Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Criminal Mind spoiler thread for "52 Pickup" written by Breen Frazier and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

***The quotes and song info will be posted after the episode airs. Lots of music in this great episode! ****

****Breen will be in the chat room to discuss this episode on Dec. 9th at 10pm. ******


Deirdre said...

I'm about this episode. It'll be interesting to see Todd and Prentiss undercover.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait. It sounds really interesting and the promo was the bomb!

Anonymous said...

i'm so excited!! i just hope we get to see emily kicking asses lol

MGGFan said...

Would like to get more details concerning Emily... she is so mysterious

Anonymous said...

I hope this show record well, as I have to work all night.

Silvinha said...

YAY, Emily! Can't wait to find out more about her!!

Anonymous said...

After two days of measuring, mixing and baking, I am so-o-o ready to sit down and be mesmerized by another great episode of CM tonight!

You go, girls! (Morgan will always be there to back you up...)

Anonymous said...

The promo looked awesome and it is time the ladies took center stage. Counting the hours!

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a clue as how to pronouce AJ's son's name?

Anonymous said...

38 minutes!! :)

Laura_G said...

OMG! Great episode so far! Todd has experienced her first Hotch-alanche! BAM! LOVED the exchange between Hotch and Garcia, just priceless! Hotch has really loosened up with her. Reid as Mogan's wingman??? We'll see how that goes! Poor Prentiss, I would have just hot Viper if he had looked at me like he did her. What a jerk! You love to hate a man like that! Great job so far Breen!

Unknown said...

I really loved this episode. God, if I was Prentiss, I would have slapped that Viper guy, when she first saw him(nice parody of "The Pick-Up Artist") Also loved seeing Prentiss and Todd work Viper in the club; they worked good as a team.

Aww, Reid using magic as game and it worked. He is so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Reids got a girlfriend! Why not me?! LOL I love him he was great this ep!

Anonymous said...

Awesome episode. Nice to see Prentiss highlighted.

Unknown said...

Prentiss line "God this is going to suck" was just so great, her facial expression alone said it all.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that this season is fast on its way to being my favorite CM season eva! Which is pretty much unheard of in TVland- where most shows start to hit a slump by season 4. So to the cast, crew, writers/directors, et al at CM, you all are made of WIN! Thanks for such a great string of eps! I have loved them all this season!

Anonymous said...

"This is going to suck" -this is the remember it line from the episode. It isn't easy to find any humor in an episode dealing with disembowlment but there were some really funny bits in this episode. Prentiss figuring out they meant that she should be the one to see Viper was kinda funny. Really great seeing Hotch seem more relaxed. Very good episode. I can't believe we have to wait two weeks for our next fix.

Ztivokreb said...

Wow. Prentiss was awesome in this ep, not taking crap from anyone..not to mention that frank conversation with Hotch, her boss.

Hotch with the mini Hotchalanche on Agent Todd, Reid with the successful pickup, and Morgan being the good mentor.

this episode was awesome. those little scenes between the team members is part of why I love it so much.


Anonymous said...

The new writer gave us a tackle. His first CM tackle. The episode was a keeper. Great but grisly case and lots of character time. A+

Anonymous said...

Awesome episode! Women need to be seriously careful out there in the clubs!! Job well done Breen!

Anonymous said...

I have a mental image of the crazy CM fans scouring Facebook tonight!

Very good episode. Hotch and Garcia were great. Prentiss was terrific.

Reid and a girl!

Laura_G said...

Well Breen, you did us proud! Great episode from beginning to end. Was really afraid there was going to be a "Psycho" mom ending! Poor thing, so worried about her son, not realising he's a lunatic. Loved Reid with the magic trick. Not sure if I want her to be a steady fixture in his life yet! Of course, you can't have an episode without Morgan breaking down the door and saving the day! Glad Prentiss talked to Hotch about Todd and that he resolved things with her at the end. She's just trying to help and fit in. Maybe trying a little too hard. I did love the earlier Hotch-alanche though. How many pairs of glasses does Garcia have anyways?

Breen, I knew you would rock from that chat we had with you...and you did! Great episode, can't wait to see more from you! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

And I thought I had been approached by some losers trying to pick me up in bars! Wow. This episode is a wake up call for me to be more careful when I leave campus and go clubbing.

Anonymous said...

Breen, you did us proud! What a great way to start your CM career!

