Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Amplification" written by Oanh Ly and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

** Beware of spoilers in the comments **

** Quotes and song info will be posted after the episode airs in a separate post**


AngelLeah said...

I'm so excited! Looks like a good one.

gubegirl said...

Yes, only 3 hours left of my favorite show on TV! Can't wait. The DVDs better come out early this year because my DVR dropped some of the early episodes...poopy damn...what a dull summer it shall be...

Elisabeth R. said...

The promo for this episode has me so excited.
I have never been so impatient to watch an episode of Criminal Minds, never.
I can hardly wait.

morticia_addams said...

i can't wait to see the ep! wooohooo

Anonymous said...

Can't wait! Just wish I didn't have to walk out the door to leave for work 15 minutes before it ended! IF I had the money, I would take a taxi to work!

Deirdre said...

This should be a thrilling episode!! I can't wait!

Debbie said...

I'm as nervous about this episode as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

But still looking forward to it...

Kate said...

I cannot wait either! Gahh!

I dont have any dvds but I go to this site to watch em.

I hope Reid is okay!

Walburga Benker said...

Can´t wait to see another excellent episode from the best show of the world.

Jordan said...

I am SO OVER Reid being in the spotlight. It's a little ridiculous and very annoying. Let another character have a storyline for once!!

I.S.O.H. said...

Reid was left so much on the background for a good part of the fourth season.
I'm really glad that we'll get to see more of him on this episode.

Hillary said...

Excited for tonight's episode! Not as much as I was for "Revelations" but still excited enough. :)

BlueCurl/Sonja said...

Can't wait to see the episode later! I loved the promo but that is usually not something to go on hihi!

Unknown said...

I've been bouncing all day. Reid has been under utilised this season and been more in the background. So for me while I adore the whole team and their individual developments. I do have a soft spot for Reid. I love hurt/comfort eps. If there's even a hint of team love i'll be grabbing for the tissues.

Can't wait for it to air!!

Unknown said...

While I really love Reid's character, and I think this episode will be a good one, I don't know how anyone thinks he has been underutilised this season, or, in fact, ever.

He's had four episodes this season where he's had a large share of (if not all) the focus: Minimal Loss, The Instincts, Memoriam and 52 Pickup, and tonight he's getting focus too.

That's more focus (and backstory) than pretty much every other character in this show. I don't think any of the others have ever had five episodes in one season (and for some of them it feels like they have less than five episodes full stop - JJ in particular).

I'm not saying I don't enjoy his character, because as I said at the beginning, I do, but I'm really getting fed-up of other characters being sold out in order for him to have more episodes. I know he's a fan favourite, but we love watching the others too - they should get more action/backstory than they do.

Unknown said...

Natalie, I agree with you about all the eps, Reid played a part in, except for 52 pick up, where I felt that was a good Prentis episode. I agree about wanting JJ to have a good episode for her character. If it's any consolation, I can't see Reid being the focus of the eps in the finale... who knows it might even be JJ. :)

Caitlin said...

YAY! another 20 minutes for atlantic canadians, which includes me! :P I am very excited! I didn't get to see last weeks episode (I think that is the only episode I have ever missed!) so I am twice a excited for this one! I am jumping up and down in my seat with anticipatation! HURRY UP CTV and AIR CM ALREADY! lol! :P

Heyla said...

'Minimal Loss' and '52 Pick up' focused a lot on Emily, even more so than on Reid.
Even if Reid had more centric episodes than JJ and Morgan, you can't deny that Hotch, Rossi and Emily did get a lot of screen time. Hotch was the central figure this season, and he did get his fair share of pain, story lines and issues too.

I'm glad than this episode is focused on Reid, because he was a background character in a lot of episodes this season.
Anyway, I'm very impatient.

Doc. said...

I'm very excited and impatient to see this episode.

I really hope that Reid will get some well deserved comfort from his team and family.
I'll be happy if we get good scenes and conversations between Hotch and Reid. I'm hoping for a hug between those two like the one at the end of 'Revelations'.

Caitlin said...

*SQUEEEEEEE!* JJ called Reid "Spence"! Hopping up and down now! :P

Anonymous said...

I can't wait either, sorry but I do not agree that this season has had too much Reid, there has been more of Prentiss, Morgan, Hotch and Rossi than Reid if you count actual screen time, I for one am thrilled about tonights show.......the Celt

Anonymous said...

Ok people lots and lots of spoilers please. I didn't get home until 15 minutes after the show started,( had a date ) and since I have to leave 15 minutes before it ends, I made the decision not to turn it on, as missing the first 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes, leaving me only to see the first 30 minutes, would drive me to insane. I also knew that if I turned it on, I wouldn't want to leave until it was over, and I can't miss my bus for work! ( Wish I had cash for a taxi! )

I think I will watch it as soon as I get home tomorrow, before I go to bed! ( Depending on how tired I am )

Caitlin said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am like hyperventalating, bawling my eyes out and dying laughing all at the same time! Of course Reid is going to make a joke at an innapropriate time!
Reid: "uuhh, I'm gonna have to get naked so that they can scrub me down.... I don't think you wanna stick around for that"
Morgan: *gets a little shifty* alright then, take good care of him...
Not the vision I had in mind of Reid getting naked, but his humor about it will do!

Sofie said...

IT HIS A SMASH! ABSOLUTELY STONISHING! BREATH TAKING! CONGRATS TO EVERYONE who worked on this episode! I LOVED IT! Just saw it here in Canada!

Caitlin said...

WHOA! Crazy episode! It really makes you think of all of the things that could happen!

gubegirl said...

Caitlin - you're making me crazy! We in CA will be waiting almost 3 more hours to see our guys!

And I do not agree that Reid got too much air time this season; in fact, the entire season was much more balanced, with all of the team getting lots of att'n. I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more of Shemar (he was esp good last week or thw wk before and Paget has been showing off her stuff all season and I love her!

back to Matthew, bring it on, baby - we're so-o-o ready to see you tonite! If they need any volunteers to help scrub him down, count me in..:)

ivyhamster said...

OMG! Oanh Ly just put my worst fears on the tv. Anthrax being released in a park.

Rossi's Live a 100 years sentence sent chills down my spine.

Loved Prentiss wanting to tell the public what was going on and trying to argue it with Hotch.

Reid got the first quote! Go Reid!

Anonymous said...

JJ worried about Henry. Reid didn't want to tell her what happened to that baby.

Anonymous said...

Judy, that was my favorite scene. For those who haven't seen the episode yet: JJ is crying talking to Hotch about wanting to stop Henry from taking daily walks in the park. He tells her that she can't use the information. That none of them can use it to protect their own families and she asks what kind of mother that makes her. Great scene.

Caitlin said...

Hey Gubegirl! Hahaha!, I wish I could somehow send you the episode so you wouldn't have to wait another three hours! You can do it! it is TOTALLY worth it!

