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Criminal Minds: Please use this thread to talk about Criminal Minds "Lucky" written by Andrew Wilder. Criminal Minds starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness and Paget Brewster.

**This is the original spoiler page for 'Lucky'. Please add any new comments here**


Anonymous said...

Loved it. One of my favorites. The end was very Fried Green Tomatoes. The whole Garcia/Morgan thing was so great. A whole new level of their relationship. Then Prentiss calling Morgan out for being a stupid male. Loved it.
Rossi continues to grow. He is slowly becoming part of the team. I loved what he did to Morgan. I think it was Rossi trying to be helpful (in his way).
Garcia. Oh geez. Poor Garcia. I can't wait to see the backstory that will come out of this storyline. And the team development. Wow.
The story just makes you shiver. Creepy, but tastefully done. No pun intended.
I'd need to re-watch to comment in more detail.
Overall, fabulous. Near the top of the list.

Unknown said...

they can't kill off garcia, can they? where will the comic relief come from?

Anonymous said...

OMG, I can not believe what happened at the end with Garcia!! This was a great episode. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

We wanted a Garcia story and oh boy we got a great one. Banter was extra good tonight. I can't wait until next week.

Anonymous said...

I loved it. The ending almost gave me a heart attack but I loved it. Rossi was less annoying tonight. I am liking him more. Anyone want a recipe book? lol

Anonymous said...

Reid in the church moved me. I thought the episode was outstanding. I was on the edge of my couch the whole time. Garcia is so near and dear the ending was like wow. I had to remember to breath.

Anonymous said...

"When a woman tells a man about her feelings, she doesn't want him to fix her. She wants him to shut up and listen."

Wise words for every man. This was one of the best episodes yet. I won't be eating anything but crackers for awhile. No stew or whatever the hell that was. So gross. Garcia...........:(

Anonymous said...

Loved the creepy stew and then the shock factor of the shooting.

Sigrid said...

It was....Wow. Very wow. My only regret is that there was little Hotch in this ep. I loved the connection Morgan and Rossi made, it was really good, and very well executed. They'll make a killer (pun not intended) team when Rossi's more settled in.
I loved that things finally came to a head between Garcia and Morgan, I'd say it's about time. Can't wait to see the resolution between those two.

Andrew Wilder, if you're reading this: Dude, you rock. So hard. This was CM at, well, basically it's best. Nerve-wracking, chilling and plain grueling, and with some nice team-moments mixed in. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This has to be the best episode so far! I didn't think they could get any better, but Lucky pulled out all the stops. OK so Reid was few and far between after the initial scenes, but to be honest the plot was moving along at such a pace that I hardly had time to notice the lack of Reid til I thought about it at the end!!!

I guess we have to be careful what we wish for...especially with writers who are so in touch with the fans and what they want! More Garcia storylines we said....oh boy did we get one!!!!

Anonymous said...

As much as I love Garcia and anything to do with her (and am interested in seeing what happens next episode), I kind of wish the show could go one season without something traumatic happening to a team member (and even so, I feel like Gideon took that spot this season thanks to Mandy). I realize they'll probably pull it off flawlessly and it'll be wonderful, but it'll still be pretty redundant - especially with the post-drama.

Anonymous said...

this one was great. it kept me on the edge of my seat. i can,t waite tell next week.this has been a grat season so far. i hope we get more of it.

Anonymous said...

I liked it, I wouldn't call it the best episode so far though. It was good. Pretty solid storyline. That guy was messed up. I think for getting such a famous celebrity to play the unsub they didn't give him much face time. Regarding the Garcia part at the end, I know this sounds awful, but I'm really sick of "almost killing" off of the characters. So not to say I hope she dies, but if she doesn't, somebody needs to and quick. It's like a tease. I love her and I hate to see her go, but come on writers. By the way, not near enough Reid in this episode and he wore that ugly cardigan, someone please throw that thing away. LOL


Kirsten said...

Garcia! No!
Well, I've kinda known about it, but still...

Loved Morgan in this episode, struggling with his demons still.

And I'm with those who are hating Rossi less. It's all about time to adapt.

Andrew Wilder rocks!

Elizabeth Bear said...

Lee, things NEVER go well for them in Florida, do they?

I really liked this ep. It's not a favorite, but it's a solid episode with a lot of character development and a nice plot. And it is the first CM episode ever to actually gross me out. (It was the fingers in the stomach, if you were wondering. I was right there with Reid on having a little too much victim empathy. "None of the fingers found in Abby Kilton's stomach were hers." ARGH!)

Best lines: "Ah, the circle of life."


"Your god expects way too much of thirteen year old boys."


"I was giving you an opportunity for personal growth."

And I want to kiss somebody for debunking that obnoxious old saying about God never giving us more than we can handle.

And Reid kind of nailing Morgan to the wall on the conflict in his thinking. Also, I loved the echoes back to previous episodes. Reid getting more or less his own words handed back to him. "You don't know me."

It was amusing as heck to watch Rossi's slowly dawning respect while everybody else is trying to shush Reid.

Also, it's always fun to watch the team profiling each other.

Every time Rossi nearly redeems himself, he promptly does something else that makes me want to drown him in a bucket. The conflict is good for the show, but man, I loathe the character.

Interesting bit at the end, though, where's he's saying that their job isn't to figure out why--and of course the entire show is constructed around *why*. Rossi as Devil's advocate.

Pun intentional.

Also, I agree with Erin that Prentiss was just completely awesome.

Technical question for rules adjudication: do we drink when there's a body part in ANOTHER body?

Ztivokreb said...

Andrew Wilder. You rock all kinds of hard.

I totally loved this ep, I might even put it up with LDSK. Rossi is still a little raw, but I love the tension between him and Morgan.
Reid is still acting like an excited puppy around his hero with Rossi, and it's funny how the rest of the team takes it.

The fight between Garcia and Morgan was also mouth, insert foot, Morgan...poor Garcia, seeing her hurt made me want to reach out and strangle the shooter.

I can't wait for the second half of this next week.

Tom Bryant said...

I like the edge that the show now has. The edginess used to be only from the tracking of the unsubs. Now it comes from that AND the relationships within the team.

Being a pastor, I identified with the pastor on the show and his reaction to the realization of what had happened.

dearlydead said...

Loved the macabre twist to the story. Writer is obviously a fan of Alfred Hitchcock.

Rossi and Morgan are so good together. Does Rossi see something of himself in Morgan? Interested to see how their relationship developes. Morgan telling him he had him figured out "Dave" was great, and Rossi just smiles that little smile of his. Love it!

The memory of Gideon grows weaker every week.


PS Thank you, Shemar! ; )

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode! Tense, well-paced, and the ending to both storylines was beyond shocking. I have to admit, when the "secret ingredient" in the chili or stew or whatever it was was revealed, I kinda thought of the South Park episode where Cartman makes chili out of a rival's parents and feeds it to the kid. And when Garcia got shot--I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the cops because I literally screamed out loud! I knew there was something hinkey about the guy but I just thought it was going to end up he was married or something like that. My guestion is why did he target Garcia? He must've "staked her out" because when she went to the coffee shot, the barista asked, "You're usual, Penelope?" which means she goes there every day and he was there with the perfect ruse--his computer is acting up so he knew her routine and that she had computer skills. I just don't think this guy did it randomly, he had to have been watching her for sometime.

