution at 18, daddy left him, oh and he's a genius.

Morgan was sexually molested as a child, and never brought up again, you get one or two hints and nothing else. Prentiss well nothing there, did get the snot kicked out of her, but again nothing ever shown dealing with it. JJ nothing there, did almost get mauled by dogs, again nothing more ever shown about it. Hotch well if they could ever get their back history straight we might know one way or another his age-whether he was abused as a child, divorced, some issue with his son's health-promptly dropped, got blown up. We got a little bit on the hearing and its dropped. Rossi also unknown. Garcia parents died, she got shot, we got one episode showing her in pain, and then nothing after that either physically or mentally it was as if it never happened.

This a show of seven people and it showcases only one's back story/history.

Personally I'm tired of it. The case itself was great, could have really done without anything relating to Reid because I'm just pretty sick of all things Reid. We got more run down of his drug problems than we did Hotch's hearing, Morgan being molested or Garcia's being shot.

Anonymous said...

A quick stop by to say that I really loved this episode and to be honest I didn't expect that I would.

Great job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pix of JM!!!!! The man is so distinguished and handsome. The episode, oh yeah....I hope it's a great one. But after the picture, I'm good.....thanks!

Anonymous said...

Reid centric epps are our favorite.........;-). Yea!!!

Anonymous said...


i can never get enough of Reid. Can't wait for this ep!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say that "anonymous" is right, there have been more stories on Reid, esp. backstory, than any of the other team members and it's beginning to look a bit lop-sided. I am Reid's biggest fan and it hard for me to say this because I love his character so much and I think he is a great person in real life which endears him to me even more but the other actors are all equally important and interesting and I would miss any were they to leave.

Somehow, there needs to be some more backstory and character development on the others, writers, PLEASE, and I promise you, none of us Reid lovers will complain, right, Reid fans? This IS an ensemble cast and all are equal and deserving in their own right. This show is so consistently great and the entire cast is amazing and play off each other and get along so well, which is incredible to say the least.

I would hate to think for one minute that any of THEM are thinking Reid is getting too much storyline and think about quitting, because I truly love them all (and I believe, so does MGG!)

So let, hear it, CM fans, let's get behind this for the Hotch-Morgan-Garcia-JJ-Rossi lovers and ask for more on them as well.

These writers are all so fantastic and the entire crew seem so close to and sensitive to the fans, I'll bet they will listen!

We can see and hear backstory and emo-difficulties/life probs on the others and still marvel over Reid and that wonderful sweet face and voice and wish we could run our fingers thru that crazy hair of his. Right, CM fanatics?

When "anonymous" summed it up, it became more clear to me, more black and white, and I do not believe much was left out.

So, writers, get busy and tell us more about the rest of the team - soon!

P.S. Can't wait til tonight! Whoo-who! (I love you, Reid...)

Anonymous said...

OMG, I forgot to mention Prentiss! She is quite special and become so much more a part of the team this season, and we cannot leave her out! Sorry, Emily-it was an oversight and I love you,too!

If the writers already have plans for letting us in on more of these characters' stories, pls drop us some "cookies" so we know we can look forward to this and stop feeling guilty about loving Reid too much! And the fans of the others can relax and know that they will come to know about their favorite soon!

Enough - that's all! 'Til tomorrow, after I've seen the show...I can't wait!

HardKOrr said...

Thanks to anonymous and gubegirl, you certainly have hit the nail right on the perverbial head. I would love more backstory on the other characters but especially the women on the show. How about some more background on JJ, Emily, and Garcia? Don't get me wrong, I like Reid well-enough but I might actually like him more if CM (and dare I say the blog) weren't turning into the Reid show. This is just one person's opinion but I wanted to put my two-cents in!!

That being said, can't wait to see tonight's episode. I've really enjoyed Season 4 so far.

Anonymous said...

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reid was totally great in this eppy. I loved his dream, and figured the dream was a "cookie" that JJ was having a boy. ( I also think AJ did have a boy, as she is caring the baby low )

Reid's mom was great in this eppy as well.

I am glad that Reid was the one who found the kid.

The ending!!!!! Yippers!!! That last word made me scream!!!! My wish is finally happening!!!

I cannot wait for next weeks eppy. ( I also can't wait to see it tonight on CBS as CTV never shows the previews for next week!)

cmwinner (Ang)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a terrific episode!

Of course I’m biased, because I’m a Reid fan, but what I loved most is that there was a lot more than Reid angst in this episode and I enjoyed the other parts just as much.

The whole episode had a lot of humor in it, and I liked that because it balanced a creepy case and dark nightmares. I loved the twist in the case with the perv they captured but who wasn’t the unsub they were actually looking for. It was great that it turned out to be a female unsub again, and having a psychotic woman as an unsub in an episode where we also have Diana Reid was a great ankle.

Rossi walking away the perv at the funeral was just fabulous, and how hilarious it was to have Prentiss bitching about the CSI guys on a case in Vegas! The team scene at the Chinese restaurant was a great mirror to ‘A Real Rain’ and Reid being tortured ‘only’ by what’s going on in his head instead of actual events reminded me when he said in ‘Sex, Birth, Death’ he knows what it’s like to be afraid of his own mind. I really enjoyed the little references.

JJ was great as well and I think it was no accident that the victim’s mother resembled JJ’s looks.