I agree with you that Reid hasn't had way too much appearence in this season. There were some very good Emily, Hotch, and Rossi centric episodes this season! I think we need a bit more morgan and JJ to complete a FABULOUS season!

Quote from Gube Girl:
"back to Matthew, bring it on, baby - we're so-o-o ready to see you tonite! If they need any volunteers to help scrub him down, count me in..:)"

Hahaha, count me in as well :P ME ME ME, PICK ME! I will happily volunteer if needed!

alicia said...

The profile was enough to make me want to wear a gas mask. Holy crap!

Caitlin said...

I agree with Maura and Judy, JJ worrying about Henry in the scenes with both Hotch and Reid were very touching! It clicked with me right away when Reid got it that JJ was worried about Henry. I also got really emotional when Reid called Garcia, called her out on her lackluster greeting and asked her to record a message for his mom. Then.. the message to his mom! :( Well, I was just about hysterical!

Anonymous said...

Reid just closed the door locking Morgan out. I can't believe he is the house with anthrax. Poor Garcia is freaking out. JJ is still freaking out about Henry but it sounds like she did warn him. Not sure if I understood her conversation with Garcia. Did anyone catch her meaning about warning loved ones?

Anonymous said...

Reid's message to his mom made me cry. That recording was a tear jerker. I can't believe that Garcia was able to keep it all together like she did.

Reid not wanting to take narcotics was great throw back to his being in a drug program.

I don't think J.J. warned Henry because when she called home she got the message machine and left a casual message.

Reid naked and Morgan not wanting to see it. LOL

Great episode!!!!!

lauren said...

Rossi figured out who the partner was. Figures he would. I suspected that Reid cutting himself on that bush meant something. It was such an unusual thing for them to focus on in an episode. Pretty good episode so far. Too many darn commercials. JJ is having a hard time but Hotch went through the same thing with his son.

helena said...

Love Morgan. We are a team and we go down as a team! Beautiful line! Nice job by Oanh on this one

robin said...

What a crazy lunatic! Wants it named after him. Loved that Hotch had a plan to catch him and it worked. This was a really good episode. I liked that Rossi apologized to Emily. I also like that Emily is questioning whether lying to the public is the best way to handle situations like this.

Anonymous said...

Hotch called Jack. Okay now I am crying.

gubegirl said...


I'm two hours plus away from tonite's epi but I can tell you right now: you are the minority here. Even Hotch fans are not complaining and if MGG weren't so damn good, they would not give him these roles, believe me.

His face and voice emote so well and make CM fanatics emote because he is so expressive and credible. He def has not been overused this season and only JJ and Morgan could use a bit more showcasing of their skills.

I'm not sure who your favorite is, but I hope they get some great air time next week and in the meanwhile, sweetie, you had better stay anonymous:)

Anonymous said...

Oanh could have saved me seeing that last shot of all the locked up toxins! Scared enough since 911. Great job by the whole cast.

Laura_G said...

OMG! That was such a good ep Oanh! Nice balance between all the team. Very tense throughout. I really enjoyed it and the hour flew by. Can't wait to watch it again. Thanks to all who make CM happen!

Caitlin said...

Thanks for your second comment gubegirl! :) I completley agree with you! 150%

I still can't believe that next week is the season finale! From what i've seen, It's gonna be pretty damn scary! I can't wait!

Endings and Beginnings...and Food said...

LOL. I will take anything anytime with MGG! He is a geeky god! There are what, 22/24 episodes during a regular season , more than enough for everyone to get their share of the cast member they like! Can't wait to see the 2 hour epy next week. But so sad no new episodes till the fall. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Poor Reid, always getting the raw end of the deal! At least we know he'll be alright. I love that he stayed in the room to profile instead of running to the hospital. Also, that he was strong and would not accept any narcotics from the doc.

Morgan was a good friend, staying by his side. Poor Hotch, having to be the leader and not the friend, keep working the case instead of rushing Reid to the hospital.

I wanted to hug JJ and Garcia.

This again was a nice balance of team members, no one was completely focused on.

The "Don't you Emily me" line from Prentiss to Rossi was great.

As was the "I'm about to get naked, did you really want to stay for that?" from Reid to Morgan.

Laura_G said...

You are so right...seeing all those vaults locked up in that room was way too scary. I don't even want to think about it!!!

Debbie said...

Chilling…but I loved it! My heart is still in my throat.

Really brings home how vulnerable we all are. This one was very frightening on a personal level – it pressed my buttons!

And then there’s Reid. OMG…I sit on the couch and just feel my heart trying to jump out of my chest. His recording for his mom was so sad, that soft, gentle voice cracking with emotion broke my heart. It just kills me when Reid is in danger! MGG did a great job though – and I bet he loved getting to do those scenes!

And what a struggle for JJ. Talk about a moral dilemma!

I love how Morgan stands by Reid – he is so protective – just not fast enough to stop Reid before he gets in trouble!

And that final scene…I really think I’m too paranoid to watch this show.

MySentimentExactLee said...

I expected this episode to be a bit more upsetting, crying uncontrolably and such. It wasn't. I did however LOVE it. I'm almost glad it didn't give me a sore throat and a headache. LOL. All the characters did great and I enjoyed the interaction between Morgan/Reid and Prentiss/Rossi.

Lee :)

Lemony2rb2 said...

This episode is one of my top favs. It was intense, sweet and sad all at once. The whole plotline was great and Oahn Ly did a fanatisic job. The JJ moments with her son, and Hotch talking to his son was so sweet. I loved the pictures idea.

MySentimentExactLee said...

By the way, did anyone else pick up on Hotch telling JJ NOT to call home, when in Lesson Learned he called Haley to tell her to leave the mall (she did not answer). Kind of unfair if you ask me. Is his family more important than hers somehow?

meaghan said...

the bit with morgan and reid and getting naked is going to have the cm fanfiction people working on overload. lol

DianeDJ said...

Awesome episode!

Dan Lauria has changed!

Excellent TEAM WORK!!

Poor Reid

LOVE that we had JJ moments.

The end shot spooked the crap out of me.

Kasey said...

I really loved this episode. It was really frightening to think how vulnerable we are. That last scene was really creepy. I love Reid in Danger episodes. He may get into a lot of trouble but he still does his job. I loved how he protected Morgan and the message Reid had Garcia send his mother was so sad. He is such a great actor and he's a writer's dream. I loved the scrub down scene and the getting naked line.

The best part was this wasn't just a "Reid episode." Everybody had a part to play. I felt for JJ being worried about Henry and wanting to call him. I know how hard it was for Emily to have to lie but what good would a panic have caused. Poor Garcia was so worried about Reid and was so good with JJ. I like how Morgan stayed with Reid. it would have been nice if Garcia was there too. It was a nice touch with both JJ and Hotch calling their kids.

