Saturday, August 18, 2007


Criminal Minds: How well do you really know the characters on Criminal Minds? The members of the BAU are in a restaurant. The place only serves sandwiches. What type sandwich do each one of them order?


Anonymous said...

Garcia would be a peanut butter and banana sort of person. With the crust.

Anonymous said...

I think JJ would like something health conscience like maybe chicken or turkey breast on whole wheat grain bread with sprouts and hold the mayo.

Anonymous said...

Morgan is a roast beef and cheese on a hogie kind of man. He can afford the extra calories since he is so physically active. I also think there would be some chips on the plate. And he would probably ask for it to be super sized.

Anonymous said...

I think Morgan would go in the opposite direction Shelby. I think he would go with less carbs. I see him as having a stuffed pita with lean lean lean meat or prehaps fish. Lots of the right veggies. I think he is probably the kind of person who would eat many meals a day.

Shawn said...

Hotch - Roast Beef Sandwich
Reid - Tofu Sandwich
Garcia - Philly Cheesesteak
Morgan - Turkey Club
Prentiss - Grilled Chicken Sandwich
JJ - Veggie Grinder

Anonymous said...

Reid: Grilled Cheese

Hotch: Tuna salad on Wheat

Prentiss: Turkey on Wheat with mayo

Garcia: BMT with extra vegetables

Morgan: Pastrami on rye with swiss

JJ: Turkey on Wheat with pickles

Anonymous said...

Morgan would be flirting with the waitress while he ordered the jumbo reuben.

Anonymous said...

Garcia would be the cold cut combo, extra chips and lots of pickles.

J.J. would be the turkey breast on white bread..hold the mayo and the chips. Maybe a side order of fruit.

Hotchner would be the roast beef on whole wheat multi grain bread with no mayo. I see him as a total fruit cup on the side kind of guy.

Someone please bring Reid and egg salad sandwich on whole wheat but he would like chips with it please.

Anonymous said...

Reid: A tuna sandwich on whole wheat with tomato and lettuce plus a pickle on the side.

Morgan: Roast beef with Swiss cheese lettuce, tomato, and spicy mustard on white.

Hotch: Ham and Swiss cheese with lettuce and mayo on rye.

Prentiss: a Veggie sandwich with extra sprouts and dijon mustard on multi-grain bread.

JJ: a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and garlic mayo on a kaiser roll.

Garcia: a turkey club on pumpernickel bread with lettuce, extra pickle, and thousand island dressing.

Ok, now I'm hungry!

Anonymous said...

Garcia orders something really different like ham and feta in a pita with italian vegetables and a spicy sauce. She is a spicy lady.

Anonymous said...


I am hungry just reading your delicous list of sandwiches. I think I agree with some of them but I see Reid as being a tad more creative.

Reid, A bacon club sandwich loaded with vegs with hot mustard. I think he would order something like macaroni salad in place of the normal chips that come with a sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Garcia would get a big messy sandwich and when she took the first bite of it some of it would fall from the other end and land on her shirt. I loved that blog entry KV did about noodles falling on her shirt. She is so cool.

I am thinking maybe a meatball sub.

Anonymous said...

lol Bridgett!!!

I can so see that happening.

Garcia: I think a steak and cheese loaded with all the extras.
Reid: PB&J
Hotch: Chicken salad with all the extras.
J.J.:A veggie supreme which she would only eat half of.
Morgan: Roast beef loaded withthe works and double french fries.
Prentiss: Plain turkey on whole wheat with nothing on the side.

Anonymous said...

Grilled cheese with bacon and onions for Morgan with hash browns or tots.

Maybe something such as a BLT for Prentiss. I don't see her as a tots person so I am thinking the fruit cup or perhaps a small salad.

Anonymous said...

Hotch might surprise us all and have something like a ham and cheese on a roll. I think he has a carefree side to him. lol

Anonymous said...

I'm typing this while looking at restaurant menus.

Hotch - Corned Beef on an Onion Roll
Reid - Tuna on Wheat
Morgan - Philly Cheese Steak
Garcia - "Twister" Sandwich. Corned Beef and Turkey Mixed.
Prentiss - Marinated Grilled Chicken Sandwich
JJ - Veggie Pita

Don't Forget the new guy.

