Saturday, August 09, 2008


Criminal Minds: Happy Saturday! The Criminal Minds Convention committee is busy working and thank you to all of them. It has really come together and they continue to work hard on everything from hotels to specific Criminal Minds related events.

This weekend's Criminal Minds chat is Sunday at 4pm est and the topic is David Rossi. Lets start a canon list for this character. See you all there. :)

Donations for Ed Bernero and Andrew Wilder's birthdays have started being made to Kim's Aids Marathon and thank you to everyone that is doing that. Project Ed is only a few weeks away and I know everyone is fingers crossed that it goes down without a hitch.

The Criminal Minds Fanatic message board is really busy with new and old members posting. Nice to see the board lighting up with messages. Welcome to all the new members there!

"No Way Out", one of my personal favorites is airing this Wednesday. Carradine really impressed me and the episode is so well written. Remind your friends to rewatch it.

Several active auctions are running on the blog. There is a link on the right hand side of the blog that will take you to all the auctions. And always remember the link for Kim's Aids Marathon Page has its own link for direct contributions.