And watch out for Reid’s shoes in the opening sequence! If I’m not blind he first wears white sneakers, and then in the corridor and basement of the same scene he has brown shoes. Ups!

This episode will definitely make it to my list of favorites, there’s so much more in it I loved than I can put into this comment.

Chris Mundy rocks!

Anonymous said...

i have a few hours to see it. i like reid alot. so i don,t mind if it about him i am looking for ward to seeing it later

Anonymous said...

O my gosh! Reid's dad is a serial killer?! I'm freaking. I'll post more later.

Ztivokreb said...

another awesome ep! and now we have to wait a week to continue on with Reid's flashbacks! no fair!

Chris Mundy, you totally rock.

lizzymmcf said...

good episode! This whole season has just been incredible so far. I can't wait to see what's next.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for next weeks epi. Im now litterly counting the days/hours/minutes/seconds/milliseconds/millimilliseconds

Anonymous said...

Reid's flashbacks, Jane Lynch visiting us again and a killer ending. Great episode. Certainly kept me interested all the way through. I like the friendship and concern that Morgan is showing towards Reid.

Anonymous said...

Reid's dreams about JJ's unborn child and being with Rossi and Morgan were so spooky.


What's the chances that Momma Reid commited murder and Daddy Reid covered it up?? Or is Daddy Reid a pedophile?

Can't wait until next week.

Unknown said...

That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait until next week!! Reid was great and the next episode is going to be sweet:)

Everybody was at the top of there game and it was so great seeing all of them at the end going out to dinner together...that and seeing Hotch smiling brought some warmth to my heart:)

GO TEAM!!!!!!!

Lasell xoxo!

Anonymous said...

The director of this episode did an incredible job. Holy Man!

Great camera angles with JJ and the mom. Terrific camera work on the dream sequences and the close ups were timely and perfect.

This was just a great episode. A cut above anything we have ever seen before. The show is really turning on the gas.

Anonymous said...

THIS WAS THE BEST EPI SINCE REVELATIONS !!!!! AND IT'S GONNA GET EVEN BETTER NEXT WEEK!!!! OMG....I LOVE REID AND HIS MOM TOGETHER! We even got to see inside Reid's BRAIN!!! The ending just killed me....WTF! Chris is the greatest writer ever!!!!!!!!!

rebecca :)

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more important to a child of any age than a mother's instincts! Well done Chris!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let the writers, cast, and crew that I think season 4 keeps getting better and better. I have loved every ep so far and think a great job has been done by all. I love that we will be getting more backstory on the characters this year (I am a Reid girl but I love all the characters and enjoy learning more about them every ep- even Prentiss!)

I really loved tonight's ep- I thought it struck a great balance b/t the case and the group dynamics within the team and with the family/cops. Esp the end with the Bob Dylan song! That just rocked!!! I am glad to see more of the comraderie we saw in s1 and 2 among the agents.
thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with Reid stories. I like them best when the story is woven in with the case as happened in this episode. It’s easier to twist around the character of Spencer Reid since he is so not the typical FBI agent. If any of the other characters were to start to exhibit the same behaviors we would say they were acting out of character or that the writer was not writing the character correctly. Thus we have two episodes dealing with Reid’s backstory.

I liked that the unsub stayed a mystery most of the episode and that there was some profiling. I don’t have a problem with Reid resolving parts of the mystery with his personal background and insight into psychiatry. It has been his role since the series began. After all Morgan once told him to use what he learned from personal experience to be a better profiler….

Thanks to Chris Mundy for a great episode with good music, a little green screen and great quotes!

Anonymous said...

Prentiss figuring things out before Rossi was totally cool. The camera work was great. I agree. I liked the episode. I love Diana Reid. The dream/flashback sequences were just great. Does anyone think maybe Diana's schizophrenia may have been caused by the father killing and/or abusing? Just a thought. Another perfect Chris Mundy episode. They always score well in our house.

Anonymous said...

Again, another great episode!

I loved the beginning with the team going down the stairs and into that basement. The precision of Hotch and Prentiss with their flashlights reminded me of a drill team, snapping their flashlights this way and that!

The poor parents of that little boy, they were hurting so much.

We found out that JJ is having a boy!

At the funeral, Rossi and Prentiss moving in on the guy filming the funeral, what a sicko. And their interrogation of him was wonderful. Too bad he wasn't the guy--he was a sicko, just not their sicko :(.

Reid figured out that the UNSUB was a woman because of how she referred to the child's clothing--a female response to detail the clothing.

Jane Lynch is love as Diana Reid. She is so intuitive of Reid and what is going on with him. I loved that Reid had such a great idea (why am I surprised at that, the man is a genius) to ask with the admin at Bennington to check with other institution admins about patients, and then he figures out that the UNSUB was nursing (ew) the missing children to feed them.

Morgan really showed how much he cares about Reid and how worried he was about him by finding the case file about the child Reid had been dreaming about. I think Garcia must have had a hand in that.

The ending was really great, with Reid dreaming again and seeing the person who killed the little boy and having the man turn around and turning out to be Reid's dad!

WOW, can't wait to see what they are going to do next week!!!!

Anonymous said...



What a great episode! I think I now have a new favorite...until next week! LOL

Chris wrote quite a story for us tonight, didn't he? Thank you!!

