Monday, February 11, 2008


Edward Allen Bernero, executive producer of Criminal Minds, asked me to post his letter to the fans of the show.

Dear Fanatics --

By now, most of you have heard that there's at
least an end to the strike in view. The membership
will be voting on Tuesday whether to call off the
stoppage and then, in ten days, on the acceptance of
the contract proposed. The proposed agreement our
negotiators reached with the AMPTP is not all that we
hoped it would be, but I believe it gives us important
inroads for the future of our industry.

This has been an incredibly difficult time for
everyone who works in this business and I think most
are ready to go back to work (though I do believe that
we would have stayed out much longer if need be).
There are things that happened over the last four
months I'm very proud of. There are also things that
dishearten me greatly, both in the actions of my
fellow Guild members and actions on the companies
part. There was a sense of team work within the
framework of what we, the studios and the networks
were doing that I think was harmed and is going to
take a long time to rebuild. A sense of trust that
will be hard to get back. I think, in the end, when
we look at what the companies agreed to, my biggest
question is, "Why?" Why was this stoppage necessary
to even obtain the tiniest bit of fairness?

You will hear in the coming months and years many
analyses of the strike and it's consequences,
strategies, and victories/defeats. I'm sure there
will be much discussion of how SAG staying united with
the WGA put enormous pressure on the AMPTP. How the
side deals made with smaller companies put pressure on
the larger companies. How the companies were not as
prepared for this strike as they suggested they were.
How the canceling of the Golden Globes and the
impending threat to the Oscars was the final straw.
How the DGA never would have been able to negotiate
the deal they did without the pressure put on the
AMPTP by the strike. All of this is true.

But there's something you may not hear as much in
the future that I want you to know we are acutely
aware of. You fans put equally as much pressure on
these huge, multi-national corporations. I'm
absolutely certain they NEVER expected that. You
participated loudly and often. Petitions and pencils
and drives for strike funds and auctions and letters
and phone calls and faxes. They heard you. We know
they heard you and we are eternally in your debt for
the support. Never forget that you made a difference.
In some respects, the most important difference.

While it happened across the board, fans of many
shows were involved in their own (as well as shared)
activities, the Criminal Minds Fanatics distinguished
themselves. And we aren't the only ones who noticed.
John Bowman, the Guild's Chair of Negotiations said to
me in the beginning of January, while you were in the
midst of your petition drive, "Wow -- the Criminal
Minds fans are pretty amazing." No kidding. I told
him he didn't know the half of it.

On a personal note, the money you selflessly
collected was used to help our crew members when they
needed it. Let me thank you for them. The endlessly
positive continued support on the site provided
untold comfort in the darkest days. The food you sent
to the picket line became a highlight of every day out
there. The petition reminded the people in charge
at the companies that you were not willing to just
watch anything they put out there. That you care
about this show and, especially, that you care about
the people who make it.

We are going back to work soon and we will be
making as many new episodes for this season as we can
in the time we have left. We don't know how many that
will be yet (those discussions will be ongoing and, if
we get some definitive answer, I will come back to the
board and let you all know), but we promise to work as
hard as we can to give you, our family, the show we
all love.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. As always, you
humble me.

Ed Bernero


Anonymous said...

I am so happy the strike is over and you can all go back to work.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you are all satisfied with your new contract. It was a hard fought victory. We support you and everyone involved with CM always.

Anonymous said...

Hugs to all!

Ztivokreb said...

I hope the new contract works out for you all, and that you get back into the groove of filming with a smile on your face.

We love you people, so we'll always be here to support you.

You think we distinguished ourselves? I think it was the staff,crew and actors of CM that made a difference. On no other show (that I've heard of) did any of the writers, actors, directors, take time to interact with the fans like you did. we definitely appreciated it.

looking forward to those new episodes :-)

Anonymous said...

I think that you are all truly amazing professionals and I am thrilled you are going back to work and getting off the line. No more signs and walking in circles. What a waste of your talent. Best wishes to all of you and we are always here to remind Les Moonves that we stand firmly behind our show and that he is an ass. Cheers to the future.

Anonymous said...


We are all so happy that things are finally being settled. We love you all and are so appreciative of what you do for us. Standing in solidarity with the writers was our only option. The CM family is our family and family takes care of family!

Thank YOU for always coming to us quickly with news and for being so straight with us. Words are not adequate to express how much this means to us. We cherish your friendship.

I also want to commend Jill and Stacy. These ladies really led the charge. Without their brilliant ideas, endless energy, and unfailing devotion, I'm sure that we wouldn't have even known how to start making an impact. They kept us going strong. They are simply the best -- and the Fanatics are so blessed to have them!

