Monday, August 13, 2007


Criminal Minds: Nellie Andreeva who writes for "The Hollywood Reporter" wrote her Criminal Minds story last night and said "on the "Minds" fan blog during" while writing about Mr. Bernero's announcement to us on Friday. I spoke with her this morning and she informed me that CBS Publicity told her to refer to the blog that way instead of posting a proper credit. I know the head of CBS West Coast Publicity and she would never tell them to miscredit a story. So either Ms. Andreeva misunderstood or she has just promoted us to being "the Minds" fan blog. I would be laughing about it but when I asked her to correct the error her husband/or other hung up on me. Wow. :)

*** Follow up to my original post: In reporting about our conversation the woman proved herself to be not only misinformed, again, but also unable to tell time and to report the truth regarding a message I left within minutes of her story being posted. The Hollywood Reporter is a third party news source for Reuters and for CNN which have both apologized to me for her rudeness and her inability to properly credit a source. would seem only she can't see how truly aweful her manners and behavior are. Shoddy reporter. Thank goodness there are much better entertainment journalists than her out there!