I like how Rossi's character is coming long too. My favorite scene with him was when he was talking to the father of the victim, telling him he needed to concentrate on the happy memories of his daughter and that he didn't need to know the horrific details of what happened to her, although I guess that's a moot point since the details will probably come out in trial.

I can't wait until next week. Loved Hotch's line in the preview--"I don't care about anything until we find out who did this." I actually teared up so I know I'll probably be bawling like a baby next week!

goonie said...

My new favorite episode of all times! Period. Didn't see the chili coming (but I did almost see my dinner coming back - lol).

Morgan and Garcia interaction = awesome (super duper awesome, actually. I bow at the shrine of Kirsten Vangsness. Twice.)

Emily telling Morgan how it is(anyone else REALLY impressed that a male writer drafted that line?!) = awesome.

The det. trying not to heave = awesome.

Having to wait until next week = so not awesome.

P.S. Does anyone know somewhere that has the preview for next week posted already? My dish went out for a few seconds at the end and I didnt get to see it all. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


That was a great line that Hotch said. It was a great episode. I was spoilt like a few others but still there was no way to be prepared for GARCIA being hurt. She's Garcia. I came close to accidently yelling too.

Anonymous said...

I got most of my comments out in chat last night, but I'll share them here again today too!

Okay, totally a Garcia/Morgan show. Which rocks my socks. As I told Mr. Wilder last night, this has become I think my new favorite episode (or at least tied for number one with Profiler, Profiled).

I loved when Morgan told her to put on the brakes and did that little "c'mere" with his finger. They talked. Garcia says "I hate profilers". Classic.

Later they get into an argument when what Garcia thinks Morgan is saying is not actually what Morgan is saying. Poor Morgan being a man, and poor miscommunication. It's strange, but strangely interesting, to see them arguing. Poor Derek now though, how awful it must feel for him to have been RIGHT about that guy. Guess profilers, as foot-in-mouth as they can be, should be heeded.

Then when Garcia was talking to Emily and said once again "I hate profilers". Classic. And Emily telling Morgan a lesson in women. Yay!

Morgan's demons from PP came back here again. I was really happy to see that, as I knew those demons wouldn't go away simply because he arrested his molester, and that there was more to it than that. He was clearly in a lot of pain, and had a lot of conflict going on within him. At the end he looked so lost and innocent, I truly feel for him.

Reid reciting from Rossi's book on the plane - great scene. Rossi acknowledging it was word for word - even better. Emily talking about how they debunked the satanic cult stuff, and Reid saying that Rossi was the one to debunk it. Another great moment.

Then there is the actual case. What a pscyho, and what a horrifying episode. The fingers. The freezer. The body. Urg. Left me really not craving soups for a while. The recipe book for human flesh. Another ugh. But well done on the ick-factor Andrew, you did us proud. :-)

Garcia's date. Another creep. I thought creep from the moment that I saw him. Way too hot to be innocent. ;-) And way to forward about having a date night. "Hi, you fixed my computer today, can I sleep with you tonight?". I knew something was going to happen to Penelope, but I had no idea it was like that. There has to be some hidden motive that we're going to learn about, the "I've been waiting to do this all evening" thing was just too creepy, it was definitely planned. I can't wait to see what Morgan does to that guy when he finds him. I hope we see Morgan lose his cool again, it would be for such a good reason.

Next week's episode looks really intense. I can't wait for it, and I will have my tissues ready at hand, as I'm sure it's going to be amazing as always.

This is an ep I'll be watching over and over again, starting with when I get home from classes tonight.

Anonymous said...

When we said that we wanted Garcia to have a larger part we should have specified that it should have been a date with a normal person. lol. Awesome episode but it does occur to me that as far as we know not one of these characters have had a good date. Their is like a curse on these female agents.

I loved the episode. Garcia and Morgan together is magic times ten. They own the screen and I am not a shipper. They just pop off each other so well. Prentiss is almost up their with Garcia on my list. She so nailed Morgan.

If the powers that be do ever read these comments then I have a request. No more dates for our gals. lol.

Rossi? I am still waiting to feel the love.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I'm not the man at the end of that gun because Morgan is going to hunt him down and show him what a gruesome death looks like. You don't mess with Garcia. Ever. Morgan is going to find religion in more ways than one.

The story was so creepy. I put my sandwich down during the episode. I lost my appetite for "food". EWWWWW.

Anonymous said...

good lord i actually screamed outloud when they shot garcia
they cant hurt her!

and i physically shuddered when i realised what was in the sort of stew stuff....

jeeeeeesus. brilliant episode!
it had to be good, i only noticed the lack of reid at the end!

Anonymous said...

First they came up with HIB- head in a box.

What are we suppossed to call this- bib, body in a body?

Kirsten rocks the planet hard. What a great actress. Garcia is the warm loving sister on the show and they shot her. Andrew Wilder shot Garcia. And talk about creepy unsubs. Jeez. We have to do something about Garcia's creep meter.

I agree that Morgan is going to introduce this creep to Jesus and it isn't going to be pretty. No actor in the world can do mad better than Shemar Moore. Morgan is going to perform an autopsy on this dude with just his hands.

I give it a 10 for creepiness and a 10 for not having any continuity moments and a 10 for awesome acting. A+

Anonymous said...

Really exceptional episode. I got a lot of my comments out in chat, too -- and again, thanks sooooo much to Andrew and Deb for venturing into the scary arena that is the fanchat. It was great to finally "meet" you.

I think what I really like best in the last few eps is that the characters all feel like themselves again. Reid is spouting quotes and statistics instead of shooting up. Prentiss feels like she belongs to the team. And when Garcia wasn't being her Garcia self, they noticed right away.

I didn't dislike Rossi from the start, but he's definitely growing on me. Sneaking one, isn't he? I doubt there will ever be an episode where I don't want to slap him just once, but that could be kind of endearing. We're getting lots of proof about how smart and how good he really is, without being hit over the head with it too much. And yet he's very much not that other guy we don't talk about any more. (And I don't miss that guy a bit!)

Excellent storyline, and excellent character work. I would have liked a little more Hotch, but I understand we need some Rossi emphasis for a while more.

Anonymous said...

I was so shocked at the end that I jumped off the couch: "Garcia got shot!" Hubby was watching from kitchen...dropped knife when I screamed "Oh no, Garcia got shot!!!"

I awoke this morning picturing Garcia getting shot. Will haunt me all day--probably all week.

I could KILL that guy myself for hurting our precious Garcia and breaking her heart. Let me at him!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky! Well this one goes in my top five. When she is back to good health I am signing Garcia up with a professional dating service so she can find a decent man and not one that is going to hack her files (FK1)or hack anything else. Major diet today. No appetite at all. Yuk.

I want to wrap Morgan in a snuggle blanket, give him hugs and feed him his favorite comfort foods. Our man is a world of mental pain. I loved how that played out. I agree that when they found the shooter he had been kill himself.

Solid episode

Anonymous said...

