Thursday, August 07, 2008


Criminal Minds Season Four Question: What would you like to see in the fourth season of Criminal Minds? You be the baker and tell me what cookies you would bake! I'm sure that Ed Bernero and our wonderful Criminal Minds writers are hard at work baking us cookies. Season four is going to be awesome.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more Prentiss storylines. She is an interesting character and I would like to see them feature her more. She really hasn't had her own episode, unless you count HAT and that was the worst CM episode in history.

Anonymous said...

I'm still hoping they will do an entire episode without leaving the BAU. I'd like to see them working without an open case.

More Morgan is always a welcome cookie. He is a great cookie!!

Anonymous said...

They closed a lot of storylines last season and I would like them to finish the few open ones we have left.

Also, is Hotch's backstory even fixable at this point? If it is I would love to see them fix it. That would be a great cookie.

Anonymous said...

More Garcia, less/no Kevin and JJ's baby is exciting to me. I hope they work that in. In the real BAU female agents must have to struggle with balancing home life and work. Hotch failed but women are typically better jugglers.

Anonymous said...

Reid is going to meetings and fighting a relapse of his addiction but I would like to see it mentioned a few times this coming season. I would like them to remind us die hards that it is a never ending battle to fight an addiction.

Like me with chocolate cake! *g*

Anonymous said...

Counting the days till the new season starts!

Developing Prentiss is a great idea. I agree with enormous! Also, more Garcia........but I don't want them to stab, shoot, or hurt her in any way. Just a good storyline or additional scenes. I love when she travels with the team.

Anonymous said...

More plane! I think some of the best scenes take place on the plane.

Anonymous said...

I want to see Spencer Reid's home? I think that would be a great cookie!

Anonymous said...

More JJ and some of her background.

Also, I would like to see Reid's dad make an appearance.

Also, if they are going to show Morgan's home, I hope that they did not forget that he has a dog name "Clooney" *grins*

Anonymous said...

I have a list of cookies I would really love -

1. Info on Reid's dad
2. Reid's house
3. More Prentiss
4. Rossi on a date
5. Hotch spend an episode smiling
6. JJ's baby
7. JJ's backstory
8. Morgan on a date
9. Elle returning to visit
10. Gideon mentioned again. I'd love to see him visit but I guess that will not be happening ever.
11. Quiet time

Anonymous said...

Something bold that we would never expect them to do. I would like to see them shock us. We haven't been shocked in a long time. The reporters ruined "Lucky" for me by telling us that Garcia was going to be shot. I want a totally big but secret storyline!

Anonymous said...

JJ's past.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited that we are having such wonderful guest stars but I would really like to challenge the writers to do an episode without any well known guest stars. No star power but our cast.

Anonymous said...

Frank really didn't die when he jumped infront of the train in NWO2 and they have to find him without Gideon. KIDDING! He's obviously Frank bits!

I have less ideas on what I want than I have thoughts on what I don't want. No more threatening the main characters lifes unless they are ready to really kill them. It is getting to be unbelievable when they are harmed. We know it isn't going to be serious.

Also I would like to never see an episode with body part stew again. I still can't eat chili or buy food at the neighborhood markets.

Anonymous said...

Hotch's first post divorce date.

Reid's father would be a win fall!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Hotch as a hostage.

Please more Hotch centrc episodes!!

For you criminalmindsfanatic: Youre website is the best. But the website theactorshalloffame isn't rating the actors. Only the series and their lead actors.

Best Regards from Spain

Anonymous said...

The friendship between the ladies is always interesting. Even in bad times they are always great scenes when they are talking to each other and sharing. Female bonding.

I agree about the plane. Best scenes ever have happened on the plane and the most emotional scenes it seems to me.

More Garcia! Kill Kevin! Getting rid of Kevin could be our welcome to season four cookie. lol

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Maria, you're mistaken. If you read their site you will understand how they come up with the names.