It was a great mystery, lots of good team work. I loved it when Rossi and Prentiss slid over to the guy who was filming. And the Morgan and Reid interaction was perfect. I love how Reid confides in Morgan. He really is Reid's big-brother, protector.

MGG did such a good job - as usual!

And Reid's interaction with his mother was so sweet. I loved that he wanted to spend the night with her. She seemed much softer this time than when we saw her in Kingfisher II. But, she was in her comfort zone.

I can't wait for next week. It looks like it is going to be fabulous!

I'm sending a huge thank you to everyone with CM - excellent episode!

Anonymous said...

First, please listen to everyone who has made requests to spread the love to all the characters. And, not merely in the number of episodes they get, but in making sure that if you give a character a major event in their life, it gets follow up. Lots of Reid's stories aren't wrapped up at the end of the episode and never mentioned again, so when another character goes through some big trauma, they should be afforded some follow up as well.

That being said, I am so utterly relieved to be able to say I loved this episode. I have not been feeling the love of the show. I've been sticking with it because I like most of the characters, I was hoping against hope that it was a slump, and I am stubborn and have stuck with shows for years after a downward turn (and at least once my loyalty - or craziness- paid off in later seasons). But, this episode was one I loved. It's only one out of the rest of the season, but it's nice to know the magic is still there. Although, it's funny. I don't think I would have missed the Reid aspect, as far as the nightmares were concerned. If that had been cut, it wouldn't have changed the episode, which is strange considering it was meant to be a major part. Reid with his mother was much more interesting and I felt tied into the case in a much better way, since they were in Vegas, and since he had gone there to talk to the doctor for help with identifying the unsub. I also found it sad him saying he was going to visit her after the case. I'm not sure he had any intention to at first, what with his guilt issues, but he had to say he would.

After no focus on the victims at all in Catching Out, I truly enjoyed the attention paid to the mother and father here. And, although they won't make my list of favorite guest stars, I did find their struggle compelling (and a big improvement over the couple in Paradise, who I was supposed to feel for, but left me empty). The mother not wanting to move the hidden candy bar just seemed to humanize them. And, I loved JJ in that role of relating to the family. That's one aspect of JJ's job I enjoy a lot, and while showing that she keeps the troops running is important (and one of the few enjoyable things about Catching Out) it's nice to see JJ being the person the family can turn to. This is one of the things she does best.

Prentiss interrogating the man they thought was the unsub was also great to watch. Her ranging from intense to taunting and amused with the pedophile. And, I also enjoy whenever someone beats Rossi to the answer. Actually, I think I particularly enjoy it when Prentiss does, because I think she was dumbed down during Rossi's first episodes, so it always feels like a vindication when she gets things before him.

And, the Hotch stuff was lovely, as well. Saying that the mother was right, he couldn't understand what they were going through, telling the father to discuss going to the funeral with his wife instead of making the decision without her consent, understanding that she might not be able to do it, leading the little boy at the end to his family. And, a team scene with them eating out and being happy and Hotch actually laughing. Been awhile since I've seen that. It was welcome.

And, thank you for letting the unsub live. I like that we could get a happy ending and a win that doesn't involve killing. And, I think the woman being alive is really a much deeper ending. The team's celebration seemed right and good, but at the same time, we know there's a truly sick woman still suffering. (I also found the scene where the mother sees the unsub being put in the squad car somewhat reminiscent of the father watching his brother being taken away in the same manner in Seven Seconds. And, since Seven Seconds still stands in my opinion as the best episode of the show, a scene that can remind me of that episode is a good thing).

So, I still can't say what in particular I felt you got right here that you were missing for most of the season, but you did it here. This gave us some of the season 1 aspects without missing the growth I felt the show made in later seasons. Well done on this episode.

Laura_G said...

Wow Chris! What a great episode. I love Jane Lynch in this one...more so than ever! She was just awesome. JJ with the mom, just great. The whole episode was wonderful. I'm not sure why, but one of my favourite parts was when they were returning from the funeral and Hotch gets the call, and he closes the door to the SUV. That just really struck me as a great touch. And the mother, dealing with her own tragedy, but still able to show concern for Reid after his nightmare. Very touching. Chris Mundy....you ROCK!!! Thank you to the entire CM team...Season 4 just keeps getting better and better!!!

jackie said...

Thank you to Chris Mundy for
such an awesome episode. I can't
tell you how much i loved this
episode tonight. I only wish it
didn't continue on next weeks
episode, because the suspense
of finding out what really
happened to Reid when he was
a child is going to kill me.
This episode had every thing
that makes Criminal Minds the
most watched/loved show on tv.
There are two parts that stand
out in my mind. In the end,
when Reid finds the little boy
and saves him, and the team
sitting around the dinner
table laughing and talking
while eating. They are truly
one big happy family and it
shows. Again, thank you for
another great; awesome; and
successfull episode of the
best loved show on tv(Criminal Minds).

Anonymous said...

I really loved this episode,esp. since it's a Reid episode.(Sorry.He's my favorite and I'm not going to be ashamed) The dreams were freaky and I felt so bad for Reid. I love his mother. I'm glad that it was a female unsub. I felt sorry for her. I love how JJ bonded with the mother. That was a nice team moment at the end,esp. with the Bob Dylan music. I was shocked at the ending also. I can't wait for next week's episode.

