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Criminal Minds: Please use this thread for the discussion of Criminal Minds "About Face" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Paget Brewster, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook and Kirsten Vangsness. Episode written by Charles Murray, II.



Anonymous said...

I'm counting the hours. I am pumped to meet Rossi!

Anonymous said...

Less then an hour to go. Cant wait!

(If this is a duplicate post, sorry. Got an error the first time, and dont see it, so I thought I would try again.)

(This is love2teach (ang), for some reason my name is posting)

Anonymous said...

So Gideon loved birds and it was his thing and just to be vindictive they make Rossi a bird hunter with a gun. Figures!

Anonymous said...

How does Joe come off with top billing in credits and why is Thomas pushed to last!!!!!!!!

(This is love2teach again, still now showing as signed in!)

Anonymous said...

Thank God they didn't give Rossi the opening quote. Hotch got it! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Morgan wants to curl up with a Halloween flick and a honey. Very cool but how does he not like Halloween. Oh Morgan babe.

Anonymous said...

How cute is Reid with the whole All Hallows Eve thing and talking to Rossi at a million miles at minute.

Anonymous said...

Poor Garcia when she looked at that yukky pic. Rossi saying that Garcia was different and Hotch saying that he had no idea was kinda nice.

Anonymous said...

Rossi: "She's different."

Hotch: "You have no idea."

LOVE IT!!! That's my Garcia.

Anonymous said...

So they want us to believe that he gets to decide to come back whenever he wants to. Okay he must be really some kind of special. He seems to have a bias to women being a part of the team and he looked freaked out by Reid. I liked that Reid was excited to have him there.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad they finally changed the opening credit pictures.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't like Reid. I don't like how he cut off Reid when Reid was just trying to help him with the files. He screws with Reid and that will not be cool with me!

Anonymous said...

So far the case itself is great!

Anonymous said...

That darn notepad......does he realize that the BAU is a "team"...?

Anonymous said...

How did Enid buy a shotgun? Spooky. Rossi figured out that he was weighting the bodies down so that they would not be found. At least he is really smart.

So Enid is alive but I am not understanding this at all. Then she is missing. I just don't get it at all but the case is good.

Anonymous said...

Could someone explain the mistake with the credits for a newcomer please.

Anonymous said...

Kim I'm with you on the notepad. I could grow to hate tht thing.

Anonymous said...

Rossi calling Garcia was bizarre. He is computer illiterate. Diana Gaylon is what he wants to know about and wants it a secret. A man with a secret. Wow. How original. At least he was decent to Garcia.

Loved the team doing the profile. They are so sharp and so smart.

The case itself is really great.

Anonymous said...

He went over Hotch's head and screwed all the work that JJ did. I loved Hotch explaining that they are a team and he is not the one to make decisions. Awesome. Put the ass in his place.

Anonymous said...

Rossi is way too arrogant. I really do not like him. He is a lone gun and that can be really dangerous. It did get the unsub to call but I am sure there is going to be a price.

I think he just needs to get with the program. Being gone 10 years is a long time. He may just catch on real quick and it could be okay.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh....Hotch is peeeeeee-o'd.

And rightfully so.

This ep is awesome.

I can see there'll be some team angst in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hotch needs to sit him down and explain LIFE to him. Great case. One of the best we have had but way too many commercials.

Anonymous said...

Tuned in to see who they replaced Patinkin with. Not bad. Different kind of character.

Anonymous said...

harmon said...

Could someone explain the mistake with the credits for a newcomer please.

I do not know if this answers your question or not but...I do not believe there was a mistake. This is the first episode with the new character so they redid the opening credits. They gave the new actor top billing and moved another actor so he is listed last. I believe billing is usually decided with the actors contracts, but I'm not sure how it is decided.

Anonymous said...

So he thinks he is just soooo much smarter than the rest of the team. If he says "trust me" once more I am going to scream.

Love Hotch controlling the situation. Hotch is just great.

Anonymous said...

Morgan almost got shot. OMG I almost stopped breathing.

Anonymous said...

Thank God the girl is alive. I love the song. What is it?

Great case.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what to think. The guy needs some fine tuning but he will probably be okay if Hotchner can help him get the fact that there is a reason they are a team. They would have had the same result if they had done this Hotch's way but nobody would have been at risk.

Anonymous said...

Who are those three kids? Why does he have a braclet with their names on it???? I liked how he talked to the unsub. Thats was great as to what he said. However, he does need to learn to be a team player. So far I think he's great, but there is still a lot of secrets about him. You can tell he's good as what he does. He knew something was going on with Hotch and Hailey.

The begining and ending were perfect as to how to say Gideon is gone and Dave is here. He shot the bird at the beginning, (poor birdy) and Gideo was a bird lover. At the end he takes Gideon's name off the door to his offfice.

(Again this is love2teach)

Anonymous said...

Oh! Forget to say before. I screamed when the elevator opened as they had guns pulled and Morgan walked out! He hasnt had any luck with elevators this year.

I also loved how the handed out the candie to the kids at the end.

Anonymous said...

Well. Okay.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed what I saw. I missed some in the middle so I cannot give a real "review." What I did see was fabulous. Great light-hearted moments in the beginning. I also like how the new character, David?, understands that he needs to learn the new system but that it may be difficult. Another quality episode.

Anonymous said...

Unfinished business...that's obvious....

I have to say, what an interesting episode.

The case was great. Suitably freaky, but not too horrific that it sent chills up my spine. I liked not knowing the unsub right away, it's a bit like the old times, letting us try to figure it out along with them.

Rossi is an amazingly interesting character. I have to say, I wasn't expecting what I got. On the one hand, he's fabulously experienced and super smart. And Hotch acknowledged that in the end. After all, even though he didn't go "with" the team, HE solved this case. So gotta give him credit for that.

On the other hand, he's got a lot to learn about a "team" environment. But I think he realizes that, as to how he referred to the "old days" when they used to do a lot of things on their own. He's just not used to a team effort here.....

Super glad to see that Hotch noticed the notebook as well! I thought I was the only one going insane from

Oh, and I *loved* the giving out candy at the end. So fitting to a happy ending, and since it's Halloween tonight and all.

I had my heart in my throat there when Morgan walked out of the elevator, when I saw the unsub with his gun drawn. Whew for happy endingness there.

Hotch is handling the new member well. He's not afraid to say something to him, even though he's much more experienced. I'm really appreciating how he's handling it so far.

Rossi did some things tonight that really annoyed me, but on another note I'm really quite intrigued by him, and I can't wait to see more. He seems to fit in quite naturally, and his role is interesting. I can't wait to see how things progress, to be honest.

I was a bit tense wondering how his entrance would go, but overall I am thoroughly impressed!

Thumbs up for this episode for me!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Daughtry! My beloved two favorite loves all wrapped up into one amazing television show.

That song is called "Home".

Anonymous said...

Ok, so in this ep I heart Reid!! he was so adorkable in his costume and he was totally fanboy over Rossi. Speaking of Rossi - if he keeps up the lone ranger act i am going to have to keep not liking him. Buuut if he adjust his tune, he might be ok. Overall, good ep. The removing of Gideon's name plate was great. Finally completely gone.

Anonymous said...

Nooooo don't take Gideon's office! How could he? Starting at teh end. The agents were so awesome giving out candy. I knew Reid hid the sugar somewhere. Should've guessed taht's why he has a satchel. Rossi is a total ass. I so don't like him. But then i didn't like Prentiss either and she's grown on me. Maybe he will a fungus. Cute Garcia moments all the way through. Loved her conversation with Rossi. It so threw the both of them but Garcia recovered so much better. Once again loved Reid being so into meeting Rossi and Halloween. I find it interesting that Morgan thinks it's creepy. I'm sure Garcia wouldn't mind being his "Halloween Honey". Rossi is right about one thing. Garcia certainly is different but that's why we love her. Let's see I give points for Garcia and Reid cuteness but take them off for Rossi being an ass so that comes out to...8.4. Not bad but not great.

Anonymous said...

Alright I'm already over the little charm bracelet. But otherwise I didn't hate Rossi like I thought I would. Not saying I like him, just don't hate him. I'm just not a big fan of Mategna's acting ability. He turns me off.

