Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Criminal Minds: A small group of devoted Criminal Minds fans got together in Europe this past week. Sonja was kind enough to send us a recap----

While chatting a bit Blümchen and I were talking a bit about meeting and all that, not long later, about two months ago Sindee send Blümchen and me a message about the idea to have a tiny Criminal Minds Fanatic meet. We both responded with: OK! Then Nate and morti_addams joined the group but morti_addams lives pretty far away and it would have been too much to just hang out for a day so we’ll meet a bit longer later on this year! Yippy!

Which makes me jump to a conclusion. The Criminal Minds Fanatic blog is awesome. To many it might just be a blog about a show on tv where you can get an additional fix of Criminal Minds besides watching. For me its also borderless and ageless friendship!

Not much later Nate suggested a location that was pretty much central to each of us. CentrO; Oberhausen, Germany. It’s a big shopping mall with a park and restaurants/cafés. And as we’re all females… No need for any explanation there!

So after being really excited and post that on online social networks, the message board, chatting about it on Skype… the day had finally arrived. It was May 16th and early in the morning I got into my car for a 2h30 drive. Yeah, indeed it takes THAT “long” to drive across the Netherlands from west to east and we have a speed limit! Germany doesn’t on most part of the highways; I love that country! And to think off the fact that to my knowledge it has the least fatal car crashes in the world!

I’m sure everyone was nervous and excited after arriving in Oberhausen but eager to find one of the three Starbucks cafés! Nervous because you never know, maybe one of us would be an unsub!

Nate was the first to arrive! She ordered some coffee when I walked in and Sindee and Blümchen followed quickly! We all had drinks and Blümchen surprised us with a small gift for each of us. We had so much fun opening them! They had this string on them with a knot which you needed some skill for to get it untied! So now we had this urge to see which one could open it first! There were some awesome small things inside the package! Thanks (again)! It contained tea which upon a point made the conversation how Nate’s hubby doesn’t know her as a person if she hadn’t had coffee yet! So next time we meet I know what to get you! Something the ladies don’t know yet: I had some Dutch cookies with me but when I got home they were still in my backpack! They did got a taste of my Dutch waffles (eierkoeken). We talked, talked, talked, talked and talked… German/Dutch with hands and feet or English, it went just fine. About the stunning weather as the day before was really bad, our road trips that took us to Oberhausen and d’oh; CM and anything related to it… Which took most of the day! Oh wait weren’t we at a giant shopping mall?

Lets just do some shopping then! After a rather quick walk through and buying some stuff here and there we ended up at some restaurants… good! Now we can talk some more!! Enjoying our Italian dish and as all other three wonderful ladies have been to the USA and I really hope to go there one day we pretty much talked about the USA and travel altogether! We hadn’t noticed time and it was getting late while we had just arrived, or hadn’t we?! So we still shopped a bit more and after that it really was time to say our goodbyes, give each other some hugs again and make some photos to show off at home or most importantly something to look back at. Although I don’t need any photo for that! I do want to add that Sindee should not pinch Blümchen when we take photos…

Everybody is home safe now and I don’t think any of us is an unsub! All three ladies are just awesome, nice and great to spend time with! We had so much fun! It’s been really cool to meet some of the real persons behind the nicknames. It was such a great experience!

Much love, HUGS and tschüß/doei/bye/á bientôt/ciao/adiós!

- BlueCurl (Sonja)