Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Criminal Minds: Please use this thread for the discussion of Criminal Minds "Scared to Death" starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, Kirsten Vangsness, A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster and remember there will be spoilers in the comments. :)

** The song and quote info for this episode will be posted after the episode airs in a separate post below this one. **

**This episode was dedicated to Mark Kamps who passed away on August 24, 2007 **


Anonymous said...

I'm pumped to see this episode. Our amazing 6 in action. Just a few more hours.

Anonymous said...

I am anxious to see this episode to see the team's reaction to Gideon leaving.

Hizz10n said...

i can't wait to see it! this is torture!
i wanna see how Reid reacts to gideon leaving... and i wanna see what happened in that elevator!

ohiocoolgirl said...

I hope the elevator scene isn't too much of a tease. Morgan and Reid look freaked.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! JJ introduced Reid as Dr. Reid, wondered if someone else would do that.

Anonymous said...

I loved the opening scene. Poor Reid reading the letter and Garcia trying to figure out what to do with Gideon's things.

Wow. Strauss asking Hotch for help in picking a replacement. FINALLY he has her respect. And poor Hotch holding his son's fingerprints.

So far it is great!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Half way through and I love it. They dealt with Gideon leaving without dwelling on it and went straight to the case which is awesome. It's the reason I love this show.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the writers for this episode! Clean, crisp, back to the format I love. Spooky case. Great acting. Great night for the show. Yeah.

I wanted to cry when Reid was reading Gideon's letter. Poor dear Reid.

Anonymous said...

I was laughing at the elevator scene, mostly becuase Morgan freaked! Wouldnt have expected that from him!

Anonymous said...

If I ever need therapy, I am going to pass! I don't want to end up in a box. Awesome case. Love love love it.

Anonymous said...

Prentiss is my hero. I love her. The way she comforted Reid and told him to read Gideon's letter again. "Ask yourself why you were the only one he wrote to explain himself to" and the way she spoke to him about forgetting the 10 years he had with his own dad before he left. Pointing out that he only remembers that his dad left. Telling Reid to read it again was pure gold. Reid is book smart but Prentiss nailed it with such compassion and love. Exc!

Anonymous said...

Garcia teasing Morgan about the elevator is my favorite part. So Garciaish.

Anonymous said...

I loved that scene with Prentiss and Reid to. Brings out a new side in her we have never scene before. Wonder if Reid still has the letter his dad wrote him, and what it says.

Anonymous said...

This perv was one sick b-tard. Great case. I loved this episode. His flashbacks to his own mother and the abuse he suffered did nothing to make me want to not drown him.

Garcia calling Morgan a coward made me laugh to tears. Too funny.

Prentiss and Reid were perfect talking about Gideon.

The whole episode is great.

Anonymous said...

whose mark kemps?

Anonymous said...

Morgan..."We're going to be just fine without Gideon".

Damn straight because this episode had it all. Well done. The writing was perfect. I would not change one thing from this episode.

It acknowledged Hotch's wife leaving and Gideon going but the case was center stage.


Anonymous said...


The show hit the zone tonight. I am so proud of all the actors and the writers. I could just burst with pride for them. They are quite simply the best.

The writing in this episode was pefection.

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT EPISODE!!! Honestly probably one of my all time favorites. Poor Reid, he thought he was at the beginning stages of schizophrenia when he heard the voice that ended up being Penelope. I wanted to reach through the screen and LOVE on him. Then Morgan and him in the elevator, I mean could the acting have possibly been any better, any more on the nose? I was almost waiting for Reid's pants to be wet though honestly. LOL. I'm not overly thrilled with Emily and JJ basically being naked lately at work. This week it was Emily but last week it was JJ. It isn't professional at all. And why did they get the wife to look just like EMily and even wear like clothing colors? I wasn't a huge fan of the Unsub in this episode I don't think he did a great job, but the cop more than made up for it, he did a really stellar job. Matthew's hair looks awful lately, whats that about?


Anonymous said...

Great episode. Morgan in the elevator and Garcia ribbing him was cool.

Anonymous said...

The case was scary and sick. Drowning and being in a box. Horrible. Scary to think this happens in real life. Loved the episode. Reid was so Reidish and Morgan in the elev. was worth the price of the ticket. A+++++

Anonymous said...

Prentiss gets the award for tonight. And wow the gang acted their asses off in this one. It was great.

I loved seeing Strauss back in her place.

She said Gideon would not be back and I believe her.

Hotch is really torn up about his wife and son being gone. Broke my heart.

Anonymous said...

It is impossible in my mind to understand how anyone could not love this episode. It was brilliant and I bow to them for getting the show back on track and in such a big way.

CM made the top 10 today like you posted and with episodes like this one it will stay there all season.

Thank you Ed! You turned it all around and it is better than ever.

Hizz10n said...

i loved it, i would not change a thing...FINALLY someone asked Reid if he was ok, and Haley leaving was adressed, but not in a big was great!
Reid: i'll get back to you on that<3 priceless!

Anonymous said...

This episode was great! There were some great interations with Reid and Prentiss and Morgan and Hotch. I also loved the elevator scene with Hotch and Reid.
Reid looked lost at the beginning w/o Gideon, and Garcia looked like she was going to cry almost when she was emptying his office.
This was definelty a heart racing episode!

Anonymous said...

This was one really evil unsub, so much planning and detail as well as faking his whole life for a year at home. This was a good ep and I was waiting for Hotch and Reid to deal with their issues. Totally amazed Hotch told Morgan about his wife. You go Hotch!


Anonymous said...

One of my all time favorite episodes. The cast was so good. They have always been good but they were so on track tonight. Maybe Mandy was dragging them down because they were sharp as tacks tonight.

This episode balanced itself out and the case was the focus and the Gideon stuff was respectfully and quickly placed in.

Our writers deserve immediate pay raises.

Paget: I will never even think the word Morticia again. You rock babe.

dearlydead said...

Morgan and Reid on the elevator were cute. Last scene (on the plane) was sad. Didn't miss Gideon at all. Can't that annoying Strauss woman go back to "24?"

It occurred to me watching tonight, as much as I love Morgan, that the one cast member who could never be replaced is Hotch. The consumate FBI agent, and the glue that pulls it all together.
P.S. Thank you, Shemar! ;)

Anonymous said...

Bamm. Perfect. I am so happy.

Anonymous said...

Someone else commented that we are back on track and I agree. We are in such good shape.

I was hoping the psycho would choke on those mashed potatoes. Sick sucker. I was so scared that Missy would die. That they would not get there in time.

