Friday, April 18, 2008


Criminal Minds: Thanks to the generousity of Edward Allen Bernero, Executive Producer of Criminal Minds, the Criminal Minds Fanatic chat room was opened to fans around the globe Wednesday night for a very special chat with the multi-talented Matthew Gray Gubler and Andrew Wilder. Kirsten Vangsness popped in to surprise us, answer some questions and visit for awhile which was incredible and Jay Beattie, who was busy shooting his episode, stopped by to say a quick hello and wrangle his stars back onto the set.

This chat also would not have happened without the tireless work of the chat moderators: Stacy, Lori, Debbie, Sherlockette, Tamara and Phoenix. 99.99999% of the planning, practicing and implementing for this chat was accomplished by these wonderful ladies and thanks for the flawless chat operations should be directed to them. I hope that we are given the opportunity of hosting more of these special chats and that even more of you will be able to attend them. :)