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Criminal Minds: Please use this thread for the discussion of Criminal Minds "In Birth and Death" starring Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, Shemar Moore and guest star Mandy Patinkin.

**This is the original spoiler thread for this episode. Please add any new thoughts you have about the episode. *******

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing CM but dreading saying goodbye to Gideon. It is like losing a good friend.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to having a resolution.

Anonymous said...

This episode is aweful. I am happy for the commercial.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I agree with you completely. This was a terrible episode. What is wrong with the show? How did things get so bad so quick. First the choppy episode last week and now this mush.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't think it was THAT bad of an episode. I still remember the series premiere though, and I loved that episode. Hmm.

Lisa said...

I think they were trying to work it to write Gideon out. Once that is done, it will probably fall back into place.

Anonymous said...

what was the killer dying of? I missed it... but at the end he said he would be dead before trial.

tesa said...

i feel very sad losing gideon. i thought this episode was interesting.......i am in milwaukee.

Anonymous said...

Ummm. I thought this episode was great. Sheesh.

And I will never listen to another Bon Jovi song the same way AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
what was the killer dying of? I missed it... but at the end he said he would be dead before trial.

Inoperable cancer.

Anonymous said...

It was bad...Reality.

But, then...PTSD is a very sad illness. Get well Gideon. Storyline.

Adeline said...

am i the only one that loved it?
i thought it was GREAT!
i did not like the last one, to much gideon stuff, but i understand that it was needed!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed the episode this week- sure it was a little twisted, but most of them are. I'm just really glad that Gideon didn't end up killing himself- that would have been a sad ending for such a strong character.

Anonymous said...

vera said...
Chris, I agree with you completely. This was a terrible episode. What is wrong with the show? How did things get so bad so quick. First the choppy episode last week and now this mush.

May I ask: What's "wrong" with this episode? Please, give more than an explaination like it was "terrible." Please.

And btw, I thought the episode was great, and it flowed well WIHOUT Gideon. Please people.

Unknown said...

Oh- I forgot to mention- I love Garcia even more because of this episode now. She has a heart of gold! Question for you though about her new office- at the end we saw her map and it had lights on it, and she turned one off in the illinois area- what exactly were the lights representing? cases?

Anonymous said...

I thought the episode was pretty good...although not my favourite. I do have one question though, my TV went out for a bit because of thunderstorms and I missed a bit of the episode coming back from a commercial break, I was wondering, when Hotch was talking to Reid and he said something along the lines of "we need your head in this" what happened before that...if anything??

Thnks muchly in advance!! Bean

Criminal Minds Fan said...


Anonymous said...

Crap, I meant, "WITHOUT."

Anonymous said...

basicaly one of the most amazing episodes of criminal minds i have ever seen. amazing. the ending was perfect. it was such a better way to end it then him shooting himself.

Anonymous said...

The show has turned into a soap opera. I knew they wouldn't kill Gideon and I am glad about that but the rest of it was just plain yuk.

Lisa said...

I am a Hotch fan so I didn't think the episode was too bad.... I'm sad how it ended for him though.

Anonymous said...

I will miss Gideon. I really hope Mandy is ok and it was just a diva thing. Love this show though and love all the characters, so hope it won't be a Chicago Hope thing...

Lisa said...

I died laughing when Garcia answered the phone talk dirty to me and it was Strauss! You could've heard a pin drop in that room! LOVE Garcia!

Unknown said...

I don't know about soap opera- it hasn't reached that level yet- I personally enjoy the back story of the characters- without the back story and without the understanding of the characters the entire TV show would be cold and very hard to watch with the cases they face.

I'm just gonna say this now- this is just my hypothesis. When hotch in this episode picks the phone up at home and noone is there- and then hayley's phone rings- I think this might be a clue that she is cheating on him or something. If this is true- it would be tragic- but... (and this might just be me) it looks like they might be aiming to hook him up with prentiss (but wasn't she supposed to hook up with derek).... I hope hotch's wife doesn't leave him though :(

Anonymous said...

Reid drove! We saw where Emily lived! These are cookies, all things we either asked about or requested. Pretty disappointed in the episode quite honestly, I'm a bit concerned they don't have what they did this past 2 seasons to make it through the third..and by "what they did" I do NOT mean Mandy.


Anonymous said...

what is the problem???????the show was awesome!!!!!!!!!compared to other programs this is top notch above !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome episode. Loved every minute of it. From the disturbing case (yeah, I like that) to the great scenes for the team and their relationships.

Really, really loved it.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode! It was great! Strauss seemed to get a piece of her own medicine. I'm glad she saw how hard it is for them on the field with what they do. Very happy Hotch and Prentiss stayed!
Definitaly think Haily left Hotch. I feel bad for him, and wonder what it will do to him.
Very very glad Gideon didnt kill himself. I liked how the ended it with him driving off into the sunset. It was appropriate I think.
Chandler did a very good job. He's a very cute kid!
This episode was great, and I cant wait for the rest of the season. (Especially next week to see the rest of the team's reactions)

OH! I also want to see more of Garcia's office! (LOVED the comment she made on the phone when Strauss called! and then how she answered it later! :p )

Madelyn Glymour said...

The episode was amazing. I loved everyone. I don't really have more coherent thoughts yet, but I loved it.

Adeline said...

yeah, i forgot that part...Reid drove a car!!!
it's funny, cause i always thought about that, like, does he have a drivers licence? cute car by the way<3

Anonymous said...

I don't know about others, but I'm totally enjoying this so far. I have loved both eps, this week and last week.

We finally saw a touch of humanity in Strauss. Good thing, I dont' like hating people on my favorite show...haha.

Oh I love Garcia, she lights up everything, even when she has only a few parts in the show. I can't wait till 'her' show airs. To see more of her.

Definitely Hotch-centric. That'll please some ladies. ;-) I'm liking the Haley-leaving twist, even though I was fully expecting it.

Thumbs up from me, I thoroughly enjoyed watching.

Anonymous said...

I loooooved this episode. It was pretty great - I heart prentiss and hotch in this episode. I heart garica. And Reid's totally awesome car.

I did not heart Haley. I still did not heart Strauss but at least she seemed human.

Great episode!!

Anonymous said...

once again the unsub stole the show. I thought the performance by the man and his son were excellent. But the whole Hotch transferring and Prentiss leaving was unnecessary.

I think they should have had Hotch fight the suspension and Prentiss undermine Struss with payback. That to me would have been more interesting. I think Haley is having an affair.

But over all tonight's eps., yes had slow moment but the end was really good.

Anonymous said...

Lee said...
Reid drove! We saw where Emily lived! These are cookies, all things we either asked about or requested. Pretty disappointed in the episode quite honestly, I'm a bit concerned they don't have what they did this past 2 seasons to make it through the third..and by "what they did" I do NOT mean Mandy.


WHAT??? Sweety, I seriously have no idea what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of the show but I disliked this episode. It was slow paced and boring. It is not because Gideon is gone. I just really disliked the episode and you all know I never saw that.

Phoenix said...

This episode had a lot of loose ends to bring together and I think they did a good job.

There was the Hotch suspension, will Prentiss helps Strauss axe Hotch, who wrote the letter and of course, what happened to Gideon. That's alot.

True, the episode didn't follow the usual "format" but formats can get too predictive and "ho hum". Sometimes they have to shake it up a bit. What better time that when there is an overall shake up.

In the end, they 'glued' the team back together. I say "good job!"

Anonymous said...

O my gosh! What the heck was that liberal induced, tree-hugging hippie, idea of an ending. " I'm going to find myself."(whiny voice required) WHATEVER! What do you bet Mandy arranged that lame -o ending as part of his negotiations to do these last two episodes. He is a tree-hugger and probably wanted some tree-hugging ending for his character. They should have just killed him off and been done with him. Oh well it's over now and there is no more Mandy and no more Gideon. I just don't feel like I have any real closer with this character.
Oh, and that thing with Haley leaving Hotch. NOOOOOOOOO! I hope they work it out. I loved the family man element to Hotch. I think the character will loose something without it. His family was his release from the job, the only people he ever let see him be human. Without them he will loose it.

Anonymous said...

This was a great episode! I loved that Director Strauss got in the field and saw what it was really like, and Hotch was such a gentleman with her--so gentle with her when he helped her away from the crime scene and gave her advice not to let the public see her break down. He was perfect!

I didn't get that Hayley was maybe having an affair until someone else pointed it out--DOH! The phone ringing and Hotch answering and then her cell phone ringing right away--I totally missed that! I felt really bad for Hotch when he went home to an empty house. Hayley was not being the nicest person tonight and now I think she was baiting Hotch to go to Milwaukee so she could have an excuse to leave.

I love that finally someone brought up the DRUG issue! When Hotch mentioned it at Emily's apartment, I was so glad that someone caught on. Now, he has to confront Reid with it.

Garcia is a Goddess! Talk dirty to me hot stuff! It was priceless!

Morgan kind of stepped up and took the lead, introducing himself to the local police and when JJ called Strauss on not alienating the local PD, I cheered and of course booed Strauss when she snapped back at JJ.

Only Reid could have such a geeky car--that car is too much!!

For the past couple of months I have been steeling myself to find out that Gideon killed himself, and was be fooled again when his badge and gun were on the table in his cabin.

I know some folks are going to be upset that Gideon didn't kill himself, but I am glad that he didn't and is going to find a new life for himself. When they showed him in the diner, I thougth for a minute that it was the same diner as in No Way Out--now wouldn't that have been ironic!!

I can't wait for the rest of the season!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah just my opinion but the episode was like, 8 minutes till over, they still hadn't solved the case, we had no Gideon news, then BAM, it's all tied up. Nope sorry. It is only my opinion of course and many will disagree but I felt this episode was rushed, poorly written and even the cast struggled to get through. Just not my favorite. But I will come back next week. It was not a deal breaker by any means.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that they left the door for Mandy to return. Let him take a season off to rest and then they'll bring him back. What a relief. Knowing Mandy is coming back makes me feel so much better.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way GOOOOOOOD for Haley for FINALLY standing up for her family. Hotch has proven time and time again that his job is his priority. I would have left him a loooong time ago. He is somewhat awful to them. It was past time for her to put her foot down.


Anonymous said...

This was the worst episode of CM in two years. I am shocked and amazed. It was terrible. The writing did not flow. It was all backstory. It is not the reason I watch the show. At least they weren't stupid enough to kill Gideon. I have a feeling we will need Mandy to save the show real soon.

