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Criminal Minds: Please do not use this thread to rant about what may have happened on Criminal Minds last night. Please stick to the question and post all other comments on the spoiler thread. The Criminal Minds question of the day is this: You write the first five minutes of the first episode of season five. What really happened when the screen turned to black. We're looking forward to reading what you think happened. :)


Anonymous said...

I think Hotch uses his second weapon. We know he has one. I think he thinks really quickly when he realizes he has someone lurking in the shadows and he shoots them first.

Blackpanther said...

*closeup shot on bloody wound - pan out*

The unsub shot Hotch in the leg, thus allowing him to prove his power, but still allowing him to play with Hotch for a while.

Either that, or Hotch pulled out his gun and shot the unsub. But then that wouldn't make for a very interesting episode.

Anonymous said...

Cool idea...

Foyett wings Hotch because he wants to play with him. Taunts go back and forth and then Hotch goes for the second gun! He takes Foyett out and finishes his drink.


meaghan said...

Reid figures out the eyes and the whole Hotch putting down his gun is just a ruse to fool the Reaper.

Caitlin said...

Foyet shoots over Hotch's shoulder into the wall to play with him. Pulls out Morgan's badge. Someone else from the team walks into their standoff.

Anonymous said...

The screen is black and we hear the sound of gunshot.

The lights come back up, and there is a gaping hole in the wall behind Hotch, but Hotch is unharmed. The sight on the gun Foyet used is bent and Foyet missed Hotch at point blank range (hey, it's TV, we can do that on TV).

Hotch quickly draws his clutch piece and shoots Foyet in between the eyes and says "NO DEAL."

and the opening credits roll.

Wage Slave said...

Hotch disarms the Reaper and the gun fires wildly and harmlessly into a wall, the ceiling, or somewhere like that.

bardicfaerie said...

Hotch is injured, unsub takes him somewhere and lets Morgan know that this has happened (since he's got his credentials) and the team go rescue Hotch.

Heather said...

I honestly believe Hotchner was shot and the Reaper will drop Morgan's badge by his body. Whether he was shot in the shoulder so the Reaper could play with him or not, he was shot - what I'm not sure of is whether or not it's the Reaper will think he's dead or if it's a flesh-type wound. It was simply the way he had that look of resignation on his face when he turned.

That being said, I have a feeling that either a neighbor will see something or someone will hear something and call the cops.

The writers and producers of CM have shown they are willing to travel into uncomfortable territory, so I'm thinking this may be another chance to do it.

Colleen said...

I'm going for the Dallas move and have the last it be a dream!

If not, I go for Hotch using his second weapon.

bethany said...

In anticipation of the Reaper going after Hotch or Morgan the team already has someone hiding at their homes waiting for the Reaper to make his move. The shot we heard was really from Rossi, Reid or JJ's gun.

Anonymous said...

Hotch is shot but the real target is Morgan. Morgan is the kill that got away in Omnivore. Morgan goes to help Hotch and he is the one killed. Total fake out.

Sookie said...

I think Hotch will get shot. It was hinted the way he was summarizing the case and the events of the day. The look of pure resignation on his face when he turned to look at the Reaper makes me wonder if it was something that he had always anticipated; the Reaper to be waiting for him at his home. Hotch might not get mortally wounded but it would be a very close call.

Shawn said...

Okay, this took me ten minutes so it probably sucks horribly. Ah well.



HOTCH and FOYET stare each other down. Hotch lowers his eyes, looks at the gun pointed at his chest.

HOTCH (V.O): Even adults who have long since come to peace with the realities of a life survived instead of lived find themselves indulging in fantasy every now and again. A week in San Diego pretending you could have been a major leaguer, a house full of children and a marriage still in tact.

The door suddenly gets kicked in and FBI agents stream in. MORGAN, PRENTISS, REID, ROSSI.

HOTCH (V.O): Sometimes the fantasy reminds you more of playing Cowboys and Indians. How even when everything was lost, the good guys always came racing in, bullets flying. Victory certain.

True enough, bullets fly. It all seems a bit like overkill.


HOTCH (V.O): But the truth is, that's now usually how it happened. Sometimes the good guy rode in just in the nick of time. Most of the time, they got there a second too late and spent the last reels kneeling down in front of wood crosses.


Hotch and Foyet still staring each other down. No FBI. No one to the rescue. Just them.

HOTCH (V.O): Hailey used to say that I didn't know when to quit. That I couldn't figure out what was important to me. She's wrong. I've always known. Justice. Truth.

FOYET: You should have taken the deal.

HOTCH (V.O): Life.

And suddenly Hotch throws himself forward in a tackle that would make Morgan proud. He SLAMS into Foyet's legs, throwing them both backwards, over an end-table, which cracks and shatters beneath them.


Hotch winces, falls back, blood on his shirt.

