Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Criminal Minds question of the day: What is your favorite Aaron Hotchner, portrayed by Thomas Gibson, scene, line or moment so far on Criminal Minds. Four great seasons of Criminal Minds to pick from. I'm looking forward to seeing what all the Hotch fans pick. :)


Anonymous said...

So many to pick from but him washing the blood off Elle's wall at the end of FK2 rates high on my list.

Anonymous said...

Favorite Hotch epi was Omnivore.

Favorite moment is when he gives his famous Hotch glare. If glares could kill!

Mira said...

Really love all Hotch moments as he is the 'heart and soul' of the BAU!

If I had to pick one right now I will definitely choose one from the best episode ever: Omnivore. The alley scene is one that will never be forgotten.

But there are many many more and I so like Khalil Gibran's quote too. It really fits the multi-layered SSA Aaron Hotchner.

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars."

sher_cm said...

Just one? Impossible! Let's go with the top three, in no particular order of preference.

1) Omnivore - alley scene with Rossi.

2) Tabula Rasa - Hotch on the witness stand profiling defense lawyer impromptu.

3) Season 2 finale - Hotch standing up for his team to Strauss, possibly my favorite Hotch dialogue moment ever.

"My team? Let me tell you about my team. Agent Morgan fought to protect his identity from the very people who could save him. Why? Because trust has to be earned, and there are very few people he truly trusts. Reid’s intellect is a shield which protects him from his emotions and, at the moment, his shield is under repair. Prentiss overcompensates because she doesn’t yet feel she’s a part of the team. She needn’t worry. Every day, Agent Jareau fields dozens of requests for our team and every night she goes home hoping she’s made the right choices. Garcia fills her office with figurines and color to remind herself to smile as the horror fills her screens and Agent Gideon in many ways is damned by his profound knowledge of others, which is why he shares so little of himself yet he pours his heart into every case we handle. I stand by my actions and I stand by my team, and if you think that you can find a better person for the job, good luck."

Ripley said...

There are so many favorites of mine, but one is in the episode "Omnivore." After "The Reaper" shoots the people on the bus, Hotch and Rossi have an amazing scene.

Another favorite Hotch scene is in the episode "Pleasure Is My Business." The one where Hotch is watching his son Jack ride his bike...that one gets me everytime. Not to mention, the end scene where Hotch is holding the dying call girl's hand. It was so touching. We got to see more of the caring, vulnerable side of Aaron Hotchner. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes of all time!

I could list more, but I'd be here all night...☺

monica said...

Definately agree that it is Omnivore as the winner of the best Hotchner episode.

I really LOVE it when Hotchner says the quotes. Just a me thing but it always seems right when the team leader does it.

His angst when Reid was held prisoner and his picking up on Reid's clues rank high on my list. Also ranking high is the alley scene.

celeste said...

1. Ashes and Dust - Hotch talking to Abby's son was emotional.

2. The Fox - Hotch holding his newborn son was sweetest.

Any scene with Hotch in it is a good scene. *g*

Anonymous said...

Just one? That's difficult... Most of my favorite scenes and eps have already been mentioned, but another scene I love is in Ashes & Dust, where he simply loses it in the middle of the street because he can't save Evan Abby.

Favorite ep: Omnivore

Favorite line: Sometimes what we don't do, is every bit as important as what we do (Blood Hungry).

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a newbie here.

Favourite Hotch moment? So many!

On top of all there is Hotch on the witness stand in Tabula Rasa. Best scene ever!
Second one is Hotch throwing the attorney general out of the scene in Minimal Loss! Wow!

Anonymous said...

I love all hotch moments. :D
i think my favorites are :

1) Omnivore, when he thought it was his fault.
2) Seven Seconds, when he talking with Katie's uncle.
3) Tabula Rasa, when he profil the lawer.
4) L.D.S.K., with Philip Dowd in the E.R.
5) Natural Born Killer, at the end, when he talking with Vincent Perrota. At this time, he saw the person he could have become.
6) Pleasure is my business, at he phone with Megan Kane. And when he talk with Megan Kane, at the end, Before she dies.
7) Mayhem, When he is with Kate.

Laura_G said...

L.D.S.K., the entire ep....The Tribe, and when he is on the stand in Tabula Rasa. There are so many others, but those are my top 3.

Shadow said...

Favorite Hotch moment? That’s difficult, because there are so many, though most of those that come immediately to mind are of seasons 1 and 2 which tells me there hasn’t been enough Hotch lately. I especially enjoy Hotch interacting with Reid, and we haven’t had this at all in season 4. Focusing solely on Hotch I’d say in ‘Ashes and Dust’ when he’s at the hospital with the burn victim and two scenes from ‘The Tribe’: First when John Blackwolf comments on everybody’s looks and ends with Hotch: “Now you, you look like FBI.” And then the scene close to the end of that epi with John Blackwolf when they discuss their different fighting methods which led to the same results in the end (and Blackwolf calls Hotch “Captain America”).

HardKOrr said...

The first scenes that came to mind were:

In Ashes & Dust when he was in the hospital room with the burn victim. So compassionate in that scene.

And then this season's Paradise when, after one of Garcia's funny comments, he says to JJ & Reid, "Remind me to have her drug tested"

I love when he has these off the cuff witty moments because they are delivered with such a dry sense of humor and are so unexpected.

So many to choose from put those are the first two that popped in my head.

Walburga Benker said...

I agree favorite Hotch epi was Omnivore.

Favorite moments are:

1. Hotch on the witness stand in "Tabula Rasa" kicking lawyer ass by profiling him.

2. when he cleans Elles blood off the wall.

3. the elevator scene, special humor.

I love all Hotch moments because he is the heart of the Team.

Debbie said...

How can you choose just one? Impossible.

Whether he is kicking down a door, interrogating a suspect, or expressing concern for one of his team, he brings such intensity and emotion to the storyline.

He is such a rock for the team, and yet underneath there is a tenderness and caring that is also somehow fierce.

He cares deeply - about his team, about the job, about his family - and I love every scene, every line that portrays that strength, caring and commitment. He has a richness of character that is rare on TV.

Cbear said...

Hotch on the stand in Tabula Rosa badass!!!

slashgirl said...

Just one? Impossible for me to pick just one Hotch moment. But I will narrow it down from "every single one." *g*

In no particular order:

Revelations--when he gets Reid's message and then when they find Reid and they hug.

His Hotchalanche of the lawyer in Tabula Rasa.

His scene with the dying mother in Ashes & Dust.

The alley scene with Hotch and Rossi in Omnivore.

The arguement with Reid and then the plane scene with Reid in Elephant's Memory.

When he "profiles" his team for Strauss.

The ER scene from LDSK.

Any scene where his stealth humour shows through.

His scene with Garcia at the end of House on Fire.

