Sunday, August 19, 2007


Criminal Minds: Sindee who lives in Germany and is the moderator of the Criminal Minds Fanatic Message Board Fanart section is holding a contest. Sindee has posted the contest rules and regulations below.

Until August 31st we will have a contest in the fanart section of the Message Board.
The challenge is to make up icons, banners, wallpapers or whatever you like and the topic is "Hotch smiling".

So strain your brain. There are a few of those special moments, but you'll have find them - either by watching all the episodes again or clicking through Stacy's "Oracle of Quantico" screencap site here:

You are only permitted to use screencaps from the epsiodes - no outside pictures are allowed. If you have any difficulties with uploading your pictures please contact Sindee (moderator of the fanart section) and she'll help out. The winner will get a set of season one DVDs (Region 1) and will be announced in the first week of September. OK, so let's start and remember, there's no uploading limit, post as many pics as you want.