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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Roadkill" written by Jay Beattie & Dan Dworkin and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore (pictured above with guest star Caitlin Carmichael), A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

**Beware! The comments will contain spoilers. **

*** Quote and song info will post immediately after the episode airs. ***


Anonymous said...

whoo-hoo-Morgan with a child again? He is so very good in such a role. Maybe Jennifer Aniston is ready to give him a chance now that JM has let her down again? Wouldn't the two of them make beautiful babies?

Looking forward to this episode.

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to this episode. It sounds great from the press release posted here.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for tonight's episode! And how adorable is that picture of Morgan and Caitlin!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great action filled episode, I just
can´t wait!

Sonja/BlueCurl said...

Can't wait to see the episode.. Hotch in some kind of a collision!!

And the fact that its a new case ofcourse too :P

Walburga Benker said...

Can`t wait to see this episode, it sounds like we get action, so great. Nice pic from Shemar with the guest star Caitlin, cute.

leah said...

This episode had a great promo. Not always the case. Looks really action packed. Yeah! Come on tonight!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jay and Dan write really good episodes. Sorry they won't be with the show in season five. This so totally sucks.

Helen said...

Oooh, so excited for this episode! Looks like a great one, and Hotch is in a CAR CRASH for crying out loud! Way to make me sit up and pay extra-special attention already, and the thing hasn't even started!

So, points for: being a new episode, having Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie at the helm, having a Jay cameo, Morgan with another cute kid (?) and HAVING HOTCH ONCE AGAIN IN DANGER! Man.

Saying "I'm so there" doesn't seem to make much sense, since I'd be there anyway... but I am even MORE going to be there!

Ahem, anyway. Done now. I'll go away.

Until tonight! After the episode. The awesome episode. :P

Deirdre said...

I can't wait for this episode. The promo was really good!!! Especially hith the Hotch in Danger!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so Shemar with that little girl is the cutest thing ever.
Just had to point that out! But can't wait for this ep.

Jasmine* said...

Shemar is gorgeous..i looove him

Anonymous said...

Loved it! The conversation they had in the plane about men and their cars was funny. Loved it when Hotch rammed the SUV into the guy's truck, to keep him from hitting the guy. ( Though it seemed the guy on the bike kept going, without paying attention to what was happening behind him! )

I do have to admit though, this is one time I felt sorry for the unsub. He went through so much.


reggie said...

Almost stopped breathing when Hotch drove the SVU into the unsub's vehicle. Good episode. Men and their toys with a twist.

A Criminal Minds fan said...

A much better episode from Dan and Jay than their last one, cold comfort.

Sympathetic unsub, poor guy who couldn't face he was the one who did kill the person he loved so he had to project on others.

I love the character played by Dale Midkiff. A man just like the unsub who was consumed by guilt but unlike the unsub he decided to face what he had done.

interesting way to kill, with a truck.

I like that all the team members had something interesting to do.

love the scene with Hotch and Morgan driving after the unsub and Hotch ramming the truck was great! Go Hotch!

Great work from Thomas, he had lots of scenes and did good. So did AJ in the scene with Midkiff character at the end.

Oh and Jay was in the elevator! Man you could have hold the door ;)

So great work Jay and Dan.


gert said...

Nice having Kevin back with Penelope. Very good episode so far. Almost done.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful episode. I would have run into the woods to get away but hey that's just me. Car can't chase through the woods with all the trees. Just saying that a few victims didn't think it out very well. I saw Jay B. too and that was a nice touch. Really solid episode. Lots of Hotch! Lots of everyone!

faryn said...

Women and cars both deserve tender care and love! lol. Good epi. Hotch was slick tonight. He can drive me around anytime. I will go back and look at the elevator scene tomorrow. I missed him.

LoraLee said...

I loved it. Some really good action. And the ending - WOW. Poor Hotch, first he gets "blowed up," now this. Hope he listens to his doc's advice a little better this time than he did the last.

I did miss Reid at the end again, he seems to have developed a habit of disappearing.