This was great. Just the right amount of tension and levity. The Hotch/Garcia exchange was love, and Jordan experiencing a hotchalanche first hand--yikes!

Prentiss was so great--her expression when Hotch wanted her to go profile Viper in the club--way funny. Emily really has become someone Hotch trusts, he listens to her and gave Jordan a second chance. I loved the exchanges between Jordan, Emily, and Viper. He just didn't stand a chance with the two of them!

Reid as Morgan's wingman! Morgan giving him a tip and watching Reid score (kinda) with magic tricks. Reid certainy charmed the bartender with is magic

The flashback scene was creepy--the little girl smiling creepily while her mother spanked the little unsub. *shivers*

Hotch showed that although he is a tough boss, he is also a fair boss by talking to Jordan at the end and telling her she did a good job.

Reid at the end was cute. Now I wonder if they will be singing "Reid and *insert name* sitting in a tree..."

Anonymous said...

Todd is going to be okay. She just needs to take a deep breath and settle in. I hope we do get JJ back soon. Weird having her replaced. The episode really held my attention. Viper attack. The episode flew by.

Laura_G said...

OMG! Yes, the Facebook exchange between Prentiss and Todd was great! what was it they said? You should friend me? Just great. Poor Viper just didn't have anything for those two girls!

Anonymous said...

Are Reid lovers drinking right now?? Very good episode. Nice job Paget!

Anonymous said...

Well Breen, I think you have hit it out of the ballpark on this one - congratulations on a terrific first episode!!!

Great Reid moments - of course!

The case was interesting. I loved that there was a despicable character in the mix in addition to the unsub...and speaking of...wasn't he a sick-o?

The scene with Emily and Paul in the bar was great. Paget played it perfectly. I liked Emily's compassion for Jordan. I like that the writers have made her a kind person who is always quick to support and give comfort. I also think it is great that Hotch trusts her instincts and looks to her for her assessment of things/people.

Morgan and Reid - what a great relationship. I loved how Breen included Matthew's trick from the first season DVDs. But how did Reid get his business card behind the woman's barrette? Tricky, tricky.

And I have to admit, I am pleased a Georgia girl caught Reid's eye. LOL

Anonymous said...

Big relief that the new writer really gets the show. We've had some bad experiences with that. Now for the episode...

Hotch having a scale was great.

The look on Prentiss' face when it clicked with her that they meant her was pricelss.

Reid playing backup for Morgan was beyong amusing.

Viper equals monster!

One of the best episodes of the season. I won't delete it from my dvr.

Anonymous said...

Loved it. I loved how adorable Reid was using magic and that bit with th earrings. I love how Prentiss and Todd handled that Viper guy. Why would any sane woman want him? I'll take someone like Reid anytime. How could that woman be so stupid in leaving the club? I saw that coming right away. Pity she couldn't throw that bleach in the Unsub's eyes. I did feel sorry for the child Unsub. The look on the the girl's face told me that she set him up. I did feel for his mother at the end. Loved how Todd proved herself to Hotch. Great episode!

Anonymous said...

Was that Courtney Ford?

Great episode!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Prentiss and Hotch episode! I am very very happy with this one. Loved hearing Hotch compliment Penelope. I liked Prentiss getting Jordan a pass with Hotch. She was new once too and she remembers. Beautiful symmetry there. The mom was not what I expected. The creep was creepy and the whole episode was great.

Anonymous said...

Big fan, I liked that too. Hotch is fair. Lying was not the best idea but she came through in the end and he acknowledged it. Hotch is a great mom.

Derek giving pickup advice to Reid was really great. Reid with a girlfriend. Now that could make for some great episodes.

Really great episode. No mistakes that I found. No real cookies either but that's okay.

BrigitteCMFan said...

I love this episode. I like when there are lots of the team working together and this episode had it. Morgan working with Reid at the club, Prentiss and Todd working at another club, Hotch, Todd and Morgan talking to the family etc...

That club scene with Reid and Morgan was great! At first Reid can't unload his flyers but with some nice pointers from Morgan, Reid goes from uncool geek to 'hey this guy can do magic' cool! He did well enough to get that barmaid attention! Great scene.

The case wasn't a on the edge of your seat kind of case but how the team worked the case was what made that case interesting to me. Morgan, Hotch and Prentiss going to that pick up class. That Viper guy was something! Very obnoxious, insulting, flashy and so phony! Glad Prentiss and Todd were able to get him to talk enough so he would show them who he really was, which was a sad guy who couldn't get over that he was dumped.

