Thursday, June 19, 2008


Criminal Minds: Today's QOTD for Criminal Minds: If you could give one piece of advice to your favorite Criminal Minds character, who would it be and what would you tell them?


Anonymous said...

Dude lighten up, smile once in a while. You will feel better, look better, (I know he's pretty cute already), and I promise your face will not crack and fall apart. If on the off chance that it does I promise to pick up all the pieces and glue them back on to your face, in their original place.

Also Garcia
Stop wasting time and just show up at Morgan's apartment in a sex nighty. If you haven't dumped nerd boy yet, do it. NOW!

For the love of all that is good holy and decent, wash and cut your hair. Cait you may commence with the growling now.

Unknown said...

morgan- please continue wearing tight shirts that show off your tattoos!

Anonymous said...


Leave Will now. If you're as miserable as you seem, it's only going to get worse.

Anonymous said...


Grunge is no longer "in." Please - for the love of god - please please please trim the hair. I bet he could pony tail that thing! Yuck. Gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

Lisa said...


I know what its like to feel like you're trapped in the dark and you can't seem to find you're way out, we all feel that way sometimes. The important thing to know is that there are people around you that would lay their lives on the line for you and care for you. As hard as it seems to reach out for someone, try it, you would be surprised at the hands that reach back for yours. You can overcome this...why....because you are the type of man that others aspire to be, a caring man that others can trust, you are a loving father with a son who adores him, and most of all you are a amazing person that derseves to be will find happiness trust will find your light.

Nobi said...

Pigtails would look AWESOME on you.

Leaving your job is worth it for the baby. Is it worth it for Mr Monotone I sound High?

Fire Rossi.

Don't worry, I still<3;

Take the higher position if its what you want, just don't forget to visit once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Dear Men Of The Show,

All crimes are solved faster and more efficiently when you take your shirt off.

I'm sure I read that somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Reid: Bring your mother to live closer to you, maybe if you got to visit her more often without having to cross the country you wouldn't feel so guilty. Plus, you wouldn't have to write to her every day and could go out once in a while and have some FUN.
PS: Ask Morgan to be your wing man and try to take Hotch too.

Prentiss: You are sassy, fun and gorgeous. Get with Morgan asp.

Anonymous said...

please dress again sunglasses and don't cut your hair!

smila again!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Reid...relax come down...;)...keep your sexiness...and finally get a date.:D

Anonymous said...

to Hotch: Go give your son lots of hugs and kisses. Then give us some smiles :P

- Later

Ztivokreb said...

Smile. Please.

Have someone show you the proper care techniques for your hair.

You totally rock and don't need any advice at all. I heart you lots and lots.

Get that stick out of your tuchas and stop talking down to your team mates. Learn to play well with others.

You're doing fine.


Explain to your man that he shouldn't discuss private stuff publicly. Mazel Tov on the baby.

Anonymous said...

Reid - forget about what the others said about cutting your hair. However, I would like to introduce you to something. Its called a hairbrush!

Deirdre said...


JJ: Relax and enjoy the good things happening to you

Morgan: Don't take the promotion. Politics is not your still. Your more of a kicking down doors and tackling unsubs kinda guy.

Prentiss: Let people in, and relax, your totally part of the team now!!

Garcia: Dump Kevin, you can do sooo much better

Hotch: Smile more!!

And I also agree with the person who said: 'Don't get into the SUV', it definitely seems the best piece of advice!!

Anonymous said...

Reid bien sur !! C'est le personnage qui donne envie de regarder la série, il est torturé psychologiquement, il a pas de chance mais on l'adore quand même : bizzar LOL !!!

Reid à 100%

Irina said...

@anonymous: Réponds à la question au moins!

Reid: don't cut your hair please...and dress again your sunglasses and black clothes!!

Anonymous said...

Garcia--dump Kevin--like so many others have said, you can do so much better. Other than that, you are PERFECT!

Hotch, loosen your tie, or take it off completely. Shock the heck out of everyone by wearing dress slacks, a sport coat and a turtleneck one day! SMILE! You have such a beautiful smile.

Anonymous said...