Anonymous said...

Lee said...
Yeah just my opinion but the episode was like, 8 minutes till over, they still hadn't solved the case, we had no Gideon news, then BAM, it's all tied up. Nope sorry. It is only my opinion of course and many will disagree but I felt this episode was rushed, poorly written and even the cast struggled to get through. Just not my favorite. But I will come back next week. It was not a deal breaker by any means.


I disagree with 100%. Were you watching the same episode? Ugh, whatever.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Reid actually drives. Who knew?
Interesting point about the phone call Naomi but I really hope your wrong. I loved the case.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about Hotch and his family. When is the show going to get back to just dealing with the cases. If this is an indication of how the season is going to be. Two bad episodes back to back then we are not going to be able to compete with the other shows in our time slot and frankly if I wanted to watch a soap I could watch Private Practice.

Anonymous said...

No one is explaining why they didn't like it. Please expand. How can the writers change things if you don't tell them what you like and dislike.

For those that missed it...the guy had an inoperable brain tumor...which led to his wife leaving him and probably an alteration to his personality.

Personally I loved this episode.
I loved that they didn't focus on the lack of Gideon. I loved that they only took 2 episodes to deal with Gideon leaving. I love that Gideon left instead of committing suicide. Leaving was much more in character for Gideon. I loved that the Prentiss, Hotch, Strauss thing appears to be cleared up in 2 episodes. I loved that they showed it takes a special person to deal with these kinds of cases by showing Strauss struggling with the case. I loved that they finally admitted to Reid's drug problem. Last season was turning into a soap opera. This season they seem to be wrapping up the suspense much quicker, which I love. I love the personal tidbits of the characters. I hope they deal with Hotch's personal issue quickly. I hope that they don't focus on their personal lives too much because it could become soap opera-ish. I loved the way they filmed many of the scenes, especially the opening scene. I loved Garcia in this one, especially the talk dirty to me line. I loved that they weren't immediately correct in their profile. I loved that Reid's experience led him to realize the child probably acted perfect to compensate for his father's lack of control. I loved how well the guest stars acted.

This episode was not a cookie cutter episode. I loved that.

I loved that they showed how the BAU is a family and how it is part of their lives. It is not just a job to them. I loved how they showed that they are a team, including Prentiss. She is no longer the outsider. They are a team. They are a family. That is what this show has always been about to me. This is a show about characters, strong characters that are family. This isn't the typical show that is just a series of cases. Each case affects at least one character. That is why I watch this show. If I wanted to watch soap opera-ish shows, I'd watch the CSI's.

Now, what I didn't like. I didn't like that they spent so much time on Hotch's family life. I didn't like that it was a little slow in the middle. I'll have to rewatch it to figure out why it seemed a little slow. Probably because they were wrapping up so many story lines.

There were many other things I loved and a few more I didn't like but I'll have to rewatch to remember them.

Andrew said...

I don't like this new idea of showing the unsub so early in the episode. It makes the whole thing seem anticlimactic at the end.

Also, as much as I love the character of Gideon, I really think he needed to die. If it wasn't suicide, it could have been something else. But I think a part of us will always be waiting for him come back...

I think it is also ironic how his storyline closely mirrored his real-life departure from the show.

Anonymous said...

When hotch was talking to emily in her home, he referenced about how elle shot the one unsub and then he refernced soemthing about reid. i missed that part, what was he saying about reid?


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that they left the door for Mandy to return. Let him take a season off to rest and then they'll bring him back. What a relief. Knowing Mandy is coming back makes me feel so much better.


slashgirl said...

random, not necessarily in order.

They let Gideon live. We've been robbed, I tell you, robbed.

After the crime bit at the beginning, we have JJ waking Reid up--he was asleep in the chair in Gideon's office. Gideon missed their chess game and he hasn't been back to his apartment since Sarah.

God, if I didn't hate Haley before? Yikes. So much for being the perfect cop wife...*G* Hotch is at home, with Jack (cutie) and Haley. She's going on and on about how his suspension was a blessing in disguise, how they deserve a normal life. Hotch doesn't look happy. Says he loves her and she says she loves him.

While Hotch is in the office talking to Strauss about where he'll transfer (white collar crime thingy--9-5 no travelling) Prentiss walks in and resigns--several significant looks pass between her and Strauss. Prentiss says she's going into the Foreign service.

Strauss is on the plane--sitting apart from the others--JJ says something along th elines of "In that light she almost looks human". Strauss (who has no field expeirence) almost gags at the pictures.

As Hotch is cleaning out his office Garcia comes in says JJ asked him to take a look at the folder for the case.

Hotch is working the case at home, Haley gets all pissy with him, he says he's just curious. Then, their home phone rings; Hotch answers there's no response. He hangs up and suddenly. Haley's cell phone starts ringing in her purse. ANd she DOESN'T ANSWER IT. Someone is having an affair. And it isn't Hotch. She leaves after she finishes yelling at her husband. Maybe she's having a lesbian affair. Ha.

Hotch calls Morgan who tells him Strauss managed to offend the local cops in 45 seconds. Hee. Hotch wasn't surprised.

I can't remember exactly how Garcia phrased her greeting to Morgan, but something along the lines of a sculpted god of chocolate. Love their banter.

Hotch decides to go on the case (he's discovered his transfer hasn't gone through yet.hmmm) --love his gun safe. He and Haley argue further in the bedroom--he's saying it's who he is and her saying it's his job, not who he is. He brings up the case, she says don't make me the monster (he doesn't have to she already is), tells her he'd appreciate some support and she says he always has to be the hero, etc etc. He leaves.

We see Prentiss' apartment--nice place--Hotch arrives. Hotch tells her that her resignation hasn't gone thru, nor his transfer, so technically, they're in dereliction of duty. He figures out what STruass had done to her. Says that Strauss sees him as an obstacle to the fbi leadership. Prentiss wonders what she could've told--Hotch says that he had an agent who killed someone in cold blood and naother one that HAD a serious drug problem that he didn't report. (i KNEW Hotch wouldn't turn Reid in. I just knew it). Prentiss says she doesn't want to do it any more--Hotch tells her that if her ready bag isn't packed? He'll leave and not bother her again. *G* Guess what? heh

Garcia answers the phone, not knowing it's Strauss, with "Talk dirty to me". The look on her face and the look on Morgan's. Priceless.

Then Reid looks up and grins upon seeing Hotch: "Look who's here".

Reid mentions being worried about Gideon to Morgan at some point. And Morgan had mentioned that to Hotch.

Hee. Near the end, Strauss gets a taste of a Hotchalanche. *G* After the get the bad guy, Hotch tells her it's a mistake to break up the team; she says he'll never move up the chain of command, he asks why would I want to leave the bAU. Morgan asks if he means it, he says we'll see.

Hotch is talking to Garcia near the end and tells her to let the transfer/resignation go through.

Prentiss stood up to Strauss on the scene and got her head whacked trying to sneak up on the bad guy. but she manages to signal the team in time. And she didn't rat out Hotch, which I'm very glad of. :D

After the case:

Prentiss goes home to her empty apartment.

Strauss goes to her empty office--obviously can't handle the field (early on, we find out she's never been IN the field).

And Hotch, my poor Hotch, goes home to his empty house.

Reid drives up to the cabin in an old model car. (Wow, finally, we know he can drive and he has a car! lol) He opens the door, uses the flashlight, it's empty. Turns on the light and finds...Gideon's badge and gun. and the letter.

Gideon voiceover as they show him at a diner--and he drives off into the fucking sunset. Thanks, Ed & co., now we will forever be plagued by the question of "WIll Gideon come back, will he?" *headdesk* Yeah, thanks ever so bloody much.

Poor Hotch, poor Reid. I think they need some comforting...*G*

I enjoyed this ep much more than last weeks. Mostly because Haley is gone--and if she is having an affair and Hotch finds out for sure, I can't see him taking her back.

Anonymous said...

Lee said...

Yeah just my opinion but the episode was like, 8 minutes till over, they still hadn't solved the case, we had no Gideon news, then BAM, it's all tied up. Nope sorry. It is only my opinion of course and many will disagree but I felt this episode was rushed, poorly written and even the cast struggled to get through. Just not my favorite. But I will come back next week. It was not a deal breaker by any means.


Well, they did start re-writing it after they were scheduled to shoot it. Thanks again to Mandy. It was wrapped up quickly, but that kept me in suspense. So, in my opinion that was good for this episode. There have been other episodes where they wrapped it up quickly and I didn't like it. So, to each there own...I guess.

Anonymous said...

I respect everyone else's opinions but I too found the episode to be very slow at times. I don't like to see this much of their personal lives in the episodes. I liked it better when it was just a reference or a phone call. This seemed too much to me.

I love that now Mandy can come back to the show when he has rested and is feeling like it like he did with Chicago Hope. I commend them for not killing the character off like so many people wanted them to do. It will be good to have Gideon back all rested and refreshed. Maybe by the end of the season when Mandy finishes his latest tour.

Anonymous said...

I fully realize there were numerous issues with the writers struggling to get eps out(after Mandy especially)but here is the thing, we should not notice such a struggle. They are still writers and should be able to get on teh ball at crunch time. If they can't, then hire some new writers. I don't need excuses from the writers of my favorite show. The West Wing had a main actor die mid season and everything turned out wonderful.

I agree with whoever said this whole seeing the unsub at the beginning of the episode does make for an anti climatic ending. This show isn't so much about serial killers as it is about profilers trying to find serial killers.


Anonymous said...

One more thing--the first and second episodes were different than the usual episodes, more exposition, not as much case work, but I think they used them to set the stage for Gideon's leaving and to kind of wrap up the Strauss story line. I think she will probably hang around a few more episodes, but then we will get David Rossi and things will get back to normal.

The writers had a huge wrench thrown in their story arc for the season and they had to really work hard to end the Gideon story-line and probably re-work their plan for the season.

I am a Mandy fan, but I am totally confident that he will never be in another CM episode again, so his not killing himself shouldn't be thought of a way to bring him back. I just can't see it.

Anonymous said...

Thank God we will get Gideon back. It made all the worry wash away. The episode was okay with me. Just knowing Mandy is coming back has put a smile on my face!!!!

Thank you so much Ed for forgiving him.

Adeline said...

how do you KNOW he'll be back?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andrew. I miss the suspense of not knowing the killer until the end. But this ocassional change prevents the show from going cookie cutter on us.