Thomas got "Also Starring" or "With" or something, which I am pretty sure still makes him very important. Though I won't lie, I about jumped out of my seat when I thought they gave Paget billing overhim.

I didn't like this episode much. It just wasn't very fulfilling. The case I mean. So I'm not going to comment much on it. Glad Morgan is okay, I thought he was gonna tackle that guy though, like he does.

How cute was Reid? He is like a little grandma, "Let me see if I can find some candy in my purse..."

Lee :)

Anonymous said...

Oh one last thing. REALLY BAD song choice at the end. It was somehow not fitting to the situation at hand. Yes, she was going home, yes the team was enjoying themselves as a family, but the song still seem misplaced. Too popular maybe.


Anonymous said...

I never felt connected to the case or to the team. Sorry folks, mediocre at best. I understand it was a transition episode but it was the most unremarkable episode yet. Bring back the russian mob. At least that I could actively dislike.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to not like this episode out of loyalty to Gideon but I loved the case they were working on. I did not like him shooting birds. Too much symbolism there Ed but the character of Rossi has promise. I give the episode a B.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Joe was great. I especially liked the phone call to the unsub scene the best tonight. What great acting. I like the edginess of Rossi. I thought Joe would be to soft for the role, but he going to be just fine here.

The seen with Morgan coming off the elevator, I thought "no one said anything about Morgan getting shot". I glad he didn't.

I almost didn't want the show to end. This was really, really, a good for the main characters.

Good move, Ed and CBS.

Anonymous said...

I was pleasantly surprised. Not bad at all but the CREDITS NEED TO BE FIXED PRONTO!

Anonymous said...

Was a good ep, liked Rossi and will wait and see how long he keeps his secrets. If Haley and Hotch have been together forever, why wait so long to have a baby? Anyway, it was good, and the unsub was creepy.


Anonymous said...

Oh thats right. In TV Guide they said that Rossi would shoot a bird to symbolize the "changing of guards" basically because Gideon loved birds. I thought that was kinda dumb and figured NO ONE who hadn't read that would pick up on it.


Yvette said...

I love this episode from start to finish. Morgan in danger time stood still. Joe was so good. Reid so sweet. THE NEW INTRO. IS WONDERFUL. ....... The song is from that guy Chris from America Idol. Mandy who??

Anonymous said...

I actually really liked this one. Reid scarying Morgan was priceless! As was the end with the candy.

I'm very intrigued by Rossi. Clearly, there is a case that is still haunting him. And he doesn't play nice with others yet. But like he said, sharing is a learned skill. He just needs adjustment time. If he had slipped seamlessly into the show, then I would have been annoyed. I loved how excited Reid got about picking his brain, so cute. And the comment about Garcia was spot on. I can't wait to get to know him more.

My only real big complaint about the episode----WHY WAS GARCIA NOT IN A COSTUME???? I thought for sure at the every end she was going to hand him his file and be in some outragous outfit, even for her. That was diappointing.

Anonymous said...

Rossi was alright. He is a man with a secret and that reminds me of Gideon and his two wedding bands.

The episode itself was very good. Putting Morgan in harm's way was a minor heart attack but he was great in the episode.

Teamwork Rossi! Learn the concept.

Liked it.

Anonymous said...

mategna rocks!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED IT!, It wasn't what I expected it to be but I still enjoyed it!, I just loved reid in that whole episode! its so funny!, I am just like reid when it comes to halloween! I love it and people think I'm psyco! I can't wait to see what kind of businesss rossi has!
What are we going to do about morgan and those elevators?, they really don't like him do they? lol! :)

Anonymous said...

They are setting something up for Garcia, she has been tooo low key lately. We are preparing for major backstory. I can't wait.

Raphael0877 said...

I thought it was a great twist that Reid was into Halloween but Morgan was creeped out by it. Unexpected and wonderfully cute. And I love how Garcia keeps getting flustered by all the big shots calling her when she least expects it.

I almost died when Morgan was getting off the elevator - it's the first time I actually yelled "Get Down!" at the TV.

I'm not sure about Rossi yet. I didn't really want another Gideon, but also didn't want a Max Ryan either; he SO reminds me of him. I hope he mellows out as the weeks go by - there is time for that I guess. After all, I only started liking Emily since the start of this season; I hope it doesn't take that long for Rossi (hint to writers - don't drag out the alienation bit). I did love the nameplate thing at the end. Touche! I give the writers extra Halloween candy for that one.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. This was really wearing on my nerves. Perhaps I am projecting too much of my own work angst (beloved/trusted co-worker gone: replaced by a big ass back-stabber), but it's really unusual for the team to make me more nervous than the case.
And tell me, why do people freak out over Garcia, so? Wouldn't we all love to work with someone as cool as she is?
Loved Reid.
Freaked out and was yelling when I thought they were going to shoot Morgan.
Really liked not know who the unsub was.
If this is how they are going to write the new character, I am not going to like him. Must agree that I hate his notebook, too.
Realized that I did miss Gideon after all, when they showed his name on his empty office door. It's like "dad" died, and the kids are doing a good job of making him proud by carrying on. Also Hodge is going a good job of "parenting" alone.
Also, was very unhappy that Joe M. was given top billing. Very, very unhappy. Is TG really going to leave, as is rumored. Oy.
I am nervous that KV wrote on her blog about "change," because she seemed unhappy or unsure about it.
Did I like this epi? Overall, yes.
But I have this sense of waiting for the new season to "gel." I realize that there have been many changes with the cast and refilming of episodes and whatnot.
So are the writers going on strike tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Well Gideon is really gone and if you didn't know it before you knew it when he took his name off of the door.

Rossi has promise but we need to see how he fits in with the team once he realizes that things aren't done like they were done 10 years ago anymore.

I am pleased with the episode. I think it is a good start.

jenn said...

Wow, I was shocked to see everyone loved it. I thought it made the episode we are not alowed to mention seem emmy award winning. I hated the episode from the opening scene. Seriously take the high road. The bird shooting scene was petty. I was a huge Gideon fan and thought it wouldn't be as good without him but have thought the season so far has been great. Far better than I could have hoped....until tonight. My husband hated it too.

Anonymous said...

liked the tension of old school - new with Rossi. It mixes up the dynamics and dialogue between characters. You
don't know what to expect. Who will turn out right.

Anonymous said...

Reid can give me candy and spend Halloween with me any day. The man has dorkyness down to a loveable science.

Good epi. Not great but that's cool. It was JM's first.

Well done Ed!

Anonymous said...

I was glued to my seat the entire hour. I really enjoyed how the team interacted with the new guy, Rossi. Reid was soooo freakin cute!!!!!!!!! I so love him!!! The beginning was great, with the masks and stuff, that was definately Matthew showing himself. I loved how Reid rambled on and on and was so excited to speak to Rossi. I was kinda hoping at the end of the show, they'd be on the plane and have a moment with Reid and Rossi, but I guess there's plenty of season left for that. Maye he'll even help Rossi figure out the old case Rossi has Garcia pull for him.

I thought it was odd of Rossi to talk to Hotch at the end in his office about secrets or whatever, but then Rossi isn't telling exactly why he came back and that he's looking into an old case.

The whole cast was great tonight. I liked the new credits. I'll be getting used to Joe M's acting, it'll grow on me. I do like his character and after a while, I think he'll ease into working with the team more and after that happens, it's going to be easier for him and the rest of the group to work.

I think he's an interesting character and ready to see more episodes.

Anonymous said...

I think Bernero had Rossi shoot the birds because he couldn't get him to shoot Mandy. It was so freakin obvious that it was insulting to the fans. Horrible episode and I am not a Mandy fan. I am just a fan who doesn't like games. We get it. They hate Mandy. Cool but move on writers and get over it.

Anonymous said...

The episode was a good one, and the green screens are back yeah! The cops in the show were good depictions. All the actors did a great job, without overplaying the drama.

Rossi is a stark contrast to Gideon in a few ways. Besides the fact hat he hunts birds (and he bagged an unsub as well), he still has to learn to work as a team member and to learn tact to deal with co-workers and witnesses. As he said, not holding back is a learned skill. I don’t anticipate a change overnight, which would be unrealistic, so there will be angst for a while. I am looking forward to seeing how he interacts with each of the team members individually.

We know more about Rossi than we knew about Gideon in two seasons, lol.