Anonymous said...

i somehow doubt it will be as literal as, OMG REID'S DAD IS A PAEDOPHILE/KILLER etc. for one thing, dreams are rarely so true to life but somehow twisted. Reid and his mum's attitude towards the dad after he leaves - that he is weak - will be messed up in it, especially since he's dreaming in hindsight ... i'm even guessing that we'll find out that his dad wasn't so 'weak' after all.

i do agree about the Reid-centric focus of the show lately (and i adore Reid), but suspect the fine writers of this rare and unique show have plans for the others. they'll just be careful to keep the team members' stories within the context of the profiling of the crimes. i would hate CM to become a soap opera!

and a final word, how cute was four-year-old Reid?


Anonymous said...

Reid has always been repressing and now he is trying to remember the thoughts that haunt him. His relationship with is mom is touching. You just know he must be walking around feeling guilty about having been the one to institutionalize her when he was younger. The Reid family secrets are already interesting and we still have one more episode till we find the rest of them out. I really loved that she could tell immediately that something was wrong with him. Perfect title for the episode.

I was especially happy that the unsub didn't die in this episode. We were in a weird streak this season and this stopped it. I like when they live.

Dylan! Exc. quotes and the song was freakin perfect.

7 more days!

Anonymous said...

There was more than just Reid going on in this episode.

JJ & Hotchner talking and trying to comfort the parents was a really great scene. It was nice seeing JJ in her role as liason again. We haven't seen much of that lately. She is so full of compassion. I really liked how Hotch allowed her to suggest that the mom be the one to talk with the ubsub. He truly respects her and the great job she does.

A+ episode.

Anonymous said...

Chris Mundy did a great job writing this episode. He gave us so much background with major cliffhanger moments and there was great integration with previous episodes. Of all the characters Reid seems to have the most consistant back story. His mom is a great character and I feel like I know Reid better than any of the other characters. Awesome episode.

Anonymous said...

JJ is having a boy. That is cool. Do we know yet what AJ had?

The episode leaves me wondering if Reid was molested as a child.

Anonymous said...

Chopsticks anyone? Really cool epi.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Reid's dad killed Riley but I do think that Diana mentioning his uncle's funeral is a clue. I just can't figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Our second Riley. The first one was the boy in 'Riding the Lightning'.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it was just as great as all those east and north of the Pacific Time Zone said it was!

Everyone was great and most of the special moments have been detailed before. It was heartwarming for me to see the team enjoying a leisurely meal together and all were smiling and laughing and JJ seemed to stroke her full tummy to pass that special feeling she has for her work, co-workers to her unborn. She will miss her job and them and they (and we) will all miss her!

Spencer and his mom were special, they are still exceptionally close and it was touching to see the conversation and interaction between them thruout, esp. at the end, with his mom talking about "crazy" and that wonderful wry but sheepish/boyish smile that MGG gets on his face at such moments - you want to just grab him and snuggle him to death!

Morgan continues to act as a big brother/mentor of sorts for Reid and Emily just keeps shining as such a sensitive and perceptive profiler. And Hotch exemplifies a father's feeling so well being the devoted father that he is.

Ah-h-h I am experiencing the CM afterglow....

I cannot and do not want to believe Reid's dad could be a pedophile let alone a killer - there has to be some other explanation. I cannot hardly wait til next week! This is as much of a cliff hanger for me as "Mayhem" was! (I'm sure I speak for all Reid freaks.)

Anonymous said...

Good episode
Maybe Diana accidentally killed the boy ,
and Reid stumbled onto his father finding the body and he just remembers it wrong.
maybe his uncles death is also somehow related to this.
Perhaps the uncle comitted the crime.
Tough one.

Anonymous said...

this was so good. i felt bad for the family but was glad they got there son back at the end. morgan was there for reid i like that alot. it was nice he went to see his mom. you could see he was alittle uncomterble.m.g,g did a great job . can,t waite tell next week to find out if his dad is bad or not. and get to see more of reids mom.

Anonymous said...

There's a spoiler photo showing that Reid's father was a lawyer - maybe he was involved in the case from Reid's childhood and that's how Reid knows about it?

Dreams are rarely literal, but they can make connections from the subconscious through imagery. Perhaps that's what Reid's final dream is doing.

--Cal from LJ.

Anonymous said...

Dreams are rarely literal, but they can make connections from the subconscious through imagery. Perhaps that's what Reid's final dream is doing.

I hope so. I've haven't said anything about that aspect, because what's done is done. Episode's been filmed and we just have to wait to see it. But, if Reid's dad turns out to be a killer and pedophile on top of the whole catalog of Reid angst going back to his childhood, then that will tip the scales of believable (even suspending disbelief) angst. Also if it's his mom. If it happens, I'll want some sign that this whole show is a delusion of Reid's as he's actually a patient with a room next to mommy. But, we'll just have to wait and see. I don't know what to expect on that front, since dreams aren't literal in real life, but that doesn't mean they can't be on tv. Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Another Criminal Minds episode. Cases involving children are always more suspenseful to watch. Maybe just because my “woman instincts” tell me to... Then Reid his personal life gets involved but it keeps interesting to watch that because it interacts well with the episode in total.

