Thursday, February 14, 2008

“MISCONCEPTIONS” starring A.J.Cook enters post-production.

Criminal Minds star A.J.Cook's, JJ on Criminal Minds, stars in "Misconceptions".

Misconceptions, if you haven't paid attention, is a dramedy about a gay couple (Orlando Jones is one half, with a solid role on the page and in the clips) striking an agreement with a deeply religious woman (A.J. Cook) to carry their child because she thinks God wants her to, despite their "Sodomite" ways. There are other characters involved, making this a gentle satire of gay rights and Christian opposition but not at anyone's expense unless you wish to be militant.

Anyway, the movie looks like it has potential, maybe on the gay festival circuit if it's underestimated and at the very least regional, straight festivals if it isn't. Everyone with the proper apparatus can relate to the fertility clinic clip, at least.

Misconceptions was filmed on a $500,000 budget (according to Satlof) with a lot of Eckerd volunteers and as many people working for less money than they deserve. Most of them were at the Don, and standing off to the side watching them share their accomplishment was pretty cool.

Satlof made sure to tell everyone the clips shown didn't have his final cut seal of approval. I sneaked a few looks at his face and could sense he was mostly pleased but has a few editing room ideas. Funny, but I met him 5 weeks ago and learned he is a vigorous person for age 69. He looked younger Wednesday, showing off his (and co-writer Ira Pearlstein's) baby.

He'll be heading into post-production now, hoping to have Misconceptions ready to show to distributors at fall/winter festivals. Wish him luck.