Sofie said...


Kirsten said...

Yay! Great comeback Dan & Jay! Another great team-based epi with lots of good things for a great cast to get their teeth into. There were plenty of great scenes and it was nice to see a touch of sarcastic humour back again (love it).

Thank you for getting the crew back on the plane! Really enjoy those exchanges. Garcia and Kevin were cute too. Gee, even Rossi was funny tonight!

Of course, Thomas Gibson stole the show with the Hotch version of road rage. Go Hotch! And no aspirin required! :) Nice bit of acting and I think he even smiled at the end! thanks TG.

Caught Jay in the elevator (thanks for the help, Bri!)... needed to hold open that door.

Very enjoyable, thanks to all the CM cast and crew.

Walburga Benker said...

Looking forward to see this episode.
I´m so excited. Can´t wait no longer.

Dana said...

Love the episode! Wow, Hotch hitting that truck was great!Can't wait to watch that episode again!

Good work CM writers, cast and crew!


Anonymous said...

Was it just my tv or did Hotch smack his head really hard? Where the heck was the airbag? JJ doing the press conference was great. I like when we get to see her doing her primary job. Hotch can drive. Great episode. So great. Garcia is sugar and I am getting used to her and Lynch.

Laura_G said...

Thanks for a great episode Dan and Jay. Really enjoyed it. Can't wait to watch it again (if hubby will share the tele).

rose said...

Loved that Garcia hacked the computer database bc of her beau. Go girl.

DianeDJ said...

Really liked the episode. Dale Midkif=woah.

Poor Hotch. And at least we got more "teamness"

And Kevin was a jerk to do that to Garcia. Grrrr.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the episode. It was nice to see a different plot line. Good, solid episode. I also liked JJ and the plane scene in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

I liked the banter on the plane in the beginning, and also the Small Wonder marathon quip.

There were a few good profiling moments, and seeing Pet Semetery dood was good, and a nice red herring for us.

Poor Hotch, got himself banged up...again.

nice cameo, Jay :-)

kelltrek said...

Scary episode for me. Never liked being on foot with big vehicles around. Don't like the thought of Agent Hotchner with at second head injury this season.

Anonymous said...

this one sounds good i have a hour and half tell it comes on

MySentimentExactLee said...

This episode was kind of boring. I mean not terrible but not my favorite. Love Dale Midkiff though, big fan of his Love movies.

WTF are you people doing to my Spencer next week. I don't deal well with this type of stress. I am not happy. Just wanted to put that out there.

Debbie said...

Another great episode!
Once again, I felt sorry for the unsub. Yes, what he did was awful, but how sad, too. I was completely surprised by how this one unfolded.

JJ looked great.
Hotch's accident had me screaming oh no!
Garcia and Kevin...oh, please...what was he thinking? Not talking this over with her before that point? That's pretty low. She deserves better.

Thanks to everyone for another great ep!

And next week...I'm dying already...REID!

rayna said...

I think Kevin is a rat. Don't like him but I very much liked this episode and the promo for next week made me scream. What are they doing to Reid?

Hotch is so stubborn. In pain again and still not listening to doctors. Gotta love the man.

Great job!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Tom Elliott and crew did a great job with those crash scenes. Really strong episode. The twist at the end was CM at its best. Major Kudos to CM on this one!

JennlovesHotch said...

Not a scary episode but liked the different MO. Poor Hotch but what fabulous driving! LOVE the man!
Garcia needs to dump Kevin and do better. Cudos to Prentiss for figuring it all out in time, although what the heck was the cyclist doing just plodding along?? Idjut. Good team effort.

brooke said...

I agree with you that Garcia needs to dump Kevin!

Loved the crash scenes and Hotch had a huge case of road rage when he hit the guy.

I guess that the unsub had misplaced guilt over his own crash and deflected it to the other people driving. I guess that is right???

Really well written episode and Steve Boyum is always a great director.

Ann said...

I screamed out loud when Hotch hit the truck! Great scene.