Season 3 has been the best yet -- thank you for that! I can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

God bless you all, Ed!

Anonymous said...

Ed, We were happy to do what we could to try to make a difference. Your devotion to us fans is simply amazing. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for keeping us informed about the strike and the status of the show! CM means a lot to me and all of the writers are a major inspiration. You've proven that it is your creativity and your willpower that keeps CM and other shows going!

Blessings for this week for a quick return to work on Season 3! We greatly anticipate it! God speed!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!Oh Im so glad!!!
I knew they CANT replace you!!!
Writers are the mind of a show!!!!!!

love from germany!!!

Anonymous said...

Ed, The deal looks like a good framework for future gains and at least it wasn't a rollback like so many of the past contracts were.

I wish that we could have done more to help end the strike earlier but I hope in some small way that we really did make a difference.

Thanks for being the head of the CM family.

grahamag said...

I hope all goes well in these last stages for you guys...fingers crossed. I know it was a hard decision to go on strike...but hopefully it has paid off.

I'm glad the crew was well taken care of during this time. I also hope that everyone involved will be able to get back to work and that things will get back to normal.

Good luck and happy writing.

Anonymous said...

The strike ending was great news for us fans and I hope that the contract is enough to satisfy all the writers so that you are as happy as we are.

Season 3! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

CM fans love CM writers. The AMPTP can never do anything to change that. Best of luck in settling back in to work and mending the hard feelings that linger. I am sure the support and equally the lack of support that you received really did open your eyes a bit but good and bad karma always have a way of working it out.

As a fan who followed the strike on a daily basis it became obvious to me that you did not receive all the support you deserved and I have a long memory.

The writers are the heart and soul of CM and everything else is just dressing on the side.

Anonymous said...

I am endlessly humbled by you Ed. No matter how stressful the situation, no matter what is going on, you never even give a second thought to getting into contact with your fans. I'm not sure you realize how much that means to a lot of us here, and there's really no real way to be able to begin to express it.

We've been behind you from the get-go, and I'm sure all of us would do it all over again if we had to as well (or more!), with no regrets or second thoughts.

I'm just so happy that you guys are getting at least part of what you wanted, even if it's not exactly what you had hoped for. I'm glad that everyone will be able to return to work begin to make a living again. I'm glad that we'll have our beloved CM back. But most of all I'm glad that you guys stuck with it, and stayed strong in the face of extreme hardship.

Anonymous said...

Jill likes to say that the writers rule the room and the blog and that is really true.

Thank you, Andrew, Deb, Erica, Jay, Simon and Dan for coming to chat with the group and for keeping us so well informed.

Lets all pray for better days and that the crew find a way to put their lifes back together as quickly as possible. They are our unsung heroes.

Anonymous said...

It is easy to protest and help when one of your family members is in trouble and in this case we had hundreds of our family members in trouble.

CM is and will always be a family and nothing CBS or Les Moonves ever does can change that. He has garnered more bad will from fans than he realizes and I for one will be making choices in the future based on his conduct during this strike.

I hope that you do pursue new shows on the internet. Count me in as a viewer. I will always watch CM but I would love the chance of taking some of my business away from Big Brother.

Lola said...

Thank you Ed for being always there for the fans! Showing our support was the least we could do in times like this. I'm so glad the situation seems finally get a conclusion!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ed, for giving us a show we all feel this passionately about, and them being so humble about the love we show you and the writers, cast, and crew. We miss our show, but I was willing to go without it ( and much of TV) until the strike was settled. And when it is decided if and when and how many, I'll be back to watch all the new ones you produce then.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you, and thanks for such an amazing, well-written show!

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Ed, you should write a book on how to be a showrunner and do things right. You are totally amazing. The communicating you did with us kept us going during the strike when we were forced to watch reruns and when fan spirits were down.

I can't imagine the effect the strike has had on the crew. My best wishes to them join everyone else's and they will remain in my thoughts and prayers over the next few months while they try to get themselves back on solid financial footing. They don't know us and we don't know them but they are important to all of us and I hope that in some small way they know that.

To our writers: You are all golden in our eyes. The reason we watch the show and the reason we fought so hard to help you get a fair deal. I am very glad that you are going back to work. It is a shame to waste such amazing talent because of the greed and hidden agendas of the AMPTP. They suck!

Hold your heads up high when you go back to work. You fought the good fight and you did it with dignity and in solidarity. You are a role model to all the unions around the nation on how to do it and do it right. We are all very proud of you. We say it amongst ourselves all the time but we should have been saying it to you. You are the best and we want the best for you.