I would like to see more of the female characters. Of course I am excited to see JJ's baby. Maybe AJ will allow her baby to play the part. That would be the sweetest CM fan cookie of all!

Anonymous said...

1: More Reid
2: More Reid
3: More Reid

Anonymous said...

They'll pick good cases but as for cookies:

Continuing Reid's drug struggle

Prentiss' backstory

Morgan taking a more leadership role

Garcia being Garcia but more of it

Gideon and Elle returning for a few episodes.

Hotch's moving on with his life.

Anonymous said...

Ed in an episode!

eli said...

I would love to see:
Hotch smiling or crying, showing more emotions.
More plane scenes.
The team having fun, what each one does on their time off or all of them having to hang together but not case related.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I would like to see:

Garcia travel with the team more

I would love to see Reid's apartment

I would love to see Clooney


Anonymous said...

I would loooooove to see Reid's home and his Dad again!!!!!
If we all click our heels three times and repeat "there's no place like home", will that make it happen????? Pleeease!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ed in an episode would be a hoot. Cool.

Anonymous said...

I want to know more about Emily, and JJ, too. I want to see more of their friendship, too.

I didn't think of Garcia travelling with the team more until someone said it here, but that would be fun.

Walburga Benker said...


1. Hotch backstory before Haley
2. Rossi/Reid conversations
3. Prentiss storylines
4. plane scenes, funny
5. Garcia outside with the team but without Kevin
6. i love to see Gideon and Elle visit in a ep
7. Reid with his father
8. Morgan on a date
9. Reid on a date

Anonymous said...

Since cookies are things that only a true fan of the show would know then Ed or any one of the writers being in an episode would be a cookie. We are the only viewers that would get it. I love the idea!

Anonymous said...

More Emily and JJ!

Anonymous said...

I would just like to see some more background on JJ and also for Rossi to try and get to know Reid.

And btw, those who keep saying for Gideon or Elle to return..............It ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a day-in-th-life of type of story. I'd love to see more down time scenes.

Also, a story in which the BAU just can't catch up with that darn Unsub, or an Unsub that gets away.

Anonymous said...

I like to know more about each agent specialty a bit more.

I like to see what other types of case the BAU would work on other than serial killers. We a few kidnappings and the mod case, terrorist. But what other case do they work with.

Anonymous said...

1. More Reid
2. Hotch's backstory
3. JJ's backstory (family, etc)
4. A Prentiss storyline that *isn't* just her whining about the effect the job has on them all (she's a great character, but they need to let her spread her wings)
5. Reid on a date (too cute!)
6. Hotch on a date (after an appropriate mourning period, of course)
7. THE RETURN OF PLANE SCENES!! The team playing cards! Reid and Emily playing chess! Some "family togetherness"!
8. More Garcia

Anonymous said...

I would like to see what happens after the case is over, after they step off the plane. What do they do? How do they unwind? In the midst of that they could tell us about the case in flashback form.

Anonymous said...

oh, I would like to see Reid investigate the possibility of being affected by Schizophrenia

Morgan become more involved in helping kids especially kid who were abused they way he was. Where he goes and study why this happens. Kinda like when Hotch and Reid interviewed the serial killer in jail.

Anonymous said...

I love when Garcia uses the pens we gave Kirsten. Everything else the group has sent has been food so they can't work it into a scene. Maybe after Ed's birthday we could send something non edible for a wink to us.

I would knit Reid a sweater if they would let him wear it! But I think the old sweater he wears is his comfy.

Anonymous said...

Elle would make sense visiting but Gideon wouldn't. It would be awkward for us and not a cookie because we all know the problems that happened with Mandy. Elle would be very nice to see. That would be exciting.

Cookies: Elle, Reid's dad, Ed in an episode or Deb or Erica or Andrew, Kevin Lynch gone, a reference to the MS bike run or the Aids marathon would be kinda a cookie.

Anonymous said...

