Monday, August 11, 2008


Criminal Minds fan Menoh started a thread asking this question on the Criminal Minds Fanatic message board and I thought it would be a great Criminal Minds question of the day.

What's in that bag? What does Dr. Spencer Reid, portrayed by Matthew Gray Gubler, carry around in his sachel bag? What do you think?


celeste said...

Gideon's letter to him.

simone said...

A picture of his mom and some things from his dad.

kimmie said...

The latest psych journals.

His own journal.

Some snacks. Probably high energy bars and dried fruit.

Decks of cards.

Gideon's letter!

stephanie said...

Ipod, books, Gideon's letter, picture of his parents pre-divorce, cards, keys, and gloves.

Anonymous said...

I think he has a pic of Lila in his bag. He is a young man with hormones! *g*

Gideon's letter is a definate and also cards.

A fork for the next time they eat at a chinese restaurant. *g*

jackson said...

Well Gideon's letter is a given. No question he has that with him. Playing cards for sure. I would guess he carries some magazines and journals to stay current with the latest psych techniques. I think he would also carry his favorite book of poetry or novel.

shelby said...

I see him as the type to keep a diary.

cory said...

Case files and a copy of Rossi's book and magazine articles. I think he is studying the man and hopes to engage Rossi in a meaningful two way conversation about both if Rossi ever gives him the chance.

Anonymous said...

Gideon's letter
His dad's letter
Mom's picture
Writing paper
Psychology Today magazine
An apple

merlins' friend said...

Not drugs anymore!

I agree that of course he keeps Gideon's letter with him.

We know he carries computer discs and cards.

Anonymous said...

NOT a comb or brush, that's for sure!

Okay, snarky comment aside, I'll bet he keeps candy (he was giving some out of his bag on th e halloween episode), notebook and pens/pencils, laptop, physics magic supplies, playing cards.

I don't know about Gideon's or his dad's letters--maybe copies of them and he keeps the originals at home in a safe place.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure he would carry something from his dad with him. Reid seemed quite resentful when he was talking about his father's letter with Emily. And leaving a schizophrenic wife is kind of unerstandable but he had no excuse for leaving his 10 year old son all alone in such a situation without - as far as we know - keeping in touch with him.

Then, I also think he carries Gideon's letter with him. Some snack, maybe some newspaper, I can see him reading the newspapers pretty well. One or two books because the bag looks heavy and full. Snacks and maybe a USB stick or something. Also a card deck and I like the idea of a picture of his mom. And some paper and a pen to write her his daily letters. Maybe some coffee and/or sugar.

Jenn said...

Obviously something to write letters to his mother since he writes her everyday. I'm not sure if he would keep Gideon's letter, but I would definitely think he'd keep a magic trick or two in there. Maybe something monogrammed as well?

lynda said...

I absolutely think he carries something from his father and his mom's picture. Gideon's letter is in that bag and probably has been read dozens of times. I think he would carry one journal to record case notes and one his own diary.

anne said...

I belive our gent is a bit of a hoarder. Lots of obvious things like his mum's pic and Gideon's letter but also some odds and ends. Bits of everything.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Computer, candy, spare pair of socks or maybe 2 pair, water bottle, clean pair of underwear and a body wash/shampoo that doesn't irritate his skin and make him look even younger with pimples or something. Oh, and a few pictures of happpy children playing in a green park and smiling at their happy NORMAL parents.


june said...

His old sweater when he isn't wearing it.

memoh said...

great ideas! i'm pretty sure his purple scarf is in there somewhere..... :D

babruin said...

Enough sweet snacks for a week.
Case files.
Notes on a book he's writing-"Sexual Psychopathy for Dummies".

Anonymous said...

gideon,s letter files, snack.s x-shirts. and a journal.

Anonymous said...

pens, papers, letters to and from his mom, scientific magazines, a rubik cube :)


Anonymous said...

Laptop, mp3 player, chess set, cards, books, mother's pic and Gideon's note.

Anonymous said...

All the "so long" letters (his dad, Gideon, etc.), computer disks (as seen in Fisher King P.1). Whatever book he is currently reading or old case files that may show precedence on the currant case. Maps of the area they are in. Envelopes, stamps and stationary in order to write his mom every day (as mentioned in Fisher King P.1). The 1 year medal from Sir/ John. Contact information for the currant case. Snacks, camera and a rare photo of his parents together, happy and before is mom really lost it. I think that pretty much covers it.

Anonymous said...

Gideon's letter

His cell phone

Picture of his mom

Paper to write his mom whenever he wants

A book (or two or three.....)


Purple scarf

Other odds and ends

Anonymous said...

Letter paper, pens, envelopes and stamps.

He writes to his mother every day, no matter where he is; he has to take the means with him somehow.

Also reading material, miscellaneous writing tools (dry-erase markers etc), and food.

--Cal from LJ

Tamara said...

He's such a practical person, I imagine he's carrying around anything he would actually use daily. For him I think that would be things like snacks, cell phone, current reading material, sketch pad, etc.

Debbie said...

You can now buy real coffee in a bag, like tea. He'd have some of those and, of course, sugar. He'd also have the current case files, pens/pencils/paper, his glasses & sunglasses, marshmellow treats, and something to read for pleasure.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


LoraLee said...

We've seen random things from cases, photos, videotapes, crime scene reports. Of course, pens a little pad of paper ("Blood Hungry" it looked like he was writing on his palm, so he either had a really small pad of paper, or he's started carrying one).

He was pretty angry and agitated about the letters from Gideon and his father, so I highly doubt he'd carry either with him - besides he pointed out to Prentiss that he had Gideon's memorised.

But I'd lay odds that he has his current day's letter to his mother in there.

I think that's where he keeps his handcuffs, and there's probably a pile of paper clips in the bottom, he does like to play with them.

And we can't forget a couple Rice Krispie Treats and/or some other cereal/snack bar or cookies for when he gets the munchies.

Drusilla said...

I guess he would have to carry a notebook, pen, some books to read during quiet times and some fruit.