Strauss said Gideon isn't coming back and you are right that Morgan said they don't need him. Mandy is gone and unbelievably I did not miss him at all.

Great episode.

slashgirl said...

I loved this ep...but I hate the writers...

Cus I'm actually started to like Prentiss. *sigh*

Creepy, creepy unsub. I will never do behavioural therapy. kthx.

They actually dealt with Gideon's leaving--cleaning out his office, etc. Hotch is in his office, looking at a picture (not sure what it was, will have to check the caps) and Strauss comes in--says Gideon's resignation is official. Hotch asks if he'll be guest lecturing; strauss says no. Talk about getting his replacement and that she'll include him in the process.

JJ gets him for the briefing; she starts, he says he'll do it. He basically says he's known Gideon for years, has no idea why Gideon did this and that Gideon isn't here but they are...short and sweet.

Reid and Morgan in the elevator--Reid's freaking telling Morgan not to do stuff, like press all the buttons--Morgan is teasing him, until the elevator one point he's like "No, not today". And Reid with the stats...hee. Poor boys. When they get off the elevator, Hotch asks if they're okay; Reid: I'll get back to you on that.

Hotch was on edge tonight; twice he got them to review everything. He was definitely off...lost his wife and his other wife, poor man.

The scene with Prentiss and Reid was great. She talks to him about Gideon's letter and he says that Gideon explained everything in his letter, just like his dad did when he left. Prentiss tells him he needs to re=read the letter; he syas he's got an eidetic memory--she points out that the only thing he remembers about dad is dad leaving. That Gideon wrote him that letter for a reason (ie wrote it to Reid) and he needs to re-read it.

Nice Garcia Morgan moment tonight, she teases him about being afraid on the elevator. *g*

They manage to save the last victim; after the unsub jumps off the roof. He says to Hotch that a LEO's greatest fear is that they can't save everyone.

At the very end on the plane, Morgan says he noticed Hotch acting differently, working when he normally wouldn't be on the plane (also says that they're doing fine w/out gideon). He asks Hotch what's wrong, Hotch says I thought we agreed not to profile each other. Morgan pushes, gently, and the look on Hotch's face...he considers it and tells Morgan that Haley left and he doesn't know if she's coming back. Oh, my poor, poor Hotch. I know it hurts right now, but you're better off without her. Do NOT take her back, just divorce her. Please? Hotch so needed a hug. *G*

A few H/R moments, nothing outstanding. *sigh* I was hoping he'd talk to Reid about Gideon...

Anonymous said...


"There are 6 elevator related deaths per year." This is my favorite scene so far this year.

I loved how Hotch took control at the beginning and spoke to the team in the BAU office. It was like Thomas was talking to us, the fans and trying to explain why Mandy left. I liked that.

Did anyone else LOVE the scene where Garcia is speaking to Reid on the plane...."Hey you, down here....Good thing you're a handsome doctor"! THAT WAS SO GREAT, HAHAHAHAHAA! (I think Dr. Reid was having a Revelations moment, with the computer camera and such.)

I didn't really like the actor who played the psycho psychiatrist. He kinda bugged me.

Also, with that hole in the basement, it's gonna take WAY MORE dirt than what he had to fill it up with the lady in there. LOL!

The episode was ok, I think they're trying to get back into smooth running mode after having Mandy leaving. I think they can do the show perfectly fine without Mandy or anyone else coming in, but it seems like everyone is trying to get back to normal?

I wasn't expecting them to bring up Reid's father leaving in this episode. I just thought maybe they'd talk about Gideon leaving the effect it had on Reid because he got the letter. That was an excellent scene with Reid and Prentiss. You just wanna hug Reid and never let go!

Why is Straus being so nice to Hotch all of a sudden?

Anonymous said...

Perfect episode. Tight. Exc. writing, great acting and it just flew by in minutes like all great episodes do.

Anonymous said...

slash...i agree, i'm liking prentiss more and more. i really did not like her last season.

Phoenix said...

I think the writers hit it out of the park on this one. They handled every aspect (alot of issues to deal with) perfectly. The episode moved quickly and they covered a lot of ground...never a dull moment. Well balanced and well done.
That's not to de-value the excellent job the actors did too! You just need a good story first.

Anonymous said...

Loved it. The freak was perfectly freaky. The elevator scene with Morgan was one for the books. Cracked me up. Reid feeling abandoned was to be expected but they moved past it quickly and I was glad about that. It wasn't a soap opera. This was a show about profilers. Great job Ed and team!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Hotch was in his own office looking at a picture of Jack's handprint. Please check caps cause now I'm gonna obsess over it.


Anonymous said...

The word tonight was balance. This episode had the balance so many of us count on. A+ episode.

Anonymous said...

I freaked out a little bit- Morgan.

Morgan you freaked a lot a bit and it was hilarious.

Very nicely done episode. Lets hope they are all this good.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you have 6 motivated, talented actors and great writers. When Garcia asked what to do with Gideon's things I answered her by telling her on the tv to ditch them. lol.

Anonymous said...

I loved it. I really was nervous because I did not like the one last week but this was so great.

Anonymous said...

Hotch trying to talk him out of killing himself and having the looney tell him that he thought Hotch's greatest fear was that he could not save everybody. I would have taken that at face value but Hotch took that as a clue. He is such a smart character.

Anonymous said...

I am really mulling over the person who made the comment that maybe Mandy was holding them back. I'm not a Patinkin fan and never have been so he was not my draw to the show, maybe he was holding them back.

Oh and please please short sleeve dress shirts for Reid anymore.


Anonymous said...

wow! that episode was awesome!!!! the elevator thing was scary, but hilarious at the same time!, I think that reid's family issues will come up more this season. According to reid his father sent him a letter as to why he had left, and to go through it all again with gideon must have been pretty painful for him!, I Cna't wait to see what happens next week!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised but pleased that Hotch opened up to Morgan about Hailey leaving him. I didn't think he would share that with him. I could have seen him telling Gideon but not anyone else on the team. It was a nice touch.

The show has lots going for it. It had a strong case and just the right amount of sentiment. Not sappy but not brushing it all under the rug.

Bravo to our cast and crew. You did great.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say about it is: Take that and smoke it Private Practice and Bionic Woman. CM rules the hour! Damn good job!

Anonymous said...

This one was pretty boring. I'm sick of the brooding men and their issues.

Anonymous said...

What a great episode and coming after the great news that CM made the top 10 in Nielsen families! YAY!