The scene at the end of The Tribe with him and Blackwolf. Captain America, indeed. *G*

Okay, okay, I'll stop now. *G* I do have to say that I think Thomas Gibson is totally underappreciated for the work he does as Hotch. He always gives an incredible performance--and Hotch is definitely the heart of the team and TG brings that through in every episode.

Amy said...

I don't know which one is my favorite.
It's too much!!!
I love all Hotch moments.
The top is the Omnivore,
Hotch is the soul of the BAU!!

AngelLeah said...

I loved this question and reading all the favorite episodes.
Hotch is a great character because of his depth. I love that they make him so level headed when deep down there is turmoil going on.

With that being said, my all time favorite was Damaged. The scene where Hotch and Reid are interviewing the man in jail. The man has just informed them that he plans to kill them and Hotch starts taking off his coat and says "unfortunately for you, I'm not a 13 year old girl" (or something like that!)
That was the best!

I'm not sure which episode it was, but I also loved the scene when Hotch tells Morgan that Haley has left and he doesn't think she is coming back.

Anonymous said...

The Hotchalanche in Tabula Rasa is waaaaaay up there, but so is the "It's gas" moment with JJ when he smiles at the end of the episode, and when he profiles Strauss on the spot.

Lemony2rb2 said...

My favorite moment was when Hotch visited Emily's apartment and convienced her to come back to the BAU.

A Criminal Minds fan said...

Favorite Hotch moments? So many to choose! Here are some of my favorites:

1) In omnivore, the scene in the alley. What a great performance by Thomas Gibson. As Slashgirl said, He is so underappreciated.

2) Hotch profiling the laywer, show how great a profiler Hotch is.

3) Pleasure is my business, Hotch phone conversation with Megan, you could see on his face how painful that conversation was for him especially in front of his team.

4) Hotch telling Strauss about his team. I love that Hotch knows and cares about his team.

5) The Tribe, love those scenes at the school were he and Blackwolf are fighting the gang.

6) NBK, the conversation with Perrota, Hotch looking at who he could have been.

7) Hotch and Haley in their bedroom and Hotch telling Haley this is who he is and her showing how badly she knew her husband by replying 'No this is what you DO!'

8) Hotch washing Elle's blood from her wall.

9) In bloodline, him and Prentiss playing bad cop/good cop.

10) Hotch talk to Garcia at the end of house on fire.

I could list so many other favorites scenes!

So many great moments of the best character on CM and definately the heart and sould of CM.


Kathryn said...

I usually love it when Hotch is trying to be goofy in his serious face, if you know what I mean. I just watched "Paradise" with my parents, and his "remind me to have her drug tested" scene is just unforgettable!

I also love him in "Ashes and Dust." He was just so affected upon learning that he cannot save Abbey in the warehouse. He was also great in "Tabula Rasa" when he was in the witness stand. In 'Bloodline," he showed his vulnerability as a dad who was never there...which was also shown briefly in "Pleasure is my Business," which was Hotch-centric, too, by the way...

I can continue on and think back on the last three seasons...every episode in CM is never complete without Hotch in it. I am still looking forward for his character to grow as a better unit chief for the BAU...

Kathryn said...

btw, his line in "The Tribe," "just so you know, you sound like a fortune cookie." that is definitely on top of my Hotch moment list!!XD

stephanie said...

I love when he wears casual clothes. Not a fannish girl thing but rather it makes his character more dimensional.

The Tribe will always stick in my mind. He was just terrific being one on one with Blackwolf.

We so need to bring Blackwolf back. He was a terrific character and played off well with the BAU.

brooke said...

When he profiled the attorney in Tabula Rasa.

All his scenes in Omnivore.

Anonymous said...

I almost collapsed when he did in "Mayhem" on the hospital floor. I really thought he was hurt even worse than he was. Scared we were losing him. Great acting. So believeable.

blaire said...

"Ashes and Enya" when Gideon warns Morgan not to let Hotch try to save Abbey and Hotch flips. He was so determined to help him and an emotional Hotch is a thing of beauty.

babruin said...

I also liked the witness stand scene in Tabula Rasa where he dissected with surgical precision.
Also the smirk at the end of the physics magic scene that showed he had a great sense of humor under that gruff exterior.

Patty said...

Love all his scenes in Mayhem, Hotch collapsing at the hospital, that was painful to watch, poor him. In Ashes and dust, when he did stay with the dying woman and then trying to save Abby. Everytime he makes a jokes, he's got such a dry sense of humour! All of Omnivore! What a great episode, so many great Hotch moments there!

Kate said...

Just like everyone else, I find it very difficult to choose!

1) Omnivore scene in the alley with Dave. WHOA!
2) Tabula Rasa Witness Stand when he puts that lawyer in his place. LOVE IT!
3) Just about any scene with Reid because I love their chemistry. Elephant's Memory and LDSK stand out the most.

I could go on and on. Thomas Gibson is outstanding and Emmy worthy! What he brings to Hotch and CM is irreplaceable!!

Vivian said...

one that stand out for me was when Hotch told the DA to 'Leave my crime scene'. His confrontation with that politician was something of beauty!

The scene in Gideon's office where Hotch and Jason were watching old movies. Rare to see him relax at work.

Anonymous said...

i dont have fav but the one where tht girl gets kidnapped by tht guy in the park. i luv how he always knows where they are or who they are :]

akira07 said...

I like Hotch's stare the best. His stare speaks more than a "thousand words"! I think "Omnivore" really showed a side of Hotch. I like 99% of what I have seen so far.

Andrea said...

I am an absolute fan of Aaron Hotchner. Criminal Minds without him is unthinkable for me! I love any moment, every scene and often I suffer with him.

hotch-fan said...

I am an absolute fan of Aaron Hotchner. Criminal Minds without him is for me unthinable, impossible! I love any moments, every scene and I often suffer with him.

Kirsten said...

Wow, a really good question and impossible to answer, since Thomas Gibson is able to turn 5 seconds of screen time into a memory. But my top 5:

1. anything from omnivore, especially the alley scene

2. "Just so you know, you sound like a fortune cookie" (and his fight scene in the tribe)

3. Profiling his team for Strauss... just a small example of how well he knows and cares about each member.

4. The Hotchalanche in Tabula Rosa. Fabulous.

5. "Get off my crime scene!"

6. And all the many subtle moments of compassion and humour.

Why does TG not yet have an award? This man has given such wonderful, memorable performances and has received no recognition. His character is central to the show (def heart and soul) and it is such a breath of fresh air to have such depth of character (and man) on tv. We're very lucky to have Hotch/TG on our show. CM wouldn't be CM without him.

Pamela said...

many, many, MANY moments that I like! The alley scene with Rossi in Omnivore, Role playing with Rossi in Identity, Hotch trying to talk the doctor from not jumping from the roof and the doctor telling Hotch that his worse fear was not to save everyone, in Damage when Hotch took of his suit coat and was ready to fight with the serial killer! Hotch talking Emily back to the BAU. Could go on and on. Hotch is the reason why I watch Criminal Minds every Wednesday night!