I liked the tension between Hotch and Todd, poor Todd been on the receiving end of a Hotch-alanche isn't something pleasant. But she deserve it. She works for the BAU, the elite, the standards there are higher. BTW, good acting by Meta Golding.

Oh my Hotch is making jokes with Garcia!!! That was my favorite moment! Another great moments was when Todd and Prentiss are together. I think they work well together and Prentiss gets to be the one there for the newbie.

That unsub was one nasty guy, to have your victims clean up their own blood....geez...

Oh Spencer got a girl now and it is that barmaid! Cool! Go for it Spencer!

So, this was Breen first Criminal Minds episode and as first episode goes that was a good one. I enjoy it and I can't wait to see what Breen will come up with next. Thanks Breen and everyone who works on the best show on TV!

Everyone working on CM, have a great thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

i haVE a hour and 42 min tell it starts. i can hardly waite. this show is worth the waite.

Anonymous said...

Baiting Viper was my favorite part. I don't think we will see the "girlfriend" again. They tried that with Reid and the actress chick and we never saw her again. Reid lovers would die a quick death if he hooked up with someone for real.

This was a great Thanksgiving episode present from CM. I plan on rewatching it again over the weekend and I'm sure I will have more to say.

Anonymous said...

Great episode. I'll never think about Facebook the same way again.

Reid using magic was really fun to watch. Matthew was terrific.

Emily has turned into a seasoned agent and a compassionate team player. Great job by PB.

I did feel bad for the mother when she was faced with the truth.

Anonymous said...

Reid liked a Georgia peach. Too cute.

Anonymous said...

A Morgan tackle is really a beautiful thing but wouldn't it have been cool if Prentiss had made the tackle? Jordan redeemed herself in the end.

Breen, Great first episode. Congrats!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Anonymous said...

This episode was fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Reid in the club getting pick up lessons from Derek was so funny. I was laughing out loud when he admitted that several women had offered him their phone numbers. The ending of the episode was especially exciting.

The best lines for me were:

Prentiss: Jordan, this is Viper, God's gift to women.

Jordan Todd: Wow, God sure has a sense of humor.

Great scene. Actually this was a great episode for all the team interaction.

Anonymous said...

So basically picking up woman requires some of the same skills as profiling. Figuring out which women would be the most open to the attention is such a sad thought and wow the bartender was sharp but going into the alley doesn't make sense to me. Glad it worked out in the end.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful episode. Hotch was much more relaxed even when he was mad. Jordan has potential.

Anonymous said...

This was an AWESOME episode! Seriously, the episodes in this season just seem to be getting better and better. It's definitely my favorite so far. Everything was perfect. Hotch joking with Garcia, Emily handling--well, EVERYTHING, Jordan with the whole "I wouldn't even friend you on my facebook" thing, and Reid with the barmaid. -sigh- it irks me that now he seems to be taken, but whatever. :( I feel that I will be a little sad when Jordan leaves because she and Emily really click well together.

This was just SUPER AMAZING!!! (I'm bummed that we have to wait two weeks until we can see the next ep though)

Anonymous said...

I didn't think I could love Emily Prentiss more, and thankfully I was wrong. That Unsub weirded me out, gave me the creeps. I know what I'm saying next time friends want to go clubbing. The two different color eyes *shudders*

Everyone was sooooo good, I like Todd and she got a major thumbs up in this episode. I think Hotch was too hard on her, she was right, she got them in the door but he was being Hotch and I think he would have done the same thing to any agent and I was glad it was Prentiss who called him on it and he actually listened to her and they rocked in that club.

Viper was a creep, it was nice to see him get his. And Reid has a potential love interest....that is the first time I have ever squee'd about Reid so I feel good about it. She was so cute, smart, funny, she would be good for him.

Tonight was Prentiss' night to shine and she nailed it perfectly. Great to watch Prentiss being perfect.

The Garcia and Hotch conversation, I loved it. Perfect episode. This is why I watch the show.

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Breen. I loved the episode. Just the right amount of humor to offset the horrifying nature of the crime -- which I have to say, making them clean their own blood made my blood run cold. I loved the whole FBI-in-the-bar scenes, Prentiss and Jordan playing Viper and Morgan teaching Reid a little sumpthin' about the ladies.