Loved the guest stars this week. The UnSub was creepy but J&D did a great job at making us feel for him.

As always, our team was great :). I wanted to punch Kevin though!!

Good epi, J&D, thanks!

sherlockette said...

Thanks to Jay Beattie for joining us in chat!

Roadkill was an interesting “intersection” between the two stories about car crashes. I wasn’t very caught up in the unsub’s plight so the best part of the episode for me was the man thinking he had killed someone and living with it until guilt caused him to confess. Object lesson was if he had handled it earlier he would not have lost a year by being in the bottle.

Good episode overall. The regulars were in character but Lynch kept a secret from Pen and though she got him back he has to go!

khalid said...

I felt so sorry for this guy. I think I felt more empathy for him than any other unsub we've ever had on the show. The poor guy just couldn't cope. Sad.

Lanna said...

Haven't managed to watch this episode yet, but it sounds like a very very interesting one. So excited to see it.

Anonymous said...

We had the plane in this one! Not much of the plane this season. I loved the conversation on the plane. The last scene with JJ was great. I can't figure out if Garcia was trying to sabotage his chances of getting the new job or just wanted info on it. Not sure I approve of her hacking and OMG she should so dump him. IMHO. Sorry to all the Lynch fans but he doesn't show her the respect she deserves.

The guy was a mess. Just a real guilt absorbed mess. I felt sorry for him too.

Reid looked great. I had to have a fangirl moment.

Jay in the elevator was fun. Was Dan in it too and I missed him?

This is an episode that I will watch again.

blue said...

Good writing. I thought I could predict what was going on but the writer kept changing things up on me. Good show.

I jump a couple of time tonight. especially when he killed the doctor in the garage. Horrible. but I had no sympathy for him. He was wrong, all the day long. He should have taken his therapy more seriously.

Good job by cast especially hotch/gibson tonight.

Anonymous said...

I was worried for Hotch. He has hearing problems at the beginning of the season in Mayhem and now possibly having sight problems. The poor man needs a serious vacation. He's a typical alpha male. Too stubborn to slow down.

A+ for the episode. It had everything and I really enjoyed it. Major applause to the stunt team.

Jenn said...

Great Episode!! The car chase... was so suspenseful, and I can only imagine how they did the camerawork on that. Hotch's accident... I got freaked out that the unsub was going to run him down!

Great GREAT ep! Good job!!

Amanda said...

About time that Hotch got to express some anger! I heart his road rage scene!

Good epi CM!

MySentimentExactLee said...

Aww now ladies lets not be too hard on Lynch. Or else maybe I'm thinking that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...I can't imagine what a mess of a relationship Spencer would cause. LOL

Meant to say that while I wasn't a fan of the writing on this episode, the FX were amazing!!!

elle said...

First of all thanks to Jay for chatting with us! We'll miss you next season and Dan too.
I really really liked this one! The scene on the jet when the team was talking about men and thier cars was quite funny.
In the collision scene with Hotch I literally screamed out loud!
The episode was so well written and was in a way one of those episodes that comes up from time to time that you find yourself relating to. For me it was the families of the victims and the unsub and the way they lost thier loved ones. Almost three years ago my cousin was killed in a car crash on a road similar to the one in the episode.

Lanna said...

I finally got to watch the episode as well and loved it.
It was so cool to see the whole guilt projection of the unsub that led him to kill. It was a very intersting storyline, great job Dan and Jay.

I loved the team ineraction moment on the plane. That was funny, and I missed moments like that.

Loved that we had more JJ this episode. Great to see her back to her old self again, giving press conferences, talking to people, reaching out.

The car chase was intense and scary when Hotch rammed the SUV into the unsub's truck. It was very cool acted. Go Hotch!!!

A very good episode. Thanks everyone for the great work. Enjoyed it very much.

Lena said...

Loved the episode, loved the Hotch drama at the end with the crash, but am left cold on one thing:

Isn't hacking into the website of a federal agency a federal offense, regardless of whether or not one works for the federal government?