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot reading about how Gideon was a bird lover and then Rossi was going to open the show shooting them. It didn't occur to me until I started to read everyone's comments. I'm ready for them to just leave Mandy alone now and move on.

I also forgot to say I didn't understand how the last victim was able to go buy a gun and then she hid in her hotel room? Why didn't she just take a cab or something and go to the police station?

I also thought it was odd that there were kids standing by the police tape at the house. Why would you let your kids near a house where a serial killer lived and cut off faces. YIKES! So, Reid just carries candy all the time in his bag? LOL!

Anonymous said...

oh come on, get off the credits people. Good grief! be glad the show is still on and doing well. And to the woman and her husband who said they hated it. What! Don't you think hate is a little strong or are you still stuck on "Oh, Mandy" still.

Anonymous said...

"With Thomas Gibson"

What the F was that with the credits tonight?! With him. How about he is one of the major stars of the show. Man it is like CBS is the gang who can't shoot straight.

I guess we are lucky they left TG in the credits at all.

slashgirl said...

New credits: Mantegna is first; new intros for everyone and TG is at the end as "with Thomas Gibson". Not even an "also starring"???? I'm not sure what it means--but can't it be good. With doesn't imply a lot of screen time to my mind. Am NOT happy. :(

I don't mind Rossi. He's a little pushy and a little out of the loop but being gone ten years...things change.

Liked Rossi with Strauss. "David" "Erin". Hee. Just the tone and he's not intimidated by her, either.

When she took him in to Hotch's office and they're all old friends acting, and they both look at her...*heh*

His comment re: JJ "We didn't have that" (or words to that effect) and Hotch is like "What?" Communications specialist. (Sorry not the exact words but I can't take notes during CM or I miss things).

Oh, yeah, before that Reid coming in in costume, Morgan saying H'ween creeps him out; his comment about watching a scary movie with a "Halloween Honey" and Prentiss' "That creeps me out".

Then when they meet Rossi--Reid babbling. So cute, and HOtch's "Slow down, he's here for a while". Rossi's "We have a jet?" Heh.

And the head slap Morgan gives Reid as they head out of the bullpen, gentle but cute.

When Garcia walks into the briefing with the pic of the faceless woman still up and she freaks out and won't look til JJ tells her she's changed the pic...cute. And Rossi's "She's different" and Hotch's very fond "You have no idea." Loved it. Also enjoyed the Rossi/Garcia convo was good.

Rossi has the charm bracelet and we get flashbacks to some kids and murder? He asks Garcia for the file and to keep the info between them.

Hotch getting pissed at Rossi for doing the cowboy thing. The little look on Reid's face, like "Oh, glad I'm not him/he's in trouble". Obviously, learning curve for Rossi.

He's shaken up the smoothness of the team--but it's not jarringly bad...He's gonna have to adjust. And they'll have to adjust a bit too--but I would say the emphasis is on Rossi.

Rossi gets his first kill in his first ep!

At the end, with Rossi figuring out about Hotch and Haley--and saying he didn't share it with the team. He told Morgan, I'm sure everyone else knows now.

I need to see a couple more eps with him--need to get used to him...Better handled than Prentiss' intro to the team, I'll give them that much.

At least I don't have to call him Gomez.

Anonymous said...

The episode was good. Mategna is no Patinkin but oh well I guess he'll do.

The writing was great in this episode. Loved the story itself. The acting was sharp with our six.

Maybe Rossi will grow on me in a few episodes.

Credits are a sign of respect for an actor's experience and contribution and they are a very big deal Blue!

Anonymous said...

Worst. Episode. Ever.

Why should I care about the newbie and his issues? Just because the actor's famous?

I really don't like Rossi. He comes out of nowhere and suddenly it's all about him.

Lisa said...

I might be in the minority but I wasn't overly fond of the new character. The show felt "off" to me. I miss the usual banter with the characters and their round table discussions and interaction. I know it's only his first episode but... the one man band didn't cut it for me. :(

And I agree someone asked why JM got first round in the credits as opposed to TG! I think he should've remained first instead of appearing like an "after thought" with the "and Thomas Gibson".

slashgirl said...

blue said:

oh come on, get off the credits people. Good grief! be glad the show is still on and doing well.

Some of us actually care about things like this. Please be a little more respectful of other's opinions. You want us to respect yours, show the same.

And yes, I am a little ticked at the ending credits.

Anonymous said...

The shooting of the bird was too much. Honestly.

Must agree that I also found it odd that everyone was so happy at the crime scene. Kids running up; Reid handing out candy (which I loved, by the way). Crime scenes are not happy, cheerful places for children and candy. And where is the happiness for the victim? Alive, but kidnapped and who knows what else? How is this a happy scene? The writing there was a bit odd.

Well, the new character is definitely different. I don't like him so far, but one show is too soon to tell. He may grow on me. I am maintaining an open mind.

Anonymous said...

It was a very good starting episode for the new character. I like that there is a measure of angst and that he didn't just slide in without a hiccup.

The case was really very interesting. I was rivoted to my couch. They hooked me completely.

Reid is just as sweet as the candy.

slashgirl said...

*sigh* That should be Opening credits in my last post. My excuse is that it's almost midnight

Anonymous said...

I'd like to study some screen caps. I believe that the blood splatter in Rossi's flashback was from the episode Natural Born Killer(I think that was the one with the guy letting the people be attacked by rats, who kind of relates with Hotch at the end). There was some shower spatter and wall spatter, totally looked familiar.


PS: Random, yes I realize.

Anonymous said...

All I can say about the episode is that it was okay. I wish I was as encouraged as the rest of you and I will certainly give the new character the benefit of the doubt but I watched it and then made a sandwich. It just wasn't the best or the worst. It was okay. Sorry guys.

Anonymous said...

I like Rossi.Interesting and he obviously has an agenda.I wa about to flip when I saw Paget second and not Thomas,though I was hoping he should still be the first in billing, but at least he got the with Thomas Gibson which is kinda better cuz they do that in movies sometimes when tere are improtant cameos.Good episode! i am glad that Rossi finally jumped in to help at the eleventh hour and that he clarified his trouble adjusting to the new ways.I can personally relate to the character's lonely edge.Can't wait to see what's to come!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so are the actors complaining too. No, no they are not as far as I know. Is Thomas leaving at the end of year? Hope not, maybe Jill can ask Ed for ya. The team is the star of the show, for me anyway. I'm just saying it not a big enough deal for us to speak on. I like the new intro pics now. btw, I missed the bird scene, but I would have still like joe.

Anonymous said...


Get a clue about billing. Where one is in the credits matters. It speaks to experience and one's role. To move someone from first to last is meaningful. We are just concerned about what it might need for TG's future with the show.
It's all about the cultural context of the meaning of billing order. If it didn't matter, it would always be alphabetical or something.

Anonymous said...

ok Rossi has got to go or someone has to set him strait... and i mean prondo. no one mess with Reid and gets away with ... i know he was acting like a puppy with a new toy but jez did have to step all over him.
i don't think Rossi is going to be on the team for very long. like other people said he is lone gunman on a mission and when that mission is (and i really really hope the team is still intact) done then i bet will be out of there so fast your head would spin.
that reall freeked me with Morgan and the elevator. i thought Rossi was going to miss and hit him. that so would have put Rossi at the top of my hate list. even so he is really high up there.

Anonymous said...

There was lots to like about this episode. Hotchner is a strong leader and knows how to remain calm and he was straight on target tonight. He realizes that Rossi has a problem and he is patiently working on explaining it to him.

Mantegna was very good. He dominated the episode but that had to be expected since it was his first episode. His character seems like he has lots of layers and secrets and that leaves us with lots of possible great stories ahead.

Garcia was precious as always and Morgan didn't get shot!

I want to volunteer to trick or treat next year with Reid. He is so adorable. Matthew did a wonderful job tonight.

Well done by all.

Unknown said...

Hey, first time posting, though I've been following the discussions for some time now.

Anyway - Lee, I noticed the blood spatter from Natural Born Killer, too! I thought I was imagining things, but it really did look JUST like the crime scene in that episode.

Also, sorry if this is a stupid question, but which is the "episode we are not allowed to mention," as per Jenn's comment?

slashgirl said...