I'm with Joyce! I want a piece of the dirt bag. Nobody messes with our Tech Queen and lives to see tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

How is Kirsten Vangsness not getting top billing on CM? She is the greatest and last night's episode was incredibly intense.

Having Profiler, Profiled come back was a classically CM perfect touch. What a scene.

Anonymous said...

The human chili scene could only have been written by Wilder. So gross and so memorable. CM fans will never forget the look on Prentiss' face when she realized what was in it. Lets add this to the official "never show us this again" list. It rates right up there with dogs, boxes and that man who will never be named again. Is it just me or do you have the feeling you will never be able to eat during any episode ever again?

Morgan and Garcia are pure love. He is going to make a batch of whoop ass out of the guy when he catches him. Morgan holds the current CM record for tackling trucks and soon he will hold one for the quickest pulling apart of human limbs from a torso.

Garcia! I was muttering a mantra the rest of the night. "They can't do CM without her. She'll be okay."

Anonymous said...

Yes, Potter!



Anonymous said...

I had to leave the chat to go to work, but that was a great experience. I do remember the USENET emails with CC and other XF writers/directors back when they cared about the show and what the audiance thought.

Lucky was a particularly gruesome episode, I could have lived without the freezer full of women. And yes, serving human with beans at the BBQ was shades of Fried Green Tomatoes, but Silence of the Lambs still wins for cannibalism.

I loved some of the inter-team action, Reid is back to being a motor-mouth and ready to admire Rossi, YO! Morgan is still having a mano-et-mano relationship with Rossi, which was hysterical -- Personal Growth indeed. LOL GO! Hotch! He figured out the cannibalism and there was a lack of his wife this ep, which was good as I hate her now.

Poor, poor Garcia, I think she was really shot and it is not a JR moment. I hope she gets her due next ep!!!

Everyone shined this ep, so I was happy.


Anonymous said...

Just one of those things to ponder -- do you *tell* the whole town what they might have eaten? Or do you just swear the priest to silence and let it go?

Can you get a discount for group therapy for an entire community? The eating disorders alone would fill a clinic ...

Anonymous said...

They made Tracy the daily special. OMG they should show this episode at Weight Watchers. Never eating anything resembling stew or chili again!

Shot rang out and I screamed.

Suggestion for Garcia when she is well: Do a background check on the next man you date!!

Anonymous said...

i love it. have to watch it again later today. and a few more times after that. it kept me on the edge of my seat.

Anonymous said...

Who has the perfect cast? We do. Who has the best writers with the sickest minds? We do.

I don't even like tofu in my food.

Kudos all around to CM for another winner. Sorry I missed the chat. Next time I am going to send the boyfriend out and chat.

Anonymous said...

Gross, but well written.

Can someone tell me what Morgan said word for word to Garcia in the beginning.

Robin said...

"None of the fingers found in Abby Kilton's stomach were hers."

That line just did me in. Gah. My stomach is rolling just thinking it again. That plus the chili/stew was just...over the top. I think this might win as grossest episode ever.

And he had PICTURES in the recipe book like it was freakin' Joy of Cooking or something. So very sick.

I did yell when Garcia was shot. I was so hopeful that I was blind to the creepy meter. It caught me off guard. Probably because I was so emotionally wound up from the A plot.

Anonymous said...

Question for the writers:

Couldn't you have had a man hacked up for stew instead?

Kidding..awesome episode. Off the charts on the gross meter but hey you guys have to do something week after week new to give us that OMG thrill we get from watching the show.

Garcia shot! I'm warming to Rossi. Morgan is love. Prentiss wins for best facial expression ever. Reid is always perfect.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I won't be exchanging recipes with that unsub! Well-written but creepy episode with a theme of cannibalism that's a little too grisly(and/or gristly) for my taste...ack!!!!
I liked that Morgan gets to shine as he wrestles with his unresolved issues. Rossi is thawing out nicely with the team. He seems more bemused than dismissive with Reid now. Before you know it, they'll be going on a father-son Jamboree! :)
Poor Garcia!!! She's the third member of the CM team to go on a trip to death's door. Hopefully, it's also a round-trip ticket. Thank God for CPR!

Anonymous said...

This episode had a lot of layers to it. The main case, Garcia in danger, Morgan's emotional baggage, Rossi's attempt to be a team player, etc. It was a great episode.

I would like to personally thank our wonderful writers for their time last night and for the ten pounds I am going to lose since I am not going to be eating anything for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot. Andrew, nobody writes a better Hotch than you do! Deb, I would need a dog too if I knew the true stories you all know about.

Anonymous said...

"The secret's in the sauce." was the line that immediately came to my mind. Note to writers: If Andrew Wilder invites you to his house for dinner, don't go!

Obviously we are finally going to learn more about Garcia and her backstory which I am very excited about. This episode was very chilling and very everything. It was great.

Anonymous said...

I swear Criminal Minds is going to scare me so bad I may start never leaving my house. I certainly won't be eating stew ever again. I was chuckling when J.J. was trying to calm down the cops when she looked like she was going to lose it herself. She was turning green!

Morgan stepped in it and was justly slapped down. The turmoil he is feeling is great to watch. Even tough guys feel it.

Loved the episode.

Anonymous said...

This was a really great episode. The serial killer was beyond sick and isn't everyone wondering just how long that town has been eating women. Poor Garcia. I can't wait till next week.

Anonymous said...

Oh man where do I begin about this episode. First of all I loved the Dante's Inferno quote that Rossi did I have all three Inferno books on my computer Im gona read them one day. Anyway Reids Comment about to Believe in one you have to believe in the other is so true. Being a christian myself this episode was realy heartwarming in one sence with Morgan and the religion.
Now on the other hand I just about blew chunks when I saw the fingers and heard about the stew. The big bang finish nail was good I had to tell myself to let my breath out and breathe When I saw Garcia get shot. Please don't let them kill Garcia. And the deal with her and Morgan was good I can relate to Garcia Being the chubby girl and not that good looking. At least she has beauty. Anyway Andrew Wilder has one hell of a talent to write something this brillant.

Anonymous said...

Jamie Kennedy was very good as the unsub. I was having trouble seeing him as a baddy but he did any exc. job. First the Dawson boy shocks us with his ability to play an unsub and now Kennedy. Maybe actors use the show to break the sterotypes they have as actors and prove that they have range.

Anonymous said...

Never eating anything served in the school lunch room again!

Anonymous said...

I really loved the episode. It was one of the creepiest ones yet. Satanist/Cannibal serial killer! What else could you ask for? They had to give us a very strong creepy stomach wrenching case so it would be the A story and so we would see the Garcia story as the B story and that way they could use this episode as a setup for "Penelope" which I am dying to see.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode. It freaked me out, but I loved it anyway. This show just gets better and better each week. I know that Garcia is going to end up being just fine in the end, but the poor woman should at least earn a date with Morgan after all of this. Or an Emmy for Kirsten.

Anonymous said...

Awesome episode! Loved it from start to finish - and what a finish! Not to mention the beginning and the middle. OMG - I can't wait till next week! Honestly.

I called CBS and gave them what for. Actually, I think I said "Give them [the writers] whatever they want!" (Hope it's okay to say that here....)

A whole week.... [sigh]

Anonymous said...