Carol said...

Let me see:

Favorite Hotch episode: Omnivore closely followed by In name and blood.

Favorite scenes: Of course like many have said before me, that great alley scene in Omnivore. What a well written episode, an excellent, Emmy worthy performance from Thomas Gibson. another one that stand out is in Pleasure is my business when he stayed with Megan while she died. He's got so much compassion.

Meagan said...

Soooo many to choose from!

Fav epi is Omnivore

1. loved his compassion and stoicism in Mayhem. A true hero.

2. courtroom scene in Tabula Rossa

3. his visit to the young boy at the end of Ashes & Dust.

4. his facial expression when staying with the dying mother in Ashes & Dust.

5. road rage Hotch!

The man is a machine, yet believable! Thank you TG!
Go Hotch!

Eleonor said...

I have to agree with all of you because I love every single moment I see Hotch on screen. He is the main reason in watch CM.
I love his interaction with everyone of the team.
All of Hotch moments are my favorite but for season 4 I love:
Omnivore alley scene.
At the end of House of Fire.
With the unsub in Pleasure is my Bussiness.
All his scenes in Mayhem.
The car crash in Roadkill.
Talking to the dr in Angel Maker.

Wow every single time he glares or the few memorable time he smiles...TG always delivers!
I just could go on and on.....

Steph said...

Aw geez... sorry, can't pick just one... looks like I'm not alone! lol

Fav episode is definitely Omnivore, but Hotch has been so amazing, we could almost just list all CM epis.

1. loved his caring and calming influence on kate in Mayhem

2. again, more compassion with prentiss in demonology and when he scrubbed down the bloody walls for elle in FK2.

3. tabula rosa... who else knows a courtroom like hotch?!

4. his scenes w/ blackwolf in the tribe... those 2 came to appreciate each other and I loved the casual humour.

5. holding baby Jack and being terrified. So sweet.

I could go on and on... Hotch is my favourite character not just on cm, but all of tv. Can't wait to see how he continues to evolve in season 5.

Kelsey said...

How can we pick just one! So unfair!

SSA Hotchner is the reason I got hooked on CM, and the reason I never miss it now. So many great scenes! TG has such a range, that I think we need the Q to be narrowed to a particular emotion!

Fav scene ever is probably the alley scene in Omnivore and seeing that little bit of vulnerability that we know lurks beneath his tough exterior.

But I also love his glares, his interrogation scenes, pi**ed off scenes, compassion and especially his dry sense of humour... "Remind me to have her drug tested."

Thanks to CM writers and to Thomas Gibson for such a special character.

Linda said...

Pick any scene with Hotch, doesn't matter, it will be memorable. Adore this lead character!

MySentimentExactLee said...

LDSK where he makes fun of Spencer to distract Dowd.

That or when he dealt with hearing Spencer say the ugly things about him in Revelations, before he realized it was a clue.

Lee :)

Emily said...

OMG! What an awesome question!
Hotch so rocks! Doesn't matter what scene, he's just that good. okay, a couple of examples from this season...

-mix of compassion for a fallen comrade and the need to go on and catch the bad guy in difficult circumstances

-the whole portrayl of his ear injury was sooo good. Love the way he looked at the female doc with puppy-dog eyes so she'd allow him to go back to work! :)

-omnivore... all of it!

I could go on and on; wish we'd get this as an essay topic at school! Just so love Aaron Hotchner; please give him more screen time!!!

Melanie said...

I heart Aaron Hotchner! Anyone who thinks he isn't the soul of CM is nuts. Just watch his delivery of the team's profiles to Strauss. TG has really given his all and can't get enough of his character!!!

"Gas" (when smiling slightly at the birth of baby Henry)

Anonymous said...

Loved Hotch in the interview with jj and jacob in ride the lightening and with jj in the end of North mammon, the profiling his team to strauss in the s2 finale and tabula rasa courtroom scene, but basically any Hotch scene!!

Maddy said...

Great answers so far! like everyone I love all of Omnivore, best episode by far.

My all time best moment from Hotch as to be when he did his 'stern boss' speech to a deserving Reid who had endangered his life and then Hotch said to Reid that he can go back to that movie , knowing that wasn't what Reid was doing before being call on a case, Reid was at a NA meeting, then Hotch got up and walked by Reid and just lay his hand on Reid shoulder as a supporting gesture. Hotch can by the tought boss AND a nice guy too.

The BAU without Hotch would simply be unthinkable!

Can't wait for next season and see where the writers will take Hotch to!


Vicky said...

Tought question Jill, so my simple and honest answer will be: any scenes he was in! Hotch is the best character on Criminal Minds!
If I had to choose just one scene then the alley scene in Omnivore, so much emotion in that scene!

Aaaaawwww I so love that character!


Patricia said...

Great question for all of us Hotch fans and nice to see some recognition for our fav character!

Hotch has so many layers, its impossible to choose just one scene... or one epi for that matter!
The fact that Thomas Gibson is such an excellent, physical actor means we get so much from his body language and facial expressions that often no words are necessary. His presence on screen is second to none. I really can't pick one line/scene over any other but Hotch in the alley with Rossi comes darn close. Never thought Hotch would cry, but was so moving.
Bring on S5 and more for our main man, please. :)

Helen said...

Gonna have to go with the majority on this one and say, one Hotch moment?! You're crazy... :P

In no particular order:

1. "Omnivore": scene with Rossi and Hotch in the alley having their 'showdown'

2. "Fisher King: Part 2": all alone, washing Elle's blood off the wall of her apartment

3. "The Tribe": The whole ep, but especially the explanation to Reid about the 21 feet rule, and his awesome talent with the baton at the end! Hotch and John Blackwolf together = love, I think those two are my favourite pairing of all guest actors with Hotch

4. "Mayhem": his care and compassion for Kate, how he pushed himself for her and didn't collapse until he knew she was being taken care of; his collapse! So heartbreaking! And his reaction when the doctors tried to keep him in bed :P

5. "The Angel Maker": Scene with the doctor and scene at the exhumation and at the end when the gun goes off next to his ear

6. "Natural Born Killer": the scene where he gets attacked and Gideon rushes to him afterwards and tries to undo his shirt collar and tie; interrogation scene after that

7. "Natural Born Killer"/"Won't Get Fooled Again"/"A Real Rain": when he stands up for Gideon, or is protective of him and worried for him

8. "A Real Rain": when he shoots the UnSub at the end and then looks so empty afterwards

9. "Tabula Rasa": smackdown of the lawyer! Epic.