Lee, I didn't notice the writers struggle. It was just a reminder because I think we have all worked up our ideas of what the writers should have or could have done. I therefore think we are all setting ourselves up for disappointment. Me included. I thought this episode was written quite well.
I'm glad your disappointment in this episode isn't turning you away. I also only copied your comment because it was the last one along those lines so it was easiest to find. I hop I didn't offend you by choosing yours to copy.

Anonymous said...

I liked hearing it acknowledged once and for all that Reid had a drug problem. That was great. Gideon not dying was super great. Hotchner's wife is a b-h! I liked the episode and I can't wait for Gideon to come back. This is just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Reid driving was a shock. I had to do a double take. Bless Ed's heart for letting us keep Gideon alive and well and I look forward to seeing him back on the show soon.

I thought Prentiss was great tonight and seeing her home was nice. Great episode.

Anonymous said...

Erin oh my gosh don't worry about me. I love debating with people as long as everyone stays respectful(and if you are the regular Erin I'm thiking of you always do). Its just when people get sour over it that I tend to back away. LOVE your opinion on the whole show!!!


Anonymous said...

Great episode. Very powerful. Lots happening. I feel so sorry for Hotch. It stinks that she made him choose between the job and his family. They will probably get back together in the future. I loved all of it.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this episode! So many of you talked about all of the wonderful aspects of it that I don't need to repeat the praise, just know I agree with all of the postive comments.

I write for a living and let me tell you, no matter how good you are, time constraints and trauma can really mess with what you can do. Being creative is hard as heck...even if it's your job. The writers did the best they could given the situation they were forced into -- and I think it was excellent. I'm giving everything about this and everyone involved a standing ovation!

Anonymous said...

Debbie said...
I LOVED this episode! So many of you talked about all of the wonderful aspects of it that I don't need to repeat the praise, just know I agree with all of the postive comments.

I write for a living and let me tell you, no matter how good you are, time constraints and trauma can really mess with what you can do. Being creative is hard as heck...even if it's your job. The writers did the best they could given the situation they were forced into -- and I think it was excellent. I'm giving everything about this and everyone involved a standing ovation!

Hey Debbie, I totally agree with you on the time constraits. They did the best they could.

Apparently, Lee doesn;t know that.

Anonymous said...

I thought there was a lot to like in this episode. The team was there, solid and pulling together in spite of everything. I loved the way they got into group-think and just left Strauss out in the cold. She was so clueless. Looks easy from behind the desk, doesn't it? I liked the way she got to see exactly what they had to deal with. The case was interesting and twistedly fresh in its approach. The kid was magnificent!

I loved Prentiss' new hair. But Hotch needs to let his grow out just a little. He's not in the army, right?

And Reid drives! Wheee! But another fanfic bites the dust ...

Garcia was just priceless. I so love her!

I about had a heart attack when Gideon walked into that diner. Could it have looked any MORE like the place he met Frank? Yeeeeee!

Overall, and under extreme duress, quite a good job.

That said ... I understand the need to tie up all the loose ends, and I really did like seeing more of the characters' lives, but ... I hope we get back to cases now. I loved getting the background once, but I fear drifting into soapiness. I don't want to know anything more about Haley's affair. I really don't. I know there are lots of fans who do, though. Can't please everybody, I guess.

And while I'm grousing - I've been complainer-in-chief about how lame the official website is. And now they added ... a wiki? A WIKI? Could it be any more cheesy? Attention network execs: We already have the premiere fan site. You're looking at it. You're not going to do any better. How about some authorized content? Cast bios. Current events. More pictures. Not a wiki. Dudes. Seriously.

Anonymous said...


At first read I agree with you but you must admit it did have some very slow parts towards the middle, it had lots of personal stuff and what not the format we are used to.

On the plus side, we had a quote which was lacking last week and Gideon will be back.

I would give the episode a B-

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but what time constraints did they have!!! This was the second episode. They made the edits on Doubt while filming this one. The episode tonight was bad because it was all personal crap. I could not care less if his wife is screwing the fifth fleet. This is exactly the type of episode we have always been told we would not have......SOAP! I watch for the cases and the profiling and not for unanswered phones and garbage like that. I can voice my opinion on this. I have been a loyal fan since the first show and I did not like this one. The silver cloud is that they left the door wide open for Mandy Patinkin to come back and for that I am very very thankful as so many others have said. Obviously the war or the "creative differences" have resolved themselves.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, and I love debate too. After I read everyones comments, I re-watch the episode. I take away a lot more away from the episode that way. I usually like it even more the second time around.

Anonymous said...

At first read I agree with you but you must admit it did have some very slow parts towards the middle, it had lots of personal stuff and what not the format we are used to.

Well, they did say they were going to show how the job affects the characters personally. So we have to get use to that THIS season.

Many actually like the fact they are delving into the personal lives, I like it also, cause it will get freaken boring, if it's just cases, and cases and nothing about the character and their lives.

So I'm glad they are doing that.

I give the episode an A.

Anonymous said...

I probably shouldn't say this. I was a Mandy fan for years and years. But they day they let him come back to this show is the day I stop watching it for good.

Anonymous said...

Khalid, the writers had 7 scripts written before shooting began. When Mandy did not show up for work they had to re-write all those scripts that all the actors had already started memorizing, crew was memorizing marks..the whole 9 yards. It was very hard for them. That is the time constraint. Redoing everything in a fraction of the time.

I like seeing more of the personal lives, I requested that on Jill's chat site. I wanted to see them at home. I'm glad we did.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean ;)

Raphael0877 said...

I loved this episode. It had so much that I enjoy about CM without over-doing it: Garcia being Garcia, stressed-out Strauss (that's what you get - payback's a *****), Hotch/Haley drama. But the 2 surprising things I really loved: a likeable Emily (this is the first episode where I truly liked her character), and Reid DRIVING a car that reminded me of Columbo's, and he didn't snipe at anyone and looked completely sober. YES. My show is back. I didn't miss Gideon at all and probably won't. If anything I got tired of them all asking where he was. I kept thinking, "who cares, you can handle this." And they did.

Anonymous said...

the writers just need to work out the moment when they are focusing on the main characters. They do such a great job with the guest stars and there personalities that they don't leave room to develop the personalities of the main characters.

Mostly what you have is Morgan and Garcia's banter and Hotch and his wife. Reid is probably the most developed.

One of the things I read about writing is you have to know your character to write a great story.
That what I read.

I think that because we are not use to them being more then the BAU agents, when the writers try to add some personality to them outside the profiling, the scene come off a bit slow on screen. That my opinion of running slow at times. Like the scene between Hotch and Struss and Prentiss. That seem off to me. That it.

Anonymous said...

We need a bit more case and a bit less of their personal lives. A little goes a long way. I do like how they closed some of the open threads from last season like Reid on drugs. They should have killed Gideon but since they didn't do that when it was the logical thing to do then I am assuming cbs is going to allow him to come back. I am a huge Mandy fan so that is cool with me. He will be better than Joe Mantegna.

Anonymous said...

I liked the episode, while I agree it wasn't the best, I think this episode was setting alot up while also trying up some lose ends. I think the reason of the focus on Hotch's family life was suppose to parallel the family life the unsub created for his kid. I also think others are right that Haley is having an affair and that they were setting up problems between Aaron and Haley. I heard before that they were planning on that. You know I would hate for that to happen but if it does then I think Hotch and Prentiss could work.
I think we saw the unsub earlier in this episode is so the plot with Gideon and Haley/Hotch gets shown.
I love the Car Reid drives
I'm happy they didn't kill Gideon but I would absolutely hate it if he came back.
I love Garcia she's the best, can't wait to see more of her and her office, but I'm worried about what's going to happen when she finds out Haley left Hotch...I can see her blameing herself because she gave Hotch the file. And I love her talk dirty to me line.
I Hate Strauss, what she said to JJ was uncalled for.
I think Strauss put a real wrentch into the episode and personally I think that's why the show wasn't as good as it would be. I like learning about that characters and I would love to see them more developed. They are in my opinion what set this show apart from the other crime dramas. I can't wait to see next weeks...was that Reid and Morgan stuck in an elevator. oh no. Can't wait :)

slashgirl said...

If anyone thinks that Gideon will darken the door of the BAU? You need to seriously get your head examined.

There is no way on Goddess' green earth that MP will ever be back on the show, given the way he left.

And I'm with Lin--if Gideon does return? I won't be watching because that will mean one thing and one thing only: the show will be jumping the shark.

Anonymous said...

Well I think no matter how we felt, we all need to be there next week to see what happens next!!! We are still the fans after all.


Anonymous said...

Gideon coming back is a long shot but I guess the network decided to keep him in the wings incase Joe Mantegna doesn't work out. That is the only reason I can think of for not letting him kill himself. I wasn't nervous about Mantegna before but now I am. If the network has so little confidence in him that they needed to leave the back door open for Patinkin to return then what does that say about Mantegna???

The episode was alright. I have no major complaints or compliments.

Anonymous said...

Good, god, were TPTB smoking f'ing crack when they decided letting Gideon live was a GOOD IDEA.

I see the wishful thinking has already begun. As soon as Reid didn't find the body, I KNEW this would happen and it's allllll we'll here until the show's cancelled (hopefully in a few years).

Thanks for nothing, TPTB....

Anonymous said...

sarah g. said...
Gideon coming back is a long shot but I guess the network decided to keep him in the wings incase Joe Mantegna doesn't work out. That is the only reason I can think of for not letting him kill himself. I wasn't nervous about Mantegna before but now I am. If the network has so little confidence in him that they needed to leave the back door open for Patinkin to return then what does that say about Mantegna???

I;m sorry, but LOL!

Sunshine said...

People! Mandy has left the building! He is NOT coming back to CM. He left because he didn't want to do the show any more. He doesn't need a rest. I just chatted with him after his concert last weekend and he is VERY happy to be doing his music again. He looks GREAT BTW. :-)

That said, I think it was the right ending for Gideon. Suicide would have been the coward's way out and Gideon is not weak or cowardly. Searching for a happy ending is what Gideon would do. Coincidentally, I think it is what Mandy is doing too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The episode had some really good things going for it. The case was okay. In the dvds one of the producers said that they only gave us little pieces of their family story. This was a truckload. I guess that is okay for one episode but not as a rule. I want strong and interesting cases. I want to watch profilers solve the cases. That is the best of CM.