Morgan's typical guy response is universally understood by all women and I found myself shaking my head and thinking that he just wasn't listening to her. Morgan must know my husband. lol

When Prentiss was bitching at him later you knew he didn't have a clue as why that time either.

I know Andrew Wilder wrote this episode but I think he had a female writer help him with those parts.

Anonymous said...

Nicky- my god, some one help me! I have never missed the show, and last night we lost power for the first 25min. I missed the the conversation between Garcia and Morgan. Please if anyone knows the conversation, post it :( . This was my hands down fav epp. ever, and that's with missing the first 25 min.

Anonymous said...

To: Phoebe who said...
" This episode had a lot of layers to it. The main case, Garcia in danger, Morgan's emotional baggage, Rossi's attempt to be a team player, etc. It was a great episode."

I totally agree with you on that. I must say i miss the first 5 minutes of the show but once I was tuned in I was totally sprung!
First, allow me to say that I remembered why I didnt like the new chick Prentiss sometimes butting in and not knowing the entire fact of what really happened is not always your business unless its requiring cracking the case,
and I love Reid dont get me wrong I really adore this nerd but sometimes logics and statistics just dont do the job, just admit WE'RE HUMANS enough with the facts and quotes from the human dictionary nerd boy.
Seriously why does it matter what Morgan believes in?
again as someone mention he's still dealing with his past demons.
Garcia, WOW AND OMG!!! I was screaming so loud my dog in the backyard howl. I was so like on the edge of my chair that I nearly choked on my honeybun and kool aid (sorry I didnt go grocery shopping)
Prentiss calling Morgan out for being a stupid male was not needed I have to diagree for the simple reason Morgan is my fav and Prentiss and now Rossi is my least fav, I kind of like the new guy till he makes me feel he's going too far.
Maybe what I'm saying is not making sense but I totally forgot what I had thought to say last night when I woke up today.

Anonymous said...

My jaw dropped open last night when I saw Garcia was shot. Then I thought "Is she dreaming?" Then I saw the previews for next week. Nope, not dreaming. I can hardly wait. I don't think I've ever anticipated one of their next episodes like I have this one, other than Big Game and Revelations.
Wow, great Morgan and Garcia focus. Morgan looked so sad at times. Shemar Moore is such a good actor. They all are.
I'm still lovin' Reid's back to normal ramblings and I thought it was cute when Morgan gave him the sign to "cut it". I also liked how Hotch smiled as Reid was talking.
Thomas Gibson has such a presence about him. Gotta love Hotch.
Interesting to see JJ in the field again.
Emily was funny when she acknowledged that she understood what Garcia was saying and Morgan was just looking confused. Then her comment was great.
Towards the end when they find out all those people who ate the soup were really eating parts of the It was unexpected and I thought of myself, and what if I ate something and found that out afterwards. I'd be scarred for life.
What a fabulous episode. It made my week.........even though I really want next Wednesday to come quickly.
I'm slightly bummed because CM is starting off with such a great year
and the writers are getting gipped. I stand behind the writers all the way!

Anonymous said...

This episode was FANTASTIC! Not "fantastic" what happened to Garcia, but a good story line! The rest of the episode was fantastic as well, and I must say "bravo" to Jamie Kennedy. I think I remembered reading that he was guest starring, but I forgot about it until I just barely recognized him at the end of the episode. Great job, Jamie! For the writer of the episode -- this is why we love you guys and everyone at CM! This is absolutely one of the best of the season so far. I think the poll on the blog reflects my opinion, too. I can't wait to see what happens to Garcia, but I bet Morgan will be kicking himself. It's not his fault, though. Boy, am I interested in hearing why the killer chose to shoot Garcia.

So, again, "BRAVO!" to everyone involved with this episode!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I hope they can get the writers strike resolved so we don't end up getting a cliffhanger about Garcia! I'd go crazy!


I can't believe Reid recognized the Dante sentence; Rossi said it all wrong! "Lasciate ogni speranza o voi ch' entrate" is the correct way, lol!
And have you seen the admirative look in Rossi's eyes when he watched Reid? And in the end when he said "Reid was right..." You got him, Dr. Reid!!!!! Next time you'll try to approach him he will be all milk and honey!!!
God, I had tears in my eyes when the father of the girl cried. Such a good acting!

I LOVE how Rossi cheats on Morgan. And how Morgan doesn't like it!!!
Eh, Morgan? One of these days he will give you a whistle!

Sorry to say, but Morgan behaved like a perfect jerk in the whole ep.
With Garcia first, then with Reid, cutting his words in that totally unpolite way, and the "no offense, KID"... who does he thinks he is? Then with the gentle priest...

I hate hate hate when Reid desappears like this. They kept J.J. to break into the house...
J.J.! If J.J. can do it, why can't Reid???
I don't know if i really really liked the ep. I enjoyed it, but REALLY like it...definitely there was too little Reid. A drop here, and a drop there, and all the rest of the time you die of thirst...OH God, I sooooo need a Reidcentric ep.!!!!!!!Like RRRevelations, Sex birth death, or even Derailed, Fisherking 2, L.D.S.K.!
Last but not least they shot Garcia. Crap! But frankly, Penny, didn't you see his eyes at the beginning? He had a total psicho way to look... and you are all the time with a team of profilers!!!!

slashgirl said...

Lady fingers, anyone?

Tacky, I know...but that's my sense of humour. I always enjoy an Andrew Wilder ep...and this one is no exception. (Although LDSK is still a better ep to me--sorry, it's the Hotch/Reid girl in me.)

Cannibalism--as Rossi says, the ultimate taboo.

Garcia meeting Colby at the coffee shop--she should've followed her gut. And the guy was good looking but not that good looking.

I think, in the scene where she tells Morgan off, that she mistook what he was saying. I think he was trying to say good for her on following her gut, NOT that she wouldn't be likely to attract a sexy guy. But her feelings for him (Morgan) got in the way.

Loved Garcia's refrain of "I hate profilers".

Last night in chat, I was wondering why certain people were saying Rossi was dismissive of his coworkers. In rewatching it tonight, I realise that he smacked Morticia down TWICE, on what should have been very, very basic stuff. It made me glad to see it--she deserved it for being so dumb (I don't see that Morticia particularly rocked last night). Rossi wasn't being dismissive; he was being instructive, especially on the whole sadistic thing--if Morticia is so fucking brilliant--why did she jump to conclusions

I do have to wonder why no one's told Rossi that Reid's a genius (although from Hotch's little smirk on the plane, after Rossi commented that what Reid said was from his book word for word, I think it may be on purpose--Hotchly sense of humour, perhaps). I think maybe Rossi is a bit uncomfortable around Reid--things that are different from the norm can make you uncomfortable.

I'm really liking Rossi. He has his moments, good and bad, but I think I'll really come to like him, unlike Morticia, who still grates on my nerves at times. This is what, his third ep? I think he's improved greatly from his first ep and I think he has potential to be a valuable part of the team. Interesting how so many were willing to give Morticia a chance, but not Rossi.

I thought that his making Morgan speak to the priest was the right thing--and if Hotch had done it, nobody would be complaining. And, whether he was serious or just trying to save face--Morgan, in his convo with Rossi, where he says he knows Rossi--Morgan says that he told Rossi that on purpose. Either way, Morgan was the one who needed to speak to the priest.