10. "No Way Out Part 2: The Evilution of Frank": profiling his team to Strauss

11. "In Name and Blood": the macaroni and cheese scene with Jack (so cute) and the way he shakes Morgan's hand when he finally shows up in Milwaukee; also the way he sends Prentiss into the UnSubs house even though Strauss is strongly suggesting it's a bad idea, and then how he stands up to Strauss again, and says, "why would I want to leave the BAU?"

12. "Ashes and Dust": sitting with the dying mother in the burn ward, talking to Evan Abby at the park about his father, and then losing it on the street when they're too late to save Abby, and Morgan and Gideon stop him from going any closer; the end, where he talks to Abby's son, Liam.

13. "P911": when he's the one who seems to be able to get through to Kevin; and afterwards, he's the one who volunteers to accompany Kevin to the child services building.

14. Every scene where he's ever shown compassion or care for his team.

15. Every scene where he's given an off the cuff, random bit of humour. ("Remind me to get her drug-tested"; "Garcia, you're the man"; "Gas")

16. "House on Fire": the end scene with Garcia, when he thanks her for her hard work and reminds her what an essential part of the team she is

17. "Seven Seconds": just every moment in this episode, he is all around hardcore FBI in this ep, but his fight with the uncle and then him finding and giving CPR to Katie were great (I want to cry every time with Imogen Heap playing over Hotch giving her CPR, with her tiny chest under his huge hand :( ); also, the end when he goes to see Jack.

18. "Roadkill": as someone has already called it, 'road-rage Hotch'! So awesome; sacrifice himself for other people AGAIN. Hotch is a hero.

And now that I've written all that... I just know I'm going to be irritated later 'cause I'll remember something I didn't put down. Ugh. Stressful question of the day! :P But AWESOME! So, there you go. Any scene with Thomas Gibson/Hotch in it is a great scene, but these are some of the best. All the ones listed in response to this question of the day are some of the best - not all, but some. There are many more where they came from, and many more to come!!!!

Rachel said...

Toooooooo many to list. A scene with Hotch is automatically noteworthy because Mr. Gibson gives us stellar performances EVERY week!

I'd usually give the usual popular scenes that everyone else has commented on but since I especially love Hotch's dry sense of humour:

"Between us we have 3 failed marriages. At least we're experts in something."


"You can put that away now... a little dramatic don't you think?"

I cannot imagine CM without Hotch. He is honestly the reason I watch and I hope TG gets the recognition he deserves.

MKT said...

Hotch-centric q -- YAY!!!

No way I can give just one scene, line or episode for such an integral character! Blame Thomas Gibson and the writers for being just that amazing! :)

Hotch has developed so much over 4 seasons, so a fav from each year seems appropriate:

Season 1: Hotch's interactions with Blackwolf in The Tribe. Wish this guest could come back, their chemistry was great.

Season2: Hotch needing to be held back by Gideon & Morgan when he wanted to save Abby in 'Ashes & Dust'

Season3: Hotch profiling the opposing attorney in Tabula Rasa. Cutting words yet so non-confrontational.

Season4: any Hotch scene in Omnivore... phone call in the hotel (just to be different from the alley scene)

Look forward to trying to choose one for Season5!!!

laurel said...


This character is always great. I dislike episodes that don't have lots of Hotch in them. Omnivore takes my vote for best Hotch episode and if I had to pick one line of Hotch's it would be the one where someone says they always talk about work and he asks them a personal question that he knows they won't want to answer. Can't remember the episode but I love it when he is clever with the team. He really knows them and knows how to push their buttone. Plus when Hotch smiles or is funny it is always great.

Amy said...

Wouldn't it be easier to list the scenes with Hotch we don't like?? Hmmm... i can't. :)

So love Hotch and really feel all of his emotions right along with him. Great job, TG!

Anonymous said...

Omnivore, Elephant's Memory, Tabula Rasa, Damaged, Revelations, L.D.S.K.... I guess I love Hotch/Reid scenes =D

LT said...

There are so many...think my favorite scene was in 'Damaged' when he took his jacket and tie off =) I do like to see angry Hotchner.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Amy.

1. Loved him letting loose on Strauss.

2. All of Omnivore and Ashes.

3. LDSK the last scene

All of The Tribe.

Lanna said...

Oh, I love so many Hotch moments that i can't choose just one :).
I was going to say i have a top three, but then i remembered another four scenes ;).

I absolutely love it when he profiles on the spot. I loved the profiling of the lawyer in Tabula Rasa, of Strauss and of his team. Shows off all of his professional qualities, and the fact that he cares for his team deeply.

Loved the scene in Prentiss' appartment when he convinces her to come back to the BAU.

Loved the talk with Rossi in the alley in Omnivore. That was a brilliant performance by Thomas Gibson...

Loved the "it's gas" scene when JJ brought Henry over to visit.

Loved how he stood by Kate's side in Mayhem, and how he struggled to get help for her.

Loved how he washed off the blood from Elle's wall.

Loved the scene in Ashes and Dust when he talks to the dying mother, and how he tries to comfort her.

Loved that scene in Minimal Loss where they were listening in on Emily being beaten. The pain on his face...He could feel each and every one of those punches. And the frustration he couldn't do anything...

ooooh, so many good ones. And I'm sure I'll remember more in a couple of minutes ;)... Hotch is just amazing.

Elisabeth said...

Tough question - since Thomas Gibson/ Aaron Hotchner is probably the main reason for me to watch the show every Wednesday - as well as the stories of course ;o)

Random order:
* When he cleans the blood of Elle's wall in "Fisher King 2."
* And in "The tribe" where he is appologising to his brother in the restaurant. When he smiles - UH.
and also "I am trying to say that I am a jackass"
(Besides - bring Blackwolf back, he works well with all of the BAU - and I like the pingpong betweeen Hotch and Blackwolf for example "You sound like a fortune cookie."
* Tabula Rasa - Hotch on the witness stand profiling defense lawyer and proving his point - that profiling works! Hotch really makes that lawyer look dumb. YES!!
* Natural Born Killer, at the end, when he talking with Vincent Perrota. At this time, he saw the person he could have become. And it shows - as I see it - how Hotch's childhood has been/ or parts of it. Since I don't know for sure if Hotch's father was abusive.
* "remind me to have her drug tested" on Garcia. (Garcia is fun too.)
* When he collapsed in "Mayhem" on the hospital floor. I thought he was hurt worse than he was. So believeable. Very realistic - as well as his earproblems.
* Also the grin at the end of the physics magic scene that showed he had a great sense of humor under that gruff bossy appearance of his.
* And the episode where he "wishes he wasn't the boss" and goes to suspend Garcia when she was shot.

There are SO many great Hotchner moments.
And I don't understand why TG has not been awarded more than he already has - he is a very good actor - and also he is very handsome! Which makes it even better ;o)

Hotch is the person that "draws" the lines on how BAU is. A very caring person - even if he has to be tough as the boss.
It's cold on the top of the mountain.

Unknown said...