Rossi - Italian Beef Sandwich

Anonymous said...

Gideon: Whole wheat bread and plain turkey. Nothing else at all

Morgan: White Bread and ham and cheese with everything added on. I see him with a fully loaded sandwich.

Reid: I love the idea someone else had about Peanut Butter and Jelly and I can see it on white bread.

Hotchner: Totally a whole grain bread man. Maybe turket or chicken breast. Low fat mayo and nada else.

Prentiss: Veggie delight with a small drop or two of low fat dressing on it.

J.J.: Ditto to what Prentiss is having.

Lady Garcia: Cheesesteak with smothered onions and extra cheese.

Anonymous said...

Hubby and I just got home from dinner and a movie and now you peeps have me hungry. lol

I think our new guy should be included even though we do not know anything about him. SweetThang was right and I think her sandwich choice for him is great.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of our sweet Reid having a PB & J sandwich. Thankfully he could eat it without chopsticks. That was so funny.

Anonymous said...

Prentiss: Tuna with low fat light mayonaise on a whole wheat pita bred with nothing else.

Anonymous said...

sandwiches for the bau team. well JJ salard and chicken, garcia chease and tomatoe, morgan, something spicey,reid peanut butter and jello,,prentiss cuecumber and ham. hotch egg and cress and th newset memeber,a bacon ,lettace and tomaoe speical. and if gideon were around then he would have beef and mustard on rye.


Reid? A coffee sanwich.

Anonymous said...

J.J.- I think she eats more than we think. I say maybe a BLT.

Hotch- I agree he is probably a cautious eater so he gets turkey on grain bread with lettuce and tomatoe.

Reid- I can see him picking at a grilled cheese sandwich. I don't see him as a big eater.

Prentiss- I think she likes to eat. I think she is adventurous so she would order whatever the speciality sandwich is at the sandwich shop.

Morgan- He runs his calories off so he needs a good meal. I think he would have the prime rib sandwich.

Garcia- She would be the one to really go to town trying something different so I say she orders the same thing as Emily.

Anonymous said...


Peanut butter and bananas...ew!

How about peanut butter and fluff. I could see Garcia eating that.

Seng said...

Love this question! Nothing better than deciding what people will eat.

Morgan - a blt, burger, or happy waitress (I mean the sandwich!)
Garcia - grilled cheese (with extra butter, only because extra butter makes it really good - in my opinion)
Hotch - a cuban
Reid - a croque-monsieur or monte cristo (because he's complex like that, but so good!)
Prentiss - all white meat turkey sandwich (only because all the federal agents I know like her character have simple taste)
JJ - Philly cheesesteak (her character is from Philadelphia, right?)

Anonymous said...

sammiches? hmm.

Reid: peanut butter and jello on white bread(hey, don't knock it til you've tried it.)He'd have to order PB sandwich with the jello separately and add it to his sandwich. *G*

Hotch: roast beef & havarti, with mustard on homemade whole grain

Morgan: philly cheesesteak with fries

JJ: toasted BLT

Prentiss: chicken salad on whole wheat

Garcia: the most unusual sounding sandwich on the menu and/or one she hasn't tried before

Anonymous said...

Garcia would be the one to order a sandwich and a bag of chips and then smash them up and put them inside her sandwich. I can sooo see her doing that. I am thinking cheese fries too. Maybe a zesty chicken sandwich stuffed with the chips.

Anonymous said...

Garcia, corning beef with russian dressing.
Hotchner, turkey club on white dry.
J.J., roast chicken breast with mustard on whole grain bread.
Prentiss, egg salad with onions on white.
Morgan, beef patty melt with seared onions and mushrooms on a bun.
Dr. Reid, ham and cheese on rye with mustard and mayo.

Anonymous said...

Reid would want a small sandwich rather plain I believe. I'm thinking of perhaps a dry turkey sandwich on a multi-grain bread or flat.

Poor Reid. I don't imagine that he is used to much in the way of foods since his mom was probably not the one that cooked.

Ika said...

I don't know Rossi, but he looks like he likes his food. He'll have some tricolore salad as a side to a pepperoni mozzarella and black olives sub. I can totally see Reid having candy bars and a coke while JJ tries to feed him a salad. Hotch would be more conservative and eat any kind of meat, perhaps simply chicken. I've seen Garcia eat a ham and salad sandwich with a lot of nice and healthy sides and a danish. Prentiss and Morgan may prefer pizza...
Food is definitely an issue in CM!