There's a brief moment and then Foyet falls to the ground, not moving, a bloody gaping hole in his chest. His gun clangs to the ground.

HOTCH: No deals.

His eyes close and he PASSES OUT.


Anonymous said...

CM writers are not afraid to write for the sake of the show and not the characters so whatever it is happens it will be great. I do believe that Hotch will be shot and left for dead and leave the badge as a signature so that the team knows he's out there and that they are next. Remember that the Reaper is all about fear, watching the fear in people's eyes before they die. Hotch knows this and that's what will save him. The team will then go on a manhunt while Hotch hangs on for his life. They may even stretch it into a 2 part episode. The Reaper is one of the most interesting story lines this season especially because we are beginning to see more of Hotch's past when Reid, Morgan, Garcia, JJ and Joe's character have been focus in past. This was a great season!

Anonymous said...

Gillian was checking up on him..worried that he took what happened too much to heart I hope and pray he stays alive
I'm outragged at To hell and Back
Thomas Gibson is my hero and if he is off so am I

celeste said...

I think Hotch is dead and when the BAU finds his body they also find Morgan's badge. They realize that Morgan is also in danger and they rush to find the Reaper.

AngelLeah said...

I can't write scenes but I would like to see this happen:

Hotch is shot and injured. Foyet didn't kill him because he likes the torture. He takes him to a hidden location where he will torture him slowly. Leaves behind Morgan's badge or something else taken from a past crime to claim his work.
The rest of the team have to find Hotch by reexamining the original profile.

The alternative beginning would be to start the show at Hotch's funeral. (tear) The team is fired up to catch Foyet. Morgan, though, is just tired of it (as mentioned in the finale). He leaves the team because he just can't take it anymore.
Who knows if Morgan will come back to the BAU or not...

Anonymous said...

Hotch thinks quick on his feet and I think he finds a way to deflect the most vulnerable parts of his body away from the shot and then it becomes a physical fight to the end. My money is on Hotch.

simone said...

We open with the Reaper dead on the floor and Hotch turning to see Reid holding a smoking gun.

HardKOrr said...

First of all, who's Gillian??

I think Foyett wants Morgan but he wants to make sure Hotch sees it. To let him see and know what he "let get away". I think Foyett shoots Hotch in the shoulder or somewhere else that won't kill him and then uses Hotch to lure the rest of the team, specifically Morgan, into action.

The team will prevail, Hotch and Morgan will both live, and Foyett will die.

rayna said...

Hotch is alive and Foyett takes him away so that Morgan has to look for him. Foyett leaves Morgan's badge at Hotch's place and we wait for a couple of episodes while they hunt him down and try to rescue Hotch.

brooke said...

Foyet likes to torture. I don't see him just shooting Hotch and it is over. I think he shoots him but keeps him around to torture him. He likes being in control and he could be using this opp to strike a deal with Hotch like he wanted in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I agree that with this unsub it is all about control. He would want Hotchner to see his face when he kills him and he clearly had his Omnivore mask on. I think the black fade out was a fake out and the new episode will continue with a battle of wits between Hotch and the reaper.

Eleonor said...

I would love to see the scene start with a close up of a pool of blood and just besides it Morgan's id. Hotch has been hurt and taken and the team has to find him in time. And just in case you had any doubts: the team will eventually find Hotch ALIVE!

izzy said...

Hotch ducks the shot and over powers the unsub.

A Criminal Minds fan said...


Hotch is shot in the chest, fall down, doesn't move.

The Reaper take out Morgan's credentials and put it in Hotch coat pocket. Thinking that Hotch is dead, the Reaper turn around, take out his mask,sees Hotch gun on the table and takes it as the item from his latest victim to be left on the next one. While The Reaper has his back on Hotch, Hotch take out his gun which he always carries on his left ankle, says in a voice stronger than he feels 'No deal Foyet'. Foyet turns around, surprised at Hotch being alive, raise his gun but not fast enough, Hotch shoot him between the eyes.

Hotch, bleeding and in obvious pain, take out his cell phone and call for help.

blue said...

hotch bust a move and dives for the gun on the table or the one in his pants leg.

or one the team members needs to talk to him and stop by? I don't know

but I don't think he will die

Anonymous said...

I think Hotch already knew Foyet was going to try and kill him so he had someone from the team--possibly JJ since I don't remember seeing her during his voiceover--hide in his apartment somewhere he knew Foyet wouldn't look. I mean, Hotch's face was way too calm when he turned to face Foyet for him not to have something planned, IMO.

marianna said...

I agree with some others that Hotch had a plan in place for just this thing. There were SOOOOO many eyes in almost every scene. No way he would have missed it and no way that Reid would have. I think there were people already there when the Reaper arrived and Hotch is going to be safe.

Anonymous said...

Reid was supposed to come to Hotch's place and Hotch was waiting for him so Reid arrives and shoots Foyet before he even realises there's someone else there.

Minerva said...