Anonymous said...

Mandy's emotions change like the wind. He will be back. The door is open and I thank Mr. Bernero so much for that. Thank you Sir.

Great episode.

Unknown said...

I don't agree with this common belief that not killing Gideon is a way to possibly have MP back on the show. I personally could not see Gideon killing himself. Even in such a personal crisis, the man knows how much a death affects other people. He's much to strong to die just because he's lost his way.

LoraLee said...

Lori said ...
I love that finally someone brought up the DRUG issue! When Hotch mentioned it at Emily's apartment, I was so glad that someone caught on. Now, he has to confront Reid with it.

He's saying he knows, and it's been resolved - a member HAD a drug problem, not HAS. He's confirmed the team did know, and the FBI does not. It's almost everything I could have hoped for there (would have liked a little more HOW, would have liked to see Reid come out or be confronted, but can't have everything) To me it was pretty clear, so I think this is probably the last we'll hear about it unless his being a recovering addict works into a case somehow.

Anonymous said...

Garcia is adorable.
Hailey is a bitch.
Strauss is a bitch.
Prentiss was really nice tonight.
JJ was sweet.
Morgan is Morgan.
Reid can drive which was shocking.
Gideon is safe and able to return one day.

I think it was a great night for the show.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous --

Lee knows all about the time constraints. She explained them quite well to another poster, which I'm sure you've seen by now.

And by the way, while differing opinions make for good conversation, I have noticed that several of your replies to Lee's posts, in particular, have been challenging -- and not in a productive way. It is almost as if you are trying to pick a fight. It's not the kind of conflict that is healthy for this blog. If you have a problem with her, or any of us, I would encourage you to discuss it privately. And if you cannot resist making disparaging comments publically, I would appreciate it if you would at least have the maturity to identify yourself.

Anonymous said...

Garcia was so funny on the phone tonight. I kinda liked the new format of the show. It was different. Maybe they are trying something new. Mandy isn't coming back. I am sorry that so many friends think he is because I know you want it so bad but I don't think it will happen.

Reid was great. Poor Reid though. He has had a hard year. Nice to finally hear the words that we all suspected that Reid had a drug problem.

Anonymous said...

Hotch is following in Gideon's footsteps. Abandoning his family by putting work first. Having no outside life. It is said to think that one day he will be just like him. I hope he gets his priorities straight and makes things right with his wife and learns that family should always come first.

Yeah Gideon lived.

Anonymous said...

Horrible new way of doing the show. Upside down. Unsub first, marriage troubles, a dead man walking.

Toooooo many cookies! Serious suckage!

Anonymous said...

Horrible new way of doing the show. Upside down. Unsub first, marriage troubles, a dead man walking.

Toooooo many cookies! Serious suckage!

Oh lord. People need to learn that shows like to do things differently. They can't have the same format all the time. It would be boring. Get use to it.

LoraLee said...

I really enjoyed this episode, and as far as knowing who the unsub was from the beginning, we had a face, we didn't have his name and address. To me the show is more about SOLVING the case, there have been a few other episodes where we see the unsub first (The Last Word, Charm and Harm and Legacy) I enjoy watching the process.
And it's always wrapped up after the last commercial - if they wrapped it up earlier, nobody would come back from the kitchen after that last break. It's a three-act format; introduction, exposition, denoument.
They had a lot of backstory to do in this ep, so if you don't like backstory, then it would seem slow, but more backstory is one of the things we asked for, so you can't have it both ways or make everybody happy all the time.
As for Gideon, I really don't see him ever coming back - definitely not rejoining the team, but I'm glad they didn't kill him, because the CHARACTER is too well-loved and too hurt (somehow I hate to see the 'wounded' die, they should get a chance to recover) and it would have been bad for the show's public image if they had killed him off, because it would have made the writers and producers seem petty and vindictive if they had.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Use your name and stop being disrespectful or a moderator will cut you off.

I liked almost everythng about this episode. I did not like that Gideon lived and the reason should be obvious by all the false hope they gave fans of Gideon coming back and the comments about it already posting. It was a good episode but that was a cheap hook to try to get Mandy's fans to keep watching when they know that he isn't coming back. I expected more from Ed and co. That is disappointing. I never thought he would do that to the fans of the show.

Anonymous said...

major boring episode and someone must not have had the balls to end gideon. lame episode. two in a row.

Anonymous said...

I liked this episode; I think it did a great job of wrapping up the loose ends, writing off Gideon, and bringing the team together. I also disagree with those who think that just because we get a glimpse of the characters' personal lives that it turns the show into a "soap opera". Seeing other aspects of their lives outside of their work makes them more three-dimensional and relateable. While the personal lives shouldn't become the primary focus of the show, I don't think it hurts to see how these people live outside the BAU.

While I'm glad Gideon didn't commit suicide, mainly because I think it would've shattered Reid to find him afterwards, I don't think this in any way means Mandy will be back. He was completely let out of his contract, not given an extended hiatus, and the way he left hurt alot of people. I doubt they want him back. What's to guarantee he wouldn't do the same thing again? Mandy has also made it clear that he's done with the show and I wish him the best of luck with whatever he's decided to do.

I've always liked Prentiss but this episode made me even more of a fan. When she told Strauss that "I'm a private citizen and you have no authority over me" I almost cheered! I knew she wouldn't betray Hotch but the fact that she also snubbed her nose at Strauss at the same time was great.

I also got the impression that Haylie was having an affair--Hotch answers the home phone, the person hangs up, Haylie's cellphone immediately starts ringing and she purposely ignores it--so I'm glad I'm not the only one who picked up on that.

Next week's episode looks really good and now that Gideon's storyline has been wrapped up, I think the show is really going to have a much more cohesive, smoother feel as we get ready to meet Joe's character.

Anonymous said...

I loved it. I loved the pieces of their lifes being shown to us and finally knowing that Reid has a drug problem. I loved Prentiss being really nice and normal. I liked seeing Hotch coming face to face with the family issue that has been hinted at a couple of times. I loved Reid driving which we have always wondered about. I just really liked it.

Gideon should have died if not for any other reason than the fact that tomorrow everyone in my office is going to try to convince me that Mandy is coming back. Closure was needed here. Serious closure. There has to be a reason that Ed went this way. I just can't imagine what it is.

Anonymous said...

We all guessed that it would be Reid going to the cabin and that the letter would be for him. I liked that Gideon addressed it to him as Spencer.

I have mixed feeling about the episode. I am going to finish watching the dvds and maybe tomorrow night rewatch this episode. I would give it a c+.

Anonymous said...

The next time we tell tptb that we want backstory lets make sure to tell them we don't want it all in ONE episode. Bad episode. The worst in two years.

Anonymous said...

Setting it up to look like Gideon was definately going to commit suicide and then not going though with it is a cheap gimmick and this fan base deserves better than that. I am done. I am a Mandy fan but I was going to stick with the show but not anymore. With Mandy gone they have resorted to the lowest level of respect for the fans. Tricks, smoke and mirrors. I didn't realize they were that desperate that they would try to lead us to believe that Mandy is coming back just so they could try to keep his fan base.

Anonymous said...

Im gona have to disagree about this week's episode being bad it brought closure and of course closure can be booring but it sounds like next week's episode is gona make up for this week. I myself loved this week's episode my heart was beating at 110 the whole episode. I hope they keep up the good work just please don't turn this showinto a soap Opera.

Shawn said...

This has got to be one of my favorites episodes of the show. Wonderfully written by Mr. Mundy, beautifully directed by Mr. Bernero. And, of course, brilliantly acted by our phenomenal cast.

This ep was a checkpoint. Letting us know where all of our people stand with all the changes around them.

I've always liked Mandy, but I'm not sorry to see Gideon go. In fact, all the way up until the end, I'd just about completely forgotten about him. The rest of the team just flows so beautifully.

I thought that DOUBT was uneven because of how obviously edited it was. It didn't feel organic. Well this wasn't the original script either and yet Mundy and Co. coaxed it into a character masterpiece.

I love this show. Brave folks.

Anonymous said...

The trouble I had with the episode is that there was just too much personal drama going on. I am hoping that they used this episode to unload it all and tie up loose ends and that next week's show will focus more on the profiling and the case. It wasn't that I disliked the episode as much as I just didn't care one way or another.

The Hotchner marriage has been a disaster since the show premiered so their separation was always just a matter of time. We already knew that Strauss was an idiot so that also had no twist to it. Gideon was going, one way or another, in this episode and frankly I didn't care as long as it was finally over but again there was no excitement.

I appreciated the acknowledgement of Reid's drug problem and seeing him drive. I liked Garcia's parts. It certainly wasn't our worst episode but it also wasn't our best.

But next week will be here before we know it and that will probably be a great episode.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we just all need to let the writers hit their own pace. They had a major obstacle to overcome and it probably took them a few episodes to get back to their usual perfect stride. Lets just chalk this one up to them doing the best they could under the circumstances. Next week's episode looks really great.

Elizabeth Bear said...

I am *really* pleased with that ep, on so many levels. I'm teaching intensively this week, and haven't had time to rewatch or do an in-depth yet, but...


Nice job.

Prentiss hugging herself at the end, her simple courage. Her trying to protect Hotch. She's earned her spot, as Hotch said she would. Hotch and his dignity and honor. Sir Bors indeed.

Mom is love.

And the moment when he tells Reid he needs Reid's mind on the job, so many layers in that. Whether he thinks Haley has a piece on the side or not.

I've always been a Haley apologist, but she just lost my sympathy. Waiting to see if she wins it back.

Reid, OMG, describing the UnSub's son, the perfect student. Spencer Reid describing Spencer Reid, and how he got that way: perfect, so they wouldn't take him away from my mom. My heart was totally in my throat.

Garcia defending her team. Hotch on Loyalty. Morgan and Jaje in charge and for the win.

I wish we'd scene the scene with Morgan and the victim's husband. (Some of the victim family scenes are the best in the show, bar none--The Fox, Open Season.)

Reid in his ancient car, like his Goodwill clothes, all his money going to pay for his mom. Was that a Volvo? (of course it was a Volvo.)

Prentiss' apartment, just about exactly as I pictures it, and the aftermath of her pain.

The team ditching their homework on Spencer again, and he does it because he can do it.

Because they are a team.

But he can't so all of it, and here is the cavalry.

