Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Criminal Minds: Executive Producer Edward Allen Bernero celebrates his birthday on August 29, 2008 and Criminal Minds writer Andrew Wilder celebrates his birthday on August 19, 2008. The comment on this thread is for the eyes of Criminal Minds fans ONLY!

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Criminal Minds Fan said...

Hi everyone!

Update on the August birthdays:

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Ed's Chicago Bears cake. Kim Harrison, Ed's wonderful assistant, is on vacation during the week of Ed's birthday but she has a WA who is going to assist the bakery in setting up Ed's cake. We picked Wed, the 27th for the surprise. It is a few days before his birthday but better than risking sending in on Friday and him not being in the studio and the cake rotting over the weekend. We upgraded the cake to feed 150 people so he could share it with the crew and cast. Again, thank you all for contributing. It was wildly expensive but I hope he likes it! Deb Fisher volunteered to take pics of the cake so everyone could see it. I know how important it was to everyone to do up Ed's birthday in a big way and I hope that we accomplished that.

Andrew Wilder made a comment in his first chat with us awhile back which everyone remembered about us not being able to pull one over on him. Phoenix really teased him during his last chat that we would send him something funny and wicked for his birthday but Andrew is a great guy about coming to chat so I opted instead to send him a Giant's jersey. It is white, says Wilder on it and has his favorite player's number. I hope he likes it. He asked the group in chat to take any money they were planning for his gift and donate it to Kim's Marathon. I paid for the jersey so please take a few bucks and donate it to Kim in his name. Even if it only two bucks it still goes towards the fight against Aids and it was a nice gesture on Andrew's part, although I think some of the things you all thought of to send him were hilarious and Ed would probably have helped us with all of them! You guys are awesomely creative!

I know that many of you still want to do something big for the crew but honestly I just have no ideas. I am open for suggestions. Email them to me and we can look into it. I think they like to eat. I priced sending bulk m&ms that would be personalized with CM Crew Rocks Hard but for 25 pounds of those they charge a couple of hundred dollars. Not a bad idea but they would eat through them in a few hours so it is probably not the best ideas. Email me your suggestions!