I send a personal hug to Ed, Simon, Chris, Deb, Erica, Andrew, Oahn, Jay, Dan and Andi. Writers Do Rock The Room! Always have and always will.

I would also like to thank Ed's executive assistant Kim who was a big help during this strike.

A special well done to Jay Beattie on being a wonderful strike captain and keeping us up to date.

You make us proud during good times and bad and we are always here for all of you.

Anonymous said...

The stike ending is great news. I wanted to hear it from you and now I have. Thank you once again for telling us what is going on.

XOXOXO to all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ed! Thank you Jill! You both gave us the motivation to make the phone calls and fax our letters. Lets hope the rest of 2008 brings CM fans and writers great joy.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernero,

Truly, I have never seen anyone like you in this business. We are privileged indeed and thank you for your appreciation of the CM fans.

Anonymous said...

^^^ What everybody up there said.

"If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage." We've always known our writers were the best. So glad to have you back!

We love you, Ed!

Phoenix said...

This is certainly wonderful news and again, thank you for your thoughtful and insightful letter to the fans. It is such a delight to get such straight talk and we (fans) are truly appreciative of it.

As usual, you've hit the nail on the head. The saddest part of all--not to make light of the enormous difficulties the crew have endured--is the long term effects of the break in trust. The sense of loss over the breach of faith and broken trust is something that will affect the industry negatively for years. It cannot help but affect future decision making and the overall working conditions.

It is much easier to keep the trust than it is to rebuild it. And trust is the foundation of any good working relationship. Unfortunately, the AMPTP did not understand what they had until they lost it. I hope it is not beyond repair, but I certainly understand any skepticism people may have about attempts the AMPTP may make to improve the working relationship. That is truly sad. I'm sure SAG will approach negotiations much differently than they would have had the WGA been treated like the professionals they are.

As a fan, I'm proud of any assistance we may provided to get the WGA a fair and reasonable contract. I hope it reminded the corporate exe's of what the industry is really about: creating quality entertainment that people want to watch. And that BEGINS with writers. Let it not end there...SAG, you are up to bat next. We are still in the stands shouting "GO TEAM!"

Anonymous said...

I really liked the WGA's slogan "We are all in this together" because it hit the nail on the head. We were all in this together and we will remain vigilant in our desire to see those who provide us with quality entertainment being afforded the respect they deserve and have earned.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a victory well deserved. I'm sorry that so many people had to suffer because of the greed of a few. I hope the contract is as fair as possible and allows the WGA to provide its members with sufficient support for many years.

Thank you for providing us with ongoing information during this difficult time. I and many others have looked up to you for your grace under pressure and your endless devotion to your fan base. The same goes to the other writers who have participated in fan activities.

Best wishes for a successful remaining season of CM. We know that however many new eps you're able to get on the air, you'll be working hard to continue the excellent quality of the writing and all other facets of the show's production.

Thank you for caring so much.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for staying in touch with all of us during this. We are proud to say we are part of the Criminal Minds family and the mutual support is one of the reasons why. I know the contract is not the best case scenario, but like you said, it makes good inroads. Here's to a hopeful future...

Anonymous said...

Ed you have no idea how much we have missed you. And you have no idea how quickly we realized how special it is to have a man like you in our lives, apparently other fandoms NEVER hear from anyone in the biz. You go out of your way to bring us as much info as you can. I am so grateful.

Can't wait to see what you bring us in new episodes!

Lee :)

Anonymous said...

You humble us with your devotion and inclusion in the CM family. I wish all of you peace and contentment.

Anonymous said...

I am glad we have a producer who keeps us informed! Thanks Ed.

Hugs to all

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for this letter, Mr. Bernero.
you are right, we care A LOT about the show and we are so relieved that the strike is going to an end!

WE have to thank YOU and the other writers for all the great episodes you created for us so far and of course, we hope there will be more of them, soon ;)

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for updating us regarding the present position. It's great that a new contract has been agreed. Looking forward to seeing new CM eps,

Hugs and Kisses

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ed.

I wasn't thrilled by the agreement when I read it on UH and Nikki's sites but it is something you can build on. If you all felt it was time to end the strike then I support that decision.

I feel proud to be a part of a fandom as close as ours. It is because you have gone out of your way to always include us and thank you for that.

I hope you will not be offended but while we saw our writers standing tall I could not help but notice the almost non-existant support of the show's actors. All the other fandoms were seeing pictures of their actors picketing with their writers on a constant basis. Our actors were off playing golf, promoting our projects, giving interviews and out partying. I am embarrased at their behavior. I apologize for saying it but you have always been honest with us and I wanted to be honest with you. I find myself with no loyalty to them at all since the strike began. Why weren't they with you? They need to get their priorities straight. I hope they all enjoyed their paid vacations.

