Friday, December 14, 2007


Criminal Minds: CSI, another big $$ show for CBS, has introduced a new pencil project. I think Criminal Minds fans should unite with CSI fans in implementing this new pencil project.
Pencils2Moguls Redux:
1. Find a pencil somewhere in your house. It does not have to be new.. Break the tip off. For our slogan to make sense, your pencil should not have a point, so don't sharpen it.
2. Copy the text below to a piece of paper.
3. Put the pencil and the paper in an envelope, address it to:

Les Moonves
51 W 52nd St, Suite 35
New York, NY 10019-6119

4. Put first class stamp on it. (41 cents)
5. Drop it in the mail, and you are done!

And just for the record, CSI fans consulted the post office and they said mailing a pencil should be fine, but do not sharpen it.

You, like these pencils, are missing the point.
Fans support the WGA.