I was suprised at Rossi mentioning astrology. Leo. *G*

Morticia smacking Morgan down for what happened with Garcia. Poor Morgan, couldn't catch a break tonight.

Loved the Rossi/Morgan convo and the "Opportunities for personal growth". They work well together, I think. And I like that Morgan was able to hold his own and throw Rossi's words back at him.

Hotch figuring out at first that the fingers meant the unsub'd killed before and then later, figuring out the cannabilism connection. I loved how creepy this ep was--my sister was squicked, but I was Yes, I'm weird. And again, Morticia with the dumb question. Geez, and all these people saying how smart she is. Must've taken her stupid pill for this ep (don't care if it moves the narrative along--it is STILL Morticia being stupid). Strange how when Hotch explains how he got to cannibalism, HE isn't being dismissive, yet if it had been Rossi, I'm sure there are people who would say his explaining it to her would be a smack down.

Not a lot of Hotch and Reid in this ep, esp Reid. :( Although we did get the nice scene of them at the mental hospital, so I was happy--I'd really love more Hotch/Reid scenes, yanno. (Of course you do!)

Poor COTW in the freezer full of women--and why didn JJ look--hadn't she seen pics of the dead girl? Must have a week stomach. Granted if the cop knew the vic personally, then it makes sense.

I may be considered a little sick, but I thought the happy/frowny faces were funny. And the frowny faces being the recipes that didn't work so well.

Yay for Rossi figuring out that there was something wrong--unfortunately not quick enough. And *ew* on the eating the girl in the stew/chili, whatever it was. And..and...I only noticed this on re-watch, but dude? The unsub ran a roadside snack bar/restaurant type thing. Makes you reconsider NOT eating at chain restaurants.

I liked the convo with Morgan and Rossi on the plane--very well done.

Oh, and poor, poor Garcia. Honey, you should've listened to Morgan when he told you to listen to your gut. AND you should've listened to your gut I missed the preview for next week, but I'll catch it later. I am looking forward to the next ep, esp since it's called "Penelope" (although I'm sure there will be the usual lackage of Hotch and Reid. *pouts).

So, overall, another wonderful ep from the wonderful Andrew Wilder. *G*

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the character development in this episode (Lucky). In my opinion, that is what makes or breaks a presentation.

I started watching this show because I have always been intrigued by anything that pertains to understanding what makes people "tick". There are few things more complex than the human mind and behavior.

Personally, I don't care for graphic gore and sensationalism, but I know that the masses "eat up" that kind of stuff (pardon the pun, in relation to "Lucky"). To its credit, Criminal Minds usually does not depict the gruesome details, but in the absence of the visual, the topics are even more bizarre. Personally, I could do without that but I am probably alone in saying that.

The reason that I object to such sensationalism is that I believe that it gradually de-sensitizes viewers, and that's a bad thing. It just raises our tolerance to cruelty, making the destruction of a living being an almost mundane occurence. The irony is that while graphic content strives to decry the inhumanity of the perps, it actually reduces the victim to one horrific aspect-an unspeakable death. Wasn't it Prentiss who said once that the sum total of the victim's life was down-sized to that one fact that will never be forgotten?

There are a few other programs which allow a bit more time to relate to who the victim is, and that would make CM better. More tragic, but better for the collective mind of the populace. Life is precious. Each one of us is here for a reason. It's not a severed head or limb. It was once a person with a story. A whole life of experiences and sensations and loved ones. Who was he or she? Answer that and resolving the crime means so much more. But in all fairness, it is called Criminal Minds, not Life Before Victimization. Just something to think about, though.

Now, the characters are seen every week, and small pieces of each one's personality slip out each week, as in real life. Gradually, the viewer forms an attachment to these protagonists. I think that this is good because it allows us to have some relatively constant forces in an ever-changing and volatile world.

The characters in Criminal Minds are quirky and unique and each has his or her own appeal. However, I think that Garcia is one of the most important characters and one with whom the most viewers can identify.

So, the show would be much less without her, and call me a dreamer, but I keep hoping that she and Morgan get it together someday. That would be so non-cliche and such a brave twist that I don't know what the status quo would do!

But I do know one thing for certain. If the writers or directors or whomever makes these decisions just dispose of her in one episode, I will be finished with this program for good. I absolutely hate it when the major characters are killed off just to boost ratings and compete with what is being aired on other networks. I know that it's all about the old bottom line, but there's something to be said for integrity. And this is not an idle comment. I have not seen a single episode of CSI Miami since they killed of Tim Speidle. Ditto with other programs.

Anonymous said...

"Lady fingers, anyone?"

No Thank You. :LOL

I loved this episode. There were shocking moments throughout this entire episode from the beginning to the end. It all started when Garcia snapped at Morgan on the phone. Morgan walking into that church and finding a dead woman sitting in the pew. Then came the doggone "recipe book". The biggest irony is when they had all those people out searching in the woods for the missing girl. All the while, the unsub is serving up the girls body parts in a stew. Now that is a sicko for sure. And then, when Garcia was shot at the end I was just too through.

frogdawn said...

How DARE they shoot GARCIA!! I thought they were maybe going to kidnap her or hold her hostage or something but not this!!! KV you are amazing, everything you do. I hope the next episode has some flashbacks or something, not just Garcia laying on an operating table (although I'm sure she'll lay on the operating table brilliantly LOL).

And then there's the whole rest of the episode! Oh my goodness. Some delightful Reid moments, so I'm happy, although there can never be enough Reid of course. My favorite know-it-all; loved when he was reciting Rossi's book, and everyone kind of half smiling/half rolling eyes - yep, that's our boy - and Rossi's expression. Rossi is growing on me - loved his moments with Morgan, nothing like a bit of semi-respectful head-butting to keep things rolling along ...

The father grieving for his daughter - that guy did an amazing job. To have such horrible thing happen to your child, I don't even want to imagine - and then to be the police and others that talk to them at this time - I am a basket-case puddle even watching it on TV.

Nothing like a cute little recipe book to completely creep you out - ook ook ook ook urg bleah ack ack ack. Who is the prop person who gets to actually make this little item? And I thought my job was strange sometimes . . .

Anyway, nice work! Everything, but especially the WRITING!

Anonymous said...

We bitched for two seasons that we wanted Garcia's backstory and they shot her to give it to us. I'm not asking for anything for Morgan. Lord knows what they would do to him to give it to me.

lol. I loved it and thanks for the dieting help!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Andrew Wilder! Just when we thought there was nothing left that could possibly be done to a woman he goes ahead and cooks one. *g*

The hour flew by very quickly. Always the sign of a really good episode. We all knew from internet spoilers that Garcia was going to get shot but knowing that it was coming was freakier than going in blind. I was yelling at her on my tv.

My husband's birthday is Sunday and as a joke I'm going to make him stew. Minus the chunks of course. He has the same trouble understanding women that Morgan has. Prentiss should have birth slapped him into a wall instead of just verbally laying him down.

Great performances in this one. KV was great as always. Mantegna was less irritating than the last episode. Chill down Joe. Let someone else speak for a minute.