I felt so bad for Hotch, looking at Jack's handprints and then putting them aside when Strauss came into his office--and what a surprise she was! She actually seemed nice tonight. Boy, being in the field last week certainly put her in her place!

Morgan and Hotch at the end, when Morgan was asking Hotch what was wrong and I thought Hotch was going to cry when he said that Hayley had left. Poor Hotch.

The elevator scene with Morgan and Reid was great! Morgan is always so cool and it is good to see him freak out from time to time and I loved Garcia teasing him about it!!

Emily was so sweet with Reid. I thought for a minute that he was going to blow her off like he did last season, but he actually seemed to take her words to heart. They were so insightful.

Garcia's new office is so spacious, it will be great to see her really get down to work on those computers!

This was a super creepy episode--the unsub was just too much, and I am so glad they saved the last victim. Whew!

You know an episode is great when the hour flies by, and this one was a great one!

ohiocoolgirl said...

Surprised no PTSD for Reid finding someone buried alive, considering it almost happened to him in that cemetary. Wonder if he'll have any meltdowns this season.

Hugh said...

I've been a fan, but not a fanatic. I will miss Gideon, he added a character dimension that's hasn't been completely filled. But, a great episode with a good balance of suspense.

Anonymous said...

Terrific episode. My favorite parts were Prentiss and Reid with the letter and the elevator and Garcia jerking around with Morgan about it.

Loved it. Can't wait for more next week.

Anonymous said...

What a great day to be a fan of Criminal Minds. First we find out the show made the Nielsen's top ten and then a top ten episode tonight. A very good day to be a fan!

Anonymous said...

Was it just me or was it not nice to have the bandaid finally off with Gideon so we could move forward and heal? I have to admit that towards the end of the episode I was over Gideon completely. Sorry he left but the rest of the cast more than picked up the slack. They carried it home and they are to commended and adored. Very well written episode.

Anonymous said...

What a great team this group is. They found away to comfort each other about Gideon leaving, work together to solve the case, laugh with each other and share their problems. All in one hour and all so perfectly.

A+ from me too!

Anonymous said...

The creep's wife looked so much like Prentiss that I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't losing my mind. I really liked it tonight.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon but the only way you could not have at least liked this episode is if you were trying to dislike it. I don't mean to be rude but this one was right on the tracks and had everything we said that we wanted. Nice straight lines and perfect acting and writing. I am going to have to disagree with you but whatever!

Phoenix said...

I agree Janice. They've mourned the loss, realized they can go on and stand on their own feet. Give Gideon the respect he deserves. He added a lot to the team, but, as in real life, people come and go and the job still gets done.

That's why you hire more than one person who is good at their job... which is obviously what they did when they hired the writers and actors for CM! The job is still getting done and gettting done very well, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Garcia cracks me up and she had ammo on Morgan tonight. So much fun watching her taunt him. I love their give and take. They are great.

Hotch's wife leaving is sad but him lookin at his son's finger art was so sad. I wanted to hug him. I wanted to hug poor Reid. He really needs to deal with his abandonment issues. Gideon didn't help with that but at least he did write the letter to Spencer. Bless the person who hired Paget Brewster because Emily Prentiss has grown on me like moss on a tree.

Anonymous said...

Can we all decide to make this the season premiere because it truly did rock. This was CM at it's best.

Raphael0877 said...

This episode had everything I watch CM for; and I love Emily more each episode. She talked to Reid the way no other person on the team could (would?) and didn't buy it when he tried to pull the "I'm OK, really" crap. And yet she was gentle and caring. Yes.

I almost died when I heard Hotch call Reid when they were trying to get the last victim out of the dirt. All I could think of was, oh no, please don't make him dig. He did help by pulling her arm - probably was as close to the dirt as he wanted to get.

And the scene in the elevator was just the best in a very long time. Great actors, great writers!! Great show!!

Anonymous said...

Kick ass great script.

Anonymous said...

Wham Bam, Thank you Ed and all!

You renewed my faith that the show is just going to keep getting better and better.

Congrats on a job well done. You blew off the roof tonight!

Anonymous said...

Too much in this episode that was great to name tonight. I am off to bed but I will be rewatching this beauty tomorrow. Just awesome.

Hizz10n said...

chloe said:
Bless the person who hired Paget Brewster because Emily Prentiss has grown on me like moss on a tree.

haha, that's great...i totally agree!

she was so sweet to Reid tonight!

Anonymous said...

I loved the episode and I must admit that I seemed to find many hidden meanings in the episode.

Hotch saying he has known Gideon for years and having no idea why he left- Gibson knowing Patinkin for years and not understanding what happened.

B-ch Lady saying Gideon is gone forever and not coming back even to lecture but we thank him for his service - The world knowing that Mandy isn't coming back but that he contributed for two years and it is appreciated.

Morgan saying they are fine without Gideon- Shemar telling the fans that it really is alright.

Maybe I am just reading double meanings that don't exist but I think these were the "Cookies" that Ed spoke of that he puts in for devoted fans.

I hope that I am right because I think it is classy and speaks very well of Ed and all.

Anonymous said...

Michael O'Keefe was a very convincing wacka a doodle. The case was enough to make you never want to ever even meet a Psychologist let alone go to one for help. Really great episode. I loved it all. Can't wait for next Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I think Prentiss does a great job of reading Reid and she really seems to get through to him. I think it is a case of been there and done that. Didn't her father also leave, or do we know that yet?

Loved the reconfiguring of the unit tonight. Big Daddy left the unit and everyone sort of shifted positions. I liked that.

Anonymous said...

This was a pretty good episode. The family is starting to rebuild, which is a good thing.

The conversation with Prentiss and Reid was a highlight. Reid was having a pity party, and she jolted him out of it. Hopefully he will analyze the letter just as he would any other letter, as a linguist-profiler.

The elevator scene was telling, as we learned Morgan was not made of iron. I believe Reid pointing out Morgan’s fear was the first time that Reid initiated teasing of someone else. He takes it all the time, but never initiates it.

Morgan is starting to have more influence as a senior team member, which is good. JJ has become more of a profiler, and less of a spokesperson. I wonder if this is the trend? Garcia was a bit subdued. I like the fun Garcia.

I liked the case, but the unsub seemed flat. It is possible that a disturbed person would act that way but he did not draw me in.

It was a little incongruous that Gideon’s letter was so full of angst but he then retires officially from the Bureau? I know he needs the retirement check but…

Anonymous said...

Great episode. So much to appreciate. I think everyone assumed that Hotch's stress was causd by Gideon's leaving and his opening up to Morgan in the last scene about Haley was a nice touch. I think it kicked their relationship up a notch.