Gideon for the lose. I suspect it's worse for Reid and the team that he bailed than if he were dead.

I'm still wondering about Reid and script narcotics. Sleeves still rolled up; legal pills mean you can pass a drug test. Mmm, Klonopin. Helps you sleep, you know?

And then there was the creepy SOB with the wood chisel and the mallet, OMG.

Also, the traditional PSA. DON'T GO WITH THE GUY WITH THE KNIFE. Get shot or stabbed on the sidewalk, Don't matter: fight, think, don't panic. Get shot where you stand, your chances of living are better than if you get in the car.

As usual.

They get it right.

Man, that was a nice ep.

Anonymous said...

Thank the heavens we are getting Mandy back. I am so relieved.

Anonymous said...

Ok, just to pitch in my two cents here, even though I think plenty of people have already made this argument, I am going to be in support here.

1. MP better DAMN WELL not come back. People who are all like "Oh Mandy is coming back" shame on make is sound like he *is* the show and he is *not* I am disappointed that he didn't eat his own gun because now all people are going on about is how MP can come back. And the thing that kills me, is we know that Gideon has a past with PTSD....suicide would not have been that out of character. One trauma, even resolved then compounded with another as serious as the one Gideon was faced with would cause alot of people to break. Even strong ones.

2. Character development people. Get used to it. Any case based show gets boring if you never find out anything about the characters. A big thing with the episode I think, was watching Strauss. I mean she almost flipped out right? And yet look at the BAU...they are totally calm and composed...they see this shit all the time and it doesn't faze them. That job would have such an impact on them as human beings and I, personally, would be frustrated if we never got to find out how that affects their personal lives and how it affects them as individual people.

3. Two choppy episodes were because they had to cobble them together after MP's sudden departure. People who are going on about how awful they were - well just think a minute - the writers were basically screwed over by MP's lack of warning and had to come up with something on the fly - all things considered these were edited marvelously under the given time constraints.

Anyway, I fork over my soapbox to next in line. Have fun. I loved the ep, thought it was interesting and revealing and so what if it wasn't 100% what anyone was thinking? Damn good, all things considered.

Anonymous said...

Just read the 102 comments so far: I thought it was an okay episode. I like when they get into the head of the unsub more and they found the kid way too easily, but hey! they had a lot of other ground to cover this ep. I do have faith the show will settle down and be great again.

I really thought it was Morgan calling on the Hotch land line house phone and then after it went unanswered, called his cell. I really do not see any possibility of a Hailey affair with someone, she was just blowing her top when Hotch refused to abandon the team and work 9-5 instead. I predict she will be back and forth the rest of the season before she either gets with the program or leaves him for good. I mean, 15-20 years, if it has been since high school, that's a lot to throw away.

I am glad Godeon left alive, I do not expect to see him on the show ever again, but I think a lot of what we heard about him leaving was hype and Shemar should learn to keep his mouth shut about the inner workings of his fellow actors on a set, either coming or going.

I am ready for next week and trying to find the Eggs on season 1 and 2 DVD sets, I had no idea they were there.


Anonymous said...

I did not get to see the episode yet but I must admit to being very surprised that Gideon is still alive. I think the background was there and the opportunity was ripe for him to commit suicide. My head tells me very firmly that Mandy will never be back on the show but there is now a little part of me that does have to wonder why they left the window open for him to return. It probably means nothing at all and as I said I have not seen the episode yet but I can't think of a logical reason to setup a suicide and then not follow though with it. I believe I will be pondering this for awhile.

Anonymous said...

I think this quote comes from the show "Friends"...."That is alot of information to get in 60 seconds".
I felt as though there was a mad dash to get too much personal information into this episode and have a case and do it all in 40 some odd minutes. I did like the episode but the pace was unusual for the show and is probably a by-product of MP leaving without notice. Reid driving was an Ed cookie and I did so enjoy seeing that. I think next week's episode looks very good and I hope the pace will be more controlled. I have confidence in the writers.

Anonymous said...

It was a good episode. They really had to let Gideon live. Like it or not if Mantegna doesn't work out CBS must be planning on asking Mandy to come back. That is the only thing that makes sense. Ed is not the last word on it. CBS is.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was avery good episode Gideon didnt die because you dont dispose of a a good chracter becaue the actor who plays him is leaving
that final scene was ashow of resct for gideon by the writers
it is not an indication that mandy is coming back i thought the rest of the episode was very strong
although i am not so sure hayley is having an affair they worked too hard to convince us of it
maybe hayley has a secret that will eventually bring them back together
we will see
strong episode
a good start of the season

slashgirl said...

anon said:

I really thought it was Morgan calling on the Hotch land line house phone and then after it went unanswered, called his cell

First of all, the landline phone call did NOT go unanswered. Hotch answered it but no one spoke. And the cell phone that rang? Wasn't Hotch's...unless he keeps his in Haley's purse,which he wouldn't do. And which she didn't answer.

Anonymous said...

Morning-after thoughts -- It occurred to me this morning -- if Haley's not having an affair, I'll bet dollars to donuts she's pregnant again.

I don't for a minute believe that they left Gideon alive just in case Joe didn't work out and they had to bring him back. I think they did it to spare the remaining characters -- and the fans -- the drama and trauma of his death. If Gideon kills himself, there's a whole season of residual angst. If he wanders off into the sunset (to hug a tree -- love it!) we shrug and say that's too bad and move on. In my opinion, it was the right choice. Yeah, last week's cliff-hanger was a little cheesy, but whatever.

I thought JJ was exceptionally good int his ep. So calm, so reasonable. Holding things together; even trying to be compassionate towards Strauss. Sorta. But just once I'd like to see her lose her temper. I mean, just totally go off on one of these morons.

Anonymous said...

Reid, OMG, describing the UnSub's son, the perfect student. Spencer Reid describing Spencer Reid, and how he got that way: perfect, so they wouldn't take him away from my mom. My heart was totally in my throat.

Yes, Elizabeth Bear, I noticed this too. And the way Matthew portrayed it... had my heart in my throat, too!!

Anonymous said...

Several of you mentioned not liking to see their personal lives, but I really do. It adds depth to their charcters. This job can be so horrific at times. When we see what it costs them personally, we can admire and respect their devotion to the work that much more. It shows us that the team is human, not souless machines untouched by the savagery or super crimefighters here to save the day! Bravo!

Elizabeth Bear said...

I was in the Gideon suicide camp; I think this is better.

Because as a friend of mine just pointed out to me, dude, Gideon left the same way Mandy did. And we get to see that, in all its banality.

Elizabeth Bear said...

Oh, I forgot to mention another moment I loved unreasonably.

The diplomat's daughter who hates politics, playing politics for Hotch. Because it was TOTALLY AN ACCIDENT that she walked in to ES's office and quit JUST THEN.

And I have several acres of Everglades to sell you....

Anonymous said...

I love Emily and have since her first episode when she sat on the desk looking terribly awkward while Hotch and Gideon talked about her. LOL.

Umm..did anyone else notice Hotch's HORRIBLE hair cut? Thats all we could talk about the first 10 minutes and each time they showed him. It was bad, like baby Jack took clippers to his head.

And yes it was Spencer describing Spencer and as usual I wanted to reach through the screen and hug him.

Haley should have left a long time ago. You people saying she is so horrible for leaving, do you have a family? Do you not want your spouse to see your child grow up and be there for them? This confuses me beyond belief. Haley's heart has been broken and abandoned one too many times and I don't blame her for showing him the door.

Morning after thoughts, the episode was bad. As I said before, it was rushed and slow, however they managed that is beyond me. I appreciate that there is a nice split here on "love it" "hate it". Not quite 50/50 but I don't feel alone by any means.

I'll be there next week but if this is the way its going to go I'll be watching Private Practice at its normal time and Tivoing CM.


Anonymous said...

OK, I thought the episode was a good one, just different to what we usually see. Mandy's leaving put the show into turmoil, and I think that some of that turmoil was played out on the screen in the first two episodes. I think it HAD to be, to give Gideon a fitting close for his story. I think the writers handled Gideon's leaving with a LOT of maturity. Personally, I probably would have offed him (either by his own hand or by some unsub.) But, maybe that's why I am not a writer on a hit show. Regardless of how Mandy Patinkin left, Gideon was a well beloved character for many and I think they gave him a good ending with respect to that.

I hope that the Strauss thing is over, because I personally found her a bit unbearable. I know that was by design, but seriously, I could not see ANY of the team sticking around much longer if SHE was what they had to deal with.

I felt horribly for Reid, waiting up all night to play Chess with Gideon (:( ).

And I too think the phone thingy with Hotch and his wife was to show that she might be having an affair. Perhaps the one thing I had a hard time buying last night was the fight between Hotch and Hailey. To ME, she didn't sound like a wife pleading with her husband for their marriage. She sounded more like an angry school marm DEMANDING action from him. It just felt weird to me.

Now that the Gideon tie up is done, I think we'll get back to the regular rhythms of the show, with more case work and less extraneous stuff. Yes, they'll have to deal with Hotch's personal issues, but I don't think that will be too distracting from our normal show. Even in these last two episodes of transition, Criminal Minds stands head and shoulders above the rest of TV, IMO.

Looking forward to next week.

Anonymous said...

Liked the episode a lot. I liked how JJ was very involved with solving the case. She was the one who turned the team to look for the kid instead of the parent. Ding! The lights went on for the team, and they got it solved. She rules! I hope that this is a start of her being more of a field agent. She has the smarts. (And, without even trying, is incredibly beautiful!!)

ps. never like Hayley. Even when she was on Dawson's Creak, I didn't like her. Buh-bye!

Tom Bryant said...

I was just glad they got the Gideon thing resolved, but still thought it wasn't the best of episodes.

The one issue I had was why was Reid the only person trying to find Gideon? If they were all so tight, why wasn't at least one of the team with him.

Maybe it was the way the writers were trying to tell us that no one else really cared to say goodbye.

I am glad it can start fresh

Anonymous said...

love the show. I am in milwaukee,AND I work in the milwaukee police dept. I can tell you, the uniforms, and police cars were the same as the real MPD, even to the little design "squiggly m" logo on the side of the squad car- the badge, the sergeant's stripes; the big map they were using was one that is used in a conference room in the dept.somebody did a great job researching the department....makes it a little bit more believable.

Anonymous said...

How neat anonymous. I love to hear stuff like that!

jenn said...

