Friday, November 21, 2008


Criminal Minds: Happy Friday everyone! Just a few Criminal Minds related notes this morning.

Criminal Minds writer Holly Harold is with us in the Criminal Minds chat room on Sunday. Email for the password please.

Lola has won last weeks Criminal Minds recap contest. Please email me your address. Congrats on winning the Criminal Minds season four cap given to us by Simon Mirren!

Donations for Rosy are still coming in so please consider making a donation to this worthy cause. The link is on the right side of the blog.

The first Criminal Minds convention plans are shaping up nicely. The planning committee will be in LA in Feb to meet with the three hotels we have narrowed it down to. Thank you to that committee for all the hard work they are doing to plan our time for Feb. Anyone wanting more info about the convention should email the convention moderators.

"Masterpiece" brought the show amazing ratings. Yeah! We have our first episode written by Breen Frazier this Wednesday followed by a chat with Breen. Please get the word out that Criminal Minds is the show to watch on Wednesdays! I know we can be the number one show. I feel it in my old bones. We just need to keep talking up the show to strangers on the streets!

SAG & WGA news: SAG and the AMPTP are still in meetings with a mediator and a strike, while unlikely, is still a possibility. The WGA has not been properly paid according to the terms of their new contract. Anyone wanting more info on either of these situations can email me. I have agreed to be the Criminal Minds liason again on both fronts.

Kirsten Vangsness, Garcia on Criminal Minds, is once again starring at the Theater of Note in "A Mulholland Christmas". If you are interesting in buying tickets to see Kirsten perform, here is the link:

I finished my first two Criminal Minds podcasts and they have been sent off to be edited. I am currently working on a third podcast. If anyone has any suggestions on Podcast ideas, please email me.

Have a great weekend everyone! Criminal Minds Rules!