I am an all-around Hotchner fan but I really like the more intense moments when he has to go deep - he really pulls that off!

Samantha said...

Question time and oh one about Hotch :)

The absolute best Hotch episode, Omnivore! Everything about that episode was fantastic from the scene where Hotch goes to talk with the dying cop to him alone in that hotel room and Foyet calling him and offering the deal. Thomas Gibson played that scene well, his voice going a bit down, restrain but needling Foyet by telling him 'I thought you were smarter than that.' The Alley scene, I went 'omg Hotch is crying!' Those who think Hotch is cold should watch that scene, the man feels things deeply.

Favorite scene: will go with something not in Omnivore and him getting all the clues that Reid did send the team when Reid was kidnapped by Tobias and Hotch asking the team about his worse qualities. Hotch not being afraid of what the team thought of him in order to get Reid back.

Favorite quote: 'Reid, is your name Samuel?' That one always make me smile.


Kyle said...

Love when Hotch slammed the SUV into the unsub truck in last week episode!


Anonymous said...

Every single scene Hotch is in!!!!!!!!!!!

strikske said...

There are too many, but one is at the end of ep 1 season 4 when he talks with Morgan : "My life matters to me and I have and always will entrust you with it, would you do the same for me?" And many many more.

Shadow said...

This morning I was sure somebody else would come up with it, so I didn’t mention it. But as nobody else has chosen that scene so far, I need to post again, sorry.

Pirate number four!

(It’s basically two scenes - clearing out the garage in the afternoon and then telling Haley why he has to keep the hat in the evening - too cute).

Helen said...

Ooh, yes Laurel reminded me of one!

"A Real Rain": the team is out for dinner, and Elle comments that even when they're not working the case, they're still either discussing the case or another profiler, and Hotch turns to her and says, "so, Elle, are you seeing anyone?" :D

"Omnivore": sometimes get sidetracked by the alley scene, but the phone scene in his hotel room is awesome too, when the UnSub offers him a deal and he refuses point blank

"North Mammon": when he talks to JJ at the end, suggests she takes profiling classes and thanks her for her hard work


"Profiler, Profiled": physics magic, "Reid, we've talked about this"/"Yes, sir"/"You're really starting to get some distance on those" *smirk* :D

Jenn said...

So many... of course the Physics project, tabula rosa, and any scene he has with garcia.

Honestly, I also love some of the outtakes where he is so serious and random ("I think we found Osama Bin Ladin"). too funny!

Amelialor said...

Just one moment of this character is impossible to see through.
Aaron Hotchner is a remarkable character. He's the one who keeps this team together as a whole (as a family) and I can't express enough how much this character is valuable and irreplaceable. I hope that we get MANY, MANY more seasons of him.

My Top Five Hotch scenes:
The Fisher King Part 2 - When he goes to clean the blood in Elle's house.
Ashes and Dust - When he stays with the dying woman.
Legacy - the entire scene on the streets at night.
Tabula Rasa - on the witness stand.
Mayhem - The whole episode. Yes, all of it. Thomas Gibson was brilliant and award worthy on this episode. He made me fall in love with Hotch here.

Favorite Line (because it should be posted a million times):
“My team? Let me tell you about my team. Agent Morgan fought to protect his identity from the very people who could save him. Why? Because trust has to be earned, and there are very few people he truly trusts. Reid’s intellect is a shield which protects him from his emotions and, at the moment, his shield is under repair. Prentiss overcompensates because she doesn’t yet feel she’s a part of the team. She needn’t worry. Every day, Agent Jareau fields dozens of requests for our team and every night she goes home hoping she’s made the right choices. Garcia fills her office with figurines and color to remind herself to smile as the horror fills her screens and Agent Gideon in many ways is damned by his profound knowledge of others, which is why he shares so little of himself yet he pours his heart into every case we handle. I stand by my actions and I stand by my team, and if you think that you can find a better person for the job, good luck.”


Anonymous said...

Oh and how could I forget the hospital scene with the dying mother in Ashes and Dust and the scene with the dying unsub in Pleasure is my Business? Very moving moments.

Dawn Matthews said...

wow as many comments on the Q of the day than on Roadkill!

Favorite Hotch Episodes:

Tabula Rasa
Askes and Dust

Favorite scenes:

- Staying with the dying woman at the hospital in Ashes and Dust.
- Profiling the lawyer in Tabula Rasa.
- Collapsing at the hospital in Mayhem.
- Getting ready to fight hand to hand the serial killer in damage.
- The hostage scene in LDSK.


Jasmine said...

Wow..that's extremely hard...i love Hotch so much that any scene of him is awesome..hehe
But i love it when he cares about his team and if he smiles..well we all melt.. XD
u just gotta love him!

Helen said...

Oh, man, how could I forget?! Thanks for the reminder, Dawn.

"Damaged": getting ready to take on the serial killer, takin' off his tie and jacket, pissed off and ready to fight; plus, his talk with Reid after, and his apology

MelissaR86 said...

Its so hard to choose! I loved the Hotch/Reid scenes in LDSK. Particularly the end scene by the ambulance. I also loved the Season 2 finale scene where Hotch stands up for his team to Strauss. Another favorite is a simple one but I loved his reaction. When JJ goes into labor and hes all calm and "I'll get the car" or whatever. Oh and I loved how he reacted when Reid was taken and how he picked up on Reids clues! Its impossible to pick just one Hotch moment!

morticia_addams said...

uhm well. i relly liked him with reid in ldsk. i am not a hotch sister, so don't ask me hehehe.
but defenetely i love that he is always smart and cool.


Catherine said...

Put Thomas Gibson in front of a camera as Hotch and you get a fantastic scene... each and every time. I simply cannot choose just one moment. Hotch is the personification of all that is good and the anchor to the BAU and CM. More Aaron Hotchner please!


Nicole said...

You don't have to be a 'hotch sister' to appreciate a well-written, well-acted character and Hotch is exactly that! So underrated as both the character and the actor, yet the essential. I so love Hotch's strength, integrity, professionalism and compassion. The last epi (Roadkill) had them all. Loved his smile as he agreed with the cop at the end that his team are special... so subtle, so Hotch.
Definitely the best reason to tune in to CM!

Natalie said...

What a cool question!

Hotch is my fav character, so its ridiculously hard to pick a single thing...

-hotch as the patient hubby when haley was forced to bedrest when still pregnant with jack

-hotch's cute interactions with garcia, managing to be stern enough as a boss, yet so dryly funny

-hotch angry! road rage hotch, fighting hotch, interrogation hotch.

*sigh* I could go on and on... love adding newbies to the list, so bring on more hotch/tg!


Sue said...