Can't wait for next week's episode.

Anonymous said...

JJ's concern for her son was understandable but her wanting to break protocol isn't cool. Hotch did make that call in a pervious episode but we really don't know if he would have warned Hailey not to go to the mall or not because he never got through to her. Maybe JJ wouldn't have done it but this is the second time that motherhood has affected her job. Not looking good.

Of course Reid was going to be okay. No way they kill off Reid. The Reidsters would revolt and it wouldn't be pretty. lol.

It did seem to me that other than Garcia and Morgan nobody seemed too worried about Reid being sick. Maybe they were just engrossed in the cast but he could have died.

Liked the episode alot. It really does make you wonder what else the government doesn't tell us about. We don't know alot about the 2001? anthrax attack. What else is there??

brooke said...

Hotch using that military guy to talk the unsub into surrendering was perfection. I was totally fooled by it. Great episode.

Anonymous said...

I think JJ will be okay. She is a new mom and every new parent has to get adjusted to being away from their child and JJ has a really hard job. Hard to not understand where she was coming from. Hotch talking to Jack and Reid's recording for his mom made me want to cry!

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode. Loved Reid's courage at staying in the house after he'd been infected instead of immediately seeking medical help. The tape he made for his mom had me tearing up. Hey, I'd stick around to see Reid get naked. My only disappointment was that the team, with the exception of Morgan, went on like nothing had happened to Reid and even after they solved the case, only Morgan went to see Reid in the hopital. I thought they were closer than that. The last scene was very scary in its implication.

wren said...

I don't know why I was expecting a Reid centric but I am glad that it turned out to be much more balanced than that. I liked it okay. Not my favorite of the season but no major complaints. The turmoil level was not high enough imho for a threat this large but who knows how many times there have been situations like this happening without us knowing it. I just hope the show didn't give any terrorists any ideas.

Anonymous said...

Good episode!

Reid in danger.....gotta love Criminal Minds!

JJ, Prentiss and Garcia conflicted about telling the truth. That was consistant with their personalities.

Morgan being the perfect big brother to Reid was so Morganish! Love that part of this character.

Rossi being dad and telling the kids what is right and what is wrong seemed right.

Hotch calling his son was perfect. It is so like Hotch to get the job done and then reflect. I wish we could see more of him with Jack.

jesse said...

Totally thought it was great. Just enough of everything. I can't believe this season is almost over.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be some disagreement tonight about how much of one character is a good thing. I love all the characters and would like to see some of the less used ones have more air time next season but I did think it was pretty well spread around in this epi.

My favorite part was Emily wanting to tell the lady across the street the truth but not doing it. Hard decision for her and I liked that she was still second guessing herself when it was all over with. When she joined the BAU it seemed like she was Ms. Know It All but she really is a great character.

The scene with Morgan and Reid at the house was great visually. The broken vial, the ceiling fan and the door being shut on Morgan. It just all really hit the fan at that moment.

Want to watch it again.

sara g. said...

That secret vault will be what I have a nightmare about tonight. Completely scared the crap out of me.

gzomb said...

cried so much at the message to reid's mom. i loved this ep more than most. any time reid is in trouble i cry, i just love him.

Ripley said...

Great, great episode tonight!! Loved seeing "Hotch" smile for once! ☺ Thank you...

Helen said...

First off: Reid made me cry when he was leaving a message for his mom, and that whole scene reminded me why I love Reid so much, and reminded me why I should ignore the crap that I read on the internet and just be happy with the team the way I see them; I need to try and stop letting other people affect my perceptions of my team and my show. So, thanks to Matthew Gray Gubler and Reid for that, and no thanks to anyone else because it shouldn't be about anyone but me and my team!

That said, this episode, while marketed as a Reid episode, ended up a team episode to me, whole-heartedly, and there is (almost ) nothing I like more than that. It was so lovely, for the first time in a long time it really felt like the team was a true family again.

Favourite bits and pieces:

Prentiss: Don't you 'Emily' me. (And Rossi's later, "Sorry about Emilying you earlier" ).

Rossi: I've never seen so many Alpha Males in one room before. (And all other snarky one-liners by him).

Garcia calling them doves and, more importantly, when she said, "hoping and praying that my babies will come home safe." And when JJ asks if she would break any protocol to save her family, and Garcia doesn't even hesitate. GARCIA is LOVE!

I loved, loved loved obviously all Hotch parts, for some reason I really liked the part where he downs the pills with one gulp... he's all boss man, leading the way. And boss man again, trying to keep Morgan safe (though I did love that Morgan was like, "we're going down as a team", BEST THING EVER!). I also felt bad for him when they're talking about Reid, and Hotch has to stop them and remind them to keep their heads in the case. Sometimes, like he said in "Penelope", being the boss sucks. But he was the one who needed to keep them focused, and as much as that sucked for them, thinking about Reid was not the thing to do at the moment.

On the Morgan note, hot shirt, Morgan! Loved it. Also, when Hotch and him were going down the steps to the train, my first thought was, "MORGAN, don't break the bulb when you tackle the guy!" Also loved how he was all big-brother with Reid, though I wouldn't have expected anything less from him. Jello, anyone?!

I ADORED Hotch's response when the general asked how he did: "You were effective." Ahahaha, complimented yet shut down at the same time, felt like to me. Yes! Hotch is the BOSS!


Hotch: Hey, buddy. What are you doing up so late?

And everything just previous to that, and then every "uh huh" afterwards as he became a daddy again, listening with rapt attention to kid stories that are only interesting to a parent!

I cannot even begin to describe how happy that scene with Hotch at the end made me, Thomas Gibson was so perfect, father needing to talk to his son. Which leads me to the other part of this awesome scene: JJ coming to the office door to say goodnight to Hotch, because I am so happy that the connection between them, as the only two on the team dealing with worry about their own children, is finally acknowledged! It took them long enough, but it's finally here! Yes! And it was beautiful.

Though on that note, what do you guys think about the "Lessons Learned" parallel? Is there a difference between Hotch calling Hayley and Jack then, and JJ calling Henry and Will now? Do you think that's something that should have been handled differently (Hotch's advice/order to JJ)? Because the only reason Hotch didn't break protocol in "Lessons Learned" was that he couldn't get through to Hayley (same as JJ, when it comes to that). So I think this might be one of those cases where you can just think more clearly when it's not your kid.

I was so happy that we finally see JJ reacting to a case, thinking about her son, though I kept thinking, "uh, random?!" It didn't seem like, out of all the cases they've had since she had Henry, that this would be the one to get to her. But, I am glad something finally did, we have been so lacking in JJ all season, and this was a great thing for her. Every scene she was in I had my eyes on her, she was just so full of emotion and struggling, working out where the line was and what she needed to do, for herself and for the team and for the victims. And again, I love the juxtaposition at the end of JJ on the phone with Will, asking him to keep Henry up, and then Hotch on the phone with Hayley, asking if Jack was still up and could he talk to him please.