To begin with the beginning; Reid’s dream. He has it he wakes up and instead of keeping it to himself and not knowing what to do with it as we saw in season one he throws it right out in the group… Knowing and trusting the rest of the team with it while he surely knows there is more to it than he knows himself. Of course, his team members react concerned and make sure it’s okay to feel the way he does and even cheer him up (Prentiss). Morgan who has his back when he got that dream in the house of the victims parents. Being a very good support to him after that! Getting that case file… Which we all know has something to do with it! Morgan also seeing what he thinks about that it was probably only his imagination. Reid let him finish but he surely doesn’t feel the same way Morgan does.
One Thing I wonder about his dreams… Do the persons in his dream as he each time goes into that basement make a point? First time it was Hotch and Prentiss following him into it. The second time it’s Rossi and Morgan… Did he bring them in his dream as he was al alone when he saw his dad in the end. Like he didn’t want them their as he subconsciously already knew it was his dad?

The parents could have been a little more emotional about it. Especially dad as he was the one being impulsive. I found it a bit “acted”. Although mom was having that moment that’s he knew someone was watching. I found that a very good thing in the episode! Very real! Also the question with how many are there (referring to the bad guys) from mom to Hotch! It makes me feel a bit icky just to be reminded of that!

Six episodes in and already two female unsubs! Feminism is on its way! Yeah! The first victim was starved? His stomach was completely empty. But if he got breastfeed… Wouldn’t there be something in his stomach? But again. The overlaps between Reid and his knowledge of mental institutions, his private life and the case where a job done good!

Hotch saying he knows how it feels. Doesn’t sound like Hotch. Maybe he was thinking of Jack that moment and he felt related to the parents a bit as he misses him or something? Later on he asks the lead detective to talk to the parents about the funeral. But I find it a real Hotch thing to do something like that. Is there more to it after the two things above?

Prentiss making that statement about Crime Scene Investigators! Go Prentiss! Sure now when I am getting very tired of the whole overdone CSI thingy I used to like a lot.

I think the mom is right.. JJ is going to be an awesome mom! JJ seems to be growing so much lately. Confident, strong, these short sentences to the people that need to hear exactly that at that given time!

Where are the funny Garcia lines?

The team is already at back.. And they went after the unsub which makes total sense… but why didn’t Reid ask any of them where they were through his radio? Doesn’t make sense he would just storm the house. I would find it a very stupid and risky thing to go in there alone!

Morgan finding something to do in Vegas… Geez, I wonder what he did that night ;) I love Hotch making funny lines because he barely smiles with them but everyone else inclusing me seems to be smiling! Then the happy music, the happy BAU members eating Chinese again! And then the sad image of the unsub in jail. That cracked my heart! But I am glad Reid visited his mom again as he never did before the Fisher King and only writing letters to her. I found the actress portraying his mum better as good as what she was in the previous episodes! Normal, at ease, joking but still that woman we saw before.

Wow what a text! What I actually wanted to say: I loved this episode! Again! *sigh*

- BC.

Anonymous said...

But if he got breastfeed… Wouldn’t there be something in his stomach?

breastmilk is absorbed into the system differently than other foods, which is why it is so easy for bubs to get nourishment from it. a paediatritian could probably explain it better.

and yes, i missed the Garcia moments too ...


Marie said...

I loved this episode, there was a lot of good moments for everyone and Reid's storyline is intriguing, is it next wednesday already???

I'd like to thank you guys, for the little team moment at the end, restaurant and all, it's been a while we hadn't seen them relaxed and enjoying some time off, I mean how awesome is it to finally see Hotch SMILING again?

Can't wait for next week!

Anonymous said...

That ending! Zowers!!!!! The last word! "Dad?" and the question and look of shock on his face! I so can't wait for next week's eppy! Where is that fast forward button to next week?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Chris and the crew did a great job. Yes it was Reid focus but there was enough of the others to balance it out for me. Emily and Rossi with the first suspect...Em owned him!

Morgan and Reid's interactions were great. No words can even express Jane Lynch...speechless except it helps when they think you are crazy! LOL

Shelter from the storm...great pick.

Lastly...Dad! Very excited about next week. I think maybe it was a law partner or something...I really don't want him to the the real bad guy....but we will just have to wait and see.

Great epi...thanks to all...until next week!

Unknown said...

Wow what an episode.
I never felt more sorry for our genius than in this episode.
And Morgan helped him as always,so sweet.
His own farther could be a murderer???!!!
Poor Reid.:(
I liked that JJ was again the one who could calm down the mother.And I can't wait for the CM baby.
I missed "hey,babygirl" or something else.:(
I'm so so so excited about the next episode,I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

I loved it. Jane Lynch did a great job as usual as Diana Reid and I adore when her character is on the show. I really loved the ending where she told the hospital director that if they tried to keep Spencer longer than overnight, she’d scratch his eyes out. You know she wasn't lying! *g*

Anonymous said...

Kari Matchette did a great job as the mom. Does anyone remember her from the "Nero Wolfe Mysteries"? I really liked that we had another female unsub. This was just a very interesting episode even without the Reid story. Great episode.

Anonymous said...