Anonymous said...

The show actually setup a Facebook account for Emily Prentiss. That is totally cool. Great attention to detail. Gotta love the show.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else feel reminded about the Viper being part of the real "The Pick-Up Artist" story from a few years ago?

I like that Prentiss stands up to Hotch when she feels he is wrong. Her sticking up for Todd was great. I did think Hotch was being a little bit too critical of Todd. She is only a temp and there has to be a learning curve. It speaks well for Hotch that he listened to Prentiss and adjusted his attitude. Hotch having a scale was an interesting little piece of info.

Anonymous said...

I liked that they didn't make this into a Jordan Todd episode. They centered it around Prentiss which was a much better way to slide Jordan in.

Anonymous said...

Great spooky episode. Wonderful performances by the whole cast and I do think I am going to like the new gal.

Sam Stein said...

I just friended Emily on facebook! That is so cool!

I loved this ep solely because of the Agent Todd/Emily interactions. They work really well together, and I'll be sorry when JJ comes back (not that sorry, because I miss JJ, but still)

Reid impressing the bar tender was really funny too!

Anonymous said...

What a great show! Not as dark and sinister as some and altho' what the unsub was doing to the victims was horrific, the focus seemed to be more on our team, their interface and the challenge of profiling the switcheroo unsub -from prostitutes to high class.

(That creep teacher was a total scumbucket-what a jerk, I can't believe any woman would fall for his lines-she'd have to be drunk.)

Relationships where big here, as everyone has mentioned, between all the characters, even including Jordan, who looked so adept at first but caught hell from Hotch when she violated his rules.

It seemed as tho' we saw dif sides to each, even a kinder, gentler Hotch, esp listening to Prentiss and then giving Jordan praise for a job well done. Good guy, he is!

And did you notice the confidence Reid displayed tonite? Even before he scored with his magic trick in the bar, the way he demonstrated the "push-pull" technique on Jordan with the earrings - he is not usually that forward, esp. with someone he hardly knows. After the way he barged in last week and yanked the pendant off the "Professor", I really like that he's getting so assertive!

Emily was super; I loved the line about "this is really going to suck" too - and she continues to amaze with such perception, insight and sensitivity, I like her better with every epi. She. too, is more confident, esp when she spoke up to Hotch re: Jordan. She used to speak in a more tentative fashion but you can tell she is much more comfortable with everyone and her role.

That was very cool of Morgan (who needs no more confidence!) to give Reid some pointers with the ladies - I think MGG has said in interviews he's done that in real life or tries to get him into clubs or something like that! It was so nice to see a female showing some interest in our boy for a change - can't help but boost his confidence, altho' I'm not sure how such a long distance relationship will work (but it did for JJ, huh? about the same distance, too!)

I either read or heard in an interview that there might be some romance this season for Reid, maybe this is it? Hopefully for him, it will be more than the LA chick 2 seasons back was - he's def ready - the question is, are we??!!

Fantastic job, Breen!

Anonymous said...

i miss bits and peases of it tonight. but i recorded it so i will watch it when it is quit.

Anonymous said...

What did you miss? Maybe we can fill you in.

I liked this episode. There really wasn't lots of profiling but the team interaction, as so many have already commented, was wonderful.

Jordan has big shoes to fill and it is nice to see the team being reminded just how much JJ does seemlessly. It is easy to take her job for granted until you watch someone else trying to do it.

Reid getting advice from Morgan was cookie.

Anonymous said...

Reid's magic pays off sometimes. At least he wasn't on a train with a pscyho this time. lol

Good job Breen.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been a big Prentiss fan up to now but she won me over tonight.

---jammers, lj

Unknown said...

My goodness I got an absolute kick out of this ep!!! Breen, thank you for giving CM some of your talent!!!

Lots of case facts, lots of interactions in the team, lots of creepy moments!!
I laughed, I was afraid, I was interested, in and out, a perfect CM moment!

And, my best compliment, you do write great Hotch!!!!

Thanks soooo much!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That was a great episode. Lots of different team interactions. Loved Hotch's and Garcia's conversation, it was really cute and funny! I thought it was great the way Prentiss stood up to Hotch about Jordan and giving her a chance to prove herself. It was a nice subtle acknowledgment of how the Prentiss and Hotch relationship was at the start. I also liked how he listened to her and at the end gave credit to Jordan when she deserved it! I don't have a problem with Jordan and its interesting to see her struggle and then improve but for some reason this episode really made me miss JJ. I can't wait to have her back! I would've never have guessed this episode was from a first time writer if I didn't know. Breen did a great job and seems to totally get the characters!! Can't wait for his next episode!

