Monday, December 24, 2007


Fellow Criminal Minds Fans: The behind the scene professionals of Criminal Minds are facing a holiday season without any income. Stacy & I have already received many contributions to the Criminal Minds Assistance Fund we started for them and our second check was mailed this week to LA. If you haven't sent a contribution in yet then please do so. We need to help the Criminal Minds staff and crew. They are so important in the making of our wonderful show. There are many wonderful funds popping up to assist below the line professionals but this fund was setup to help our Criminal Minds family. Please email me at for details on how to donate. Thanks

Ed Bernero had this to say in an email a few days ago:

I like that our fans know that their donations are
going directly to the crew of their show.

And, so everyone knows, we have made funds available
(from your donations ) to several crew members in need
and they could not be more touched by all your
generosity. Criminal Minds has proven to be a
singularly special experience and a lot of the credit
for that goes to you fans. This is one hell of a