I really loved the camera work in this awesome episode. Watching when the unsub put the boy to bed and shutting the door and the camera panned the room as you saw the room as she saw it, and then as it really was, complete with her seeing a baby in a crib, and us seeing a little boy on a bed- that was nice. The breast feeding angle and how long it took them to figure it out really would depend on how much you know about breastfeeding. If, as the Medical Examiner said, the kid was not starved but had no food in his system and if you were familar with breastfeeding then you would jump to that conclusion. My husband sat clueless. Maybe he needs to breastfeed our next baby.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about what sherlockette said about if more stories were told about the others, it could seem out of character fo them and I think not. I firmly believe that not only does being FBI profilers almost preclude them having a normal life (i.e., Hotch and his divorce; Morgan explaining to Reid in "Somebody's Watching" how the job does not allow for a personal life) but also the undeniable fact that anyone attracted to this line of work has some inner driving force pushing them in this direction and the chances are good they are fanatical or obsessive in some way to be drawn to this job. Kind of like the psychology major going into that field to figure their own selves out?

I feel certain that each member of the team has some trauma in their past if not an outright dysfunction that causes them to be satisfied with this work and not being comfortable with the typical ordinary lives that most of us lead.

Look at Morgan's molestation (who would have thought - he is such a stud muffin!) and look what has happened to Gideon - he was always wear a wedding ring and I'm not sure what happened to that wife; or poss he had an estranged son which is why he was so fatherly to Reid; we learned early on that Rossi has been married numerous times; Garcia lost her parents early and became an inward computer nerd kid as an escape; there have been hints that something has gone on with Prentiss before and she seems to be keeping a secret of some sorts.

Only JJ seems more well-rounded and normal, and even she fought this when Will proposed; she allowed herself to admit she had fallen in love and gotten pregnant like normal mortals.

What I'm saying is, that altho' Reid's character has had labels such as Asperger's applied to him and his mom is a diagnosed institutionalized schizophrenic (in addition to being being genius-like herself)and now they are dangling that his dad may be a pedophile or worse, I truly believe that the others have skeletons in their closet as well and it's their past that has them doing this intense work that they do and it will be interesting to learn about the others - hopefully, really soon!

And when you think about it, why do you think there are so many Reid fans out here? Not just because he is so damned adorable but because is so troubled and we do know so much about his pathetic past - this is why we feel so close to him, we know him better and love him because of it, right?

When we learn more about the others, we will feel close to them, too and their turns must be coming! I can't wait!

You can bet I will forego watching Grey's, and ER tonite in order to watch this last CM epi again - it was a memorable one!

P.S. I love talking to you guys - it's cathartic to know that there are others out there that are as "sick" as my family thinks I am over a TV show! Hah!

Anonymous said...

Surprised! That is how I still feel. Surprised because I actually liked this episode (I was not looking forward to a Reid centered one), but it was well done. There were small moments from all the team. I liked how Morgan helped Reid, how JJ talked to the mom, Prentiss and Rossi drilling the suspect, Hotch talking to the unsub and to the dad.
What I missed was a few happy Garcia lines.
What I thank the most was finally getting a glimpse of Hotch laughing, that made me SMILE. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I loved this epi not only because it was Reid-centric but it had the entire team working on different angles plus funny moments tossed in.
The strongest instinct here seems to be the maternal one. Michael's mom somehow knew the unsub was near. Diana Reid knew her son was troubled by the case and her instinct to protect was still strong as she was downplaying the Riley story. It will be quite an episode next week as I am really looking forward to it.
Kudos to Chris Mundy for a interesting case with lots of strong characters and fascinating flashbacks to make all the Reid fans happy campers!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just checked in to get my daily dose JM's eyes...thanks again! SIGH>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great show! We love back story on everyone on the team.........but Reid is our favorite!!!!!!!......;-)

Anonymous said...

Honestly Reid's B story didn't really do anything for the A story except freak the parents out when he had that nightmare. Truthfully it could have been left out. The father bugged the hell out of me, I really wanted to just slap him. Goes to show how realistic his portrayal was. For once there was quite a bit of team effort here. And I absolutely loved the dinner scene at the end. What does this make four times Hotch has smiled now in four seasons? I know someone has a count.

I do want to know what is up with Garcia, this makes the second or third episode where she is not joking or flirting. She's just so serious and that is worrisome. We'll see if that even gets touched on.

In ref to Karencurtis62 - Reid's background is the most consistent because he's the only one who gets a background time and again.

I used to love Reid and his quirkiness and just plain goofiness, but he has overshadowed everyone else and it is aggravating in the extreme. What was quirky is just plain annoying. Maybe if he was given something once in a while and the wealth was shared with the other characters, I could get back into the character, but I can't. Because we get nothing on the other characters and what we get contradicts itself two episodes later. Take Hotch-he is the one who supposedly wrote the hostage negotiation manual then he hasn't? He's either late 30's or close to sixty. Depends on which episode you check out.

I will say if they do go the route that Reid's dad is a pedophile or murderer or even if its actually the mother being a pedophile or murderer the show will have officially jumped the shark. That is just too much of beatdown for one character.

Maybe if it had been one of the other characters background I could have gone for it, but its not its Reid's and that is just way to much craziness and then you'll wonder just why isn't he in a psycho ward.

I really hope this is just something he read and his imagination supplied the rest. Actually that's a plot idea I could get behind, how much of our dreams or childhood memories are something we made up because of what we saw/read or heard. Because if its real-well the show has jumped the shark at that point.