Blue, if you don't think the order of the credits matters to the actors? You are mistaken. If they didn't matter, then JM wouldn't be first.

And it IS important to some of us, is it so difficult for you to understand that and respect it? It's great that they don't matter to you. Just ignore the posts that talk about it.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was cute when Rossi called Garcia and was confused by how she answers the phone. That was my favorite part.

Anonymous said...

Okay for all of you who are hating the Rossi shooting the bird thing, you have to remember Gideon thought of the unsubs as birds of prey. Preying on their victims. The idea was not that he was somehow shooting Gideon, just that there was a new hunter. Someone to hunt the unsubs.
I thought our Dr. Reid was afraid of the dark? Since when, being afraid of the dark, would he start to like a holiday that includes scaring people in the dark? The scene was cut but I think the writer got Mathew Gray Gubler in this one instead of Spencer Reid.

Anonymous said...

I've got to tell you, I am a little freaked out that some of you can recognize blood spatter patterns...

Anonymous said...

It was a nice clean episode. Well written. No real continuity problems other than the reuse of the blood spatter which is no big deal. Recycling doesn't bother me and new viewers to the show would never realize it.

The writing was really outstanding and I thought the cast was great. I liked Rossi but I suspected that I would since I have always enjoyed Joe Mantegna. I respect those of you that are less sure about him but I would ask that you all remember that at one time almost everyone disliked Prentiss and now she is beloved by almost everyone.

I give the episode an A. The unsub was unsubby enough, the case was interesting, the actors were awesome and it all came together nicely!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: We all recognize everything that happens on the show. lol.

Okay he is here. We have our newest cast member and now we just trust the writers to work it out.

The epi was good but not great imho. I just could have done without the bird thingy and the credits.

At the end of the day this is our show so we have to support it. Like him, love him, dislike him or whatever you feel is cool jumping jacks but he's ours and the show needs to stay in the top ten or at least the top twenty.

And Reid plus candy equals love! Goodnight everyone.

Anonymous said...

The guest stars were really good and I liked JM. I'm cool with the episode.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the blood splatter thing too. I thought maybe it was just me.

I liked the ep. and I'm curious to learn more about Rossi. I guess I missed where he was really mistreating Reid, otherwise Rossi would have to be on my hit list.

Elizabeth Bear said...

Adequate episode. Nice to have the visual splash back. I think we got a year's worth of visual effects in this one episode.

Hotch is going to win that particular dominance battle. I was particularly pleased that his team effort got him the important thing at the end--the unsub's name--when Rossi was standing there ineffectually calling the guy "Sir."

The lighting in this ep was awesome. I loved the little flashes off Diana Galen's bracelet--across the office door, across Rossi's face. Nice work.

Also nice to see the episode formats continue to be varied. I know there was a lot of feeling that there was a "new format" this season, with the Columbo-style eps, but it seems more like we got three similarly structured narratives in a row, and now we're back to the usual diversity.

Rossi: Wow. GIRLS!
Hotch: Stop ogling my reports, Dave.

Of course, what I love about the show are the layers and nuances and echoes, and this ep seems to me to be missing a bunch of that. Alas!

Hope we're going to keep the ensemble feel over the long arc.

Anonymous said...

The episode was okay but the music selection and the panning of the door at the end was a bit too much in my opinion. They wanted to signify that he is a new beginning for the show but they over played it all throughout the episode. The ending was way too much.

Anonymous said...

The episode was all Rossi. He was the main course and everyone else were the side dishes.

I think the new credits are nice and that putting Gibson at the end was meant to be extra respectful. Maybe I am wrong about that.

I just didn't care too much for this one. It seemed like a rerun of Mannix.

Anonymous said...

I would have liked them to ease the new character in like they did when Prentiss joined the team. I wasn't overly fond of the entire episode revolving around him. I wish we had met him tonight and then they could have focused on him next week.

I also do not like the position he put Garcia in by asking her to pull computer files for him without telling anyone. Hopefully she is smart enough to tell Hotch.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness others recognized the blood spatter!! I was afraid you'd all think I was crazy.


Anonymous said...

It was okay. I can't help but feel let down after all the hype surrounding it and it was just a normal episode with a new star center stage and nothing great.

I don't think there was a slight being made to Thomas Gibson by putting him in the back of the credits but maybe that is where Mantegna should have been. At least maybe for the duration of the season.

I think I am just tired of the show. Sad as that sounds. It just doesn't seem as good as Private Practice anymore. I think I will be taping it from now on.

I hope I am still welcome to post on the blog. Please.

Anonymous said...

I thought the episode was pretty good actually. I didn't know what to expect with Joe M. coming in, but yeah it was pretty good!

Now with the opening credits thing that some people are talking about, I thought that the "big" names were either 1st or last when credited. So wouldn't that be like saying "we got Joe M. AND Thomas G." I thought it was a repectable thing to do for the actors...but then again I could be wrong...It definitely would not be the first time!!


Anonymous said...

Nothing better defines the CM fandom than their inability to all agree on an episode. LOL.

I loved it. I really thought Rossi was a great addition. I am looking forward to getting to know more about him and to watching him adapt himself to the new ways of the BAU.

I think it is an exciting time for the show. Lots of energy. Great ratings. Decent press. The writing is just awesome this season. I think it is all great. If TG does end up going when the season is over at least JM will already be in place and up and running.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I liked Rossi was because I was yelling at Hotch to deck him.

I've tried to keep an open mind about Joe's addition to the cast, but this episode just proved every one of my fears true. There's no balance, what chemistry there is between the characters is bad, and the entire team is off because of it.

I'll stick around to watch what happens and hope to god Rossi learns damn fast to play nice with the others, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Happy enough with it. Reid was a cutie pie with his love of Halloween and his candy. His dorkiness knows no bounds and I'm thankful for that.

The ladies have a problem on their hands. There is a new man in town and he doesn't understand just how smart, important and valuable to the team they are. I imagine that our ladies will set him straight in no time flat.

Hotch has his work cut out for him bringing Rossi up to speed on how it all works now but he is up to the task. Obviously Rossi is a very good profiler. He totally caught on about the Hotchner marriage. He just needs a little bit of tweeking here and there and he will be great.

Bad song choice. That song is so over used these days it is pathetic but since that is my only complaint about the episode, I would say this was a good night. I am looking forward to next week.

Anonymous said...

Rossi was totally checking out the gals tonight and had no idea what to make of Garcia but he seemed to like Prentiss' rear end. It made me laugh. I thought for a minute that he was implying something "Blond Girlie" about J.J. but it turned out he just wasn't used to there being a media person.

I agree that the ladies may need to take him into the woods and knock a lick of sense into him. lol.

It was a good night. I will rewatch it tomorrow and post more. Too tired right now.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done EB!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to next week's episode. I think it will be more balanced talent wise than this one was. TG and the credits.....just don't like it no matter what it means to be on the end. While rumors are swirling the net about TG leaving it might have been better to leave things alone but I did like the credit presentation. Just not the order.

Anonymous said...

Well the topic tonight does seem to be the credits so I think I will keep my thoughts about them to myself.

The episode was great. Not good but great. It was quick paced and straight to the point. Gideon is gone. Rossi is here. He needs to be polished but he is complex and interesting. The crime was criminal. lol. The lighting was freakin awesome. I am a geek and noticed. lol.

I just loved it. I am thrilled with far!

Anonymous said...

I liked it. I liked Mantegna. I liked the story. I liked the new intro. I liked the whole package. I especially liked Reid and his whimsy.

Anonymous said...

Rossi is a man of secrets and mystery. He has that in common with Gideon. I thought the ending scene was perfect. He was claiming his office. Liked that part the most. Here is to new beginnings everyone. :)

Anonymous said...

It was the David Rossi hour. It was fine. Lets see if we get a more ensemble show next week.

Anonymous said...

Loved it. All of it. I'm relieved that he was this good. Good night for team CM!

Anonymous said...

I like how they had him become part of the team. He is a major profiler with a long history with the FBI and he got right into the middle of the action. He needs to learn how things are done now but he has great instincts and skills and that is what is the most important thing.