One of them go on a date and not get shot!

Love our writers! Can't wait for season four.

Anonymous said...

I've got a cool idea if Ed would go along with it. A new Criminal Minds game!

Ed can keep track of all the season four cookies and we can see which CM fan finds them all. The winner could get a signed picture or something like that.

Jill, could you email Ed and ask him if we could play this game. It would certainly glue fans to their tv sets!

Please ask Ed!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

On the grounds that profiling isn't 100% I'd like to see them fail once, or twice.

Religion is a fertile ground for psychosis so an episode examining abuse of power or twisted morality would be welcome.

And don't delve too much into the back story of each character. As much as I can't resist exposition in an episode it doesn't compete with a solid case, intelligent script and the underlying foundation of friendship between the characters.

From England.

Anonymous said...


I like your comment. I would like to see an episode in which they do not find the unsub, don't save the victim and the case goes cold. It would be interesting to see how each character handled that emotionally.

Anonymous said...

Ed could say one of the quotes. It would be a cookie because the first time watcher wouldn't understand how exciting that would be for us.

Reid's apartment is interesting too!

Anonymous said...

cookies are hard to think of:

a reference to blogs

kris in an episode since his is our adopted cm star

someone mentioning that hotch doesn't smile since we all say that a lot

mentioning the chicago bears since we are doing the big surprise for ed

i like the catch the cookie contest idea

reid in a romance

seeing clooney

Anonymous said...

More Prentiss and Morgan. They seemed to take back seats this past season. Some more personal development of the characters.

Anonymous said...

A case where we never find out who the unsub is. That would leave us wondering and then in season five they could have him/her come back and they could solve the case.

Anonymous said...

Cookies being delivered to one of the characters from a friend.

Anonymous said...

The BAU going to another country to train their profilers or help with a case.

Anonymous said...

Morgan running over Lynch by 'accident' would be a great episode.

Anonymous said...

I want to see how they work the JJ/Will story line and I am worried that AJ will take a long maternity leave. Do we know how many episodes they have finished with her in it so far?

I would like JJ's history and more talk about her family and upbringing. We learned only a little bit in N. Mammon.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more Morgan dealing with his past problems and a continuation of Reid's staying off the drugs. Garcia was shot so I would like to see her dealing with that trauma.

Anonymous said...

I think a cookie would make a good cookie! Ed doing a quote is a genius idea. I'd truly love that.

Always more Reid and Garcia!

Anonymous said...

A center stage story for Prentiss and also one for Garcia. JJ is preggers and that is going to be a story. Reid is always in the thick of things but the ladies seem to take a real back seat. Something dark and interesting.

Also, Morgan needs to grow. He is falling into the background too much.

Anonymous said...

An indepth look at the relationship between Spencer, his mom and his dad and how his life was before the BAU.

I would like to see a miracle happen and Strauss and Lynch some how have been in the blown up SUV.

I would enjoy seeing them lose a case. I know that has been brought up by others and I so agree that it has endless possibilities and would be very interesting.

Cookie Contest = Brilliant

Anonymous said...

Give me some quotes, a decent song, an interesting crime for them to solve and the team rallying around one of their own and I will be a happy duckie!

Anonymous said...

Cookies? The writers as background people. That would be a hoot. Like "Where's Waldo"!

S-4 can't get here quick enough. I am dying with the reruns!

I need a fix!

Anonymous said...

I like how they did the Legacy/Gacy sign this past season. More little stunts like that. I think we catch them all. FFF was 666. There have been so many really creative ones. Bravo to the writers. I wonder how many we haven't caught that were inside jokes to them but we wouldn't get!!

Anonymous said...

We've had a lot of Rossi and Reid so I think it would be nice to spend some tv time with the other members of the BAU. 3 is going to be hard to beat.

Anonymous said...