Hotch is secretly Ozymandias and catches the bullet.

Or, the more realistic and possible one, the BAU was expecting it, but they were unsure as to when and how. Hotch takes a bullet, and the Reaper places Morgan's badge on Hotch's chest over the bullet wound and an extra bullet next to the badge.

The show will then play out with Hotch's life in danger and the team trying to work without him again. Hopefully, he'll be alive by the end of it. Morgan will question his place in the BAU.

Then again, the shot could have been a tease since the Reaper didn't have his mask off. A battle of wits with Hotch as bait would be interesting.

I'm still hoping for a bullet catching moment and a cape, though.

Anonymous said...

Hotch survives and decides to move to a nicer appartment...

Anonymous said...

He uses his second weapon or throws his drink at him and gets the weapon away from him

Anonymous said...

You should ask this question again after we know who is returning (K negotiations and all). Surely there will be some leaked info regarding that?

dina said...

They have experience with returning unsubs. Remember Frank. I think there was a plan in place. Reid is smart. He has Hotch's back!

Anonymous said...

I believe Hotch is missed by Foyett and then Hotch finishes Foyett off in the end. He then finishes his drink.

morti addams said...

the first minutes?

ok back in the bau office - reid and morgan are still there doing the paper stuff.
reid is wondering about the eyes that where on the trees and the pictures lucas made.
he starts thinking while watching his cup of coffe. and then suddenly he let it fall, tells morgan they have to run.......they run to the to hotchs house/appartment and hear the shoot.
**** comercial break here****

morgan opens the door in his morgan way....and they see it


on the floor. hotch injured (not that bad, but needed to be added for drama effects) and foyett dead...

Naureen said...

Scene opens on the gunshot.

Hotch is wounded, maybe badly enough that he can't fight back. The unsub from Omnivore, the Reaper, takes him out, leaves Morgan's badge.

The team, its members upset and feeling useless, come into work rethinking their lives. It's been a tough year. JJ is thinking about her son, Morgan about his career options, etc. And then they find out what's happened... and they get to work

Anonymous said...

Hotch is so depressed by the last case that he tells Foyett to shoot him Foyett can't be less excited (it ruins all his pleasure) so they start to have a nice conversation and drink together..

abharding said...

I'm think that Fayett's shot will only wound Hotch. There wasn't enough time for Hotch to be scared - and Fayett seemed to need that fear to make the killing worth his while. When we come back Hotch will be there, with an injury - maybe to his shoulder making it harder for Hotch to aim and shoot a gun.

I'm also thinking that Fayett might use/threaten to use Haley and Jack to torment Hotch.

Audrey McKay said...

Hotch wakes up startled on the plane just as they land. Everyone asks if he's ok. He tells them he was thinking about Foyett. Morgan and Reid drive him home where they see someone in dark clothing running down the back stairs as they come to Hotch's door. Unsub drops Morgans badge as he runs away. They catch/kill Foyett at the end of the show.

Anonymous said...

Sleep tussled Reid wanders out of the bedroom in his sleep pants just in time to see Foyett and shoves Hotch out of the way, giving Hotch time to draw his 2nd firearm and shoot Foyett

BlueCurl/Sonja said...

We continue with some overlap. Hotch turns around and sees Foyet. He knows the minute he gives in to any fear he might have that he's done, dead... anything. So he doesn't. He looks him in the eye and Foyet shoot to scare him. The bullet hits the wall besides him.

At this point Hotch is starting a conversation with him. At the beginning Foyet isn't much impressed and shoots Hotch in his shoulder. From the impact he hits the liquor cabinet and knocks over some bottles. But manages to stay on his feet. Now he intensifies his conversation and the minute Foyet let his guard down he comes into action and he struggles with Foyet! With Foyet taking the bitter end but manages to free himself. He flees and runs out. Leaving Hotch not far behind him but reaches out for his gun on the table. With caution he follows Foyet but looses him when he is outside his building…


Intro song credit thingy!


Seriously… Hotch hurt, Hotch in a heated profiling conversation and Hotch in a struggle.. I cannot ask for more…

jackie said...

I too agree, that the Reaper
is all about control, and
needing to see the fear in
his victims faces.
If i had to write the first
5 min of the show, i would say
that Hotch gets shot in the
chest, which renders him
unconscious long enough for
Foyett to think he is dead,
so he drops Morgans badge and
then leaves to go wreak havoc
on another city.
The neighbor hears the gun
shot, and calls the police
which in turn leads to a call
to the FBI alerting them that
their Unit Chief had been shot and that he is on his way to the
hospital in critical condition. Rossi is the first one to
arrive, and begs Hotch to
hang on and not let the Reaper win.
Hotch makes it through surgery and while waiting for word on his condition, the team searches
for Foyett,they find him,
he gets what is coming to him, and relief settles in, when they
hear that Hotch is awake and
on his way to a full recovery.
They all go to the hospital
and gather around Hotch.

emily said...