CSI, Without a Trace, CSI Miami, Desperate Housewifes, Law and Order, The New Adventures of Old Christine all had daily support from their actors. Were were ours!

Anonymous said...

i am so glad this is almost over for the writers. i hope you are happy what you findly ask fot. ed,s note almost made me cry.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your kind letter. You are the best. We really are glad that you are all going back to writing new episodes.

Tracy, Kirsten did reach out to fans here and we did see pics of her on two occasions with the writers. I do agree with you about the rest of them. It was not great to see them doing squat to help. I guess as long as they were being paid they didn't care. They sure didn't reach out to fans like Kirsten did. I won't be supporting they next projects.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ed!

I am so glad that the strike ended and that we will be getting new episodes! We all really missed our beloved writers!

Hugs to our wonderful writers!

There are none in the world quite like you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your letter, Ed. You know we are always here for you. We love all you do for us. Take care & God bless!

Anonymous said...

Wellcome back old friends.all though your all like family now and both of these stick together though thick and thin.

slashgirl said...

While I realise that what the actors did or did not do during the strike is a concern for many people, this is not the time or place to discuss it. We can talk about that in chat.

Let's focus on the good news in Ed's letter--please keep your comments on topic.



Anonymous said...

YAY! Oh good, I am so glad that an end is in sight. I'm sure that the strike must have been hard for all involved - that being said, I am looking forward to the return of my favorite show!

slashgirl said...

Ed, thank you so much for your letter--it means a lot to all of us that you're so willing to keep us updated and informed. Your commitment to the fans of CM is unparalleled.

I'm so very glad the strike is over and that everyone, the crew and writers especially, will be able to get back to work soon. I know you'll do your best to bring as many new eps as possible--and that they'll be the same great quality as always.

And how could we not support our writers--they create the shows and characters that we love so much, and that the actors bring to life for us.

I'd like to thank you and all the other writers who were part of our live chats. It was nice to "meet" them--even if was just in a chat--I just wish it hadn't taken a strike to make it happen!

I hope that this strike and the massive fan support, from all fandoms, has given the AMPTP a huge wake up call. With the internet, fans have knowledge and the ability to network like never before--and we've shown that we'll use it and that we can make a difference.

I wish everyone on the crew and cast the best as they go back to work....And I'm looking forward to the new eps when they're ready.

Fenny said...

I visited NY from the UK in November, just as the strike was beginning. Spending a morning on the picket line with the WGAE members was the highlight of my trip (I was there to see "The Farnsworth Invention", but the stagehands' strike scuppered that one!).

I really hope this deal works out for the WGA. You all put yourselves out there to get it. Yes, we'd like to see our shows back, but we still want the people who create them to get the best deal possible.

Madelyn Glymour said...

Ed, all I can really say is...

It was our pleasure.


Unknown said...

This is wonderful news for you all, Ed. I do hope everything goes well. It was an honor to help support the great team at Criminal Minds and I'm looking forward to seeing new episodes soon back on our screens.

respectanimals said...

Thanks for keeping us fans informed Ed! You are a prince, as always!

To be honest, the details of all that has happened since the strike began have been a bit over my head, but to me the final agreement sounds like Big Business is still being greedy and that the writers still aren't going to get a fair deal. However since I would stop watching television all together, before I would resort to watching Reality TV or Game Shows, I personally am immensely happy to see the strike end and everyone being able to get back to work. I'm guessing that a lot of people that have been out of work, are breathing a sigh of relief right now and looking forward to earning a paycheck again.

I very much look forward to seeing some new Criminal Minds episodes in the coming months. Lets get Season Three started again!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, you guys! We love you, and hope that you guys never get treated so unfairly ever again! This strike was such a waste of your talent, you deserved much better. I really don't understand what the networks thought they were going to prove by prolonging this strike since they could NEVER replace the incredible wealth of talent they have in the writers of their shows. I always new you guys would win in the end (even if it wasn't EXACTLY what you wanted - but I guess that's life, right? =P) And soon enough, we will get wonderful new episodes of the best show on television, so I think I speak for everyone when I say, "YAY!!!!" Heh.

We're all totally behind you guys. Always! The CM writers and crew ROCK!
Love from Toronto, Canada. =D

Blackpanther said...

Yay! It's over!

I hope this contract is satisfying for you, and that in three years there won't be need for another strike in order to get a new and fair contract.

And the fans support you because you also support us. Thank you for keeping in touch with us directly in the chats, or on the blog here trough Jill, our brilliant mod.

