Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Criminal Minds: Lola, who lives in Finland, posted this wonderful article on the Criminal Minds Fanatic message board. How awesome that there is an interview with Matthew in a Finnish magazine! Thanks Lola for sharing it with us and especially for translating it to English.

"Matthew Gray Gubler is superstitious"

Matthew Gray Gubler, a 28 years old actor born in Las Vegas, pops up on TV screen once in a week in the show Criminal Minds as Doctor Spencer Reid. This wise guy belongs to a team that’s specialised in profiling criminals.

"What me and my charater have in common is that be both have a phenomenal memory."

He confesses that in the real-life he’s no scientist but thinks that through his role he has learned lots of psychological facts concerning profiling.

Already as a child Gubler was a sovereign performer and the little guy was often seen doing magic tricks in different events in his hometown. In the past he has also excelled as a model and worked for Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Tommy Hilfiger among others.

”The most challenging roles of my life have been on the catwalk", he admits.

It’s a little difficult to believe that this mister who has worn fashion clothes puts on mismaching socks every morning.

"It brings me good luck. One day I wore matching socks and I sprained my ankle.”

Among his friends it’s known that Matthew is a strict boy when it comes to rules. As an example he mentions people who in shops break the rule about the 12-items cash. The TV-star looses his nerves if they say you can only have 12 items and someone comes in the queue with 13 items.

”Once I uploaded a song from the Internet and felt guilty right after. I had to walk to a music store and buy the whole CD from that band”, he accounts like a decent little boy scout.