A- from me. Loved Reid's candy!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to watch every week - can anyone tell me if the reason for Garcia's timidness tonight was already revealed or is that a new storyline? She sure seemed nervous throughout the episode, not just when talking to Rossi. I really like the Crime Analyst character and hope that someday all real-life analysts will be able to talk directly to the agents/officers to provide information in a timely manner.

One other question - whatever happened to Reid's drug addiction? Was there an episode that resolved that issue? Drug addiction doesn't just go away, even if you are uber-intelligent.

Anonymous said...

i so upset my vcr didn,t record it tonight. it skip to csi new york for some reason. i don,t have it set up to record that show. hope they show this one in reruns

Anonymous said...

Loved the ep. Like the way the new character doesn't totally fit in yet, and there is awkwardness.

Loved the Reid moments!

Yes, noticed the order in the credits and I did gasp when TG wasn't second, and the cast wasn't in alphabetical order. Unsure about that...hope it means nothing.


slashgirl said...

judiebuk said:

Yes, noticed the order in the credits and I did gasp when TG wasn't second, and the cast wasn't in alphabetical order. Unsure about that...hope it means nothing.

The cast has never been in alphabetical order in the credits--the original credits were Mandy, Thomas, Lola, Shemar, Matthew & AJ. In the second season, Paget replaced Lola and Kirsten was added after AJ. *G*

Why, yes, my head is full of useless trivia...*lol*

slashgirl said...

Yanno, just cus Rossi shot the duck doesn't mean he doesn't love birds. He just likes to eat them, too. At least I hope he eats what he kills; I can't stand trophy type hunters....

Honestly, while it is a very minor dig at Gideon, I think it helps establish that he IS going to be different from Gideon. After all, that's what everyone has been saying, they didn't want a carbon copy of Gideon. And I think that's what we got.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"whatever happened to Reid's drug addiction? Was there an episode that resolved that issue? Drug addiction doesn't just go away, even if you are uber-intelligent."

Exactly what I thought. I guess they consider it had been resolved in the ep. 2x18 (remenber the last scene when Reid tell Gideon that he’ll “never miss another plane again”).

jenn said...

Since you asked...
At the begining of the season I honestly thought the show would not be as good without MP, but I have loved the last few episodes. The team worked great together. My comment of hating this episode still stands and not because of the lack of MP. I will add that I was one of the people who was thrilled they selected JM as a replacement. I just didn't end up liking the episode, or JM in the episode. I felt it took away from the group. Sorry, can't love all of them and I really didn't like this one.

Tom Bryant said...

Loved the fact that the show and the group dynamic was shaken up by a brand new character. The strength of any good writing is conflict and he will bring conflict and a change of style with the last 2 seasons.

I enjoyed him coming to the same conclusion as Hotch about getting the unsub to contact the team but going about it all wrong in a context he doesn't understand.

This is going to be good.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or in this season are they rushing how they end the cases to fit them in in the last few minutes of the show. Last season, it seemed that they knew who they were going after mid-way through the show and the last half of the show was how they catch the killer.

Now, it seems like they are searching for clues for 45 minutes, and then suddenly they know where to go and catch the killer.

Maybe I am wrong, but that is how I have seen them this year.

Anonymous said...

The credits.. I was yelling at the screen. I knew Thomas wouldn't be first but then he wasn't second
- but last. No "also starring" or "with", just "and TG". How can they do that?

The episode... there were parts I didn't like at all and some I enjoyed. Of course everything was about Rossi and how he joins the team. He is way too arrogant but maybe he can learn to work in a team. He managed to get on everybody's nerve pretty thoroughly but he seems to be a sensitive man who has to deal with his own problems. And everybody has to adjust. We'll see.

I'm still not sure if I liked the ep. I better watch it a second time. And I should skip the credits or I'll become angry again-

Anonymous said...

I love this show and I loved this episode. I can watch Joe Mantegna read a phone book!

I think Mantegna got top billing because he is the most accomplished - stage, screen, TV - of the actors. And I agree with Kimmie that putting Thomas Gibson at the end was a sign of respect.

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't be able to move Thomas Gibson to the end of the credits unless TG said so. That's how it works, it's all contract based. So TG agreed to be at the end of the credits.
A lot of stars agree to being last in the credits with the addition of words like " and", " with", " also starring" because it is a sign of respect. Average viewers ( not die hard fans) often don't notice the nuances of the opening credits. They tend to remember what they see first and last.
It is going to take time. It always does.
Frankly, I'm more obsessed about the fact the writers are on strike and the buzz I'm getting is that it could last longer than the '88 WGA strike. If these projections are true, we are only getting new episodes of CM through January, maybe February ( if they banked enough scripts).
As for the actual episode, I liked it, even loved some moments. I agree with comments that the ending seemed a little rushed, but some of the banter was excellent.

Anonymous said...

Since nobody is walking a picket line I would rather talk about the episode. lol.

Rossi is not used to this team's dynamics but he is smart and knows what he is doing as far as profiling and that is what they needed. They can teach him the rest.

Garcia, Emily and JJ need to take him to a private place and explain the facts of life to him and yes I caught him giving a nice long look at Prentiss' ass. I thought that was sexist but funny.

Reid is obviously impressed with him by reputation which leaves itself open for wonderful future scenes between them.

Rossi seems like a character with a dark secret that drives him and I am looking forward to getting more insight into who he is and what keeps him up at night.

I am sure, as stated, that no slight was meant to Thomas but rather it was their intention to honor him with the ending credit. As fans we feel and see things differently sometimes than the people within the entertainment industry. We all should just let it go for now.

We are getting ready for an enprmous Garcia arc and that suits me just fine. Rossi had his shining first moment and that was okay as well.

I'm satisfied with the episode. It took care of what needing taking care of which was the introduction of Rossi to the fans. No less and no more.

Anonymous said...

On my other favorite show Charmed, the credits started with all the girls and guys then the last person was "And Holly Marie Combs as Piper" which was said to be a BIG deal. She was one of the head producers on the show. I think we are worrying for nothing. I mean yes, Joe has top billing but we knew he would, he was taking over as the star of the show. But I'm pretty positive that the end of credits nod is actually a good thing, an honor almost.

Maybe Ed can post a statement since it has so many of us upset and or confused.


Anonymous said...

Not what I was expecting. The plot for this episode was linear and not complicated and Rossi's old school ways became old to me by the half way mark and grating. The enormous focus on him was simply too much for me. I look forward to a more balanced and unpredictable episode next week.

Anonymous said...

Chiming in on the credits issue...

The television show Charmed, aired for eight seasons, and on every season, Holly Coombs, was credited at the end, now mind, she had a "with" but my opinion on it was they started with the new, and ended with TG as the strongest. Save the best for last, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm totally going to get out my DVD's but I am pretty positive Holly was 3rd the first season, after Shannen and Alyssa. But she then moved up to first for quite a few season even above Alyssa(don't know why)and it wasn't till the last 2 seasons that they did the "And Holly Marie Combs as Piper". I'll look, I am seriously a Charmed FANATIC.

But I guess that isn't that important on this blog. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Reid was certainly excited and animated about Halloween but I thought he was afraid of the dark. It would seem to me that he would have been the one hiding under the bed with the lights out and not the one who was almost manic about it. I love Reid. He is full of surprises and quirks!

Anonymous said...

I think Rossi has got potential. I thought that his fingering that bracelet as much as he did was just too much. That needed to have been toned down. They wanted us to notice it and we did...the first few times and after that it was merely annoying. I was most surprised that he was so awkward with his new co-workers. He is highly intelligent and a brilliant profiler but yet he was inept on how to properly act around the very team he had insisted on joining.

I hope this was just the beginning of a more consistant and satisfying transition that will occur in the weeks ahead.

Lisa said...

Erica - I agree with your comments. It was interesting to see how he could not handle Reid. Rather than dealing with it, he blew him off or cut him off. I hope he realizes that Reid is a 24 year old genius and is excited about his knowledge and learning more. It's like he met his idol last night and I chuckled because he was "kidlike" in meeting Rossi. I think the team felt put-out by Rossi's attitude and I hope that next week it smooth's out. I am hopeful it will now that they have introduced him to us and they move on. I also wonder with returning, why he put Garcia in the position he did. :( I don't ever remember any other team member doing that.

Also Hotch was right. His personal life is none of the team's business. He is their supervisor and besides, didn't Hotch tell Morgan last week or the week before Hayley had left him?