Morgan knows how much Hotch loves his son Jack and what it feels like to grow up without a father. Actually, did any of them grow up with a father figure around? Garcia had a step-father but no mention of her father, Reid's bailed on him, Hotch's either abused him or it was his step-father, Morgan's was gone too. Definately some daddy issues with this bunch.

Anonymous said...

Sherlockette, I have to agree with you that the unsub seemed flat but I am assuming that is how someone which his type of mental illness would behave. I hope I never meet one up close enough to tell you for sure.

Prentiss and Reid were remarkable tonight. She was sooo reading his mind and making him look outside of his own sorrow and self pity. Reid still has so much to learn about his own emotional identity and challenges.

Garcia is pure sunshine. Her relationship with Morgan and the close friendship they have with each other is a thing to behold. It is a pleasure.

This episode was an example of why I watch this show and love this show. It was really great.

Thomas Gibson is one of the most talented actors on tv today. I have never been a real big fan of his but he has really sold me on his ability over the last few episodes.

Anonymous said...

Great episode.

Anonymous said...

I love how they just work so diligently and passionately on a case even when they have such bad personal problems and I am still convinced that there is some PTSD floating around rampant in this bunch. Some how they still get the job done, laugh and take care of each other. Beautiful epi.

Anonymous said...

Gold stars for this one. Loved it. It creeped my whole family out. We want to adopt Reid and help him. :(

Anonymous said...

There was lots of relationship building and bonding in this one but it did not take away from the case. I was relieved about it.

Hotchner and Morgan took their trust level to a new level.

Prentiss and Reid definately connected.

Garcia and Morgan added more cement to their already tight friendship.

There is still emotional problems to be solved but tonight it did not over take the case. Congrats to the writers because they did a great job on this script.

Anonymous said...

Reid's issues with fatherly abandonment did seem to hit home with Prentiss and I can't remember what we have been told about her father.

Help! Remind me someone.

Awesome episode.

Anonymous said...

My friends and I watched together in the quad and we loved it. My only fear is that I am going to hear that shrew of a mother in my dreams tonight. She was enough to drive anyone crazy. Don't the experts say that most psychopaths had abusive childhoods?

Great episode but I hope I can sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

One of the best Criminal Minds episode to date. Congrats to all of them and yeah for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Reid needs some psychiatric care but after tonight's episode I am thinking maybe some chicken soup and a self help book might be better for him. I am glad that Prentiss is keeping an eye on him and being supportive. Prentiss is the biggest surprise of all. When did it happen that I started liking her character so much? It seems to have creeped up on me without my knowing.

Anonymous said...

They meshed it all in perfectly. Loved the episode.

Anonymous said...

Loved it. I missed the part where Hotch did not want to get in the elevator. My boyfriend came home from class full of noise. Is he afraid of small spaces or elevators? What did I miss?

HELP before I have to kill him.

Anonymous said...

A plus episode. I was sure Missy was going to be dead because they would be too late to catch him. I am assuming he had some type of mental nudge over the edge when his mother died but I don't understand that because she was abusive. Shouldn't he have felt positive release when she died?

Shemar Moore delivered the most important line in the episode...We are going to be alright without Gideon. That is sad for me but I am glad that I kept watching because I would have hated to have missed this one. It was a winner.

Anonymous said...

Kirsten, you are bliss! Garcia was so great tonight. The way she stepped up and kept smiling and laughing. What a great character.

Kirsten said...

Awesome ep.

Reid and Morgan in the elevator was one of the funniest scenes in the whole series. Morgan freaking out was priceless. Reid freaking out was funny too, but I always expected him to be a fraidy cat. I still am obsessively in love with him though.

I didn't miss Gideon, either. I like Mandy, but he was never the reason I actually watched the show. I love crime shows, that was my motivation to watch. But this episode proves we don't need him, the writers and cast are that great.

It was also sad to see Hotch looking at Jack's handprint picture ( I have a similar one done by my oldest girl). I honestly thought he wouldn't open up to any of the team. But seeing him trust Morgan with that info is a big thing for me, because it means he really does trust the whole team.

I am totally loving Prentiss right now. I never thought I would, but what she said to Reid was spot on. Genius or not, the boy can be quite emotionally immature, and there was a reason he was singled out by Gideon. Prentiss probably already knows why, but is leaving it to teach our boy how to recognize the actual feeling he feels.

Some really nice work by JJ, although she wasn't a focus, and Garcia was as hilarious as always ( standing there, holding Gideon's stuff, looking as if she wanted to throw it out the window because she was stuck with cleanup).

A nearly perfect episode, and the best one of season three so far.

I am loving this way too much right now!


The Healthy Plate said...

This episode rocked! Finally, Criminal Minds has its groove back. The last two episodes just weren't cuttin' it. Loved the story, the acting, the writing! The eerie scenes with the psychologist were genius. Seriously, the writing was absolutely genius! Loved how they didn't dwell on Gideon's absence and just got back to work. Great job guys!

Anonymous said...

Gideon took only the photos of the victims they saved. "His Family". Okay that was sad but you are right Kirsten that Garcia looked like she wanted to just throw the box overboard.

Reid holding Gideon's letter almost made me cry. I felt so bad for Reid. How much rejection can one young man take from his "fathers" before he cracks? Poor Reid has had a hard year. Kidnapped, drugged, almost killed a bunch of times and now rejection. Come on Ed! Give poor Reid a break. lol.

Anonymous said...

Great episode they gave you for your birthday Jill! I'll call you this weekend.

I loved it. I thought the elevator scene was priceless. Garcia teasing Morgan about it was very cool.

Anonymous said...

I think the writers did a really great job of closing the book on Gideon. I also think they have changed the format this season. Now we know who the unsub is in the beginning of the episode instead of guessing. I wonder if this change is permanent or just something that they are trying. I don't dislike it or like it. Just different. There is the advantage in knowing in the beginning. You do get to watch them more and get a feel for the depth of there depravity but you lose the surprise of knowing exactly who it is until later in the episode. I am not complaining. Tonight was great. Whatever they want to do works for me as long as it ends up being as great as this episode.

Anonymous said...

Very good episode. B+. Not enough JJ but I always say that. It was good.

Anonymous said...

I hope they are partying their behinds off tonight in L.A. Top 10 show last week and now this gem hits the air. They are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Paget deserves a medal. She turned a fandom around in one season. Prentiss is loved now but I remember awhile back when that wasn't the case. I loved Prentiss tonight with Reid. He may be book smarter than her but she is world smarter than him. She was firm but compassionate with him. It was great to see.