Anonymous said...

Broasted chicken sandwiches all around for this group. The interesting part would be the side item..

Prentiss...fruit cup jello
J.J....small garden salad
Gideon.....cole slaw
Hotchner....small caesar salad
Reid....fried with lots of dip
Morgan....mixed greens salad

Anonymous said...

Morgan: Fried fish sandwich with tartar sauce and greens plus a milkshake and onion rings.

Anonymous said...

Prentiss: Greek pita sandwich

J.J.: Turkey pita sandwich

Garcia: Metro pita sandwich

Morgan: Cheddar steak pita sandwich

Gideon: Chicken pita sandwich

Hotch: Spicy veg pita sandwich

Anonymous said...

Subway heros & salads:

6" for Prentiss, Hotch and J.J. and they would all be turkey with vegs.

Foot long for Morgan and Garcia and they would be the cheesesteak supreme

Darling Reid would have the tuna salad bowl with no dressing.

Anonymous said...

I work in a deli and here is how I see it:

Morgan: Hot Pastrami on rye with hot mustard, mixed green salad with ranch dressing, fruit cocktail and a root beer.

Prentiss: Grilled chicken finger sandwich on sourdough bread with honey mustard dressing and lettuce, mixed green salad without dressing and an iced tea.

J.J.: Vegetable Surprise Sandwich in a pita bowl with house light dressing, diet coke.

Garcia: Fried fish sandwich with the house sauce, fries and a milkshake.....strawberry.

Reid: BLT Deluxe which comes with oriental noodle salad and onion straws and water.

Hotchner: The Lean Deluxe which is turkey and ham on thin wheat bread loaded with veggies and a touch of virgin olive oil dressing and a unsweet tea.

Rossi: I don't know him yet but since he is Italian then I am going to make a guess that he would pick the Italian cold cut pita which is stuffed with pepporoni, italian sausage and cured ham.

Anonymous said...

Reading all these comments has made me famished.

I can visualize Reid eating a plain cheese sandwich and maybe a bag of chips. The poor child needs to eat.

Anonymous said...

Reid- Chicken salad on wheat.
Gideon-Chicken slices on wheat.
Rossi-Meatball on a bun.
Hotch-Turkey on wheat.
Morgan-Mixed cold cuts on wheat.
Prentiss-Ham and cheese on wheat.
Garcia-Roast Beef on white.
JJ-Vegetables on wheat.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone wants to take MGG/Reid home and feed him. He needs to gain a few pounds. He is so adorable.

Reid: Nibbles from a chicken sandwich.

Morgan: Finishes Reid's sandwich and eats his own double packed roast beef and cheese one.

Hotch: Something healthy like turkey breast or chicken breast.

Garcia: She would order the craziest thing on the menu and enjoy every bite of it. I love her.

J.J.: Something very health conscience like Hotch would have but she would never finish the whole thing.

Prentiss: I see her as being health conscience as well so she is having a turkey or chicken sandwich but she would finish hers.

Anonymous said...

I think they decide against sandwiches and they rush to the nearest pizzeria and order tons of pizzas.

Garica: Everything pizza.
J.J.: Veg toppings.
Prentiss: Plain cheese.
Reid: Plain cheese.
Morgan: Meatlovers.
Hotch: Plain cheese.

Anonymous said...

this entire thread is amusing. I think we're all having trouble deciding what Morgan would have, here, but I think everyone's right in saying JJ would get the healthiest sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Morgan is the hardest and you are so right about that. I see him as the type to eat with good health in mind but he is also a very big and active man and he needs a bunch of food.

Anonymous said...

Okay how about this for Morgan... Meatball sub with mozzarella cheese and a big shake.

Anonymous said...

Morgan: Double roast beef and cheese on a sub sandwich.

Garcia: Tuna Melt on a bun.

Prentiss: Chicken salad with sprouts on marble bread.

JJ: Turkey and lettuce on whole wheat.

Reid: Ham and swiss on rye.

Hotch: Roast beef on wheat.

Anonymous said...