Anonymous said...

The episode did let us know that Strauss learned her lesson about trying to take control of the BAU away from Hotchner. She made it very clear to Rossi that Hotchner is the boss of the unit. Obviously she wised up to the fact that she just can't handle the eek factor. So that completes the season two finale storyline. I liked that.

Rossi has his own demons just like Gideon did. The bracelet was over the top. His appearance is not what I had expected. We were told that appearance was important to the new character but he looked like he was having a beard emergency and the clothes need to either be casual or professional. The in between did not work for me.

I don't know what to think of the episode. I didn't dislike it but I also deleted it from tivo so I guess I would rate it a C+ for effort.

Anonymous said...

I really liked this ep.

I liked that there's some friction with Rossi. If he had walked in and been a perfect fit, it would have annoyed me a lot. I think he'll catch on to the team concept, but it will take a while -- and there will always been that lone wolf tendency to him. Like Gideon, he has some impulse control issues. I hope it will tone down, but it needs to never go away.

I loved the end, where he takes Gideon's name plate off the door, but then he just stands there. He doesn't go in. Leans on the door frame for support. He knows exactly what he's getting into as soon as he sits at that desk, and though he's very sure of himself, he's reluctant.

I have to admit, I didn't make the bird connection until I got here. My only thought was, oh, great, another dog whose owner will now travel for days/weeks at a time. Maybe it can get together with Morgan's dog and form a support group. Oh, and also, way to establish that he's a crack shot.

I liked the way he and Hotch clicked when they were in the lobby together. You could tell they'd worked together before, the way the moved and didn't have to explain much.

Loved Garcia, as always. Poor thing, she hasn't been the same since she asked Eric Strauss to talk dirty to her ...

And my Reid was fabulous -- although, if you knew you were going to meet someone you really admired, maybe a noose around your neck isn't the best choice? I kinda agree, though, that that was MGG and not Spencer in the first scene. But I loved it anyhow.

About the end not being happy -- I think the established belief is that any time the team gets one back alive, it's a win and cause for celebration,regardless of how traumatized/injured the victim might be.

I think -- and this is just my guess -- that Rossi thinks he's just coming back until he can solve his old case, and then he's going to retire again. Now, we all know that once you're back in, you're in for good. (See Hotchner, suspension.) But Rossi doesn't know that yet. It'll be interesting to watch him discover it.

About the credits -- I don't know what to think. I had a big flashback to "The Big Valley" (yeah, I'm OLD) where last in the credits was "Miss Barbara Stanwyck", when she was a huge star and it was obviously a sign of deep respect. But ... I dunno. I'd love to ask TG about it. I get a little vibe of, "Yeah, I'm a damn fine actor and I'm sticking with my show and honoring my contract and my commitment to my co-workers, and I am confident and ego-less enough that I don't care where I am in the credits because this is an ENSEMBLE show and no ONE of us is so important that the show can't go on without us... " but that's probably just me projecting.

Anonymous said...

While I can't say I miss Mandy, I do think the team is lacking without Gideon. He brought a compassion and understanding to the show that made it different. The last few episodes it has seemed maybe Morgan would step up and fill that void. I hope the writers continue that way. Without it it's just another cop show.It's apparent that Rossi will not bring that with him.

Anonymous said...

Alrighty then,so we move from abused children back to torturing endangered women in true CM form.Even better, we get a happy,playful Reid again,complete with his endearing, over-excited babbling! Bring on more physics magic and conspiratory dating advice,yippee!!!!!!Now we know what he's carrying in that bag- lots of candy!
As for Rossi, I hope they tone down his abrasiveness soon or I'll vote to send him back into retirement so he can write those how-to books like "Profiling Psychopaths for Dummies". Aaargh and he had more skeletons in his closet than an anatomy classroom. He was quite condescending to the women. His attitude toward Reid seemed more like "OK Dr. FancyPants PhDs,just shut up and observe the master". So, it's a very interesting intro.I'll try to be patient and watch his character develop into hopefully more of a team player.

Anonymous said...

There was no mistake regarding the credits. In fact, due it being credited "and Thomas Gibson", it's meant to show that he is the leading actor on the series.

Lisa said...

Ah you reminded me... when JJ left the room and Rossi made that comment; Hotch didn't skip a beat and called him on it. I can't remember what he said but he was watching JJ's butt and Hotch assumed, as I'm sure we all did, that's what he was referencing. I'm glad they didn't go that route, although it was implied!

Anonymous said...

I think Rossi's arrogance and bumbling were deliberate and well thought out. I think there is potential for Rossi if he can see past his own ego and adapt himself to the "new way" things are done.

My only question now is who is the Daddy? We lost Gideon and Rossi doesn't fit the bill. Are we fatherless????

Anonymous said...

I thought the show was flat. Where was the zip and excitement? The closest I think we got was with Morgan almost getting shot and that scared me to death. Thankfully he knows that when Hotch yells to drop to the floor that you had better drop.

Reid was adorable. Complete dorkiness but that wasn't enough this time.

Garcia was so wonderful. My how she hates to see that pics of blood and guts.

It was just too bland for me. Next week will be much better.

Anonymous said...

I thought Rossi was totally chauvinistic, brooding and self centered. His need to become a team player won't happen overnight but I hope we do see constant progress in that area because he was aggravating me the entire episode.

People have posted that they liked the case itself but I think the case almost did not matter. It seemed more the after thought than the center of the episode. This was the "Meet Rossi" show. Reminded me of "See Spot Run". Look at Rossi. He has no respect for women, he acts alone with no thought to the rest of the team, etc.

I hope next week is much better because this just won't fly for too long. There are other choices of things to watch.

TO Foodie said...

Anyone else see the preview in yesterday's USA Today- man he hates this show!

By Robert Bianco, USA TODAY
E-mail Robert Bianco at
Working actors don't always get to work in shows that are worthy of their talents.

Tonight, that mismatch hits Joe Mantegna, who replaces the departed Mandy Patinkin on CBS' Criminal Minds (9 ET/PT). His character is introduced while bird hunting, presumably because the show can't stand to go five minutes without killing something. But never fear: A woman is attacked soon after. And because Minds just seems to get uglier and sicker by the week, this week's "unsub" sexually assaults his victim, drowns her and then, in a true Minds touch, cuts off her face, a visual lovingly dwelt upon.

Other shows are dark, and murder is a prime-time staple. But none is as regularly or preposterously dark as Criminal Minds; the dialogue is like a spoof of bad crime dramas. And none so explicitly revels in finding new ways to kill women. It says a lot about a series that this is the plot it would choose to introduce a major hire: a stalker who rips women's faces off.

And it says a lot about the lack of network responsibility. CBS continues to turn a blind eye toward violence against women.

Let others congratulate Joe Mantegna for joining this show. My congratulations go to Mandy Patinkin for leaving.

respectanimals said...

I really enjoyed this episode! I had no problem with it being the Dave Rossi hour, as what would you expect from his first episode. I didn't care for Rossi much, but I don't think we were really supposed too. I did think that his introduction to the team was right on target. I especially loved watching Rossi’s interactions with Garcia (she was AWESOME as usual!) and Reid’s Halloween fun. The look on Morgan’s face after Reid scared him was priceless! I was a little surprised that Garcia agreed to keep something from Hotch, but I can overlook that, as Rossi is probably even more intimidating for her than Gideon was. Something tells me that Rossi was being a little too male when he was talking about JJ though and I’m guessing that Hotch knew exactly what Rossi actually meant by his statement. Hopefully JJ will be able to find a tactful way to put the man in his place sometime in the future and there is little doubt that Hotch will always be looking out for her. Between the lone ranger routine and the sexist attitude, Hotch is going to have his hands full keeping this guy in line. So far it seems like Rossi’s plan is just to settle his old business and then disappear into the sunset. I liked how they did the flash back scenes with him. Something tells me he’ll figure out how to be more of a team player eventually though and of course he’ll decide to stick around. I’m already looking forward to finding out a little about the backstory between him and Strauss. Was it just me or did anybody else get the sense that there is some sort of a history between them? It was also interesting that he knows Hotch well enough to figure out what’s going on between Hotch and Haley, without a word ever having been mentioned. He may be a good profiler, but it also means that he had to have known Hotch well enough in the past to know about Haley. I agree with Lociloco, exactly how long have Hotch and Haley been together and why did they wait so long to have a baby? As far as Rossi’s profiling skills go, he really is a lot like Gideon, except that he has been away so long that he either doesn't know or just doesn’t follow the current procedures. Gideon used to do a lot of the same stuff, only he didn’t do it behind the teams back and he mostly did it within the rules, like waiting for a trace to be set up *before* forcing an unsub’s hand. Rossi will probably figure it all out and get with the program soon enough though. It was sad when Rossi took Gideon’s name plate off his door. I didn’t think that would bother me so much, but it did. I thought it was really cute watching Reid’s reaction to Rossi. He wasn’t even sucking up, he was just being Reid. LOL! The ever curious, slightly annoying, babbling sweetheart that he is.