Anonymous said...

I loved last week's episode but this one put that one to shame. This episode was perfect. I did not see one continuity problem. It flowed great from start to finish. No choppyness. Perfect acting and writing. A great story. A dignified acknowledgement that Gideon is gone and we are all still here and going to be fine. Gripping story and moments of joy, laughter and sadness all presented without losing that story as the point of the episode.

Beautiful writing job. I know this will sound geeky and I am sorry for that but the lighting tonight was very good. I actually noticed it. I told you all a long time ago I am geeky but I did notice it so I figured I would say something about it.

Anonymous said...

I have to say Prentiss really suprised me tonight. She really has grown on me. I love the interaction between her and Reid this episode. I'm also seeing Hotch in a completely new light to. Oh and do I even need to mention the greatness of the Morgan and Reid elevator scene. They were both perfect in that scene. Reid giving off his statistics and Morgan fooling around. Priceless. Love this episode all around.

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode!!!! They did a nice job of acknowledging Gideon's absence but moved on with a riveting case. Loved the elevator scene where Reid and Morgan end up calling out to Hotch for help.
Glad to see that Prentiss doesn't hold a grudge and still wants to reach out to a hurting but in denial Reid. Good to see Hotch opening up to Morgan.
So it's wonderful that the team needs Gideon as much as Reid needs to go on a diet! :) Gideon who?

Anonymous said...

Who was the person this episode was in memory of? The show was very good!

Criminal Minds Fan said...


Anonymous said...

Where was that in the episode? I must have missed it. I thought the episode was great. Lets switch from rabid dogs to elevators forever. They are much funnier.

Anonymous said...

The opening and closing scenes were my favorites. The majority of the personal info happened there and it was just the right amounts.

The elevator scene was precious. I roared.

The case was major spook city. They trusted the "Dr." and got killed. How horrible.

Great epi. More of these please.

Anonymous said...

Now the show is cooking with gas. I was in the minority for the past few weeks because I did not like the last two episodes but this one was firing on all of it's cylinders. Loved it.

Garcia wanting to know what to do with Gideon's belongings and Reid holding the letter from Gideon were great ways to start the episode. Hotch was obviously off his game tonight but you should be if your spouse has just left you. The case was really pretty interesting although I wish I understood his mental condition better. Prentiss proved she is a team player and an angel by counseling Reid. Elevator will always be remembered by just saying the word. Everyone will remember that scene always. Great night. Really great.

Anonymous said...

Great episode.

Anonymous said...

This episode could be the poster for why everyone should watch this show. It had everything and it really held my attention.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what was going through Hotch's head when he was holding his son't artwork. How sad but I think they will get back together. I bet she is preggers.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the episode but I don't like knowing who the unsub is in the beginning of the episode. I know they need to tinker around and try new things but I hope it goes back to the way it was. If it is not broken then don't fix it.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was an excellent episode. Remember there will be SPOILERS HERE so be warned.

First of all the whole team referred to Gideon in some way but quickly moved past it. He was a recurring (although infrequent) reference throughout the show that I believe worked to each character's personality, from Hotch's I have no idea, to Prentiss' fab moment with Reid regarding the letter -- makes me like her even more and I never truly disliked her especially since they've made it clear she's not going to be trouble.

There was definitely a nod to all the viewers when the boss (don't know her name) said to Hotch's question of 'will he guest lecture? [Gideon} and she emphatically said, No, his years of service are appreciated...

Yep, Gideon shall not be back, and that's all right. They gave him a right good send off, also since it seems fairly true to live as KV said, he's off to follow his bliss.....

As for some scenes, I did think it a bit empty at the beginning when we got a review of the case file twice in about five, writer's block? filler scene from last minute (actor's departure) a bit jarring but quickly forgotten.

The Hotch/Morgan scene at the end was great. I'd love to see a deepening (as so far has been happening) of this colleague/friend dynamic.

Reid and Morgan in the elevator was a nice bit of levity for the show as well as a deepening of frienship, showing Reid as playful, Morgan as vulnerable and tipped them as well to some clues.

ALl in all I liked it.

One complaint (sorry all) ummm much as I was glad the woman at the end survived, a bit unbelievable, I mean what was she breathing for all that time?

Either way, it's a strong three eps so far this season (even though Doubt was really last season, the rewrites were good)


Elizabeth Bear said...

Not in my all-time top ten (I go for the ones with the unwinnable ethical dilemmas, I'm afraid, like "Riding the Lightning" and "Sex, Birth, Death") but a nice solid ep. And, you know, completely dangerous on the Criminal Minds drinking game front, even though I was only using tap water.

Prentiss continues to become one of my favorite characters, but you know, I've realized that there's not a single regular cast character on this show that I don't love. It's really nice to see a TV show that presents smart, capable women who aren't stereotypes. That Emily can be kind of a nerd and still tough and cool and compassionate makes me very happy. And is it just me, or were there some broad backstory hints about her this ep?

(I also love that CM will cheerfully spend a season and a half setting up a backstory reveal. Go team! It makes it feel organic.)

Scary flat affect unsub, with his bottled up rage. I found it curious that he went after men as well as women: he's not punishing his abusive mother. He's punishing himself.

His dissociation was, I thought, well-handled. He can do these terrible things because he's so far out of himself and out of touch with everyone around him that it's like he's watching them through glass.

Also, the scene with his daughter was amazing. I love it when the show constructs parallels between team members and other characters--and in this one we had all these echos back and forth, including the CotW taking on Gideon's role and channeling the victim. (Hello, that was not any Boston accent this New Englander recognizes. Sounded like standard TV midwestern to me. Is the actor from Boston? If so, he's mostly gotten it out of his voice.)

I also had the "OMG he thinks he's having an auditory hallucination!" moment with the Garcia thing. Don't know if it was intentional, but in any case, it was a nice reminder of Reid's mental tightrope, and how constantly aware of it he is.

I actually feel like the show does better when it's not bothering with the whodunnit aspect ("Ashes and Dust" is another favorite episode for me, and we know all through that one that the red herring is a red herring.), simply because what I watch the show for is not the mystery, but the character development, the ethical dilemmas, andthe smart, right-on-pyschology. And it's hard to cram all that and a convincing whodunnit into 42.5 minutes.

I have to disagree with Lee: Reid's abysmal fashion sense suits the character, and I'd hate to see him undorkify. (Clean hair is a nice change, though!)

Man, the BAU definitely put the casual in business casual, though. Morgan, Prentiss, and JJ looked like they wandered in off the beach this ep. Morgan, at least cover up the ink on the job. We love you with your shirt off, but it looks unprofessional at work.