Fav thing about Hotch is he's the total package and brings that to each and every scene.

compassion: sitting with the dying woman, both in Ashes & Dust and PIMB.

anger: interrogation scenes, driving into the unsub last week, fighting in the Tribe

hurt: collapsing once kate was in good hands in mayhem; pain of his ear injury (physical and mental)

pride in his team: standing up to strauss, the little individual complements he gives to each team member

leadership: not afraid to roll his sleeves up and get dirty, literally and figuratively. Loved when he put the target on his back in Brothers in Arms.

Can't go wrong with Hotch, best character on television! :)

jackie said...

I can't pick just one! There are
so many to choose from! Off the
top of my head, right now, is
1: Ashes & Dust: When Hotch was
being held back by Gideon and
Morgan, while Abby was burning
to death in the warehouse, and
Hotch said,"He wanted his death
to mean something".
2: Mayhem: After the explosion,
and he was with Kate, and all
the emergency vehicles were
pulling up and stopping down
the block, and you could hear
him screaming,"We're here! We're
here!" That was just so heart
breaking to hear him cry for help, and no one was coming to help
Those are my two favorite moments
of AAron Hotchner. I wish i could
list them all.

Elle said...

Favorite Hotch moment...Let's just say that I have quite a few of those...So I'll go for top three:

1.Omnivore- particularly the scene with Rossi

2.Tabula Rasa- profling the lawyer right after the lawyer says profiling isn't an exact science

3.Ashes and Dust- when he talks to Abbey's son at the end

I could go on- The Tribe is another favorite as well as LDSK and also Natural Born Killer...Okay I'll stop now!

Favorite Hotch quote is definitely the Khalil Gibran one in the epiosde The Perfect Storm:
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls...the most massive characters are seared with scars."
I think it fits him so well.

DianeDJ said...

Hmmm. My favorite moments?

I guess the ending scene of Pleasure Is My Business. It was sweet of him to stay with her. :)

Omnivore of course.

Eeek, so many to choose from.

Crystal said...

I love any scene with Hotch and Reid.
1.LDSK is definitely one of my favorites when apologizes to Reid for kicking him and says, "I hope I didn't hurt you." And Reid tells him he kicks like a school girl!!!

2.In Tabula Rasa when Reid smirks while Hotch profiles the Lawyer.

3.In Damaged when Hotch is antagonizing the death row inmate and starts taking his coat and tie off as he prepares to fight him if needed, and in the SUV on the way home when he apologizes to Reid for not helping the situation, and Reid admits, "No you didn't."

4.In Revelations, when Reid hugs Hotch after the team finds him and says, I knew you'd understand.

5.In Elephant's Memory, on the jet when Hotch tells Reid "You may be the smartest guy in the class but you're not the only one in the class," and then tells him he should finish watching the "movie" he left.

6.The Tribe definitely ranks up there.Loved seeing him interact with his younger brother.

7.Loved the scene with Strauss (In Name and Blood when he profiles her as well as his team(that was classic).

8.Thought him staying the with female serial killer as she died on Pleasure is my Business was so touching.

9.I like his softer interactions with Garcia too!

10.Can't wait to see the sequel to Omnivore...there had better be one!

Ok I guess I'll stop with 10...

Jen said...

Favorite Hotch contributions... what fun! And how impossible! :) Um, let's see:

I've loved the last couple seasons because Hotch has emerged from under the shadow of Gideon to be the real leader of the BAU and such an integral and irreplaceable character.

Loved his interrogation in Seven Seconds and Bloodline... Thomas Gibson was soooo great in those scenes. You just wouldn't want to mess with an angry Hotch!

The popular Mayhem, PIMB and Omnivore were all so good too... Lets face it, anything with Hotch will make me sit up and take notice!

Dez said...

Anytime Hotch is haunted or heroic. Whoops, that's every scene... ah well, guess I love them all!!!

HotchRocks said...

I so love Hotch that I'm likely to list every scene he's in. I guess that's normal. ;) But really, even when Hotch gets fewer lines, he still makes himself felt. TG is such an amazing actor and why Hotch has become so key to the team and CM and me watching his every move! He's the rock; someone give him an emmy!

JoAnn said...

I love the fact that Hotch is so understated. Some of my favourite scenes are the less obvious:(although I adore them all!)

The anguish and concern at not being able to go in with his team in Minimal Loss, the look he exchanged with Morgan when Morgan's 'tormentor' was arrested in Profiler Profiled, the hurt on his face when JJ announced her pregnancy and hadn't told him about it beforehand...

Hotch/TG just brings so much to every episode, these are only scratching the surface. No wonder I have to watch each week!


Tiffany said...

I know its whimping out but ALL Hotch scenes. Truly. Even when he's in pain, he's so great; makes him believable as a hero. We need more Hotch's in the world... and many more Hotch scenes on CM. :)

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking all day about how to answer this question, and I still can't come up with just one, or even a handfull of favorite Hotch scenes.

I think there is a great Hotch scene in every episode of the show. Many of the people above me have pointed out great Hotch moments, and I agree with them all.

I love The Tribe, Natural Born Killer, LDSK, Ashes and Dust, The Fox, and so on and so on!!

Hotch is irreplaceable.

tracy said...

Absolutely no thought required :

His Hotchalanche of the attorney in Tabula Rasa.....and Reid's smirk following.

There ate lots of great ones, but that is my favorite.

Michelle said...

Super question, always love to talk about Hotch!

I totally agree with all of the comments so far but I also love Hotch when he's needing the team to lean on. Like when Gideon tried to undo his tie after Hotch had been choked by the unsub; the conversation with Morgan about trust and who should drive; Rossi & Prentiss' concern when Hotch's ear was at it's worst. It puts Hotch in a different light and shows how important he is as leader of the BAU. (and should go without saying all this is because of Thomas G.!)

Martha said...

Many great episodes for the Boss-man :)

A few that comes to mind:
Tabula Rasa, Omnivore, Roadkill, LDSK, NBK, The Tribe,Damage,Lo-FI, Mayhem, Angels maker.

I hope we will get more next season!


Lindsay said...

Cruel question... ;)

Love every Hotch scene. Love the stare, love the dry sense of humour, love the compassion. Hotch telling the politician to get off his crime scene; Hotch wanted to drug test Garcia, Hotch waiting with the dying killer in PIMB.

That's not to say i didn't like the first 3 seasons, they rocked too!!! He just keeps getting better and better and better. I watch just to see what TG will do next with our Unit Chief!

Anita said...

All good choices so far. But sometimes we forget that in addition to everything else, Hotch is a great profiler! So I love the scenes where he isn't having to give directions but is actually adding to the solving of the profile.

Belinda said...

Favorite quote 'get off my crime scene!'

Favorite scene, Profiling the lawyer on Tabula Rasa.

Favorite episode, Omnivore, without a doubt the best CM episode ever. Thomas Gibson should get an emmy for this one.

Cate said...

Damn too many episodes, scenes to choose! can I say I love all of Hotch scenes? yeah I love them all!


Darcy said...

