Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Criminal Minds: There will be a Criminal Minds chat this evening at 10pm est to discuss "No Way Out". Lots of Criminal Minds news and spoilers yesterday. Not much longer until the season opener. Thank you to everyone that has already made a donation to Kim's Aids Marathon in honor of Ed Bernero and Andrew Wilder's birthdays. There is still time to make that donation! We are still running second behind another CBS show and we have an NBC show behind us in third place and they are catching up on us! Do we really want to be in third place behind an NBC show? No! Criminal Minds is going to be the #1 show on TV this season and Kim should represent the show as the #1 leader in donations! Three auctions closed today and several more are closing in a few days and new ones will start on Saturday. See you all in the chat room after the episode! Keith Carradine! Wow, he was great.