Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Criminal Minds: How well do you know the characters, not the actors, on Criminal Minds? Our profilers spend many nights away from home working on cases. What book, magazine or hand game does each member of the team take with them? What is tucked away in that carry-on to help them relax?


Anonymous said...

J.J. would have Vanity Fair. I think she likes a variety of info to relax with.

Anonymous said...

Morgan: Sports Illustrated

Hotch: The local newspaper

J.J.: I think she would take a diary to write in

Reid: Psychology Today mag

Gideon: I think he would take a book of some kind

Prentiss: Times or Newsweek

Garcia: Gameboy DS

Anonymous said...

I think Hotch would take a book with him. Maybe sports or the latest biography. I think he would need some time to decompress after a long day.

Anonymous said...

Derek would have lots of sports magazines but I think also maybe also an ipod or mp3 player.

Anonymous said...

Garcia- music or some gamboy thing with those computer games she was playing in FK1. Yes I can see that.

Anonymous said...

Gideon- Smithsonean Magazine
Hotchner- N.Y. Times
Reid- Poetry Book
Morgan- Sports Illustrated
Garcia- People Magazine
Prentiss- Maxim Magazine
JJ- Elle Magazine

Anonymous said...

Gideon- Washington Post
Hotchner- Washington Post
Reid- A John Grisham novel
Morgan- An IPOD
Garcia- Mad Lib
Prentiss- A self-help book
JJ- Vanity Fair

Anonymous said...

I think J.J. wouldn't relax reading but in a hot bubble bath instead so she always packs bubble bath.

I think Reid would have many many many magazines and books with him since he reads so quickly.

Anonymous said...

Prentiss: Fitness Mag

J.J.: Cosmo Mag

Garcia: Royalty Mag (to keep up with Prince William)

Gideon: U.S. Weekly Mag

Hotchner: Time Mag

Reid: Ellwey Queen Mystery Mag

Morgan: ESPN Mag

Anonymous said...

I think Morgan would like GQ magazine or a Football magazine. I think Garcia would like something like using the MP-3 player Gideon gave her to listen to something new era. JJ is a light reader I think so maybe she would just grab a newspaper to peek at if she was bored or couldn't sleep.

Anonymous said...

Garcia- Cosmo
JJ- Cosmo
Prentiss- Foreign Policy Lmtd
Hotch- Time
Morgan- Espn
Reid- US Weekley
Gideon- The paper

Anonymous said...

I think Hotch would spend his down time on the phone talking to his wife.

Anonymous said...

Derek has his ipod or mp3-player, J.J. new cases, Gideon and Hotch has books. Garcia of cause a portable gameboy or playstation.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone, with the possible exception of Gideon, would have their laptops with them and could look things up to their hearts' content.

Reid would definately use his, cleaning up and adding to Wikipedia articles b/c he wouldn't be able to stand having innacurate or incomplete info out on the web. ("Most people don't know...") He'd also be up late avoiding nightmares.

Other laptop users would be Garcia, who would make up totally bogus Wikipedia articles just to drive Reid nuts. JJ would be checking sports activities and keeping up with scores all over the world. Prentiss would be boning up on FBI/BAU protocol and history.

I think Morgan could be a surprise and be interested in something totally different from "big guy stuff," like cooking or dog shows. I think he has a homier (hence the dog) side that people don't see. He may associate playing sports with the abuse he suffered as a teen and want to read/do something totally different to relax.

Mother Hen Hotch would coax Reid out for at least a quick bite to get the young man to eat something. He probably would check in with Haley and Jack (how old does a kid have to be to talk on the phone?) and then settle in with a novel.

Gideon would be reading Audubon Magazine when he wasn't torturing himself over cases gone wrong and what he could have done differently.

Anonymous said...

Hotch - something he can justify as not wasting time, The Wall Street Journal or the Weekly Congressional Record, he does want to head the FBI one day

Morgan - he reads Nat'l Geographic and gets Antelope/Tiger stories from it

JJ- something that is frothy and has no bearing on her cases, a romance or Cosmo

Prentiss - who cares, ok ok - she wants to fit in and seem normal, so she reads the popular press to keep informed, Slate on her laptop, News Week or Time

Garcia - Elle or Mangas

Reid has given up on trying to be normal - so he reads whatever old case files he can slip out of the FBI, even though they are marked Secret or Restricted Documents

Gideon had a collection of Birds Native to each area they traveled to


Anonymous said...

I think J.J. reads more than we think she does. She is very intelligent and I could easily see her wanting to stay current on local affairs since she deals with the local press. I think she would snag all the local papers in whatever city she is in.

Anonymous said...

Prentiss: Vanity Fair and Sports Illustrated.
Garcia: People, Entertainment Weekly, Games Unlimited and a book of Jumles.
Reid: Time, US Today, Newsweek and all the newspapers.
J.J.: Maxim, Elle, Vanity Fair and Vogue.
Morgan: ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Fitness.
Hotch: I have no idea

Anonymous said...

Morgan- something on sports or sports figures, also an ipod
Gideon- journal
Hotch- Time mag. or USA Today something like that.
Reid-Chaucer (poet), Aristotle (Philosopher), Sherlock Holmes, or anything Sci-fi.
Prentiss-something on the latest chess moves, or about Bobby fisher
J.J.-Birds and Bloom mag. or something on butterflies
Garcia-Champions of the Round Table
or the latest cell phone with internet access.

Anonymous said...

Garcia takes music and some gaming equipment or it could be already installed on her laptop.

Gideon would take some old book by an author nobody had ever heard of since he is so well read and intelligent.

Morgan is the one who would take lots of music with him. I can picture him listening to the newest groups.

Jennifer would be the one to take a handful of magazines on various topics. I think she is probably a diverse reader.

Prentiss is into science fiction so she would take the latest sci-fi book.

Anonymous said...

Hotch- a Brooks Brothers catalog
Prentiss- a Soduku book
Morgan- a Vonnegut novel
JJ- Cosmos
Reid-taking notes for the book he's writing,"Criminal Psychopathy for Dummies"
Garcia- a romance novel