It also made me very sad thinking about how JJ gets to go home and hug Henry, but Hotch has to be satisfied with a phone call.

So, awesome, awesome episode, it was beautiful in all ways and renewed my love of Criminal Minds and all my team members, all the way. It also cleared up my bad mood.

Hillary said...

Such a great episodes--and I was quite surprised at how it wasn't as Reid-centric as everyone would think! I really enjoyed that. There was the focus on JJ with her son Henry, Emily questioning what they were doing, Garcia unable to stay perky, etc! So great.

The moment Reid cut himself I knew it was going to be included! The part where he was talking and was unable to form coherent words freaked me out. Wouldn't that be so scary? To be talking and then unable to speak properly? -shudder- Then the part with him leaving the message to his mom was tearjerking.

I also liked the "We go down as a team" by Morgan. Great line! This team doesn't have much luck with Subways do they? I was a little worried when the army general guy stepped in front of Hotch but a second later you could tell what he was doing.

Anyway, this show just totally freaked me out! The thought of that guy walking down in broad daylight with 30-some lightbulbs of a deadly toxin is probably going to give me nightmares or something.


(And who wants a better preview for the finale? I have no idea of what's really going on!! The "Old McDonald" song was really creepy though, don't want to go to sleep with that in your head!)

Shawn said...

Phenomenal ep. I'm among the pretty much sick of Reid group, but he didn't bother me this ep even though he was - once again - the damsel(or dude) in distress.

The women in this ep rocked. JJ, Em and Garcia brought all the emotion and thus had some wonderful character moments.

Thank you, Oanh!

Nagi said...

Um. Wow. That was so, so awesome. At first I was just like, "Reid in Peril again? Really? Get a new puppy to kick," but Matthew Gray Gubler was absolutely heartwrenching, with the phone call to Garcia to record a message for his mom to the paranoid moment with the doctor when he refused the narcotics, and oh. When he was getting scrubbed down and told Morgan he was going to get naked - that was classic.

gubegirl said...

Wowsers! All the early birds (esp Caitlin!) were right - this was an awesome episode. Everybody - the entire team - was great and each played a key role and all displayed tremendous emotion appropriate to the case and their own situation. Made you appreciate each of them separately for what they do for the team and who they are in their personal lives.

Helen did a good job summing things up for those that may have missed something.

MGG: what can I say? He was incredibly Reid, doing his job first and worrying about his personal safety second. In that message to his mom, brief tho' it was, he was able to get so much across. Not just for his mom, but to Garcia, assisting him in this effort. He is truly amazing and I believe he deserves every moment he gets to shine in this show, because shine he does! Big time!

Disappointed that I didn't get a call to help scrub him down, tho' - damn!

Kudos to everyone, and esp to Oanh, who did a fabulous job writing this and she has every team member down pat!

I loved every minute of it & agree that it was one of the best episodes to date. CM Rocks! (as usual:)

julie peete said...

They all struggled with something in this episode and it was great to watch. Some thought about crossing the line between job and family and others with public safety. I think the actors all did an A+ job!

babruin said...

Yikes, it'll be hard to sleep well at night knowing how many threats are lurking out there. Chilling final scene at the end.
Oanh did a wonderful job of giving all the team a moment to shine and reveal something personal and emotional about themselves. I loved how she wove in themes of people struggling to do the right thing for others despite the pull to do something for themselves or the protection of loved ones.
Every actor did a tremendous job of bringing in the right balance of emotions whether it was JJ worrying about her baby, Emily's wondering about her lying,and my favorite scene, Reid's phonecall for his Mom.
Kudos to the entire CM team for a fantastic episode that was riveting and yet personal.

Jak said...

I can't find it online! So sad. :(

Anonymous said...

scared the shit out of me!! ahh anthrax

blue said...

can you believe someone would do that just to test people. or at lease that what I got out of it. I liked this one, but not loved it. I didn't like how they didn't at lease show that they knew that reid would be okay. I guess they didn't have time for that.

anyway, my favorite part was at the end with reid and morgan but prentiss was good to. I almost cried when jj was crying from worry over her son. sometimes crying make me cry. gotta watch it again.

Anonymous said...

"By the way, did anyone else pick up on Hotch telling JJ NOT to call home, when in Lesson Learned he called Haley to tell her to leave the mall (she did not answer). Kind of unfair if you ask me. Is his family more important than hers somehow?"

I noticed.

(i thought he was calling to tell her to stay home, not to leave the mall)

Although, Haley's trip was a not everyday outing - so Hotch could have come up with a better excuse. "I changed my mind and want you to wait to take the pics with me" would have been a good one.

In both cases, though, JJ/Hotch we re not able to get a hold of their SO's.

Lanna said...

WOW.This was a great episode. Very well written. Very alert pace and I always love to see how they deliver under pressure every single time.

Loved the Hotch and Reid moments in this episode.

Hotch got to show his great team leader skills in this episode. It's not easy to keep everyone concentrating on the case whith that much at stake...And I loved how he dealt with the general. It just shows he is the one that keeps it all together and the strength they all rely on when needed. Oh and it was so so good to see Hotch smile again. He so needed that.

MGG did a great job when Reid was recording that message for his mother. Very emotional and very well acted. Also loved that Reid got to be the one protecting the others for a change, instead of being protected. That was good to see. That and the fact he refused the pain medication....

I loved to see JJ and Hotch struggle with this as parents (well not loved... but it was a very real and honest angle).
Garcia as always a sweetheart worrying about "her babies".

The fact that the whole team was so worried about Reid...just shows the bond they have. Morgan summed it up very well..."We are a team and we go down as a team". Great team/family moment there.

Oh and I so loved Prentiss when she said to Rossi..."Don't you Emily me". That was funny, and then Rossi appologizing at the end for Emilying her was funny as well.

This episode had many many great lines. Funny ones like the Emily one and the "Alpha male" one from Rossi. Emotional ones like the "I'm proud everyday to be your son" from Reid to his mom. The "babies" and "doves" from Garcia. And of course the "we are a team we go down as a team" one from Morgan.

Cool piece of writing Oanh Ly. Loved this episode. Thanks to the whole team for the great work.

Meeko said...

"Don't Emily me!" LMFAO LOVED IT

MySentimentExactLee said...

Did anyone else pick up on the "I feel fine and I do NOT want narcotics."

Wonder if they gave him any in the hospital?

Megan said...

This episode was absolutely fantastic.

Everything about it...JJ being worried about Henry, Prentiss having something of a battle of morals, and Reid...ohhh, Reid. His phone conversation with Garcia broke my heart and his message to his mother? I will fully admit that it made me tear up. Mr. Gubler played each and every one of his scenes amazingly, from start to finish.