I was laughing reading the comments from others about diets. I told my husband right after the show was over that I wasn't going to be able to eat for a week and he said it was the Wilder Diet. Then I come here and read that many others were thinking the same thing.

Anonymous said...

lin asked: "do you tell the whole town what they might have eaten." I would think that's going to be hard to keep secret because once the unsub goes on trial, all the gruesome details are going to come out. I never thought I'd be glad that I had a stomach bug but because of being ill, I hadn't had alot to eat before the episode. I certainly didn't feel like eating afterwards!

Think I'll go make myself a nice hot cup of Russian Tea and watch the ep again for I go to bed! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time figuring out why he targeted Garcia. What was about her that made him pick her? I know it is the setup for the next Garcia episode but I was wondering if they wrote this before Rossi came or after? Just wondering if there is a connection.

Anonymous said...

Her purse was open and he may have seen her badge. The answer really depends on when they wrote the episode, pre Joe or after. If it was after than it is obvious why Garcia was targeted.

Anonymous said...

I finally got to watch it. Thank you tivo. Wonderful. Almost hits the LDSK mark but that is a very high bar to reach.

Garcia is the only part of the team that has never had a conflict with another member. They all love and appreciate her in their own way for their own reasons. Garcia being hurt is going to effect them in a much different way than when Elle was shot. Morgan is going to kill the guy and then he is going to have a breakdown of some kind.

If Garcia doesn't live then I hope CBS has enough money to buy drugs for all the fans because it is going to be the biggest worldwide mental breakdown ever.

Rossi is okay. Prentiss isn't new to me anymore and I really like her character now.

Stew? Thank you no.

Anonymous said...


WOW now where do i begin... ok went they piece of crap shot Garcia i swear my voice when super sonic saying WHAT and THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN and NOOOOOO.
I know Morgan is going to Rip that guy a new one when He finds him.
I don't see why everyone was all over Morgan he was picking up on that Garcia's creep-o-meter was going off and she did not know why cause the guy in her words was "smokin' hot". She could not understand why so she just putt it off as the big girl syndrome. But Morgan saw it and Voice it.

Emily was the question girl for this ep. but the conversation with Morgan was the typical "you male you been stupid" What she didn't get was layers that were going on. That why Morgan looks so confused after it literally blindsided him.

Rossi was less of jerk but I still don't really like the character but i think he's like fungus he'll probally eventually grow on me. I did love the Morgan/Rossi thing though. Morgan is so much smarter than Rossi, he knew he would push him to talk to the pastor if he was starting to intergrate with the group and wanted to see them grow. and Rossi past the test. Not bad Morgan!!

i loved the fact that Hotch basically put all the pieces together. The nut-house scene was the best cause that was the last piece.

These ep was so good i did not notice that Reid was not there much till i rewatched it. But the scene on the plane was sooo cute. and i love the way that every one except Rossi was like thats Reid just let him finish his thought or in the case with Morgan tell him he should be done now. I really don't think anyone told Rossi that Reid is a genius or he just did not believe what he was told. Reid is unique and special you don't just discout him, He'll suprise you ever time.

jen :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, is all I can say about Lucky. What a wonderful segway to learning about Garcia. It sucked that she got shot, but we now get to peek a little into her life.

Very interesting unsub. I agree with the person that said the unsub should have had more camera time. I wanted to know what made him snap and become a cannibal. I now don't belive that the first body they showed was eaten by a gator! Stacy, I also chuckled at the smiley/frown faces in the cookbook. He probably got critiques from his customers eating at his BBQ restaurant... how tragic!

Okay, I loved the Garcia/Morgan moments. I am impatiently waiting for the Penelope epi next week to see 1.) what becomes of Garcia and 2.) what becomes of that guys head once Morgan rips it from his body. I agree that something wasn't right about this guy at the coffee shop. He seemed shady to me especially when he did not laugh at Garcia's joke. He seemed to have an undercurrent of anger, but that's just me probably reading too much into it.

Loved, loved, loved the Profiler Profiled reference and Morgan's inner turmoil with God. I hope he works his demons out on that new unsub.

Rossi is definately growing on me. Prentiss was pretty good, but I do agree that her suggestions seemed a little green.

I guess I am really watching what the writers are doing with Reid. It's understandable that he's a little withdrawn since his mentor skipped town, but what is going to put him back to being more happy or dare I say cheery?

Being a Morgan/SM fan, this was a big epi that is now second to Profiler Profiled. I loved that Morgan read both quotes!!!!!

Thank you Andrew for writing such a great episode! Again, can't wait for Penelope next week. It was great chatting with you & Deb on Wed.

Our writers rule!!!!!!

Marissa :)

Anonymous said...

i think that coby picked Garcia because of their last conversation when she said she believed everything happens for a reason. i think thats what triggered his need to shoot her. i think it was like a code phrase to his compulsion that he was looking for the whole night but was not going to do anything about untill he heard it.
j :)

Anonymous said...

omg I loved this episode!! So many amazing moments! I have to say I'm liking the Rossi character. I think it would have been fine without him but he fits in well! Can't wait for next weeks ep!!
In regards to what paolafromparis said - hate hate hate when Reid desappears like this. They kept J.J. to break into the house...
J.J.! If J.J. can do it, why can't Reid???

Neither Reid or Hotch were at the house because they were 70 miles away at the institution, and JJ is trained in the field so they might as well use her.

Anonymous said...

Rewatched it a couple of times and I'm ready to put in my two cents. I like how they are referencing older episodes. Profiler, Profiled and Derek's inner turmoil are interesting and I thought they were beautifully slide in there.

Derek being insensitive was so mannish it was a head shaker. He came so close to saying the right thing and being supportive and then, sorry to the men on this board, he just couldn't stop himself from sliding in the goo and being a clueless man. Bad on Derek. Beautiful acting by Shemar.

Hotch was brilliant realizing the priest was a bad idea.

Rossi is showing me that he is experienced and sharp but just needs time to mature to understanding the current way things are handled.

Prentiss was pure gold in this one.

Jamie Kennedy will not be forgotten by this fandom anytime soon. Bravo to him on his performance. I would have liked for him to have had more screentime but then again I would like CM to be a two hour show every week so this is a familar complaint from me.

Kirsten is such a joy to watch every week. What an amazing actress. I wanted a Garcia episode and this one was great and I look forward to next week's episode. When she was shot I was stunned. I knew it was coming and yet I had to take a moment to realize that the writers really did it. They shot Garcia.

Note to writers: This is the second time you have physically hurt one of the female characters. Reid is the only male to be screwed with so far. Please leave the rest of them alone. No hibs for them either. *g*

Note to the cast, crew and writers of the show: If Andrew Wilder aka the writer who shot Garcia brings anything to a CM party or invites you to his home for a party....don't touch the food. Exc. writing Mr. W. You put this one ahead of Fire & Enya and under L.D.S.K. for me. What do you have for us next? How are you going to beat body parts in a stew? I'll be anxious to see you try.

Sorry that I couldn't make the chat but time zones make it difficult.

Anonymous said...

I think the show has switched from boxes to food. EEK! Loved the episode. It has all been commented on already.