Oh I want to do Pizza as well. That is fun too.

I really think they would be pizza hounds. Reid with pizza. Cheese grease on his shirt. Garcia as well.

Anonymous said...

Reid and pizza would be such an adventure.

If we are sticking to sandwiches then I think they are all going to eat healthy sandwiches. Turkey, Ham and Chicken.

Anonymous said...

There is a sub shop called Brunos here and they make hot italian sandwiches. It is yummers.

Morgan: Sausage with extra sauce and peppers.
JJ: Cheese calzone.
Garcia: Stuffed pizza sandwich.
Reid: Grilled chicken smothered in wine sauce.
Prentiss: Pepperoni surprise calzone.
Hotch: Stuffed chese calzone with mushrooms and onions.

Anonymous said...

JJ, Veggie sandwich
Gideon, Turkey sandwich
Hotch, Turkey sandwich
Morgan, Double something sandwich
Garcia, Club sandwich
Prentiss, Turkey sandwich
Reid, Bologna sandwich

Anonymous said...

If they went to a health food store for lunch like Wild Oats then here is my list:

J.J. Sprouts and tofu
Garcia tofu burger
Hotch salmon burger
Morgan (he would be miserable) portabello mushroom sandwich
Prentiss tofu burger
Reid tofu burger

Anonymous said...

Since we seem to be branching out then I would take them to the fish eatery near in my city.

JJ- Blackened salmon sandwich

Hotch- Grilled flounder sandwich

Reid- Fishsticks

Garcia- Fishsticks

A.J.- Grilled filet of sole sandwich

Prentiss- Salmon Patties

Morgan- Grilled Surf and Turf which is a half sandwich of the fish of the day and a small sirloin.

Anonymous said...

Reid: Ham on Cheese grilled with pickles

J.J.: She passes on the sandwich and has fresh fruit

Prentiss: Grilled BLT

Garcia: Italian BMT

Hotchner: Lonely boring Turkey

Morgan: The biggest sandwich on the menu

Anonymous said...

I can picture Reid & Garcia eating a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. I can not imagine Hotchner or Prentiss ever touching one of those. They are really more a plain turkey on grain bread people.

Anonymous said...

Seafood Salad sandwich for Garcia. She's the only one brave enough to order it if it was on the menu.

Spicy beef meximelt for someone like Morgan. Packed with beef but not boring. Like him

Chicken salad sandwich for Prenitss. I think the gal likes to eat.

Low-fat veg delight for our darling J.J.

Poor Hotchner it would seem to everyone is a boring eater. I'm not sure he is so boring. Lets give him the benefit of the doubt and serve him up a Meximelt.

Our Reid is surely a grilled cheese young man.

Anonymous said...

I think Prentiss would be the risk taker when it comes to food. I think she would try the one the thing on the menu that she has never had before.

Anonymous said...

Reid: BLT hold the dressing on wheat

J.J.: Turkey breast dry on wheat toast

Garcia: Cold cut combo with thousand island dressing on white

Hotch: Roast beef with mayonaise on wheat

Morgan: Prime rib dip with lots of juice for dipping

Prentiss: Same as Morgan

Anonymous said...

I want to do pizza or deserts next. I know deserts.

Hotchner: Apple pie
Morgan: Chocolate cheesecake
Reid: Jello
J.J.: One scoop of vanilla low fat custard
Prentiss: Berry sorbet
Garcia: Carrot cake
Gideon: coffee only

Kirsten said...

I'm really hungry, and it's two in the morning.

The gang is at MickeyD's.
Reid- regular ol' hamburger, small fries, huge coffee.
J.J.- side salad, water.
Morgan- Quarter Pounder with cheese value meal, supersized with a root beer
Prentiss- gets the grilled cheese happy meal, because I like to think she collects McDonald's toys, with apple slices and a diet coke
Hotch- McChicken value meal, eats only half the fries, no sauce, with water
Garcia- Big Man, fries, coke, and she would try to steal Emily's toy.
Vanilla cones for all on the way out.

Anonymous said...

Reid - Grilled cheese
Garcia - anything different
Morgan - Cheese steak or a Ruben
JJ - Turkey and cheese on a kaiser roll
Hotch - Turkey Club
Prentiss - something I probably couldn't pronounce