My advice would be to Reid after Gideon left abruptly.
People come in and out of our lives all the time. It's a part of life. We cannot help but be affected by those who had walked beside us for awhile. They've left an imprint like a footprint in the sand. Gideon might have been a little more leadfooted as he was your mentor, guide, and father figure. He may be gone now but you will still remember his guidance and words of wisdom as you go through your own life experiences.

(However for your sorry excuse of a Dad,I wouldn't waste my breath worrying about what he thinks about you.)

Anonymous said...

Prentiss- keep showing emotions and your human side...

Reid- Cut your hair and use shapoo and a brush

Morgan- don't take any promotion involving politics...that's so not your style...

Anonymous said...

Hotch- please smile

Rossi- share.

Reid- get a hair cut.

Garcia- DUMP Kreepy kevin.

Anonymous said...

Reid, sweetie, you know I love you right? I do! Of course I do! It's just...well,'re looking kind of...scuzzy lately. Like, if I come too close, I think you might smell. I know, you don't actually smell, you just sort of look like you should. So here, I brought you some shampoo. Don't worry, it won't hurt you, I promise. And, tell you what, why don't we call Penny and ask her to take you shopping? Doesn't that sound fun? You, and me, and Penelope, and Esther, we can go pick you up some clothes that don't look like your 200 pound great-grandfather's hand-me-downs. We'll make a day of it, we can go to Red Robin's afterward! It'll be a blast don't you think? Yeah?

Hey, where you going?


I told you, you don't really smell, I swear!

Dammit, don't make me send Emily after you!

P.S. J.J.? Dump the Cajun and find someone who at least attempts to enunciate properly.

Anonymous said...

Reid, please, do not cut your hair. It might not suit you as perfectly well as it used to back in the early days but it is über sexy the way it is. Plus, I do love the idea your character has gone in more of a hermit phase, considering everything he's been through and that he now cares less and less about his appearance. Actually, grow the hair and grow the fingernails.

Anonymous said...


there is something that is called shampoo.
don't cut your hair but wash it.

for the rest! don't change!

redheaded1 said...

Hotchner: Please smile, and then spend about a week making mad passionate love with Emily.

Prentiss: See above.

Reid: Shampoo. Is. Your. Friend.

Rossi: Go away.

Gideon: Come back.

JJ: Go have a beautiful baby.

Garcia: Do. Not. Ever. Change. Sexy brilliantfabulousthang. Love you.

Morgan: Can't you find some situation wherein the criminal would be caught so much easier if you took your shirt off? Or were completely nude?

Anonymous said...

Reid...cut... your... hair...please!

I LOVE YOU!! even with your hair like it is now, but hon, people need to know if your male or female...a haircut would make it so much easier for those poor, unkowing souls!

Anonymous said...

Haha I totally agree with everything redheaded1 said. Except for Reid.

Reid: Hon, don't cut your hair. Leave it at the length it is now. Just.. use more conditioner? And I happen to LIKE the oversized sweaters, lmao. :D

JJ: Go have yourself a gawjess little baby, and dump the Cajun, PLEASE.

Hotch: Smile, you won't die if you do so.

Rossi: Please leave?

Gideon: Please come back? *puppy eyes*

Elle: I kind of miss you?

Emily: I didn't like you at first. But seriously, you've become a part of the team. Act like it, don't be so closed up.

Morgan: Shirt. Off. Please?

Garcia: Don't ever change, everrr. You amazing, all knowing, queen of computer knowledge, you.

Anonymous said...

Emily and JJ are my favorites, but I think that my advice could go for the whole team. Have some fun! Smile more! Start up the team Chinese food dinners and girls' nights out and everything again. They're all so serious lately.


Please don't listen to those who want you to cut your hair....;-D

But I think it's too late...he already did....:-(

Anonymous said...

ROSSI shave your beard!

Anonymous said...

Late to the party...

JJ: Are you in love with Will?
(just asking, because you don't seem to be [and who could blame you?])

Will: Do you ever feel you are a bit out of your league with JJ? just a little? [did anyone ever mention to you that "smothering" is bad for a relationship with a professional woman... as in "smothering" your girlfriend?]

Anonymous said...

cut your hair no man will ever want you.

Imp said...

Hotch: Take care of your ear -- NO LOUD SONGS ON I-POD! XD