I thought the episode was just okay. I don't mind if they show a bit of their personal lives but I'd rather they save the drama for the main story line. It's too much for me to handle the dramatic plots they have (which are great) and then throw in all the personal drama. If we are to get glimpses of their personal lives I wish they were just that...glimpses (Reid driving a car, the gang watching Chaplin, Hotch cleaning out the garage). I don't want a big divorce or cheating drama. Save it for the soaps. The glimpses into the personal live should be as a break from the drama. That is one of the reasons why I think Garcia is such a great character...she breaks things up a bit. There needs to be some good lighthearted banter between the characters. It has been missing from the show.

And seriously why was NO ONE else but Reid concerned about Gideon...especially knowing his mental state.

TV guide said there will be a lot of drama surrounding Rossi when they bring him in. I was hugely disappointed to read that. The best thing about the show for me was the group of characters and their relationship to each other. I hope they don't continue to screw with that.

respectanimals said...

Overall I enjoyed the episode, but it certainly wasn’t one of their best. I thought the writing in this episode was a bit hokey and not too realistic, but maybe my expectations of this show are just too high these days. I especially hope that there aren’t really any people in the FBI like Strauss, who can manage to work their way up the ladder that far and still get that squeamish looking at photos and dead bodies. If that’s the case, then this country has some real problems. I was also a bit confused by how the case itself ended, as it not only seemed to just end abruptly, but the unsub was confusing to me. I’m guessing that it was just that they had so many different storylines to address, that they couldn’t spend as much time as they usually do on the unsub and that as the season progresses they will get back to the more normal routine.

What I did really enjoy about this episode though was the character driven stuff. I especially thought Garcia and Hotch’s parts in it were fantastic! The fact that Garcia slipped Hotch the file and then held up his transfer request and Emily’s resignation was so wonderful. And then when Hotch lets her know that he knows what she’s been up to and reprimands her, yet thanks her as well, was great too. And the part where she answered the phone and it turned out to be Strauss was hilarious! I also got the impression that Haley is cheating on Hotch, due to the phone calls, but I guess we will just have to wait and see how that issue plays out. Haley’s actions seemed a bit overdone and a play for drama to me, but at least it was understandable as they had set up her attitude towards Hotch’s job in the previous seasons. They mentioned in the past that the BAU has a very high rate of divorce and alcoholism, so it fits. Unfortunately, even though I understand Haley’s reasoning, I couldn’t be too sympathetic, as my loyalties lie with Hotch and I felt Haley was being downright unreasonable about him finishing up that one last case. I really didn’t like her in this episode. I liked how they had Reid be all concerned about Gideon throughout the episode and how Hotch tried to reassure him that Gideon was probably just hiding out at the cabin. With the exception that Mandy’s lines were a bit hokey, I also liked the ending very much. Many thanks to the writers for not killing him off! While I doubt that we will see Mandy on the show again, it’s just really nice not to have a picture of Jason’s suicide in my head whenever I think of him. Reid’s choice of car definitely made me laugh. I also liked that JJ called Strauss on alienating the police, when they needed their assistance. Having Strauss play the witch back to her was good too, as it just makes us dislike Strauss all the more. I wanted to shout at her, “Don’t treat JJ that way!” It was nice seeing how Morgan, Reid and JJ behaved with the “bosses” not being there to direct them. They got to show off a little. And it was absolutely necessary to me that Emily support Hotch, so I really liked how that played out as well. I’ve never been one of Emily’s greatest supporters, but it makes me like her a lot more now. I know that a lot of people want Reid’s drug issues to just disappear, but I kind of like how the writers have handled it myself. They haven’t overplayed it, but considering all that Reid’s been through and especially now with his mentor Gideon just up and leaving like that, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing how the drug thing plays out.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this episode. Maybe its because I like getting a glimpse at the characters personal lives. I thought they did a wonderful job 'recovering' from the last two episodes and really showing the group pull together as a Team.

Hotch and Hayley thing can't be a surprise, there's been tension there from the first show.

As much as I thought they really were going to kill Gideon off...I think I'm glad they didn't. I can't see Gideon doing something like that Spencer. I do not think it means that MP will return and I hope it he doesn't.

I adored Garcia and her behind the scenes ways of trying to keep the team together. Not to mention the phone call and Morgan's reaction to her answer...LOL Poor Garcia.

Maybe it didn't work for everyone but it definitely worked for me. Can't wait to see what they throw at us next week. Love those previews!

slashgirl said...

I've seen a couple people wonder why no one else was worried about Gideon. Well, the only ones that I would say would be close enough to even start to worry are Hotch and Reid.

Gideon simply wasn't as close to the others--they were all more professional relationships than close personal ones like he had with Hotch and Reid.

Why wasn't Hotch worried? He's been through similar with Gideon before and probably assumed Gideon would take the time he needed and come back when he was ready. Plus, well, Hotch's prolly a little distracted by the situation with Haley. So, it falls to Reid to be the concerned son.

This morning, on my way to work, I had a very crack!tastic idea: what if it was Gideon Haley ran off with? *lol*

Anonymous said...

I loved that Strauss got a small taste of what the BAU really does on a daily basis. The shock and disgust she felt were a true sign that she doesn't have what it takes to be the leader of this unit. Hopefully she will completely back off Hotch's case now but I am not counting on it.

Chandler did a great job and that was not an easy part to play.

I liked how Prentiss came back to help the team when they really needed her and Garcia handing off the files was classic Garcia.

Gideon exiting like he did creates problems for those fans who believe MP will come back but I do not share that opinion. I think he is gone but this is tv so who really knows what the exiting agreement calls for in the way of guest visits.

Anonymous said...

Gideon's departure didn't feel right to me and I am more convinced than ever that what we heard Gideon saying while he wrote his letter last week were his own words talking to the fans about why he left. I am a Morgan fan and I felt distracted for the past two episodes with the Gideon leaving story but I realize that it was nec. I am anxious to see if we have more balance in the show next week and if the case takes back its lead role in lieu of the personal lifes of the team.

Anonymous said...

About Reid driving ... do we know anyone else on the team who has a classic car? Why, yes, as a matter of fact we do ...

I want Garcia to pimp Reid's ride!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I liked Garcia talking in her usual snappy way and it turning out to be Strauss she was talking to. That was kind of cool.

Gideon will be back.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line for me with this episode is they tried to accomplish too much in the time they had to work with and it fell flat for me. We were watching it live in the dorm and recording another show but with about 10 minutes left of the episode we left and went for pizza. I am glad that some of you really liked it and that is really great. I mean it but it wasn't for us.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally surprised at how many people disliked this episode and how passionately they are about it. It wasn't that bad.

It had some good things. Reid's drug problem being spoken about. The end of Gideon's leaving. Garcia, Prentiss and Hotch stepping up to the plate and being a team.

It had some flaws but I think the good out weighed the bad.

Anonymous said...

After all the scrumbling, huffing and puffing they did the right thing and left Mandy with the option of coming back and he deserved that. He was unhappy with something or just needed a break but he gave 100% of himself to the show for two seasons and he earned the right to come back. I am glad that the powers that be came to their senses and looked at the big picture. I have a new found respect for all of them for making the correct and mature decision and I look forward to Mandy's return.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't home to watch it until late last night and by the looks of all these comments it would seem that the episode has mixed reviews. I am afraid that mine isn't going to help at all.

I thought the episode was fair. C grade. My problem is that I don't really know what I disliked about the episode. After viewing it I realized that I had deleted it from tivo without even thinking about it. I never do that. I realized later that it is just not an episode I would ever rewatch again. It was just okay. It had some good things and some slow time. No major complaints. No major kudos.

Anonymous said...

I feel played with. Is Gideon gone or coming back? Was this a "cookie" from Ed to Mandy fans letting them know that he will be back? Was this a trick to try to retain Mandy's fans as viewers? I am confused and put off by the games. Too much summer drama over Mandy walking to have the show throw in some more. Chris Mundy should have thought more of us than to play games. For the first time since the show started I am really annoyed.

Anonymous said...

My only comment is going to be that next week's preview looks good. I am going to leave it at that. I don't like slamming the show for any reason. Sorry but I don't.

Anonymous said...

The acting was good and I liked Reid in his old volvo. I liked Hailey leaving.

Anonymous said...

I loved it. I thought it was fascinating to get so much personal info. Yeah that they finally said out loud that Reid had a drug problem. The writing was wonderful. I was so happy with how they let Gideon leave with grace. I fell for Prentiss in this one. She was terrific.

Anonymous said...

i really liked this episode. i thought it was really good. the case itself was horrorifingly creepy and absolutely cool. i was stuned that Hotch's wife was so whinny about what he does. i mean come on you knew what he does when you married him its not like any of this is a surprise. i really like Emily she was soo cool quiting instead of sniching. what a girl. and then sneeky Garcia was so cute. and when strauss called and Garcia thought it was Morgan that was priceless and so was his face.
my heart when out to Reid the entire episode. expectially when hes talking about the unsubs kid and saying hes not a problem child but a perfect child who wants to please and i could so see him talking about himself with his mother. and at the end when hes reading the letter i was almost in tears. it was like loosing another parent it was awlful. but i did like the fact they left it so the if Mandy ever wanted to come back he could which was really cool of the PTB.
overall outstanding episode!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I liked it and I agree that Mandy is coming back. Ed must have cooled off and realized that being mad accomplishes nothing. It will be great when Gideon comes back. I am so happy.

Anonymous said...

Damn my computer for dying on me during one of the best episodes. I couldn't get with the chat group. *Sob*. Anyway, enough about my computer troubles.
I really liked Garica in the ep. I loved how she interacted with both Morgan and her slip up with the director was priceless. It was nice how she played with the system to make sure that Hotch and Prentiss could still work with the team. The director was a total b****. It was good that she got to see how it really works. I feel so bad about Hotch/Hayley and I hope she comes back. Slashgirl shall have a feild day with this. I can't wait to read the stories. Reid tapping into his own past to look into the kid's pyche was awesome. I give it a...8.7

Anonymous said...


why does everyone keep saying he is? he left the show willingly. he is not coming back. they didn't kill him off to leave a door open. they just decided it was a better way for his character to leave the show. he is not coming back. do not expect any return from him. my goodness.

Anonymous said...

They led us to believe that Gideon would kill himself. CBS promoted this episode as "Mandy Patinkin's Last Episode" but he was only in it for maybe a minute. If they were going to have Gideon leave Quantico and the BAU then they should have had him retire. We should have seen him following proper protocol and turning in his badge and gun to the appropriate people.