Foyet: “You should have made a deal.”

*Hotch stares at Foyet in a cool, calculated manner. He looks slowly to his left and moves his left hand to grip the bottle of alcohol he had just helped himself to earlier.*

Hotch: “I told you, I don’t make deals.”

*Hotch throws the bottle at Foyet in an attempt to upset his aim. The bottle hits Foyet just as he pulls the trigger. Hotch is then hit in the shoulder but it is just a mere flesh wound.*

*Hotch then tackles Foyet to the floor and knocks him unconscious. (Either with a blunt household object located nearby or with his smoldering good looks. It's your choice.) He then grabs his cell phone from his pocket and dials a number.*

Hotch: “Rossi? It’s Hotch. Foyet is lying unconscious in my apartment. I’ve been shot. Get the team over here now.”

Anonymous said...

All the eyes we saw in the show and Reid mentioning that pigs are omnivores seemed almost like a warning of what was to come.

I think Foyet shoots Hotch but doesn't kill him. He leaves Morgan's ID (I can't remember whether he took something from his last victim, the cop in Boston). Foyet, however, doesn't realize he hasn't killed Hotch as he had to make a quick getaway since this wasn't his usual murder in a car on a deserted road. The team go through the motions of Hotch being dead, hoping Foyet can't resist all the media exposure. We know how he wants to be famous. He's caught and then at the end we find out Hotch was alive in the hosptial all along.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of you that Hotch probably won't end up dead. A lot of you guys mentioned when he turned around his expression was resigned, not fear, and the reaper definitely needed to see the fear in his victims. So I also think Foyet will shoot Hotch to incapacitate him, not kill.

And the Reid route possibly work, too. Because they would've definitely taken the painting from Lucas' barn and bring it to the BAU for evidence, and being a genius, Reid definitely figures something out. But we don't know if it's before Hotch sees Foyet or later >.<

And also, when Hotch was doing his voice over at the end, he stood in front of his window to look out to his colleges. Although the voice over isn't that long, but in reality he probably stood there for a LONG time, long enough for someone (probably Morgan or Reid) to notice something's wrong. And it'll probably give Reid the time to figure out what the eye meant.

brenda said...

Maybe I am crazy nuts but I thought I heard shattering glass just a sec before the shot. Could it be that an agent shot him through the glass like JJ shot through the glass BAU door!

I am betting on this scenerio.

Anonymous said...

They were all exhausted on the plane back to DC. The whole thing was a dream Hotch was having brought on by the site of the eye in the picture Reid found. He wakes up in a cold sweat.

henri said...

Reid figures it out. He always does. Sometimes it takes him a few minutes but this time he figures it out and he does save AH.

Anonymous said...

I think Hotch quickly wiped out a weapon and shot the guy!

I don't like to think that Hotch got shot. If he did though, it was in a place where he can survive. Like in the shoulder, or maybe the guy completely missed and then Hotch pulled out his weapon and shot him. Or maybe Haylee came around the corner and shot the guy.


AngelLeah said...

"Anonymous said...
Hotch survives and decides to move to a nicer appartment..."


Bethany said...

I think you should use the "21 ft." thing with this one. Hotch and Foyet get into a fight when the gun goes off and something happens...

and Spence needs to connect the eyes at some point- because that's what Reid does, and he mentioned that he thought something bad was going to happen and it was mentioned to Hotch.

as long as that happens I'm a happy fan. =)

Anonymous said...

Hotch gets winged in the shoulder

Anonymous said...

Rossi kicks in the door, shoots Foyet and then sits down and has a drink with Hotch.


Reid comes in to check on Hotch, shoots Foyet, and then makes Hotch go home with him (too much blood to clean up that night).

Anonymous said...

Hotch was so calm and that leads me to believe this was a setup to get Foyett out into the open. I think the other BAU members are all surrounding his apt and the shot we hear is one of them shooting Foyett.

wilma said...

Maybe we go back to "The Tribe" and what he did there. Second weapon or his witts like Blackwolf taught him.

elle said...

The screen is black and bang a gunshot
Hotch is lying on the floor in a pool of blood and Foyett leaves him for dead...As Foyett is walking toward the table where Hotch's badge is so he can take it as a souvenior Hotch is reaching for his second gun...Foyett turns around to survey his work one last time and bang Hotch uses his last surge of strength to shoot him in the head and then he passes out

opening credits

Hotch gets help but his life hangs in the balance all through the episode but in the last few minutes we find out that he'll be okay and live...

Sarah said...

Foyet shoots Hotch in the shoulder/leg somewhere non-lethal to incapicate him (because he likes to torture people) whilst Hotch grabs his ankle gun and shoot Foyet back to kill him.
Hopefully something like this happens and if it does it'll be a great storyline for season 5.

Anonymous said...