Shot them
Stab them
Beat them
Burn them
Serve them up in a bowl

Wilder's track record is scary. lol

Elizabeth said...

Good episode and the ending was a real shocker. The most horrible part being the guy telling her that he's been wanting to do that all evening.

And the fingers were ew.

Morgan v Rossi in the testosterone smackdown. I think it's a draw so far.

Anonymous said...


I was thinking the same thing. It does seem like they are even at this point. It should prove interesting to see if there will the eventual showdown. I think that would be a very good scene. Hotch is at his best when he is tickered off about something.

We should have had this episode before the summer started. I needed to lose just five more pounds to look good in a two piece. Watching this episode just cut fast food right out of my life.

The joke on Andrew Wilder didn't work the other night in chat. We should all buy a can of Hormel Stew and send him box loads of it with a sign...stew in a box!

Loved the episode. I came to chat before seeing it but love spoilers so it was cool. Garcia didn't seem like herself at all from beginning to end. I am counting the minutes till Penelope is on.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the epi again and have to say - love how Morgan gets all out of sorts everytime he doesnt get the attention from Garcia to which he is accustomed. She doesnt say her usually hello, doesnt engage in the regular phone banter - heck, refers to another guy as smoking - and he is all woooo.

I am waiting for Penelope with baited breath in hopes of some nice bonding moment. Time for him to earn back a little of her adoration.

Anonymous said...

Is screaming at your television acceptable behavior for a teacher or has the show driven me to needing therapy?

I am warming up to Rossi. I actually like the edgy thing he has going with the team. Far cry from Gideon who everyone bowed to in reverence.

Morgan! When a woman finds a man who knows how to really listen before speaking she should snatch him up. Mine was trainable so we are okay. Morgan needs serious help understanding women or he is doomed to one night stands and short term relationships. Wait. They have no outside relationships. I forgot. When they do date someone gets hurt. Of course there is the Hotchner marriage but lets pray that horror is over and move on.

I wasn't disturbed by the head in a box, the finger in a box or any of the other creepies we have been shown but the stew did me in. Seriously twisted. Seriously gross. The stew took the show in a whole new direction.

I tend to have a hard time with Andrew Wilder's episodes. They are so dark and creepy and magnificently realistic feeling. Ashes was one of those episodes you thought about for days and Lucky influenced everything I ate today. Not a bad thing but I'm not sure how I feel about a one hour tv show actually effecting my life. Mr. Wilder, should you ever drop in to read the comments would you be please be a tad less realistic in your episodes. I teach in an elementary school and the cafeteria made me gag today. Also, would you mind passing this request to Chris Mundy as well. He has taken me to the edge several times. *g*

Garcia being shot is the scariest thing I have seen on this show and I have watched every episode. Our favorite gal shot. Even knowing it was going to happen did nothing to lessen the shock. I'm truly looking forward to watching the resolution in Penelope.

Kudos to the entire cast for a job well done!

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching it and holy crap. Garcia shot and funky stew-chili. Prentiss was on Morgan/Garcia was on Morgan/Morgan is still clueless. Totally awesome scenes. I love Garcia but does her weight factor in here? Boyfriend says it does but he usually a Morgan/clueless. I want to know why she was targeted. Morgan/Rossi are going to end up being great co-workers. They just need to finish their macho big boy dance. Did I mention that Garcia was shot? They shot Garcia! JJ was going to barf and I was right there with her. If they had made her barf on the show I would have soiled the couch doing it too. I made my strike calls today. I wish their had been some chili companies on the list. Yuk.

Anonymous said...

"I've been waiting to do this all night"

When a man says this to you it usually means you are going to get something better than a bullet.

Awesome episode!

Anonymous said...

November sweeps are off to a great start and by December I should be able to eat again. Jamie Kennedy was wonderful. He had creepy down to a science.

Anonymous said...

Rewatched it before reading everyone's comments. I really liked this one. All but the stew. Gross. It didn't take me long at all to start to like Rossi. I like him. I adore Prentiss now. She blends right in and she is so caring about the members of the team. Morgan got off lucky with just being put down verbally. Morgan is a man. It isn't their faults. This was a great setup for Penelope next week. I have a feeling we are finally going to find out the history of our favorite techie.

Rebekah said...

First-time poster here. First of all, I hate Rossi. I liked him at first, but I like him less and less as time goes on. I had no idea who MP was before Criminal Minds, but I was sad to see him go. I figured it was unexpected with the sort of flurried writing.

I want to know what happens to Garcia. It's driving me crazy. I was kind of annoyed, because I think if they were going to throw that bombshell on us at the end, there should have been a little bit more about it in the actual show. Though of course you knew he was gonna be a bad guy. I have always, always loved Garcia.

Anonymous said...

I was extremely spoiled on this episode. I bought the sides and even I wasn't ready for Floyd revealing that he had fed Tracey to the search party. I was horrified and totally ready to vomit. Loved the epi but major gross.

I think this is a first for CM and me. I have watched episodes that have made me want to sleep with the lights on. I have learned to be extra safety conscience from the things we see on the show but we never had people stew before. I guess there had to be a first time for everything but damn I wish that had been the rumored spoiler and not Garcia being shot because I almost lost it.

I really don't want characters to date each other on the show but as close as Garcia and Morgan were before is going to pale in comparision to when she is well. That is after he feeds the shooter a mouth full.

Anonymous said...

If I didn't already love Hotch in all his Hotchliness I would have learned to love him when he said

"We don't work on anything else until we find who did this"

Andrew Wilder writes Hotchner the best of all the writers. He is so Hotchner's best friend. I'll never forget that one line or the freakin stew.

Anonymous said...

Great episode! I can't wait to see what happens with Garcia, I love her! She is my favorite character on the show!

Anonymous said...

The agents thought that Floyd wasn't smart. Okay, he wasn't a genius but he was able to pull off killing a lot of women without anyone noticing. He was smart enough to feed Tracy to the volunteers without raising any suspicion and the only reason he got caught was because they got "lucky" and found the victim with 10 fingers in her stomach. I think that doesn't qualify as dumb in my book.

Here is my question: The title is "Lucky" and is that because they were lucky to find out what he was doing or they were lucky because she isn't really hurt?

Anonymous said...

Feylinns Fine BBQ anyone?

No. Thanks anyway. I just went on a diet. I am not eating till I see Garcia up and going strong and until the stew has left my mind. It is going to be a long week.

Anonymous said...

Any sub-plot that more distinctly defines a character makes me happy and we got that with Morgan's struggle with his own faith and spirituality. Lovely how we got taken back to Profiler, Profiled. I thought Reid handled himself very well with Morgan. God and the devil is an age old concept and confusing to some on their best day. I think he really did give Morgan something to think about. With Garcia being shot and surviving, which must happen, I think we are going to see a different Morgan emerge. Great episode. So much in it to love.

Anonymous said...

Question for Andrew should he come back again to chat:

666 FFF All the names started with F which is the sixth letter of the alphabet. 666 is the sign of the devil and since this story was about a man who is obviously pure evil was this done on purpose or am I reading more into it than I should be?

Anonymous said...

He couldn't be acting alone. I think he has a partner and Garcia was either targeted because of some old case they all worked on or maybe Rossi got her targeted when he had her pull together the files on that case that is haunting him.