One of my fave scenes is when he asks the team for his worst qualities to make a point. Doesn't take any of it to heart, the consummate professional. Imho, Hotch is the heart of CM and the rock for the team. Can't find a better character.

Trish said...

Omnivore and The Tribe are my all time favorite Hotch episodes.

Scenes, love the one when he is looking at a video of Jack on his bicycle.

quote speaking about Garcia 'remind me to get her drug tested'


Leslie said...

Just way too many to list. Even in the non-Hotch centric, he's amazing:
"Kevin, she's busy now." Short, dry, fab! Such an inspirational and crucial character to our wonderful show.

Erin said...

Just saw a repeat of House on Fire and it reminded me of more fantastic Hotch scenes that haven't been mentioned yet:

~Hotch's face when walking through the make-shift morgue, another compassionate moment and a nice lead on from Ashes & Dust... Hotch is still affected by arson.

~Hotch's leadership: getting Garcia to help profile even though he realized it was outside of her comfort zone. You could see the sympathy in his eyes but he knew he needed her help.

~Hotch's apology to Garcia at the end... so sweet!!! Love this man!

More examples of a great boss-man! Hotch rocks!

Anonymous said...

ashes to dust, the fox,l,d,s,k,tabula road,onnivore and seven seconds

Farrah said...

Loved Hotch profiling the lawyer in season 1 I think and seeing him in Omnivore the scene in the alley it was different from what I'm used to seeing from him.

Celine said...

Good question and difficult one too. I have been thinking of a reply the whole day. It's so difficult to point to only one, and many have commented on them.

At the top of my list is:

1. Omnivore - the scene at the hotel when Hotch got the phone call from Reaper, and also the scene at the alley with Rossi. It's unforgettable.

2. Paradise - when Hotch realised he actually spoken to the Unsub earlier and the remorse on his face.

3. Pleasure is my Business - when he talking to Megan over the phone and realised he had seen her earlier, and at the end when he knew why she had to kill.

4. Tabula Rasa - at the witness stand shooting questions back to the lawyer.

5. Fisher King - standing up for the team to Strauss.

There are so many more, I'm sure I'll add them later :)

Anonymous said...

So many to choose from and so little time to choose. Okie dokie, I cast my CM vote for Omnivore and the alley scene or any scene from the episode. Totall fantastic.

Anonymous said...

No way to pick just one.

-washing the blood off Elle's wall.

-The Tribe. His interactions with Blackwolf are great and his kicking butt at the end is great as well.
Not just that he kicked butt (though that was awesome) but as a way to show how he isn't just a typical G-Man.
Perhaps my favorite of that episode is when he stops Reid from answering a question Blackwolf's student is supposed to answer.

-his Hotchalanche of the lawyer in Tabula Rasa.

-both his profiling of his team and of Strauss.

-I love, love the conversation with JJ at the end of North Mammon.

-the beginning of Mayhem. He doesn't say a word but still gets across the trauma and confusion of the blast.

-realising the clues Reid was giving in Revelations and getting the team on board, no matter the cost to himself.

And so, so many more.
Thomas Gibson is great at his craft, he can say so much without uttering a word.

Sonja/BlueCurl said...

I was reading that question but I don't even know where to start! there are so many goooood Hotch scenes I (can) watch over and over again!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of the comments above. I love all the scenes Hotch is in.

My favorite episode is probably Mayhem. His cries for help gave me chills. His expressions were perfectly done.

Washing the blood off of Elle's wall also gave me chills - that was the point that I realized he was the best character ever created. And, TG is my favorite actor of all time now.

Keep it going for many more seasons, PLEASE!!

Carrie said...

wow, challenging question and absolutely no way I'm gonna answer with just one! TG is just tooooo great at what he does; we are blessed with every scene he's in and he's why I watch every week.
Having said that, I love his angst scenes. Loved the start of Mayhem and as others have said, his cries for help were haunting. His guilt for not being able to join his team on the raid to rescue Prentiss and Reid... his protective side is great too.
Best actor and character, can't wait for more scenes with the essential Hotch!!!

Anonymous said...

Tabula Rosa - on the witness stand
Seven Seconds - with the perv uncle

Defending the team to evil erin


anytime he smiles!!! (or glares :) )

Pat said...

It would be hard not to like Hotch in every show. One of my favorites is a little different. I like him in Fisher King -before everything fell apart - when he was so excited to be spending time with his family and then seeing him at home cleaning the garage and happy with his wife.

In minimal loss when just the thought of any thing happaning to Prentiss or Reid had him terrified.

Anonymous said...

Season 1 Tribe "Just so you know, you sound like a fortune cookie."
Season 2 Psycodrama "Just keep it clean. And don't call me "honey."
Season 3 Damaged The Hotchalanche "But unfortunately for you I'm not a 5 foot tall, 100lb. girl. All your life you've gone after victims that couldn't fight back, and the rest of the time you spent looking over your shoulder. Worried about the knock on the door. Sacred that somebody like me would be on the other side waiting to put you away. At your core, you're a coward."
Season 4 Paradise "Remind me to have her drug tested."

Nagi said...

Hmmmm. I love the moment when he and Reid and doing the custodial interview with Hardwick and it almost comes to fisticuffs. And, of course, Omnivore. It's all about Hotch.

Also, that moment in "The Tribe" 1x16 - when he tells the native man that he sounds like a fortune cookie. Hotch's sense of humour is awesome.

Brittany said...

*squee* Hotch question!

Fresh in my head from last night:
-Hotch struggling with himself not to get Reid to hospital, but allow him to look for a cure. The anguish on his face was heartbreaking.

-Hotch's conversation with Jack at the end was so incredibly touching.

-Hotch dealing with the General throughout the show... uncompromising, tough and yet professional.

TG brings his 'A game' every week, so I really have to say that every time he's in a scene, its amazing!!! LOVE HOTCH, why I watch! :)

Tracey said...

every scene with Thomas Gibson as Hotch rocks. That's just fact. Keep up the great work, love to see how Hotch develops next season!

Abby said...

After watching last night episode, amplification I have to add the scene where he talks with Jack among my favorites scenes!

All of Omnivore was full of wonderfull Hotch scenes, I particularly like the one where he is talking on the phone with Foyet who is offering him the deal. No way will Hotch compromise!

Hotch apologizing for Gideon's behaviour to the cop in No way Out.

Telling Penelope in House on Fire how important she is to the team.

So many great Hotch moments! Thomas Gibson is such an excellent actor, he is the reason why I watch Criminal Minds every week! I hope we will see more of him as Hotch next season!


Sera said...

My favourite Hotch moment is from "L.D.S.K." : D x

Jean said...

Such a hard question! TG's Hotch is so much the key to the team that every scene he's in is so important!
Agree with all the comments so far and add Hotch staying behind in the unsub's house to look at videos of more killings in The Big Wheel. Hotch's face when injured Kate tells him help is not coming. Hotch on the plane at the end of a long case, slumped in his chair and looking miserable and trying to get Haley to let him talk to Jack.