Anonymous said...

I have been truly enjoying all of the episodes this season but I have to say - The Instincts was something special - the pacing of the episode had me on the edge of my seat the whole time - jumping right into Reids nightmare at the beginning to the final "Aaaaah - Reids dad !" at the end
I love the way everyone in the ep was used - but my most favorite parts are hands down the scenes with Spencer & Diana Reid - the connection between them is so obvious & touching - and so funny that it seems like even though Diana in institutionalized - she's taken over the place ! She is such a strong, funny character & its wonderful to see someone who has a mental illness written with so much humanity, because you very seldom see that.
Hats off to Chris Mundy - I was looking over the episodes & realized that he has consistently written all of my favorites. This is another one to add to that column Thank you so much Chris !and everyone on the CM team for making my night !

Anonymous said...

Loved the episode. Everything about it.

Anonymous said...


This was a great episode! LOL - I had just watched a show on leeches and that part was pretty disgusting! Jane Lynch is the best guest star this show has ever had! I love her! She and MGG even have similar expressions. I can't wait for next week to see how this resolves. Loved the team having dinner at the end, thankfully Reid got to skip having to battle the chopsticks this time! Thanks again for a great ep!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME episode! Mundy ROCKS! The team was great, the twist with the UNSUB being a woman was great, the profiling was great and I thought it was a Reid-centric episode without being too much so! And Hotch smiled! I'm sure that will make the Hotch sisters happy! Can't wait to see what's just around the corner for CM. You never let us down!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

This was a great episode! I truly loved it. While glancing at these comments beforehand (I must say I'm proud for glancing over the spoilers) I really didn't see as much focus on Reid as I thought there would be. There was a decent focus on the rest of the team and that's what made this ep so great.

Emily had a great part with interrogating the possible suspect and making that CSI remark, Hotch had some great lines with the family, JJ had some focus with her baby and all and I liked how her opinion mattered with talking with the unsub and then when the mother told her she'd do great, Morgan had some bonding time with his buddy, and the dinner afterwards was great.

I personally don't think that Reid's dad is a serial killer, because that would just be overkill, but I am interested to see how he is tied into all this.

What the heck is up with the leeches?

As for focus on other character's backgrounds, I've read that we are going to get a decent look at Emily's in some random episode (the spoiler said that it was going to be incredibly unexpected and it's going to just be a surprise) and I remember being told something about learning some more about Morgan's past--so I know we'll get some more focus on other people.

I think that right now they are putting a deal of focus on Reid because that is the demand, but I'm pretty sure after this the focus will be shifted to another person. Other than Reid the most we've gotten of a person's background is Hotch. I mean--yeah everything was broken up, but if you tallied it all up I think Hotch has had the most insight into his life. Not that I mind though--Hotch is amazing! :)

So---I understand why some people are upset about the whole focus on Reid thing, but if Gideon stayed on the show, we would have gotten some major Gideon time in the last season. There was an article that explained that we were going to get the story behind his wedding ring and due to the whole focus on him and Frank--it was just leading up to some major Gideon time that I'm really disappointed that we were unable to learn about his past. Maybe the writers could let us in on the secret? They did have seven episodes that became useless when he quit--so there could have been a fair amount of him in it.

So yeah--I'm sure the CM writers know what they're doing and we will get a good amount of background stories of all the other characters :) I'm truly interseted to learn more about Morgan, because no one would ever suspect such a godly figure and cheerful guy like him would have such a dark past like that.

What did the promo for next week's ep show? I was unable to see it.

Anonymous said...

I looked up a dream analysis site to find out the significance of leeches, and this is what it says:

To see or be bitten by leeches in your dream, refers to something in your life that is draining the energy and vigor out of you. The dream may refer to people, habits, or negative emotions that are sucking you out of your vitality. Alternatively, if your body is covered in leeches, then you are feeling disgusted by your own body or repulsed by something you have done.

Why do you guys think Chris put this in? There has to be a reason for it, and I know Reid didn't kill the kid, so most likely he was either molested or he is feeling drained from covering this up.

Unknown said...

I loved this episode.
it was great to see Hotch smile
JJ was also amazing. I would like to see more of Garcia in each episode.
Kind freaky at the end seeing spencer dad over the child's body, be interesting to see how in unfolds.

Anonymous said...

Excellent performances by Reed Diamond and Kari Matchett as our victim’s parents. They were perfect. Jane Lynch, as always, is amazing. Diana Reid may be crazy, but she doesn’t play her as a whack job. The woman has a doctorate, is clearly intellegent, and even years later, can realize her illness needs to be managed by medication, and can recollect that being without it can terrorize her. But I was moved this week by Matthew Gray Gubler- genius he may be, our Spencer Reid, but he’s more complex than geeky beginnings allowed us to believe. And certainly more troubled. Gubler is growing as an actor as well, and his eyes are amazingly expressive. The last shot of him was the perfect balance of fear and disbelief. Looking forward to the conclusion next week.

Walburga Benker said...

