Friday, August 03, 2007


Criminal Minds: I have taken the last few days and worked on the Criminal Minds Fanatic blog archives. I haven't finished January but by the end of tomorrow I should have us current through the blog opening in October. The blog was new then and not many people take the time to go back into the archives and look around. I would encourage you to do so. I had forgotten some of the great Criminal Minds articles and pictures. Sometimes when you purchase a picture you only buy the right of current usage for a few months. The picture can stay in your archives but can't be reposted and can't be copied by others. It has been a lot of fun looking at the old stuff.

I think I will give you an incentive to take a trip down memory lane. Nobody can post more than one comment per post. When you comment on any post that is dated prior to March 1st you need to write your comment and then what the number post it is for you. Example: I loved this episode because.....Carla #1 and then the next comment you leave on another post is Carla #2. On August 13th we will verify who has posted the most comments and that person wins a brand new set of Season One, Region One, DVDs. Each comment must be at least 8 words long and relevant to the post itself. Have fun on your trip down memory lane! :)

**For those Criminal Minds fans who want to participate in the "Criminal Minds Walk Down Memory Lane" contest listed below but can't use region one dvds or who already own the season one dvds there is an alternative prize available. If you fall into one of the two catagories listed then I will send you an Criminal Minds autographed picture. I have several handy and more on the way to me.