Hotch isn't mortally wounded and survives with the BAU catching the reaper.
I don't think the eyes meant that the reaper was in Toronto watching lucas and anticipating BAU's involvement. In that scenario lucas was just representing the fact that mason watched everything he did. Yes it was a clever way for the writers to hint at the ending with the reaper but I don't understand how Reid would connect the dots cause its not related.

Unknown said...

Foyett shoots hotch.

Foyett drops morgan's badge at the scene, and takes hotch's gun.

hotch dials 911 on his cell phone a la elle, dudes come and take him away to fight for his life.

while in the waiting room, Rossi gets a call from foyett, offering the deal. Rossi tells him to go smoke a dick.

Foyet goes on a goddamn rampage and plasters "you should have took the deal" in blood at every scene. Media circus ensues.

opening theme.

Anonymous said...

If the actor who plays Hotch is asking for more money than CBS wants to pay, I'm afraid that they have killed him off. Otherwise, if they can come to a mutually acceptable agreement, I think someone else was hiding in the apartment and managed to take out the unsub before anyone else fired a shot. Or Hotch might have to be in critical condition for a few episodes while they finalize the contract with Mr. Gibson.

Anonymous said...

i think hotch got shot. and he was able to get the other person before he past out

Angel_TheOriginal said...

Hotch is shot in the abdominal cavity but is only wounded. The Reaper is taunting Hotch much like he did Morgan. A neighbor having heard the shot calls the police. The Reaper leaves Hotch to bleed out but also leaves Morgan's credentials near Hotch's semi-unconscious body. His way of taunting/telling Morgan and the team "I'm back!" Let the hunt/chase begin.

Anonymous said...

Hotch is shot in the abdominal cavity but is not killed. The Reaper taunts Hotch much like he did Morgan but Hotch is not fully conscious and it only sounds like muffled babbling. A neighbor, having heard the gun shot, calls the police. Just as you start to hear the approaching sirens, The Reaper flees leaving behind Morgan's credentials. This is his way of telling/taunting Morgan and the team saying "I'm back!" So let the manhunt begin.

MySentimentExactLee said...

Alright Hmmm...I think the Foyett shot over Hotch's head to scare him so he could continue yelling at him. One thing we learned was the man is a coward, so since he has Hotch "cornered" he would take the chance to be a big man. Morgan/Reid/ of them would have been about to knock on Hotch's door when they heard the shot. They kick in the door and shoot Foyett in the head right through the mask.


Anonymous said...

Gideon wakes up in a cold sweat... the last two seasons were just a bad dream...

Anonymous said...

hotch doesn't die!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hotch drops to his knees, draws his second gun, one nice clean shot, ( theone we haerd) and then stands over Foyett's body, retrieves Morgan's badge and says "I don't deal"..........the Celt

MarKill said...

I think that Hotch will just wake up all sweaty and wonder why he ever decided to join the BAU.

Anonymous said...

I think Hotch was seriously injured. Foyet takes away Hotch somewhere. He put the credentials (of Morgan) on the scene crime. He takes the Hotch's cellphone and he calls Morgan.
And he offerts a deal to the team : or he kills peoples random per hours, or he kills Hotch and stops to kill innocent people.
The Bau must takes a decision quickly because Hotch is in trouble, he lost a lot of blood and he can't survivre for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Foyet goes down and Gideon appears in the doorframe behind him. He tells Hotch that Reid has asked him to keep an eye an their fearless leader after Omnivore (Never believed Gideon dropped Reid like that, there has to be a hidden message in the letter). He also asks for help in a new case.

Doc. said...

Reid knows that something is wrong.
After seeing all those signs during their latest case he decides to not ignore his instincts anymore
He went to check on Hotch. He's the one who shot Foyet and saves Hotch's life.

Or : Reid was already planing to spend the evening with Hotch and ends up shooting Foyet anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think Hotch will fight Foyett and wounds him. Foyett injures Hotch too, than he escaps. Hotch calls for help - whether it's someone from his team or the police I don't know, but I tip of Rossi. Than Hotch passes out --and than comes the Criminal Minds title -

Rebekah said...

As we all know, Hotch carries multiple weapons. As we learned in LDSK, he carries a second gun strapped to his leg. Because Foyet is a raging narcissist, he loves to hear himself talk, and this is his downfall. He could have blitzed Hotch, shooting himin the back of the skull, but he waited for Hotch to turn around, look him in the eye, and then he spoke. What he doesn't seem to take into consideration is that Hotch is not like his other victims. Hotch is a well-trained law enforcement officer who has very good reflexes. Foyet's statement, "You should have made a deal" gave Hotch the opportunity to either duck and go for his gun around his leg or to tackle Foyet before he shot. The determination on Hotch's face did not speak of a man about to die, it spoke of a man about to fight. I think we will have a swift resolution to this story-line in the season opener. I think the show will open on Hotch ducking, grabbing his second gun (around his leg) as Foyet fires a shot into empty space, and then Hotch shooting him in the chest. Then the team gets to move on to the next case. I hope I'm right.