All the lovely sides to my favourite character on any show. Makes CM so fun and interesting to watch!

Leanne said...

Can I cheat and say "ALL" or "ditto to everything above"?!!!

Hotch is such a great team leader and hero while remaining believable. Thanks so much to TG and the writers. More Hotch please!!!

Finola said...

I have 2 from Season 4. The scene with Rossi from Omnivore in the alley after getting off the bus. I also love the little scene from Amplification when he is on the phone to Jack. The little smile is so nice as we very rarely see him smile

Anonymous said...

I have two fav moments for Hotch:

one is in the ep Damaged, where Reid and Hotch go to interview a guy on death row and Hotch almost gets into a fight with him. then at the end there's a great hotch and reid moment lol

the other is:

Tabula Rasa when Hotch is in court and profiles the guy saying that he was gambling on horses. loved that part

my all time FAV quote by him is in the ep Seven Seconds:

"Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed."

loved that quote!

Kury said...

This is my first writing here and since I'm not native in English, so sorry about my poor English.

I love almost all the scenes that mentioned and I would like to add little more, little Hotch scenes that I love.

"Compulsion" - When Hotch tried to talk Crala (Unsub girl) down even before he told Gideon they couldn't talk her down because of her illness. I can see he wished her to stop by herself even though he knew she couldn't. I can see his pain for her in that scene and even he said after that he just tried to take time to Gideon to come, I think that's not really true. This scene was the first scene which I really start to pay attention to Hotch.

"Distress" - When Hotch talked to the Hispanic little girl in the police office. Not too obvious, but such a calm, gentle, kind eyes and voice of his. I really love it.

"Phycodrama" - When Hotch saw the video of unsub making a child to do his delusion and then killing him. He could't stand that.

"Legacy" - When Hotch talked to the commander, and when he interrogated one of the unsub.

"" - When Hotch talked to the victim's mother.

"3rd Life" - When Hotch realize Katie's father recognized her voice in the tape. I can see his pain for the father.

And so on......

Little funny Gracia and Hotch conversation like; "Do you have a wrong number?" in "Charm and Herm" and "Garcia, you're the man." "No. YOU are the man." in "Open Season" and one in "52 pickup" etc. etc. etc.... Of course, I love serious scene between them like "In the Name and Blood" and "House on Fire" as well. I love their interaction.

I love JJ/Hotch relationship, interactions - including their little eye contact like in "Elephant's Memory", and little good-bye wave at the end of "Amplification". I love it! Their interactions show how much they trust and respect and understand each other. Perfect and ideal working relationship, I think.

I also love the dynamic between Morgan and Hotch. Their interaction sometimes has a little tension, they are sometimes very opposite in a way, but in the core, they share the same thing.
I think they are perfect hero together.

I love Hotch because he is not perfect but tries to be strong and do the right thing. He is tough leader, isn't afraid to be hard to his colleagues and his superiors, and doesn't always show it obviously but deeply cares about his colleagues and victims and even offenders.
He always stands by his action and team.
He always tries to think as "we" and doesn't put himself above.
He never overrates himself.

I love his stare. It shows so much of his hidden emotions.

Oh, I wrote it soooo long. I should stop here.

Finally, thank you very much for this wonderful blog for criminal minds' fan. I enjoy visiting here so much.

Anna-Marie said...

Hotch is so much the cement that holds the team together it is so hard to pick only a few things to say. Loved him in LDSK, Ashes & Dust, FK2, Tabula Rasa and every S4 so far. I like his growing relationship with Rossi; they just stick together and keep each other on track without making a big deal out of it.
Also love Hotch with Prentiss; the way he trusted her opinion to give Todd another chance. So Hotch.
Hotch's relationships with everyone on the team are fun to watch. I'm missed his interaction with Reid and Morgan this season, so hope they'll pick those up in season5.
TG is an amazing actor and I can't wait to see more Hotch. Totally my fav character!

Glenda said...

Every episode, every scene with Hotch because he is the core and the moral compass for the team. Gibson's acting brings so much since it doesn't need the guy talking for him to make a point. Wish i had his glare when dealing with my own employees!

Vickster337 said...

So awesome to see so many Hotch fans, and such great answers! Love any scene with Hotch since TG brings something different to each occasion.

Have to say that I also love the man in kevlar and enjoy see him being the first one in, the true leader. 'Brothers in Arms' when he was carrying a shot-gun instead of his Glock... fabulous! Hotch can do it all, leadership personified while not being perfect. Couldn't do without my weekly dose of CM with this great character!

Anonymous said...

gee, where to begin?
i think tops for me are, in no order:
1. washing the blood of the walls in elle's apartment
2. all of his scenes with kate joyner in mayhem.
3. ashes and dust.
4. his scene at the end of pleasure is my buisness with the unsub
5. omnivore
6. his fighting scene in the tribe. nothing beats hotch kicking ass!
7. his scenes with haley in the fisher king part 1.
8. when he profiles his team, and strauss (i forget the episode)

and i think that's all. hotch is such a fantastic character, played by an even more fantastic person :)

Elisabeth said...

I have to ask:
What moment is TG's own favorite Hotchner moment?
Any chance of finding out this?

I just figured it could be fun to learn "Hotchners" own Hotch-moment ;o)
And since Thomas Gibson has been impersonating Hotch for 4 seasons now I figured, that he maybe himself has a favorite scene or qoute...

But maybe I am way out of line here?
Am I the only one thinking this?

Vali said...

Soooooo many to pick from ... But one that I always love to remember is the ending scene of North Mammoth with Hotch & JJ in the airplane. Love to see the lighter side of Hotch.

Anonymous said...

man...where do i start??

ok..got it. my fave hotch scene ever is... well basically every scene he's in in Revelations, because he plays it so well and you can see the panic on his face the whole episode but he's trying to keep it together for the team and especially Reid./.. and then at the end after thne gunshot when hotch is the first to call reid's name and the first one to actually get to him.... and that HUG... made me cry like a baby.

and of course all of the above!!

Zizanie (FR) said...

Favorite Hotch was in "Tabula rasa" (319)

When, in lawsuit, he profiled the lawer !!

Anonymous said...

My top two Hotch scenes happen to be ones where he doesn't say a word. This definitely says something about how remarkable an actor Thomas Gibson is.

1. My all-time favorite Hotch scene is at the end of FK2, when he washes the blood off Elle's walls. That simple act just says so much about his character.

2. One of Hotch's funniest moments is his reaction when Garcia says "I give good phone". The expression on his face is absolutely priceless.

Although Reid is my favorite character on CM, I would love seeing more of Hotch in S5. Please? Pretty please?

Akira said...

I hope we can see more of Hotch too in Season 5. I felt cheated in Season 4.