Anything showing the interests of our team. That is interests outside of profiling. Emily, Hotch, Rossi, and J.J.'s back stories including childhood stuff. What makes our profilers tick? A glimpse inside Morgan, Reid, and J.J.'s apartments and a little more of Rossi's place. A return appearance from Micheal Ironside (Sir, John) getting his one year medal back now that Reid has earned his. And last but by no means least, the grizzly demise of one Kevin Lynch. Make him the victim of some sadistic serial killer the team has to catch if you want, but get rid of him and make sure can never return.

Anonymous said...

Instead of the demise of Kevin Lynch, we can just have Garcia mention in passing that she and Kevin broke up because of the events in the finale made her realized that her job is more important :D

Anonymous said...

i like to see then show reid getting his year in.

more morgam and prentiss, and reid also,

Anonymous said...

The Kevin talk reminds me of the Prentiss talk of Season 2.
I may be the only one... but I like Kevin, I like seeing Garcia happy.
1. I would love to see where Reid lives... maybe another appearence of the turquois car.
2. Whatever happened to Hotch's brother?
3. It would be interesting to see how the team reacts if they got it wrong... maybe hound someone who is innocent but fits the profile.
4. More "throw away" scenes like physics magic and cheating at cards... you know... fun stuff that doesn't necessarily have to do with the episode.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more two parters. I liked the Lucky & Pemelope duo. I think they can do a lot more in 88 minutes than with the normal 44 or so minutes.

More looks at their pasts would be really fun.

Anonymous said...

Definately no more BAU agents in danger. That has been done to death the past three seasons.

More in depth look at the cases and the pyschology behind them.

Anonymous said...

Anything and everything to do with Reid! lol
(and also more Garcia and Prentiss)

But the top ones on my list are:
1) An awkward 'reunion' with Reid's dad
2) More mentions of Reid stuggling with his addiction. You know it is... 'Once an addict always an addict'
3) His home would be interesting.
4) Aaaaand lots more random fact spouting! lol

Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hotch's brother coming back and more info on their past.

Anonymous said...

- Gideon coming back for a guest appearance
- A somewhat less depressed Hotch (just a few smiles a season is okay)
- The team heading to Alaska or Hawaii
- Maybe a backstory or a case related to Garcia with her previous "underground" life

Anonymous said...

Morgan hasn't tackled a vehicle in awhile!

JJ needs to be developed more.

Anonymous said...

I consider any tidbit from their individual pasts to be a cookie.

Anonymous said...

Anything having to do with Reid's dad would be welcome. More Prentiss back story.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with a few people here:
No more mentions of Gideon!!! He's gone.
Having said that, I really would like Ell back, but that's not going to happen, so back to reality.

1: Prentiss. I feel like I know almost nothing about her, compared to the rest, and she's my fave, so more of her please.
2: Continuation of the JJ/Will drama, because it's really good.
3: The cliff-hangers were really good. hinthint.

Looking forward to the new season!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I would love to see more Gaarcia/Derek moments even if Kevin is there.

And maybe a shirtless or a Derek in love...

Anonymous said...

Ditto on Claudia's suggestions!!

I also liked the dual stories last season. More of those.

Anonymous said...

Some ideas, not all of them really cookies:

* I love patinkinbabe’s idea of Ed in an episode. Let them have a case in Chicago and he’s either a local cop or an unsub serial killing players of the Chicago Bears.

* More scenes on the plane.

* The CMF page on a computer screen in the background. Even cooler would be a case about internet crime using common nicknames of well known CM fans.

* A case on Hawaii evolving around the aids marathon.

*A case in a sanatorium and a sign on one of the closed doors to patient rooms reading ‘Nathan Harris’.

* A reference to Philip Dowd.

* The purple scarf.

*A case in the fashion business where Morgan, Hotch and Reid have to do the catwalk in order to help the case.

* A case where Hotch has to play golf with some business people to get important information or where he wins in golf against some politicians to force them into a favor (even if it’s only about the budget for the plane).

