Monday, August 13, 2007


Criminal Minds: Nebula, the moderator of the Criminal Minds Conversation Yahoo group is starting the following contest. The prize is a brand new set of Criminal Minds Season One dvds, region one, and an autographed picture of Kirsten Vangsness.

"Your challenge is this - to write a short summary for a new episode of Criminal Minds to appear in a TV Guide. Around 50 words and no more than 100. The aim is to make my somewhat picky husband want to tune in that week. Imagine that Criminal Minds is on at the same time as a live Football Match (that's Soccer for non-Europeans), so it is going to have sound exciting to get him to change channels. He likes drama and it can be as dark as you like. He is a man, so any romance will have him rushing for the remote. Mr Nebula will be the judge. Closing Date is August 27th. Good Luck"