Okay, that's enough shallowness.

This is the second week in a row where the victim has missed an obvious solution to the problem (Last week, the pregnant victim was left alone in a KITCHEN, for crying out loud. HIT HIM WITH THE CHAIR, LADY.) and it's a change I'm not sure I like, CM has always been cheerfully, sort of grimly feminist, with its scrappy self-reliant victims, and I'd hate to see it start relying on women to be dumb to move the plot.

Points for consistent character development, and Morgan starting to learn how to talk to people without making it worse. Nice to see everybody making these fragile groping gestures out of their "I am a rock; I am an island" defensive postures. It might just keep them sane....

Also, congrats, if that's the right word, to the writers, directors, producers, editors, cast, and crew for their nomination by humanitarian organization Human Rights First as one of five prime-time dramas that "realistically depict torture."

Um, yeah. Considering that Revelations gave me PTSD flashbacks (with the end result that I sit people I know down and make them watch it, on the grounds that this one gets it right), I'd say they deserve the recognition. So kudos for not glamorizing something horrible, and yay for a little respect for the hard work.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode. kudo's to the writer's the elevator scene was priceless it will be one of my all time favorite moments.

Anonymous said...

I liked the episode but I am not liking knowing who is the unsub in the beginning. I really did like last night's episode though.

Garcia and Morgan could make the Pope laugh.

respectanimals said...

I thought this was a very good episode and it’s very nice to see the show get back on track. The storyline of the case was sufficiently sadistic and creepy and it flowed throughout the episode very well.

Gideon’s departure was also handled very well. I really liked that it was Garcia that seemed to be cleaning out his office and it was very sad watching Reid looking over the letter from Gideon again, even though he of course had it memorized after reading it the first time. It was also heartbreaking to watch the pain Hotch was going through while looking at his son’s handprints. Strauss was actually likeable in this episode. She was respectful to Gideon, but final about his not coming back and she even asked for Hotch’s input on Gideon’s replacement. Maybe she’ll stop looking at Hotch as a threat to her career now and even start supporting him someday.

I really liked the fact that even though Gideon’s leaving and Hotch’s family problems popped up throughout the episode, the show’s main focus was back on catching the bad guy.

I LOVED Emily’s hair! It softens her up a lot. I also liked the fact that they had Reid grow his hair back out. That’s the Reid that I originally got to know and the hair style that I personally prefer on him. Somebody mentioned previously that Emily’s attire was not professional. I didn’t have any problems with it myself. In one scene I noticed she wore a business jacket over the shirt, so the outfit as a whole was on the professional side. I believe they did this with Elle at certain times too. One of the things I didn’t like about Emily originally was because she was like a female version of Hotch, who of course dresses like your stereotypical FBI guy. I like Emily a lot more now that they are loosening her up a little. Geeky is fine, cold and stiff aren't.

I have to admit that I completely missed the Reid schizophrenia moment on the plane with Garcia's phone call. That one went right over my head. Now that y'all bring it to my attention though, it makes more sense.

My absolute favorite scene was the elevator. That was hilarious! And I loved it when in a panic Morgan and Reid started yelling out for Hotch to save them and then when the finally get off the elevator, Hotch plays the straight man, not having a clue as to what just happened to them. LOL! It was also fun to watch the teasing Reid and Garcia later gave Morgan about his behavior in the elevator. Mr. tough guy panics. LOL!

My next favorite scene was the conversation between Reid and Emily about Gideon’s letter. It will be interesting to see how Gideon’s departure not only affects Reid’s feelings for Gideon, but also how he deals with his abandonment issues that still remain unresolved with regard to his father.

I was a little confused about the guy’s dog and the cage, but I guess it wasn’t really important.

I had to play the scene where Garcia actually comes up with the unsubs name a couple of times over to actually understand how she did it, but maybe I just wasn’t paying close enough attention the first time through. It just seemed slightly unbelievable to me that it was quite that quick and easy. However, it’s television, and it flowed with the story, so it didn’t really bother me.

The final scene on the airplane was good, especially when Hotch tells Morgan about Haley. Although I did have a few doubts as to whether Hotch would really choose Morgan to confide in about his personal problems. The only negative thing I felt really about the entire episode was that I thought Morgan’s line about them doing just fine without Gideon was a little hokey, but it did get the message across that the show will do just fine without Mandy's participation.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a really great start for the show and for having to deal with the Gideon is gone stuff. I like that they almost led with it and they brought it back up later but it did not take over the story. I loved that Prentiss reached out to Reid. He has been a bit jerky to her sometimes and I was glad that she did not use that as an excuse to not reach out. Bless poor Reid. He is one more anything away from a rubber room.

Anonymous said...

Morgan can tackle a van, break down doors and just about anything else that requires major physical strength and he is a brilliant profiler so it was nice to see him a "baby meltdown" on the elevator. I like how they are evolving the characters already this season.

I like knowing who the unsub is so early because it gives me a chance to really watch them and try to figure out the whats and why fors. In this case his mom even scared me.

Very good episode. Way to make a day Ed & All!

Anonymous said...

All in all I liked the episode. There were a few things that I wasn't so fond of but nothing that major. I wasn't thrilled with there being so many flashbacks and victims that did not seem to really fight back but I can go with that for an episode.

I really liked the ending. Thomas Gibson did an outstanding job (that is no surprise) and I liked that Morgan was the person he took into his confidence to talk about his wife leaving. Of course Morgan did sort of shame him out of the info by inferring it was Hotch missing Gideon but still Hotch opening up to anyone other than Gideon is huge. Hotch is learning that things aren't always by the book and so clearly black and white. He is learning about gray and that is nice character development.

Was JJ even in this one? Kidding. I know she was but she was in the cheap seats again which always bothers me. Shallow me. I love her character.

Like I said before, I liked the episode. My problems with it are minor.

Anonymous said...

"You know Hotch, today was a huge, huge victory for all of us. You know, I never thought I’d say this, but we’re doing just fine without Gideon."

I loved hearing Morgan say this to Hotchner. It was like a wave to the fans of the show. It was an acknowledgement in my eyes that the show realized that there are fans that have been worried that losing Gideon would severly hurt the show. It was a nice touch!

The writing in this epi was top notch.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorites in a long while. I loved everything about it.

Not to repeat too much on what everyone has already said, but....

- The elevator scene was absolutely priceless. To see our macho go get a taste of his own inner scaredy (although sheesh, I wouldn't have handled it half as nicely) was great. I thought Reid was going to be the one who really freaked, and he did,but so did Morgan. Great scene.