My only problem with the show is that I live in another country and don't own a TV so I have to find other means of catching episodes.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was Jay in the elevator! It went by to fast and I wasn't 100% sure. ( Even though I watched the eppy twice last night )


( for some reason I am not showing as signed in and I can't get it to post using my name, and I don't remember by password! :P )

AngelLeah said...

What I saw of this episode was great. Unfortunately our local station broke in for "breaking news" about wind and rain.... ugh.

I can't wait to see the whole episode without interruptions! I missed the plane scene completely. I wanted to cry over it. (I might take this show a little too seriously! Last week when they broke in, I called the station and sent an email)

Sorry I missed Jay on the chat. Thanks for taking the time to join the fans.

Michelle M

Kate said...

What an episode!

The opening line with Garcia and the Small Wonder marathon cracked me up...but the fact that Kevin was applying for such a job and not telling her was disturbing!

Thank you Jay for chatting with us! You (and Dan) gave us a great ep and you will be missed. I enjoyed the twists and turns. I did have sympathy for the unsub and felt that "Thelma and Louise" ending completed the story well.

That crash scene was really, really good. Kudos to the stunts department!! I felt that pain. Poor Hotch, he's had a rough year..but TG has really delivered, and that is an understatement.

Other than that fact that Reid was completely absent during the last half of the show, it was a solid episode. Liked the team interaction and LOVED the plane scene....wish we had more of those!

And NEXT WEEK.......OMG!! I cannot wait for that!! REID!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great episode, I loved the action, didnt feel sorry for the unsub though...Its just as well he killed himself, dont understand why Morgan didnt want him to kill himself either...

Eleonor said...

WOW Congratulations Jay and Dan! I just loved this episode. It had everything I want from CM:
-Plane scene!
-Garcia moments eventhough they were with Kevin.
-Very interesting story, the guy who was feeling guilty was very good.
-All the team working together. Nice JJ moment at the end.
-And BEST of all: Hotch being a hero. Amazing job in the chase and car crash! Poor Hotch I think he needs a bit of TLC and I can volunteer!
Great episode, I can´t wait to see it once again, or maybe twice!

Geekette said...

Such a good episode. My only issue is that at least one of the victims would have been saved if she ran to the side (off the road and into the trees) instead of trying to race a truck down the street.

I was so excited to see Dale Midkiff. It seems like each one of the actors from The Magnificent Seven is going to be taking a turn on the show.

Can't wait until the next episode.

Lola said...

That was a nice episode. Not particularly exciting but I enjoyed it. The team worked well together which is always great!

babruin said...

Interesting story about an unsub killing people with his car which sounds a lot like the 405/10 interchange at rush hour. Nice to see that CM is giving equal opportunity to everyone so that the disabled have a chance to be the unsub. Killing with cars would be perfect since they get the best parking spots already!
I liked how the theme of guilt is interwoven into everyone's story. Guilt made the unsub redirect his anger to others.It ruined the life of the other hit and run driver for a year. The cop and Garcia both seemed to not want to let guilt affect them after their "dubious" actions.
I liked how the team all had moments to shine so it was a good balance. Hotch as Road Warrior was fun but I would have liked to see Reid do his one-hand driving down those windy country roads,chasing down the bad guys. :)

Meagan said...

Thanks for a great episode CM!

TG delivered in his usual, superb fashion... loved his road rage scene and by-passing on the aspirin. Had one heart-stopping moment where I thought the unsub would ram into him, so thanks for the writers for not adding whiplash to his current list of injuries this season.

Great to see some more of JJ, and a long-awaited team scene on the plane.

Nice cameo Jay!

Bring on next week!

shannon said...

I liked that ya thought you knew in the beginning who the unsub was and it wasn't that way at all.

Debbie said...

Jay, thanks so much for coming to talk with us in the chatroom last night. It was such a pleasure!

You gave me a new perspective on how murders's frightening to consider that serial killers aren't always evil, but that some are ordinary people pushed beyond their ability to cope.

Makes me shiver.