Don't get me wrong, though, each actor was shining tremendously in this episode. The team aspect that many of us have been missing was in full swing tonight, and I loved it. Morgan staying with Reid for as long as he could, the scene between JJ and Garcia, Hotch and Morgan on the way to the subway, the interaction between Emily and Rossi...I could go on, but I'll spare you.

The episode was fantastically written. Fear and sadness took the forefront, but the much-needed humour worked beautifully with everything else. So many good one-liners in this one.

There has not been an episode from any television show for a while that kept me on the edge of my seat as much as "Amplification" did.

"I'm about to get naked, is that really something you want to see?"

Did you hear that? That was the sound of every Reid fan squee-ing something that probably meant "YES!"

Fantastic episode. Absolutely fantastic.

Anonymous said...

That was an incredible episode! This season has been so good. Thanks to everyone making it work.

Chemical warfare is so scary to me. Reid was amazing and the rest of the group did a great job as well. JJ's concern for her new family, Reid not wanting to take narcotics, "Don't Emily me" and Garcia worrying about her babies (the team).

... great stuff, very chilling.

Next week is two hours and the last of the season... may it be even better!


sel said...

Amazing amazing amazing! Ohmyg!I love how it comes off as more of a team episode instead of a very Reid-centric one. Kudos Oanh Ly and everyone else!

Anonymous said...

First off, KUDOS to the writer of this episode who CLEARY gets WHY fans want to tune in and watch this show.

There were so many aspects that demonstrate this. I soo completely enjoy a show that has a "secondary" story going on to the main Serial-Killer-Of-The-Week storyline. This writer understands that in the long run, the show's longevity does NOT hang upon each successive writer coming up with killers who are more violent and sicker than the last. In this case, we have Reid's secondary story and then we have all these little delightful "mini" stories going on.
- Emily's heart wars with her professional duty and common sense.
And the writer gives us a resolution of sorts in the end. Fantastic character development.

- JJ's very understandable anguish at being told she can't warn her family to stay away (to that I say "BUNK".) Like a rule like that could EVER be worth more than the life of a mother's innocent baby.

And here is the total jewel in that episode: Morgan and Reid. Who face absolutly betrayed his total fear and anguish at seeing the predicament his friend was in? Who was there at the hospital at Reid's side, ensuring that he would be cared for properly? Morgan. It's all about the Morgan, Reid friendship.

The ONLY part about that show that left me feeling disappointed is the obvious time constraints in the episode (or a bit of lazy writing) that did not actually show that ANY OTHER team member was concerned about Reid after he was taken to the hospital. How hard could it have been to have Garcia AND Morgan at Reid's side in the end? Why couldn't Emily and JJ in their respective ending conversations also mention Reid? YES fans notice. YES that's a bit of bad writing in an otherwise STELLAR, ROCKIN' episode. This writer deserves MAJOR props 'cause she gets it!



I'm in a haze and I wonder what is this sticky, salty substance on my heart pounding abnormally...I've been sweating for about 45 minutes...
My Gawd...salivation also increased...even ready to die, wet Reid is still unbareably hot.

Lola said...

Awesome awesome awesome awesome! I loved every second!

AngelLeah said...

It was a good episode. I can't wait to watch it again so I can pick up on anything that I missed.
Sometimes I like the second viewing better than the first!

I thought that Hotch did his job when he reminded JJ about protocol. I doubt he would have reprimanded her if he knew she called. You could tell he felt for her and was conflicted when they talked. But he has a job to do and he did it.

Did anyone else flash to the X-files pilot when they showed that scene in the vault? I remember being terrified when the X-files ended like that with the government storing all those alien items.... funny.

Nita said...

I loved this episode! The storyline was gripping, this is something that could happen. The closing scene when they locked up the anthrax then showed the other vaults, chilling.

Then there is MGG's Reid, amaizing acting. He really did a wonderful job, protecting Morgan from entering the house, continuing to work, refusing narcotics and the scene when he recorded the message to his mom...tears.

That to be followed up with a chuckle at his being "stripped naked and hosed down", informing Morgan he wouldn't really want to stay there and watch, only to be lead again to tears when he was in the ambulance struggling to speak.

MGG, you were amazing!

The scene between Hotch and JJ when he reminded her of how part of the job is keeping things quiet. Healthcare can be just as hush hush during a crisis, you have to maintain control, no matter what the personal cost. The job is what it is. Hard to accept, but factual.

The ending to some seemed cold, Reid's coworkers going on their their own personal business, not acting like anything was wrong with Reid. I looked at it from a different perspective. That was a telltale sign the next scene with Reid would be a positive one. They were going on with their business because Reid was going to be ok.

Kudos on a great episode.

And final note, I personally never think there is enough Reid episodes.

henri said...

I wouldn't have been the one to have to do the research on this episode topic. That would probably be hellishly frightening. Some people think that chemical terrorism will be how the next world war starts. I really loved this episode and I agree that the writer and the cast did a great job. I was especially pleased with the ladies. JJ wouldn't be human if she didn't have a hard time with all of this and a young child at home. I think she handled it great.

Eleonor said...

Today I woke up extremely happy! Why? Just because yesterday´s episode was so good! Interesting what a CM episode can do for you!
I was not really looking forward to the epi because I though it was going to be a Reid centered one, and do not get me wrong, I like Reid but I love them all. So as you all know by now, I was pleasantly surprised when I go to see the team all have very important parts in this epi. Great! Great to finally see JJ again!!! I loved Morgan in this one, being so protective with Reid and showing solidarity with Hotch and the team. Rossi and Emily were super together. Garcia full of love for all of them. Hotch was so focused on the task but you could see how he was worried for Reid, and the last scene when he is talking to Jack....priceless.
Congratulations to Oahn Ly, this episode made my night and day! Thanks.

Kate said...

Oanh Ly....YOU ROCK!!

This episode was fantastic! The intensity was palpable. This was a team centric episode, and CM at its best. We don't need big name costars....we need more of THIS!! deserve a truckload of Emmys for your performance. It was phenomenal. I laughed, I cried, I felt your pain. AWESOME!

Best line of the night...."Don't Emily me!".....PERFECT!!

I cannot wait to rewatch this a million times. I love this show!

Jasmine* said...

This was an amazing just gotta agree with that!
So touching when Reid closed the door on himself just to protect Morgan (major awwwww)
and the ending in the room with all those i don't know what u call them lockers ?? that was creeeeepy and i wonder where they shot that scene !!

Anonymous said...

Loved AMP and MORGAN is my absolute fav character. Loved the Morgan and Reid scenes. Garcia and Prentiss were amazing. I loved the continuity monkey piece about Reid refusing drugs. And Morgan eating jello at Reid's bedside was just so both hilarious and sweet.

paula said...

