Friday, December 07, 2007


Criminal Minds: As this week comes to a close the writers of Criminal Minds are still on strike. It appears that the AMPTP is not negotiating in good faith. Please read this article and then call and/or email the list below. Lets get our Criminal Minds writers back in the writers room where they belong!

Hillary Clinton (213) 908-0190
John Edwards (919) 636-3131
Barack Obama (866) 675-2008
Call these 3 candidates, and politely ask them to promise to hold Fabiani & Lehane accountable for what they are doing.

Tell Clinton, Edwards and Obama this:

"As long as Fabiani & Lehane are in the business of union-busting, we want your personal assurance that they will not be in the business of working with Democratic organizations, businesses, politicians or candidates.

A strike is not a business opportunity to make a profit by harming the interests of working men and women."