* A scene in front of a cinema featuring movie posters of recent films with members of the cast, like ‘Misconceptions’, ‘Alvin & the Chipmunks’ or ‘How to be a serial killer’,…

* Reid finally coming out that he’s gay, dyeing his hair and going on a date with a male lover. - Okay, that is not very likely to happen, so I’d settle with a ‘normal’ date as well. The boy deserves some loving.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the perfect cookie for me was when JJ and Hotch come together. ♥♥♥
But I know, that this is only a dream!! :)

1. I'd like to see Hotch smiling!!
2. Hotchs background
3. Hotch and a new love (or Haley back?)
4. JJ' s Baby
5. JJ's background

Greetings from Germany!

ritabni said...

now again :)

1. About the characters - WHY THEY DECIDED TO TAKE THIS hard and challenging JOB and not a 'normal' life .

What were they goals, what did they wanted to change. How the family and friends reacted on their decision. WHAT DID THEY GIVE UP FROM THEIR PRIVIOUS LIFE, to take this job. It would be nice to see them remeber the situations and feelings they had long ago according to this.

 Members arriving after a solved/unsolved case at home in the mornig after doing the administration.

2. Relations with OTHER BAU DEPARTMENTS AND BOSSES. Couldn't they solve a case with other BAU members?

3. MEMBERS SEEKING FOR PROFESSIONAL HELP. That could help to bring up old stories. / The posibility not pass the psychological tests at the BAU?

4. I really loved Elle! If she can’t return, please, at least mention her, what she is doing now!!!! ELLE COULD WRITE A LETTER TO HOTCH…

5 Don’ t kill Kevin, he can be interesting as well. Let he characters be sometimes happy as well. They deserve it.

6 An episode where they have LUNCH AT THE BAU!!!!!!!!

7. I know the stucture of an episode, I know, when what has to happen. MORE UNSOLVED CASES, ESCAPED UNSUBS FROM PRISON OR TRIALS WHERE THE ARE LET FREE. I don’t want to see self justice at any price , ’only to see’, that the whole administration is knocking them sometimes down. I know, it is a famous topic in other police series, but the work they do is different.

Anonymous said...

I want to see the guys flying the plane... do they just sit around waiting for the team to get a case?

Anonymous said...

1. Matthew's dog, Mallory in the show!
2. JJ&Will wedding!
3. Shirtless Reid :)
4. Hotch&Reid scenes

Anonymous said...

"Ed in an episode"
LoL! Nice idea :)

NO Haley!
Oh God, I hate her so much. -.-'

Anonymous said...

I would love to see an episode in reference to the serial killer Peter Kurten - It is where a young lady would meet a man and he would escort her - because she was lost.. he then will give her reason to believe that he is a killer or this one they are looking for, then a gentleman would come to her rescue.. only to find out that he is the killer himself. Gives me chills and that is what Peter Kurten - The Dusseldorf Vampire did.

I would love to see Reid get a sibling.. The father left - I have been planning this.. because I would so audition for the part. I think he should get a Sister - She will have a big involvement with a serial murder - she is almost as smart as Reid - but has more confidence.. she is too smart for her own good - she is the opposite of Reid, she is trouble.. big time. She is young - maybe 16 or so. She is hiding something that will effect reid big time. Hahaha I have put a lot of thought into this because I want the part - I am 28 - but cna pull of 16 no problem.. I have dark eye syndrome like Reid does.. I feel Reid having a Sister would change him a lot - he would have to take control of her and the drug problem... she will be a fight for him. His Father would appear and she is his daughter from another woman - who will also play a big role... If it ever happens - I want the part!

sonya said...

I really hope there will be a season 5. I would like the crew of Criminal Minds to do into more detail with demonalogy....meaning there should be a sequel to it, or another episode pertaining to it....something that may deal with prentis friend or her....and etc. I didn enjoy demonalogy episode....I enjoy every episode of criminal minds.