Nothing not to love in this episode. Smooth ride. Great job.

A Criminal Minds fan said...

Very good episode, much better than what I thought we would get.

Lots of team work despite being an episode with Reid in peril. Good suspence, of course we all knew Reid would make it but still interesting to se how the writer would get him out of it.

Very poignant moment when Reid asked to record a message to his mom and Garcia being there listening. Love that Morgan told Hotch they would go down as a team.

Yes sometime being the boss suck and Hotch HAD to focus on the situation and not on Reid.

Poor JJ, just like Hotch in Lessons learned, she had to choose between her family or her professional obligations. Glad just like Hotch she did call home but like Hotch we will never know if she would have said to Will to leave.

favorite scenes, the one with Reid at the doctor's house, even sick Reid was still instrumental in solving the case. Hotch talking to Jack at the end and oh a smiling Hotch both when talking to Jack and in that picture with his son.

Great work from Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson and AJ Cook, they all delivered great performances!


theresa coleman said...

Oanh has really proven herself to be a great Criminal Minds episode. I don't know why she writes so few episodes.


Unknown said...

Loved the ep, great to see some lovely character moments for everyone.

Fave bits, Reid protecting Morgan, nice role reversal. And their chat about getting nekkid :)

Reid and Garcia conversation with the recording to his mom.

Nice conflict with JJ and wanting to protect Henry. I loved her conversation with Garcia and just how far they'd go to protect their families.

Emily and Rossi chat and the whole, Emily and her turning around and saying 'Don't Emily me.' LOL

Hotch, having to not get personal and telling the team to stay focused.

The vault at the end was very scary.

The only thing I missed was i'd have liked more of a comfort to be honest, like Garcia had when she got shot, the bonding scene when JJ had the baby, the team worrying about Hotch when he got hurt in the explosion. I kind of expected more team love at the end, but they all seemed preoccupied with their own lives. I missed them being their for Reid. But I loved Morgan being there when he woke up, I just kinda expected more comfort at the end from the team.

RMF said...

Normally I dig their occasional terrorism episodes. I did not dig this one.

The episode had two flaws that spoiled it. It required a smart person to do something stupid, and it saved the smart -- now stupid -- person with a miracle cure. So we have an unstable scientist who swipes some anthrax from a lab and cooks up a super-virulent strain. The probability of his having a stash of anthrax in his home is astronomical. But Reid, the sole scientist among the lot, blunders straight into the home lab and becomes contaminated. Ridiculous. But having set up this Reid-in-peril plot, it instantly deflates its own tension by claiming, "Bad crazy scientist working on death weapon must have created cure!" Uh, why? And how? Still, it telegraphs almost from the inception of the plot that this is how Reid will be saved. So what was in the inhaler? We'll never know, and we're not supposed to care. What's more, we know that the poor postal workers who got zapped with anthrax in real life ended up with chronic health problems. Here they've given Reid the gamut of symptoms, including the lung meltdown and aphasia, yet no doubt he'll be Just Fine next week.

I had issues, too, with the whole "we can't let the public know" argument. The question of the impact of the unsub getting attention or not is valid, but we're talking about an easily transmitted biological agent. The people contaminated at the park all went back to their homes, jobs, cars, schools, grocery stores, and so forth, trailing anthrax spores along the way. The store where the unsub worked still tested positive. How could they really, save for the sake of plot convenience, have contained the situation without the public's help? Never mind the argument that we're all dumb sheep.

It seems like the secrecy was injected into the plot to give JJ a character moment. That's fine, but once again, her character moment centers around her being a mother. I'm not against motherhood and apple pie, but it's making her one-note. Her breaking down on the job also calls her professionalism into question, just as the unfortunate bit with the psychic did earlier in the season. Contrast this with Garcia's angst, which actually works, because her character moments cover a spectrum from distaste over prying into victims' lives, to stress over horrible crimes, being backed into profiling, and doubt over her iffy relationship with Kevin. Plus, although we certainly feel her pain, she doesn't go to pieces.

The final sequence of scenes doesn't work either. I know Drama 101 says that the most important scene goes last in order to maximize the impact on the audience, but actual effect is fairly ghastly. We see Rossi and Prentiss argue over lying, JJ calling home, and then Hotch calling home. Which is touching and all, but isn't your colleague dying? Status check? Finally we see Reid waking up in the hospital. Well, at least Morgan was worried.

Anonymous said...

Annapolis, Maryland — A man walks through a public park where parents and children play. He checks the wind and then uncorks a vial of white powder. The powder blows through the air. Later, a woman puts her child to bed. Both are coughing wildly. “We must have caught something today,” she says. She coughs up blood. Cut to the hospital where EVERYBODY is coughing up blood. Uh oh.

Jennifer introduces the team to Dr. Linda Kimua, an expert in pathogens. Twenty five people were hospitalized with the same violent symptoms. Twelve are now dead. Spencer notes that anthrax doesn’t kill this fast. “This strain does,” Kimura says. Hotch demands a media blackout. “Our best chance of protecting the public is by building a profile as quickly as we can,” he explains. Rossi notes they should be looking for a scientist.

While Jennifer worries about her infant son, the team heads out to meet the military. Rossi explains to Emily that bad blood exists with General Lee Whitworth. That much is evident as soon as Whitworth enters the room and nods curtly at the team. Hotch requests a list of all military scientists working with anthrax. “I’m outranked by someone who believes in your profiles,” Whitworth snaps. “I’ll get your list.”

Derek and Emily visit the park, which has been closed (the cover is “methane buildup”). “This park doesn’t scream ‘target’ to me,” Emily says. “Maybe it’s symbolic for the unsub.” But symbolic of what? No time for that now. At the hospital, the 17th patient has died. “Whoever created this had to, at some point, go through the trouble of testing it,” Spencer notes. Kimura insists that they would’ve known about any previous cases of anthrax in humans. “Not if it presented itself as something else,” Spencer responds. But what something else?

Back at military headquarters, Jennifer wants to warn her husband and, in turn, son. Hotch gives her a clear, but gentle “no.” Spencer calls. He explains that three different people died of meningitis in the past few days, but it could have also been from an extremely high dosage of the nasty anthrax strain. Garcia does some checking, discovering that the victims all visited the same book store the day they became ill. Seconds later, the military is at the book store. Tests for anthrax are positive. “He’s got to have a history with the place,” Emily says.

Profile time. The team gathers will the military men to explain that they’re all looking for a “homegrown terrorist.” “We believe it is someone from the science or defense community,” Derek explains. Also: It’s likely personal with this guy/gal. A man approaches. “There’s something I think you should see,” he tells Hotch. And what is that? A video from 2002 showing a Dr. Nichols, who was forced out of his job, raving about the dangers of anthrax and the government’s poor response to 2001 attacks. Nichols fits the profile to a “T.” Derek and Spencer quick head over to the doctor’s house. Spencer stumbles into a home lab — and discovers Nichols dead in the corner. Worse: broken vials of anthrax litter the floor. Spencer slams the glass door, locking himself inside and telling Derek to “get back!” Says Reid: “I’m sorry.” Not as sorry as we are, boy wonder.