Best wishes for happiness and success in the days ahead. And remember, we're just a mouse click away!

RMF said...

Now how did a plot like this come from people who live and work in LA?

A vintage CM episode, all about the teamwork and the process. I may miss the characterization a little in this type of episode, but it's always a pleasure to see each team member do his bit. Add me to the list of people who loved Hotch flinging himself white-knight style into danger to save the cyclists. No sign of any of the cyclists stopping to help, though, the ungrateful beggars. They must have been in the zone. I liked the team's having to sort out the irrationality of the unsub's motives -- attack people because they have red cars? They had to sift through several different profiles before settling on the right one. The civilian who thought he caused the car crash was well done, too. He had a decent core, but he was a coward who hid from his actions, as many ordinary people might do in that situation, and became a prisoner of guilt in a different way than the unsub. What bothered me, though? People on TV always running straight down the road to get away from cars, as if they could actually outrun them. In real life, you'd run off the side of the road, uphill or downhill where the vehicle couldn't follow. Or in the case of the parking garage, fling yourself over the parked cars and climb between the railings separating the levels. Not that the "hold the elevator" bit wasn't marvelously gruesome.

The conversation on the plane about men and their cars was funny, but even funnier was when the camera then turned to Reid. Does anyone believe he has a relationship with a car?

I don't know what's going on with Kevin and Garcia. It's always a bad sign when one member of a couple embarks on a life-changing course without even mentioning it to the other. Does Garcia have veto power over his life? Of course not, but he can't pretend it wouldn't affect her profoundly if he disappeared into the NSA ether. At the end, he may say he couldn't have gone without her, but if so, why even flirt with the process? I don't think she tried to sabotage Kevin's chances when she broke in to the NSA database, that's not Garcia's style. I think she simply couldn't contain her curiosity about where he'd be. I know that Hollywood finds cracking networks endlessly hip, but the sheer stupidity of someone at the FBI breaking into the NSA bothers me. Hey Garcia, how would you like to accessorize with a pair of steel bracelets?

Pat said...

I enjoyed the show. It wasn't my favorite but somewhere in the middle. I was actually telling the people to run sideways instead of straight down the road. Of course, they didn't listen.

I did like the interaction between the team - more like the old days. I love Garcia but it seems like she has changed - not quite so fun and carefree. I miss her interaction with Morgan. Will watch it again and see if any of my opinions change.

Anonymous said...

I had to leave for work before finishing... but so far I love this epi!!!!
I can't stand Kevin Lynch, and wish he really left... better luck next time.
Hotch is absolutely amazing. TG should be a shoo-in for awards this year!
Can I just say the pics of Shemar and Joe M. with the little girl.... PRECIOUS

Looks like we will drown in Reid angst again next week.... but maybe that will satisify the ravenous fans enough to get through the last couple of epis without the whole show being consumed by him.

Stephanie said...

Thought the epi was pretty good, although not in my top 5. Like others, I fail to comprehend why people didn't get off the road when they were being chased...

Good that all the team got some exposure, but TG really does deserve (yet again) the praise. Come on, some one give the guy an Emmy! And not just for the ramming scene... but the compassion he showed the father and the way he talked to the local cop at the end, deflecting blame, was great.

Love Rossi's admission he isn't qualified to talk about women's needs... lol! Miss the banter on the plane.

Hillary said...

I think I agree with everyone that they did a horrible job at dodging the car (though the last guy did better than the rest) but oh well. I also didn't necessarily like how they had Garcia hack into the system. Won't that have horrible repercussions? It would have been a LOT more romantic in having Kevin decide that he just couldn't leave her and then maybe have Garcia have researched what he was going to do.

I really liked how even though it was a little bit more of a mellow episode they still managed to have the shock factor--by having the red car actually be the one that the unsub was driving. I really enjoy how they're doing that this season. Great job.

And I agree--TG needs an award! :) The poor guy can't catch a break this season though. :(

. . . . and I'm dying to see what happens next week. What the crap is Reid doing?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Jay Beattie for joining us in the chat room after the episode! I look forward to what the future brings for you and Dan!