Eleonor said...

Ok as I said before I think Foyet shoots and kidnaps Hotch leaving Morga's id behind, the team looks for him and finally finds him. But I would like to add that his near death experience leads him to rethink his life and therefore he changes...he sees that besides Jack, the people around him are his family and he starts living a bit more and not killing himself from overwork! That means he will eventually smile more often and that would be a dream come true for me!!!

Reidluver said...

The Reaper falls to the ground, his eyes wide with shock as blood pours out of a gaping wound where his heart is supposed to be. Hotch stares at his motionless body for a few seconds before letting out a small sigh.

"Good shooting," he says calmly. "Your aim has improved--or were you aiming for something else this time?"

Reid steps into view from the darkness, gun still slightly raised. He had been hiding in the door frame of the nearby room, which is why Hotch hadn't turned on any lights when he came in.

He smiles weakly. "I wanted to hit his shoulder so he would drop the gun, but I suppose this is just as good." They both stare at the Reaper for a second. "Can I ask you a question, Hotch?"

"You want to know why I didn't just have the police come and take him away?" Reid nods.

"Well," Hotch began. "I'll admit that when you told me about your thoughts on the eyes you noticed, I was a little skeptical. However, I realized that given his behavior, that would be the exact type of thing he would do. I didn't want to send in a whole team in here because some of them might have gotten hurt."

Reid frowned. "But you could have died! And furthermore, you could have asked Morgan or Rossi or someone else more advanced than me to do this. What if I didn't make the target?"

Hotch bit his lip. He couldn't tell Reid the real reason--that he wanted to give the kid a chance to be able to end a case right. After the Pig Farm incident, he knew his team was suffering emotionally and that soon enough the toll of all their bad experiences would hurt them.

He wanted to give them all a chance to end a case in the best way possible, and when Reid came to him, worried for his life Hotch found this was the perfect opportunity. Plus, with everything that had happened to the kid in the past while, Hotch figured he needed it first.

Hotch gave a rare smile and put his hand on Reid's shoulder. "Because I believed in you." Reid's mouth opened in shock for a moment, then he closed it and returned the smile.

"I'm just glad nothing happened to you," he replied. "Everyone else would kill me if something did."

"Not Strauss," Hotch said with a slight chuckle. "Now let's clean this up."

janice said...

I think he lives because if you looked at Hotch's face it was reserved and he showed no fear. This unsub gets off on fear. I think it is going to come down to a war of words and the shot was just into the wall or maybe an arm or leg. Plus as stated before Hotch carries a second weapon and we did not see him remove it.

Scrapgirl said...


Now THAT is an opening scene! Well done!

Anonymous said...

i think that most users on here are hoping for the best that Hotch either got the best of the omnivore or that the omnivore is just playing with Hotch, because that's the omnivore's profile ... he has to show his power he like to 'play' and see the fear of his victims ...
though i am kinda hoping for a longer returning episode....

i think that with hotch still being alive the omnivore takes him, to 'play' leaves Dereks credentials so when the team finds that Hotch isnt at work they go to his apt and find that the omnivore has him ... of course Derek blames him self ... and maybe .. just maybe they have to call in Gideon to help find Hotch, and reid has to deal with some internal feelings for all the males he looks up to leaving him ...

ok so i am planing ahead here haha sorry

Gabriela Spinola said...

The episode begins - somebody's vision is dark, all we see in the screen are some shadows, a few noises and a background song ("Karma Police", please). Then we start hearing voices - "you're gonna be fine", etc. So the flsshback starts, half an hour ago.

Foyet shoots Hotch on his sholder (Lilly Rush would be jealous), and goes out to get a knife. Hotch falls down, but when the Reaper turns around to the kitchen, he runs to the closest room in the house, locks the door, grabs his second weapon somewhere, tries to stop the bleeding with his tie, reaches his cell in his pocket and call Prentiss, who's still in the office.

She races to Hotch's place and tells Morgan on her way, but meanwhile, Foyet finds Aaron and they start "wrestling" - first, Hotch takes his knife out, and they start punching each other.

Hotch goes down, Foyet points his gun to Hotch's face, and whispers something like "you could use that deal now... And so would your team. You know, I'll go after them. I'll make them pay for your mistakes."

And exactly NOW we hear four shots coming from somewhere, which hit the Reaper. It's Prentiss, and she goes check on Hotch and calls Morgan, asking for help - and Hotch gets inconscient.

[Opening credits, with new logo and new cast photo]

Well, if you ignore my descriptions, it may be the first five minutes...

Bethany said...

Okay, I really like Reidluver's idea!!!!

and Anonymous "Gideon wakes up in a cold sweat... the last two seasons were just a bad dream..."