Great episode but Garcia being shot was like someone slapping the Pope.

Anonymous said...

666 was on purpose. Bon Apitite!

Anonymous said...

yum :)

Anonymous said...

Just because you wouldn’t cross a crowded room to hit on me does not mean that a more perceptive, less superficial guy wouldn’t. Hey, Derek, you want snappy? You suck!

Garcia sounds like she has been wanting him to hit on her. Me too babe! Awesome episode. Someone mentioned they had trained their husband in an earlier comment. Could they tell me how! Like Morgan my husband listens but doesn't hear. :)

slashgirl said...

Astrology AND numerology; someone's getting all esoteric on us. *G*

And I didn't catch the 666 reference, but very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I only got to watch the last 20 minutes of the epi on Wednesday night and finally sat down and watched the whole thing last night--thank God for DVRs!

One thing that struck me and I don't think anyone has mentioned it, but the Feylinns Fine BBQ--does anyone think that he has been including pieces of his victims in his food for a long time. He was let out of the institution in 1988 (I think) so he could have been including bits and pieces of his victims in his BBQ for almost 20 years.

Now that that thought is out of my sytem--GREAT EPISODE! Andrew Wilder nailed the male/female relationship. Men want to fix everything and women just want them to listen and be supportive.

Prentiss' expressions are great! She got two gross outs in two weeks! Last week with the Pear of Anguish and this week with the human BBQ. I think she needs a long, hot bubble bath with some lavendar in it for soothing thoughts!

I love it when Reid spouts off facts and quotes and I loved Rossi's bemused expression when he hears Reid quoting his book verbatim.

One thing that I have read in chats and other reviews is people thinking that Prentiss sometimes doesn't act so smart when they are profiling an UNSUB. I noticed this from the beginning, her making statements that aren't quite right and asking questions about things that all the other team members know. I think the reason for this could be: 1) she doesn't have the experience the others have in this field; and 2) it is an educational experience for the viewer. We non-profilers probably make the same assumptions that Prentiss makes and we learn that those assumptions aren't always right. He who must not be named (HWMNBN or Gideon, or Voldemort, if you like) used to ask the team questions about, say the three different types of arsonists or bombers, and the audience was educated, so I think this may be a way of educating the audience. Just my 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

I loved how Morgan was really challenged about what he believes in this epi. I know a lot of people will not like how Rossi treated Morgan; but I think that it was great. I think it gave us some real insight into Rossi's character. He is definitely going to challenge our team. I was skeptical at first about how he would do in the "parent" role but I think he is going to do just fine.
I loved it when Garcia told Morgan off on the phone. As a member of the not so skinny crowd, I thought it was great that she let him have it. I'm just sorry in ended with her getting shot. Noooooo!
The freakiest part about this epi. was the idea of the unsub putting the victim in the stew and feeding it to everyone.*shudder* I will definitely think twice before taking food from well anyone.

Anonymous said...

Lori, 20 years of feeding people....people! Thanks for pointing that out. 666 was a cookie. So was it an Ed or AW cookie? I missed it so thank you to my fellow fan that caught it. Now I have to go back and watch it again and see what else I missed. lol.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till Wed.

Anonymous said...

Poor Garcia. Loved the episode. Didn't see the shooting coming. I was shocked. Never eating again. Put it on my tombstone that I wasted away because of CM.

666 makes sense. He is the devil and Morgan is questioning his religion. Nice touch.

Anonymous said...

I think you all covered all of my thoughts about the episode other than my surprise at Garcia for not doing a background check on the man. Given what they see everyday I would that is the first thing any of them would do for the sake of their own safety.

Plus she did have reservations about him to start with as evidenced by her throwing away the card he gave her. Just a quick thought.

It was very good. Come on wed.

Anonymous said...

I have a few thoughts that don't seem to have been brought up.

1. Since we did not see blood is there a chance that he shot her with something other than a bullet?

2. Isn't it just as possible that Derek was jealous and that is why he was so insensitive?

3. Is the priest his partner? I don't think so but he is a possibility.

4. Why are there so many cases in and mentions of Florida? Is that an inside joke among the writers or are there stats that show that Florida has more nut jobs than any other state?

Anonymous said...

I am grateful that the end of the new episodes wasn't after this episode -- what if we had to wait until the strike was settled to find out what happens with Garcia?

Criminal Minds Fan said...


I'm extremely grateful that the timing worked out so that didn't happen. It's bad enough the writers were forced to strike but that would have been even worse.

Do they even produce enough valium to be able to dope up an entire fandom faced with that type of cliffhanger?

Anonymous said...

At the same time Morgan is in the church Garcia is being shot. Talk about good v. evil.

Anonymous said...

I loved watching the episode again. I caught things I missed the first time. What a powerful episode.

Anonymous said...

I saw her shot a few months ago and it was still a shock. This is one of the best episodes yet. I still wanted to slap Morgan. Jerk man moment.

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought it was safe to eat fast food again they go and show Lucky. Ewwww. I liked seeing it for a second time. I read the comments this afternoon to remind me of what I never caught the first go around. 666. Cool. Kirsten was great.

Anonymous said...

This is the BEST episode of the show. I agree with everyone that has said this. It was like seeing it for the first time all over again. My personal favorite.

Anonymous said...

Talk about giving the finger. lol.

Great epi.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that Andrew Wilder couldn't join us in the chat like he did last time it aired. That was totally cool. The episode shows well even after four viewings. I have rewatched it many times. It is just a great episode. No glitches, tight story and what a friggin good ending.

Anonymous said...

When a woman tells a man about her feelings, she doesn't want him to fix her. She wants him to shut up and listen.

This should be tattooed on every male born. On their hand so they can always be reminded of it.

6-6-6 Clever. Really special episode. So much to like. I wish they were all this good. Jamie Kennedy did a A+ job. He could be the Weight Watchers spokesman. One look at him in Lucky and nobody would snack again.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have trouble remembering the names of the unsubs and victims in episodes but I will never forget Floyd Feylinn Ferell.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was one of the best lines in the episode, 'I'm not the girl men see across a smoky bar and write songs about,' said by Garcia. She is beautiful, smart and has a wonderful sense of self. The line is really true and what it says about the society we live in is sad. Garcia is the kind of woman every man should feel blessed to be around. Oh and Morgan was an ass.

Anonymous said...

Finger stew, the devil and Garcia being shot. What could they have added to make this episode any better. Nada. Loved it again.

Anonymous said...

I love this episode.

Anonymous said...

i really like this one alot. i like the part where prentiss called mogan was great. can,t watie to see the repeat for next weeks,

Anonymous said...

Loved the show - its about time Garcia has everyone running around for instead of the opposite. But guys lets dress her better - she's beautiful quit making her look so frumpy! Also to those of you that want Reid WHY?!? I like the guy and all but did ya not see last weeks episode? The man can get annoying - smart but annoying.... Now for Rossi - i like him - still think they could have found someone more suited for the position, but then again i'm a Gideon fan - thanks MP for pulling one of your stunts and walking out on yet another good show - your fan base is beoming less forgiving of you.....

WRITERS - GREAT job glad you guys are back!