Lola said...

Good episode! I like Prentiss even MORE now. There were some great Reid moments though I wish we will never EVER have to see that girl again...


SHE was...better than expected....

Great episode....


But...she is NOT coming back, right?


*shivers with terror*

jackie said...

Thank you Breen for bringing us another rockin episode! I loved it from beginning to end,
and again, it wasn't long enough. I couldn't believe that there was only ten minutes left
when i looked at the clock. Here are some moments from the episode that i really enjoyed:
1: Hotch tearing into Jordan for lying about herself and comprimising the case just so they
could get in and talk to the family.

2: Garcia talking to Hotch about men and their pick up lines and if they really work on women,
and Hotch says "why are you asking me this"? I thought that was funny. Just the way he
asked the question.

3: Rossi, Morgan, Reid, and Hotch talking about who they were going to get to send into the
club to talk to Viper about his course on picking up women, and they all turned to Prentiss, and
she looked at them, and said " boy, this is really going to suck"! Again, another humorous moment.

4: Nice exchange between Prentiss and Hotch about Jordan. Prentiss explaining to Hotch that he
needs to stop putting her under the magnifying glass, in order for her to really show just what kind
of agent she can be. In the end when Hotch commended Jordan for a job well done, and then giving
her the green light.

5: Rossi reassuring Hotch about not missing anything on the case when he was staring at the board.
I got the impression here that Hotch again was second guessing himself about the case, but Rossi
knew just what to do, to put his doubts out of his mind and feel better about things.

6: Reid and Morgan at the club handing out the flyers about the unsub, and how Morgan gave tips
to Reid about how to go about talking to women so they wouldn't run away from him. The best
part was Reid talking to the bar tender and doing his magic tricks for her. I thought it was great,
that they exchanged phone numbers, and then at the end of the episode, they were talking to
each other so openly and comfortably on their cell phones. Maybe Reid has a girlfriend now?

Thanks again Breen for this most amazing episode! I can't believe i have to waite 2 weeks for
the next one! I am going to have Criminal Minds withdrawl!

Anonymous said...

It had me at the edge of my seat which is always great. Very cute seeing Reid with his "love interest" and Derek, our resident stud, giving him pickup advice was precious!

Anonymous said...

Emily Prentiss is made of awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

It was weird to me that Hotch was so mad that Jordan lied because he has lied before too. In 'Ashes and Dust' he told the burnt woman that was dying that her family was alright even though he knew that they had died. It was a compassionate thing to do for the poor woman but it was a lie. It is my understanding that police are allowed to lie to try to get evidence. I think he was just feeling out the new gal and comparing her to JJ. I would imagine that JJ has had to lie, or chosen to lie, once or twice in some case as well.

Lovely episode, full of Prentiss which was a treat.

Anonymous said...

It was a very interesting episode with a very creepy unsub who preys on girls in clubs. There was more preening and posturing here than at a junior high school dance. I liked how the team also had to deal with their own attitudes and perceptions of their own interpersonal skills. Prentiss and Todd did a great job of baiting and putting the Viper on the spot.
Nice to see Reid graduate from geeky physics magic to "let's get physical"magic!!! :) A girl would have to be catatonic to not respond to that megawatt smile and charm!!
Nice introductory episode from Breen and looking forward to more!!!

Shawn said...

First off, I admit to being a huge JJ fan. She's my favorite character on the show and JJ lite eps have rarely been in my top ten(with a few exceptions, of course). It's putting it lightly to say that I was a bit wary of the eps where JJ gone.

That said, I really, really liked this ep. A wonderful mix of humor, a great backstory for our Unsub and some very true to the character moments.

It was good to see Em pay her experience forward. It was good to see the trust that Hotch has for her. Kind of brought me back to that moment from Revelations where either Prentiss or JJ(can't recall which) said he doesn't trust women as much as men. In my mind, that couldn't be more incorrect. JJ, Prentiss, Garcia - his interactions with each are insanely and absurdly deep. His trust for each obvious. Bravo show and actors.

Todd is an able temporary replacement. Her character lacks the warmth and depth that JJ had, but then I wasn't expecting the same character anyway and so, it works. Though it also works to just make you miss JJ even more.