I liked how they presented the case itself. I thought they did another good job with that this week. Prentiss and Morgan make a good team. I enjoyed watching them together, although I still wouldn’t want to see them get romantically involved or anything. Hotch handled his job as team leader really well, proving once again that he really is the right man for the job. He walked a bit of a tight rope and he did it with a lot of class.

Rossi’s aversion to shooting the unsub didn’t really ring true for me. I thought that was a little overdone, especially after having seen him kill the innocent birds at the beginning of the show. He’s supposed to be the opposite of Gideon after all, right? And who’s bright idea was it to hand out candy to kids at a crime scene? Yuck!

With regard to the cast list in the credits, I understand why they put Joe first, but I too would have preferred a little loyalty to Thomas. They should have started with Thomas and ended with Joe.

Anonymous said...

Rossi is too mysterious and the way he was looking at JJ was creepy and unacceptable. The montage near the end of when the woman got saved and the profilers were giving out candy to the kids to Daughtry's Home was beyond cheesy and the thought of giving out candy at a crime scene is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode! Joe fits right in with the rest of the cast and he did a wonderful job on his first episode! He's playing Rossi with a sense of secrecy and as someone who isn't quite sure of his place in the new BAU. He definitely has alot of adjusting to do and it remains to be seen if he's will to do that or will he cause so much tension within the team, that his prescence is counterproductive. There also seems to be a history between him and Strauss; I love that when she called him he demanded that she cancel whatever she had planned because he was coming in to talk to her and she did! There was quite a bit of tension between them too in the scene in Strauss' office.

Probably my favorite part of this episode was seeing Reid "loosen up" and really getting into the spirit of Halloween. It was like he was living the childhood he missed out on. A year ago, if I was asked which character is most likely to come to the BAU on Halloween excited and dressed up, I would've chosen Garcia, hands down but seeing Reid take that on was wonderful!

My only criticisms of the episode--Why didn't the second victim just go to the police instead of the hotel room as soon as she saw the flyers and the cut from the scene where the unsub is shot to the scene where they find the victim didn't seem very smooth. We went from a very intense scene to the victim being found with Doughtrey's "Home" playing in the background along with shots of the team passing out candy to trick-or-treaters. It just didn't flow very well to me. If there'd been a scene where the team actually breaks down the door and finds the victim, I think that would've seemed smoother. Then maybe had Reid standing out on the sidewalk afterwards and having a kid come up to him trick-or-treating then the team joins him, passing out candy.

I'm looking forward to next week's episode and seeing how Rossi fits in with the team. The ratings have shown that despite the dire predictions about the show's future without Mandy, it's doing just fine and proving it's about the stories and the characters as a whole, not just one element of the show, that makes it a success.

Anonymous said...

Ausiello must be laughing his ass off right about now. Criminal Minds has now turned into the procedural show he once accused it of being. This was a very rocky start for Rossi.

The credits bug the crap out of me. I don't care what anyone else says about it being an honor. It was disrespectful to Thomas Gibson. He deserves top billing and he was bitch slapped.

Anonymous said...


Okay, I had to check because it was killing me that I might be wrong. And I am happy to admit that I was slightly delusional. Holly was second for a few seasons, in the order, and then appeared last of the main title characters, "with Holly.... as Piper"

And OMG, I didn't even see until now that you had brought up the Charmed thing before me. Genious!! Great minds and all that.

My point had been that it was still a place of distinction for TG to be at the end of the list :)

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree that it is a distinction for Thomas Gibson to be last in the credits. It is also a huge mistake. That he even agreed to it tells me that he is definately leaving at the end of the season. Obviously the show is not the happy place Jill makes it out to be.

Anonymous said...

Morgan, Hotchner, Garcia, Reid, Emily and JJ were wonderful in this episode. They were welcoming and they kept their composures while Rossi led his one man band.

I am trying to find good things to say about the episode but it is hard. It had some nice moments. Garcia on the phone with Rossi. Reid and his candy. The good moments were few and far between.

The credit change was hollywood at it's worst selfish, fan hating moment.

Anonymous said...

I tried to be open minded about the new character and I was even looking forward to having Joe Mantegna on the show. I wanted so badly to like this episode but even with all of that I was hating his character by the time the credits rolled and wishing he had never joined the show. It is amazing because I have seen Mr. Mantegna's other works and adored him and thought he was just awesome. I was so sad when the show ended last night. Everything bothered me. The constant fondling of the bracelet. His "lone gun" approach to the case. His looking down on the ladies. His obvious dislike for Reid's wonderful personality. The very way he looked was aweful to me. His shooting of the birds which Psych 101 students can tell you was really his shooting of Gideon. I dislike that he is haunted by an old case and once again we have a mentally challenged OLD male lead profiler. The credits bugged me. It was all was a shocking disappointment. My suite mates left towards the middle of he episode to go study in the commons. They never do that.

Anonymous said...

"Don't Mess With Texas" and Don't Mess With Reid. I loathed the episode but it did have some great Reid moments. Spencer likes Halloween and he was definately on a major sugar rush last night which was cute to watch. As long as Reid retains his dorkiness I will continue to watch but frankly did we really need another old, white, mentally haunted man on the team?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the killing of the Birds at the beginning a symbol of ending Gideon's (a Bird lover) influence and showing that there is a new Sheriff in town?

Anonymous said...

Not that I think everyone needs to love this show, because this show is definitely "not" for everybody, but I can't believe that article to be any more inaccurate!

If news groups would actually research the show, they would realize that almost all shows were taken from reality-based cases. They would realize that the ACTUAL FBI had a part in some of that show. They would realize that it's not just a show to "show the drama in crime".

In fact, compared to some of the other crime shows out there, CM shows relatively little actual violence or gore. Almost ALL CSI shows I've watched are much more horrific when it comes to gore. With CM, what gets you is everything that you do NOT get to see, it's what's left to the imagination that is so bothersome really. A few pictures of crime scenes, a little bit of blood splatter (granted, some are worse or better than others, there have been some explicit CM shows), but for the most part they show relatively little gore. It's psychologically disturbing rather than physically disturbing.

I haven't seen a CSI show yet where they didn't do some sort of play-by-play of how the bullet/knife/fork/wooden stake was jabbed into a person, what blood vessel it hit and how the bleeding out occurred or how the maggots developed growing in the dead body. CM to me is tame for actual "gore" compared to a lot of shows. And I like it like that.

I find it ironic that they say that CBS turns a blind eye to things against women. I have not learned more from ANY other show than I have from watching CM. Other shows I watch for the "entertainment". CM has a heck of a lot more to it than that, and being a "woman" I can say for myself it has made me a lot more aware of the world that I live in than any other crime drama has. Rather than turn a blind eye, I think they are doing a much better job exposing the problem and helping women to live safer lives.

The only thing I do agree with that article is that yes, it's a very very dark show. But it's meant to be, and nobody ever claimed otherwise. It's just unfortunate that the journalist in question fails to see the actual POINT of that darkness,and they fail to understand that some of the darkest things that happen are some of the ones that actually "have" happened at one point in time, in one manner or another.

Coming from a "woman" who enjoys "crime shows", I think this has been the show that has most affected me out of any other show in existance. And that is being brutally honest. I loved Third Watch, I love some of the CSI's, I love some of the Law and Orders, but CM is on a level unto its own in my books.