Thank you for keeping in tough with us. Without you guys (the writers) there would be no Criminal Minds.

Anonymous said...

Ed, I wish you all the best of luck in all your endeavors. I love CM and I am glad to know that we will have more episodes this season but I would have given up this opportunity if you had decided to keep striking.

The writers of the show are worth waiting for. There was no way they could outsource the talent you have employed for the show. Thank you for your leadership and your encouragement as we did our best to try to help.

I personally feel like old friends already with all the people answering the phones at CBS. What do I do with all the free time now that I am no longer calling the networks and the advertisers? I guess I will go back to studying.

Anonymous said...

I think the AMPTP under estimated the resolve of the WGA, the fans and the other supporting unions. The very "new" technology they fought you so hard about is what we all used to voice our unhappiness. I hope in the future that writers will flee to the internet, Apple, Yahoo, etc. Cut out the middle man and then you will get paid well for your hard work.

I hope that there were many lessons learned from this strike on both sides. I hope you all learned that you don't have to just take whatever they offer and I hope they learned that they stopped being the only game in town a long time ago.

I also hope Moonves is fired. CBS' shareholders should be holding him responsible for the drop in their stock and for the loss of consumer loyalty in their company. I hope he is made to answer for everything he put all the crews and writers through.

Also, and I am sorry Stacy, I too took note that our show had the least actor support of any other show on TV today and I did NOT like it. I think it needs to be addressed. It was hard to miss with all the media posting daily pictures of all the other show's actors. I have a bad taste in my mouth about it. Real bad.

Heather said...

Thank you all for -your- work in giving us fans a wonderful show to support and love so much.

I'm glad that there seems to be an end to the strike. Kudos to all of you for sticking to your guns.

Anonymous said...

Fans from Ireland send their best wishes and love to you and the writers.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ed and Writers!

I'm so happy that you are heading back to work. Yeah for us fans! More great episodes coming our way. Life is good again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ed! Glad to hear you came to something you can all agree on.

Anonymous said...


Ed has always encouraged us to be honest and open with him and I think the lack of CM actor support was pretty hard to miss. When small, barely making it in the ratings shows have the full support of all their actors then we should have expected that the actors of a top scripted show would have also risen to the task. I am very sad that they did not take this opportunity to show the best sides of their personal characters.


I think you and the writers are wonderful. The backbone of our show and I salute all that you did during the strike. I wish you all nothing but the best.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for stopping by Ed, and thank you for keeping us up to date with what has been going on.

It must be a relief for all of you to be going back to work and it is good to know that the fan support has been helpful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ed for all the keeping us in the loop and informed from the start of this strike to the end. You are our hero.

Anonymous said...

The strike lasted longer than I thought that it would. I am confident that you all gave intense thought before casting your votes to lift the strike. I hope you are happy with your new contract.



Anonymous said...

late to the party again....but to Ed....thank you so much for once again keeping us in the loop.

You, your writers and everyone involved with CM have brought me personally some fantastic TV moments, and for that alone you would have had my whole hearted support. The more time I spent on the blog and saw you being so honest and forthcoming, and the writers actually taking time out to speak to the fans of the show....the more I wanted to do what I could to support you. are more than welcome.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to the WGA for hanging strong all these months and not giving in to the AMPTP. Kudos to you Ed for your dedication and loyalty to your crew, writers and fans. CM fans never lost hope or support for you or the writers.

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see the light at the end of that very long tunnel.

I think that there has been enough drama behind the scenes... now we want to see some in front of a camera.

Can't wait to see what you have in store for the upcoming episodes. :)

Kudos to CMF for organizing us into the force to be reckoned with!

Anonymous said...

The strike being over is really good news. I'm selfishly happy the at least a part of the season can be saved. You're great Ed. The CMFs love you to bits.

Anonymous said...

We learned so much about our writers during the strike. We already admired them but because of the chats we also found out what great people they are. You have quite the cast of characters on your writing staff. They are all delightful. Very open and funny. Gifted writers and wonderful people. It was an honor to help them in any way we could.

Tempermental Libra said...

O my I am so honored to have such a wonderful group of online friends we made the chief man see what we mean is business and we got our voices herad one way or another as Ed has stated they may not have done enough but for what is now being done is better than nothing but I am so glad that we stucked togerther and supported out show and the writers and other staff that needed our help and I am glad that we as REAL FANS were there to be supportive. Thanks Ed we love I love you and I thank you for taking the time out to informed us on updates abouth every and anything concerning our show much peace with you and yours and to the staff. To the mr big stuff watch yourself we fans are here to stay and take charge!!! Arrgh!!!!

