Wednesday, January 03, 2007


These are the quotes from tonight's repeat of Criminal Minds: The Perfect Storm:

"Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it".
Mark Twain

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars".
Kahlil Gibran


B.J. said...

Love these quotes.

Lin said...

Okay, show of hands -- everybody who's started collecting quotations just in case the writers run out of ideas and have to call us in to pinch-hit ...

Oh, wait, that was the out-loud voice again, wasn't it?

These are awesome.

callie said...

lin's idea is great. lets come up with some quote ideas and email them in.

Jan said...

Hotch needs to get him some blue argyle socks and cool out. ;-)

Jan said...

Actually, partially prompted by CM quotes, I got some for both change and humor to use in a short talk on - you guessed it - change and humor at church last Sunday. It worked out really well, although it took a lot longer to write than I thought.

jenna said...

I love the look on Hotch's face in this picture. Loved the quotes. Thanks.

Jemma said...

First, my shallowness-*drool* That pic is so so hawt!

Now taht's outta the way, I love the quotes, they really help 'sum up' the episode

Jemma #120

jacqui said...

I love the picture of pensive Hotch.

that second quote is one of the truest quotes I've ever heard. it captured the message of this episode well.

jacqui #130