Mr Rossi watch out! Don't cut our boy's babbling, this is Hotch's and Morgan's job!!!!
Well, not the very best ep so far, but a likeable one. Let's wait and see...
Reid was TOOOOOO cute, that helped a lot.
When an ep is a little weak, just put a couple of Reid moment in it and lots of us will watch it with big open loving eyes sighing awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
Ratings are GOOD,
credits are weird...
Happy Halloween to EVERYBODY!!!!

Anonymous said...

I liked last night's episode.

Reid seemed like his old self. Chattering away when he met Rossi was very cute and very Reid. It's always fun watching him get excited over things.

I didn't think Rossi's character was too distracting, which was good. If he had gone in and taken over all the conversations and not let anyone get a word in edge wise, I would have been very irritated. It seems the writers have done a great job about not having his presence be the entire show, yet we know there is so much more to come.

There was a case that was intriguing. My heart skipped a beat when Morgan walked off the elevator. If he was shot, that would have been too much.

Rossi really irritated me at the end when he was trying to make a "sharing information" point and used Hotch's marriage as an example. My thought, was "Who the H@*% do you think you are?". I believe Hotch took care of that for me. He handled himself very well. I wouldn't want any changes with his position. I think he plays that role extremely well. I'm not going to let TG's placement in the opening affect me. Why worry until there's something to worry about? It could mean anything. As long as they keep focusing on the cases, and everyone's character acts like the person they are, then I think things will be good. I wasn't sure I wanted another actor brought in when MP left. I felt ok with it last night which surprised me.

That was real crime scene tape where they were handing out the candy - wasn't it? Way too bizarre if so. Could have seen it at a police station, but not while someone's being loaded into an ambulance.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm really worried here. Now this TG leaving the show thing is becoming more and more realistic, and I am more and more frightened for it.

Anonymous said...

The only purpose of last night's episode was to set up David Rossi's relationship with the rest of the BAU unit. While he officially works underneath Hotch, Rossi completely followed his own mindset and seemed to answer to nobody. He seemed much more uncomfortable and unfamilar with the new nature of the BAU and how it works than I had expected. Rossi told Strauss that he understood that he would not be the boss but I don't see him ever being comfortable in a subordinate role on this team. I think we have angst galore ahead of us while he butts heads with his co-workers.

Lisa said...

I have to agree with the last comment. I found USA Today's article to be misinformed and inaccurate. As a woman myself, I LOVE this show! I do not find it offensive if they use children or woman as victims. In reality, exactly HOW many women serial killers are out there? LOL I mean seriously! I love this show and I watch the original CSI as well and how different are they?

I truly like the storylines better on Criminal Minds and I love the profiling! Now if they didn't have a woman on their team it would look bad, but the team is balanced out nicely. Screw USA Today! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love that we were BOTH wrong, but at least we both were trying to draw the same conclusion, end of credits and a "special" word = an Honor.


Anonymous said...

1. USA Today usually writes great articles about CM.
2. Once Jill or Stacy see that it was even posted here I am sure they will remove it asap.

I love Criminal Minds. It is the show for people who like to think and learn. It is fast paced and wonderfully written. Last night was not the best example of that but it was the necessary introduction episode they were forced to make. Next week will be better.

TG leaving the show has been rumored for months. I would hope that all it's just a rumor.

The credits are beyond my understanding but I am sure it was a contractual agreement that they made to get Mantegna. They were so utterly desperate to fill the job and all the other candidates were turning them down. They had to give him whatever he wanted to get him. I suggest we all just suck it up. It was just the price of doing business and probably no slight was intended towards Thomas. They needed to fill the spot. What were they supposed to do if that is what his representatives were negotiating for? Turn him down and be laughed at again in the media for being rejected by yet another candidate. They did what they had to do to save the show.

Anonymous said...

Hotch will fill in the daddy role so no worries about going fatherless.
Emily, I think, will be our new mommy now. Think of the scene a couple weeks ago with her and Reid.

Hotch and Rossi talked about having dinner together 3 years ago and having seen each other at the BAU 10 years ago. So yes they know each other pretty well. Hotch and Hailey meet in High School. Hotch's Jr. year to be exact, 1987. (See Fisher King Part 1)

Rossi asked Garcia for a file on some victims from a 20 year old case, the names of the kids on the charm bracelet are the names of the victims' children.

No worries your head isn't the only one full of CM trivia. lol

Elizabeth said...

I like Rossi - he looks like someone who has sharp edges and that could be fun.

As for the credits - I assumed getting last place was a promotion for TG. As someone else said, when we see a list, we usually remember first and last items (primacy and recency effects), so putting TG at the end would seem to reinforce Hotch's role.

The story was OK, the Halloween stuff didn't work for me - handing out sweeties at a crime scene didn't seem right. But Hotch and Rossi had some great interaction.

Anonymous said... me, Ed should really tell us something. It's starting to heat up in there...and it's just my love for the show making me write this..

Anonymous said...

As for the credits - I assumed getting last place was a promotion for TG. As someone else said, when we see a list, we usually remember first and last items (primacy and recency effects), so putting TG at the end would seem to reinforce Hotch's role.

How I love psychology. So very much.

I don't know much about credits either, but for most shows I considered the last place to be one of the most important roles.....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know (it's always me, I think I should sign at least at the end of my comments, I'm sorry).
What I think, though, is that there is a lot of little clues that makes me guess that TG is or incredibly shy or probably pissed about something.
And I strongly believe that, after Mandy went, Hotch is really necessary for the show.
He is the leading character now, no matter how much they are trying to push Joe in the leading role.
And all this...fogginess, is worrying me a lot.

B&A said...

We think that Mantegna really stepped up to play Rossi. It can't be easy stepping into an existing show with ratings as high as Criminal Minds. This particular
episode was fantastic. Thanks to all the writers and actors. EXCELLENT...

Anonymous said...

I think it is extremely easy to step into a show that is in the top twenty and has an established base. Yes I do.

I really loved the episode. It had a little bit of everything. I liked Reid and his general nerdiness and love of Halloween.

I Garcia and Rossi trying to get a handle on each other.

Rossi looks like a really interesting character.

The case was good. Not the candy at the end but the rest was first rate.

Anonymous said...

I rewatched it again tonight and except for the handing out the candy at the crime scene I really liked it and I think I am really going to like Rossi.

slashgirl said...

angel said:

Hotch will fill in the daddy role so no worries about going fatherless.
Emily, I think, will be our new mommy now. Think of the scene a couple weeks ago with her and Reid.

Nope, Hotch is the Mom and will remain the Mom. And Prentiss is one of the kids, she can't step up to a parental role--that would make her equal with Hotch, which she isn't. I think Hotch may have to be Mom & Dad for a bit, but he'll always have the mothering role. He cares about the emotional stability of the kids...and he's the one that gets all the messy crap to deal with, just like a mom.

Rossi's gonna have to come in and be the step-dad, I guess. Much as Prentiss was the awkward step sister when she came on the, for most people, it's like she's a member of the family. I have faith Rossi will find his way. I mean, the man HAS been away from the BAU for ten years--you've gotta expect there are changes which he'll have to get used to.

And I have to say, he might've ogled the girls a bit, but I didn't really see him as demeaning what any of them did, work wise. He was more than willing to use Garcia's expertise to get the records he wanted.... I think Hotch will help to make sure Rossi's a fast learner. *G*

Anonymous said...

Somehow my messages got "poofed" a few days ago!

I ALREADY LIKE MANTEGNA!!! Not going to change my mind either. Hope to learn more bits and pieces about him.


Anonymous said...

good start for rossi. as he becomes more comfortable with the team, say goodbye to the notebok .
I also think thomas being at the end of the credits was intended as an honor not a slight .

Anonymous said...

"Nope, Hotch is the Mom and will remain the Mom."

I thought Hotch was suppose to be the dad and Gideon was mom? That is the way Ed explained it on the season 1 DVDs. So we need a mom and no I don't think Rossi is going to fit the bill.

Anonymous said...

i didn,t get to see this one the first time it air. so i will get to see it tonight , can,t waite

Anonymous said...

GREAT THIS IS a rerun and I like screamed when Morgan almost got shot, ANYhwo I still be there watching as if I never watched it before

Anonymous said...

So, I'm confused as to why they aren't showing the new episode? My guide shows 3rd Life is supposed to be on.

Kinda disapointing, but nice to see an episode tonight I guess.