Anonymous said...

CMFans did what they had to do- support the ones who made our favourite show!! I'm really excited about the new episodes.. i can't wait for them! ^^ I want to thank you (writers) for making episodes so interesting! You are amazing!! ;)

We all love you!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Bernero, thank for this letter and for all the information you've given the fans during the strike to keep us well-informed. It's much appreciated. I'm sorry the deal isn't all it could be, but at least it sounds like something that can be built on.

Also, dny loves criminal minds and helper/s, thank you for running this blog and for all the work you've done for the writers and strike-affected workers during the past few months. You are impressive people.

--Cal from LJ.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed
Thanks for your post.

I am certainly glad to hear that the end to the strike is likely near, but very disheartened to hear of the broken relationships. I can only hope that time heals.

I am also not surprised that we collectively had an impact. Any well-run business knows that pleasing the customer is necessary for survival. The CEOs forgot we are customers and they are paying for that mistake.

If you need us again we will be there. We will be waiting not-too-patiently for news episodes, though!

Take a breath and take care

Lisa said...

No Ed, Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, to you and the crew and cast of CM for being everything that you all are....which is wonderful:)

We love you all and can't wait for the rest of the season:)!

Hugs and kisses!!!!!

Lisa said...

Oh and a VERY Special thankyou to Jill and Stacy for being our fearless leaders through this tuff time, you guys should be very proud of yourselves for giving everything you have got to this cause.

Hugs and kisses to you both!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ed for the wonderful news about the strike. 100% support for you and the writers always.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ed for keeping us fans in the know and your honesty. You are so loved, along with all the CM Family!

I can't wait for more seasons...

P.S. I just bought the 1st season of Third Watch, which I loved. Thank you for giving us great shows!!!!


Anonymous said...

It's a shame you didn't get everything you deserved, however, I'm so proud that you hold on for as long as you all did until some justice would be made.
Hope to get our amazing show back soon.
Chris Mundy said you didn't even have to torn down the sets, luckily, and just heard Nicholas Brendon is coming back.
The rest of the season looks promising.
Well, best of luck for you at work and Pensils up, finally!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Ed and I'm glad the strike is over. The writers do deserve the best.

I know Stacy wanted us to keep comments about the actors and the strike for the chat but I have often problem to join the chat, so I'll make my comments here and hope it isn't deleted. I disagree about the actors not being on the picket line as often as other actors from other show, well, Kristen was there so was Shemar, Thomas and Paget, maybe not every day but they were there. So why the resentment? Them being there all days would have done what? Was the cameramen there too? Or PA, or directors or truck drivers who work on the show? I mean why ask more of the actors than anyone who work on the show? After all they were all out of work, so in theory all the people working on the show had the time to be on the picket line.

And who knows, maybe they did things to help the strikers but they did it behind the scene.

We shouldn't judge either the actors or anyone else for that matter for not being there on the pickets lines, if we do why not judge fans who did not buy pencils or give money to the funds or call CBS, Disney and so on?

Anonymous said...

Ed, you are more than welcome for everything.

Anonymous, get real! Thomas Gibson played golf, Shemar partied hardy and traveled to Canada, A.J. worked on a film, Matthew mocked the writers with his Youtube and was out promoting his movie, Joe Mategna was everywhere but on the picket line, etc. Everyday during this strike I would get google alerts for the show and the actors. They had a great time during their PAID vacation. Only Kirsten did a damn thing. Get real. How can you compare whether an out of work with no income assistant was there showing support with an overpaid actor who had three months to do something.

Check out the pictures on flickr of the writers strike. All the other show's actors lent enormous support to their writers. There is no question ours did not and it is disgusting. Totally not acceptable.

And I am not anonymous!

Anonymous said...


You should check the blog, Shemar was on the picket line and did talk about the strike, check the blog for the video, Thomas was also on the picket line, check the blog you'll find a picture of him on the picket lines, you'll also find a picture of Paget with Simon Mirren.

As for MGG, there is no excuses for his behaviour. As for the other actors, I don't know if they did anything and it wasn't reported or they didn't care. I don't know, do you?

Also, I brought up all those who work on the show simply to say that any of them could have been there only a day or even an hour to support the writers and you know maybe they did and it wasn't reported too, who knows.

So why just pointing fingers at some and not others?

BTW my name is Sandra Walker from Canada

Criminal Minds Fan said...

I have reinstated the deleted comments. I still don't think this is the time or place for this discussion and I ask that the conversation please end.

Anonymous said...

Ed, We thank you for everything you do that we know about and all the things you do that we don't know about. You are a great Executive Producer and CM is a great show because of you and the writers.