- Garcia poking fun at him was the whipped cream on top. Finally something to actually poke him about, and you could see she totally brought out the "Morgan grin" that she always does when they talk.

- The Prentiss/Reid scene, another heart puller. That was some amazing work in her end, and Reid actually got the point I think at the end of it. Sometimes the boy's got TOO much logic in there, that things have to smack him in the face before he takes notice.

- Hotch, who doesn't feel bad for Hotch? I was really surprised when he told Morgan as well. At one point I was back and forth between "he'll tell, he'll just make something else up". But he told him, and I think that was an important moment between them as co-workers. I think Morgan is REALLY stepping up his role in the team, I see a lot more focus on him then there used to be. He's maturing into a great temporary second-man to Hotch, and I think Hotch realizes that and he's really gaining respect and ground. I'm not sure where it'll all fit when we get our new character, but you can see that he's doing a great job at filling in.

I was particularly touched when Hotch said "I thought we agreed we weren't going to profile each other", stemming back from when Hotch did the same thing to Morgan in "Profiler, Profiled". That was touching, and it reflects an important relationship between them, despite how Morgan told him the week before how much Hotch pissed him off. :-P

I love to know that they are just as effective at solving the cases as they were when Gideon was around. The small time spent discussing Gideon's leaving was very well done. They all reflected, discussed it some, but in the end it's the current team that matters, and that is so true. The past is in the past, no point in dwelling on it. There are much bigger and better things yet to come.

A perfect episode in my books!

Anonymous said...

I loved Prentiss explaining to Reid that even with his eidetic memory he was missing the point that out of everyone Gideon only wrote to him and he needed to realize that and read it again. Way to be there Prentiss. They have done a great job of softening her up and making her fit in. I loved this scene.

Anonymous said...

I thought the episode was okay. I'm sorry but it didn't make it onto my top ten list.

I don't like knowing who the unsub is in the beginning of the episode. I liked it better the old way.

I don't like that there is always one character that barely exists in every episode lately. If it is this hard to really use six actors then what is going to happen when we go back to seven.

I found the guest host to be lacking and the crimes to be far fetched. Some of these victims could well have saved themselves.

I thought that there were just way too many flashbacks. I got that he was an abused kid after the first one.

The pros of the episode have already been nicely laid out by everyone else. I would give this episode a B but hell it is better than anything else on tv.

Anonymous said...

The episode flowed and had a nice steady rythm to it. Earlier in the week we heard Ed talk on the dvds about the little things he puts into an episode that most viewers won't notice but big fans will. He loaded us up in this one and I liked that.

My favorite: "I've known Jason for years and I have no idea why he did this" coming from Thomas Gibson. To the casual watcher it was just Hotch talking to the team but to me it was Gibson telling us that he was as in the dark as we are and it just is what it is.

They are obviously expermenting with the format and I am assuming that when a show enters it's third year you do need to try a few new things to see how they work.

Thank you Ed for another great episode and for the many "we are still standing messages" that were in the episode. If you could have found a way to say Happy Birthday to Jill it would have been perfect. She would have fainted but I would have loved it.

Looking forward to next week.

srangerfan said...

I loved it!

When Morgan was talking about not needed Gideon it was the icing on the cake. The episode was wonderful and was one of the best yet! They really bounced back from last weeks blandness.

I also loved the new opening credits, with the "darker" Thomas bill and the AJ bill that makes her seem more fierce than the last one that was almost a freeze frame. The clip of the team replacing GideonHead at the end, and the explosion was awesome aswell.

I love new credits for television shows, I'm a major dork. =]

But I can't wait for "Children of the Dark" it seems like it's going to be even better than this week's ep!

Anonymous said...

Loved it for so many reasons. It was almost all about the case and I love that.

Elevator scene was so funny!

Anonymous said...

Awesome episode! Prentiss is just wooooow!

Anonymous said...

Taking somebody's fears and using it to kill them is about how sick you can get. I liked the flashbacks. The abused becomes the abuser. Isn't that what the stats show happens most of the time? When he closed the lights in his daughter's room I almost came out of my skin.

Loved it! Great episode. I'll ride in an elevator anytime with Morgan (Shemar). LOL

Anonymous said...

It sounds wonderful. We should get to see it in a few years. You're all so lucky. If not for this blog and the spoilers we would have no excitement.

Anonymous said...

The BAU family unit is repositioning their roles to pickup the slack from Gideon going. It was great seeing Morgan reaching out to Hotch and Prentiss reaching out to Reid. Garcia is always going to be the big sister who you can count on for anything and everything. JJ was kinda lost in this one but there are only forty something minutes in an episode. They are going to be alright. I always wanted to send them all to a shrink for some counseling but after last night's episode I have changed my mind.

The case was okay. It was a good case but I have lots of questions about why he was killing men too if his own abuser had been his mother. Ah, we'll never know and that is okay.

Strong writing and performances from the whole cast and as said by someone else, the lighting was damn perfect.

Anonymous said...

It was a solid, well written, well acted episode. I can't help but be grateful that we had this episode and a few more before Joe Mantegna joins the cast. No offense to him at all but I for one appreciate the break and the chance to just get back into the show without Gideon being in the back of my mind.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a good one Jill. We love and respect you and don't you ever forget it!


Anonymous said...

Gibson is on a roll with back to back stellar performances. The whole cast was awesome last night. I can't wait to watch it again when I get home.

Anonymous said...

Am I nuts or are they dressing Prentiss more femininely the last three episodes? Her hair is softer and gone are those rigid suit jackets. She looks like a part of the team now. Lovin it to pieces!

The episode last night was a pleasant surprise. I didn't know how they were going to handle the aftermath of Gideon leaving but they did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Great episode. Loved the elevator scene and will never forget it.....Hotch!!

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode! I think it did a great job of closing the book on Gideon--Strauss saying he wasn't even coming back to "guest lecture", Morgan's statement at the end about how they did just fine without him--although it really broke my heart when Reid said Gideon had left a note explaining everything, just like his dad did when he left Reid. Some really nice interaction between Reid and Prentiss too, from her telling him he needed to read the letter again to find out why Gideon chose to explain himself to Reid, to the scene in the laundromat--"I don't think he's luring them with pretzels."

While I don't mind the episodes where we see the unsub from the start, I do prefer the ones where we watch the team figure out who it is and we find out when they do, especially when it's a character we've developed some sympathy for, ie. Amber in "The Perfect Storm". This was the second episode in a row where we see the unsub upfront and next week's looks like it does the same.

