Saturday, August 04, 2007


Criminal Minds: The Criminal Minds Fanatic message board now has threads to ask Ed Bernero, Simon Mirren and Andrew Wilder questions. Amanda Bernero has also graciously offered to participate with the blog and the message board and we hope to have details for you on that this coming week. Mr. Bernero's office has graciously sent us some autographed scripts and other goodies which I should receive this week. The message board will be hosting some VERY special chats in the next few weeks. I will update you when I have further details on those. The "Walk Down Memory Lane" contest has started and is already amazing. Good luck to everyone on that. Our group's emails are on their way to the cast and crew as are the pictures I was going to take to get signatures on so that they can be signed and sent back to me. We have a great repeat this week and the new season is getting close! The Director of the Criminal Minds DVDs is putting the finishing touches on her answers to our group's questions. Those will be posted on the message board when I receive them. I was disappointed that the trip was postponed but look forward to going in the near future. My thanks, once again, to Mr. Bernero and all the wonderful people who work so hard on Criminal Minds