The team plus Whitworth arrive at the house. Luckily, Reid took a preventative pill earlier in the day, but there’s no guarantee it will work against this aggressive strain. Derek, in the meantime, explains that Nichols appears to have died from “blunt force trauma to the head.” Reid estimates that the scientist has been dead for three or four days. Meaning: Nichols could not have staged the bookstore or the park attacks. Derek urges Spencer to come out and be taken to a hospital, but Spencer refuses. “My best chance is to stay here, see if there’s a cure and try to figure out who killed Dr. Nichols,” he says. Hotch reluctantly agrees. And it’s a good thing too. Spencer notices two sets of handwriting among the detailed notes and files. Nichols had a partner! But whom?

Back at military headquarters, Jennifer just can’t take it anymore. She calls home to warn her hubby, but no one picks up. A close call. Just then, Garcia gets a cell-phone call from Spencer. “I know I can’t call my mom without alerting everyone at her hospital,” he says. “I need you to record a message for her in case anything happens to me.” The message is heartfelt and full of love. “I spend everyday of my life proud to be your son,” Spencer says. He tears up. Garcia tears up. We tear up. Spencer begins to cough. He then gets back to work, frantically searching the lab for clues. Spencer discovers that Nichols used to be a professor. “He may have opened his lab for educational purposes,” the sweating, coughing Spencer theorizes. He also finds a thesis with Nichols’ notes written in the margins in red ink. Nichols was helping a student with his/ her thesis! But who? Time for “baby girl” to go to work. Garcia looks up doctoral students — and finds one that used to work at the book store. A match!

The man’s name is Chad Brown, who has been arrested twice at protest rallies. “You did good kid, now get the hell out of there,” Derek tells Spencer. Just then, Kimura enters the lab wearing a protective suit. “You said the cure would be hidden somewhere we didn’t expect,” she says. “What about Dr. Nichols’ inhaler?” It’s worth a shot.

Emily and Rossi head to Brown’s home, but find it empty. Well, almost empty. Emily finds the business end of a light bulb in the trash. “He’s using light bulbs to carry spores,” she says. “He throws them on the ground — anthrax bomb.” Rossi, in the meantime, holds up a stack of subway maps. Uh oh. Back at military headquarters, Garcia informs the team that Spencer has taken a turn for the worse. Hotch tries to focus everyone on the task at hand when Jennifer enters with news: Chad Brown proposed to a girl at the nearby park and was rejected. He also worked at the bookstore and was bitter about not being promoted. “So both locations represent rejection to him,” Hotch says. Where does the subway fit in? Whitworth has the answer: Brown wrote a classified study that simulated a mock anthrax disaster in the D.C. subway system. Hotch believes, based on the profile, that the unsub will attack government employees traveling to and from a lab that rejected Brown twice. That stop runs along the green line. Whitworth strenuously disagrees. “I could really use your help,” Hotch snaps at Whitworth.

Hotch and Derek hustle to the subway stop in question and begin clearing trains. Seconds later, Hotch spots Brown — and pulls his gun. “Put the bag down!” Hotch demands. Just then, Whitworth steps in between the two. “Order from the president: the U.S. Army is taking this man into custody!” he yells. “He’s the only one who can show us how it is made.” Is Whitworth crazy? Crazy like a fox! He tells Brown that the government “needs him” to come work at the lab that had rejected him twice before. Brown is overjoyed. He begins to stammer, insisting that the government name the anthrax strain after him. Whitworth smiles and nods. As soon as Brown hands over his bag of light bulbs, Derek cuffs the man. Brown screams in anger at being rejected once again. “So how did I do?” Whitworth asks Hotch. Says the BAU man: “Effective.” Damn skippy.

On the next episode of “Criminal Mi”– wait! What about Spencer? Turns out our boy wonder is recovering nicely. The cure was indeed hidden in Nichols’ inhaler. As the episode ends, we watch a man in a protective suit slide the new strain of anthrax into a sterile containment center. The camera pulls back to reveal dozens and dozens of containment units. Just what does the government have that they’re not telling us about? Perhaps it’s best we don’t know.

Kirsten said...

Yay, great team epi! Every single one of the cast got some great lines and some screentime which was awesome to see. Interesting storyline and I really enjoyed the conflict with the General... so political!

MGG was really good and liked his exchanges with Morgan.

TG was outstanding, bringing his best stuff as usual. Poor guy, keeping the team together and professional. I was heartbroken by his facial expression when he allowed Reid to remain infected in the house and not go to hospital. Loved his leadership in taking the pills, mini team 'pep' talk "We've done our homework" and dealing with the General. Of course, the end scene with Jack has been added to my all-time favourite.

Geez, season 4 has flown by... really the finale so soon?!

elle said...

Once again Oanh Ly has written an amazing far she's 5 for 5 in my book.

Loved the "don't Emily me" that Emily said to Rossi. Also loved the touch at the end where he apologizes for "Emily-ing" her and then asks her what was bugging her. I'm really liking the more caring side of him that keeps coming out.

Loved how Morgan wanted to stay with Reid and protect him and how he was the one keeping watch over Reid.

Poor Garcia her worst fear of something happening to a team member come true.

Hotch and JJ seem to be coming closer together because they both have families. I think in a way Hotch sees himself in the beginning in JJ and doesn't want her to end up in a situation like him. As far as his not allowing her to call at first he was in a position where he had to follow protocol and may have seemed like a jerk in the process...he is the boss after all.

Another awesome episode!

jackie said...

Oh boy. Great job Oanh Ly and
the entire cast and crew for
giving us yet another awesome
This episode was well written,
and gets you to thinking about
all this stuff that is actually
happening here and now.
Really scarry if you think about
To think that the unsub(Brown),
had all that anthrax in light
bulbs and was about to kill how
many people because of something
bad someone had done to him? makes you wonder what kind of
people this world is really
comprised of.
I can understand to a certain
point, why they didn't want the
public to know, because it would
cause mass panic, but i know i
would want to know, so maybe i
could take some precautions to
better protect myself and to
know that there was a threat
and or out break.
I know it didn't sit well with
Emily, having to lie to the
public and the neighbor. She
didn't like it one bit, but i
think Rossi did an excellent
job of reassuring her as to
why they had to do it.
Looking at all those locked
boxes in the end, was really
scarry. That whole room was
filled with chemical warfare
that has been confiscated and
locked away. I too wondered
just what is in all of those.
I loved the moments between
Hotch and JJ, when they were
talking about calling home to
make sure there children were
safe. It was killing both of
them, knowing they couldn't.
The scenes between Morgan;
Reid and Hotch at the crime
scene, were well done. The
not being able to help some one that they care about and love was very hard for them to handle.
After Reid was exposed, you
could just see how hard it
was for each member of the
team to go about doing there
job to find the unsub and stop
his attack.
I found the General to be quite
believable at the train station.
The look of fear on Hotchs face
as the General was covincing
Brown to go with him, was very
Good thing every thing worked
out the way they planned.
In the end, when JJ was talking
to Will about Henry, was so
adorable. Keep him up for me,
because i really need to
spend some time with him,
was great.
Hotch calling Haley at that
late hour, just so he could
talk to Jack was great.
It's so nice to see at least
Haley is letting him talk to
his son. As you could tell,
Hotch is still staying up late
Great job Criminal Minds!!!
Can't waite to see what the
season finale holds in store
for us next week!!

frances said...

