Sunday, November 23, 2008


Criminal Minds: I certainly hope that this is not a case of 'here we go again' but the latest SAG news isn't the best. The fourth season of Criminal Minds is cooking with gas and going great. We don't need another 100 day speed bump! Lets call Les Moonves' office and put the pressure on now to settle. Let him know that we will not tolerate any interuptions in our enjoyment of Criminal Minds!

LOS ANGELES – The Screen Actors Guild said Saturday it will ask its members to authorize a strike after its first contract talks in four months with Hollywood studios failed despite the help of a federal mediator.

The guild said it adjourned talks with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers shortly before 1 a.m. after two marathon sessions with federal mediator Juan Carlos Gonzalez.

SAG, representing more than 120,000 actors in movies, television and other media, said in a statement that it will launch a "full-scale education campaign in support of a strike authorization."

"We have already made difficult decisions and sacrifices in an attempt to reach agreement," the statement said. "Now it's time for SAG members to stand united and empower the national negotiating committee to bargain with the strength of a possible work stoppage behind them." -MSN News

CALL CBS: 212-975-4545 and CALL DISNEY: 818-560-1000