Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Criminal Minds: Happy Wednesday everyone! Just a few notes to share. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to tonight's episode of Criminal Minds! I know I am.

Criminal Minds writer Dan Dworkin and Oahn Ly both sent email thank yous for the gifts sent to them by the moderators of the Criminal Minds Fanatic website. Congrats again to Dan and his wife on the birth of their son. I'm happy to report that Oahn enjoyed the chat as much as we did and wants to come back again when her next episode airs! Yeah, she was so much fun to chat with! Jay and Dan are shooting their next episode this evening but are looking for an alternate date to come and chat. I will post the date and time when it is solidified.

In the future anyone wanting the password to the Criminal Minds chat room needs to email the moderators here: cmfchat@gmail.com

The Criminal Minds Fanatic convention planning committee has narrowed down the hotels for the convention, have confirmed appointments with these hotels to see the meeting rooms and have finalized their plans for their scouting trip in Feb. Anyone wishing more info on the convention can use the email address listed above for chats and a moderator will try to answer your questions.

Simon Mirren has sent us a special gift to use for a new contest. Details later this week. Thank you Simon.

Thank you to all those that have donated already or plan to make a donation to Rosy's Aids Marathon account. We're still a couple of hundred dollars short so please contribute. Thanks!