I lost it in the last scene with Hotch on the phone with his son! I wish the episode had been longer to allow them more time to develop the case but I liked the episode and thought it was one of the better ones of season four.

Anonymous said...

No MG again :( apart from that...
OMG! What a great ep! Absolutely one of the best eps ever!
Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler were simply GREAT AWESOME FANTASTIC!!!
Did Rossi say "cient ann"!?! "a hundred years" in Neapolitan! this is so cool =D
The look on Morgan's face when he realises why Reid closed the door.
Reid leaving a message for his mother via Garcia and saying something along the lines "Everyday of my life I'm proud of being your son": I shed some tears there.
Prentiss telling Rossi not to Emily her and Rossi apologising for Emilying her afterwards.
Morgan telling Hotch "We are a team, we go down as a team" without even half a second of hesitation: best quote ever, it just sums up who they are and what they are to each other, a great family.
Reid waking up at the hospital while Morgan eats jello: too cute for words :)

And one Penelope Garcia looked extremely cute in her outfit, just like a babygirl may I say :)

Des said...

And you RMF, having just so eloquently summarized why I've had a problem with this season as a whole. Plot contrivances to make the storyline work, even thought it doesn't, too much Reid (sorry ladies but enough already) and not enough of the other characters or character assassination in favor of good writing. And JJ has suffered the most. I love the show, but I'm not in love with this season, it's mostly been Eh, for me.

Anonymous said...

Awesome eppy! I was in tears when Reid was leaving that message for his mom. I am glad that Morgan stayed there for him. I'm sure the rest of the team went to see him later. Loved the part the General played and how he made the unsub think he was going to go where he wanted to go.

The ending scene when they put that brand of anthrax in that area, and they showed all the other vaults was freaky. However, all the vaults can't be full, can

I am glad that Hotch ( I think it was him ) that they can't always say what happens. I for one wouldn't want to know what could have happened and what they were able to stop from happening. What Rossi said at the end about secrets to their grave, is a good thing.

Shadow said...

It doesn’t happen often, but this episode has me speechless because I’m stunned with awe. I just want to watch it over and over again. This episode instantly made it to my all-time favorites. Marvelous job, Oanh Ly!

Anonymous said...

Liked the episode but was a bit astonished that none of the team, with the exceptiion of Morgan, who were so concerned over Reid in Revleations seemed not to care that he was in the hospital possibly dying of anthrax poisoning. Jordan Todd had described them as a family but most families I know would have been by Reid's side when he woke up. God Bless Morgan is all I can say.

JJ and her motherhood issues are really starting to get to me. Maybe she should quit and stay home with her baby since it seems to be leading to poor judgement on her part as evidenced previously in Cold Comfort with the psychic.

ToonEy said...

What can I say that hasn't been said already about this episode. I finally got time to watch this episode...and man am I glad I recorded this episode. This episode got me crying. Don't get me wrong I've said this before, every episode of CM is great, even the bad ones. But this one is my favorite out of season 4. I especially loved the part where Reid asked Garcia to record a message for his mother...especially at the end of the phone call where he almost broke down. GREAT acting MGG. I also liked the part where Reid was about to be scrubbed down and Morgan wanted to stay but Reid was like, "Morgan I'm about to get naked. You want to stay around for that?" or something like that LOL...that was such a comic relief from all the serious stuff going on. I also loved that all the team members had issues about something or another. GREAT JOB Cast and Crew of CM! I think my favorite new writer is Oanh Ly

Pat said...

This episode was great, and my favorite of the season. I really enjoyed the total team participation. I have now watched it three times and still cry when MGG is leaving the message for his Mom. The relationship between Morgan and Reid was very touching. I also had problems with no one even acknowledging the fact that Reid was in the hospital. With Greenaway and Prentiss this was handled more the way I would expect it to be with your "family".

Deirdre said...

I must say this episode was amazing. I loed every second of it. Even though Reid was sick in this episode it didn't really feel like a Reid episode. All the team had great moments. I really loved the JJ struggle in the episode. It was very fitting and I thought AJ did a terrific job. I love the dynamic between her and Hotch and JJ and Garcia so it was great having those scenes. And with Reid aswell. Also the Emily Rossi dynamic is growing nicely and is very interesting to watch!.

I think Oahn Ly did an outstanding job and is fast becoming one of my favourite writers. I think she gets the balance between all the characters right and the dynamic between the team while having a exciting and interesting plot!! Well Done to her!!!

Walburga Benker said...

This was amazing Oanh, thanks for this great ep. Lots of team work. Everybody was great in it.
!We are a team and we go down as a team! Beautiful line.

I have to breath deep. Wonder what comes next.

Anonymous said...

great episode!!well done!!!another episode about Reid!!fantastic!!!


Anonymous said...

I have to say, this season in general has certainly been one of evolution, for the entire cast.

Hotch wears the mantle of leadership well but also realizes there may actually be more to life than just work.

Morgan realizes you don't always have to bust down doors to save people.

JJ has become a mom, with all that entails physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Garcia has become even more open in her feelings for her adopted work family and staunchly refuses to change just because her heart might get broken.

Prentiss has become more humane, showing a bit of a softer side. I didn't like the character at first, but I have seen Paget in other things and knew she could do right by the part if given enough time.

Rossi is now truly integrated in the team and doesn't take the "Buddah" role Gideon played, nor feels he has to be the quasi-leader his age leads some people to expect him to be. He's a great foil for Emily and Hotch both.

And Reid has finally been allowed to grow up. He will always be the "kid" on the team, but at least his role has expanded beyond just being the spouter of information and in nothing physical the team does. MGG has even started pitching his distinctive voice lower, which makes him seem more mature. There are also hints of girlfriends from time to time (remember the swimming pool scene from the past?). Now, if the poor guy could just stop being the proverbial go-to guy to be put in peril...Although he is soooo good at it!