Totally nova- no, super nova worthy!

Laura_G said...

I am hoping to see that as Foyett fired his weapon, Hotch attacks Foyett (and of course Foyett misses). They struggle and Hotch takes Foyett down!

Gomerdae said...

After watch the season finale, this is what I came up with... (took whole day to think about it_

The next day at BAU, everyone is at the meeting room but no sign of Hotch. So they're wondering what's going on. Reid and Morgan figure something isn't right and they're going to check up on Hotch while rest of the team receives an anonymous letter addressing to BAU team. They opened and with surprise, it's from Hotch saying that he will be quitting as an agent.

While this is happening, Reid and Morgan got to Hotch's apartment, discovering that Hotch is missing. They look around of what's going on and Morgan finds his missing badge, knowing that the reaper has return.

And last but not the least, while all the members of BAU team trying to find out what's going on with Hotch, there's a reaper holding Hotch as a hostage demanding him to choose which of his team member will die first. If he's not making a choice then his ex-wife and his son Jack will suffer the consequences....

That's my idea. I can't wait until for the next season!!!

Christine Cameron said...

I think because Hotch did not look fearful, he was shot and wounded... to be held captive.

Anonymous said...

Foyett point his gun to Hotch's head. Hotch watch Foyett in the eyes. Then we heard a shot. Hotch is on the floor and we see a poll of blood.


RMF said...

Foyet won't be taken out in the first five minutes. It wouldn't be worth bringing him back for that.

I agree with Tori: Hotch gets shot, Foyet takes his gun, and Rossi gets offered the deal. Foyet is a narcissist and an elaborate planner, so the question is what he does next. He probably drops Morgan's badge at the scene to let them know it's him, but does he go after the public, or does he lay elaborate traps to try to draw out other members of the team to pick them off with Hotch's gun?

Anonymous said...


Good plot especially the 2nd last para! I thought taking his ex-wife Haley & son as bargaining chips would heighten the suspense. I agree there should be many twists for the season 5 opener to engage the viewers attention. After all, they need to sustain their ratings in the new season.

Anonymous said...

International Fan writes:

Opening Scene-Midnight somewhere in a wooded area far from any residences.

Camera pans to an angle showing the right side of Hotch's face, only his right side of forehead, right eye, part of nose are visible. Then slowly the camera angles down & shows that HOTCH IS HOLDING A GUN AIMED AT a male & female couple tied to a tree trunk with real fear in them, knowing that they will be shot for sure!

Camera then slowly pans to Hotch's hands holding the gun & moves gradually to SURPRISE, its Foyet sitting on the front hood of his getaway car with Hotch kneeling down in front of Foyet.

AND its Foyet's hands that you saw, not Hotch's, as Foyet's hands is outstretched over Hotch's shoulders taking aim at the couple.

Now that the camera is showing the full angle of Hotch's full frontal figure, viewers will see Hotch's mouth is gagged. Hotch's hands and legs are securely tied by ropes & Hotch is kneeling down on the ground becos he is taller & Foyet needs the height advantage to shoot the couple.

Now we hear a round of loud bangs & the couple is bloodied with their own blood. Gory sight.

Foyet does his evil laugh & says to Hotch:

"So Hotch that was lesson 101 on the subject of fear. I fired blank bullets then Tasered you in your apartment so that I can save you for sweeter stuff to come your way. Get used to it buddy, cos now you are my accomplice whether you like it or not!"

Cue music & opening credits.

The rest of the scene will be for BAU team to rescue Hotch as neighbors have reported the blank bullet shot fired in Hotch's apartment.

Last scene will allow Hotch to experience the greatest fear as Foyet brings him to his ex-wife Haley & son's place. That is when BAU team catches up with them with a climatic end.

Sterling said...

HOTCH goes down, seriously wounded. However...killing HOTCH does not fit "The Profile" of The REAPER. (convenient that, eh?) ;^)
One possibility is that REAPER considers HOTCH to be his primary adversary and killing him would not serve him anything. So, it is not his intent to kill HOTCH, but it could happen. REAPER should keep up the pattern he did when we first saw him because his megalomania must be fed. To Wit = he will wound HOTCH, take his ID, guns, call 911 and lead them on a merry chase.
To continue displaying his 'superiority' he may stalk or attack other BAU members. (Didn't he tell an Unconcious MORGAN that he had "Big plans for him" ?? ) I also doubt he'll go after HOTCH's family as it doesn't fit his MO. (We humans are the only species on the planet that will target leaders, not stragglers; and with that superiority complex, I doubt he would target and kill a child - but might use him as leverage aka="Stop hunting me or I will hunt your family." Or use him in some other leverage/ruse sort-of-way against HOTCH).So, I think truly targeting HOTCH'S son might be a bit beneath him, so REAPER would give another clue to rub things in his face (i.e. One of two missing items from a murder the BAU is presently unaware of would be found in plain sight perhaps)....and that is my 2 cents. Personally - I like the theme of the "Arch Enemy" / "Reoccurring Villain". They tried it with GIDEON but what bothered me about that is it was GIDEON who psyched himself out and it didn't fit what we knew of GIDEON. This should work much better as we now have back story on REAPER.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is the place for this question, but is there any news on Hawaii Five-O for the new season???

aazure said...