He was an emotionally fragile individual with severe scars but the way they wrote this just seemed out of character for Gideon. He never got over his fatal mistake that got those agents killed in the history we were given in the season one premiere and then he suffered losing a friend to Frank. Suicide was the logical conclusion. All I can think about now is that one day Gideon will return after receiving psych. therapy. Okay with me I guess but not how I thought it would be.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was one of the best episodes yet. I loved the way they pulled together as a team and didn't let Strauss get in their way.

Reid's drug problem is now out in the open and his old car was great.

Gideon not dying and being able to come back was a relief.

Hotch's marriage crumbling was no surprise but good to see. I did not like the way she has treated him.

Reinbeast said...

TV tends to annoy me regularly, and I'm not including the brain-dead reality shows and multitudes of endlessly repeating commercials. When an actor has to leave for any reason, it seems the writers take it personally and often kill off their characters. I've learned to reluctantly accept that it will almost always be the one (or ones) I most like. These characters (who bring curiosity and innocence, the biggest laughs, the most heart, the deepest pain) die left and right and the shows hardly ever feel the same. They sometimes become shells of their former selves and turn into a boring, lifeless chore to watch. It's not often that an unexpected death makes a show better. So, I was prepared to hate Gideon's final episode and witness another great show gutted. It turns out that the final scene was a wonderful surprise, filled with hope for many fans, and a song that fit perfectly. The only other favorite character of mine I remember whose story did not end in his own sad death was Lorne on Angel.

Anonymous said...

I won't get to see the episode for a long time but I am confused why so many people are upset that Mandy can come back.

I think Gideon is a great character and I would think that everyone would be as excited as I am that he can come back now. I do not understand the negativity of this thread and why more people are not excited. Obviously they spared the character dying for a reason and if they have made peace with Mandy then everyone should be very happy. I am happy that all is well now again.

Anonymous said...

Mandy had it written into his original contract that his character could not be killed. Sorry but he isn't coming back and the show last night sucked like a hoover.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with me? I LOVED THE EPISODE!!! Rank it among my favorites.

Gave us lots to think about. Gave us lots of HOTCH (which I don't need to think about).

Each team member got to shine in performance. Left us with several questions in mind to ponder. I like that idea!!

Garcia answering the phone was priceless moment!!! I still can't stop laughing at it.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Strauss got quite an education on this case. Did she even know what the BAU does? LOL.

Glad Hotch and Prentiss are back in the saddle!

I hope Gideon finds himself, his bliss, his meaning, or his whatever. I am now officially over him!

Anonymous said...

I love Jayne Atkinson though!

Anonymous said...

I am starting to wonder if we all watched the same episode last night. Is it possible that they made two versions and some stations got one version and some got the other?

The episode wasn't great but it wasn't sludge either. It has some good stuff in it.

No way Mandy comes back. He was unhappy and wanted off the show.

I'm looking forward to next week.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this episode. I think the writers did their best to merge a regular case that was prewritten with tying up loose ends and issues from season 2. The ending may have been too conveniently solved but this is a transitional episode. We do get some resolutions and some backstories.
Resolved- Prentiss does the right thing and becomes a trusted team member, no more sneaky suspicion of her being a mole.
Reid- drug problem-been there, done that, nothing to see, folks;let's move on. Nice to see how he could relate to a little boy keeping a big family secret.
Hotch- gets his job back but he'll need to stock up on frozen TV dinners.
Gideon- goes Easy Rider on us and is off to find life's answers.Bye!
I loved that there was still humor written into this episode. Garcia was hilarious in her reaction to being accidently flippant with Nurse Ratched/Evil Boss Lady Strauss. And,I had to laugh at Reid's car. It's so precious that he would have a car that even his grandfather would have sold for scrap ages ago.
Not the best or the worse episode so I vote for being supportive of the CM team while they transition into the team with JM on board.

Anonymous said...

The actors and writers of CM are brilliant but it just did not work for me last night. I really agree with babruin that we need to be supportive of the show while it is in transition. It doesn't bother me that I did not like the episode last night. I am not going to like all of them and this is only the third one that didn't do it for me. I think that is great.

Lisa said...

I thought this was a very GOOD episode. I know a lot of people like to keep all the drama out of the show (I do to a certain degree) I think it was necessary for this paticular episode. This epi was about loyalty and family and to remind us that this is a strong team that cannot be broken, even if people leave or are absent! Bravo to Emily for standing up and showing her bravery too! The Hotch and Hailey thing is incredibly sad, and the cheating thing (if thats true) would be totally devistating. The look he gave her when her cell phone rang just read confussion and disbeliefe! She came down way to harsh on him about the case, I mean saying "so you always have to be the hero" ouch....hes saving lives lady, that is a hero in my book. He tries so hard and shows her so much affection when they are together, but he has the other side to that knows he needs to do the right thing! Oh well, I hope they get back together and she's not cheating because I think this will crush him, if not he needs a break and maybe another good women who understands what he does.

I'm also soooo glad that Gideon didn't shoot himself, to messy. But I don't think they will ever let him back. They will probably just ask Reid how he's doing once and a while.

Still HATE Strauss!!!

But GOOD episode all in all! Can't wait until next weeks's my B-day too:)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see more personal development. Call it soapy or call it dynamic, in the end the show has far more effect for me if we can relate to the characters instead of just watching gore and horror every week. I like to know how it affects them. I like to know what happens when they punch out. Not that the show has to be all about that, but I think the dualism they are incorporating is being done very well. And I personally hope to see lots more of it.

As to Mandy's returning. Eep. I'm torn. On the one hand, I'm not sure I'd ever forgive the method in which he left. From the little information I know, it sounded very irresponsible. I'd be a bit disappointed if they ALLOWED him to come back, if it went the way they said it did.

But I certainly would remain a fan of the show with the same feelings towards it, regardless of what happened with him. I respect all of the other members, both cast and crew, far too much to let the actions of one man drive me away from such an amazing thing that has been created for us. It goes both ways IMO. They have done plenty to earn my respect and devotion for this show. If they decide it's in their best interest to bring Mandy back, so be it. I'll get over it.

Gotta say though, like the show or not, it certainly got uber-amazing reviews last night for popularity!

Anonymous said...

The episode was okay and people need to be more understanding and just wait a few more episodes.

The ratings though were good because people tuned in to see Mandy dead.

Elizabeth said...

OK - I loved this episode. Still think they should have had the bottle to kill Gideon off, but hey - him actually just walking out without a word to anybody, letting them all worry about him, banking on Reid to come and find him - well, it all kind of fits . . .

Haley. Ahh, Haley. No sympathy honey bun. If you are married to a cop, you know what comes with the territory. And I'm speaking from personal experience. And you never, ever, guilt trip your partner before they leave the house. Never let the person you love go out the door while you are having a fight. You never know if they are coming back.

Yes, I noticed Spencer Reid talking about Spencer Reid. Just a couple of lines, but they said so much and it was heartbreaking.

Prentiss has a nice house, doesn't she?

I think this tied up a lot of storylines, while also giving us an interesting crime drama. The opening sequence was truly chilling when you realised what you were actually seeing.

And Garcia was a true star, which made up for her having 1 line last week.

Great stuff, CM team. Well crafted and kudos to whoever chose Reid's car. It was just him.

Anonymous said...

The episode was good. Loved Prentiss coming through for the team. I have a renewed respect for her. Hotch is not having an easy time but Thomas Gibson is doing some incredible acting. Mandy is gone. Oh well. That was no surprise. I have no opinion on whether they should have killed him or let him just leave. I was never a Gideon fan but it was a ratings grab. That's cool. I can dig it. The show is doing well so far. That is what is important.

Anonymous said...

They used the episode to do some housecleaning. Tied up some loose ends, clarified the Reid thing, got the team back together (which finished a lame cliffhanger) and showed Mandy the door. They also slipped in an interesting case. It was a lot of stuff but it was necessary to clean it up and take out the trash so we could start fresh. I am happy that we can move on now.

I thought the actors were particularly great in this episode. Damn they can act their butts off!

Anonymous said...

I really liked this episode because it took care of a few concerns all at the same time. They just ripped the bandaid right off, which I appreciated. Now I think we can get back to the analysis of the bad guys.
I was quite happy to see the Strauss storyline somewhat ended.
In one episode, Prentiss resigned and came back, Hotch requested a transfer and then said he might be back, a case was solved and murderer caught, and Gideon rode off into the sunset.
The housephone, and then Halley's cell phone in her purse, ringing makes me nervous there may be some sort of soap opera like drama coming.

My last thought at the end of the episode was "that was an eloquent ending for Mandy". I'm glad it's all over with, and we can now move on. I think it was especially nice of the writers to write Mandy's character out of the show as they did. Really, they probably could have done whatever they wanted to. They did it with class, which makes me appreciate the writers even more.

Thoughts throughout - Kirsten is such a great actress and I got my Shemar fix for the week :)


and I LLLOVED Reid, soooooooooo freaking hot, I SALIVATED during this whole thing
and I LLLLLOVED his Columbo car, just goes perfectly with the character
and I LLLLOVED what was happening to the team,
and I LLLLOVED Prentiss, so straight and coherent with herself, and faithful to the team
and I LLLOVED Hotch, because he is also human,
and I felt so sorry for him, I will be probably :tomato: by the ladies here, but his wife should understand that he would NEVER be happy with a 9 to 6 job (what is the point having a unhappy husband at home all the time? much better to have a happy one even if you have him less) and be proud of him and let their son to be proud of his dad. Now she is gone but she will be back.
and I am a bit angry about Gideon going to look for his soul, Reid still needed him. And he will never come back.
And last but not least, I even LLLLOVED the old witch. Don't ask me why. I just loved her. She lost her battle. And she is also human, she learned something, I think she will be better in the future.
Well, that's all.
I'm very superficial, I know.
But when I love, I love, I can't really explain why or how, I just love!

Anonymous said...

About Haley. It's bad enough she's having an affair, but the more I think about it -- she's having an affair with a moron.

"My husband works for the FBI. He's a profiler. So if you call the house and he answers the phone, just hang up real quick and call me right back on my cell. I'm sure he won't think there's anything suspicious about that. Oh, yeah, and by the way, he's a champion marksman ..."

Ummmmm ... okay.