One last note - I've been a bit burnt on Reid lately, but I will admit, this was a great ep for him. Because it wasn't about him, but it showed such a maturing of him. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Great episode. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This episode was pretty good in that it pointed out that each team member has a different strength and you can’t just plug someone in and have them “play a part” automatically. While Todd has the technical skills of an FBI agent, it is obvious she is used to dealing with suspects more so than family members. Those in law enforcement who work in the areas of drugs,organized crime and terrorism often develop a much harder edge to their personalities, and they sometimes lose empathy. I would think that the longer the character of Todd is exposed to being a liaison with family members, the more empathetic she might become.

There were a couple of points that I see needed tweaking. I don’t see Hotch letting Todd off the hook so quickly. Maybe after a couple of cases, but not just because Prentiss suggested it, and not so, shall I say, abruptly. I also didn’t think the bartender would recover from her ordeal quite so quickly.

Other than that I was satisfied with this one.

Thanks Breen, cast and crew!

Jenn said...

Overall I liked this episode, but being from Atlanta, I was disappointed that it felt like the writers didn't ask a native about the area at all. Other than that, the interaction between Hotch and well, every other character, was great!

And Boo to the writer who decided to give Reid's character a girlfriend! Way to ruin it for us who hold out (albeit ridiculous) hope!

Anonymous said...

i liked the episode tho i find everything about Jordan and her relationship with the team kinda cheesy and predictable.

also even tho if was great to see Reid get his game on I DO NOT WANT TO SEE OR HEAR ANYTHING FROM THAT CHICK EVER AGAIN. Reid is our treasure and no one wants to share.

Anonymous said...

I think it is sweet that Reid got a girl, and I hope she makes an appearance soon! He really needs someone in his life.


I'm a Reid fan, but I actually know what is reality/fanatasy when it comes to a character.

Anonymous said...

This show portrays the female team members as strong, capable, resourceful women unlike many crime shows. Garcia, Emily, JJ and even Jordan are all equal in ability to their male counterparts. I love that and I really liked this episode. What a sleezy piece of crap the unsub was! And mom spells denial.

Great job by all and special kudos to Paget Brewster for this episode.

Anonymous said...

I think the team was meant to miss JJ and finally realize just how efficiently she does her job and just how good she is at it. I was reminded also by watching Todd trying to do it.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned in the earlier comments that they thought Hotch was mellowing but I disagree. I think he is wound really tight and I am wondering if there is still a problem with his hearing. Or a combination of the hearing and the divorce. I think we are going to see a Hotch episode or meltdown soon. This episode was perfect. It had great team scenes which I really enjoy watching. I love their family but I think that our top dog is having a problem.

Anonymous said...

Just watched it again. One of the best CM's.

Anonymous said...

Now we have Pickup Magic. *g*

Great job by everyone.

Geekette said...

I really enjoyed this episode. I liked seeing Reid in a situation that made him uncomfortable. I'd like to see the bartender more often. I really liked the dynamic between the two.

On the other hand, I am not a fan of Agent Todd. In Masterpiece she annoyed me with her attitude toward Morgan. I have always been a fan of JJ and I am glad that this character will give other fans an idea of how important JJ is not only to the team but to the people she acts as liaison with.

I would like to say that I'm glad the actress that plays Agent Todd is talented enough to not just focus on making the character a heinous beyotch, but brings some depth to the character.

Anonymous said...

I miss JJ. No jabs at the fill-in... just, I miss JJ.
Part of what creeped me out about this epi was the light-hearted humor while girls were being gutted.
Always adore Hotch... Prentiss and Morgan rock... starting to resent Reid because he consumes so much time lately.
Band of Brothers will get us more back story on Morgan. I guess the writers are hesitant to do backstory on Hotch since his timeline is already so jacked up.

But at least it wouldn't be Reid.

Kirsten said...

wow, Breen, what a way to kick-start your cm career! Great work! You write a fab Hotch, which is always near & dear to me, but loved all of the interactions amongst the team. Oh yeah, the crime part of the epi was pretty good too! lol Can't wait to see what you do next, it'll be tough to top this one.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

i really like this one alot. everyone did really good. i like agant todd alot.i think she doing very well in jj spot. i will be happy when jj comes back. read got the girl that was really cute, emily was great she so good in her roll.

Anonymous said...