Thanks to Jill and Stacy for the CM fan strike plan and for keeping us informed. We stayed organized because of both of you and I appreciate everything you both did to help us support the writers.

Anonymous said...

Cool beans. The strike is finally over. Thanks for delivering the official news to us Ed. You're a doll.

Anonymous said...

Ed, The ending of the strike is welcome news and I really appreciate your candor about the challenges of working with those you argued with. I hope that you can allow us fans the same moment of adjustment.

Supporting you and our writers was really easy. Your fight was our fight. We've gone through lots of highs and lows with you and this was just one more. We have gotten through lows before and found the show and fandom became stronger than ever. I believe that will happen again.

I look forward to the new episodes you will all give us. I bet after a three month break the episodes will be even better than ever. Lots of pent up talent pouring out on the new pages.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, Ed, and everyone who works on the show for your courage and integrity. You've all shown the fans of our show the utmost respect and caring, and we hope you know that we feel the same about you. I'm glad that everyone will soon be back at work, creating the best and most intelligent show on TV.

Anonymous said...

Happy times for all from now on. Hooray for the end of the strike.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to keep the fans informed. How can we not support your cause when you have always been so open to sharing what was happening behind the scenes. Kudos to all who showed grace under extreme pressure. I'm sending you best wishes and prayers for healing of the divisiveness and hard feelings from the prolonged standoff.
The CM team has pulled through from the chaos after MP departed. They can do it again and create an astounding second half of season 3. Season 3 will be memorable as the season that had everything but the plague and locusts thrown at them but they still pulled off a sterling performance.
And a big thanks to Jill and Stacy for their unwavering support and leadership!!!!!!
Love and big hugs, Joanne

Anonymous said...


There are parts of your contract that I don't really understand but I assume that you received some, if not most, of what you were asking for. You deserve Moonves' salary.

Love from Germany!

Anonymous said...


The worse things get the better our ratings get. There is a part of me that thinks our writers write even better when the pressure is on. They sure kicked butt after the one who shall not be named left the show. I think the strike throwing the season so far behind will cause our writers to reach new heights in wonderful.

Thank you to Jill, Stacy and everyone who works so hard on this blog and the groups for keeping the fan movement going. We really are a family.

---Writers WERE required for this post----

LoraLee said...

Thank you for keeping us informed through the strike. I am so pleased to see the end in sight and hope the vote goes well tomorrow. Seeing a satisfactory end to this is worth every letter, e-mail and phone call that's been made.

Anonymous said...

Ed, if you ever forget CBS' phone number you can come to any one of us. We all know it by memory. Best wishes for an easy and successful transition back to work. CM & Ed Bernero are aces.

Anonymous said...

That was very awesome of you to write to the fans. I'm very happy for you guys. I'm glad all your efforts have finally paid off. Wishing you and the show more success!

-fan from the Philippines

otontv said...

Wow, all I can say is

thank YOU...

CU sindee


we are waiting!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, for fighting the good fight and then working to bring the show back to us as quickly as possible.

I wish that writers could have the fair deal that they want and deserve, but it means a lot to have taken these steps toward that goal.

It’s meant so much to be kept informed by you, Ed, and your team. You truly are a group of class acts.

Can’t wait to have the show back on my screen. I hope that getting back into production goes smoothly and is as enjoyable as ever for everyone involved.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to hear that the strike was just about over! I know it must have been really hard on everyone involved. It's still gonna take some time for some, to try and pick up the pieces and repair some of the damage that has been incurred by this strike. I want to wish everyone well! Thank you for keeping us right up there at the top with you. Giving us all the pertinent information as you got it. Also, telling us in a way that we could understand it. We are all behind everything you stood for 100%. Thanks!

To Jill and Stacy,
Thank you for all your time and hard work you do for us!

Unknown said...

I can't tell you how happy I am that the strike is over - even though I still don't understand that it was necessary to make the AMPTP and the companies aware of the fact that without you writers the show wouldn't exist.

I'm glad that all the support I tried to send overseas wasn't for nothing. It makes me feels less helpless in retrospect. I would have loved to send more pencils and donations for the fund but since I'm unemployed (and going to be for another three months at least) I simply couldn't afford it.

I thank all of you for the awesome work you do. You provided us with so many great episodes so far and especially in the third season they were getting better and better. Of course, we wanted th show we love so much back and I'm relieved that the strike is finally over.

I appreciate the work all of you do, not only the writers and actors but also every member 'behind the scenes'. You're great and it was a pleasure for me to support you as much as I could during the strike. The writers and actors of Criminal Minds are - for me - the most awesome people on any show not only because the show is so great but also because despite all the trouble and all the work you had to do during the strike and also beforehand you always took the time to come to this board and keep us posted or simply stay in touch with the fans. I never heard of any writers or actors of any show who were so close to the fans as you are. And we really appreciate that.