Wow!!! there are some really good ideas here. I agree with the majority:

Hotch was wounded, but still alive and the team rushed to help him and catch the Reaper.

The first few frames before the credits roll will show Hotch clutched his shoulder as blood seeped through his fingers and staggered to stay upright. The Reaper walked up to him and whispered to Hotch's ear saying "As I have said, you should have made the deal."
The Reaper then hit Hotch with his gun rendered the agent unconscious.

credit roll

Maybe we will be given the chance in Season 5 to explore Hotch's psyche as he fights to survive the torments inflicted by the Reaper.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm sure that whatever they are going to write will surprise us. What a shame that Andrew Wilder is not around anymore to write those first 5 minutes. He always get the best from Hotch's character

Anyway I can't wait for season 5 to begin

e_rollo said...

Screen turns to black, then:
Flashback to BAU team on the plane coming home from the pig farm in the season finale, then to Hotch looking through the blinds of his office pondering how long his team can withstand these kinds of cases.

Flashback story continues, as camera closes in on Reid and Morgan. Reid is reading the pig farm case file, looking confused.

Morgan: “What’s the matter, kid?”

Reid: “It’s this last case. Something about it still bothers me.”

Morgan: “A lot about it still bothers all of us.”

Reid: “No, it’s something about those drawings...”

Morgan: “Forget it, kid....Hey, how ‘bout you show me that magic trick of yours with the pencil and the dollar bill?”

Reid: “You’ve already seen it.”

Morgan: “I know. I wanna see it again. I bet I know how you do it.”

Reid: “No you don’t.”

Morgan: “OK, then show me...or are you afraid I know your secret?”

Reid goes to pull his wallet out.

Morgan: “Oh, no. You’re gonna use my dollar bill and my pencil.”

Reid (shrugs): “OK.”

Morgan gives Reid a dollar bill and a pencil.

Reid: “I have here an ordinary pencil and an ordinary dollar bill.”

Camera close up of Reid showing Morgan the front of, then the back of, the dollar bill.
Reid freezes.

Reid: “Oh my God! That’s it! That’s it! It’s the Reaper! It’s the Reaper!”

Morgan: “What??!!??”

Reid: “The dollar bill. The eye.....The eye at the pig farm wasn’t big brother watching, it was the Reaper.”

Morgan: “Why would the Reaper be at the pig farm?”

Reid: “I don’t know, but it’s him!”

Hotch and Rossi, hearing Reid yell, come down to see what’s going on.

Reid: “Hotch, it’s the Reaper. He’s back.”

Rossi: “The Reaper?” (then, to Hotch) “He wanted you to make a deal and you wouldn’t.”

Hotch: “And he said he’d be back to get me.”

Rossi: “But the only time he can get you is when you’re alone.”

Hotch: “And the only time I’m alone is when I go home to my apartment.......where he’ll be waiting for me.”

Rossi: “And we’ll be waiting for him.”

Cut to the scene from the season finale where Hotch enters his apartment. (HINT! HINT! HE CLOSED THE DOOR BUT DID NOT LOCK EITHER THE DEADBOLT OR THE CHAIN!)
Hotch throws his keys and bag down and pours himself a drink.

Reaper: “You shoulda made a deal.”

The BAU team blasts through the door, distracting the Reaper, and BANG! Shoots him in the head.

Camera goes to a close up of the deadman, cleanly shot in the head.
Hotch pulls off the mask.

Opening credits.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I got few theories.
1. Hotch gets shot in a place that doesn't kill him but wounds him badly.
Leaving Hotch unconscious on the floor, also dropping Morgan's badge on Hotch's body. Reid figures everything out and rushes to help Hotch, finding him lying on the floor.
Hotch is taken to a hospital in a critical condition, while in the waiting room Morgan receives a call from the reaper who tells morgan to get the team to catch him, Morgan says its personal now and they take a 1 on 1 duel somehow somewhere and Morgan owns.

Mark said...

I think the 'unsub', like everybody else, finally got tired of Reid, a 'man' actually employed by the FBI - a bureaucracy, yet with traditionally high dress codes and standards - wearing a silly, twink, little grunge boy haircut. I think the 'unsub' just lost it and capped Reids boss.

Anonymous said...

Who is the female agent who got shot in the forehead on the roof?

Unknown said...

No he gets shot and lives Noone can find hI'm the next day

Anonymous said...

in the early episodes, Thomas Gibson was listed first in order of stars. now he is last, why the change. just being nosy and curious