Oh, I was so busy "LLLoving" that I almostforgot Garcia (MY Garcia) and Morgan (MY Morgan)
Well, I didn't really forgot them, because I'm talking about them here.
I LLLLLLLLLLOVED them, of course. this is even more superficial.
Our team is the best team in the world!

Anonymous said...

I don't like being tricked and they tricked us into believing Gideon was going to commit suicide and it was all for the ratings. Big business scores again. Now I wonder if the whole big ordeal with Mandy quitting wasn't really just a ratings hoax too. I hated the episode.

Elizabeth said...

Also, did anybody notice that Reid was wearing his PTSD cardigan when he went to the cabin?

He knew he was going to need that comforting cable knitwear.

dearlydead said...

I loved the episode.....

Morgan telling his boss "you're a pain in the ass, yes...."

Garcia answering the phone saying "talk dirty to me."

Hotch and Prentiss standing up to Strauss (she was a pain on "24" too)

There was so much I loved, I just kept thinking "get this Gideon thing out of the way already, and let's get on with it." I have moved on already and the episode would have been fine without him.

So anxious for next week....


P.S. Thank you, Shemar! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that I deleted it too. I liked some of it but not enough of it to want to watch it again.

I was looking forward to this episode. I am so excited about the new season. I really tried to get past the things I didn't like but in the end it just wasn't CM to me.

Reid was great and he is my favorite character but the ending left me feeling cold.

If there plan is to bring him back sometime down the road then why not just be honest about it and I wouldn't like him to come back but I would accept it.

We talked about it in class today and some of my friends like it and some didn't. I think they chickened out and also I think there was too much personal baggage in this one.


Anonymous said...

Come on everyone! It was such an improvement over the season premiere. It was better than that episode by a lot. It will get back into synch.

Anonymous said...

We got a quote and we got to see Reid drive. Strauss, the wench, got her just deserts. Garcia was terrific. Morgan is sooo the man! Best of all we got rid of Hotch's screw of a wife. That isn't bad to an episode. I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Loved it!!!!

Reid driving his old car was like magic time.

And he looks great.

We have the Gube back!!

frogdawn said...

thumbs up from me - I liked it!
We were right Lola - the Gideon commits suicide hints were too obvious! Ha! We knew it! They tried to trick us but we were too smart for 'em - now one day they'll have to suggest something really obvious and then stick to it, just so we don't get cocky . . .

The ending was a lot . . . cheerier? than I expected with Gideon - but no arguments, I'm glad he's ridden off happily into the sunset and we can get on with things - how is Reid going to take it, etc. It was strange to me to hear Gideon calling him "Spencer" at the end over and over - didn't seem quite natural.

The CAR!!! Just the cutest ever! If I didn't already love Reid, I would fall for him just for driving that darling clunky thing. And poor guy, falling asleep waiting for Gideon to come and play chess. Gideon really! The least you could have done was call and say "something's come up, go home and go to bed." And I love how when Reid was talking about kids with disturbed parents over-compensating by trying to be extra perfect - you could just see it was a page right out of his own childhood.

Chandler was great - I love watching kids who can act - blows me away. A little unnerving, this episode - I've helped many a lost child, and I still will, but no following them into dimly lit abandoned corridors . . .

Yay for Prentiss!!! Politics make me sick too. And Morgan for taking the lead, but always remembering who the true leader is. And JJ! She was great too! And Garcia answering the phone all professional the second time was so funny, but I hope she doesn't keep that up for long! And poor Hotch - they do such a good job painting these dilemmas as they are - is Hotch right or wrong to leave his family for his team and is Haley right or wrong to leave or to come back and there are as many ways to see it as there are stars in the sky, and two opposing things can be true at once - like even Strauss, who began with no redeeming features, can at once be an old witch and a woman who simply didn't understand until she stepped on a dead victim's hair. I loved how Hotch responded in that scene - no mockery for her weakness, so gentle and firm at the same time. I love how . . compassionate? (not quite the word, but best I can think of for now) this show can be sometimes, in showing the best and worst of our human-ness. Going all meaning of life - sorry - I quit now!

T-minus 6 days and counting to NEXT EPISODE!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the writer’s must feel like bobblehead dolls or a punching bag. TV is not yet an interactive game and turning around a complete story arc takes some time. I would encourage the writers to avoid knee jerk reactions to commentary, and to just do what they think is right for their characters. At some point the right balance of main plot and character backstory will be found again.

I liked the episode for a lot of reasons. I certainly have a lot to talk about over on the message board. I will be posting over the next few days.

I am okay with the ending. If it leads anyone to believe Mandy is returning, feel free to indulge in that fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Personally I didn't love or hate the episode.

Although I know others have said this but, I think this episode suffered from the same problem as last weeks episode it had to be re-worked quickly.

This one flowed better, but it was still a bit unbalanced, but I can forgive them that because of having to re-write it at the last minute. If I remember right the comment had been made that Gideon had factored big time into the premiere and this was suposed to be the premiere episode, so they had to take out or seriously edit all of the scenes. Not easy to do and still make it work. So that considered they did a good job.

Also, I wonder if this is it for the political plotline...i had thought that would be at least a 2 episode thing, but things seem pretty settled.

In my opinion it was better than last week.

I hold my opinion of this season until we are through all 7 (is that right?) Episodes that had been written and needed to be edited due to MP's leaving.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone needs to lay their heads down on their desks and take some really deep breathes.

The writers have been through hell and back because Mandy left when he did. It is not fair or kind to expect them to be at their best immediately. I think they are obviously trying hard to get it together. I applaud them.

If you are the type of fan who doesn't like back stories then I guess this episode really would not have been interesting for you but the majority of fans have wanted to know more about the profilers for two seasons.

Mandy isn't coming back to the show in my opinion. I don't think they let him ride off into the sunset as a sign that he will be back. I think they just felt this was the appropriate thing to do with the character or maybe as someone else suggested it was a contractual issue.

I personally liked the episode and thought there were really amazing things happening. The Hotchner marriage is probably no over but it does look like an affair to me. Reid is just too simple and sweet for words and Morgan and Garcia were outstanding as always. Prentiss was the hero for me in this episode. She stuck with the team. Great!

I'm excited for next week's episode and I give this episode a B+

Unknown said...

I actually really enjoyed this episode. I think Garcia stood out the best this week. It cracked me up when she answered the phone and it was Strauss calling, and I also liked how she used her lil trickery to get the team back together.

grahamag said...

To Eddie B:

I was good with the "In Birth and Death." I like other crime stories for the stories. For example, Law & Order, I love the who dun it...but I could care less about the characters. It's the opposite for CM...most of the stories eeak me out completely, but I love the people. That's why I watch. Honestly, this is the only show I watch on a regular basis.

Last night was a nice mix, all characters added specific parts to the story. Garcia rocks..."Talk dirty to me" ... priceless. And finally, Emily won me over. I think I had a problem with her because of Reid's conflicts with her...of course not her fault...Reid's withdrawal, PTSD, addiction...whatever...I'm sure you will not leave us hanging too much longer with this story line. Love Reid. Anyway, I finally like Emily.

It's a great group and show will survive without Gideon. Thank you for not letting him leave by his own hand. I preferred driving away. I can only imagine what your writers went through.

I can keep going, but I won't. Thank you for the show, incredible characters and wonderful actors/crew.

Lisa said...

"Oh, yeah, and by the way, he's a champion marksman ..."

Linn, this made me gut laugh:)!!! That is so true, what a moron lol! But I think sometimes Hotch is way smarter when it comes to catching bad guys than he is in his own household. Plus if he did suspect it, he would never want to believe it.

Either way, Haley dosn't know what shes leaving, I certainly would be proud to be married to a man like that!!

Thanks for the laugh:)

Anonymous said...

The BAU depends on all their members working as a team to solve a case and this episode showed them all stepping over the problems and challenges in their personal lives and coming together as a team. I would have loved the episode even if that is all it had but it had so much more.

I did not care before he left and I don't care now what method they choose to use to get rid of Gideon. People are wondering if there is a chance that Mandy can return in the future and the answer is probably that nobody knows. You never close doors in live when you don't have to. One day it might work into a story and they might ask him back or one day he may ask to come back. We may or may not see him again but what does it matter. We have six great actors and another one starting soon.

I'm very happy with how the season has started. I'm sorry though that some of you were so disappointed with this week's episode. I hope you like the one next week better.

Anonymous said...

Ian--beautifully said. Thanks

Anonymous said...

cory said...
Anonymous: Use your name and stop being disrespectful or a moderator will cut you off.

I liked almost everythng about this episode. I did not like that Gideon lived and the reason should be obvious by all the false hope they gave fans of Gideon coming back and the comments about it already posting. It was a good episode but that was a cheap hook to try to get Mandy's fans to keep watching when they know that he isn't coming back. I expected more from Ed and co. That is disappointing. I never thought he would do that to the fans of the show.

It was not Ed okay, it was the Marketing Dept. Ed has no control over what they do.

Amazingly, I checked other forums in the CM world and they all loved the episode.

Anonymous said...


The Marketing Dept of the show would have nothing to say about the content of the show. That is just bonkers.

Also, I belong to most of the major CM sites and there were a lot of people who did not like the show. The difference is that most sites only have 10 people commenting and this one has hundreds.

For the record, I liked the episode. I thought they did a great job. I don't like people posting anywhere on the web that others are not entitled to their opinions. Not all Mandy fans were going to be happy with the episode. It is what it is.

Grow up!

Anonymous said...

i find it surprising that so many people believe there is a possibilty that gideon wil return just because he didnt kill him self
there is more then one way to permanenty write out a character and not all of them include putting him in a body bag

Anonymous said...

what on earth was wrong with this episode!?

the team are clearly on the mend and can function fine without gideon, gideon got a respectful outting and strauss looked like a fool so it looks like most of the political instability will be going

i do feel sorry for hotch though, and i agree with everyone who says him losing his family will mean losing a big part of himself too

and i love reids car! and im really warming to prentiss in this one

...ive only just commented because i live in england and ive only just been able to find a good version of the episode on the internet, VERY frustrating when your tv networks wont show your favorite show :(

Anonymous said...


Hotch says that he had an agent who killed someone in cold blood and naother one that HAD a serious drug problem that he didn't report.

NO. And this is important, because what he really says: "MAY have a serious drug problem." Not "HAD". This alludes to a possible 'bringing back' of Reid's drug problem.

-btw: i just watched this ep.