Massive hugs to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I've felt so proud of the showrunners, like yourself, and all the writers, actors, crew members and supporters who have been out there on the picket lines making your voices heard, and fighting for not just yourselves but for union workers everywhere.

I still think it's appalling that you had to strike to get something that was ethically and morally yours by right. It's unfortunate that the world is now a place where corporate greed has been allowed to run so completely out of control that the people who run the studios expect to be able to lie, cheat, and steal by right when it comes to their accounting, and are even supported in their criminal behaviour by a compliant media. It is a big shock to my system to learn that people who should be proud to be in partnership with creative geniuses such as yourself apparently have no conscience and no shame when it comes to stealing from their partners in full view of the world and then react with petulant incredulity when called upon it. At least this strike has exposed that in a way that I think nothing has done before and will hopefully lead to showrunners being able to find different outlets for their talent in the future that don't involve them in such questionable partnerships.

In the meantime, I'm thrilled that you can all go back to work on your own terms and that there will be more of this wonderful show being made again. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the taking the
time to let use know about
the strike and the show.

I'm glad the strike is over,
the writers may not get
everything they deserve but
they did make so gain, so congratualation.

I just want to say thanks to
everyone who work on CM. The writers, actors, crew, CM is
the best show out there and I'm
proud to be a fan.



Anonymous said...

oops...I really should reread myself before posting.

"...they did make so gain, so congratualation"

that should have been

"...they did make some gains, so congratualation"


VDOVault said...

As the Fans For The WGA Law & Order Criminal Intent Fan Liason and one of Jill's co-moderators over at Fans For The WGA I wanted to stop in and express my thanks to Ed Bernero, the writers of Criminal Minds and their cast and crew who supported the WGA strike.

It was showrunners like Ed and both our former showrunner Rene Balcer as well as our current showrunner Warren Leight who basically took the lead in standing up to the seven or eight greedy and outrageous moguls behind the AMPTP. The unity of these showrunners then inspired their writers, their casts, their crews and finally their fans and viewers to work together to stop the rollbacks and actually get the writers some small but concrete gains. The showrunners small acts of public solidarity made this a fight of millions against seven or eight grossly overreaching people and as you all know there is great strength in numbers.

It was our pleasure and privilege to work together with all of you on your behalf to expand the range of options available to you in the future. Should you need our help in the future please do not hesitate to ask for it.

With my fond regards and high esteem
S.E. Olson

Anonymous said...

wellcome back guys, we missed you

Anonymous said...

Contrary to what a certain television reporter (who shall remain nameless), wrote recently - the fans care.

CM is one of the best written shows out there and fan support over the past few months proves it.

Welcome back :)

Anonymous said...

welcome back it,s great to have all of you back to work.

Glampire30 said...

I am happy that the strike is over and that all you hard working men and women will be back to work on a show that we all love and support....
Good luck..

frogdawn said...

Dear Ed,

thank you for yet another thoughtful lovely letter (and I absolutely did NOT get the slightest bit choked up reading it, thank you very much, ahem - sniff).

As far as the whole amazing fans business, well, you know - that whole reap what you sow thing? Bingo! Simple as that. You plant some amazing, you grow some amazing, and all of this treating fans like we exist, and matter, and keeping us in the loop - well, it's amazing. And then there's the amazing show of course. Ed's Amazing Seeds! Plant 'em now! Guaranteed to grow! and if you act now we'll include one kooky fan absolutely free!

Big hugs to the crew and support staff and everyone else who sacrificed, good luck with the trust and teamwork rebuilding with the studios and networks

and Writers! Wrock ON!

I'm gonna go wipe the dust off my TV. . .

Anonymous said...

Ed I hope things work out for you and the writers. thanks so much for keeping us informed. I am so glad you all are going back to work. TRISH

Anonymous said...

Ed, sorry to be so late with my thanks (blame my internet "connectivity problems").

You again show everyone what a class act you are by keeping us informed and letting us know your thoughts.

It is too bad something like this had to happen, but it is in advesity that people show their true colors, and the CM fans showed that they are golden by pulling together and helping out in any way we could. Thanks to Jill, Stacy, and all the others who had such great ideas for things we fans could do to support the WGA and our CM crew.

Thanks to all the writers who came and chatted with us during our chats--I really enjoyed chatting with all of you and learning about you and your work. You guys rock the world and I am so glad you are back to rock ours every week with new CM episodes.