Monday, February 18, 2008


Criminal Minds: Now that Dexter is moving from Showtime to CBS the press is comparing it to Criminal Minds. That has brought Criminal Minds some good press but the majority of it has been negative. Editors: Leave Criminal Minds out of this one. While the Criminal Minds writers often introduce us to unsubs that deserve our empathy they never ask us to root for the unsub to score a fresh kill. It took me 30 minutes to find one article that stands up for CSI and Criminal Minds. Thanks Mr. Moonves for the new controversy! Lets all remember that Dexter coming to CBS is fallout from the wga strike that Mr. Moonves helped prolong. Thanks to the writer of the following article for getting it right!

'CBS also claims that Dexter is no different from other crime dramas like Law & Order, Criminal Minds and C.S.I. But unlike those other crime dramas, the hero is not a police officer, forensic investigator or FBI agent trying to capture the criminal so they can be put to justice. The hero in this series is a cold-blooded serial killer. Unlike other crime dramas where you root for the “good guy” to prevail, Dexter asks viewers to root for the criminal.'