Friday, December 07, 2007


Criminal Minds: Here is a note from Edward Allen Bernero, Executive Producer of Criminal Minds, to the show's fans:

Hello again, AMAZING CM Fanatics. Thought I'd drop in
with an update (such as it is) since week 5 of the
strike is coming to a close and, unfortunately, it
doesn't appear to be any closer to resolution.

Though the WGA and the AMPTP has been at the table for
two weeks now, there has been little movement. I have
a decidedly biased view of the situation but I think,
even someone completely objective can see the actions
of the AMPTP are pretty unconscionable. They
presented half an offer, still haven't responded to
our counter offer, keep asking for time and blaming
the WGA every time the negotiators grant them that
time. It's childish and bullying and, I would have
thought, beneath them. Plus, it seems like they are
already going to lose more money than any deal would
ever cost them and they are harming hundreds of
thousands of people who rely on the entertainment
industry in the process. Never forget that. They are
hurting people. Willingly and intentionally.

If you check out Nikki Finke's columns on her Deadline
Hollywood and the United Hollywood web sites you can
keep up with what's happening. They're both updated
on a pretty regular basis throughout the day (I go to
the various sites it seems like a hundred times a
day). United Hollywood especially posts many things
fans can do to support us (like the pencils thing).
Not only financially, but suggestions for phone calls
or letter campaigns. Proactive things like that. I
wholeheartedly support and endorse their activities
and I'd appreciate you all doing the same thing.

Finally, you guys have been incredible in your support
of the show and of us individually. We have opened an
account with the monies you've already donated and now
have a fund ready should anyone in our crew family
need assistance. A fund made possible by all of you.

Thank you is nowhere near a strong enough response
but it's all we have and we humbly offer it.

Ed Bernero

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