Monday, February 18, 2008


Criminal Minds: A wonderful article by Susan, the VDOVAULT:

Variety: Peter Bart's Column: Hollywood picks up the pieces.

If you are hearing peals of laughter emanating from the general direction of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia it is me laughing so very hard at Peter Bart, Variety's editor, whining in this summary of the strike article about the blogosphere appearing to be "...the ideological spear carriers for the Writers Guild, blotting out voices of restraint".

Note to Peter: But for his several hundred dollar a year entertaiment trade 'news' magazine so obviously picking the side of the moguls (and let's be clear here that not only do the studios and networks have money to throw away on multiple subscriptions to the over priced publication, they also pay for the vast majority of advertisements in it so it is amusing to not note that bias yet still call the publication a 'news' outlet and charge readers handsomely for the 'privilege' of access to it), the "shrill cacophony" of the blogosphere would never have reached the volume level it did without outlets like Peter's serving as unofficial publicity departments for the corporations and trying to spread bias virally throughout the mainstream media.

So Mr. Bart in a way you're responsible for the noise level, not solely, uniquely or completely because other news outlets were equally sycophant-like in their pandering to the mogul point of view but we should acknowledge you for that very important role you paid in igniting the fires of so many of us to put more sides of the story of the strike out hat is off to you for making this blog as popular as it has been.

Now here's Peter...(who apparently thinks viewers "were busily surfing the Web, buying more DVDs, playing more videogames, watching more online videos and otherwise finding new ways of being entertained". Since it costs money, time and effort to talk to us 'little people' and get the whole story, of course he has to toss off a line of his stock in trade conjecture of what we really did during the strike)

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