I missed the first 7-8 minutes. We had a thunderstorm with tornado warnings and the satellite went out. I DVR'd it, but I still didn't get the first 7-8 minutes - damned thunderstorms!

I liked this episode and liked it even more on my second viewing (can't wait to see the first 7-8 minutes when the DVDs come out!).

The talk about cars while they were on the plane was cute, and oh so accurate!

I missed the first two murders, but the third, in the parking garage was a classic -- how many times have you heard the tires screeching going around the curves of a parking garage and seeing the people running around and around trying to get ahead of the car chasing them down! Jay, dood, couldn't you have acted a little quicker and held the damned door for him! LOLOL. Actually, you probably both would have been smashed if you did, because the UNSUB wasn't stopping! I loved how you jumped when the car hit the elevator from the other side!

I agree with Sherlockette, the secondary story with Gil being consumed by guilt was very compelling and Dale Midkiff was great in that role.

The special effects were spectacular, as usual. Our CM special effects team ROCKS! Go Tom Elliott and team!

Thanks Dan and Jay for a great episode!

Helen said...

Oookay, finally remembered to come back and post... oops.

Well, awesome episode! Kudos for adding something we've been missing for a long time: a light-hearted, family-team moment! Thank you, thank you, thank you. They are always the best, they lighten up the dark things the episodes deal with, they remind us why we love our team (as if we needed reminding... but if we did!).

And Hotch, somewhere there's an icon that says, "the real f***in' Dark Knight"; and I have to say, I love it when he plays that part. Thomas Gibson was great as always, and thank you to Jay and Dan for giving him another awesome part to play!

As others have mentioned, I know everyone in TV and movies does it, but couldn't we have people running sideways and not forward? 'Cause really, getting up into the trees would have saved her life... I know, I know, artistic license... but still!

And I totally forgot to look, but apparently Jay has poor reflexes when it comes to holding elevator doors. :P I'll have to rewatch that part! Granted, I would have rewatched the episode anyway... multiple times...

Very much an original Criminal Minds episode for me, the team together and fairly balanced out for work; even got to see JJ at a press conference, so kudos for that! Please, please start using her again! She's never just been a hanger-on, she's part of the team, she has a role to fill. Glad to see that was utilized this episode, and she even got to find the final piece to the puzzle, for both the UnSub and the the Dale Midkiff character.

Anyway, upshot is, of course, that it was an awesome episode, and I really appreciate it. Sadly, I couldn't make it to the chat (I'm on the west coast, hadn't seen the episode yet, and didn't want to spoil it), but thanks anyway to Jay for joining all my fellow CM Fanatics! It's so much appreciated. We'll miss you and Dan and your awesome episodes very much.

Anonymous said...

Haven't watched it yet....way behind.
I just had to comment when I checked the site and saw JM's pix with the little girl.
wait for it......

Shadow said...

This episode was pure love. Lots of profiling, lots of the team, great plane scene with some funny moments, good stunts which didn’t take over the show, nice variety of cars, and several deep layers of thought. I liked the recurrent theme of guilt. I also liked the cycling team - wonder if it was the same CM cycling team that does those MS charity rides?

Hotch really has it rough this season, the car crash was spectacular and he got just the right dose of hurt. Reid was totally adorable in this episode, and I even liked Kevin, which was an absolute first. The job Kevin got offered was sooo cool, and he looked good properly dressed for once. Hacking the NSA database and busting her boyfriend’s job opportunity was a dangerous and mean thing of Garcia to do. It underlines her skills but I’m absolutely not okay with her doing this. The local cop complimenting Hotch’s team in the end and Hotch confirming what a great team they are was a sweet gesture.

This episode was a great way to say goodbye, Jay and Dan. Losing you is really a blow for the show!

Jasmine* said...

I thought it was an amazing episode !
Hotch hitting the car, Garcia hacking the other system XD
The most memorable probably is when the guy hit the doctor just by the mouth was seriously open at that part T.T