OMG what a great ep. Thanks so much Chris Mundy. It touched my heart. Some moments i´m breathless and nervous. Love the part with his mother. Thanks so much for this fantastic ep. a look in the Reid brain. Wow!! The smiling Hotch made my day. LOL I don´t can write all my feelings in english sorry. All of the fans here wrote great comments and i totally agree.
"dances around and watch it again"

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read jericholuva's comment abot how expressive MGG can be. But it's not just his eyes: he does not need to speak to convey his feelings, his mouth esp., little twitches with his lips (which are very nice, by the way) and little wincing tugs at the corners of his mouth, licking those poor chapped lips of his (can we send this guy some great lip balm? like people send Garcia pens?) and watch his Adam's apple -when he is upset, or nervous, he swallows just at the right moment which makes you feel what he's feeling, so very, very well.

MGG has said he's better at directing than acting, but I believe he is a great actor and getting better every day - just pause your DVR and take a closer look, Matthew you are truly AMAZING!

I also love Jane Lynch, a more perfect mom for Reid could not have been found and their interaction is endearing and so touching, I want to go back and watch this episode again tonite.
After watching "Fisher King" and "Fisher King II" on A&E the past 2 wks, this epi was timely to watch the Reid-mom relationship and she is far less nervous and much more warm and motherly than two seasons back.

And, of course tonite, A&E is showing "P911", the epi from Season 2 about the little boys being kidnapped and up for auction - also timely with the recent new epi.

I LOVE CM and everyone associated with it. It is no wonder this is called CM Fanatic - I have become a lunatic over this show! I talk about these characters as if they are real people in my life - is that crazy? I really do have a life and need to get back to work now...

Anonymous said...

The case definitely hooked me from the moment we found that the boy was starved but not malnourished, the dream sequences were beautiful, and the acting was phenomenal. Great episode! Two thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

I understand what anonymous and gubegirl are saying about the viewer getting more of a backstory on Reid than any of the other characters. That being said, being a viewer who totally loves Reid, I covet every moment he is on the screen and always want more.

Don't get me wrong, I like all the other characters well enough but I adore Reid and I think the reason we see so much about him, at the expense of the others I will admit, is that he is a fan favorite. If you look at the ratings after a Reidcentric episode, they're usually higher than non Reidcentric episodes. I think that tells us something and it tells the writers and producers something as well. That's likely why the majority of Reidcentric episodes are shown in sweep periods. It is a business after all and I think TPTB at CM recognize that the Reid character and MGG are their money makers.

I enjoy the entire cast and, like others, look forward to learning more about them all but I will always want to see more Reid. I just can't help it.

Anonymous said...

i have now watch instincts; 5 times.it was very good.it was great. really felt bad for reid with his dreams.next week looks really good also. i lke it when they do a story about reid.this next one one way or another it will not be a happy ending for him.i feel he did see something as a child.now that he can,t let go he has to find out what he thinks he saw as a kid.

A Criminal Minds fan said...

I'm a bit late with my comments on the episode but here it is;

I loved that story alot and I am not a Reid fan but still like how the Reid backstory was well integrated with the case.
I was happy to see Reed Diamond from Homicide: Life on the Street play the father and he did a good job. A good
case with a female unsub who was so disturbed.

The Reid nightmares were interesting. So when Reid gets nightmares the teams are there to help him. I think Morgan is right
someone should analyse Reid dreams! My theory on the did his father kill or not kill the boy is this: I think Reid father may have discovered
the body of the boy and Reid without knowing what was happening just saw his father crouch over the body and with the passage of
years he is now interpreting this scene as if his father might have kill the boy. Maybe Reid himself saw the boy, Riley, get murdered.
Maybe that is why Diane Reid was afraid for her son.

Always a joy to see Reid mother, I like how the interact together, you can believe they are mother and son. Great work from MGG and Jane Lynch.

Great line from Prentiss to Rossi about the CSI peoples!

Rossi and Prentiss interrogating a suspect is something I want to see more, they wouked well together.

Loved the opening scene with the empty and long halls with Hotch, Prentiss and Reid with their flashlights and guns, it gave an atmosphere of eerie feelings.

Also, great visual effect of the unsub who was in the rocking chair with the baby, we got to see how she saw things, how her little confused world was like.
When she left the room the camera moved around the room and we saw what the reality was. Very well done.

For the Hotch fan who thought that she wouldn't like that episode, I was pleasantly surprised and I am looking forewards to next week episode.

Thanks Chris Mundy for giving us another great episode.


Anonymous said...

I liked the episode, but I really like Reid so i'm biased on this. I also think that they have gotten to an interesting start this season overall.

I have a theory on the Reid's dad situation but i'm going to hold off on posting because this is going to be long enough as it is. And I agree that if things are as they appear at the moment that's going a little overboard on the character...

I understand people's frustration regarding all of these Reid centric episodes and would LOVE to get to know more about the other characters past. It seems like JJ, Garcia, Morgan and Prentis's pasts could be gone into pretty easily. Rossi being the new guy might be tricky...i know people were really balking at the Rossi show when he first started. As far as Hotch goes i would love to see more about him but it almost seems like they have too much conflicting stuff to do an effective back story. I hope i'm wrong on this.

Furthermore all network TV looks to get the young demographic. The CW only looks at ratings numbers for 18 to 34 year olds. Focusing on Reid (who's in his mid 20s) fits with going after this group of viewers. Although i guess they could focus on JJ for the same effect.

All that being said I hope we do find out more about all the characters