Great episode and I'm looking forward to next week!

Anonymous said...

The look on Reid's face when he was holding Gideon's letter like to have broken my heart. He was just so sad and pitiful looking. Prentiss was so nice taking the time to realize that Gideon's leaving hurt Reid more than anyone.
It was a powerful scene inside of a really good episode. Wonderful acting.

Elizabeth said...

I thought this was good - creepy, but good.

I'm not going to laugh at Morgan freaking out in the lift - I would have been too. Loved how they both wanted Hotch.

And the Prentiss and Reid scene was just lovely.

Didn't miss Gideon and I thought that his departure was handled just right. It wasn't the focus of the episode but it was acknowledged in just the right way.

There did seem to be an awful lot of earth in that hole - you don't get THAT much in a bag.

Anonymous said...

Great episode but it needs more JJ

Anonymous said...

2 hours till I get to go to my friend's house and watch the episode on tape. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

That was one thing I forgot to mention. I have been an Emily fan since day 1. I was one of the only supporters of her here on this blog, I LOVE Paget Brewster. but I'm not thrilled with her new hair, it looks like extensions or something. But in general she can do no wrong in my eyes. Her and Spencer make the show for me.


The Healthy Plate said...

Ok, this episode was so good that I had to watch it again. The story was so eerie and smart that it got to me and I've been thinking about it all night! I missed this the first time around but this story was written by Fisher & Messer. Look them up! I did and discovered that they wrote for one of my other favorite, favorite shows, Alias! These ladies rock! They are also the geniuses behind the Perfect Storm and Charm & Harm episodes, I discovered. I had no clue that two women had written all of my favorite episodes of CM. It makes perfect sense. Apparently, they've been with the show since the beginning and you can tell from the writing that they understand how to bring these disturbing characters to life. I agree with the person who wrote that this episode should have been the season premiere. It was amazing and definitely the best one of the season so far. I can't wait for the next Fisher-Messer episode to air. You go, ladies!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this episode.

I enjoyed watching Morgan freaking out in the elevator and then getting teased about it.

The unsub in this episode was cold and creepy. After he killed his victims, he would take out his book and write "drowned" and "asphyxiated" in it. That was also cold how he shut the lights off on his daughter after she told him she was scared of the dark.

I also liked the scene at the end when Hotch told Morgan that Hailey left him. Hotch doesn't show his emotions much but you could tell he was so heartbroken.

The cast and crew of Criminal Minds did a very good job on this one. Even though Gideon's gone, the show will still go on.

Anonymous said...

I finally was able to watch the episode and boy it was great. I loved how they finished up the last loose ends of the Gideon story. I am so sorry to see Gideon gone but they did it so great.

I want a cap of the elevator scene as my work screensaver so I can laugh whenever I see it. Calling for Hotch.

Great, great writing. Yeah team!

Anonymous said...

Crazy question but was JJ wearing makeup in this one? She did not look like herself?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Bernero,

On behalf of all the Dr. Spencer Reid fans I would like to ask you to please let him not have some type of trauma for one or two episodes. LOL. The poor lad has had more done to him in two years than any hundred other people on tv. Could you angst on someone else for awhile?


Reid's Therapist

Anonymous said...

is this how the elevator scene went down. I missed some of it.

Reid: Don’t.
Morgan: What, it’s broken.
Reid: Don’t do that.
Morgan: Why not?
Reid: Because there are six elevator related deaths per year not to mention 10,000 injuries that require hospitalization. Chill out.
Morgan: Those sound like pretty good odds to me, what, are you scared, Reid?
Reid: I’m not scared.
Morgan: You’re scared, what if I push that?
Reid: I don’t want to be in an elevator with you to be honest.

the reason I ask is why would Reid say I don't want to be in an elevator with you to be honest.

slashgirl said...

the reason I ask is why would Reid say I don't want to be in an elevator with you to be honest.

Well, they don't really tell us. However, if I were to extrapolate from the evidence provided? I would say it's because of what Morgan was doing when the elevator first got stuck? Yanno, being a bit of jerk (in a big brother kinda way). I thought the whole thing was hilarious, especially when Reid squeaked for Hotch...and then Morgan starts shouting for him too. Whenever you're in trouble, shout for Mama. *G*

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed the episode but it was very creepy
and the unsub was really cruel to his victims
but it was still a very well written episode

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the discussions about season 3. It gives us in the UK an idea what to expect when it eventually airs here. Don't suppose anyone would know when that would be?
I can't wait, spending the time watching re-runs of the first two seasons right now.

IvyB said...

[quote] I thought the whole thing was hilarious, especially when Reid squeaked for Hotch...and then Morgan starts shouting for him too. Whenever you're in trouble, shout for Mama. *G* [/quote]

ROTFL! Yup, and then Hotch's nonchalant when they finally got off. I was sure he heard their cries for help and was pretending. *g*

Anyhow, I liked this episode, even though there were a few things I disliked.

I'm not a fan of knowing the unsub from the get-go and I didn't care much about him at all.

I'm not sure how realistic it was for the woman to still be alive- her face was covered and it was several minutes before she was found- she should have been dead, or in need or mouth-to-mouth or something.

Is it just me, or is JJ "profiling" more? Don't get me wrong, I like JJ, I just don't like it when she does that. All the other profilers are trained to do that, she's trained for something else. They should each stick to their job. [I didn't like last season when hotch suggested to her that she "take the exams"]

Anyhow, I liked it for all the reasons you've stated and I felt this was a strong episode, it dealt with the emotional aspects well and I didn't miss Gideon.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine a girl that is being buried that is dumb enough not to just keep walking (stepping) up as the dirt is poured in on her?

Anonymous said...

Another fantastic episode. Loved the elevator scene with Reid and Morgan. We need to see more Reid in this series as I feel he is slightly overlooked at present.

Glampire30 said...

With the look on Morgan's face I would love to see him on the Tower of Terror in Disneyworld^_^ The look on his face would be priceless.

Jenn said...

I'm still a relatively new fan, but I thought the scene in the elevator was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

did anyone get the last comment/quote from hotch at the end about facing you fears? i remember some of it but not all of it. it was such a good quote!

Anonymous said...

Loved the case, really, frank, the man cutting women hearts out, & now this, it is just too awesome. Really twisted. But these people always facinated me, why do they do it!? Have they no faith in God & his punishment. These sections must be adressed in this kind of shows. Because the believe in God & the judgment day are the things that keep humanity in check. Otherwise, what is the use of life!!