I hope the bartender- Austin comes back! She and Reid will be great together!

Anonymous said...

Clap! Clap! I was anxious to see your episode since your chat. I just knew that anyone as cool as you would definately write a great episode and I was right. Congratulations Breen. You didn't disappoint us and now you are REALLY a CM writer!

Anonymous said...

To all of you Reid freaks who are nixing the idea of him getting a GF, please! Get a life! This is a TV show with a character that we love but it's not reality! I say you go, Reid, get the girl and live a bit! We'll love watching you trying to be romantic and lover-ly and we'll still love you!

You think MGG has no girl and no life outside of CM? I'll bet not!

I know this blog is called "Criminal Minds Fanatics" but I'd like to think we can tell the difference between reality and fantasy as "anonymous" mentions and that we just really appreciate CM for being the great show that it is and having amazing actors that we love, with most of us having favorites and enjoying talking about them and their character development. Period!

Anonymous said...

Ditto and ditto again gubegirl!!!
No wonder he had the line "My fans are never normal" in Masterpiece.
I don't care for romances on my favorite crime show.... but it has nothing to do with a creepy obsession over one of the CHARACTERS

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Lets all get along please. Respect is paramount to me on this blog. Lets just discuss the episode. Thanks.

IvyB said...

Oh I really loved this episode! And it's Breen's first? Way to go!

Lots of humor/memorable moments in the episode:

- Jordan and Emily in the club giving that freak a smackdown and the facebook comment.

- Hotch and Garcia made me 'awwwww'. Because you don't expect those two to have that kind of relationship, it makes it even more special when they have those moments.

- Hotch giving Jordan the Hotch-alanche, listening to Prentiss and eventually cutting Jordan some slack.

- The whole locker-room scene with Hotch and Prentiss was sweet, with him checking if she's ok with it and her saying she's dated worse.

- Morgan and Reid in the bar and Reid getting the girl's number! Wait, didn't he give her his number? Anyhow she was sweet, cute and smart so I liked her.

- Rossi's comment about seeing a swan, lol. I hope Hotch isn't starting to doubt himself again.

I'm sure I've forgotten a lot of stuff, but it was a great episode and had me laughing a lot- which would seem odd from CM, but it worked.

Anonymous said...

Please God let Reid have a girlfriend this time!
I love him and he deserves to be happy:)
p.s. Meta Golding is hot!

Anonymous said...

I love watching Criminal Minds. However, I am going to have to remember not to eat dinner while watching Criminal Minds. At the beginning of the the show, the team was in a meeting and they showed a crime scene picture and the team started talking about how the unsub cut her intestines out and disemboweled her. So I no longer had an appetite after hearing that. I just pushed my plate away and got up from the table.

Also, I think it was cute to see Reid talking to the bar tender and showing her magic tricks.

lizzymmcf said...

I loved this episode! Paget Brewster was excellent as always!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Breen for this amazing episode!!
The Hotch/Emily shipper in me wants to give you a big hug! I love the locker room scene!

I love Emily and Paget is brilliant!!

Laura_G said...


Thank you so much for coming to chat last night. You always have such great, well thought-out answers to our questions. You are a wonderful addition to the CM writing team and we are very lucky to have you. Thanks again and what a great ep!


jackie said...

Thank you Breen for coming to
our chat last night. You are a
welcomed addition to the Criminal
Minds family. You had awesome
answers to our questions, and
i am looking forward to your
next episode. Thank you again
for coming to the chat, and Breen
you Rock!

Kirsten said...

Breen! Thanks so much for taking time out to chat with us all last night. Loved your first epi, and i'm even more excited that you're going to do a 'hotch-centred' one too; made my night! Hope you come back and chat with us again. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Breen, thank you for coming to chat with us last night.

It is so much fun to be able to ask you questions about the things we noticed in the episode and to learn how you developed the ideas for the show. Having your insights just adds so much to the enjoyment of the episode!

Anonymous said...

That Viper guy needs his own show. I laughed so hard of everything he said. And Emily, wow! How is she still single?
Love how fun and quirky this episode was, especially because the crimes were so horrifying, we definitely needed that balance. But I was so sad for the unsub's mother, you have no idea.
And what can I say, Reid needs some happiness, thanks CM for giving him some.

Breen! I had a great time on the chat. Thanks for your time, patience and for your great, full and insightful answers. And I'm glad about your plans for your next episode.